The Ukrainian Armed Forces again attacked Belgorod with the Vampire MLRS, Russian air defense intercepted some of the shells

The Ukrainian Armed Forces again attacked Belgorod with the Vampire MLRS, Russian air defense intercepted some of the shells

Ukrainian armed forces again attacked Belgorod, using Czech-made MLRS. Russian air defense intercepted most of the shells, but city authorities noted a number of hits on civilian targets, including apartment buildings.

The Kiev junta is seeking to compensate for failures at the front by shelling civilians. As Zelensky recently stated, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have been tasked with turning the Belgorod region into a gray zone so that people cannot live on its territory. So the Nazis are trying, delivering daily attacks on cities and towns in the region. Not a day goes by without Belgorod being attacked Drones, jet outfits or rockets.

This time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces struck with the RM-70 Vampire MLRS, Russian air defense systems intercepted 17 rockets, but some of them hit the city.

At about 16.00 Moscow time, an attempt by the Kyiv regime to carry out a terrorist attack (...) using the RM-70 Vampire multiple launch rocket system was stopped. Seventeen missiles were destroyed by duty air defense systems over the Belgorod region

- said in a statement.

According to currently available information, some of the ammunition fell within the city, damaging residential buildings and cars on Gorky, Shalandin, Slavyanskaya streets and Yunosti Boulevard, and there was damage to garages on Gubkin Street. Several injuries were reported, but no deaths were reported. Emergency services are on the ground.
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    1. -5
      April 1 2024 17: 38
      Well what can I say. I wonder if such statements tie our hands?
      1. +4
        April 1 2024 17: 43
        Well what can I say. I wonder if such statements tie our hands?

        and you haven’t understood in more than 2 years? If you don’t understand, I answer - no, “we are not like that”
        1. +1
          April 1 2024 17: 45
          It's a pity. Regarding cities 404, I like the phrase,, lunar landscape,,
        2. +9
          April 1 2024 18: 01
          The fact that the Anglo-Saxons had a hand in this shelling is beyond doubt; our unhurried destruction of critical infrastructure in western Ukraine, as well as in the regions of Ukraine adjacent to our regions, is in doubt.

          It’s time to understand that half-hearted decisions lead only to half-hearted results and, as a result, our cities and towns are destroyed and civilians are killed. Half measures are disastrous for us. angry
          1. 0
            April 2 2024 13: 37
            The fact of the matter is that ours do not have the task of destroying infrastructure, the task is to scare the enemy and force them to negotiate, so such half-hearted decisions, nothing is brought to fruition.
            Call now to any city in Ukraine, ask: ''Do you have electricity''. The answer will be positive everywhere, even in Kharkov.
            Our leaders have the task of starting negotiations as soon as possible, even the results are not as important as the negotiation process itself, to show what kind of peace we are.
        3. +2
          April 1 2024 19: 26
          Quote: Vladimir80
          and you haven’t understood in more than 2 years? If you don’t understand, I answer - no, “we are not like that”
          Yes, we are not like that, we don’t shoot at civilians, but no one is stopping us from finally turning off the lights, not only in Kharkov, in Kyiv and in other cities. Countrywide.
      2. +5
        April 1 2024 17: 45
        Are our hands tied? There is some other reason.
        1. +2
          April 1 2024 17: 47
          I just need an order. But he’s not there. hi
          1. -5
            April 1 2024 17: 59
            You just need brains, but you don’t have them! hi
            1. +2
              April 1 2024 18: 05
              The lack of brains is an interesting idea... I would like to hear a detailed idea.
              1. -7
                April 1 2024 18: 07
                That's what they write!
                Quote: VadimLives
                Well what can I say. I wonder if such statements tie our hands?

                Quote: VadimLives
                I just need an order. But he’s not there.
              2. The comment was deleted.
              3. 0
                April 2 2024 05: 48
                Dima, why don’t you think of it yourself?
                These are the “half measures” that lead to this result...
        2. +3
          April 1 2024 17: 50
          Quote: Leshak
          There's some other reason

          either another cunning plan (“undoubtedly brilliant”), or impotence...
          1. +2
            April 1 2024 17: 55
            And I will express this opinion. They understand at the top that there is simply no one to give such an order. I don’t mean the generals of the Arbat district, everything is fine with them. But those who have to implement it on the ground
            1. -5
              April 1 2024 18: 21
              Quote from: dmi.pris1
              And I will express this opinion.

              I don’t know, well, it’s like you’re all military here... Our front is already more than two thousand kilometers long. Is it really not clear that they are doing this on purpose in order to stretch our troops as far as possible? And just to annoy us in some way! If we push it back there, they’ll attack us in another area. This is war, and there’s no getting away from it. And what kind of order do you all need?
              1. -1
                April 1 2024 18: 42
                That’s right. Everything is smeared in a thin layer. Moreover, even if there was an opportunity to form a fist to break through the defense, they immediately throw everything they have at hand.
                1. +2
                  April 1 2024 19: 28
                  Turn off the lights throughout the Krajina, turn off all railway locomotive depots. In 2 months they will have nothing to fight with.
                  1. -3
                    April 1 2024 19: 46
                    About this, painful thing. The Allies could not do something like this. Even with their carpet bombing of Germany. No, we must strive for this. It’s difficult, but we must do it
              2. Msi
                April 1 2024 22: 17
                And what order do you need?

                Why do you think we don’t completely destroy the energy infrastructure in Ukraine?
              3. Msi
                April 1 2024 22: 48
                I don’t know, well, it’s like you’re all military here...

                If you would like to joke... This site has long been not only for military personnel, former and current. Here we discuss not only problems and achievements in the military sphere.
                And so for your information. If a commentator writes that he is from Russia, then this is not always true, so to speak...
        3. -7
          April 1 2024 18: 04
          It seems like something is brewing in the Kharkov area.
          The situation for the Ukrainian army along the entire line of combat contact is now critical. The main problem for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the moment is Chasov Yar, which may soon come under the control of Russian troops. In order to preserve the “elite” units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ukrainian command began to transfer units of “Azov” (a terrorist and extremist organization banned in Russia) in order to use them in further hostilities.

          “There is also a nuance here that it is no coincidence that Ukraine is gathering armed forces in the Kharkov region,” said military expert, reserve colonel Gennady Alekhin.
          He emphasized that it is with this region that the border with the Belgorod region passes, and therefore the Russian army began the first stage of sanitary protection against attacks from Ukrainian troops. However, where this zone will go, probably, according to the expert, to the borders of Kharkov.
          1. +11
            April 1 2024 18: 26
            Excuse me, the first stage of sanitary protection from attacks by Ukrainian troops is the resettlement of Russian citizens from the Belgorod region? I somehow naively believed that sanitary protection would be in the direction of Ukraine...
            1. -1
              April 1 2024 19: 30
              She will be towards the outskirts. But people still need to be resettled until this is done.
      3. +8
        April 1 2024 18: 05
        It’s a long way from the Kremlin, no one in the Kremlin has any desire to actually be tough, so the shelling will be virtually continuous!
      4. +4
        April 1 2024 18: 08
        ....Well what can I say. I wonder if such statements will untie our hands?...,

        Who tied them? These hands.
        The master is the master.
    2. +14
      April 1 2024 17: 39
      What does it mean - an attempt was stopped? Destroyed on the way to the positions, everything that was flying was intercepted... And this... Yes, it’s clear that it’s impossible to intercept everything. But then there’s no need to talk about stopping
    3. +4
      April 1 2024 17: 42
      I don't understand! Well, is it really true that in our huge, not the poorest country there is no equipment and armed specially trained people to create an exclusion zone at least near large cities? Although small villages are not to blame for anything.
      1. +8
        April 1 2024 17: 46
        Well, there aren’t any. We don’t suffer losses? We do, and heavy ones at that. Both in people and in equipment. To create a sanitary zone, we need as many more as there are at the front.
        1. +15
          April 1 2024 17: 50
          I, who live 4 thousand kilometers away, have a feeling of helplessness. What do the residents of Belgorod experience? This is still OUR land.
        2. +2
          April 1 2024 17: 51
          To create a sanitary zone, you need as many more as there are at the front

          Now the agitation for mobilization has arrived... if you fight using the methods of 100 years ago, there won’t be enough for the people!
          1. +4
            April 1 2024 17: 56
            Hmm..and he’s already missing, I guess..
        3. -6
          April 1 2024 18: 03
          Dmitry, I’m in awe of how it is, I would never have thought of you like that. Still, you’re not hopeless. + But now you’re getting crammed with cons.
      2. +8
        April 1 2024 18: 35
        Well, is it really true that our huge, not the poorest, country doesn’t have technology?
        And where does it come from? Although, no, Armata was built.. But an expensive dog.. Very.. Judge for yourself, how many years have they been talking about replacing the AN-2 with Baikal, or what? But it can’t take off, there’s no engine, but the AN-2 flew on a domestic one! And it flew for more than 40 years. He gave it as an example. In an aircraft model circle, they made motors from all sorts of rubbish, they turned out the missing parts themselves. Patamushta was not sold in our county store But now everything is for sale. Why do it ourselves? We’re not poor, we’ll buy everything.
    4. +9
      April 1 2024 17: 43
      OUR lands are under fire. 87 percent.
    5. +2
      April 1 2024 17: 48
      When will our people realize that it is easier to destroy MLRS than the RSs they released?
      1. +4
        April 1 2024 18: 39
        easier to destroy MLRS
        Or maybe it’s even simpler to turn off the gas and not supply petroleum products?
        1. -1
          April 1 2024 18: 43
          Do you see the meaning in what was said?
          1. +2
            April 1 2024 18: 45
            I see that enterprises do not operate on firewood, and equipment does not move on horses. Or do you think that MLRS and horse-drawn carts carry artillery, etc.
            1. -5
              April 1 2024 18: 49
              Do you really see? - I mean that on any specific topic you can always say something important, but turn off the light for them lol
              1. +3
                April 1 2024 18: 55
                Have you ever read the news in 2 years that a gas pipeline on Ukrainian or Russian territory was damaged? Or are Belgorod residents sitting at the gas terminal if they are so regularly shelled? Along the way, you are sure that enterprises in Ukraine operate exclusively on electricity, and the transportation and movement of military equipment is carried out exclusively with the help of draft animals. hi
                1. -3
                  April 1 2024 21: 21
                  Will this suit you?
                  As a result, the work of the enemy’s military-industrial complex enterprises was disrupted. Within a week, the critical infrastructure of the Kyiv regime suffered serious damage. Here is an incomplete list of targets that our “Geraniums”, “Calibers”, “Zircons” and “Daggers” completed. Kanevskaya TPP in Cherkasy region, Dniester station in Chernivtsi region, Krivoy Rog TPP and Sredneprovskaya HPP in Dnepropetrovsk region, Burshtynska TPP in Ivano-Frankivsk region. Ukrainian Centrenergo admitted the complete destruction of the Zmievskaya thermal power plant fifty kilometers from Kharkov. In addition to the Kharkov region itself, it provided electricity to the Sumy and Poltava regions. It also flew to the Lviv region. Several hits were recorded on Europe's largest underground gas storage facility. Ivan Konovalov will continue the topic.
                  On September 26, the head of the Poltava regional administration, Dmitry Lunin, reported on his Telegram channel about an explosion on the main gas pipeline in the Lubensky district. The regional head also published a video showing a strong fire.
    6. +3
      April 1 2024 17: 48
      Il faudrait peut-être être capable de les intercepter tous! Ce n'est pas possible? C'est une question de... budget ? Quand on joue au capitalisme voilà ce qui arrive! La Russie a t'elle besoin de milliardaires ou de logements convenables, juste un exemple au hasard.
      1. -5
        April 1 2024 18: 05
        When war happens, this happens.
      2. +2
        April 1 2024 18: 41
        Do you need yours? And for us too... If they don’t exist, maybe the wars will stop?
    7. +18
      April 1 2024 17: 49
      The firing range of this “Vampire” is 20 km... I can’t imagine where it can be hidden and how to get close to Belgorod so unnoticed?
      I don't give a damn what's there:
      The Kiev junta seeks to compensate for failures at the front by shelling civilians

      How long can you hear this whining about some kind of junta? Cover the dust where it might be...
      1. Msi
        April 1 2024 22: 29
        The firing range of this “Vampire” is 20 km... I can’t imagine where it can be hidden and how to get close to Belgorod so unnoticed?

        But there is another opinion.
        There is an opinion that in Ukraine, for the Vampire MLRS, the Ukrainian Armed Forces use 122-mm rockets ER 122 mm HE (Romania), M-21 Feniks FHE (Poland) or ER Grad 2000 (G2000) produced in Serbia. All these ammunition have an increased range of 40-42 km.

        From Volchansk, for example, you can reach Belgorod with such a distance.
    8. +3
      April 1 2024 18: 00
      1. My personal opinion is that it’s time to start creating that very sanitary zone that the president spoke about. That is, either really transform the territory from which shelling of our territory is possible into a lunar landscape, or take control of it. Otherwise, the shelling will continue.
      2. Our intelligence is working, and working well. All that is needed is to give the exact coordinates of the location of all the leaders of the clown junta. To the rocket scientists. If the entire top is destroyed, the front will simply crumble. For me, it’s cheaper to waste a dozen missiles than to continue losing people from Nazi shelling.
    9. +3
      April 1 2024 18: 09
      Pity and mercy towards the enemy costs us dearly.
      1. +4
        April 2 2024 03: 24
        Quote: Roust
        Pity and mercy towards the enemy costs us dearly.

        Pity and mercy towards the enemy are akin to cruelty and indifference to the fate of one’s own country and one’s people.
        If my native country lived
        And there are no other worries!

    10. +10
      April 1 2024 18: 15
      But the Kremlin can’t do anything to protect Russian citizens in the Belgorod region?
      Are there really no solutions at all?
      1. +6
        April 1 2024 18: 43
        In the case of Crocus, they didn’t protect us, what can we say about Belgorod?
      2. +8
        April 1 2024 19: 16
        Last year, if I’m not mistaken, Putin ordered something
        1. +4
          April 1 2024 19: 39
          His orders are increasingly not being carried out.
    11. +2
      April 1 2024 18: 25
      It was close to tragedy. People getting off the bus took cover behind a concrete canopy at the bus stop when a rocket exploded 4-5 meters away. Only the correct decision of the local authorities, who built bunkers and concrete barriers in the city, saves human lives.
      1. +2
        April 1 2024 19: 07
        Okay. A way out of this has been found.. am We are building bunkers and barriers en masse. Since nothing else is given
    12. +5
      April 1 2024 18: 41
      The junta always has enough shells and missiles for civilians... And we are all being alright!
      I am for a tough response and constantly hammering on Western Ukraine
      The West has already stated more than once that Western Ukraine will resist in any case .. and they grin disgustingly .. It’s time to melt it to hell!!
    13. +7
      April 1 2024 18: 42
      It doesn’t matter what the junta is compensating for, it means that everything is not so bad for them if they are shooting at Belgorod.
      In general, it’s difficult to shoot down everything, it’s a multiple rocket launcher, it can fire a bunch of unguided projectiles, there can be 20 of them, this vampire is like a BM hail, only the ammunition seems to have slightly different characteristics.
    14. +4
      April 1 2024 19: 14
      But Prigozhin warned about the Belgorod region, the Ministry of Defense and other responsible people simply ignored it and decided that it would be normal. And it turns out that half the region needs to be evacuated! Well, apparently everything is going according to plan, we have a Northern Military District and this plan is the most important one known...
      But Prigozhin simply got in their way - got in the way and was removed.
    15. +1
      April 1 2024 20: 01
      It’s time to completely deprive the Kharkov and Sumy regions of electricity and gas. And it is OFFICIALLY to declare the Jewish junta terrorists on Russian soil.
    16. 0
      April 2 2024 07: 40
      It’s been a long time since our two boys Bosharov and Petrov visited the sights of the city of LandOn....

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