Body armor for sappers "Obereg-S"

Body armor for sappers "Obereg-S"
Combined arms "Obereg" in an expanded configuration

Last year, the Tula-based Oktava JSC presented a promising body armor called the Amulet. Its original version successfully passed the tests and entered service with the troops for additional testing in a combat zone. In addition, the manufacturing company began developing modifications of body armor with certain features. The latest result of this process at the moment is the Obereg-S body armor, designed for sappers and taking into account their special needs.

Special protection

The Tula Oktava plant operates under the management of the RT-Capital company, part of the Rostec state corporation. The press service of the latter reported on March 28 about new successes of the company in the field of body armor. She posted news about the appearance of the Obereg-S product and revealed the features of such a means of protection.

The Obereg-S body armor was developed specifically for explosives technicians involved in humanitarian demining. Such specialists usually use general-purpose body armor, which provides the necessary level of protection, but imposes some restrictions. Octava's management notes that standard army protection does not provide comfort for long-term work and also limits mobility.

In order to get rid of these problems, a new vest “Obereg-S” was developed. It is based on the ideas and solutions of the existing “Obereg” family, but has a number of important differences related to the specifics of the work of sappers. By changing the original design, the protection area was increased and durability indicators were improved. At the same time, the ergonomics of the product remained at the same level.

Rostec reports that the Obereg-S product has been brought to testing, during which it should confirm the design characteristics and demonstrate its protection capabilities. If all tests are successful, the body armor will be put into production. Then serial products will be able to get into the engineering units of the Russian army or other structures that have similar units.

The completion date for the current work has not yet been announced. However, the positive experience of previous projects of the Obereg family indicates that it is fundamentally possible to complete all remaining work and launch production within the next few weeks or months. Deliveries of serial products should be expected this year.

Updated look

The Oktava plant and Rostec have not yet shown a new body armor for sappers. However, they revealed the main features of the new project and its main differences from the “Amulets” of previous versions. Published information allows you to present the general appearance and capabilities of the new product.

"Obereg-S" is made on the basis of a vest of traditional design with front and back pockets for protective elements, as well as with adjustable straps and fasteners. At the same time, the vest is supplemented with a support belt, due to which the user’s lower back is fixed and the load on the spine is optimized. The vest has a so-called system. half-stretcher to simplify the evacuation of a wounded sapper.

The protective elements of Oberega-S were selected taking into account the expected threats. Packages of special protection class C2 or basic Br1+ are placed in the pockets of the vest. They withstand hits from pistol bullets or shrapnel with similar kinetic energy. The sapper is protected from the main types of modern anti-personnel mines.

The body armor for explosives technicians is equipped with a protective collar with adjustment. Its design allows the use of a protective helmet with a visor. The latter, when used, is located behind the collar, which creates continuous protection without gaps and prevents damage to the face or neck.

"Obereg-S" is equipped with groin and hip protection. Moreover, such parts are characterized by improved ergonomics. Their design allows the sapper to stand on one knee without experiencing discomfort.

As a result of all the innovations, Obereg-S is noticeably different from other examples of its family. Due to additional elements, it was possible to increase the area of ​​protection against fragments. At the same time, the body armor with all protective elements weighs only 5 kg. For comparison, other modern means of protection with the same area of ​​armor elements can weigh up to 9-10 kg.

In the production of body armor

It should be noted that the weight gain was achieved through a reasonable reduction in the level of protection, taking into account the range of tasks being solved. The new "Obereg-S" is designed to combat anti-personnel mine fragments that have limited energy. In turn, body armor of greater mass, incl. Octave's developments can also protect against more serious threats, such as machine gun and rifle bullets.

Development processes

The bulletproof vest projects from the Octava plant are interesting, at least for their origin. The main activity of this company is electronics and audio equipment. However, in 2022, it decided to help the army and began developing body armor. The existing sewing workshop was involved in such work, and participants of the Special Operation for the Defense of Donbass were invited as consultants.

In mid-April 2023, Oktava and Rostec first showed a new body armor called the Amulet. By that time, the product had passed tests, and the development company had mastered its production. In addition, a batch of body armor was sent to the Special Operation zone for military testing in real combat conditions.

Already in July, Octava presented an assault version of the Amulet with an increased area of ​​armor elements and an increased level of ballistic protection. In August, at the Army-2023 forum, a modernized body armor was shown, modified taking into account production and operational experience. Now a specialized version of body armor for explosives technicians has been developed and brought to testing.

Products of the “Obereg” series are made using well-known and proven ideas, as a result of which they are similar both to each other and to other samples from other manufacturers. Customers are offered vests with replaceable armor elements and additional attachments. Depending on customer requirements, it is possible to install a collar, shoulder pads and groin protection. Pouches and other attachments are selected and installed by the operator independently.

The general-arms "Amulets" have chest and back protection in the form of ceramic elements of the Br4 and Br5 classes. The area of ​​such protection is 15 The side elements of the vest accommodate soft bags of class Br1 or Br3. Area – up to 11,4 Depending on the configuration, the body armor weighs up to 11-11,7 kg.

Last year, the Oktava plant reported the possibility of monthly production of 2 thousand body armor. In the future, it was planned to increase the production rate to 7,5 thousand products per month. This required some restructuring of production, as well as the availability of an appropriate volume of orders. It has not yet been reported whether it was possible to bring production to the desired levels in almost a year.

Useful initiatives

Since 2022, many civilian organizations and enterprises have been trying their hand at developing and manufacturing military equipment products. The Tula Oktava plant did not stand aside and joined this endeavor, which resulted in several bulletproof vests of the Obereg series with different features and tasks.

A specialized body armor for explosives technicians working with dangerous objects is currently being tested. They should be completed in the near future, and then serial "Amulets-S" will begin to enter the troops. We can expect that Octava will send the required number of new body armor to the army and other structures, and will also continue to develop new products.
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  1. +1
    April 2 2024 05: 31
    It’s a pity there are no photos, just a description, otherwise the armor looks clearly skimpy for sapper purposes.
    1. 0
      April 2 2024 07: 04
      Yes, the area of ​​armor protection in the frontal plane is insufficient for sappers.
  2. 0
    April 2 2024 22: 27
    The idea is good and useful, but the company has no experience in this area and the result is not very good. Judging by the plastic fasteners on the shoulders, quick release is not provided. Classic 7B-VV is clearly better
  3. 0
    April 4 2024 23: 44
    In the rear there is no enemy shelling or explosives and they work standing facing explosive objects, and based on this it is necessary to build a defense.
    On the front line, sappers are increasingly crawling on their bellies in the dark, and these are completely different conditions and require a different approach to protection.
    1. 0
      April 5 2024 00: 30
      There is no protection at all for the sapper. Groin, somehow, no shoulder pads. Now imagine a backpack or RPO pack straps on top of these plastic fasteners on the shoulders...