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Time to declare war on world government

Time to declare war on world governmentThe world is more and more divided into supporters of a unipolar and multi-polar system, and this is happening against the background of the expanding occupation of sovereign states by the world government.

Interview with Alexander Dugin, the leader of the International “Eurasian Movement”, Professor of Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov, the Serbian journal “Geopolitics”.

- Dear Alexander Gelevich, please explain the background of the latest coups and wars in the Middle East, designated in the world media by the name “Arab Spring”. How do you assess the uprising in Syria and how, not only for this country, but also for the region and the whole world, do you consider important to preserve the state structures of President Bashar al-Assad?

- The Arab Spring has nothing to do with the interests of the Arab world itself. The Arab Spring is a manipulation of American strategists to change the balance of power in the Middle East. The goal of the Arab spring is to support what is called regional subimperialism in modern geopolitics, that is, allies of the United States who, nevertheless, come from other theoretical premises. Such sub-imperialist powers in the Middle East are Qatar, Saudi Arabia among Arab countries, and Turkey. These countries act as intermediaries for US-directed operations. During these operations, coups were carried out in Tunisia, in Egypt, where coalition groups came to power, targeting either the United States directly, these are the so-called Democrats, or Saudi Arabia and Qatar, i.e. on their geopolitical systems.

History with the group “Pussy Rayot”, the story of the attempt of the “Orange Revolution” is all the work of the “fifth column”, tseerushnyh agents of influence, liberals, as well as a very powerful Israeli lobby.

In Libya, when the situation became more complex, and the Libyan people did not want to be directly involved in this process, the West used military intervention measures when, in violation of all the treaties, in fact, representatives of NATO, the United States and European countries (in particular, France) , participated in the military conflict on the side of the Wahhabis and Islamic fundamentalists.

On the Internet you can find a remarkable photograph of Bernard-Henri Levy, adviser to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, posing as a philosopher, an active Zionist, a supporter of Israel, along with Christopher Stevens, who will then be killed in Benghazi as the US ambassador. Sam Bajil (Nakula Basel), the producer of the scandalous film “The Innocence of Muslims”, is captured in this photo. We see the Zionists, CIA leaders and radical Islamophobes on one side. They are the source of the planning and implementation of the Arab spring, which has nothing to do with the interests of the Arabs themselves.

Arabs are simply manipulated in order to create a situation of controlled chaos. They are manipulated from outside, manipulated directly with the help of Western networks of influence, and with the help of their sub-imperialist allies in the Middle East. When in Bahrain, the Shiite majority tries to insist on their own on the wave of the Arab Spring, then all these forces rush against the overwhelming majority.

The case in the Arab Spring is not in a democracy, but in geopolitics: the West wants to create its own regimes that are loyal to themselves, the Saudis, the Catharites and the Wahhabis, as well as the Turks; create their own bridgeheads to attack Iran, the Shiite arc, which includes Iran, Iraq, which now largely passes under the direct control of Iran, as the American troops leave from there. Hence, the Shiite arc includes Iran, Iraq, Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon, as well as Bahrain. All of these countries follow the anti-American line, do not play the American games, and oppose American imperialism in the Islamic world. Therefore, these forces are the object of hatred of the West, and all the Arab revolutions are directed against Iran, against Syria, against the Shiite arc, as well as against Russia, which in this case supports the anti-imperialist, anti-American policy in the Middle East.

Therefore, there is a fundamental geopolitical division: on the one hand, supporters of a multipolar world in the face of Russia, China and other big powers, and Shiite countries, Shiite societies in the Middle East, who oppose the American Zionist expansion. On the other hand, supporters of a unipolar world; these are the USA and their various sub-imperialist powers: Israel, on the one hand, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, Wahhabi and radical Salafi Islamic forces, on the other, and on the third side, Turkey.

In Turkey, Recep Erdogan, after his opponents were indiscriminately slandered and thrown into prison, re-returned to the atlantist position. Of course, if you make parallels, the story of Serbia is exactly the same: because Serbia is on the side of the multipolar world, it is an ally of Russia. The same forces that are now fighting against Iran, Syria, and engaged in destabilization of the Middle East, were thrown against Serbia. The same game, the same participants.

So, the last, as far as Syria is concerned, in the answer to this question, then Syria is the last bastion. If the regime of Bashar al-Assad falls under the blows of the Americans and their Salafi (Wahhabi) lackeys, there will be a way out open to Iran, which means a blow to Russia. This means war, war with Iran. Also, the Wahhabis, who were created by the same groups in Russia itself, are waiting for a denouement of the Syrian tragedy. As soon as the Assad regime falls, and if the Wahhabis seize Damascus, then Russia should prepare for an uprising. In Dagestan, these sentiments are already very strong with the very same goals: destabilization of the Russian state competing with America on a regional scale, and destabilization of the situation in Iran and Russia. Therefore, American, Saudi and Qatari agents act on the territory of the Russian Federation, and are preparing a strike to Moscow and Putin in the back.

- The crisis of the West (EU and America) is evident, as the production and the real economy are transferred to the East. What will be the response of the West to the process of recession of its own power? Will global planners resort to some kind of long-term strategy or some radical solution, say, to provoke a conflict on a planetary scale?

- I am absolutely convinced that the crisis of the West is present, but the West has not just moved the center of economic industrial growth to the “third world” and to Asia or Latin America. The West continues to control with the help of the financial system all the processes that occur in the world. Therefore, the West depends only on the success of a unipolar globalization. If the United States and the West as a whole retain control over setting the rules of the game in the economy (not production itself, not industrial power itself, but rules, especially in the financial sphere), that is, financial capitalism, a global financial oligarchic model, then where the production will be located, it is the West that will control all the processes in the economy. Since it is the West that prints the reserve world currency, all economies are pegged to the dollar, so virtually the whole world works for the United States and sponsors the United States.

Thus, a crisis is a crisis of financial capitalism as a whole, and it is not solved by a technical change of problems in one direction or another. This is a crisis of civilization, it is a crisis of materialistic atheistic culture, it is a crisis of the way of the West to liberalism and individualism, and so-called freedom, which in fact led to new forms of totalitarianism, perversion and dictatorship. Therefore, in fact, we are experiencing a fundamental crisis; this crisis is not a technical failure, this crisis, in fact, is the result of the path of the West over the past three hundred years, when the West has moved away from Christianity, from its religion, and finally embarked on the path of technical modernization. Therefore, now we are approaching the most terrible, most conclusive chord of this path. Accordingly, the economic crisis and the problems that the USA and Europe are experiencing in management are not just technical failures, they are a collapse. And although many there pretend that everything is normal, that nothing is happening, they understand this. Therefore, there can be no soft way out of this situation.

I am absolutely convinced that the United States is leading the cause of the Third World War - a real, full-fledged, world war. Therefore, by bringing radical Islamic regimes to power, the United States itself creates an excuse for the subsequent invasion of these countries. And this is well understood by many Muslims and Arabs, who see how they are manipulated, how scarecrows are created from them, the enemies of humanity in the flesh, after which they will be destroyed, explaining the need to prevent the "misanthropic ideology", which the Americans themselves now support. They will justify the future genocide of Muslim peoples, and those that have nothing to do with what is happening. In general, the final fight begins.

The task of the United States, of course, is to globally destabilize political systems, to deprive states of sovereignty — the events of the Arab Spring are aimed at this; all sovereign states must be dismantled and go under the control of either provocative extremist forces, which simply by their existence provide an opportunity at any moment of the invasion. For example, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, which the Americans themselves also brought to power through their Pakistani sub-imperialist allies. And this goal corresponds to the destabilization of other countries, especially China.

Therefore, there is a struggle between US globalism and those who, on the contrary, are now trying to preserve sovereignty and their general positions, that is, supporters of a multipolar world. There are two camps: supporters of a unipolar, Western world, Western hegemony, imperialism, financial capitalism, who wants to save themselves at any price, including the cost of the Third World War and the de facto destruction of a significant part of humanity. This is the most likely scenario; It seems to me that we will not be able to pass it, although it is necessary to do everything possible so that supporters of the multipolar world make a harmonious outcome of this fundamental, absolute, unprecedented final crisis. For this we need to rally, for this we need to think, to work, but everything is permeated by Western networks of influence - in Russia, in the Islamic world, in Europe, also in Iran there is a “fifth column”; there is, of course, in Serbia - servants of Westerners and Atlanticists. This aggravates the possibility of our maneuvers.

Humanity is doomedly moving into the abyss, where it is being dragged by representatives of the world elite - this is no longer just the United States as a separate country - these are representatives of financial global capital, world financial oligarchy, which in essence is a world government ignoring any laws of democracy.

We see this, for example, in Greece. Greece has simply introduced an absolutely direct external administration, which has absolutely no relation to democracy, which disposes of this country at its discretion, ostensibly to save it from the crisis that the representatives of this financial oligarchy themselves created in Greece. And so will be everywhere, that is, there is a de-sovereignty.

We deal with the occupation practically on a global scale, the occupation of sovereign states by the world government and its means of influence. I think it's time to declare war on the world government. This is the only way to postpone or even avoid the Third World War: either we strike at the Americans and their networks that lead to this cause, or we will kill each other.

- In Serbia over the past decade, with great pleasure watching the process of state and economic recovery of Russia. On the other hand, it should be noted that the national circles in Serbia are following with concern the protests of the "opposition" in Russia, as well as the process of undermining the authority and values ​​of the Russian state and civilization by the media. The concern comes from the fact that we in Serbia have a wealth of experience in implementing all kinds of Western methods of orange revolutions. How do you rate the real media harassment of the Church, President Putin?

- Yes, you are absolutely right: this is a very dangerous tendency. These people do not represent our population, but it is very, very active, fueled by the West, the United States, the CIA, the US State Department, and the European subimperialist structures, fueled by a minority. It consists mainly of people either ethnically non-Russian, and there are a lot of such people in multinational Russia, or completely oriented towards the West, and they constitute a “fifth column” that seeks to strike at the most basic power angles of Russian statehood. This is Orthodoxy, this is our historical identity, this is a sovereign state, a statehood that holds a complex society in unity and ensures the territorial integrity of Russia. This is President Putin himself, who is pursuing a policy independent of US influence.

The story of the Pussy Riot group, the story of the attempt of the Orange Revolution - all this was the work of the “fifth column”, tseerushnyh agents of influence, liberals, as well as a very powerful Israeli lobby, which differently related to the Russian statehood. There were attempts to bring the Israelis closer to Russia, just like with Turkey in recent years, but Israel’s final alignment with the United States occurred. "Echo of Moscow" is a frank ideological headquarters for the overthrow of the Russian statehood. It is striking that in the midst of Prime Minister Medvedev there are a lot of people of a liberal, pro-Western, pro-American orientation, belonging to the same American-Israeli lobby inside Russia. This is extremely dangerous because they hold in their hands the key, most sensitive centers for managing social processes.

Despite the fact that Putin pursues a policy of strengthening the sovereignty of Russia, representatives of these pro-Western, ultra-liberal circles mobilize the population, create an atmosphere of psychological harassment of people who advocate Orthodoxy, patriotic values, Russia's originality, ostracize them, and lead things to revolution. "

Now this revolution is choked: Putin won the fight for the street, for the social strata. Nevertheless, this is a very dangerous situation, because our society is literally riddled with the “fifth column”. And you, the Serbs, know how much a traitor can do when people shed their blood, society stands a mountain and a wall for their interests, a group of traitors who succumbed to the exhortations of the West, or were simply bought, are capable of delivering a sneaky stab in the back. All this is possible now in Russia, so despite the fact that the trends after Putin’s return are very good. For example, the Izborsky Club was created, which unites conservative-patriotic intellectuals, politicians, public figures and left and right orientation, regardless of ideology, who have now rallied in order to save the country in the face of external and internal aggression. Internal aggression from the "fifth column", because of which there is still a very great danger.

- So, on one side there is a large part of the Russian elite, pro-Western and Atlantic-oriented, influential in society and the media, and on the other hand - the patriotic bloc, which consists mainly of President Putin and the majority of the people ... Can you explain that difficult environment and the situation in which there is President Putin? How should mutual understanding and interaction between the Russian national and economic elite and President Putin, and between them and the Russian people, be promoted?

- I think that Putin is lonely, he relies on society as a whole, but the pro-Western, pro-American elite, the “fifth column” is blocking Putin’s access to the broad masses of the people. There is practically no Russian national elite, because for the last twenty years almost the entire elite has been polled, except perhaps for some security officials and some individuals, practically under the influence of Western liberal circles. We have an absolutely liberal government, we have liberal media, we have a liberal education, and there is practically external management in them, and it still exists. If we speak with a certain degree of approximation, the entire Russian elite is pro-Western, and it is all opposed to Putin, or at least not interested in ensuring that its reliance on the people becomes stable and serious.

Russia is a nuclear country, and if it takes Serbia under its protection, the situation will be solved completely differently; there will be not only western checkpoints, there will be Russian, Serbian ones.

This elite is Russophobic, this elite hates Russian history, and it is ready to sell the country entirely and in parts. Therefore, she had already begun to do this under Yeltsin in the 90s, and now she continues. Putin is lonely, and he cannot fully rely on the people. Maybe it will turn out after a while, but he is isolated by the elite. So often in Russian history, when the king or leader was surrounded by traitors, scum, influence networks, agents, the “fifth column” and spies. But he cannot break through to Russia yet. Society thereby imposes the iniquity that the elites do — corruption, theft, cynicism, theft — all imposes on Putin. Thus, the elites discredit Putin by their behavior, on the one hand, and on the other hand, they do not give him the opportunity to reach out to the broad masses of the people and rely on them. They block everything. Therefore, the situation is very tragic.

- Alexander Gelevich, we would like to take this opportunity to praise one of your strategic providence - Eurasianism. We see that your ideas about Eurasia, advanced by you two decades ago, are now being translated into reality. We have in mind the idea of ​​creating the Eurasian Union, about which Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke. Do you think that Serbia should also become a member of the Eurasian Union, given the fact that Serbia relative to Russia is geographically in the west?

- I, first of all, thank you for this remark, since the Serbs were the first to get acquainted with Eurasian ideas in Europe, they were the first to translate my books, or at least among the first. I have always loved the Serbian people very much and always believed that Serbia and Russia are two states, two cultures united by a common destiny. In this regard, it is no secret to the Serbs where the ideas of Eurasianism came to Putin - this is really my job, my like-minded Eurasians. Now these are not just words, this is the reality of the creation of the Eurasian Union: the Customs Union is working!

I think that Serbia, of course, should join the Eurasian Union, should become a member of the Customs Union, enter the CSTO, and only so Serbia will be able to defend its sovereignty, independence, rapidly and actively develop. This will not contradict the orientation towards Europe. First of all, you can freely leave Russia now, you can trade freely, and Russia’s economic relations with Europe are much more than with different countries that are members of Europe, for example, from Eastern Europe. Therefore, those who fear that joining the Eurasian Union will distance the Serbs from Europe should know that this is a lie, this is propaganda of our enemies. This will bring the Serbs closer to Europe, only with dignity it will allow preserving sovereignty. And in fact, Russia does not recognize Kosovo - this is also very important. Russia believes that Kosovo is Serbia. And if Russia has a nuclear weaponthen this confession is not empty words.

- Historical experience tells us to be careful. Is there a danger that the Russian people within the framework of a new supranational community, like the Eurasian Union, will again lose their spiritual and national identity, as was the case in the times of the USSR? Igor Panarin suggests that Orthodoxy become the central idea of ​​the Eurasian Union.

- I think that there are such concerns, but if Russia does not unite the Eurasian Union, then it alone will not stand up to pressure from the West - that’s the thing. If we do not strengthen our positions in the post-Soviet space, cannot integrate it economically and military-strategically, then Russia has no chance of sustaining its own confrontation with the West. We just crash, so we have no choice. This is risky, and I believe that concern for strengthening the identity of the Russian people is a priority task, including Orthodox identity as a basic and axial one. But if we try to offer Orthodoxy to all countries belonging to the Eurasian Union, we will come across very powerful resistance, for there are Islamic countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. We can not neglect them. Therefore, I think that it is necessary to act in parallel, creating a Eurasian Union at the level of economic and strategic, and work inside Russia and with the Russian population to strengthen Orthodox identity, but not to declare it openly, and not to talk about it as the official and main idea. It will simply create problems that we will never solve.

- We know that you have a deep respect for Islam. An ordinary person belonging, conditionally speaking, to a European or, in a broader sense, world civilization, it is difficult to understand and accept the actions of radical Islamists who are blowing up either themselves or innocent students of some school, or occasional passengers of the subway or train ... Is this a genuine Islam or one of its currents, Salafist, well-groomed by Western intelligence agencies, from Afghanistan to the present? We ask you this question, as there is a surprising coincidence of the goals of Al-Qaida and the United States in many countries.

- This is a completely correct remark. Brzezinski personally coached Al-Qaida militants in Afghanistan, Bin Laden was a CIA agent (this is known), and Salafism, a radical terrorist Islam, is simply the “fifth column” of the CIA, the West. The West discredits Islamic values, works against the interests of Muslims, represents Muslims as anti-human, cruel animals, and it is Salafism and Wahhabism that represents such a radical, in fact caricature, idea of ​​Islam.

There is real Islam; it is a great, ancient civilization, which today is most vividly represented by Shiite, Sufi circles, traditional Islam, and which is very spiritual. It is ambiguous - everything is there; there are the most diverse types of societies, the most diverse values. Wahhabis are trying to create a caricature of reformed Islam: primitive Islam, Islam devoid of the spiritual, cultural, historical dimension. And in this respect, it is not Islam, it is just a continuation of American imperialism. We cannot assume, for example, that certain sects that hide behind the name of Christ, such as the Moon sect, or Aum Shinrike, which can use the name of Christ, that they are Christians. Likewise, the Wahhabi thugs are not Muslims at all, they simply have very little to do with Islam, as well as sectarians towards Christianity. Therefore, I treat the Islamic tradition with the deepest respect and esteem. Especially close to me is Iranian philosophy, a Sufi tradition.

- In Russia, the murders of the mufti and Islamic leaders in Tatarstan and Dagestan that took place last year are alarming. Who did this and how do you look at this difficult question?

- This is an absolutely obvious thing. Just as the Chechen conflict was settled after a part of those Chechens who fought against Russia realized that the Wahhabis were leading them to the slaughter, to destruction, that they were simply manipulating, and that they were destroying the Islamic tradition itself, the mufti, the Sufi leader Akhmad Kadyrov went over to the side of Russia - it was a crucial moment. In Dagestan, two muftis were killed recently; one of them, Said Chirkei, was not just a representative of traditional Islam, but was the highest spiritual authority, a Sufi authority, who pursued an absolutely sound, correct, deep spiritual policy, very meaningful. And those who are planning to repeat the Caucasian War in Dagestan removed him, and they already knowingly understand the significance of traditional Islam, Sufi Islam, remove those leaders who can go, and would definitely follow the line of Akhmad Kadyrov, i.e. Russia, and the victory of the traditional Eurasian power over the enemy.

- Why Russia will not protect them?

- Russia is paralyzed in its activities by the fact that our elite is completely under the control of the liberals. Even about Putin a completely false notion is being formed.

- Alexander Gelevich, how do you assess the current situation in Serbia, as well as the kind of political, diplomatic and economic pressure that has been constantly being taken from the West over the past twenty years? What does Serbia need to do about Kosovo, in the face of a serious violation of its economic and political sovereignty?

“I am convinced that, firstly, the Nikolic government is already a positive shift, though not the best, but it is a good move. I met Nikolic, I have a very good impression of him; then there were different events, I carefully do not watch, to be honest. In any case, he is a patriot, he is a Serb, and not an agent of influence, who constantly appear in our country; I think Nikolic wants Serbia good. Whether he can or not do this - I do not know, this is better for you. I think that the only salvation for Serbia is integration into the Eurasian Union and the solution of the Kosovo problem based on Russian nuclear weapons.

- The new government and new president Tomislav Nikolic are more willing to cooperate with Russia, but the economic policy has not made a continuity gap, foreign investors are supported, and many believe that too many concessions to the West are being made on the issue of Kosovo and Metohija ...

“I think that, maybe, it’s still a matter of realism, because I personally, upon returning from Serbia, seeing what situation there could have been under the previous mandate, conveyed this question to the country's leadership. But I noticed this: on the part of Russia, Serbia did not arouse much enthusiasm, at least at that time. We should not forget that Russia has major restrictions, and perhaps partly a policy of rapprochement with the West, or the continuation of economic relations with the West - this is dictated by necessity, pragmatic necessity, because Moscow is not ready to fully assume the situation in Serbia now. To this she goes, to this we are getting closer and closer, and at a certain point ... Therefore, I would not draw any radical conclusions regarding Nikolic.

He is a Serbian patriot; maybe not all he can, does not know everything. The only problem is in Moscow itself, as well as with integration with Kazakhstan, which President Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan has long insisted on, and relations with Belarus, with our closest brothers. In this regard, Serbia needs, I think, to maneuver now, to come closer to Russia, but to understand that our situation is not so good either. Now it is getting better, and Nikolic is a beautiful figure, optimally suited, he is taking steps towards Russia in the framework of the possible.

As for Kosovo and Metohija, here it is necessary to press from below simply, to demand, there are different (I also watched on the Internet) network social movements that stand firmly on Serbian interests, you just have to press. In the end, it is a question of social mobilization. If the entire Serbian society is unanimous, then no ruler at all, under the fear of immediate withdrawal, will be able to pursue a treacherous policy of national interests.

In general, only Russia and rapprochement with Russia will resolve this issue. Russia does not recognize any independence for Kosovo and Metohija, nothing, just no Albanian American structures - it doesn’t care Russian. Russia is a nuclear country, and if it takes Serbia under its protection, the situation will be solved completely differently; there will be not only western checkpoints, there will be Russian, Serbian ones. We will work on what to do, gradually, only we need more activity from below.
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  1. strannik595
    strannik595 7 February 2013 15: 18 New
    “Historical experience tells us to be careful.” Is there a danger that the Russian people in the framework of the new supranational community, like the Eurasian Union, will again lose their spiritual and national identity, as it was during the Soviet Union? Igor Panarin suggests that Orthodoxy became the central idea of ​​the Eurasian Union.

    - I think there are such fears, but if Russia does not unite the Eurasian Union, then it alone cannot stand the pressure of the West - that’s the thing. If we do not strengthen our positions in the post-Soviet space, cannot integrate it economically and strategically, then Russia has no chance to sustain its standoff with the West. We’ll just crash, so we have no other choice .....
    1. older
      older 7 February 2013 16: 09 New
      Quote: strannik595
      Igor Panarin proposes that Orthodoxy become the central idea of ​​the Eurasian Union.
      You can’t put religion at the basis of state policy .. especially in states such as Russia ... If Orthodoxy is declared the basis, what should Muslims do? Jews 7 Buddhists 7 and other others? We have a multi-faith country, which means it must be based on cultural, political and economic unity ... After all, Serbia is also not a mono-state ..
      1. nycsson
        nycsson 7 February 2013 16: 36 New
        Strong article! I agree with everything except one! GDP can be on one side or the other! Let's hope that he is on the side of the people, but they interfere with him, otherwise the khan .......
        1. kot11180
          kot11180 7 February 2013 20: 25 New
          I think if GDP were on their side, we would have already had a khan in 2002-2004, but RUSSIA is still standing, is getting stronger
          1. SEM
            SEM 8 February 2013 09: 55 New
            NO DOUBTS what exactly. !!! The President alone cannot keep and control everything if there is no support around, or people pursuing other interests. Naivety is not of the people, but only of those who think that the people do not understand anything in what is happening. Thank God, a strong memory and let them not hope that they can break the people and the Orthodox Faith !!! And if God is with us, then who is to take it off?
        2. Cheloveck
          Cheloveck 7 February 2013 23: 28 New
          Quote: nycsson
          Let's hope that he is on the side of the people, but they interfere with him, otherwise the khan .......
          Holy naivety .... sad
          All the hardships are passed onto the shoulders of the people, to take, at least the "housing and communal services reform", the constant increase in tariffs, the collapse of education and health care.
      2. Atlon
        Atlon 7 February 2013 16: 50 New
        Quote: older
        If Orthodoxy is declared the foundation, then what should Muslims do? Jews7 Buddhists7 and other others?

        What did they do 100 years ago? And 500 years ago? Lived yourself and nothing! it's time to stop being ashamed of Russian nationality. It's time to forget this filthy Yeltsin's word "Russian." We are Russians! Someone is a Chechen, someone else is a Tatar, etc. Russians are a TITLE nation. Greatness of Russia, grew by all nationalities, but the vast majority of Russians! You need to be proud of it, and not vice versa. Tolerasty does not lead to good. So is nationalism. The Russians are not “to blame” for being more than others, and they have more talents. We do not say: Russia is for Russians, we say: Russia is for everyone. But we must not forget that Russia has been baptized for 1000 years, and Orthodoxy is the main religion. Just because there are more Russians. And Russia, as it is, was created mainly by Russians.
        1. wax
          wax 8 February 2013 02: 39 New
          In fact, not everything is so simple with Russianness: on the one hand, it is nationality, on the other, it is COMMUNITY, which has developed over the centuries of the history of the Russian Empire and has been preserved under the USSR. And this was understood in the world: you know very well that the Uraintsy, Belarusians, and Tatars (I will not list all), in the West, including in the USA, they called Rashen (Russian). The Germans shouted "Russians, give up" during the war, although a Kazakh or a Mordvin, a Yakut or a Russian could sit in a trench. They tried to replace this community in their zeal under the theoretical impotence of the old general secretaries with the concept of a new historical community, "Soviet man." During perestroika, accordingly, all became scoops (also regardless of nationality). As almost always simply before genius, he answered the Western correspondent at one time the question about his nationality, Stalin: "I am Russian of Georgian nationality."
          1. Atlon
            Atlon 9 February 2013 10: 32 New
            Quote: Wax
            Actually, not everything is so simple with Russianness:

            Of course! I once wrote that:
            Jew is nationality (blood)
            JEW. is a diagnosis (state of mind)
            Russian is both a nationality and a diagnosis!
    2. Cheloveck
      Cheloveck 7 February 2013 23: 22 New
      Quote: strannik595
      Is there a danger that the Russian people in the framework of the new supranational community, like the Eurasian Union, will again lose their spiritual and national identity
      Does the Russian people have something to lose?
      It, in comparison with the times of the USSR, spread rot much more.
      In any interethnic incident, a Russian is always declared a priori guilty.
      1. Sergh
        Sergh 8 February 2013 03: 18 New
        Thus, the elites discredit Putin with their behavior - on the one hand, and on the other hand - they do not give him the opportunity to reach the broad masses and rely on them

        Here I completely agree! Even corrupt media, more precisely bought ones, help in this discrediting, that's why now they are the first to go into circulation.
  2. pa_nik
    pa_nik 7 February 2013 15: 34 New
    I do not understand why so far Russia has not joined in the “mirroring” of the dirty tricks of the West. Well, for example, the financing of certain groups located in America and preaching separatism ... Or included lol and massively introduces Arabs and "African Americans" (ugh ..) to Europe, cheaply sells automatic weapons in the States laughing No, it’s unlikely ... It’s more like the actions of the global World Backstage .. And these, judging by the 2nd World Wars, will not back down, they will implement their plan. Then - and we need to prepare soldier
    1. older
      older 7 February 2013 16: 11 New
      Quote: pa_nik
      I don’t understand why so far Russia has not been included in the “mirroring” of the dirty tricks of the West
      Not the productivity of Hamurapi’s laws has been proved by the history of mankind ... To live with wolves, howl of a wolf is the principle of a wolf pack, not human ...
      1. wax
        wax 8 February 2013 02: 43 New
        Yes, there they are all transplanted as spies and opponents of the political system. Here, in Russia, one must act in a mirror way, i.e. really condemn.
  3. askort154
    askort154 7 February 2013 15: 43 New
    When will the time come that clever people would be heard during their lifetime ?! Such an interview, the Western "free" media will never publish
    at home. Therefore, as they say - "not an eyebrow, but in the eye!"
    1. older
      older 7 February 2013 16: 12 New
      Quote: askort154
      When will the time come that clever people would be heard during their lifetime ?! Such an interview, the Western "free" media will never publish
      You should not think that foolish people live in the West ... This interview will be carefully studied and countermeasures will be taken ...
  4. Orik
    Orik 7 February 2013 15: 52 New
    Nets need to be cut; you cannot tear them with your bare hands. For cutting, you need a tool and Putin didn’t even have an attempt to create such a tool. Who prevented over the 13 years from gradually starting to pour financial resources into the Russian Orthodox movement ?! Through the same Yakunin or Poltavchenko, both Orthodox came out of intelligence. But things are still there, and the Izborsk club is an association of intellectuals and with a night of long knives he is not an assistant.
    1. sergeybulkin
      sergeybulkin 7 February 2013 16: 58 New
      Want a war?
      1. Orik
        Orik 7 February 2013 18: 48 New
        She has been walking for a long time ...
    2. Botanologist
      Botanologist 8 February 2013 00: 49 New
      Who prevented for 13 years, gradually begin to pour financial resources into the Russian Orthodox movement ?!

      In my opinion, the church has enough money. Or are you talking about some other movement?
  5. Serg_Y
    Serg_Y 7 February 2013 15: 55 New
    Yes, people are mortal, Rome executed one righteous rebel, now the rebels consider themselves righteous and execute priests. The system kills People.
  6. rate
    rate 7 February 2013 16: 01 New
    I believe Dugin. Especially in the part where he talks about the tragedy of Putin’s position. Putin’s position is somewhat similar to that of Nicholas II. Lawlessness of the elite, which is attributed to the first person of the state. And a true marker is mocking talk about "evil boyars and the good king." So to the point.
  7. Avenger711
    Avenger711 7 February 2013 16: 28 New
    Or maybe some archduke shoot? Well, or prince.
  8. anchonsha
    anchonsha 7 February 2013 16: 46 New
    In almost everything Dugin’s rights - liberals continue to rule Russia, they also plunder the country, export everything stolen to offshore. And sometimes Putin cannot overcome all this army of liberals. If Putin decides on issues on his own, then a liberal howl will arise about Putin’s regime, which is ruled by authoritarian rule. What is wrong is that Putin found his support among the majority of the people, which is confirmed by Putin’s choice of several candidates as president.
  9. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 7 February 2013 16: 53 New
    Iran is one of the few Islamic, more or less democratic republics. Iran, as before, Iraq has always been a tidbit for the United States, but the Iranians will never allow themselves to do what they did to Iraq. There are huge reserves of the so-called "white" oil, almost from the ground they pump clean salyarka. Imagine how much it costs ...
    After Iraq was gouged by Americans, all oil fields were seized by American oil companies. That's the whole problem as it is ...
    1. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 02: 46 New
      So Iran should be accepted into the Customs Union, if it agrees. Iran is our geopolitical ally.
  10. Kaa
    Kaa 7 February 2013 16: 58 New
    The article is interesting, multifaceted, I will touch on only one aspect - throwing and choosing Turkey.
    If you look at Turkey in the same way that you look at any ordinary state, then Turkey’s foreign policy over the past few years will seem simply strange. I would even say, not just weird, but suicidal!
    It’s as if someone is pushing the Turkish government towards further fueling the Middle East fire. Or it does not push, but simply creates the conditions in which the Turkish government sees only such a way out of the situation. What is it? An attempt by Turkey to play all-in or an involuntary victim of a fire raging in the Middle East?
    The loud rhetoric and steadfastness of the government from its domestic political arena began to splash out on the surrounding neighbors. But behind the facade of the resort paradise are grotesque internal problems and a rampant gangsterism, covered by corruption and multiplied by the ethnic struggle. Recall a bunch of uncovered military conspiracies against the government and military operations in eastern Turkey against the Kurds. Europe is concerned about Italy’s financial crisis, in which debt is about 7 years old. In Turkey, it is much shorter - but its volume has doubled over the past year and a half. And what will happen next summer, few can predict!And this means that Turkey is in a deep financial crisis. In a crisis that develops quietly, without noise, but confidently and inevitably. The population has not yet realized this, but in the financial sector it is already clear what the immediate prospects will be. And how will this affect politics. The Saudis (UAE and Qatar), who bought Turkish securities, can already "twirl" President Erdogan as they want. And he is forced to give in. Otherwise - collapse! And Turkey’s dependence on energy sources, the uninterrupted supply of which is ensured only by Russia .. And then there are all the most ancient interethnic squabbles ... And now hardly anyone will allow Turkey to solve its national problems on its own. The Saudis will play their cards with the Great Kurdistan, Syria threatens the Western Kurdistan. And the United States and England, as always, catch their profits in troubled waters. With the advent of a quasi-state entity represented by Western Kurdistan (and the term Kurds have historically referred to the territory that is within Syria and Turkey), Ankara receives two instead of one dangerous Kurdish region in Northern Iraq (autonomous Southern Kurdistan). Turkey cannot establish control over the formation of Western Kurdistan, otherwise it will be on the verge of territorial disintegration. And this is the most dangerous for Turkey after a series of conspiracies and coup attempts in Western Turkey.
    Nevertheless, the Erdogan government sees the only solution to all its problems in ensuring the implementation of an ambitious transcontinental project - the creation of a pipeline system for the unhindered transit of oil and gas through the continental part from the Persian Gulf (Qatar and the UAE) to Europe. Thanks to the Sunnis manipulating the president, Turkey is striving to become the strategic crossroads of pipelines for the export of Russian, Caspian, Central Asian, Iraqi and Iranian oil and gas to Europe. Obedient and submissive Syria is needed for Turkey to implement an energy strategy. This is an all-in-one suicidal path that overshadows the voice of reason before a possible attempt at such global success in the fight for the most powerful doping from the oil and gas needle, having achieved the fate of the crossroads of pipelines for exporting Russian, Caspian, Central Asian, Iraqi and Iranian oil and gas to Europe. And regardless of moral or whatever support from the United States, England, Europe, the UAE and Qatar, for Turkey this means extremely difficult relations with at least nine countries: Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt.
    1. sergeybulkin
      sergeybulkin 7 February 2013 17: 08 New
      Turkey wants to be a civilized country, it is all the same half of Europe, but its second half stubbornly resists becoming a European state by 100%. Moreover, these unfortunate, forever oppressed, not comparable Kurds (why they have not lived quietly for 50 years already) ...
    2. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 02: 52 New
      To solve the problems facing the country, Turkey needs expansion, by any means, up to the military. Then there will be consolidation in the country. Turkey has conditions for this in this historical period. Here is such a dominant in all states that have internal difficulties: on the one hand, steam is produced, on the other hand, acquisitions appear that promise a rise.
  11. IRBIS
    IRBIS 7 February 2013 17: 00 New
    The Serbs needed to think when they refused to buy Russian air defense systems. When they turned in their handouts for their presidents and generals to the Hague Tribunal. More than once, Russia intervened in the situation in the Balkans and always those who simply begged for help eventually threw it and transferred to the camp of enemies. Just look back at the story.
    1. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 02: 57 New
      And here is Serbia with our air defense? It was necessary to help Yugoslavia. But we (EBN) threw her. (And he threw Cuba, but she came out in a blockade).
  12. pav-pon1972
    pav-pon1972 7 February 2013 17: 03 New
    An illiterate population is always easy to manage - for the most part, Arabs are considered such. The most educated Iran and Syria hold on ...
    If it were not for the education of our population, it is not clear how 1991 would end (red again, white), only in the poorly educated republics of the Caucasus succumbed to the "new trends of the time" of a radical nature ...
  13. Atlon
    Atlon 7 February 2013 17: 13 New
    Well written ... Do not add do not diminish. And Putin would have enough strength and cunning. All the same, I hope for him!
  14. PROXOR
    PROXOR 7 February 2013 17: 16 New
    Putin, like Peter the Great, if he doesn’t start cutting his head, the people will not believe in him. And nobody will give him a head to chop. He himself will be removed very quickly. And the worst thing. We ourselves are helping this liberal swamp live. We pay fabulous prices for goods that only come to Russia, we look through our fingers at how anti-people laws are being adopted.
    What is going on frankly is scary !!! People are chasing after iPhones and iPads. They look at House 2 and "I want to Mexico." People at the root lack an understanding that they need to work. And when it comes to them they just give up and turn into wretched drug addicts and alcoholics.
    Honestly, I don’t see a peaceful one. Or we hang them on poles - but this is a revolution, or we are finally bent and the country is divided into small principalities.
    I know one thing, I did not serve, but the time will come, and when I need to, I will come to the collection point and go to defend my country. For here my ancestors are lying, here is my mother, wife, son. And I am sure once again we will oppose. AND THERE ARE THEN I EXACTLY PARK MY T-90 or ARMATUS on the lawn in front of the white house. And on the trunk I’ll hang someone from the Rockefellers or from this rotten herd by the neck. Berezovsky for example.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 7 February 2013 21: 43 New
      first you need physically destroy the leaders of the opposition, at least two of them, Navalny, Udaltsov, Nemtsov .. even if they were!
      there are no opposition leaders - there are no rallies, there are opposition leaders - there are rallies. if there is no one to call, that is, there is no leader, there will be no reason for hamsters to leave.
      1. Clueless
        Clueless 7 February 2013 23: 59 New
        what for ?

        Nemtsov - he himself was in power, no one does not believe him
        Navalny - besides a bunch of young users, moreover, mainly from the capital, no one needs him
        Udaltsov - Duc is just an idiot :)

        It is better to have at the head of the opposition a bunch of idiots who discredit themselves.

        I'm more afraid of Prokhorov with his party, which way he decides to move. He says that he has nothing against Putin, but at the same time he says that he needs to integrate into Europe and transfer the entire army to a contract.
        1. wax
          wax 8 February 2013 02: 59 New
          Prokhorov is a political impotent, and therefore Putin will poke on him, he will shut up. It seems to me IMHO.
        2. Captain45
          Captain45 10 February 2013 13: 37 New
          Quote: Bad
          I'm more afraid of Prokhorov with his party, which way he decides to move. He says that he has nothing against Putin, but at the same time he says that he needs to integrate into Europe and transfer the entire army to a contract.

          "Prokhorov sells his stake in Polyus Gold"
          ONEXIM holding of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov agreed to completely sell its stake in Polyus Gold International Ltd. group of investors. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to three sources who are aware of the terms of the agreement. Mr. Prokhorov reduces investments in commodity assets. The ONEXIM group and the pool of investors attracted by the Nafta Moscow group of billionaire Suleiman Kerimov agreed on the final terms of the transaction and sent a request for approval of the transaction by the UK M&A Committee. This was reported by three sources familiar with the situation on condition of anonymity. Buyer names are not called. ONEXIM owns 37,8% of the shares. Based on the current capitalization of the company, Prokhorov’s stake in Polyus Gold is currently valued at 3,6 billion dollars. The transaction will be conducted in such a way that buyers do not have to make an obligatory offer to minority shareholders to buy back shares. The package will be split between the new owners, the sources explained. The British regulator should give its consent to the deal by the end of January. The ONEXIM group press service refrained from commenting. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Mikhail Prokhorov, who occupies the 68 line in the ranking of the richest people on the planet with a fortune of 13,6 billion dollars, is selling industrial assets, keeping the securities of financial companies in his portfolio. Polyus Gold International Limited was established in the summer of 2011 as a result of the reverse takeover of Polyus Gold by KazakhGold, registered on about. Jersey. PGIL is the third largest gold company in the world: proven and probable reserves of deposits being developed by the company amount to about 91 million troy ounces (according to the JORC code).
          Tags: Prokhorov, Polyus Gold, stocks
          Article author: RBC daily

          I wonder what he started to collect money for, the new Courchevel or the new Bolotnaya, or maybe just to London to Birch? It's not too late.
    2. Setrac
      Setrac 7 February 2013 22: 00 New
      There is a way out and no one needs to be destroyed; one has to live, work, raise children. Miserable, drug addicts, drunk and other trash will die without giving offspring, the children of normal people will come, the nation will get better, this is an inevitable process.
  15. Krsk
    Krsk 7 February 2013 17: 31 New
    But right to the horror ... "Puppeteers need" to break the threads ... quickly and for sure. They themselves will not die down
    1. yak69
      yak69 7 February 2013 20: 01 New
      "" "It is amazing that, surrounded by Prime Minister Medvedev, there are a lot of people of a liberal, pro-Western, pro-American orientation, belonging to the same American-Israeli lobby inside Russia." ""
      Absolutely accurately noticed and the emphasis is placed correctly. Really - amazing!
      I do not believe Medvedev one iota and always considered (and I consider) his unspoken leader of the “fifth column”. His words and his deeds, as a rule, do not diverge. He is an active fan of Western "values", he encourages those in the government who promote these very dubious "values." Moreover, he is not decisive, dependent, not smart and just “outstanding” gray, both as a politician and as a state figure.
      Even the very expression "statesman" somehow does not fit him at all.
      You can minus, (Medvedev fans), but I am convinced that this "Cossack" is definitely mishandled. (more precisely, fed on American burgers and Pepsi-Cola).
      1. Clueless
        Clueless 8 February 2013 00: 01 New
        Does Medvedev have fans? ;) Duc voted for him only because Putin put him on the presidency for a while

        Moreover, Putin did not particularly interfere with the idiocy that Medvedev did so that the country would understand who should be president for the next 2 years
      2. wax
        wax 8 February 2013 03: 06 New
        Due to the lack of a strategic vision and the availability of a humanitarian education (specifically, legal, and lawyers do not have a time factor at all, i.e. they don’t take into account the dynamics at all, everything is static), he is subject to suggestions and manipulations. MOT, tips, renaming, time zones, etc. - this is its level. Plus, an ambitious wife in her spoilage.
        Even Vernadsky noted that the gift of strategic thinking is very rare.
  16. Bort radist
    Bort radist 7 February 2013 17: 32 New
    Off topic - According to the Japanese military, two Russian Su-27 fighters on Thursday violated Japanese airspace at 14.59 local time (09.59 Moscow time) south-west of Rishiri Island, located near the island of Hokkaido. Airplanes of the Russian Federation were in the airspace of Japan for one minute and 11 seconds. To intercept Russian aircraft, fighters of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan were involved, the Japanese military department specified.
    Pacific Fleet naval aviation completed scheduled flights in the South Kuril region; Russian planes did not invade Japanese airspace, first-rank captain Roman Martov, spokesman for the Eastern Military District (BBO), told reporters on Thursday.
  17. honest jew
    honest jew 7 February 2013 17: 33 New
    Not Time Yet! need to tackle the internal problems of Russia! Strengthen the army, aviation, fleet, raise the village, industry. Create gold-currency reserves, then you can only think something, but for now you need to save strength and sit out on the defensive ...
    1. sincman
      7 February 2013 18: 09 New
      Quote: honest Jew
      Not Time Yet! need to tackle the internal problems of Russia! Strengthen the army, aviation, fleet, raise the village, industry

      War is not only physical, but also informational! The time of physical confrontation has not come yet, but now we need to hold the information defense! First of all, it is necessary to break through the information blockade on television, as the most accessible information source for the masses. So that the events that occur and the reasons that gave rise to them are understandable to EVERY citizen of our great Motherland, and not just to a small group of politically active individuals! And only then will People be able to adequately respond to external challenges and make the right decisions!
      1. wax
        wax 8 February 2013 03: 17 New
        And the movie, my friend, and the movie.
    2. bask
      bask 7 February 2013 23: 31 New
      Quote: honest Jew
      Not Time Yet! need to tackle the internal problems of Russia! Strengthen the army, aviation, fleet, raise the village, etc.

      It’s only beautiful words ... Far from Russia man. And they rule the world ... look. I highly recommend it.
    3. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 03: 14 New
      What an honest Jew? - Do not be offended - as a joke.
      A man came to confess. Says - I committed a sin. Jew deceived. Father to him - this is not a sin, this is a miracle.
      And so, I today, reading it for the second time, put the second plus.
      Probably because the flag is French.
  18. Karabin
    Karabin 7 February 2013 17: 59 New
    - I believe that Putin is lonely, he relies on society as a whole, but the pro-Western, pro-American elite, the "fifth column" blocks the possibility of Putin reaching the broad masses.
    Damn, how many variations I have heard on a similar topic from notebooks and non-notebooks patriots. Moreover, the farther from the election, when it becomes apparent, the discrepancy between realities and pre-election great-power promises, the more such publications. Putin is not allowed to work, Putin is being blocked, Putin is being deceived. Putin is not allowed to the people. Curious, but Putin himself in the know? Soon they will add to the fact that Putin’s "fifth column" is kept in Zindane, and a double flashes in the zombie. But is it time to organize a crusade to free the Holy Sepulcher, that is, the President? And after liberation, the Indispensable will again surround himself with those who will again “block access to the masses of the people,” because, according to Dugin, “he is a good man, but weak-willed” (C) (film “Gentlemen of Fortune”).
    And maybe enough foolishness toil, gentlemen patriots? What else should Putin approve and sign, in addition to what has been adopted (WTO, privatization, law on education, health care, housing and communal services)? How can he convey to you his commitment to other values? To finally sell off state property, adopt a juvenile, join NATO and the European Union, give the Kuriles to the Japanese, and accept Judaism? What should he do so that you finally understand him and fall behind with your patriotism, empire and Eurasianism.
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 7 February 2013 21: 49 New
      Quote: Karabin
      Curious, but Putin himself in the know?

      Do you think he was aware that something was happening in Sochi with a roller coaster? I’m sure that he didn’t know that some kind of Akhmed Bilalov was cheating there. But Kozaki and his associates knew, but didn’t report to him, that’s what liberals say. 5th columns that interfere with Putin.
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 7 February 2013 22: 52 New
        Dear three-volt. Firstly, you and I did not drink vodka, so that on "YOU". Secondly, read carefully the post you are responding to. "..And Putin himself is in the know," said in a different context.
        Quote: djon3volta
        but Kozaki

        So who put him there? Is it really Barack?
    2. vvvvv
      vvvvv 8 February 2013 02: 26 New
      Even Terminator-2 can be destroyed, and any person, even at the very top of power, is vulnerable and relies on specific people with personal interests in their power. And he himself may have personal interests. There are enemies, partners (compromise relations). Those. in reality, any person cannot strictly follow a certain idea, even if it exists. He must maneuver between many forces and interests, including those people on whom he is forced to rely. This is politics.
      Here is the idea of ​​joy for an independent country and people, for example. But I personally live among the people and I see and know perfectly well what interests people, etc. They (us), in general, are interested in selfish interests and even theoretically do not care for anything there. This is still here on the forum people who are theoretically not indifferent to the fate of the country and people. And practically ?! Who practically did something ?! Even fewer. I believe, God forbid, it would be wrong that most of the people even theoretically support the great ideas, and even more so do something for them. Bytovuha, beer, loot, etc. Everything is practical and down to earth.
      And the elites all have and behave no differently, as well as selfishly. And why would it suddenly be different ?! they made a fuss for themselves, got money and power, with which fright they should worry about some people there, which, among other things, hate the elite among the masses, envy them and are simply bespont in life ... People - were born in a certain territory regardless of desire the elites. The people are the ballast to the natural resources of the territories ... Not even a ballast, but something unpleasant that always requires something, but they themselves are not able to provide themselves with their labor - for example, to create massively private enterprises that can compete with Chinese, American, European, Japanese. Well, our people can’t do like a Japanese, receiving and working hard like a Chinese.
      I hope my irony is clear and understandable is the complexity of the totality of objective factors. And this is still extremely simplified.
      And against the backdrop of everything, the message comes from our transnational elites: let's play according to our rules - there will be a supranational elite that once and for all will establish a global order - we will do anything, become Gods, subjugate the whole blanket to ourselves and your descendants will always prosper. To do this, you need to give up sovereignty and give the country under external control, you yourself will simply be managers.
      So who will refuse such an offer ?! Here is support, strength, power, money. And what about the other side ?! On the other hand, the fate of Gaddafi, a selfish people who will not fight for you later, but who will safely flee to Europe, migrate to the United States, and in general will make their skin more comfortable.
      Here we simulate the situation: they announce in the news that the liberals drove Putin into the Kremlin and he took up defenses with a bunch of loyal associates (well, Dugin and other Eurasians there) and shouted that we won’t give up, we will seek good for the country and people. No matter how ridiculous the situation may be, I’m quite sure that no one from the people would have torn their s.r.a.k.u from the sofa and would not rush to fight. Am I mistaken ?! So now a similar situation is being discussed in some way, but nobody, nothing, will not do anything, even from the patriots of this forum ...
      You can start criticizing. He said it was unpleasant, but as I see everything.
  19. Kibl
    Kibl 7 February 2013 18: 12 New
    But in fascist Latvia A. Dugin was put on the “black list”, he was not allowed to enter the country. The mole denigrates the white fluffy fascists, but they are so good and kind! Latvian politicians are stupid impotent people and pissed off last!
  20. DeerIvanovich
    DeerIvanovich 7 February 2013 20: 00 New
    I liked the article, the reality of the mood of different sectors of society in Russia is estimated objectively. for this plus
  21. Byordovvv1
    Byordovvv1 7 February 2013 21: 04 New
    Everything is said openly and honestly about external and internal threats, as well as about today's presidency of Putin.
  22. Vladimir_61
    Vladimir_61 7 February 2013 22: 07 New
    The fate of Judas bowing to the "big brother" is terrible. Let them not even hope that their plans will come true. Even in a big war. Free ourselves from filth. Immunity is our persistent. Evidence is not reality and facts do not always speak of real hidden processes.
    1. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 03: 24 New
      Well, Vladimir, you are directly the Delphic oracle.
  23. Boomer
    Boomer 7 February 2013 22: 40 New
    Well, what to fight? when the enemy surpasses us every 7 times?
    1. wax
      wax 8 February 2013 03: 26 New
      So we don’t have to kill seven times, just one lol
  24. understudy
    understudy 7 February 2013 23: 34 New
    Quote: djon3volta
    I’m sure that he didn’t know that some kind of Ahmed Bilalov

    Simplicity, but clearly not holy. But Bocharov stream and Krasnaya Polyana are not in Sochi? It is there that all of our top management systematically and more than once skiing "pulls". And it must be, a year before the Olympics, they lifted their eyelids ... And where were all these regulatory bodies led by Kozak? Not everything is simple there because pennies were not spent on budget, but on personal Bilalov and those who joined the stake.
    Personally, it’s rather strange for me from which altruistic treacherous treason Gref and Potanin bought up a controlling stake, supposedly a failed long-term construction ??? And is it only because of Bilalov that the cost of the entire project has risen in price by five times and is not yet final? He was simply framed for organizational conclusions ...
    The article is a big plus.
  25. MuadDib
    MuadDib 8 February 2013 02: 07 New
    I have a few questions:
    1) Does the Orthodox church pay taxes?
    2) B. Are Putin and D. Medvedev not liberals and no one is lobbying for them?
    3) Why is expanding the staff of internal troops and increasing salaries for military personnel?
    4) Why do teachers in schools that raise future presidents and ministers still receive small salaries. We also remember about doctors.
    And the phrase "social layer" annoys me. I do not want to be part of the top or bottom layer. I want to be part of a single social system, social sphere or cube - all the same, the main thing is a single, and not divided by the financial position and opportunities into strata of society.
    Yes, Vladimir Putin won in the struggle for the social strata - the separation between the wealthy and the poor has become even greater.
  26. baku1999
    baku1999 8 February 2013 02: 26 New
    EXPLANATORY WORDS AND MAKES THOUGHT ..................... stop stop stop
  27. Alexfu
    Alexfu 8 February 2013 07: 40 New
    As the article says, it is so, now the United States is the representative of the world government, so the United States has everything for this, finances and armed forces, the only problem is there is no support, that is, the historical roots that would make the United States an exemplary state. For this, demonization, a change in the history of the countries of the adversaries, and forgery of historical events are used. The United States is trying to change the history of Russia in the first place, read modern history textbooks for schools and you will understand everything. There is rarely mentioned by Americans the occupation of the Far East and their barbaric crimes against the civilian population of our country. And in other textbooks there are all sorts of fairy-tale heroes like Shrek and freaks like him. There is an imperceptible substitution of everything that is connected with the history of Russia, for example, Orthodoxy was born in Russia when America was still not somewhere in the 900s, and there is nothing to boast of the USA, therefore they eradicate Orthodoxy by any means. They don’t need our people, therefore, reforms are being launched that are aimed at creating chaos and confusion, but when you dig up the money allocated, it immediately becomes clear that it is either the USA or Great Britain. Also take the TNT channel, which is funded by the UK, you can immediately see where the hands are growing. And there are many such examples.
  28. ObnaPur
    ObnaPur 9 February 2013 22: 26 New
    Honestly, it’s creepy for our future ...
      HAIFISCH 9 February 2013 23: 16 New
      And what to do, when a simple person breaks out, he will have to take arms as great-grandfathers. Everything goes to the point that we don’t want it ourselves, it will make us, especially in the Caucasus, all these Islamists not to be confused with Muslims. And the worst thing, it has already been said about this, that people really chase after iPhones and other things, not realizing that this is not the main thing, our society, it seems to me, is not ready for the consequences that may follow the events in the near future.
  29. ObnaPur
    ObnaPur 9 February 2013 23: 58 New
    By and large, if World War 3 is coming, there will be no winners. Surviving territories will be unrealistic. Does the world government really lack the instinct of self-preservation? It seems like pragmatism in the blood.