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Juvenile Justice Grimaces

One of the most controversial topics of recent times in our country is the topic of introducing the so-called juvenile justice in Russia. Quite a few copies have already been broken around this topic, and, obviously, the confrontation between supporters of Yu and her opponents will only increase. At the same time, both “juvenalshchiki” and “konteuvenalschiki” have quite a few arguments justifying a certain point of view. To try to understand the position of both of them, and others, it is necessary not only to consider the question of what this same Yu is, but also to get acquainted with those examples that have already shown themselves in the expansion of the powers of juvenile institutions.

So, if you follow the encyclopedic definition of juvenile justice, then it represents the legal basis for the activities of organizations administering justice in cases of offenses committed by persons who have not reached the age of majority. However, this definition represents juvenile justice on one side only. Yu have another side. This side is associated with the presence of various legally enforceable mechanisms for the protection of the rights of the child.

It would seem, around what is here to break spears? It seems to be all about the case: the state assumes the obligation to monitor the rights of its minor citizens and to monitor compliance with the law relating to children and adolescents. However, the snag is that in the event of active development of the juvenile justice system, the state actually gets the opportunity to become for an underage person an institution that has more weight than the family. It is the hypothetical possibility of state intervention in the system of family upbringing, in the system of forming the child’s views, his attitude towards the people around him, and is the cornerstone of this issue.

Proponents of the introduction of juvenile justice in Russia say that all the words about the state’s attempt to downplay the role of the family are fiction. The state is not going to make such attempts, but is only going to raise the status of the child, protect it from an aggressive environment, and tell it about its rights. Like, look at how cool juvenile justice works in Western countries - and we need to adopt such advanced experience.

I would like to agree, but here only a number of circumstances and examples do not provide directly from Russian practice.

The fact is that concern for the rights of the child is a double-edged sword. If the state is going to protect a child from an aggressive environment, then who, in the understanding of the state (in particular, state institutions of juvenile justice), represents this aggressive environment? Considering that the average Russian child spends most of his time with his relatives and in an educational institution, it turns out to be a strange thing ... Indeed, with whom the child most often contacts, so sooner or later he may have a certain conflict, which is quite natural. But this does not mean that if from one of the parents or from the teacher he received, let's say, an educational pill that turned out to be bitter, then this is a reason to declare that the home or school for him is an aggressive environment.

Despite all the absurdity, the essence of juvenile justice, to which foreign “partners” are gradually teaching us, lies precisely in the fact that the child himself, roughly speaking, pokes a finger at the person who, in his opinion, has subjected his rights to infringement. And if a child also reinforces the fact of infringement of his rights by, for example, his father, who gets his leather belt as an “educational tool” with video recording, then for employees of institutions Yu is an excellent reason to follow the most improbable way from the point of view of family education . Namely, to deprive the “careless” father of the “sadistic” parental rights, to take the child out of the “disadvantaged” family and transfer it to the same juvenile bodies - the guardianship and custody authorities. And it is there, apparently, that the child will be inoculated with all that most humane and correct thing that he can only dream of.

Of course, many will consider the considered example as an obvious extreme, but even then, when the juvenile justice system in Russia has not yet been implemented, there are no less perverse variants of “protecting the rights of the child” than the one presented above.

Voronezh region. September 2012 of the year. An 15-year-old youth enters one of the local educational institutions, who, according to documents, passes as a person left without parental care. When a social worker of an educational institution makes inquiries, it turns out that both parents are alive in a young man. The father is a disabled person of the first group (incapacitated). Mother - a healthy woman, as they say, does not use, it works, only here is work five dozen kilometers from the city. For objective reasons, the mother cannot give her constant attention to her son, so she is forced to feed the entire family. And the young man, in turn, should look after his sick father.

As a result, it turned out that at the beginning of 2012, representatives of the law decided to visit them at home (as it turned out, one of the "compassionate" neighbors tried, who, according to her, saw the boy several times in mint and unwashed clothes). Representatives of the authorities entered the apartment, which, of course, was not different from the euro renovation, and immediately concluded that there were not enough conditions for the education and training of the boy. They say that the mother is not engaged in the child, and the father cannot do this due to the serious health condition. As a result, the mother had an “explanatory” conversation, which was reduced to what she was advised by the parents to give up their parental rights to some time, the state at the same time will take care of her child, including the financial plan. In an interview with the mother herself, it was possible to establish that the child had been taken away from her without much talk, saying a quote: the court would still be on our (guardianship) side ...

As a result, the young man was out of the house. Yes - on state support, yes - his clothes are washed and the “caring” hands of state employees are stroked, yes - he is fed up, yes - he has money for personal expenses. But there is one thing. The young man experienced a real moral trauma, believing that he and his parents were simply deceived. And he frankly does not understand for what purpose ...

He repeatedly ran away from the orphanage, but he was returned back with threats that if the shoots did not stop, the boy would end up in the prison.

Why did the government have to go exactly on this strange path, and why it was impossible to just help a family that was clearly experiencing financial difficulties? It turns out that an obvious bias is being formed in our country: it is much easier to pick up a child from a family than to donate the same washing machine to a family in need ... It is much easier to alter the status of a minor by writing mountains of paper than to help the family overcome certain difficulties. And there are thousands of such examples throughout Russia. Healthy parents declare incompetent, large families - disadvantaged. What is the purpose? So far, the goal seems to be the same: to fill the “beds” of orphanages, rehabilitation centers and other similar institutions in order to get additional funding and special status for them. Knock out of the same state budget. Paradoxically, this is an example of how government agencies are actually looking for, sorry, the material for their own work ... It is depressing that this material is our children ...

Here is one of the grimaces of the very juvenile justice, which is designed to protect the rights of the child ... But, forgive me, if the child himself wants such protection. After all, if you extrapolate the above example, it turns out that in our country every second parent can be deprived of parental rights, and the child sent to an orphanage. Someone forgot to clean the shoes, some parents are forced to take out the garbage, and they even give a slap for what they didn’t make in time, and someone skipped a lesson at school ...

However, how much material for the work of juvenals! .. How many unspent budget funds! ..

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  1. Vanek
    Vanek 5 February 2013 07: 52
    Finland!!! No need to go far. Return the abducted children to begin with.
    1. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 5 February 2013 10: 45
      The task of juvenile justice consists of three points:
      1. "assimilation" of budgetary funds.
      2. the sale of children abroad in circumvention of the adopted law.
      3. The creation of tension in society, by contrasting the interests of justice and the normal population of the country. (For this, the measures should be unusually stringent)

      this is how they begin to "shake" the peace in society - any opposing sides collide to build up tension:
      dog lovers against dog hunters, drug dealers (mostly chocks) against athletes, guardianship bodies against citizens ... and so on.

      task number 1 - to rock society, create a lot of negativity and a nervous atmosphere. because in a calm society it is IMPOSSIBLE to raise people to rebellion. you need to divide the whole society into small opposing groups of people and pit them with each other, then there will be no general ideological integrity. each group has its own interests and tasks that do not overlap with other groups. erase historical facts, denigrate history itself, say in all educational institutions that Russia is evil and degradation -
      this is the collapse of the state.

      I think so.

      Russian riot:
      1. El13
        El13 5 February 2013 12: 18
        This "juvenile justice", the degradation of education, the introduction of the morality of the consumer society ... I think these are links of the same chain and more and more clearly a single plan is visible behind them, involuntarily you will believe in conspiracy theories ...
    2. Ghenxnumx
      Ghenxnumx 6 February 2013 17: 20
      Quote: Vanek
      Finland!!! No need to go far. Return the abducted children to begin with.

      Yes, and France was noted here.
      About parenting I will say this:

      For advocates of juvenile justice, this is directly chewed:
  2. Andron24
    Andron24 5 February 2013 08: 06
    The purpose of this justice seems to be noble, but its mechanisms are painfully tough ...
    1. Skiff
      Skiff 5 February 2013 09: 34
      Children are the little that we have left, this is the destruction of the family institution, gross interference in the affairs of the family. Workers of the UJ need to think, and their children will not be left orphans after they take the child from someone else's family, only because the child got caught up for example for failure to comply home lessons, because for their children A real parent will gnaw at his teeth.
    2. folds
      folds 5 February 2013 11: 19
      There are declared goals, but there are real ones. Caring for the child is declared, and the real goal is to justify the existence and financing of the organs of the South Ossetia and guardianship. If you do not deprive anyone of their parental rights and do not take them to orphanages, then these bodies do not work well enough. :(
      It was already like this - "If you are not in prison yet, this does not mean that you are not guilty of anything - it means that we are not working well"
    3. walter_rus
      walter_rus 6 February 2013 01: 30
      The key word here is like.
  3. Sars
    Sars 5 February 2013 08: 06
    "Foreign partners" gradually accustom us to YU, gender, homosexuality and other joys of democracy. Gentlemen the Jews have corrupted America, Europe. SEA, now they have tackled us.
  4. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 5 February 2013 08: 06
    Strongly against Juvenile Justice.
    This WESTERN INFECT corrodes our FAMILY LIFESTYLE our traditions (ATTEMPTS to justify the actions of the guardianship authorities I consider inappropriate).
    After all, it turns out the INTERESTING SITUATION of a child. TENDER OFFICIALS under the FAVORITE PERFORMANCE are taken away from the parents, drawn up in the CHILDREN - then they also quickly issue it for sale to some AMERICAN or the FRENCH (which can easily turn out to be a SADIST or worse
    pedophile). It may well be a RUSSIAN CHILD to be material for the sale of kidneys, hearts, liver to rich uncles.
    MONEY is what drives it all.
    1. Vanek
      Vanek 5 February 2013 08: 16
      I read this morning:

      Russia will not allow adoptive orphans to homosexual families

      Russia will not allow the adoption of their orphans to homosexual families. This was stated by the Presidential Commissioner for Children's Rights, Pavel Astakhov, in an interview published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta today.

      According to him, this position is already expressed in our basic laws - in the Constitution and the Family Code. It expressly states that marriage is a union of a man and a woman. We have nothing else, the ombudsman said.

      As Astakhov noted, for example, in France, where they intend to adopt the law on same-sex marriage, people themselves rose up against such an innovation. Many of them, he stressed, believe that they need to pass a law on the promotion of homosexuality, as in Russia.
      1. El13
        El13 5 February 2013 12: 25
        We should not prohibit adoption into homosexual families, but prohibit adoption in countries where homosexual "marriage" is legalized, I think this would be the next logical step after the ban to the states ...
    2. Philippov
      Philippov 5 February 2013 09: 28
      MONEY is what drives it all

      And not only money. Destroy families! Destroy traditions! Destroy our whole way of life, and in the final set, destroy Russia!
      External aggression is useless, so try from the inside!
    3. donchepano
      donchepano 5 February 2013 10: 05
      Quote: lehatormoz
      RUSSIAN CHILD may be material for SALE KIDNEY, HEART, LIVER to rich uncles.
      MONEY is what drives it all.

      Juvenile justice is one of the most vile ideas invented and slipped into our rulers by the enemies of Russia
    4. hohryakov066
      hohryakov066 5 February 2013 14: 18
      I agree 100%! The introduction of juvenile justice technology will kill families. As loudly as possible and wherever possible it is necessary to shout about it! Already now, our children are not taught, but are provided educational services, including memorizing the phones of "defenders" by first-graders and posting special mailboxes in schools, where you can drop a complaint about parents!
      1. plut-k
        plut-k 5 February 2013 23: 43
        I also completely agree with the author, but to put it more harshly, this is a war, a war against our future, a war against our children, our grandchildren, against ourselves, against our country of origin - RUSSIA. I deliberately write countries, not the state, for the state is an institution of power. So power can and will remain, but RUSSIA will not.
    5. Andrey58
      Andrey58 5 February 2013 19: 32
      Quote: lehatormoz
      It may well be a RUSSIAN CHILD to be material for the sale of kidneys, hearts, liver to rich uncles.

      Why does uncle need a child’s heart?
  5. zambo
    zambo 5 February 2013 08: 27
    That's all the "noble" thoughts ...
    1. El13
      El13 5 February 2013 12: 29
      A great poster, reveals the essence ... no wonder that their birth rate is not up to par, but what for are such troubles ...
    2. vagabo
      vagabo 5 February 2013 14: 37
      What an abomination!
      Very intelligible.
  6. andrei. 2012
    andrei. 2012 5 February 2013 08: 41
    I don't know, maybe I'm a pessimist, but for some reason all good undertakings, in our country, somehow end badly. The reform of the army, in my opinion, almost destroyed this very army. The reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs also did not lead to anything good new. for traffic safety, in the end, instead of building roads, they tightened traffic rules, raised draconian fines, increased the punishment under various articles - it became scary to get behind the wheel. More education reforms with the USE. Utilities, too, not everything is clear, etc. It feels like either I live not there or they are not here. Now I still have to wait for my uncle to come and say, "In the opinion of your neighbors, you are a bad father, you often disappear at work, pay a fine"
    1. Philippov
      Philippov 5 February 2013 09: 36
      "According to your neighbors, you are a bad father, you often disappear in the service, pay a fine"

      The penalty is not the worst, but what if children are taken away?
      1. El13
        El13 5 February 2013 12: 30
        Here in this case, you need to have an ax at home.
    2. SlavaS
      SlavaS 5 February 2013 23: 08
      Multipass pass soon
  7. rauffg
    rauffg 5 February 2013 09: 09
    my dad beat me with a belt as a child, it hurt, but I did not become a people's commissar or an alcoholic like some of my peers. 3,14zduley was afraid to get from Bati.
    1. Aleksey43
      Aleksey43 5 February 2013 09: 54
      Once in my childhood, I smoked with friends. At home, Dad noticed a smell from me, gave me such a thrashing that I still don't smoke. And for the youngest, I was always in demand. I got fiddling for him if that. And then a month. three ago, the son brought home a card "MY RIGHTS" called in which it is written that in any case he should knock on his parents, that he decides what to do and what not, etc.
  8. konnd
    konnd 5 February 2013 09: 19
    One of my acquaintances, when he found out about all this juvenile, said the following. "They'll come to pick up my daughter - I'll dig a couple of oxygen tanks under the house and blow it up to hell!" Knowing his glorious military past - I believe. AND I AGREE !!!!
  9. Karpv
    Karpv 5 February 2013 09: 21
    I think who wants to look and read: От себя добавлю следующее сын по полмесяца живёт у меня и если кто за ним придёт завалю хоть одно-двух, но просто так не отдам. Хорошо хоть доча взрослая.
    1. SEM
      SEM 5 February 2013 12: 21
      I AGREE with Karpv - this idea must be left and there are few children, and potential parents will be afraid to give birth to them at all. We need to deal with this, for example, to make all conditions for adoptive parents of orphans, to support young families not in words but in practice (large monetary compensation, apartments, vacations), then we won’t need any juvenile law and courts. Forget about Western technologies of families, they are similar to death.
  10. koshara-988
    koshara-988 5 February 2013 09: 26
    And they’re not afraid. Our authorities. They’ll do everything to make the people angry! 17years just around the corner. And the juvenile is another way to earn money for bureaucrats. That's when a couple of such izymateli from the family unscrew their heads ...
    1. Z.A.M.
      Z.A.M. 5 February 2013 10: 37
      Quote: andrei.2012
      I don't know, maybe I'm a pessimist, but for some reason all good undertakings, in our country, somehow end badly. The reform of the army, in my opinion, almost destroyed this very army. The reform in the Ministry of Internal Affairs also did not lead to anything good new. for traffic safety, in the end, instead of building roads, they tightened traffic rules, raised draconian fines, increased the punishment under various articles - it became scary to get behind the wheel. More education reforms with the USE. Utilities, too, not everything is clear, etc. It feels like either I live not there or they are not here. Now I still have to wait for my uncle to come and say, "In the opinion of your neighbors, you are a bad father, you often disappear at work, pay a fine"

      Quote: koshara-988
      They do everything to make people angry!

      Is not it so?
  11. ariy_t
    ariy_t 5 February 2013 09: 50
    Juvenile justice ... Themis is blind ... In short bullshit, is that some kind of Justitka will teach me how to raise my daughter? And the experience of my parents and grandparents in the furnace ??? But huh hu not ho ho?
  12. Vanek
    Vanek 5 February 2013 10: 13
    Here read.

    The famous singer and showman Philip Kirkorov admitted that he is very worried about his children, and that is why he is forced to leave them at home. Philip is upset that he rarely sees his long-awaited son and daughter.

    The reason for the long separation of Philip with the children lies in the fact that the artist and his children are constantly harassed by crowds of paparazzi who try to photograph his kids at all costs, and even pose a danger to the Philippe family. The country residence of the pop king is guarded around the clock by people with telephoto lenses who hope to see Kirkorov’s children at least briefly to take a few shots.

    The singer admitted that only for this reason he was forced to go to Miami alone, although tickets were reserved for the whole family. Children stayed with Aunt Marie in Russia. The country residence of Kirkorov is well protected from outsiders, and only there, the worried father believes, his children will be safe.

    In America, Philip Kirkorov takes part in the filming of the third part of the romantic comedy "Love in the City", where the movie star Sharon Stone will take part with the already famous characters from the previous parts of the film.

    WHY (question to YU) CHILDREN WILL NOT BE TAKEN FROM HIM ????????????

    rarely sees their long-awaited son and daughter.

    ISN'T A REASON ?????????????? A child with his father, albeit an invalid, but with his father NEAR. And these are, in fact, a priori without a father.

    and even represent for the family of Philip danger

    ISN'T A REASON ????????????? Mom working fifty kilometers. , containing the husband of a disabled person and an imperfectly old child, where .... would be more dangerous.
    1. Philippov
      Philippov 5 February 2013 10: 40
      Mom working fifty kilometers. , containing the husband of a disabled person and an imperfectly old child, where .... would be more dangerous.

      Of course "more dangerous". Because. that the child will grow up and will understand what responsibility, care, tolerance are. And that will grow out of Kirkorov's children,
      I think it’s clear
  13. Kubatai
    Kubatai 5 February 2013 10: 31
    What is most interesting of juveniles is usually not interested in dysfunctional families (alcoholics and drug addicts are already destroyed), but mostly normal families, but experiencing any financial difficulties (this is the field for destroying the institution of the family).
  14. UV58
    UV58 5 February 2013 11: 14
    some kind of activation throughout the "civilized" world in the direction of the destruction of the family.
    homosexual laws, juvenile justice - all these are steps towards the destruction of the family.

    that's why this is done?

    maybe because the family is, to a large extent, a bulwark of morality. those. many moral values ​​are associated specifically with the family.

    as one Citizen of our Fatherland said: the next step after the adoption of same-sex marriages is the legalization of pedophilia.

    the man of the future is a man without morality.
    is that the goal?
    1. Aventurinka
      Aventurinka 5 February 2013 11: 38
      Quote: UV58
      the man of the future is a man without morality.

      In my opinion, a little bit wrong.
      The new "common man" should be without a homeland, nationality, gender, family, self-awareness and personal opinion. He should take care of delicious food, buy a new "very necessary" thing (without which there is no life at all), and speculate in the social. networks on some "very important" topic. This is the image of an ideal controlled common man.
      1. El13
        El13 5 February 2013 12: 57
        Exactly, such a kind of cash sheep ... It reminds the Matrix, only there they generated electricity ...
    2. Val_y
      Val_y 5 February 2013 12: 46
      One director of another asks:
      - why so dull?
      - I’ll shoot a movie, I think.
      - about what? (interested)
      - about love.
      - ah, he and he?
      - not.
      - she and she?
      - not.
      - he and the dog.
      - not.
      - But what about ?????
      - he and she.
      - a, chronicles (disappointed).

      This is what the gentlemen Jews want.
  15. Vanek
    Vanek 5 February 2013 11: 19
    Here I read it.

    Massachusetts court orders 12-year-old boy to find work
    A court in Massachusetts ordered a 12-year-old boy to find work. 280115.jpeg

    The Massachusetts court ordered the 12-year-old boy to find a job so that he could pay a thousand dollars to his neighbors, on the walls of which the young "artist" regularly honed his skills.

    At the time of the crime, the boy, who was identified as "Abram" according to court documents, was 11 years old. He was given a year to make up for the damage, but the bully did not meet this deadline, so the court appointed him a probationary period of four years and ordered him to get a job, UPI reports.

    The boy's lawyer Craig Bartholomew has already filed an appeal. "The state limits the list of vacancies that a 12-year-old child can fill. Children can be actors with the permission of their parents, they can work on a farm and, in theory, deliver newspapers. But today, children no longer deliver newspapers," Bartholomew explained.

    The court, however, after the decision was made, offered Abram several options. Judge William Mead noted that a bully can clean lawns of leaves, remove snow, work as a nanny, deliver purchases or hand over waste paper and plastic containers for recycling.

    AS?????? What does it mean? Him 12. Twelve years old!!!
    1. El13
      El13 5 February 2013 12: 59
      Quote: Vanek
      He is 12. Twelve years old !!!

      And he already has his own lawyer !!! fellow

      ... and can’t pay a thousand ...
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 5 February 2013 13: 02
      Quote: Vanek
      AS?????? What does it mean? Him 12. Twelve years old!!!

      The judges demonstrated "equal rights and responsibilities." But I do not see anything wrong with the fact that he was made to EARN this money. Will continue to assess the future consequences of their actions. And it doesn't take much time to distribute mail or remove leaves on one lawn in a couple of hours. Moreover, they do not spend as much time on study as ours. Labor education has always been beneficial if it did not turn into exploitation of minors. For some reason, everyone worked for Makarenko. And they studied at the same time, and managed to attend the circles, and then they almost completely provided themselves. And excellent specialists and people (in terms of their moral qualities) came out of his colonies
    DYMITRY 5 February 2013 11: 32
    This is the official website of the Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in the Sverdlovsk Region: Please see what they are doing in reality! Sounds like a campaign about juvenile fascists? In my opinion it absolutely does not look like! Pay particular attention to this tab:
    category & id = 32 & Itemid = 85 The official duties of people involved in this matter do not include patriotic education, but they do it at the behest of the soul! By the way, there are also materials from VO. Let's stop cutting everyone under one comb! I believe that specifically these people are engaged in a necessary and important business. There are concrete, very positive results. They really help people! But they are representatives of juvenile justice. Are they fascists too? Please answer people advocating for immediate executions.
    1. El13
      El13 5 February 2013 13: 01
      It’s easy ... among the Nazis who came to our land there were very good people who saved children from starvation, for example ...
      WE TALK ABOUT THE SYSTEM, and not about specific people and specific examples.
      1. George
        George 5 February 2013 20: 21
        Each system employs specific people.
        People who have no children can go there and therefore they hate the whole world, or people who care about the main thing are loot. Of course there are people who want to help,
        But in the end, all the Nazis had one end, both the bad and the good.
  17. Armavir
    Armavir 5 February 2013 12: 10
    The people, Juvenalka is a real evil, and just the other day I just signed up to collect the signatures of my parents against juvenile justice, in February there will be a forum for the organization with the transfer of signatures to the presidential secretariat for yesterday was almost 150t. signatures
    and how it all began - the son went to the 3rd grade and began to conduct interviews like who does what at home, and how do parents make them clean up, do the dishes, etc. .... the result should come to 28 families from our class representative of the police for family affairs for now rzhinuyu familiarization of how a child lives and what living conditions ... this is a scribe citizens ...

    I forgot to add that all December spent on extracurricular hours watered information that Parents do not have the right to even take a plate or put away toys or on the table ... it turned out very simply and by chance to my question why I didn’t clean up in my room it was my son who gave me all this)) it’s good that he was cured (for now) he just told his wife to give him something to eat in his dirty dishes if he didn’t wash himself, and took the phone saying that there wasn’t a word about the phones in that law yet + they talked that he could to be if they take him from us to the orphanage ...
    but honestly I was just shocked and at a loss how quickly and strongly they began to drive children into empty heads ....
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 5 February 2013 13: 07
      Quote: Armavir
      how quickly and strongly they began to drive children into empty heads ....

      naturally! it's so nice to tell parents "and you owe me, too"
      Juvenile is dangerous because she teaches children that everyone owes them everything! She does not say a word about responsibilities. they will grow up later and at the age of 18 there will be backbones, confused by the fact that in life it turns out that you have to do something yourself. They will continue to hope that the state will present everything to them on a silver platter. And of course, such "youth" will never express their indignation and will not try to ultimately change this state. But how! They will lose their benefactor! the feeder will be taken away! This is the goal - to bring up weak-willed, not adapted to anything drones.
      1. Armavir
        Armavir 5 February 2013 18: 13
        You all correctly say that my son went to workout today and went to work at me and handed over the beautiful brashyurka that he was given at school ... well, in general, I’m sedimented, everything is beautiful in it with pictures that parents must say and not a word about the duties of the child , studied by the whole team))) We came to the conclusion that a belt with a badge just needs to be given to those who wrote it, and who are actively promoting it ...
        Well, we agreed with the parents about an extraordinary meeting next week on these issues with the call of the principal and the head teacher of the school .... it’s clear that they are only executors, well, we'll see what and how
  18. Middle-brother
    Middle-brother 5 February 2013 12: 46
    E. Lakhova and associates

    Which of the Duma members voted on the bill on social patronage on September 25.

    “United Russia”: 236 no, no, no, one deputy abstained, one did not vote (the bill is marked as “priority” on the website of the United Russia faction).

    Communist Party: “against” - 88 deputies, did not vote 4.

    LDPR - 6 people are against, 50 did not vote.

    “Fair Russia”: 61 vote “yes”, 2 did not vote.
  19. lewerlin53rus
    lewerlin53rus 5 February 2013 12: 52
    Let me remind you that in my family I have three of my children and three adoptive children. So here. In our city, some of the most active adoptive mothers are organized into their own legally registered organization. And this is actively opposed by the guardianship authorities. They fill up foster parents with hundreds of worthless reports, certificates, require explanatory, etc. To the remark that children can begin to be returned to children at home, they replied that, like, okay .. And this is all because the cost of maintaining a child in an orphanage is 30 (thirty) times more expensive than in a foster family. Accordingly, the more children in shelters, the more money allocated from the budget and, accordingly, the more you can steal. That is why the guardianship authorities are absolutely not interested in increasing foster families and are doing everything to make more orphans.
    1. Volodin
      5 February 2013 13: 18
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      I have three children in my family and three adoptive

      Eugene, from me personally - deep respect!
    2. Uncle
      Uncle 5 February 2013 20: 38
      Quote: lewerlin53rus
      Let me remind you that in my family I have three of my children and three adoptive children.
      God help me to raise !!!
      1. lewerlin53rus
        lewerlin53rus 5 February 2013 22: 37
        Thank you very much! hi
  20. Averias
    Averias 5 February 2013 13: 25
    Quote from the article: "The goal is still seen as one: to fill the" beds "of orphanages, rehabilitation centers and other similar institutions in order to get additional funding and special status for them. Knock out from the same state budget."

    In the bullseye, more precisely, you will not say. In the same Finland (according to the Finns), the guardianship authorities are not profitable to provide assistance to poor families, since the state directly pays them benefits. But if you pick up the child and attach to another family (and do not care that they are drug addicts, alcoholics or sadists, there are such cases), then the custody authorities allocate money for the maintenance of this child allocated by the state. Here, as they say, and punishment in hand. By the way, the money that is allocated is not very small. It is disgusting to trade children and profit from them.
  21. Bort radist
    Bort radist 5 February 2013 13: 27
    I agree with everyone. There is not a single minus. How are they going to bring this shit to the law?
  22. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 5 February 2013 14: 38
    juvenile justice ... same-sex marriages .... yes, all these are signs of a European madhouse, we live in Russia, we don’t need their shit and their orders ...
  23. homosum20
    homosum20 5 February 2013 16: 24
    Any upbringing is a breaking of stereotypes of behavior. Any breaking involves the application of force (not necessarily physical). Breaking always causes protest and looks like violence. If society wants to raise children to whom parents will not pass on anything from their experience, worldview, lifestyle - then juvenile justice is the most. To educate the generation of Ivanes, who do not remember kinship. To educate a generation that is ready to start a civil war, to educate a generation for which material well-being is everything, and the balance of the soul is a bluff (as in the West). Russia is a country based on national memory. Unlike the United States, where scum from all over the world has gathered, who have nothing to pass on to children, who should rather forget the worthless criminal past of their country (juvenile justice helps this a lot), we need to keep our roots. Supporters of juvenile are much more dangerous not only bulk and daredevil, but also Islamic terrorists. They will finish the country faster.
  24. MrFYGY
    MrFYGY 5 February 2013 16: 35
    THIS, very clearly fits the plan of settling the country with migrants. In such circumstances, we simply die out.
  25. nav1513
    nav1513 5 February 2013 18: 37
    Family is the cell of society !!!!! Yu - one of the tools for its destruction !!!
    UY supporters to the wall !!!!!!!!
  26. Yasen Ping
    Yasen Ping 5 February 2013 19: 50
    It's cool, women do not want to give birth anyway, the consumer society doesn’t have money for maintenance and a cloudless life, etc. ........ I won’t give birth, I want to live cool, or women want to give birth for themselves, and then pick it up maybe so then why give birth ??????
    In general, then they won’t give birth ... Stsuki ..... and again stsuki .... those who create these laws under dictation by someone .. (we know by whom) .. They say that we are dying out, well so will die out, with Yu ... But there is an idea that the Russian man will find a way out, I already see him ...
  27. George
    George 5 February 2013 19: 59
    That's the whole story.
  28. kukuruzo
    kukuruzo 5 February 2013 20: 01
    With respect to the authorities, but the family is the most powerful pillar of the state and this pillar must develop on its own, I think you can’t allow the institution of the family to collapse due to ineffective management or some reforms ... you can’t interfere with families ... the state should certainly help, give apartments to young families, give jobs, benefits, kindergartens, schools, etc. Raise children and parents in different ways ... but not how not to invade families, you should look at European youth and the crisis of families. A lazy, uncontrollable generation of gays and lizbians .. Of course, any crisis will be terrible if you are not used to work and responsibility ... and this is because there is a law. How can you punish a child ... or that you should not he has nothing to refuse, etc. but how to raise children in permissiveness, looking at the child and seeing how he is morally decomposed before your eyes, and you can’t influence how
  29. Uncle
    Uncle 5 February 2013 20: 39
    The family is the mainstay of the state. Destroy the family - the state will collapse.
  30. Yuras222
    Yuras222 5 February 2013 20: 53
    Quote: Bort Radist
    I agree with everyone. There is not a single minus. How are they going to bring this shit to the law?

    Slowly, slowly, through propaganda, watch new cartoons, for example, or movies, any programs, often show happy children with moms and dads in them?
    And on these media products a whole generation will grow up, some 20 years from now, what attitude will the new, young society have to juvenile justice?
  31. 1goose3
    1goose3 5 February 2013 23: 46
    The adoption, God forbid, of juvenile justice entails the creation of a certain structure. The task of any structure is to justify its existence. How will the juvenile structure justify its existence? Of course the number of devastated families for any reason. In France, a child from a family was taken away with the motivation: For unacceptably strong love of parents for a child.
    "Juvenile justice" is not justice, it is rather a business, or rather a rotten business.
  32. dark_65
    dark_65 6 February 2013 08: 08
    I have a child of 14 years old, some Russian discovered Antarctica, Fenimore Cooper sailed there.
    Suez Canals and Panama ... where are they located.
    About history, literature .. and other sciences I am silent.
    Mom is silent (he is my stepson), I can’t touch, but I think it’s necessary to flog (not much).
    The motivation is that the computer is more interesting .... and what to do?
    1. w.ebdo.g
      w.ebdo.g 6 February 2013 12: 16
      dark_65, it is necessary to flog. checked - VALID!
      but this only concerns the boys. it is not recommended to apply to girls)))
  33. deep
    deep 6 February 2013 21: 26
    maybe it’s worth making the anthem of Yu (or even better the clip) something like this:

    Our goal is one -
    fill the orphanages,
    we have an incomplete orphanage
    And instead of conscience, the law

    Juvenile justice -
    it's a child’s police
    we will come to you, we’ll take away the child,
    we will save him from my mother’s love.

    We know better how they live,
    what to wear, what to say,
    Who to love, what to want
    What to dream and how to hurt.

    Juvenile justice -
    it's a child’s police
    we’ll come to you, we’ll take the kids,
    from daddy’s love we will save him.

    Is your son not friendly with the blue?
    or doesn't want to be dumb?
    or a cold, or diarrhea?
    Il came to denounce you?

    Juvenile justice -
    it's a child’s police
    we’ll come to you, we’ll take the kids,
    we will save him from your love.
  34. Firstvanguard
    Firstvanguard 13 February 2013 18: 39
    YU pursues one strategic goal, the reduction of the "surplus" population of the planet. That's all. Particulars are already tactical techniques. I am surprised by the abundance of naive people who doubt their "redundancy" fool
  35. Rus62
    Rus62 25 May 2017 11: 51
    Juvenile justice is a Western saboteur whose goal is the destruction of the institution of the family and the substitution of values. And therefore, the enemy must be destroyed!