The Netherlands is planning to send a frigate to the Red Sea “to protect shipping”

The Netherlands is planning to send a frigate to the Red Sea “to protect shipping”

A Royal frigate will be sent to the Red Sea fleet Netherlands Zr. Ms. Tromp. This was reported by the country's Ministry of Defense.

According to the Dutch military department, the frigate will have to participate in ensuring the safety of the passage of civilian ships through the Red Sea. It is known that the frigate Zr. Ms. Tromp is equipped with a variety of threat defense capabilities so it can protect ships from air attacks, including attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles.

In addition to the frigate Zr. Ms. Tromp, the command of the Dutch fleet can send the multifunctional ship Zr. to the Red Sea region. Ms. Karel Doorman. If it is sent, the ship will be on duty in the region from the end of April to the end of August 2024.

It is known that the Netherlands is participating in the multinational Operation Prosperity Guardian, the formal purpose of which is to ensure the safety of commercial shipping in the Red Sea and adjacent waters. In fact, under the cover of this operation, the United States and Great Britain are carrying out aggressive actions against Yemen, launching missile attacks from ships and aircraft against targets on its territory.

As for the safety of navigation, the situation became much more tense after Western countries began their naval operations. Now the Houthis are attacking ships related not only to Israel, but also to the United States, Great Britain and other states that supported the anti-Yemen coalition.
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      8 March 2024 18: 02
      The main thing is not victory, but... duty.
    2. +1
      8 March 2024 20: 28
      Dear Khmurny, maybe. Is it enough to mock the Russian language already?
  2. +1
    8 March 2024 17: 33
    The seven “nannies,” especially those like them, have nothing to do... so the Houthis are training on them.
    1. +1
      8 March 2024 18: 05
      Quote: rocket757
      the Houthis are training on them.
      The Dutch frigate is a good target for the Houthis. Will wait!
  3. +1
    8 March 2024 17: 34
    The Netherlands is planning to send a frigate to the Red Sea “to protect shipping”

    Collected or sent? There are plenty of stoners there...
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      8 March 2024 17: 57
      Quote: ROSS 42
      Collected or sent?

      We decided to send. They will be there to assemble a coalition fleet. At the same time, the Houthis will also shoot.
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    8 March 2024 17: 42
    The Netherlands is planning to send a frigate to the Red Sea “to protect shipping”

    The shoemakers have already prepared fireworks, with delivery...
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    8 March 2024 17: 46
    There just wasn’t enough Dutch homos there, and even with bags of dope behind them.
    1. +1
      8 March 2024 20: 30
      You were right about homosexuality! But the Houthis respect nonsense! belay
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    8 March 2024 17: 48
    “The Netherlands is going to send a frigate to the Red Sea “to protect shipping”” -
    Wow, there will be an embarrassment if the “defender” suddenly goes down in a fire.
  7. -4
    8 March 2024 17: 52
    Everything happens in a mirror - the twins will fall.
    We remember how it was with the USSR - wherever we went, there was war and devastation, then Afghanistan and after 12 years the USSR was gone. Now the Americans have been around for 30 years, wherever they go, there is war everywhere, and the result is that they stood up against Muslims on the side of the Jews. I remember they sent a bunch of Stingers against us, the rebels in Afghanistan. What are we going to supply to the Houthis to “tear apart” the Euro-American forces? One way or another, in 12 years it will be the same for the Americans as it was at the end of the Soviet Union. This is already from the point of view of knowledge - or more simply according to Nostradamus - “the twins will fall.” Well, how will our people help in destroying those who fight against Muslims? - everything happens in a mirror way. Even the situation today in the World is a reflection of the events described in the Mahabharata. The Suras “clashed” with the Asuras - but this is for those in the know, don’t pay attention.
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    8 March 2024 17: 52
    Where are these drug addicts going? tongue
  9. +2
    8 March 2024 18: 13
    All former maritime powers want to confirm their status as “kings of the seas,” but these are not the times...
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    8 March 2024 18: 31
    It would be nice to help the partisans in slippers. Throw some brahmos...
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    8 March 2024 18: 39
    Either they decided to test their frigate with shelling, or quietly load a large consignment of goods for domestic consumption.
  12. 0
    8 March 2024 20: 35
    “The stake has a lot” But I still feel sorry for the frigate...
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    8 March 2024 20: 50
    Well, that's it now... Victory!
    The Houthis will crap themselves and surrender.
    Great Holland sent one ship to war!
    Phantom pains of the 17th century still haunt them hi
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    8 March 2024 22: 43
    And it’s the drug addicts who are sending their frigate. Meanwhile, the Yankees withdrew their aircraft carrier from the Red Sea. Evil tongues claim that the Americans received information that the Houthis have hypersonic anti-ship missiles. And how could these missiles end up there? Only God knows. They got rid of themselves, and they are setting up fools from the Old World.
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    9 March 2024 12: 16
    Sinking a Dutch frigate in the Red Sea is simply a courtesy on the part of the Houthis. In what century did the Dutch fight? They just need combat experience.