American political scientist: Ukraine will lose regardless of whether the West supports Kyiv or not

American political scientist: Ukraine will lose regardless of whether the West supports Kyiv or not

According to American political scientist, Professor John Mearsheimer, in the end, Ukraine will inevitably lose in an armed conflict, regardless of whether the West continues to support Kyiv. This also concerns whether the US Congress will approve the allocation of another package of financial assistance in the amount of $60 billion to the Kyiv regime or not.

Mearsheimer also believes that Ukraine has already lost. To support his words, he cites the argument that currently Kiev has already lost more than 20 percent of its territories and, as demonstrated by the results of last year’s “counter-offensive” of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian army is not able to return the lost regions, which are most likely lost for Ukraine forever.

The American expert emphasized that the continuation of the armed conflict means for Ukraine the further loss of more and more territories. This is due to the fact that in a war of attrition, the balance of manpower, artillery and air power of the parties is decisive. Currently, this ratio is clearly not in favor of Kyiv and the imbalance is only increasing over time.

Mearsheimer summarized that the Western assistance provided to Kiev can only keep Ukraine afloat, without ensuring the ability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to win on the battlefield, and all statements about the impending war between Russia and NATO are nothing more than fiction, the purpose of which is to disseminate additional funding for the Kyiv regime .
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    2 March 2024 19: 12
    According to American political scientist, Professor John Mearsheimer, in the end, Ukraine will inevitably lose in an armed conflict

    Your opinion, American political scientist, is like peas against a wall for Ukrainians. Yes
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      2 March 2024 21: 40
      Quote: Clear
      Your opinion, American political scientist, is like peas against a wall for Ukrainians

      But you didn’t guess right, dear! Firstly, no one asks the opinion of Ukrainians. And secondly, Mearsheimer is a very serious political scientist and the West listens to him. In general, the article is gratifying, otherwise we are already tired of articles with reference to someone unknown.
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      2 March 2024 22: 05
      Your opinion, American political scientist, is like peas against a wall for Ukrainians.

      Unfortunately, yes... In general, the guy is very smart and has long warned about the consequences of NATO expansion to the East and the inclusion of Ukraine (with Crimea) in NATO structures, and he turned out to be completely right... Unfortunately, in the West today they listen more to inadequate politicians and political scientists ... In the West, spring aggravation has reigned for many years and it will not end... am
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    2 March 2024 19: 16
    How shoud I understand this? Preparing public opinion that assistance may not be provided if the outcome is the same? recourse
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      2 March 2024 19: 28
      Absolutely not. Help is not provided so that Ukraine can win. It’s just that at the beginning of the conflict the point of view of the democrats was united (which has not changed even now), but now the common opinion has cracked.
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        2 March 2024 19: 35
        There are too many nuances to say “absolutely no” or “absolutely yes.” Accordingly, there are many tolerances. And this gentleman political scientist, as far as we know, is one of the mouthpieces...
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          2 March 2024 19: 39
          John Mearsheimer is “neutral”, neither a Democrat nor a Republican.

          The founder of the theory of offensive realism (English: Offensive Realism), which argues that states are rarely satisfied with the level of influence on the world stage and are always trying to gain an advantage over others to achieve complete security.

          In his 1993 paper on Ukraine's nuclear status, he argued, in particular, that the nuclear arsenals of Ukraine and Germany could guarantee a more stable world peace because they would act as a deterrent in Europe. Ukraine's decision to give up its nuclear arsenal was, in his opinion, a mistake, as it increased the likelihood of aggression from Russia.

          In September 2014 he published an article “Why the Ukrainian crisis is the fault of the West. Liberal illusions that provoked Putin.” The article contained sharp criticism of American policy towards Russia after the end of the Cold War. Professor Mearsheimer argued that the main blame for the Ukrainian crisis lay with Western countries, and that Russia's intervention in Crimea and Ukraine was provoked by NATO's irresponsible strategic goals in Eastern Europe. He compared NATO's behavior to a hypothetical scenario of a Chinese military alliance in North America.

          Commenting on the war in Ukraine in 2022, he placed responsibility on the United States and the countries of the European Union, calling the 2008 summit in Bucharest the starting point - the expansion of NATO and the EU to the east (with the transformation of Ukraine into a pro-American liberal democracy), from Russia’s point of view, was an existential threat.

          He also sharply criticized the US war in Iraq and the settlement plan in the former Yugoslavia. His most famous work, co-authored with Stephen Walt, was the study "The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy", in which the authors argued that the overly powerful Israel lobby in the United States was directing the country's foreign policy against America's interests.
          1. -1
            2 March 2024 19: 49
            Igor, don’t you admit that his so-called neutrality (I would even say ostentatious) allows him to be a mouthpiece?
            By the way, if anything happens, it’s not me who is minus.
            1. 0
              2 March 2024 20: 29
              But whose mouthpiece? In the USA there are only 1,5 political party lines, which during the election period turn into 2. There are independents, but they themselves do not influence politics in any way, but they can be used by one or another line, as was the case in the Vietnamese, where both lines were hawks, but the line of stopping the Vietnamese company had used sincere humanists and pacifists. Now his position is consonant with Trump’s line, but he is more likely not a mouthpiece, but a “useful idiot,” i.e. Trump is least concerned about losing Ukraine.
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    2 March 2024 19: 23
    WOOOO! Someone started telling the truth. But will they hear him?
    1. +1
      2 March 2024 19: 31
      They always hear, but they will do it for their own pocket.
      After us, even a flood.
      It is believed that they will sit out overseas for 10 Aug.
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    2 March 2024 19: 34
    Well, the words of their political scientists are worth nothing at all, considering that even Macron’s statements have no value. But something else is curious. In Lithuania, the Ministry of Defense was forced to reassure the country's residents, declaring that there would be no war in the coming days. This was due to the fact that the ministry’s e-mail was inundated with letters from citizens of this Baltic country with questions about whether it was true that war would begin within the next month. And today the Chancellor of the Estonian Ministry of Defense said at a press conference that Estonia will support Ukraine even if no European country will support it... Is it funny?

    May be. But the point here is that the degree of pumping up the population of the states bordering Russia with military rhetoric is such that people are literally going crazy. Estonian militiamen from the Defense League (Defense Union) received the right to keep several thousand rounds of ammunition at home. Well, this news is several months old. But recently, Estonia adopted amendments to the law on army actions outside the country. In particular, it is stipulated that not only career military personnel, but also volunteer reservists and conscript volunteers can take part in external operations taking place outside Estonia. In a word, voluntary-compulsory missions... So they will go instead of billions of dollars.
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    2 March 2024 19: 45
    Congress doesn't agree yet. For example, congresswoman Anna Luna said that it would be more likely for pigs to start flying and Hell to freeze over than for me to give the go-ahead for the allocation of 60 lard in aid to Ukraine. She also said that whoever in our Congress and Senate is shouting the most is that if Ukraine loses, then we need to send our American soldiers there. Those who shout about this the loudest, let them start with themselves... their own example.
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    2 March 2024 19: 50
    Now the main task of the United States and the EU is to hand over the looted and destroyed ruins of independence to the Russian population that hates us. We definitely won’t survive such a Pyrrhic victory...
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    2 March 2024 20: 20
    There is no doubt about our victory...
    Talking about the price that you have to pay... YOU HAVE TO, because no one has ever succeeded otherwise.
    1. +1
      3 March 2024 08: 57
      What if they “haven’t started yet”?
      We still need to grow to the level of Western brains.
      For example, Yeltsin and Putin sincerely believed that “friends Schroeder, Kohl and Bush” would accept the Russian elite into the Western bourgeoisie. And Putin at one time hoped for the Minsk agreements.

      And Zelensky is only now slowly beginning to realize that the West never wanted to make Ukraine the first military power in Europe in order to defeat Russia.....
      1. 0
        3 March 2024 10: 09
        It dawned on the greengrocer that he would have to save his skin himself...
  8. +2
    2 March 2024 21: 04
    In America there are not fools, but smart Jews who convert everything into money. In this poker game, they decided not to stop at winning in the form of the completed colonization of Ukraine, but with the help of this acquisition to try to increase the winnings in the gambling game and, with the help of Ukraine, they decided to enslave Russia as well in order to freely use all its resources. But then the greed of the fraer ruined him. Russia did not fall at their feet. And what’s more, they are now definitely losing Ukraine too.
    And now on the scales, on the one hand, there are further costs for continuing the Ukrainian war, so that it at least comes to a draw, and thus maintain control over Ukraine. On the other hand, the benefit from control over Ukraine’s resources plus the opportunity in the future to put pressure on Russia from its territory.
    Based on the developments in the situation in Congress, it appears that further spending on Ukraine is unprofitable. In order not to lose face they will help, but purely symbolically. That’s why such publications began to appear. Otherwise, no one would have missed this in the American media.
  9. +2
    2 March 2024 21: 31
    I’ll note again that this war was started to the last Ukrainian solely and only in order to weaken Russia before the NATO invasion and they don’t even hide it
  10. +1
    3 March 2024 00: 51
    Attempts to distract the world from the global financial crisis.
    I'm lost - where is the magnificent victory of the Jews over Palestine?
    Where are the PRC dances around Taiwan?
    Where is the bloody UN with his missiles?
    Where is democratic Argentina with its economic ass?
    Where is the grain crisis in Africa?
    Where are the covids and ebolas?
    Where is the crisis with millions of migrants in Europe and the USA, where is the Texas branch?
    I think that if you look well and carefully at the world news, then only ours won’t stop talking about 404, the rest have long pushed this topic into a corner. Part of Europe, especially the eastern one, is still straining its buns and hissing towards Russia, but, by and large, dill have already been written off. There is no blitzkrieg, no counter-offensive, the “cyborgs” have long since ended, Ze is robbing his country, suppressing the opposition and oligarchs. The “Independent Ukraine” project is being closed, but they are starting to rock “Free Armenia”, “Occupied Transnistria”, “irritating Kaliningrad ".
    404 is deflated and it only takes time to press it down. And this cannot be stopped.
  11. +2
    3 March 2024 02: 17
    You don’t have to be a “political scientist” to understand that Amer’s Judeo-Jews make money, and who dies and suffers is not important to them.
  12. +1
    3 March 2024 05: 56
    The political scientist is right, but others just can’t understand this.
  13. 0
    3 March 2024 09: 18
    Currently, this ratio is clearly not in favor of Kyiv

    Yes, not even two years have passed since the Northern Military District saw that Russia is larger than Ukraine, and has a larger human reserve, and a lot of weapons..