Russian aviation attacks units and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in areas bordering the Russian Federation

Russian aviation attacks units and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in areas bordering the Russian Federation

Apparently, in response to regular shelling by the Ukrainian military of Russian border settlements and civilian infrastructure, as well as to suppress such enemy actions, the Russian aviation and artillery deliver crushing blows to units and equipment of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the regions of Ukraine bordering the Russian Federation. It is from there that attacks are usually carried out.

Thus, in the Kharkov region, aviation from the Zapad group of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a temporary enemy accommodation point and hangars where equipment was stored.

In Korchakovka, Sumy region, which is only nine kilometers from the Russian border, our artillerymen hit an enemy 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery mount. For this purpose, the Krasnopol high-precision projectile was used.

Even today, our pilots “covered” the location of the selected unit of the Special Operations Forces (SSO) of Ukraine in the Sumy region, which was located not far from the state border of the Russian Federation - in Glukhov. The fact of this strike and the death of the special forces soldiers is also confirmed by the Ukrainian media.

Among the dead saboteurs was Nazar Sokolovsky, previously a deputy of the village council from the Ternopil region (Western Ukraine).

It is believed that the most trained fighters serve in the Ukrainian MTR. Most of them were trained by instructors from the United States and other Western countries. In fact, they are all members of a CIA branch.
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  1. +1
    2 March 2024 18: 50
    The special military operation, announced by the Russian President in February 2022, continues for the third year.
    It was necessary to take Kyiv when it was possible, and not to travel around Turkey during negotiations with gestures of goodwill and subsequent retreats.
    This has never happened before, and here we are again - we were deceived.
    1. GGV
      2 March 2024 19: 07
      At that time, it was impossible to take Kyiv with those forces. They left there because the quantity (about 50 thousand), even the rear, was difficult to control.
      1. +11
        2 March 2024 19: 30
        Who should answer for the erroneous plan for a small victorious war “Kyiv in three days” imposed on the General Staff? For the shame, humiliation and loss of the most combat-ready special assault units of the Ministry of Defense and the Russian Guard in the first month? For abandoned soldiers in a Kharkov school, whom the Ukrainian Armed Forces destroyed with direct fire from tanks? For trying to enter the largest cities of Ukraine like a hussar without proper long-term preparation?
        1. +5
          2 March 2024 19: 36
          Well, you yourself understand that no one will answer for this. Who is our Supreme Commander-in-Chief and Minister of Defense???
        2. +5
          2 March 2024 20: 07
          Of course, Kyiv would hardly have been taken by those forces. But they could have taken Kharkov if they had gone in with a division, and then the bargaining would have been more serious. But, finally, the Istanbul Peace Plan is known, from which it follows that all that Crimea goes to Russia is all!!! Even Donbass remained under negotiations. What is the Russian world? The deal was beneficial to Kyiv! And Russia was not going to fight. So, lightly, lightly shoot and that’s it. But the English spy Zeliba decided to fight. It was the idea of ​​our adventurers that came to fruition. Now there is a war with tens of thousands of dead, and if tactical nuclear weapons are not deployed, then there will be hundreds of thousands of dead, both ours and those of Ukrainians.
          1. 0
            3 March 2024 10: 52
            And that Zelya alone is fighting, and the rest are playing at lightning
          2. +3
            3 March 2024 12: 54
            Quote: Alexey Lantukh
            But they could have taken Kharkov if they had gone in with a division, and then the bargaining would have been more serious.

            What would you know? The population of Leningrad on September 1, 1941 was 2 people. The Germans had 457 men under him. And a damn lot of technology. And Finns from the north. And the Germans DID NOT DECIDE to take the city by storm. They set up a blockade. Do you know why? Because the assault on Kyiv, where approximately 606 thousand lived in 730, cost the Wehrmacht, even according to its very crafty statistics, 000 thousand losses. The ENTIRE French company, the entire defeat of France cost the Wehrmacht 1941 dead, 950 wounded, 128 missing + 27 Luftwaffe losses. Destruction country and the assault on ONE million-plus city. And Stalingrad cost the Germans one and a half million losses. And this city was less than half a million people. It was not for nothing that the Germans in France tried to bypass large cities, surround them and force the garrisons to surrender. And not to storm.
            And I don’t even want to talk about what the storming of Grozny in 1994 turned into. And the town was generally small compared to Kharkov.

            I can continue to give you statistics on losses in the assault on major cities during WW2.
            But I can give examples of other “assaults” that cost the attackers much “cheaper”. Do you know why? Because the city was previously demolished to hell by artillery and missile and bomb attacks during multi-day shelling, regardless of the lives of the civilian population.

            So think for yourself what an assault on Kharkov with one division would have been like. Officially, 1,1 million people live there and a dozen engineering enterprises operate there. I think Grozny 1994 would seem like a picnic with fireworks displays. If you are expecting a meeting with flowers, I'm afraid you are STRONGLY mistaken. Since 2014, Kharkov has turned into a fetid hotbed of Banderaism and Russophobia. All of Ukraine has been saturated with contempt and hatred for us since the times of the USSR, and Kharkov has been sanded down and cleaned VERY thoroughly. I think so. I can (and really want to!) be wrong.

            The same applies to the hypothetical assault on Kyiv.
            1. -1
              3 March 2024 21: 28
              So think for yourself what an assault on Kharkov with one division would have been like. Officially, 1,1 million people live there and a dozen engineering enterprises operate there.

              Well, firstly, not just one division, but plus one division. Secondly, there were no significant Ukrainian Armed Forces troops in Kharkov. But civilians don’t fight. Thirdly, our troops did not enter the city but went around it from the east and went to Izyum. As for Leningrad, our troops stopped the Wehrmacht, and Hitler gave the order to blockade the city and starve it to death.
            2. -1
              7 March 2024 11: 06
              and not only Kharkov. Therefore, the destruction of air defense and carpet bombing of everything that moves. They announced - let those who want to leave, and the rest will go to dust. Then sow the fields with hemp. You'll get great hemp.
      2. +5
        2 March 2024 19: 36
        Knowing that they couldn’t take Kyiv, why was a landing there needed? Take Kharkov with Tigers and Bekhs, instead of taking Nikolaev and Odessa, Odessa to break through corridors to Transnistria. In two years, take Avdeevka, 15 km from Donetsk.
        1. +3
          2 March 2024 20: 53
          Quote from Deon59
          why was the landing there needed?

          The question is on everyone's tongue, but now is not the time to ask it. And no one plans to answer it.
          But when all this is over, I would like to hear the answer to it at least from the lips of the minister. What was the original plan?
          But of course, this is also unlikely, because then the next question will be: “Who is to blame for all this?”
          As always, Americans? soldier
          Clear. I have no more questions. hi
          1. +2
            2 March 2024 21: 36
            When it’s all over, the answer will not only be unnecessary (“winners are not judged”), but also of little use: landings, regroupings, relying on negotiations - this is not the result of random, but of systemic errors, which you need to try to correct immediately, and not wait for “everything to work itself out.” Therefore, the answer to the question posed, although late, is still relevant. Another thing is that the answer to this question should first of all be received not by the readers of VO, but by the quite competent state security agencies. After which, appropriate personnel decisions must be made, because “personnel decide everything,” and organizational ones, because “order beats class”... On the third hand, if such decisions are not visible, this does not mean that they do not exist: “game "continues, and now it is logical to preserve the illusion of the enemy that no correct conclusions were drawn... But then it’s pure conspiracy theory laughing
        2. +3
          3 March 2024 00: 48
          Knowing that they couldn’t take Kyiv, why was a landing there needed?

          Well, objectively, the landing near Kyiv and the attack on it were, firstly, a huge moral blow for Ukraine. And it made us feel clearly that the war is not “shooting separatists somewhere in Donbass.”
          In addition, he diverted significant enemy forces to himself. They, of course, first of all defended Kyiv. This made it possible to attack in other directions; it would be very desirable to envelop and cut off the entire Donetsk group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces... but of course there was no strength for this. No one planned to fight seriously.
          In addition, a huge number of people left Kyiv, and not only Kyiv, which provoked a real transport collapse in Ukraine in the first month or two of the war, which of course made military logistics difficult too.

          There were benefits from the attack on Kyiv. Another thing is that they were unable to realize the benefits obtained from this. And the offensive itself turned out to be ineffective.
          1. +1
            3 March 2024 08: 49
            The offensive took place where the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not present. Then they let the Ukrainians come to their senses and everything started going in the opposite direction.
            1. 0
              3 March 2024 10: 05
              The offensive took place where the Ukrainian Armed Forces were not present

              which is very correct. What is bad is that there was no consolidation where the offensive was, and that they could not build any reasonable general plan from this..
              1. 0
                3 March 2024 10: 51
                This is how the North Military District began for the liberation of the DPR and LPR, Avdeevka how many kilometers from Donetsk, Chasov Yar how many kilometers from Artemovsk
                1. 0
                  3 March 2024 16: 44
                  This is how the SVO began for the liberation of the DPR and LPR

                  I beg you, who needs these HP? They themselves are just a suitcase without a handle. Didn’t you hear the president’s address where he explained about the goals of the Northern Military District? Where are these HP and in what place?
        3. +3
          3 March 2024 13: 11
          Quote from Deon59
          Knowing that they couldn’t take Kyiv, why was a landing there needed?

          Action of intimidation. In fact, the entire SVO began as an act of intimidation. They demonstrated strength and hoped that the galloping government would piss off... and agree to the terms of the negotiations. Something like the war of 888. Then, too, only a march on Tbilisi was enough for Saakashvili to piss off... and accept the terms of the ultimatum.
          And, by the way, they were not mistaken. It has now been announced on both sides that in Istanbul the Skakls accepted the terms of the ultimatum.

          The mistake was not in the jumps. We made a mistake in our foreign policy reaction. They didn’t calculate the “Johnson factor”. Well, the degree of imbecility of the Ze-team. Human stupidity is a fact that is impossible to predict. Who knew that the Clown would only need promises from the Jester and the phrase “let’s just fight” for the eternal jumping “out of spite mos ka lam” in him to strengthen to the state of “I’ll hit myself against the wall.” Who could have imagined that he was so crazy that instead of resection of the rebellious regions, he would actually decide to enter into a full-fledged war with Russia, relying on supplies from abroad and a hastily assembled army of conscripts, and even trained according to “NATO standards”, which was born did not wage war against a technically equal enemy.
          1. 0
            3 March 2024 15: 24
            Well, actually, predicting human behavior is not such a difficult task. There are a whole bunch of different cognitive sciences for this. It just seems that before making the decision, such a task was not posed at all and was not considered. And this is sadness...
            1. 0
              3 March 2024 16: 51
              Quote: BMP-2
              Well, actually, predicting human behavior is not such a difficult task. There are a whole bunch of different cognitive sciences for this. It just seems that before making the decision, such a task was not posed at all and was not considered. And this is sadness...

              There are no “all kinds of cognitive sciences” capable of predicting behavior specific person. Sciences predict the behavior of the AVERAGE individual, and exclusively within the framework of his intrinsic motivation. You can never predict external factors. And the degree of their impact on the situation. The US-European madness is too external a phenomenon to be predicted. Tell me, what does France, for example, care about the situation near Donetsk? No logic can explain why Macron would expose his country to the danger of a thermonuclear war with Russia. Or why would Scholz discredit his military industry by sending tanks against the strongest anti-tank defense of the Russian army.
              And what was actually predicted from a scientific point of view was predicted quite accurately. The Z-team actually came to Istanbul and agreed to the terms of the ultimatum. So everything was calculated correctly.

              Who knew that the states decided to devour Europe right now.
              1. +1
                3 March 2024 19: 13
                The “average” individual is rather a subject of study for sociology and marketing. But behavioral economics, neuroeconomics, profiling, ... - the average individual is of little interest: there, just the opposite, it is important to understand and predict the behavior of a particular individual. And, you are right, behavior is the result of the interaction of internal factors and external conditions. The paradox is that in reality there are not so many possible options for combining them, as evidenced by Vladimir Lefebvre’s “Reflection” created half a century ago, which essentially formed the basis of the US “controlled chaos” technologies. Today this is just the tip of the iceberg.
                In general, to think that an opponent’s actions can only be explained by his mental illness is only evidence of an unwillingness to look for the true reasons for his behavior. But to defeat him you need just the opposite... By the way, just like for treatment.
          2. 0
            4 March 2024 19: 42
            Well, this is closer to the truth. Otherwise they are carrying who knows what. It’s a pity that the adventurous plan didn’t work and the WEST, roughly speaking, abandoned both Putin and Zelya. I just listened to Skabeeva’s show on Channel 2. They discussed, and seriously, a nuclear strike on Ukraine. If for a year they almost spat when remembering a nuclear strike, now they spoke normally. My forecast: if the Russian Armed Forces do not achieve significant successes by the fall, then a nuclear strike is almost guaranteed. There is simply no other way.
            1. 0
              6 March 2024 21: 44
              Unfortunately, there is a very serious tragedy in this...

              That is, what at least a year and a half ago they were talking about (warning) under the spitting, slippers and ridicule of official high-powered officials, official Kremlin “experts” and others - propaganda trash and evil spirits, crowded and grunting at the state feeding trough... - JUST REASONABLE and completely sober-minded citizens of the Russian Federation, namely, about the inevitable emergence of a high degree of probability of the use of nuclear weapons in the theater of operations of the North Caucasus..., now, AS WELL AS NOTHING HAD HAPPENED, IN THE BLUE EYE
              (Translation: staring shamelessly) and from the high stands of the media I solemnly broadcast and discuss various “high” - “bledy” and gentlemen (dumplings).”
              This is tragic. This speaks of degradation. Degradation of STATE THINKING...
              We do not have in the high echelons of power - truly LARGE figures (Dignitaries; Nobles, if you like.) possessing a HIGH MODERN LEVEL AND ABILITIES of this state thinking...
              But the enemy has it.

              About secret agents, agents of Western influence, with which bureaucratic structures are saturated - we will generally remain silent for now.
        4. 0
          3 March 2024 22: 08
          There was information that components for a “dirty bomb” were seized at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant
    2. 0
      6 March 2024 14: 29
      It was necessary to take Kyiv when it was possible...
      Are you sure it was possible? Then, near Kiev, we clearly began to stall, because our forces were not even enough to encircle him. So don't get excited...
    3. +1
      6 March 2024 17: 20
      So I watch how our people burn Western “victorious” equipment and remember how once at VO they foamed at the mouth to prove to me that Western technology was cooler and ours were no match for them. laughing
  2. +9
    2 March 2024 18: 51
    May God bless our pilots! So that everyone returns alive from missions, so that enemy missiles always pass by you.

    For you!
    Glory to Russia!
  3. 0
    2 March 2024 18: 55
    I may seem overly bloodthirsty, but isn’t it time to use personnel divisions and brigades, staffed by conscription, at least in these secondary sectors? Give them a couple of battalions of contract soldiers and volunteers, and move this guy away from the border. The conscripts also took the Oath, but here there is a direct threat to our cities and us. points.
    1. 0
      6 March 2024 14: 31
      No, it's not time. Exposing conscripts to bullets is a political issue. The people won't understand.
      1. 0
        6 March 2024 19: 01
        We fought in Afghanistan, we fought in Chechnya, but here the people won’t understand. The people have long been in apogee from this whole SVO.
  4. +1
    2 March 2024 19: 08
    What are Ukrainians doing in “regions bordering the Russian Federation”?
    1. +5
      2 March 2024 19: 21
      Let me expand the question a little: what (what) are Ukrainians doing on the territory of Ukraine?
      1. +5
        2 March 2024 21: 15
        This is precisely the problem: they are not doing anything good there...
    2. -1
      2 March 2024 19: 24
      And, indeed, let them hang out in Poland, for example, or wherever they go. Otherwise we’ll write them all a ticket to the underworld ahead of time. am
  5. +1
    3 March 2024 00: 03
    You can also bomb the kuev
    And then they clearly relaxed there
  6. +2
    3 March 2024 10: 53
    If you're going to fight, you don't need to slap him. You need to gather your fist, hit harder, and when the enemy is defeated, then talk. These are not spillikins, this is all very serious.
    1. +1
      3 March 2024 13: 22
      Have you seen the border between Ukraine and Russia? 1200 kilometers. Where should I wave my fist? Also, ask what the liberation of Ukraine cost in 1944. There, the battle for the Dnieper alone cost almost half a million killed and wounded. And then there was the liberation of the Right Bank and it cost almost another million. Yes, now there is no Wehrmacht of 1943 there. But Russia also does not have the task of expelling the enemy from there at ANY COST. Because any historian of the Soviet Union will tell you that the losses from the Second World War broke the USSR and became the actual cause of stagnation and future stagnation and collapse.
  7. +2
    4 March 2024 11: 37
    Wow! The generals in the General Staff were born. Two years of pregnancy and here you go! Now, probably, the new plan will be to get pregnant. For example, how to cut off the Banderlogs from the supply routes of Western weapons. And they will hatch this plan for another two years. This is what they can do!