“The future of helicopters is unclear”: the Argentine Air Force denied reports of the transfer of the Mi-171E to Ukraine

“The future of helicopters is unclear”: the Argentine Air Force denied reports of the transfer of the Mi-171E to Ukraine

The British edition of the Financial Times recently reported that Argentine President Javier Miley handed over two Mi-17 helicopters to Ukraine. However, the country's Air Force denied this information:

A decision on this matter has not yet been made, as it must be reviewed by the relevant authorities.

As indicated in the Argentine publication Zona Militar, the “dances” around the Mi-171E of the country’s air force were initiated by the United States in order to negotiate with Latin American countries on the transfer of materiel of Soviet or Russian origin to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, this project did not find support in the region, not counting Ecuador, but it also eventually refused these supplies under pressure from Moscow’s “banana diplomacy.”

It is noted that Argentina has the only product of interest to Washington - the Mi-171E. Two helicopters of this model have been taken out of service and are awaiting repair.

At the same time, the country's Air Force was forced to terminate the contract concluded with the Russian company Technopromexport for the maintenance and repair of the Mi-171E, since the funds allocated for restoring the readiness of one of the machines ($5,4 million) were blocked by Western authorities due to sanctions , introduced against the Russian Federation.

The future of helicopters is uncertain. Both helicopters are awaiting a solution that will allow them to return to service, either continuing to serve in the Argentine Air Force or being transferred to a new user.

- says the publication.
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    2 March 2024 16: 26
    The Argentine "Termintor" is at a crossroads to whom to sell. Who will give more money for the "Dead Cow" - this is the name of the shale oil and gas field in Spanish. lol
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    2 March 2024 16: 50
    The problem of payment sounds so funny in our age with a natural product or electronic money or national money and then something is bought for them on the Argentine market, the will of the Argentine government alone and not the problem, you can always find a way out
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    3 March 2024 23: 44
    In general, the Argentinean freak cheated the greenwasher. A completely logical result.