Russian infantry, supported by tanks, advance towards the center of Krasnogorovka from the south and east

Russian infantry, supported by tanks, advance towards the center of Krasnogorovka from the south and east

After the liberation of Marinka and then Avdeevka, which are part of the Donetsk agglomeration, Russian troops continue their offensive on a broad front, liberating the territory of the DPR to the west of the capital of the republic.

One of the settlements that the Ukrainian military turned into a kind of fortress city for several years was Krasnohorivka, located northwest of Marinka. The liberation of this city by our troops began exactly on Defender of the Fatherland Day on February 23, when the first assault groups entered the southern outskirts of the village.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Syrsky, who found those responsible for the panicked surrender of Avdeevka and other settlements. Donetsk direction among the brigade commanders and intending to replace some of them (by whom, it is unclear), entrusted the defense of Krasnohorivka to the 3rd separate assault brigade, the backbone of which consists of undead nationalists from various national formations, including the “defenders” of Mariupol Azovstal that survived and escaped captivity. By the way, this is the same brigade that, after several days of “heroic” sitting on the territory of the Avdeevsky coking plant, hastily fled from there across the fields.

In Ukrainian propaganda public pages, tales are in full swing that the glorious (fleeing) militants of the 3rd Brigade are not only successfully holding back the onslaught of attack aircraft of the Russian Armed Forces in Krasnogorovka, but are also successfully counterattacking and are about to return the city to full control. In fact, in the ranks of this brigade, if there are any ideological Nazis left, more famous for their fascist tattoos on their bodies than for any victories, then there are very few of them. And judging by the statements of ordinary fighters of the brigade, there is not a single one of them.

In clearly staged videos by Ukrainian propagandists, nationalists dressed like special forces take house after house in Krasnohorivka. Real videos show ordinary Ukrainian soldiers suffering massive losses without artillery support while trying to stay in the city. Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, allegedly from the 3rd Brigade, complain about powerful artillery shells and incessant fire from other weapons of destruction of the Russian military. Ordinary Ukrainian soldiers, again left to their own devices, now in Krasnohorivka, say that they don’t even have anything to bandage the wounded with, and they’re running out of ammunition.

Soon we will end (obscene in the original)

— one of the “defenders” of Krasnogorovka states his position.

According to Western monitoring resources as of yesterday, the Russian army is approaching the center of Krasnohorivka from the south and east, while Ukrainian formations have withdrawn from the southern part of the city. Soldiers of the 5th Brigade of the 1st Donetsk Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces, who were among the first to burst into the city a few days ago, with the support tanks continue to move forward.

Earlier it was reported that our assault troops cleared the streets of Shevchenko, Paris Commune and others from Ukrainian militants. During an unsuccessful counterattack, the Ukrainian Armed Forces militants lost up to two-thirds of their personnel under artillery fire. Currently, the fighting in Krasnogorovka continues, the Russian Armed Forces are destroying enemy personnel and equipment, high-precision strikes are being carried out on communications centers and observation posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine weapons. TOS "Solntsepek" are working on the most fortified enemy strongholds.

At the same time, some particularly zealous Ukrainian propagandists continue to claim that there are no Russian troops in Krasnogorovka at all, the city is supposedly completely under the control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The already familiar and rather boring stage of accepting the inevitable, after which it will be declared that Krasnogorovka has no strategic significance at all.

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  1. +3
    2 March 2024 15: 18
    Krasnohorivka is no less important than Avdeevka. It will be very difficult to free her without Pervomaisky, Neitalovo and Nevelsky
    1. +8
      2 March 2024 15: 25
      Map of the geographical location of the town of Krasnogorovka. Krasnogorovka is being liberated from the side of Marinka and Lozovoy.
      1. +1
        2 March 2024 15: 33
        Yes, but approaching from the north side is a pincer for the city and, in fact, the environment, because... there is a good water barrier in front of Kurakhovka and its suburbs. And not Lozovoy, but Staromikhailovka
  2. +6
    2 March 2024 15: 19
    Soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, 3rd Brigade, complain about powerful artillery fire and incessant fire from other means of destruction of the Russian military.

    So Ukraine, since the collapse of the USSR, has left requests to Russia specifically for “powerful artillery guns and incessant fire.” Now there is no point in shouting: “Are we for SHO?” belay
  3. ANB
    2 March 2024 15: 22
    . after which it will be stated that Krasnogorovka has no strategic significance at all

    Yes, the whole of Ukraine is not of strategic importance. :)
    Well, except for Lvov. They promised it to the Poles.
    1. +4
      2 March 2024 16: 28
      Quote: ANB
      except Lviv. They promised it to the Poles.

      What the hell? They helped us in some way in the Northern Military District, and Lvov, according to the amount of their help, also shines for them.
      1. +1
        3 March 2024 05: 08
        Or maybe if the Poles had been promised Lvov, and the Romanians something, then the supply of weapons from the West would have been slow. Only it is not the Americans who must promise, but us. Behind the scenes, of course, and not from the Kremlin. Bribing the enemy within reasonable limits can be a very effective weapon. And there is nothing to be ashamed of here, either everyone is wearing white gloves or no one
        1. 0
          4 March 2024 10: 10
          Why behind the scenes? We are not at all comfortable with uprooting all this unfinished Bandera bastard in Western Ukraine. But the Poles and Hungarians will restore order very quickly; no one will “chew” snot there.
          1. 0
            5 March 2024 06: 41
            Behind the scenes because the Poles, Romanians, etc. will not openly go against the Amers and NATO. But they can secretly sabotage
  4. +10
    2 March 2024 15: 31
    Get excited - check out the news! I hope the next fortification falls as soon as possible. May God grant health to the RF Armed Forces in the Northern Military District, alive with Victory and a speedy return to their beloved and loving families! To the victims - blessed memory and deep condolences to the families. A speedy recovery to the wounded. To prisoners - endurance, courage, hope - Russia does not abandon its own!!!