Slovak Foreign Minister: Not a single Slovak soldier, not a single Slovak officer will be sent to Ukraine

Slovak Foreign Minister: Not a single Slovak soldier, not a single Slovak officer will be sent to Ukraine

European officials in different countries continue to express their opinions on Macron’s initiative to send military personnel to Ukraine. In France itself, Foreign Minister Sejournet, we recall, said the day before that “the French military will not die in Ukraine,” and then statements appeared that the government was considering options for sending special and other units to Ukrainian territory.

Meanwhile, the Slovak authorities are making it clear that they do not intend to sign up for Macron’s initiative.

The head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry, Juraj Blanar, while at a forum of diplomats in Turkey, noted that Bratislava’s position is clear and that it has already been expressed by Prime Minister Robert Fico. It consists in the fact that not a single Slovak soldier will be sent to the territory of Ukraine.

Not a single soldier of ours, not a single one of our officers will be sent (to Ukraine).

Juraj Blanar emphasized that such a dispatch could only aggravate an already complex conflict.

Head of the Slovak Foreign Ministry:

We don't want this.

It is known that Juraj Blanar held negotiations with Sergei Lavrov in Turkey, during which issues of toughening the rhetoric of individual heads of EU countries towards Russia were discussed.

Meanwhile, a survey was conducted in France, the results of which revealed that almost 69% of respondents were against sending the French military to Ukraine. But when the opinion of the people stopped the US satellites...
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  1. +1
    2 March 2024 14: 50
    The Slovaks have already found themselves on our territory... Mostly as prisoners...
    1. +1
      2 March 2024 14: 54
      The Slovaks have already found themselves on our territory... Mostly as prisoners...

      Yes, almost all Europeans visited Russia in this capacity, but apparently they missed big adventures on their ass... Well, “WELCOME !!!” am
    2. +3
      2 March 2024 15: 05
      Quote from: dmi.pris1
      Mostly as prisoners...
      Well, in the role of dead people too wink
    3. -1
      2 March 2024 17: 48
      Yes, they were already here “loosening the division” in the Crimea, they didn’t finish it off, it’s a pity
  2. +4
    2 March 2024 14: 51
    This is a wise decision. The French buffoon is seeking fame as France's military reputation after World War II has fallen to the level of Italy. President Putin also hit him in the liver by pulling France out of Africa.
  3. YOU
    2 March 2024 14: 57
    I do not know. They understand that they don’t need it. But because of a puddle, they will make an offer you can’t refuse, and then we’ll see.
  4. HAM
    2 March 2024 14: 59
    The more they say that this will not happen, the less faith they have.....we swam, we know....
  5. -3
    2 March 2024 15: 05
    Yes, it seems like they are sending their people. And now it remains to resolve the issue with the ratio and weapons.
  6. +1
    2 March 2024 15: 07
    Not a single soldier of ours, not a single one of our officers will be sent (to Ukraine).

    Sprinkle as much gasoline on the fire as you like. Themselves as firewood - nothing!
  7. -1
    2 March 2024 15: 12
    they say one thing to another, but what in the end will not be clear)) the circus with horses goes on!
  8. +2
    2 March 2024 15: 14
    This is just my position.

    If the sending of military personnel to Ukraine is approved, preventive strikes should be developed and announced against areas where personnel of aggressive countries gather.

    And also to allow the recruitment of citizens of foreign countries, these are the DPRK, Iran, Syria and everyone.

    Such a coalition of countries that suffered from NATO, the USA, England and others.
  9. +2
    2 March 2024 16: 02
    We'll hurt ourselves, we'll gladly believe it, but we'll check! I have to say: the whole point is that so many songs have already been sung from the talking-singing heads of NATO - no - no, statements, I swear on my mother and teeth that NATO troops, as well as all sorts of people who came in large numbers from the Americas, are gay - European, petty - Britain, Israel and others
    not once, not a single person participates in 404 against the RF Armed Forces in the Northern Military District.
    And the offended liverwurst even swore by his SS Gruppenführer grandfather, in the end we have what we have, not counting the killed career NATO officers at the nearby Lvov training ground, in Kharkov,
    and many more places, after the Victory we will identify everyone by name! Once again the madmen are rushing into battle with companies without mustaches. To find out the pain of insight,
    Don't fight the Russians!!!
  10. +1
    2 March 2024 16: 05
    Ano, i Slovensko se bojí, že bude jako první cílem Ruských atomových zbraní, asi ta první bude varovná. V Česku je debata, že budeme my jako první zasaženi atomovou zbraní, která i když bude omezená, bude mít 6 krát takovou účinnost jako na Hirošimu. Vím, že naše vláda ČR je velmi nepřátelská k Rusku a pořád provokuje tak, jak jim USA doporučí.
    1. +6
      2 March 2024 16: 05
      Yes, even Slovakia is afraid that it will become the first target of Russian atomic weapons, probably the first will be a warning. There is a debate in the Czech Republic that we will be the first to suffer from atomic weapons, which, even if limited, will be 6 times more effective than Hiroshima. I know that our Czech government is very hostile towards Russia and always provokes, as the US advises them.
  11. 0
    2 March 2024 17: 56
    We won’t throw anything nuclear at you either. laughing
  12. +1
    2 March 2024 23: 33
    States and their leaders are judged by deeds and actions, and not by words and statements....
  13. 0
    4 March 2024 12: 13
    Everything is on the rise. At the beginning of the war, the Germans also only supplied helmets... but because of these brown lines... In general, I have no doubt that over time NATO troops will appear in Ukraine.