Ex-US State Department employee: When the dust settles, we will learn that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history

Ex-US State Department employee: When the dust settles, we will learn that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history

Former US State Department employee Mike Benz stressed that after the completion of the Russian special operation, the whole world will be able to find out that Ukraine was used by the CIA to conduct its largest stories operation.

Mark my words: when the dust settles, we will know that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history

- said Benz.

Earlier, the American edition of the New York Times published an article claiming that the decision of the Russian leadership to conduct a special operation in Ukraine was due, among other things, to the active use of Ukrainian resources and territories by American intelligence services for actions directed against Russia.

In particular, after the coup d’état that took place in Ukraine in 2014, with the assistance of the Kyiv regime that seized power, the United States planned to build its military bases in close proximity to the borders with Russia. The main purpose of this, in addition to carrying out reconnaissance activities on Russian territory, was to create the opportunity to strike Russia using long-range, high-precision missile weapons.

Earlier, Benz noted that the structures of the American foreign policy department, with the advent of Internet technologies and social networks, began to actively use them to organize mass protests and coups d'etat in other countries. To block content objectionable to the United States, the State Department introduced strict censorship in the Western segment of the Internet.
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  1. +4
    2 March 2024 14: 18
    Everything is like a carbon copy from the Iran-Iraq War.
    1. +2
      2 March 2024 14: 29
      In 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who had returned from exile in Paris, came to power in Iran. The main slogan of the first years of his reign was “a merciless war against the Great Shaitan of the USA.” ... Having “dealt” with the United States in this way, Tehran began planning actions against the “original enemies” of Iran.
      The Shiite clergy did not hide its negative attitude towards the atheistic regimes of the Central Asian Soviet republics. However, the first thing Tehran decided to do was “settle” long-standing scores with Baghdad. ... Having come to power, Ayatollah Khomeini immediately began to say that the Islamic revolution needed to be spread to other countries in the region, including Iraq, where the Shiite population also constitutes the majority (about 60%). The most active Shia group in Iraq in the 1970s was Dawa, which fought the Sunni government of Saddam Hussein in response to widespread repression of Shiites.

      Saddam Hussein feared that because of Iran's growing influence, Iraqi Shiites might follow Ayatollah Khomeini's calls and stage a coup. Therefore, in 1980, he started a war with Iran that lasted eight years On September 22, 1980, Iraqi troops invaded the Iranian province of Khuzestan. According to Baghdad, the war was started by Iran - regular violations of Iraqi borders by its military personnel

      Iraqi troops rapidly advanced into the country, but the war mobilized the patriotic feelings of Shiite Iranians. They enlisted in the army en masse, and already in mid-1981 the Iranians were able to recapture part of the occupied territories

      That same year, Saddam Hussein offered peace to Tehran, but Khomeini did not agree to a ceasefire, and Iranian troops entered Iraqi territory.

      1. +2
        2 March 2024 14: 35
        At the same time, Iraq carried out a number of successful operations. The war between the two states ended with a humiliating ceasefire proposal for Iran. The truce came into force on August 20, 1988

        1. +1
          2 March 2024 20: 15
          Why have you accumulated so much here? Were there American advisers in Iraq? And in Iran? They were for the Soviets. At both sides.
        2. -1
          2 March 2024 20: 45
          What is this for? Don't you like Iran?
          1. +1
            2 March 2024 22: 07
            Quote: KZAKVO32923
            What is this for? Don't you like Iran?

            Why did you decide that I don’t like Iran? I have sympathy for Iran. But there is simply a lot in common between the Iran-Iraq War and the current North Military District. So I drew parallels. Namely revolution, then the desire of one of the parties to the conflict to export the revolution outside, the response of the other side, territorial claims, the beginning of the conflict, the course and dynamics of the conflict.
          2. 0
            2 March 2024 22: 14
            It’s clear, otherwise “some of the members of the forum” think that Iran is to blame for everything.
            1. 0
              3 March 2024 15: 43
              Quote: KZAKVO32923
              Clearly, otherwise “some of the forum members”

              Are we talking about the local TsIPSO?
              1. 0
                6 March 2024 05: 33
                No, we are talking about local Zionists.
                1. 0
                  6 March 2024 14: 43
                  Quote: KZAKVO32923
                  No, we are talking about local Zionists.

                  But isn't this the same thing?
                  1. 0
                    7 March 2024 00: 10
                    I agree, some combine it, but there is a 5th column, home-grown
    2. +9
      2 March 2024 14: 32
      Does the collapse of the USSR no longer count?
      1. +2
        2 March 2024 14: 37
        People start talking about the “largest” operations after several decades. Or they don't talk at all.

        Most likely, the CIA is wishful thinking and masking the failure.

        The collapse of the USSR was truly the greatest victory for the West. But the Union began to fall apart after the death of Stalin. About thirty to forty years old.
    3. Maz
      2 March 2024 15: 50
      But isn’t the collapse of the union the largest CIA operation, and a successful one at that?
      1. +1
        2 March 2024 17: 52
        Quote: Maz
        largest CIA operation, and

        ...sooooo! that it is too early to talk about this. those who remember the Union are still alive.
      2. 0
        2 March 2024 22: 06
        Quote: Maz
        Isn’t the collapse of the union the largest CIA operation,

        This means that the collapse of the United States should be the goal of the Russian special services. bully
  2. -3
    2 March 2024 14: 19
    Mark my words: when the dust settles, we will know that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history
    everything is going according to plan, the usa is on track since the power is poured in and the other leaders of the ukrr are alive and the russian Federation does not threaten nuclear strikes on the usa and nato for the supply of weapons and for the fact that the usa and other countries directly say that the russian Federation must lose and the usa and other countries are doing everything for this!! everything according to the USA plan! The USA and the EU can already be said to be direct participants in the conflict!
  3. +3
    2 March 2024 14: 20
    Will we find out? There have been so many operations, and everything remains at the level of conspiracy theories.
  4. YOU
    2 March 2024 14: 22
    Nothing new, just a Newton binomial. In my opinion, this comes from every angle, including from their side. But the US elites don’t care about all this. And I don’t think that anything will change there in the near future. This means they will continue in the same spirit as long as possible.
  5. +2
    2 March 2024 14: 25
    In overseas countries they openly say that dill is dying for the interests of the United States, and these stubborn people are at least happy with a stake on their heads.
    They don’t want to understand that they have them in the most sophisticated form.
    They rejoice at the ghostly lace panties, and even then they are worn and not washed. fool
    1. -1
      2 March 2024 15: 02
      Judging by the number of Ukrainians killed in 2 years in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainians unfit for military service (about half a million), as well as those who did not want to return back to Ukraine from emigration in Western Europe (from 6 to 8 million), as well as the delay in the adoption of the next Law on New Mobilization , the number of stubborn “patriots” there has dropped sharply. There are no volunteers for the burial. So after 2-3 months of heavy fighting and unjustified losses of personnel, the morale of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will fall below the plinth. Which means all this Zelin blah blah blah about the “counter-offensive” is cheap propaganda that no one believes in anymore. We are waiting for Istanbul 2.0 in the summer.
    2. +5
      2 March 2024 15: 07
      Quote: Leshak
      and these stubborn people at least have a stake on their head

      Don't forget that they have a saucepan on their head wink
  6. +4
    2 March 2024 14: 25
    If you were crazy, we checked out the news, but we didn’t know before that we would have been more humane in our response, military and political-diplomatic!
    I have to say, however: all the topics are not covered in the article.
    It should be added that bacterio-biological laboratories VNA 404 and chemical laboratories according to the reports of the head of the RKhBZO of the Moscow Region - General Kirillov, as well as many
    others for testing gene-modulating factors of influence on the Slavs!
    There are also enough military and other bases all over the world, too!
    I think this topic needs to be raised
  7. +5
    2 March 2024 14: 26
    Ex-US State Department employee: When the dust settles...

    There is no need to wait until it settles down and everything is clear... The West has always tried to tear Ukraine away from Russia and thereby weaken it... the Swedes, the Germans, the British, and now the Americans have tried... Brzezinski wrote a theory in “The Great Chessboard” , which the CIA tried to put into practice under all American presidents... And I must say today they succeeded... But everything always returns to normal someday... And Ukraine will return too... drinks
  8. +6
    2 March 2024 14: 29
    All their operations will be large and others. These are the enemies, let's not relax.
  9. +2
    2 March 2024 14: 42
    Ex-US State Department employee: When the dust settles, we will learn that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history

    The largest CIA operation was the destruction of the USSR through bribery and betrayal in the highest echelons of power and in the ranks of the CPSU Central Committee.
    Ukraine is a burp of the EBN, which neglected the illegal transfer of Crimea to Ukraine and ignored the process of entry and exit from the USSR.
    His successor has apparently already made arrangements for the territory of Russia beyond the Urals - the development of infrastructure in the European part of the Russian Federation simply contrasts with the province beyond the Urals...
    And also, when the coffin is transported on a gun carriage, we will draw a little from the well of reasons for such prolonged confusion and vacillation without visible breakthroughs and changes...
    At the same time, we’ll find out about Tolik...
    1. +1
      2 March 2024 15: 02
      I'm sorry, but I don't quite agree. The present time, I think, as in all troubled times of Russia - the confusion of the princes before the Polovtsians, the era of A. Nevsky, D. Donskoy,
      Minin and Pozharsky and many others, we need a united force and a united country for unconditional victory and uprooting everything that undermines the foundations of our state, in the name of the future of our children, grandchildren and descendants for a long time to come.
      And I propose to arrange a debriefing after the Victory and, perhaps, not by us, but by generous and indulgent descendants! In the words of many: A. Suvorov, M. Kutuzov, Ataman General Platov, I. Stalin - The winner must be generous!
      1. +6
        2 March 2024 15: 14
        Quote: ZovSailor
        I'm sorry, but I don't quite agree.

        They will not allow you to win by any means. They will toll, drag, make plans, breakthroughs... They are not interested in the triumph over evil... Don't you understand, they voluntarily joined the global evil, from where the only way out is nowhere. it must be admitted that for more than thirty years they did nothing but fool people’s heads without changing the foundations of their own greatness. Look at these joyful faces of new people, with whom they have diluted the usual gathering of tired figures. They still believe...
        In 2000, the people also believed, but they were fooled, robbed... Moreover, the state robbed the elderly with the pension reform... And this is a shame!
        1. 0
          3 March 2024 14: 58
          Ross xnumx
          They will not allow you to win by any means.
          In 2000, the people also believed, but they were fooled, robbed... Moreover, the state robbed the elderly with the pension reform... And this is a shame!
          I agree that the people’s anger is just. I, like most Russians, consider myself the injured party, in contrast to the so-called. new Russians and Alligators (that’s what I call oligarchs).
          With all this, on March 15 - 17, I will vote for the future of Russia - a new one, reborn from the false, sub-Western shackles of Russian liberals, followers of Gaidar - Chubes (Nathan Segal in the modern name of the patchport), now still settling in the offices of the Kremlin, Government, the most liquid strategic corporations of the state!
          For now, this is the only opportunity to defeat a strong, cunning, deceitful and intelligent enemy, and therefore we all need a united, strong Russia. The revolutions of 1917, civil and other wars are enough for us.
          No matter how offensive and difficult it may be in personal infringements and memories: Every person who voted incorrectly will be in favor of extra green dolars - euros - pounds - yens, which will pay for the weapons of the false-under-west, and these are new deaths of our sons, grandsons, daughters.
          I am sure that in difficult times of testing all our multinational people should be together, for a united and indivisible Russia! This is the only way we will defeat all enemies; this is what our Russian land has stood for and will stand for. A little pretentious, but I think it’s true.
  10. +1
    2 March 2024 14: 48
    I have to say, the whole point is that based on the proven facts of the encirclement of the Russian Federation along the perimeter by enemy bases and laboratories of the USSR, painful retaliatory influences are necessary
    on mattress makers who understand only the language of force!
    The most vulnerable and painful places are the finances of the deep state capitalists.
    Even LADY, after receiving documented evidence of NATO’s direct participation in the war against the Russian Federation, gives the go-ahead for all-powerful revenge against those who are sowing death to our civilians and the Russian Armed Forces in the Northern Military District.
    In my opinion, it’s high time to use analogues of “Losharik” and other influences for a clear knockout of the false-under-West! And in the mass media and the rest of the Internet there will be shocking articles about ocean cables between America - gay Europe, the island of teabread and other regions that have been attacked by sharks with numerous bites, which has noticeably reduced financial transactions by hundreds of lards of green pounds. What are you up to? to the trouble of Hollywood foreheads, the course of the battle is predetermined, -
    Don't fight the Russians!!!
    1. +2
      2 March 2024 20: 18
      Losharik is the right word. Appropriate. To use something serious, you need balls of steel. And we even had problems with chickens. If Turkey (a NATO country) had not urgently delivered it, it would have turned out to be a completely ugly story. What if it happens again on Easter? What will you paint?
      1. 0
        3 March 2024 02: 58
        need balls of steel
        Well, dear, war is war, and Easter for us Christians is not inferior in importance to the New Year and the current elections!
        In spite of all the assholes who are depriving us of Faberge, I have several painted ones for all times
        They have been stored for years, however, there is no naturalness in them, but they give the spirit - hurt yourself!
        And the topic of eggs, I think, was contrived by pests before the main elections, bearing in mind that the bulk of pensioners and people with low incomes are focused on this particular food product, and the information about the backlog from foreign suppliers is unfounded, since the main chain retailers of the Russian Federation are terrible at not wanting to buy them from foreigners for a short period, because the goods are perishable, and the logistics have not been worked out! The report on eggs is finished!
  11. 0
    2 March 2024 14: 57
    Well, did anyone ever doubt the striped nature of the ears sticking out of this bloody mess? Particularly gifted ones don't count.
  12. +1
    2 March 2024 15: 49
    Hitler's Germany was larger, there, too, Hitler was imprisoned with Western money against the Russians, only then he went against the creators...
  13. +1
    2 March 2024 15: 57
    To co řekl Američan už každý dávno ví! A mnohem víc.
    1. +2
      2 March 2024 15: 57
      Everyone already knows what the American said! And much more.
  14. +1
    2 March 2024 19: 04
    Well, we missed this CIA operation even under Yeltsin. When they smeared our sponges with Bush's legs and Royal alcohol.
    1. +2
      2 March 2024 23: 41
      Dear Turkir! We “missed” the operation of the CIA and MI6, even under Gorbachev and Shevardnadze, and the drunkard Yeltsin “deepened” this operation, with the (almost) unanimous “approval” of the Soviet intelligentsia and part of the working class of the USSR...
      1. 0
        17 March 2024 15: 42
        To be completely precise, the Americans began to develop this operation in the early 70s. Apparently we blinked very often.
  15. 0
    2 March 2024 19: 42
    “When the dust settles (after the Sarmatians hit the USA) we will learn that Ukraine was the largest CIA operation in history”... True, there is a “nuance” - who will then assess the “post-dust” situation in Ukraine and in USA.... Question!
  16. +3
    2 March 2024 20: 08
    The collapse of the USSR was the greatest success of the CIA and victory in the Cold War. SVO is the next stage, and what is happening is also their success. Their successes are evident in many areas of the world. What can we brag about?
    1. 0
      3 March 2024 09: 25
      The CIA alone cannot cope with such a task. Marshal Minich or his son said in the 18th century: “Russia is ruled by God himself, there is no other way to explain it...”

      There are and always have been centers of world Civilization, and there is a remote place, a village.... African for example...
  17. +1
    2 March 2024 20: 11
    There was such an anecdote in the USSR in the 70s: “Yes, we underestimated the Chinese!” Brezhnev said to Reagan and they drove the cars to different ends of the construction site...”
    1. +2
      2 March 2024 23: 46
      If the current Chinese partner is not adequately assessed, this anecdote can be translated into “bronze and marble” with other participants... The main thing here is not to relax and not try to have fun....
  18. 0
    3 March 2024 12: 46
    And now this is not clear to anyone? The Estonians bit the “ex-employee” and infected him with the brake....
  19. -1
    3 March 2024 13: 43
    This is already obvious to everyone. Once again the owner of the Kremlin has been deceived.
  20. 0
    4 March 2024 12: 17
    ...Oh you! Wow! - But we didn’t even know! We had no idea! And we didn’t even think about it!
    Open secret.

    The only thing: he offended other American intelligence agencies that took part in inciting hostility between the two post-Soviet states, no less than the CIA!....