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NATO is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Article G.A. Zyuganov in the newspaper "Pravda" and "Soviet Russia"

NATO is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Article G.A. Zyuganov in the newspaper "Pravda" and "Soviet Russia"
Why should Russia join the North Atlantic alliance?

On the Background of the global crisis, in the pit of which Russia fell deeper than other leading countries of the world, new dangerous phenomena arise in the policy of our country's leadership. We are talking about plans for the further sale of strategic enterprises, the commercialization of education, health care and culture, accelerated drawing of Russia into the World Trade Organization.

Recently, long-stalled conversations about Russia's entry into NATO have unexpectedly resumed. Pro-government experts and journalists strongly argue the need for this step. Chairman of the Institute of Contemporary Development (INSOR) Mr. I. Yurgens at the international forum in Yaroslavl in September of this year. publicly proclaimed the idea of ​​dragging Russia into NATO. The President of the Russian Federation is the Chairman of the INSOR Board of Trustees. Does this mean that Mr. Yurgens received a “go-ahead” on his initiative from the administration of the head of state?

The Russian president himself intends to take part in the NATO summit in Lisbon 19 — 20 in November of this year. During a recent meeting with the Secretary General of the Alliance A. Rasmussen, D. Medvedev said that the meeting in Lisbon would not only give a “fresh start to the relationship between NATO and Russia, but also signify a modernization of mutual relations.”

There is nothing new in these “fresh starts”. As you know, the road for rapprochement with the West on capitulary conditions was laid by M. Gorbachev with his “universal human values”. Flirting with the United States and its allies ended badly for our country. However, the lessons from this were not learned by the leaders of the Russian Federation.

Yeltsin agreed to the first wave of NATO expansion to the borders of Russia, supported the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia - our only ally in Europe. However, at the end of Yeltsin’s rule, it turned out that the “partners” frankly took him by the nose. Enraged, Yeltsin sanctioned the famous march of a company of Russian airborne troops to the capital of Kosovo, the city of Pristina. For more it was not enough. And soon Mr. Putin started all over again.

One of the first steps of the new president was to ensure that the State Duma ratified the notorious START-2 Treaty, which could lead to the elimination of our heavy missiles. The strategic nuclear forces of the Russian Federation saved only the refusal of the US Congress to ratify this treaty. Then the Russian authorities actually agreed to the second wave of NATO expansion, now to the territory of the Baltic states. Soon, under the pretext of participating in the international antiterrorist coalition, Mr. Putin essentially promoted the emergence of NATO bases in Central Asia. At the same time, the vital bases for Russia in Cuba and Vietnam were liquidated.

However, after six years of unremitting efforts to strengthen relations with NATO, Mr. Putin suddenly discovered that the West is not going to make reciprocal courtesies, but continues to make new demands, threatening the Russian leadership with an international court for the war in Chechnya. Therefore, in February 2007, the Russian president delivered a well-known anti-NATO speech in Munich, reflecting his deep outrage at the cunningness of the “partners”.

Now President Medvedev is pushing hard on the same path. On the eve of the NATO Lisbon session, a number of major preparatory steps have been taken. A regular "disarmament" treaty was signed with the United States. Moscow supported the tightening of sanctions against Iran and terminated the contract for the supply of defense systems to Tehran. Inappropriate attacks were made against North Korea. Without any reason exacerbated relations with Belarus. A large gift was made to the closest ally of the United States in NATO, Norway, which received the vast expanses of the Barents Sea, which our country has never recognized foreign rights.

Now, it seems, the transfer of Russia's relations with NATO to a new level is being prepared as a step towards our country's entry into this aggressive bloc.

NATO: From European to Global Gendarme

Recall that the alliance was created on April 4 of 1949, allegedly to save Europe from the invasion of the “Red Hordes” from the east. Meanwhile, one of the leaders of NATO recognized then that the true purpose of the bloc was “to keep America in Europe, Germany in a subordinate position, and Russia outside Europe”).

It would seem that after the destruction of the USSR, the meaning of the existence of NATO disappeared. However, the alliance is not only preserved, but it is also expanding and increasing its power. The true meaning of its preservation was fully clarified by the robber aggression against our friendly Yugoslavia, as well as the intervention in Iraq and Afghanistan. It became clear that NATO is still a tool for ensuring the global ambitions of the United States and its allies. Moreover, according to Western strategists, its role is increasing.

The fact is that the world is rapidly changing the balance of power. When in the 1999 year, members of the alliance enthusiastically adopted a new strategic concept that transformed NATO from a defensive, European, alliance into an offensive bloc with a global zone of action, there was no resistance to this and was not expected. Russia lay in the ruins of the “reforms,” China’s political and economic power has not yet fully manifested itself.

Now, as the crisis has shown, the zone of influence of the world oligarchy, relying on North America and Europe, is narrowing. Under the influence of communist China, the countries of Asia — more recently, purely suppliers of natural resources and cheap labor for Europe and the USA — are becoming key factors in world politics. Similar processes are taking place in Latin America. The countries of the Black Continent, which until recently were a vast field for plundering on the part of transnational corporations (TNCs), are merging into an anticolonial African Union. The Middle East and the Islamic world as a whole are in a state of tough confrontation with the West.

The fight for leadership is intensifying. The economic crisis further weakens the capitalist system. The international oligarchy unites the richest people on the planet, more than 500 the most powerful TNCs with a capital of 16 trillion. dollars and producing more than 25% of global industrial output.

This "elite" does not intend to lose hegemony over the planet, won over centuries of predatory wars. Hence, a new series of military conflicts, aggressiveness against Iran and the DPRK, the ever-increasing pressure on China.

The West seeks greater consolidation of forces in the name of its domination. And while in 90, the question of the meaning of NATO’s existence was still debated, today the oligarchy, worried about the changing balance of forces in the world, vigorously creates a gendarme in his person. The task is to deploy global control systems over the entire surface of land and sea, attacking any point on the planet. NATO is turning into a supranational body, trying to overturn the system of international law established after the Second World War and to bend the UN under itself.

Back in 1993, Z. Brzezinski in his book “Out of Control” openly stated that “if America wants to control the world, and she wants it, then she should establish supremacy over Eurasia, especially over the“ Western periphery ”(European Union), over its core (Russia), the Middle East, Central Asia and their oil reserves. ” But the assessment of a major American publicist J. Kaminsky: “Our military is not fighting for freedom. This is a struggle for corporate profits ... An army exists to seize and rob other countries and peoples. ”

At the meeting in Lisbon, its participants will have to endorse a new strategic concept for NATO, which will replace the previous 1999 adopted in May, in which the bloc appropriated the right to global interventions. The new concept is supposed to confirm that NATO will continue its expansion to the east, will keep tactical nuclear weapon The United States in Europe, together with the United States, will create a European missile defense system, inevitably directed against Russia.

The oligarchic capital, realizing the threat to its world hegemony emanating from Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, is trying to counterattack. But its resources continue to decline.

Russia is being drawn into the war in Afghanistan

What concerns NATO above all? The fact that for the colonial expeditions do not have enough "cannon fodder". NATO frantically seeking allies. There are currently about 150 thousands of troops from 47 countries in Afghanistan. Many former republics of the USSR were driven there: Estonia - 160 soldiers, Latvia - 170, Lithuania - 245, Azerbaijan - 90, Armenia - 40, Ukraine - 15, Georgia - 925 soldiers.

From our recent Warsaw Pact allies, they demanded greater participation. So, Poland keeps 2630 soldiers and officers in Afghanistan, Romania - 1750, Hungary - 360, Bulgaria - 540, the Czech Republic - 500, Slovakia - 300 its military. Even Mongolia was forced to send almost 200 troops there. Is there any doubt that Russia will be required to make a more “worthy” contribution to the “struggle for democracy” in Afghanistan?

What does Article 5 of the NATO Charter mean? It means that all members of the bloc must come out in defense of any member state of the alliance that has been attacked. The nature of the attack is not determined. Under it is perfectly suited "terrorist threat", which is now swelling in the West. Those who are drawing Russia into NATO should understand that Russia will be obliged to protect the collective interests of the alliance. And not only in Afghanistan ...

Apparently, in Washington, it is not without reason that they consider it unacceptable that the Russian government is still evading the “sacred duty” of all US partners - to fight for American interests. Washington is talking louder about intervention in Iran. "Cannon fodder" will need more and more.

The Western public rejects the apparently hopeless war in the Middle East, especially since the “noble” goals of “combating international terrorism” are rapidly growing dull, and the costs and flow of coffins from Afghanistan are just as rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is imperative for NATO leaders to portray that this war enjoys broad international support. This is generally the favorite American style: to shift part of the responsibility for their colonial adventures to the allies. So it was in the 50-s in Korea, so it was in the 60-s in Vietnam. This is happening now in Afghanistan.

Already today, the NATO Secretary General speaks openly about sending Russian helicopter pilots to this country, and at a meeting at the Pentagon several months ago, the US Secretary of Defense raised the issue of sending Russian AF units and special units to Afghanistan. We have not heard the resolute refusal of the Russian side from such proposals.

But it is known that during a trip to the headquarters of the bloc in Brussels at the beginning of this year, the heads of the General Staff N. Makarov restored Russian-NATO military communications in full, signed a number of agreements on conducting regular command-staff exercises to test the compatibility of troops and their interactions, training exchange of military personnel, other activities aimed at integrating the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation into NATO structures.

At the same time, Western strategists agree to accept Russia into the alliance only as an ordinary member, making it clear that the master in the block one is the United States. Russia must turn from a dangerous rival, who had to be held outside Europe, into an obedient vassal. That is, the formula is changing. Now the point of NATO is “to keep the USA in Europe, and Germany and Russia - in a subordinate state”.

The consequences of Russia's entry into NATO

In the case of joining the alliance, our country sharply limits its foreign policy independence. It will be forced to coordinate with the top NATO, to put it simply, every time to ask permission for international initiatives. She gets a "common enemy." We should all realize that if Russia joins NATO, our southern and Far Eastern borders can turn into zones of extreme tension first, and then into a battlefield.

Like all other members of the alliance, Russia will face the fact of “friendly occupation” with the appearance of NATO bases and rapid reaction forces on our territory, with the start of free transportation of NATO equipment through the territory of the Russian Federation. As a result of this transformation, Russia is changing its Eurasian geopolitical essence. So Russia's entry into NATO would be a prologue to its self-destruction.

For the Russian economy, this step would mean the final rout of our military-industrial complex, which has long been a source of the highest achievements of science and technology, the most advanced forms of labor organization. After all, we will inevitably be forced to switch to NATO standards, to buy foreign military equipment. This process is in full swing. Procurement of English rifles, Israeli drones, Italian armored vehicles has already been completed, a “contract of the century” is being prepared - the purchase of completely unnecessary Russian the fleet French helicopter carriers. According to estimates by General Ivashov, in the coming years at least 30% of military equipment in Russia will be delivered from the countries of the alliance and Israel.

At the same time, the actual cessation of production of Tu-204 and IL-96 aircraft means that we will not only become completely dependent on the West in passenger aircraft, but will soon be unable to produce aircraft for military transport aviation. And in the event of a conflict, we will not receive spare parts and capacities for the repair of passenger aircraft, which have always been a mobilization reserve.

The destructive “reform” of the Armed Forces quite fit into this scheme. She is associated with the name of Mr. Serdyukov. But it seems that his work is supported by the leadership of the country. The sad experience of such "reforms" is. The once strong armies of the former Warsaw Pact countries — Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania — are now turned into “contingents” completely incapable of defending the country and its people, but becoming the source of mercenaries for the US colonial wars.

The same fate befell the once mighty Popular Army of Yugoslavia. After the coup d’état in October 2000, when pro-Western forces seized power in Belgrade, a series of “reforms” of the Yugoslav army turned it into a pitiful shadow of real power that had only recently been able to repel a NATO ground invasion.

The Russian authorities destroyed the science and the military-industrial complex inherited from the USSR to such an extent that we lost the ability to produce in sufficient quantities not only new, but almost all of our own weapons. And the army, once formidable for the enemies of the Fatherland, demoralized and disarmed by the "reformers", actually lost the ability to defend Russia.

The reorganization of the structure of the Armed Forces, the transition to the brigade system, the purchase of foreign military equipment, joint exercises in the US and Europe, the refusal to admit cadets and students to military universities is nothing more than a forced preparation of a military module for docking the remnants of the Russian army and navy the expeditionary forces of the United States and NATO.

All this means one thing: Russia voluntarily loses the status of the leading power of the world and falls under the subordination of the most aggressive forces. Is our victorious nation worthy of such a fate?

Can you trust the friendliness of NATO?

Facts are a stubborn thing. And they testify to the ongoing gradual preparations for NATO intervention in Russia. By the number of groupings in the European theater of operations, we are 10-12 times behind NATO. In Europe alone, NATO has 36 divisions, 120 brigades, 11 thousand. tanks, 23 thousand guns, 4,5 thousand combat aircraft. Why is such a huge military power needed? For the fight against international terrorism, which is now served as the main justification for the existence of NATO?

Meanwhile, according to experts, during 70% of all operational activities, exercises, NATO command and staff games, issues of entry into the initial period of large-scale war, gaining air superiority, and conducting offensive operations are being addressed. Today, the alliance has no other enemy against which it would be possible to conduct large-scale operations, except Russia. So we can safely say that NATO wants to occupy us.

Block groupings are growing everywhere. There is a strategic environment of Russia. A belt of countries unfriendly to Russia is being created. US bases appear in Poland, Bulgaria and Romania - on the shores of the Black Sea. The Baltic states are already under the control of NATO. There, naval bases and military airfields have been upgraded, which are now capable of simultaneously receiving up to 200 combat aircraft, including carriers of nuclear weapons. And from Estonia to Leningrad - less than 200 kilometers. NATO strike aircraft can launch missiles without even entering our airspace.

Ukraine and Moldova are constantly on the threshold of joining NATO. Georgia is already completely in his pocket. Azerbaijan is also gradually slipping into the alliance. In Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, its military air bases are located. The new members of the alliance, including the Baltic states, are not limited in the deployment of nuclear weapons on their territory, are not covered by the CFE Treaty restrictions, which allows the creation of strike groups on their territory.

Continuously, work is underway to establish control over our Northern Fleet, the most powerful group of Russian naval nuclear forces. NATO uses tracking stations in Norway and the Baltic States, electronic control stations in Svalbard. Acoustic buoys, satellites and Orion reconnaissance aircraft monitor every movement of our nuclear submarines. NATO reconnaissance aviation activity is increasing along our borders.

What is behind the involvement of the Russian Federation in NATO

The Russian top has long been trying to integrate into the world oligarchy. But she is hinted that the only way to the “club” is through the NATO military organization. Like, first fight for us, spill the blood of your fellow citizens in the name of Western values, and then we may think about taking you to the "club".

The “unexpected” interest in joining the bloc is one more confirmation of the class unity of the top Russian and NATO member countries. The current ruling group of the Russian Federation is engaged not so much in modernization as in “westernization” of Russia.

Preparations for "Westernization" have been going on for a long time. The pro-Western elite of the Russian Federation constantly claims that Russia has no enemies. With the exception of the mythical "international terrorists." The creators of our foreign policy stubbornly do not want to see the obvious fact that historical Western goals have not changed and that Russia is still regarded there exclusively as a source of cheap minerals and a market for stale goods.

The march of NATO columns on Red Square on the holy Victory Day 9 of May 2010 of the year fully showed that the matter goes to the "fusion of souls". They are trying to convince us that the people who first sent their son, Yuri Gagarin, into space, can only pick up crumbs from the western tables. The upcoming revenge of riotous liberalism, when they are going to privatize more than 900 enterprises, including strategic ones, means that the national security of the country is being sacrificed for the sake of profit and selfish interests.

By the way, the Russian top shows inconsistency. Hardly opposing the admission of Ukraine and Georgia to NATO, Moscow suddenly announced its intention to join this bloc. In the Military Doctrine of Russia this bloc is designated as our main adversary. Will we integrate into the organization of the main enemy?

Of course, according to the current Constitution of the Russian Federation, it is the president who determines the country's foreign policy. At the same time, the leaders of Russia should not forget about the provision of the Constitution, which states that the source of power in Russia is the people. Apparently, a sharp change in the country's historical course requires the consent of the people. The mechanism for obtaining such consent is well known: a referendum.

If the current Russian government feels its infallibility, then let it raise the question of joining NATO at a referendum. Most likely, will not deliver! Because he knows very well: the people's historical memory reliably keeps in mind the previous “visits” to Russia of our European neighbors, whether in the form of Polish intervention of the Time of Troubles, the invasion of Napoleon’s army or Hitler’s hordes with the SS legions representing almost all of the current NATO countries.

Russia has already paid millions of lives for its security in World War II, freeing Europe from fascism. In order to strengthen Russia's security, we must not ask for NATO, but develop our industry, education, and science. We must revive their armed forces. It is necessary to restore the circle of friends and allies in the person of the countries - members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the Collective Security Treaty Organization. But first of all, it is necessary to strive for the creation of the Union of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, which would unite the potential of the three Slavic peoples. This is the most reliable guarantee of our security. This has been the case for many centuries of life in a common state. So it will be in the future.
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