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Russia: the Moon, Mars and further everywhere ... Speeches of the participants of the Izborsky club in the corporation "Rosobschemash"

Oleg BAKLANOV, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of the Lenin Prize, Minister of General Machine Building of the USSR (1983-1988), member of the Board of Directors of the Rosobschemash corporation.

The time has long come to seriously - as they say, in Russian - to master outer space. There is a need for a new dimension of the carriers, in addition to the royal "seven" and Cheleev's "Proton", which are more than a dozen years old. And while, mind you, nothing better has ever been invented in the world. We, to our great regret, were also satisfied with all this and are not trying to go further. This can not continue further.

If we are talking about the need to explore the Moon and Mars, near and far space, we need a new dimension - the carrier at least 200 tons and a spacecraft capable of returning cargo from space to Earth. And we already have an example of this - “Buran”.

November 15 date 1988 of the year could be the beginning of a new space age. The first flight of the Buran opened, as it seemed to us all, a new page in national history. But the miracle did not happen again. "Buran" was registered in the Guinness Book of Records, and now in Russia very few people know about it, some do not remember, and someone does not want to remember. I do not just remember, but I am proud to participate in this project.

I made the decision to open this project. And today, after so many years, I still believe that our country needed the “Buran”. In those years, even a special Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR was issued, since we had to parry American efforts in space exploration. It was a great job. It was started by my predecessor, who created the space industry, Sergey Aleksandrovich Afanasyev. I, as his follower, continued to work.

Scientists took part in the preparation of the decree, including V.P. Glushko, who was the general designer of this system. The Ministry of General Engineering was assigned the role of the head ministry. Performance of work was controlled by the military-industrial commission specially created for these purposes. I can say that this kind of work was necessary then and necessary today.
25 years ago we launched Energia without Buran, loading it with a weight equivalent, thus demonstrating that our country could take more than a hundred tons into space at once! But we, as they say, were in the pocket and two hundred tons - because at that time the most modern hydrogen engines were created, and they still exist. This is precisely the prospect of space exploration. Not in small steps, but widely, powerfully - as Russia can!

Russia: the Moon, Mars and further everywhere ... Speeches of the participants of the Izborsky club in the corporation "Rosobschemash"I often hear statements that “Buran” was prepared for star wars. These journalistic stamps, in my opinion, do not quite correspond to the understanding of the tasks facing us at that time. Buran was our response to the Shuttle. In order to be respected, we had to have means capable of fending off any intrigues of our sworn friends.

The appearance of a carrier of this class opened up exciting prospects for our country. "Buran" was the first domestic reusable spacecraft. Its launch was a sensation for world space exploration, a great event that the whole world was discussing. Foreign newspapers were filled with headlines "Russian miracle". But we understood perfectly well that miracles are not born by themselves - for this you need to work hard and hard. Undoubtedly, the Soviet Union pushed America to create the Buran. Our task was to deliver and return any satellite from orbit. The task for the development of the Soviet reusable space system was approved personally by Marshal Dmitry Ustinov.

The situation of that time, the circumstances, the race of stellar and space weapons, our desire to respond to these challenges on a parity basis - all this taken together and led to the fact that we still decided to create "Buran". It is said that it is very similar to the Shuttle, but in fact it is not, there are fundamental differences.

In those years, many of our space programs had either a military purpose or were built on military technology. The idea of ​​creating a Soviet reusable spacecraft arose long before the appearance of Buran itself. Already the first cosmonaut of the planet, Yuri Gagarin, in 1967, defended his diploma at the Air Force Academy. Zhukovsky on "Reusable spaceships." However, it took almost 20 years from the idea to its realization.
The fundamental transition to an aircraft carrier is the general line of development of reusable space transportation systems of the 21st century. Its creators were the best designers of the era, including Valentin Glushko - the general designer of the extra-heavy launch vehicle Energia, with the help of which it was supposed to launch the Buran into orbit.

The development of the supporting structure of the orbital ship, means of descent in the atmosphere and landing was entrusted to a specially created scientific-production association "Lightning". Gleb Lozino-Lozinsky was appointed General Designer. He was called the general of "Star Wars".
Despite the fact that "Buran" flew only once, that jerk, the increase in the authority of our country, which we later discovered, fully justified itself. We saw the support of the entire state. How many experimental installations were scattered throughout the Soviet Union. A huge number of people felt involved.

According to the designers, the "Buran" was to put into orbit, maintain and return to Earth space modules weighing up to one hundred tons, that is, five times larger than any "Shuttle"! Including, and space weapons.

I am often asked, in what we have surpassed the "Shuttle"? "Shuttle" was made according to American ideas. It was created as a whole system. We went the other way. We have created a separate carrier capable of carrying (and delivered!) In its limit two hundred tons. What is two hundred tons? We have already been flying 50 for years on the royal "seven", which displays only ten tons. We have a Cheleomeev rocket that can carry 22 tons. Now there is a struggle for some 30-40-60 tons. But all this does not solve the problem of mastering the moon, but one way or another it needs to be mastered. To master it on a rotational basis, to send there groups of people whose task will be to study this divine gift, which is an intermediate link between near and far space. And flights to Mars? For all this, you must have a two hundred ton carrier. So that the astronauts would be in normal conditions during the flight, and not sit, as now, sorry, in a barrel. Mankind has already matured in order to create normal conditions for work in space. If we do not make such a rocket, we will lose prospects in space. I declare it with all responsibility.

In addition, we must make compact systems, "space vehicles", for the creation of which now there are already all the technical prerequisites. If we have these two types of rockets, we will not only conquer, but also master space.

Today they talk a lot about our heroic cosmic past. It was heroic when we made the first satellite and sent Yuri Gagarin into space. As for the "Buran", then this project is certainly part of our heroic past. But "Buran" crushed from above, closed. Although, in my opinion, this system was not just flawless, but ultra-flawless. In order to constructively establish such a system, our Soviet science was forced to create a huge amount of new materials and components, which in some respects were an order of magnitude higher than what was then used in engineering practice. More than eighty completely new materials for work in extreme conditions of space were invented, over six hundred new promising technologies were developed.

Was solved and one of the main problems. The ship's powerful thermal protection consisted of 38 thousands of ceramic tiles. They can be compared with a porous brick, but the material that has been in space was even easier. The secret is in a special quartz thread, which has the strength of steel, a real innovation.
For the "Energy-Buran" system, Soviet designers have tamed hydrogen, which was considered the most dangerous fuel in the world. It was the oxygen-hydrogen rocket engine that ensured the successful launch of the complex.

The main thing - the Soviet system, in contrast to the "Shuttle", was provided with full automatic control. Before Buran, we didn’t have a “digit” at all, even digital airplanes didn’t fly. Maybe in some laboratories and doing these things. But it was this program that gave impetus to the state in the development of digital control systems.

You can often hear the question: "If the" Buran "was supposed to be an automaton, then why and what did the astronauts prepare for?" Responding to it, I always remember that there were two geniuses in our country: KE Tsiolkovsky and SP Korolev, and Russian philosophy is, first of all, cosmic philosophy. This is very important to understand.

So, immediately when creating spacecraft of the first generation, S.P. Korolev set the task that in space everything should be performed in automatic mode. People should teach (this was done on the stands) this technique to work accurately. And we succeeded.

Igor Volk and his colleagues taught this device to take off and land. Computers and programs were created that ensured landing without human intervention - the computer read and memorized all the actions that the person performed. Moreover, "Buran" could independently make decisions. He made such a decision when, when landing, a strong side wind was blowing, he made a reserve lap and sat down to the nearest meter. But in the future, of course, flights with astronauts on board were planned. After all, besides landing, there are things that need to be done in space for the first time, and which people should do.

I think that we needed not only to go through the Buran stage, but also to go further. In this case, we would need to have a dimension of our International Space Station an order of magnitude larger today.

What is good "Buran"? Imagine that today we would have had the Moscow-Leningrad railway only in one direction. Awful, say? And yet, this is how it turns out in us: we send it into space, and from there it all, roughly speaking, falls by itself. But you need to do and managed landing on Earth. Here for this "Buran" is a very correct scheme. It can land by plane or on engines. If there are efficient engines, the landing can be carried out approximately as the helicopter lands.

The first and only flight of the Buran took place on November 15 1988 of the year. Bad weather conditions: a blizzard and a wind of 20 meters per second - nearly frustrated the launch. The flight took place only by a volitional decision of Gleb Lozino-Lozinsky.

After the braking command was given, it happened 22 thousands of kilometers from the landing point at Baikonur, there was a tense wait at the range. After entering the dense layers of the atmosphere, the Buran was surrounded by a plasma that heated the front edges of the wing to one and a half thousand degrees. Because of this, the radio connection was interrupted. Thirty painful minutes passed before radio communication appeared again. One of the associates of Gleb Evgenievich has already started writing a note about why the “Buran” did not return from his first flight and who is to blame for the failure of the mission. But when the speaker announced that the Buran had appeared, this man crumpled the unfinished paper and put it in his pocket.

At the final part of the descent at a height of nine kilometers the spacecraft flew, accompanied by the MiG-25. And suddenly, instead of turning around and entering the runway, the Buran deviated from it by 90 degrees. Many felt that some kind of failure in the program leads him away from the estimated rate. But the automation did not disappoint. Having calculated that the speed of the ship somewhat exceeds the calculated one, it was the automatic control system that forced the Buran to make an additional loop in order to dissipate the excess of kinetic energy.

For three hours of flight, the Buran deviated from the schedule only for a second. Many did not believe that the unmanned Buran would safely land on the airfield. But he perfectly released parachutes and landed with a deviation of two and a half meters on the axis and a half and a half in range.

According to experts, "Buran" was able to solve a variety of tasks. Even then, possible scenarios for using the Energy-Buran system for a manned Martian expedition were being worked out.

At that time, no one could have imagined that the “Buran” would suddenly be unnecessary. But perestroika came, changing the relevance of space wars, and the tasks that this system could solve were simply not found for it. Officially, the program is not closed. Most likely, no one wanted to remain in the history of the man who closed the "Buran". But, since Gaidar's time, it was not financed. And already in 1992, it became clear that it would never be implemented. For the thousands of Soviet citizens who took part in the creation of Energia and Buran, the cessation of work on the project was a real tragedy. Many, do not hesitate, call the incident a betrayal.

Until now, experts are confident that "Buran" ahead of its time and therefore was not necessary to his time. After all the tests and demonstration flights, it was placed in storage in one of the assembly and test buildings of the Baikonur cosmodrome. 12 May 2002, the roof of the hull collapsed after the fire forever buried the Soviet space shuttle.

Was he needed or not? This project was a great achievement that spurred technical progress. Five hundred years ago, people believed that our Earth was flat, that the Sun revolves around it. Giordano Bruno was burned at the stake, Galileo Galilei was considered insane. And only a few years ago, the Catholic Church admitted that she was mistaken, and these people suffered in vain. And we with the closure of the program "Buran" stopped in its development. Who is responsible for this before humanity? Now this program is not only possible but necessary to revive. Sometimes you can hear that many of the practices used in it are outdated. So there were even better. Human progress cannot be artificially stopped. You can slow down, you can make mistakes, but you can not stop.

Recently, I published a book called "Cosmos - my destiny", in which more than three thousand characters are described. These are my memories, documents, ideas of those people whom I knew.

I was lucky in my life - after the war I participated in the creation of a blind landing system. Then we switched to rocket technology, because the Americans besieged us with their flying fortresses, and they had several plans to destroy our cities, including Moscow. And we were forced to master the rocket technology at a powerful pace, using the groundwork that the Third Reich had (the Americans, by the way, took Werner von Braun as well as the groundwork).

Now we need to move on. In the direction? In the direction of the use of space. Today we, to our great regret, cannot even comprehend them. Otherwise, we would, I mean humanity, not lose time, but work.
If a big asteroid hooks our Earth, we won't even have time to gasp. And so that this does not happen, it is necessary not only to swarm on our ball, but to study the near and far space, the whole Universe.

I somehow had a dispute with Mikhail Gorbachev, who reprimanded me: "You spit once in space - and immediately millions fly." To which I replied that spitting into space is a great sin. So you can hook and God. Therefore, dear friends, let's not spit into space.

Vyacheslav Filin, Advisor to the President of RSC Energia.

At the heart of the national strategy for the development of astronautics is always primarily the objective need to ensure the safety of its citizens, the associated development of new technologies that ensure parity with the technologies of the likely adversary. Very remote prospects are the solution to the problems of human survival in conditions of planetary catastrophes, the preservation of the human mind and its achievements in all areas of science, technology and technology, the creation of a new habitat by colonizing the planets of the Solar System and other stellar systems of the galaxy.

Today, all the tasks that the space program solves at this stage are solved, in principle, by automata. For example, the launch of the Hubble telescope by Americans allowed people to learn as much new information as they could not find out over the previous millennia. Or take the descent to Mars again, the American apparatus "Kerioster", which works on this planet in automatic mode. Or recall the "Voyager", which recently, after 37 years of work in space, left the limits of the solar system.

Today, no matter how sad it is to admit, we are in such backyards of astronautics that we can not oppose the Americans in scientific terms. Yes, we are holding on to a manned subject. We believe that the manned subject matter is, in essence, an intelligent spacecraft. So, the creation of such a new spacecraft will give us new technologies.

Look at the iPhone. There is a receiver, a transmitter, a voice recorder, a camera, a computer, and much more. Working on such things, we, first of all, move technologies of our country. Today, astronautics, solving its tasks, at the same time sets tasks for technologies in other industries.

As for defense tasks, here we are also not at the forefront. If we talk about the war with the use of space, for example, to suppress any active radar tools, etc., then with the naked eye it is clear that our country is on the edge.

Therefore, we vitally need new technologies in the entire industry, but they must be carried out under the flag of space, as was done in the Soviet Union. What was the engine of the whole industry? Astronautics, nuclear industry and aviation. Here are three components that, one might say, are drawing out all the new technologies.

Therefore, astronautics today is one of those areas, which is destined to and must move forward all the technological foundations.
Today we talk a lot about innovation, notice, just say so. And while they were making Buran, they didn’t talk about innovations - they were made.
Now, unfortunately, the leaders of our industry are not people who create technology, but effective managers. You see how they work today? Eighteen years make the "Angar"! There is neither the schedule of the military industrial complex, nor the interdepartmental commission, as it was when they worked on Buran, nor the general designer - there is nothing. But mastered the program-target method of planning and management.

Vadim KUPRIYANOV, Head of the Research Department of the Cryogenmash enterprise, laureate of the USSR State Prize.

All our great designers said, perhaps, a banal, but very correct phrase: "Cosmos begins with the Earth." No one will argue that ground systems are as complex as aircraft themselves.

The time for talking about acceleration, restructuring, innovation, mechanization, modernization, in my opinion, has already passed. We at one time, when creating new systems, did not think about these beautiful words. And, not having personal computers, using, conditionally speaking, one slide rule, they knew in advance what they should have got at the output. I once said: "How would we with such endless, fruitless conversations, with all our innovations, not get into the sewers."

In the process of working on Buran, we had not just a cooperation, naturally created by the military-industrial complex, but a proven and tested one. Then the enterprises, which did not cope with the tasks, were crowded out and replaced by other, more capable ones. And there was a sense. There was a job.

Why would I now, as a production worker, begin work here on Earth, so this is an audit. We need to check and understand - and what do we have in presence here on Earth? I will give a small example. At one time, only our Cryogenmash, and then NPO Energia, put a large number of space simulators into the latest model at that time at Baikonur. Since the beginning of Gaidar's reform, these space simulators were, it can be said, captured, and began to be used for window tinting. Imagine a unique equipment, a complex of seven cameras, with a gun, with cold space! This is barbarism!

After conducting an audit and sorting out what we have in place, I would convene a meeting on astronautics to understand what we need to do and where to go next. The need for this is already acute, as they say, it had to be carried out already yesterday.

Before you do something, you need to develop an ideology. Without this, nowhere. Remember how we worked in the Soviet years. First, the general designer developed the ideology. It was submitted to the military industrial complex, from there to the ministries, and then on specific enterprises, the circle of which was determined in advance. Beautiful, worked out over the years, which did not give failures in work.

I think that we, old people (although 70-80 years by space standards - this is not age) do not need to be discounted. Remember the movie "Only old men go to battle"? I think this time has come. We, people with experience in creating aircraft, need to prepare our proposals. Even if they seem to someone somewhat absurd.

Of course, we have good rockets today. Almost ready "Angara". True, it is five times less than "Energy". Although I am sure that in the coming decades, the Energia’s power will be enough to serve flights throughout the solar system.

If we talk about the study of near space, then it is necessary to revive the orbital space stations of the type of our good old "World", but in a new, modern version. For what? In order to track everything that happens in near-Earth space. One of them can be sent to the Moon to the orbit in which the Americans flew, before they landed on it. By the way, the American astronaut Michael Collins told Apollo 11 at a press conference after flying around the moon on how many Americans were flying along a trajectory calculated in 20 as a genius engineer Yu. V. Kondratyuk.

Today, in near-Earth space, there is a huge amount of debris that flies closer to the Earth, threatening various man-made or space catastrophes. In this case, such orbital stations could serve as excellent traps (let's call them so) and observation points for studying the data of flying objects, cleaning the near-Earth space from all extraneous, studying near space and the Moon. I would not even hurry to Mars now, but would have worked first of all on the tasks mentioned above.

In addition, it would be useful to analyze the work of our leading enterprises in the main areas of work, noting at the same time not only what we managed to achieve, but also sharpen our focus on mistakes and failures, trying to find their causes.

In this regard, I would like to raise the issue of creating research and production associations. What a simple and correct scheme it was! In my opinion, nothing better has yet been invented, and there is no need to invent anything: research, work with the designer, then in the workshop, from the workshop for their products, please, in Plesetsk, at Baikonur, etc. We create unique equipment, but at the same time good metal must also be made, because scientific work must always end in good products.

Vladimir TOMSKY, full member of the National Security Studies Academy.

Saltykov-Shchedrin once said that we did not invent the powder for the simple reason that we were not ordered. Sadly, we have to admit that the depth of the fall in our space industry is great. But you need to use the system-analytical imperative: until all is lost, nothing is lost. Therefore, from the ideological point of view, humanity has no alternative, as we mastered the land, the ocean, the atmosphere, so now it is necessary to master the cosmos. Russia, by its own destiny, makes all the way. The corpses of the Russian people are then all the rest. Why are the Chinese flying fine now? So the road is already trodden.

Why was it precisely in Russia that the problem of human space exploration, which is fundamental for human civilization, was conceptually formulated and practically solved? How did it happen that in our country in the conditions of post-war devastation we managed to solve the most complicated complex of scientific, engineering, economic, organizational problems and open the way to space for humanity?

At the end of 80, I worked in the expert group of MF Reshetnev. Then the question arose: what to transport on the "Buran"? For three months, in an emergency mode, we developed a system project and calculated four spacecraft in orbit, each for 28 tons, with excellent energy, for space communications and broadcasting. When we calculated the tariffs, the cost per minute was equal to one hundredth of a cent. I think no one needs to explain what happened. The international telecommunications community, I think, was just scared by this.

Now you are all asking the question: what to do in space? In my opinion, it is necessary to speak not about astronautics, but about activity in space. If today we imagine that all space groups will disappear simultaneously, including our, American, European space vehicles, it will be a disaster for the Earth. Planes will not know where to fly, ships - where to go, banks - where to send money, etc. Today, space infrastructure is an integral factor in the existence of citizens on Earth. There is no need to talk about individual technological successes, you need to talk about the system-analytical factor. Already in the 1968 year, when I started the service, the space infrastructure was created, and we observed the entire planet on monitors. Americans could not step to step, so that we did not track it. And what do we have today? Nothing! We are almost reset. Where are telecommunications, where is space monitoring? I'm not talking about flights to Mars. This is a great scientific and sports challenge. And in the near space, we lost our positions.

Today, Russia is present on the world market for space services at a level of a few percent. I'm not talking about the media - approximately 30 percent of the function of "drivers" we took for ourselves. And everything else?

A digital communications system was created about 15 years before Buran. And in the 1977 year, when we were making a nuclear missile control system, it was already the first in the world completely digital! But, as usual, the fruits of victory began to reap others. How could this happen?

When Yuri Gagarin flew, the Americans were scared in earnest. President Kennedy, it must be said, was a very rational man who passed a number of systemic laws. Education was revised, starting with school and ending with higher education. But the most interesting, was created by the Federal Consortium for technology transfer. What does this mean? The technologies developed in space under the Apollo program, one can say, went straight from the wheels into civilian industries. And we in Russia still have not learned to do, for example, mobile phones. Can not? It turns out that we can not. Twenty years have passed, and we all can not.

The executive discipline and professionalism of those in power has plummeted. Today, there is not a single person surrounded by the president with whom one could adequately talk about the real segment of the economy.

What is the US technology transfer consortium? These are seven hundred research laboratories, and not the “invisible hand of the market” at all.

Let's see, what have we done? Our "seven" still flies. More than fifty years! This is an unprecedented case in world science and technology! To date, there is no more reliable media. It turns out that S.P.Korolyov still feeds not just ideas, but thousands of people with bread and butter. Just as A.S. Pushkin continues to feed people with bread and butter. Alexander Tvardovsky, in 1962, said that Shakespeare, Goethe and Dante are not read by the British, Germans or Italians. And in the Russian libraries, children of their own accord take AS Pushkin from the shelves. While this vibration continues to exist, it is necessary to have time to correctly formulate and set tasks. What was SP Korolyov good for? Including the fact that he knew how to set the tasks correctly. The legendary board of chief designers is all very talented, but different people. And Sergey Pavlovich's genius was that he managed to make this orchestra of six people play what was needed, play the melody that he considered necessary. And it is worth a lot. Years later, many specialists who worked at that time at the cosmodrome, at the research institutes and design bureaus on space issues, remember with nostalgia what can be called the "royal style" of work and life.

The space rivalry between Russians and Americans gave unprecedented technological results that are useful for all of humanity. Digital global satellite communications, personal computers, the Internet, and mobile communications appeared. What is today called information technology and nanotechnology, born of the rivalry between the USSR and the United States in space. This rivalry has given in fact many positive results of global significance. Today, rivalry should develop into a conscious, voluntary and large-scale cooperation of all the peoples of the planet in the exploration of outer space.

The costs of space programs in monetary terms, even during the period of maximum confrontation between our two countries, in the USSR were disproportionately lower than in the United States. It follows directly from this that we took not by number, but by skill. Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov once recalled that Werner von Braun at an event dedicated to the Soyuz-Apollo docking at the question: "Why does America spend more space than the Soviet Union on space?" - answered simply: "You have Korolev".

What do we need to do today in order to get out of the pit we got into today? Someone, my answer may seem unexpected. I am absolutely convinced that we need to return to the line Pushkin-Chaadaev-Lermontov-Gogol-Danilevsky. I can prove it, as they say, with chalk in my hands at the blackboard. I will cite only one fact. The discussion between Chaadaev and Pushkin twenty years long gave rise to one formula: socialism will win, not because he is right, but because his opponents are wrong. The term "socialism" was first used by Pierre Leroux in these years. Then we did not look at the Americans, or the French, or the Germans. On the contrary, they watched, and what is happening in Russia, they monitored, so to speak, the events. And they immediately announced that these Westerners, these Slavophiles, and staged a war between them to the bitter end. And today we are singing a feast about this victorious end.

The formula “socialism will win not because he is right, but because his opponents are wrong” suggests that neither Pushkin nor Chaadaev considered socialism the right way. Both socialism and capitalism lead humanity to a dead end, simply at different speeds. That's what, as they say today, the trick and the result of this dispute.

The practice of the last decades, in my opinion, convincingly testifies to this. Suppose we dress everyone “from Gucci,” we give everyone a Mercedes, we settle on the Adriatic coast. What's next? And then man begins to degrade strenuously, because one of the fundamental laws of nature is violated, saying that you will earn your bread by the sweat of your face.

The last century can be called the century of S.P. Korolev, I.V. Kurchatov and M.V. Keldysh. These are the three people who made the twentieth century, and Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchilli simply resigned to their positions. They had the mind to do this.

Starting from the end of 60, when S.P. Korolev died, we still slowly, by inertia, developed, Mir, Buran were made. But they were made thanks to super efforts. And when oblivion of the Pushkin heritage began, paradoxically, we changed the original formula for the development of Russian civilization, which was then formulated. I called only one formula. In fact, there is a whole set of formulas, and you can talk a lot about it.

Our sworn partners, the Americans, honestly said that they want to destroy the Soviet Union, that this is their official doctrine. They announced it publicly and invested a lot of money.

And when the Americans read the “Etudes about Pushkin” of the best, in my opinion, Pushkinist Seeds Frank, they created the Pushkin Center at Stanford University, where they gathered philologists, semantics, semiotics, military specialists with one sole purpose - to understand why these people, that is, Russians, cannot be defeated on the battlefield. Why S.P. Korolyov was exiled to Kolyma, almost killed, and after a few years he glorified the Soviet Union through the centuries. The Pushkin center, with its best specialists, is costing America tens of millions of dollars. And all this - in order to understand us with you ...

Yuri KUBAREV, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Vice-President of the Academy of Engineering Sciences. AM Prokhorov, USSR State Prize winner.

Here several issues were raised that concern me throughout my academic life. The development and implementation of the manned expedition to Mars program was started by S.P. Korolev long before the first space flight of Yuri Gagarin, and even more so long before the American astronauts visited the moon. True, this program is now slightly reoriented to the moon. My point is that the Moon program is, of course, good. But the appearance of our people on the moon forty years after the Americans will not bring us any political and moral gain. We will constantly hear talk about the fact that Russia is 40 years behind America.

Today, many, both here and abroad, consider inter-orbit flights as an intermediate option. It has already been proven that flights to Mars can be carried out much cheaper and easier using electro-jet engines. This is exactly the area in which I understand, because I am the author of an electric jet engine and I believe that it is on them that people will fly to Mars, although I do not exclude that the first flight will be cargo.

My colleagues and I wrote a lot about the fact that the engine was completely wrongly chosen by the Roskosmos in the Martian program we have. It is impossible to create a propulsion system for a flight to Mars with the help of a low-power American (and they need three thousand!). I must use, I apologize for the indiscretion, my engine, for whose creation I became the winner of the USSR State Prize.

I hope very much, and now everything is coming to that, that we will be able to continue the implementation of our engine. This is the only among electrojet engines that has been tested in different regions of the world on ballistic trajectories, passing different heights, different layers and confirmed many new discovery results.

In our country, there were previously three types of discoveries: law or law, effect or phenomenon, and property. In the field of plasma physics, on which all electro-jet engines are built, there are about sixteen discoveries, two of them are laws, each of which combines two or three effects.

Incidentally, we examined the reasons why Phobos-Grunt died. I have no doubt that the solar plasma is to blame. Other catastrophes also occurred at these points. And it was there that I launched the 25-30 years ago, I also had crashes, shutdown of the electric jet engine, then self-switching. But in those years was what is called "oak" equipment. Now she is very sensitive, and the slightest failure can disable it.

We today, to my great regret, are practically unable to develop electrojet technology - everything that is necessary for this is ruined. I will give an example. I need for installations to buy a cryogenic pump now. In China, its value has doubled in just one year! And our famous Balashikha Cryogenmash can be said to be completely crushed. What does it produce? Glass for cars, probably, pads, something else ... Anything, just not what it was originally intended for. In such a state of affairs, we cannot create an electrojet technique.

Today, we often hear how spaceflights with people are subjected to the strongest criticism. In my opinion, this is a completely wrong policy. Without manned flights, without the organization of its orbital space station, there will be no progress. We have already talked about how many innovations have been introduced thanks to the creation of the Buran.

I will give one more example. The Americans, like us, have a system of removing the charges, but compared to ours, it is quite primitive. We remove charges instantly from any material, be it a dielectric, metal, or something else - it does not matter. I also have experiments in which the distance was one and a half meters. Americans, however, remove the charge only from the metal at a distance of several centimeters.

We used to have a big program dedicated to this. It was conducted under the auspices of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of General Engineering, contracts were concluded with the current Roscosmos, then it had a different name. Today I have the impression that many managers of space organizations do not need anything. They absolutely do not want to do anything without a command from above.

Now the electric jet engine, really ready for flight to Mars, is neither here nor in the Americans. Although for the first time in space, an electrojet engine was tested in the USSR in 1964, and today the standard electrojet engines created in our country are used on our and foreign satellites for orbit correction and orientation. We definitely need to continue working in this direction, to bring the engines to working condition.

If we talk about the situation with the development of electrojet engines with enough power for long-haul flights, then the situation is as follows. In recent years, a project is being developed based on the creation of a powerful nuclear power propulsion system in which it is proposed to use ion-type electric propulsion engines. However, in my opinion and the opinion of my colleagues, including the laureates of the State Prize in this field, it is unrealizable. This applies, in fact, to ion-type engines, which, due to their low power, should have several hundreds in the installation. These engines, precisely because of their fundamental weakness, we stopped developing more than thirty years ago. They are not considered in the United States and other countries as the basis for long-distance manned flights.

For many years, in my reports and speeches, I have been trying to show that the only type of engine suitable for creating a nuclear electrojet propulsion system is a magnetoplasma-dynamic engine with vector thrust and specific impulses. This type of engine was invented by me, tested in a series of space experiments and found wide application in several areas of science and technology. For a long time they believed that his work resource was insufficient. However, I and my colleagues, well-known experts in this field, believe that the problem is solved. This engine is simpler in its design, which means that it is more reliable than all others, including those developed by Americans.

I am sometimes asked the question: "Why do we need to fly to Mars?" A man cannot cut his wings; he will always strive into the unknown. Preparing the flight to Mars can give us the most powerful technology, as was the case with the Buran. The conquest of space, near, middle, far should be our national task. If our positions in this area are completely lost by us, then in the coming years we will no longer be considered.

And just a few words about science. Soviet science is an integrated, systematic approach to the knowledge of the world, it is the search, selection and training of personnel from a very young age, these are “social lifts” that lift talented children from the backwoods to the heights of knowledge, it is the formation of an atmosphere of respect for knowledge in society. From all this, the generation of Soviet scientists grew up, opening the way for the stars to humanity. And we in no case can not refuse it.

Jean ZINCHENKO, ex-general director, chief designer of the leading scientific institution of the Agat rocket and space industry of the USSR.

I am not an optimist. After such a deep fall of our country, in Russia today there is a complete de-industrialization of the country. This situation needs to be urgently broken. But for this, political will and intelligence of power, the first persons of the state are necessary. This is the same task as the restoration of the national economy after the end of the Great Patriotic War, no less. Otherwise, nothing happens.

Do we have such a problem? I do not know. I know only one thing - we must do everything we can to at least revive in the minds of those in power the problem leading to the preservation of Russia. We talked about space exploration here. We have another component - defense, in which things are, frankly, not much better than in matters of space exploration. And here we are all, as citizens of our country, and you, Alexander Andreevich, not only as a citizen, but also as a conductor of the ideology of the fifth empire, should help our industry rise.

I am bitterly stating the disappointing, bitter truth - some things that we did in the times of the Soviet Union, now we can not reproduce, even in conventional weapons. As a confirmation of my words, I will cite as an example the decree of the General Staff of India, which says something like this: Russia can supply us with new weapons, but it may happen that there are no spare parts for it.

I can not say that we have destroyed almost everything. No, there is still something left. But we have to start, figuratively speaking, with the crystallization of residues. Once manned and unmanned space launches are conducted, it means that there are people who are engaged in this. Some kind of backbone preserved. Today, this skeleton needs to build up tissue.

At one time, I only took 25 young specialists each year to the Agat enterprise - graduates of specialized universities from all over the country. There was a competition, my employees specially selected among the applicants the most deserving. There was a continuity of generations, when in a few years the young specialists already knew not only what the mentor taught them, but also went forward, further.

We now have an impossible task - to pull the country from where it is now. The task is impossible, but we must deal with it. We must become that crystal, around which everything will begin to gather.

Arthur USENKOV, General Director of the Rosobschemash Corporation.

Dear friends! Allow me as the host of this meeting of the Izborsk Club to express my sincere thanks to all of you for participating in the discussion of our space - and not only - problems that took place. We will not hide: these problems are serious, and they have accumulated more than enough. If everything goes the same way, if there is no tangible progress, a new breakthrough, we risk falling behind in all directions, and falling behind forever.

As long as we exist, we retain or, if necessary, all the initial positions necessary for such a breakthrough can be restored - at least I can say this, speaking about the sphere of space, space technologies.

A breakthrough in technology - we were convinced of this even in the Soviet era - gives a strong impetus to development in all industries. Against the background of rocket production and space exploration in the second half of the twentieth century, other related fields of science and production actively progressed.
But in order to make a breakthrough, first of all, political will is needed. We have reason to believe that such a will in modern Russia is being formed and is beginning to manifest itself - including through the activities of the Izborsk club.

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  1. Bort radist
    Bort radist 2 February 2013 07: 17
    "We will destroy the whole world to its foundations" - in principle, we survived the second revolution.
    When then, bl - b, immunity appears from self-destruction.
    1. bask
      bask 2 February 2013 07: 44
      Quote: Bort Radist
      survived the revolution.
      When, bl - b, immunity appear from self-destruction

      There is no immunity .. Cosmonautics continues to degrade. Where are the promised new carriers ,,, Angara ,,? .. WITHOUT REBORNING THE ENERGY AND SHIP ,, BURAN ,,, BASED ON NEW TECHNOLOGIES, WE DO NOT SEE FAR SPACE. But where to find personnel for the revival of this topic. Yes, and the factories are all privatized and destroyed. What do I think no one knows. To restore to the level of 1990, you need at least 10 years with the training of new specialists.
      1. S_mirnov
        S_mirnov 2 February 2013 10: 26
        In a weak state - there may be developed cosmonautics !. If the profits made by former Soviet factories are sawed among themselves by all sorts of Abramovichs, Potanins and Alisher, and exported abroad, and a sluggish, corrupt government sells state property (the second wave of privatization of GDP), and even enters into the WTO, then where to get the money for the development of astronautics? But GDP as a sucker was divorced for the Olympic Games, however, it is more likely a deliberate sabotage to plunder the state. funds!

        Cosmonautics is just a part of a diseased state, like automotive, machine tools, the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, etc.
      2. Horde
        Horde 2 February 2013 10: 32
        Space generals are perplexedly asking questions;
        -Why flies, only "seven"?
        -Why brought the BURAN from space?
        - why were we the first to come up with "digital control and communication", others are reaping the benefits?
        - why there are no new missiles?
        -and I'll add why they closed our LUNAR PROGRAM?
        and even a hundred why, but it may be enough for the GENERALS to ask Rhetorical questions, it is time to answer already, something intelligible. In my opinion, it is absolutely clear to all that all our good undertakings and all the successes that have come after the heroic labors of our people have been nullified by our own corrupt leadership. Khrushchev, Brezhnev, ANDROPOV, Gorbachev, Yeltsin and further down the list ...
        1. Papakiko
          Papakiko 2 February 2013 11: 09
          Quote: Horde
          Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov

          With these three, everything was born, and without them, it would not be all that is now!

          And this awaits us, it’s time for us to pave the way there.

          1. Horde
            Horde 2 February 2013 11: 18
            With these three, everything was born, and without them, it would not be all that is now!

            ALL SUCCESSES were laid under STALIN, it either went by inertia or negative acceleration, only the sticks were inserted into the wheels with varying degrees of success.
            1. Papakiko
              Papakiko 2 February 2013 12: 10
              Quote: Horde
              ALL SUCCESSES were laid under STALIN, it either went by inertia or negative acceleration, only the sticks were inserted into the wheels with varying degrees of success.

              You certainly can think so.
              But it is indisputable that NS Khrushchev did an incredible amount of work, because not so long ago his entire entourage and the whole country went through the crucible of the FIRST WINE and the "MATTRESS" with the Saxons pressed upon the USSR. this is not counting, of course, the plowed virgin lands, corn and the return of the Crimea to Ukraine.
              1. Horde
                Horde 2 February 2013 12: 36
                Quote: Papakiko
                But it is indisputable that N.S. Khrushchev has done an incredible amount

                yes, no, this bloody usurper was simply at the leadership of the country created by the GREAT MAN and there is an optical illusion that somehow influenced our cosmonautics.

                Here things are happening in the world !!! Again trouble, our Zenith collapsed from the sea launch, damn it !!!

              2. Nechai
                Nechai 2 February 2013 21: 01
                And also the termination of the creation of forest shelter belts, the rejection of the construction of fish farmers during the construction of hydroelectric power plants, the sawn down gardens of private traders, the simplification of the one-room apartments in Khrushchev to 50%, throwing with the economic councils, the monetary "reform" of 1961, queues for bread, "one million two hundred", cut tanks and barreled artillery, the termination of research and development in these areas, the dismissal of the backbone of the SA of the past World War II and the loss of war experience and traditions, the call for internal combustion engines, having a criminal record in peacetime. Discrimination, profonation of the communist idea itself and its substitution for a society of "protesters". The defeat and degeneration of the Security Bodies of Society and the State into the security service of the parties, and then the state nomenclature. Continue? Or is it not worth it?
        2. I think so
          I think so 2 February 2013 16: 48
          Only the short-sighted or seen enough of the current television with Svanidzami can say that Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Andropov did something bad for the country. All that Russia now has - devastation, backwardness and theft - is the merit of only Gorbachev and Yeltsin ... And do not mix normal leaders with this shit in one comment ...
          1. Horde
            Horde 2 February 2013 18: 00
            Only the short-sighted or seen enough of the current television with Svanidzami can say that Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Andropov did something bad for the country

            you don’t know stories, they appeared on our site recently, so at least for a start don’t say stupid things with smart intonations, read about Khrushchev for a start
            As for Brezhnev, you may remember that all Western culture, Western way of life, all sorts of stupid "Western values" came to us precisely in the Brezhnev era, while we reigned stagnation in culture, leveling in the economy and theft in the highest echelons of power. More importantly, it was under Brezhnev that the dirtiest and most disgusting deal with the United States took place, namely RECOGNITION OF THE AMERICAN LUNAR PROGRAM.
        3. Nechai
          Nechai 2 February 2013 20: 27
          Quote: Horde
          -and I'll add why they closed our LUNAR PROGRAM?

          Yes, because Uncle Lena, a flock of comrades inspired the idea that “peaceful coexistence” is more important than another triumph over the helpless Yankees. It was this coexistence that brought it to the zugunder ...
  2. max-02215
    max-02215 2 February 2013 08: 37
    First of all, change the leadership, but what kind of energy is TM. Moon? the satellite can’t deduce what has already been worked out for years, decades .........
    What is it? Statewide sabotage?
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 2 February 2013 10: 28
      "first of all, change the leadership" in the Kremlin, you need to change the leadership! A friend cannot get out of this vicious circle.
      1. Horde
        Horde 2 February 2013 10: 35
        Quote: S_mirnov
        "first of all, change the leadership" in the Kremlin, you need to change the leadership! A friend cannot get out of this vicious circle.

        Alexander I welcome you, as always right, but HOW TO DO IT?
        1. S_mirnov
          S_mirnov 2 February 2013 11: 51
          Well, they themselves will not leave there, and then the thought to develop this is extremism!
          However, there are options:
 - на мой взгляд самое реальной
          eating another version of the arrival of aliens;)
          1. Horde
            Horde 2 February 2013 12: 06
            Quote: S_mirnov
            However, there are options:

            yes, a little in the know, Mukhintsy collect signatures to launch a referendum procedure to pass a law on the COURT OF AUTHORITY, but collecting TWO million signatures is unrealistic!
            1. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov 2 February 2013 12: 40
              Then it remains only to wait until the economic situation in the country worsens so much that the people rebel themselves. But it is getting worse. But this is a very bloody and difficult version, a direct repetition of the revolution of 15-17, then the people too were brought to a pen.
              1. FATEMOGAN
                FATEMOGAN 2 February 2013 16: 59
                Quote: S_mirnov
                we can only wait until the economic situation in the country deteriorates so much that the people rebel themselves

                yeah, such provocateurs like you and your kortovy accomplices in 1917 drowned the country in blood for Anglo-American money, Rockefellers, Morganov and Shifov, that they drank a little blood from Russi, do you want fresh? or have grant grants ended?
                1. FATEMOGAN
                  FATEMOGAN 2 February 2013 17: 03
                  By the beginning of the 1900th century disruptive technologies have already been developed, and from 1901-XNUMX. foreign political and financial circles took under the protection of the Russian revolutionaries. An important role in these operations was played by the prominent Austrian socialist Viktor Adler, who was associated with the special services of Austria-Hungary. He served as the "personnel department", was looking for among the revolutionaries "promising" candidates. Another key figure was Alexander Parvus (Gelfand), associated with the intelligence services of Germany and England.
                  The first blow to Russia was inflicted in 1904, it was pitted against Japan. American bankers Morgan, Rockefellers, Schiff secured loans that allowed Tokyo to wage war. Great Britain provided diplomatic support - the Russians found themselves in international isolation. And the rear of Russia was blown up by the revolution.
                  E. Sutton gives evidence that Morgan and a number of other bankers also participated in financing the revolution. And in her planning, an important role was played by the environment of President Wilson.
                  A U.S. Secret Service certificate dated December 12, 1918 noted that large amounts for Lenin and Trotsky went through Fed Vice President Paul Warburg. And after the victory of the Bolsheviks, Thompson and Robins visited Trotsky (Bronstein) and sent a request to Morgan - to transfer to the Soviet government $ 1 million for emergency needs. This was reported by the Washington Post newspaper on 2.02.1918/XNUMX/XNUMX, a photocopy of Morgan's telegram about the transfer of money was preserved. A new upsurge also began among the revolutionaries. They find strong and fruitful ties with financiers. Even related “couples” arose. Yakov Sverdlov is a Bolshevik in Russia, and his brother Benjamin goes to the USA and somehow very quickly creates his own bank there. Leon Trotsky (Bronstein) is a revolutionary in exile. And in Russia, his uncle, Abram Zhivotovsky, is a banker and a millionaire (they did not break off relations with each other). Their relatives were also Kamenev, married to Trotsky's sister (Bronstein), Martov. Another “couple” is the Menzhinsky brothers. One is a Bolshevik, the other is a major banker. World war created fertile ground for destructive processes. Sometimes researchers point to the "weakness", "backwardness" of Tsarist Russia. This is nothing more than a propaganda lie. The first catastrophic blow Russia received not from opponents, but from allies and revolutionaries.
                  more details -
                  or - Starikov Nikolai Viktorovich “1917: Revolution or special operation” - The answer to the Russian revolution.
                2. S_mirnov
                  S_mirnov 2 February 2013 20: 34
                  "yeah, they brought it, such provacitors like you" - and what is the provocation?
                  "in 1917, the country was drowned in blood" - it was the tsarist government that drowned Russia in blood, not the mythical German and English spies. The Russian people are patient, until they bring them to their knees, the hell will go to rebel, and once in 15-17 they went, which means that the life of the peasants is rotten tsarism quite recently.
            2. S_mirnov
              S_mirnov 2 February 2013 15: 24
              Thinking about the topic, I decided to develop a little.
              I believe that the real threat to the modern pro-American regime in the Kremlin is posed by generations of free people brought up in the Soviet Union. For while in the country there are many people brought up on Soviet values, there is a threat of a socialist revolution.
              After the Soviet people die out, they will be replaced by a freshly educated (in the pro-American spirit) generation. In order to break the spiritual connection of generations, the SELF-RENEWABLE institutes of the Soviet state are destroyed: the Soviet education system, the army and the military education system, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the army are structurally overstuffed so as to disrupt generations. Starting from the kindergarten, and then the shock, the institute and the army, Church education is actively being introduced, which, by virtue of its capabilities, replaces the gap in the place of the destroyed Soviet worldview.

              The task of the authorities is to last until the Soviet people are completely extinct, hence the calls for stability!
              1. FATEMOGAN
                FATEMOGAN 2 February 2013 17: 56
                the task of the authorities is to get up from our knees and straighten the shoulders of our mighty power after the communists betrayed their country in 1991. And the more Russia spreads its wings, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, the louder are those who want to plunge the country into the blood-blazing hell of the next revolution !!!
                1. S_mirnov
                  S_mirnov 2 February 2013 20: 37
                  The abomination that ruled our country in 1991, or rather destroyed it, should not be considered communists. They were already outright werewolves.
                  1. FATEMOGAN
                    FATEMOGAN 3 February 2013 01: 21
                    Quote: S_mirnov
                    The abomination that ruled our country in 1991, or rather destroyed it, should not be considered communists,

                    and it’s interesting, it turns out: the Communists did all the good things in the USSR, but they destroyed the country like gold, they destroyed the country — not they. the communists approved the criminal Bialowieza agreement, voted unanimously, although they did not have any authority or rights to do so. they elected Yeltsin the chairman of the Supreme Government, who else is not the people. and now you disown him, didn’t lead, didn’t know, and not local at all! I admit that during the Soviet Union there were great achievements, but there were also great traitors - Gorbachev, Yeltsin, who threw our country back decades and didn’t let the communists tell them how to develop the country, but excuse me for the expression - EVERYTHING WAS EVERYONE! !!!!!!
                    1. S_mirnov
                      S_mirnov 3 February 2013 17: 05
                      Don't you think that Stalin and Yeltsin are some kind of different communists? Both had a party card. Which one of them do you consider the True Communist?
                      "who threw our country back decades" - can this really be said about Stalin? Has he fucked up?
                      Fucked up Gorby, Yeltsin and his direct RECEIVER! Or have you forgotten how Vova was brought by Yeltsin by the handle? By the way, the GDP must also be a "communist"!
                2. Karabin
                  Karabin 2 February 2013 21: 05
                  Quote: FATEMOGAN
                  the task of the authorities is to get up from our knees and straighten the shoulders of our mighty power

                  Is power on our knees? Before whom? And please examples on "to straighten the shoulders of our mighty power". Argued, without slogans.
                  1. FATEMOGAN
                    FATEMOGAN 3 February 2013 01: 04
                    Yes, we are on our knees! in front of whom ?! it’s even a little strange that you, in your rank, Comrade Major General, do not know about this. we are on our knees in front of the Fed. The ruble is untied from the gold standard and tied to a green paper. I hope you are aware who and when did it, did it at the end of the times of the USSR. So, we are not a completely sovereign country, and you should know about it. Want more? please read Nikolay Starikov, listen to Evgeny Fedorov. don’t know which books are more specific? - I can advise. otherwise I will have to answer you before turning gray. too much information.
                    How do we straighten our shoulders? very simply, unemployment in the country is one of the lowest in Europe, our 5 percent is against the average European 11, new factories, factories are introduced almost daily, roads and bridges are being built, production is being established, life is improving gradually. of course, it sounds strange, because usually they don’t write about it in the news, it’s customary to pour mud on the country, go to the website, read, do not be lazy - the question will disappear by itself.
                    A new generation of combat platforms is being created, new ships are being built, 5th generation aircraft, the largest military exercises since the Soviet era, the nuclear industry is developing at full speed, etc., etc. ........ of course, everything is not perfect, you will have to straighten your shoulders for a long time but the process is on. we’re just now overcoming the consequences of Communist treason against the country of 91 years. and if some govnolentochnye comrades do not arrange a revolution, then over time we will catch up with the economic indicators of the USSR, and then, and overtake !!!
                    1. S_mirnov
                      S_mirnov 3 February 2013 01: 26
                      "then, over time, we will catch up with the economic indicators of the USSR," - since these indicators were achieved by the USSR under the control of the "traitors" of the communists?
                      Or those who ruined our country are all the same not communists? And who is leading our country now? This is definitely not the Communists! They are not going to cancel the privatization and they are not dropping the yoke of the dollar either, they are storing the stabilization fund in America, they have recently joined the WTO.
                      It’s even a pity that Starikov’s becoming, how poor they must be, it is necessary to somehow cover up the actions of our government.
                      Here one activist secretly said that Chubais bought up defense factories so that foreigners would not get them during privatization, and when the time came for Ch, he would return them to the state at the time;)
                      1. FATEMOGAN
                        FATEMOGAN 3 February 2013 13: 06
                        please look more attentively, higher, I already answered the questions that you asked. but about Chubais, what can I say, I hope his hour will come, he will sit in jail for all the evil that he has done.
                      2. S_mirnov
                        S_mirnov 3 February 2013 17: 12
                        "And about Chubais, what can I say, I hope his hour will come," And I even know when that hour will come, when an individual is kicked out of the Kremlin with a kick in the ass, who by his first decree guaranteed the immunity of the EBN family, Chubais and some other people.
                        The FSB’s affairs are already ready for a long time, they’re probably in safes, they don’t give a move!
                      3. FATEMOGAN
                        FATEMOGAN 3 February 2013 22: 29
                        you see everything is black and white, everything that the USSR is perfect, present times is a disaster, it doesn’t happen, the world is much more diverse and complex, the problems were both in the USSR and now they are full, I am for socialism, as you understand, I hold extremely left-wing views , a mistake, in my opinion, of people professing your world order that one course can change the course of the country, we have already stepped on this rake twice, in 1917 and 1991, which gave seas of blood and the country's dumping decades ago, enough, we must change the political means by peaceful means orientation of the country. and about those 90s, you better ask Zyuganov why in 1995 he struck the elections, winning them and not becoming a president, surrendered the country to the oligarchs, whom he now scolds so intensely.
  3. enot555
    enot555 2 February 2013 09: 40
    during the union with these leaders who satellite the rally quickly and significantly removed the scalps am
    and now they threaten with a finger --- crap fucking fucked up
  4. Averias
    Averias 2 February 2013 09: 41
    Excellent article, no hysterics and fanfare. Problems, shortcomings are clearly and intelligibly described, I was pleased that despite the difficulties - the potential is not small. Especially with regard to the MTD engine, although at the moment you still need to conjure with it, the thing is really unique, the author says about this. Ion thrusters are not bad, only in Earth orbit, for adjustments. For long-distance flights - no, the efficiency is simply negligible. The only thing left to do is "small" - to convey all this to the government. And to put someone honest (and there are such people), to control finances and empower him with rights. You look at it and go. Although the United States will certainly make every effort to prevent this. But even here, in the light of recent events (the law on NGOs, USAID was kicked out), we see that it is possible to fight them. As they say, we'll take a look.
  5. valokordin
    valokordin 2 February 2013 09: 41
    For an hour I carefully read the statements of remarkable Soviet scientists and almost completely agree with them, until everything is lost, we need to get out of the hole where the traitors to the Soviet people and their current followers took us. I can't give a recipe for revival, everything is already running like that (only if an effective red-haired manager is put at the head of space?) With the current political-economic system, this is not possible, because the current government will not be able to organize this breakthrough in space, and even mobilize, rally and she has nothing to inspire human potential. A Soviet approach to this problem is needed. Remember the words from the March of the Enusiastes: "We have no barriers either in the sea or on land, we are not afraid of ice or clouds, the flame of our soul, the banner of our country, we will carry through the world and centuries."
    1. baltika-18
      baltika-18 2 February 2013 11: 22
      Quote: valokordin
      Under the current political and economic system, this is not possible, because the current government will not be able to organize this breakthrough in space, and there’s nothing to mobilize, rally and inspire human potential with.

      That's right, Vladimir. You have clearly pointed out the reason for everything that is happening with us. A system created in the 90s, slightly modified in the 2000s, cannot solve global and breakthrough tasks. It was not created for this from the very beginning. This system enrichment of the minority, the destruction and humiliation of the majority, the system of elimination of mental potential.
  6. bubla5
    bubla5 2 February 2013 09: 56
    Correctly run the country financiers led by a staff spy
    1. lewerlin53rus
      lewerlin53rus 2 February 2013 11: 09
      Quote: bubla5
      the country is run by financiers led by a career spy

      Rather, the country is ruled by bureaucrats. It is impossible to make even the smallest little step without collecting hundreds of different unnecessary pieces of paper. And what is remarkable is that there is no difference who will sit in the Kremlin. These bureaucrats will pervert, bring to the point of absurdity absolutely any, even the most correct and necessary law
      1. Karabin
        Karabin 2 February 2013 21: 11
        Quote: lewerlin53rus
        And what is remarkable is that there is no difference who will sit in the Kremlin.

        I do not agree. According to the constitution, the president of the country has almost imperial powers, sufficient to break, change or create a management system. Another question is that Putin will not break the current system, the guarantee of his own power.
        1. lewerlin53rus
          lewerlin53rus 2 February 2013 22: 11
          Quote: Karabin
          royal authority, sufficient to break, change or create a management system.

          This is only at the highest echelons of power. And it is impossible to change the bureaucratic machine on the ground only by presidential decrees. At the district-city level, there is such a system of friendly-kinship relations that it cannot be changed without repression. Personally, the president, even with a bunch of aides, will not be able to control army of officials. The trouble is that people are mostly inert and few are trying to fight this colossus of bureaucracy. It takes too much time and money and health.
          1. Karabin
            Karabin 2 February 2013 23: 02
            Quote: lewerlin53rus
            Personally, the president, even with a bunch of assistants, will not be able to control the entire army of officials.

            But not all. It is enough to control the government and governors, and then vertically. And the demand is real, for those who deserve, with landings. Only for this we need the Sovereign, and not ersatz a la Nicolas II, maneuvering between clans of friends.
  7. bairat
    bairat 2 February 2013 10: 01
    What moon, what are you talking about? Master your land first, put things in order here. We still have cities that do not have sustainable road connections. Our space, with the exception of communication satellites, navigation, and others, is a huge black hole meaninglessly eating resources.
    1. S_mirnov
      S_mirnov 2 February 2013 10: 32
      It is necessary to invest money in space in order to at least preserve the old achievements of the USSR. There are many other places where to draw money, it is only necessary that the patriot lead the country.
  8. Volkhov
    Volkhov 2 February 2013 11: 28
    "Buran" was supposed to orbit, maintain and return to Earth space modules weighing up to one hundred tons, that is, five times more than any "Shuttle"!

    - enchanting nonsense, talking about a complete misunderstanding of the issue

    Look at the iPhone. Here, and the receiver, and the transmitter, and the recorder, and the camera, and the computer, and much more. Working on such things, we, first of all, move the technologies of our country.

    - iPhone discovery

    The author of the essay, Prokhanov, created a curtain of fog, he can, but does anyone on the forum know what the Izborsk Club is, are they all like that or is there something reasonable?
    Izborsk itself is an interesting place - under the Kremlin there is a geological layered structure, capable of rising during the Ripple as South American Tepui, and it will be interesting if the event coincides with the next meeting and this amazing team will be preserved for the New World.
  9. Apollo
    Apollo 2 February 2013 12: 13
    moon plans
  10. ruton
    ruton 2 February 2013 13: 43
    Once again I was convinced that the cadres decide everything. And now there are simply no frames. there is no person who united at least enthusiasts around him, gave an impetus to the movement in front. Money certainly solves a lot of issues but not all. The same Korolev and others like him worked not for money, for the idea. And now there is no idea, not money, but the personnel question is simply in the pope. If after the Minister of Defense so many things have to be raked, then this is just a complete out. One can relate to Stalin in every way, but you cannot deny him one thing, the ability to select people. Now this is not even close. request
  11. washi
    washi 2 February 2013 13: 43
    How much we have lost. If one invests purposefully in aviation and astronautics, then this will entail the development of electronics and optics and metallurgy and, most importantly, education. BUT all this should be done under very strict control. If for this it is necessary to carry out reprivatization, then it must be carried out. If it is necessary to put EVERYONE who works for this under the control of ALL power structures - to put it. Remove from these refusals ALL COMMERCIAL banks. The state has money - the Fund for Future Generations, and the future is in space and with those who will be able to put it in the service of their country. While the veterans of the industries are still alive, it is not too late. Yes - old people, but they were brought up on love for the Motherland, and not on "democratic values." I think they will be able to convey their experience. THE MAIN THING IS NOT TO BE LATE
  12. ziqzaq
    ziqzaq 2 February 2013 14: 10
    First, the Soviet education system must be returned, all major commodity corporations should be returned to the legal and tax fields of the country, the Central Bank should be made independent and controlled by the government, and then after 15-20 years you can dream about the Moon. Liberasts and other ghouls will not allow space either to master nor a normal life for the people here to build on earth. Where are you comrade Stalin !!!
  13. Concept1
    Concept1 2 February 2013 14: 22
    A great country must have great things. Manned flight to Mars! and it’s not necessary to come up with any national ideas. The implementation of such a project on its own will give both a technological breakthrough and international recognition. And most importantly, self-confidence that Russia can handle everything .... It is necessary to be leaders precisely through such projects and then everyone will be drawn to Russia as a center! Including the "fraternal" Republic.
    Why on your own?
    1. Because the scale of the country allows the implementation of projects of any complexity.
    2. That others do not cling to our achievement.
    All peoples and states are equal. But someone must be the first among equals!
  14. I think so
    I think so 2 February 2013 16: 38
    It seems like stepping on a rake is a profession ... Well, it has already become clear even to a blind person that the option with the Burans - Shuttle is a dead end ... But no, there are also in the Russian space industry lovers to waste money and then talk beautifully about "victories "... Well, okay, stupid Americans got into the shuttle program, so then they changed their minds and now they are creating a new spaceship of the" Proton "type, but they have abandoned nonsense like" Shuttle "forever ... But there are no local ones either because of stupidity or malice or, following the recommendations of amers, they are trying to inculcate a half-impoverished country into such an expensive nonsense that the Americans themselves could not pull ... I am surprised at the girl's memory of Russian engineers. All the disadvantages of such programs have already been sucked.
    1. Price. Shuttles are super expensive. Each start is almost 10 times more expensive than the start of the Union or Proton. And the result is almost the same.
    2. Reliability. Almost half of the Shuttles crashed (!).
    3. The viciousness of the main idea. Why drag into the orbit a pointless load there: wheels, wings, engines, and a bunch of equipment for landing ...

    If the Russian designers go crazy and get into such a meaningless project, it remains only to regret their intellectual level ... but where are the Russian queens and Chemelei? Huh? Nope them ... sold out to the west ...
    1. washi
      washi 2 February 2013 17: 42
      There is no need to compare completely different systems. If you studied the history of cosmonautics, you would know that their shuttles are the answer to our developments (at that moment economically unprofitable). Most importantly, a carrier rocket was created. environmentally friendly with a large mass of cargo. And reusable devices ... We have already flown "Boras". And the Salyut station practiced the destruction of enemy satellites.
      Buran showed that we are ahead of the rest not only in reusable systems, but also in software. Until now, NOBODY has been able to achieve a fully automatic landing.
      And the designer is still alive. It is only necessary to remove managers. Soviet directors work better, at least because of their general literacy
  15. 916-th
    916-th 2 February 2013 21: 08
    After reading the article, like others, I immediately had a question: what is "Izborsk club"? The result of a short google search was the following:

    On September 27, 2012, an event took place that will be a test for the Russian authorities in general and for President Putin in particular. The point is that on this day in Khimki near Moscow there was a presentation of the Izborsk Club, a statist movement. Three points are important here:

    1. Without a doubt, this is a reaction to the ongoing political crisis in Russia and "our response to Chamberlain" to the comprador-style white tape movement. If our Orangemen united both the left and the right and the nationalists on the principle of dumping power and destroying the state, then the Izborsk club included red and white imperials with the goal of creating a new model for the development of the state not on the basis of liberalism.

    2. Draws attention to the unusually representative composition of the participants. The club members were "Eurasians" Alexander Dugin and Valery Korovin, writer and editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Zavtra" Alexander Prokhanov, director of the Institute of Globalization Problems Mikhail Delyagin, president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Leonid Ivashov, journalist Maxim Shevchenko, historian and political scientist Andrey Fursov, editor of the magazine " However, "Mikhail Leontyev, adviser to the President of Russia Sergei Glazyev, Archimandrite Tikhon and others. All are people who are known for their critical attitude to the liberal model of the country's development and have been upholding the distinctive vector of the Russian path for decades.

    3. The idea of ​​reconciliation of all the conservative forces of Russia was declared in weight. Both the Red Imperials and the White must together oppose the ideological expansion of the West: "And if the reconciliation of the Reds and Whites took place on this day, it would sparkle" (A. Prokhanov).

    The main front of the struggle: Ideology! “Our club is a laboratory where the ideology of the Russian state will be developed, an institute where the concept of a breakthrough will be created, a military workshop where ideological weapons will be forged, which will immediately go into battle” (A. Prokhanov).

    The main economic task: Ensuring the transition of Russia to the sixth economic structure through the mobilization of basic resources by the state. “No business can create national state goal-setting, this is the task of the state” (M. Leontyev).

    The main requirement: Providing equal access to the media, almost 90% occupied by Western liberals. “The majority of the Russian people do not want to move in the direction proposed by the liberals, in the direction where the West is moving ... (A. Dugin).

    In fact, the statesmen, the imperials are again reaching out to Putin. The first time this happened during the presidential elections. Then Putin used the help. For, let's be honest, it was not the authorities who won the reckless swamp opposition. It was the forces represented in the Izborsk Club that set up a barrier to the Orange coup.

    The reaction of the authorities and Putin personally is still unknown. The levers of government of the country have accumulated a critical amount of comprador-liberal scum. And the media are simply taken over by them. There is an opinion that liberalism is spiritually closer to the country's leadership. The near future will be leaping as to whether Putin accepted the outstretched hand or all of his patriotic pro-imperial rhetoric on the eve of the elections - nothing more than a maneuver to gain power. The fact is that in the conditions of the growing political crisis in the country, the growing efforts of the West to annihilate the Russian state, the president may have no alternative but to rely on the intellectual forces of the Izborsk Club.
    1. Karabin
      Karabin 2 February 2013 22: 39
      Quote: 916
      In fact, the statesmen, the imperials, are again reaching out to Putin.

      And how long will they stand? Liberal Putin has been driving the patriots-imperial-statesmen for a dozen years. During this time, the privatization of the 90s was legalized and the privatization of the 10s began, the country was dragged into the WTO (to the sixth economic order? wink ), lost aircraft and machine-tool building, we have banks with predatory loans, a failed pension and education reform, a five-year "Serdyukovshchina" plan and total feeding of bureaucrats from budgetary streams, rivers and streams. As if not to go around the world with this outstretched hand to the imperials of the Izborsk Club and, together with them, the whole country.
  16. Nechai
    Nechai 2 February 2013 21: 23
    Quote: I think so
    Well, it has already become clear even to a blind man that the option with the "Buran" - "Shuttle" is a dead end ...

    If the amers did not have a "stone flower", then its very idea is a dead end, go straight! And God forbid! The Russians will do it! How do you tady with the axiom, sho truncated amerikanko just the most, be?!?!?!
    I would like to remind the mindless entities that the Spiral was supposed to work in tandem with the Buran. A further development of the system would be an "air launch". That Buran could REMOVE AES from orbit, along with BORs, carry out maintenance and minor repairs of AES in orbit. To take finished products from orbit and refuel "cartridges". The fact that the citizen of the United States, Feoktistov K.P., was actively ruined against these functions, speaks for itself ...
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 3 February 2013 04: 43
      Burano / shuttles are not only expensive, but physically at the limit of the dimension of the safe passage of the ionosphere - Buran received a glow discharge on the nose cone and survived by a miracle, while Colombia got an avalanche and scattered over 2000 km. The spiral, Max, X-series of Americans are smaller in size and are not included in this dangerous zone, but in reality there is only in the USA.
      To have a good space program, you must first correct the story - to save Stalin in the 50s, develop patriotism, suppress Zionism within Russia, create technical parity with the Nazis. And now it's no use trying - control networks in the country are not Russian, all good things will be sided.
  17. ziqzaq
    ziqzaq 3 February 2013 04: 31
    Izborsk club, in my opinion, offers that part of the modern elite that is ready to maintain its position in Russia to make a soft "coup" and protect the interests of the country (and integrity by and large). The time of half measures and all sorts of cunning monipulations is coming to an end. I'd like to believe that it will be possible to avoid a lot of blood. May God bless everyone who will cleanse the country of all liberal scum ...