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Globalists: technology robbery

Globalists: technology robbery

The supranational elites, using the USA as their base ofoperation, are pursuing a neo-imperialist policy, destroying established states and plunging them into chaos, in order to use the instability that has arisen to plunder entire countries and peoples.

Technologies of this have long been worked out and are actively used in different countries, adapting to local conditions. There are a lot of literature about the technologies of “controlled chaos”, “velvet revolutions” and “economic killers”, so I will not dwell on them.

I use as a basis the big report “The Threat of Global War: Driving Forces, Opposing Coalitions and Prospects of Ukraine” Yuriy Romanenko, made by him before the new year, refining along the way, complementing, in some places and expressing a different position from him.
Initially, I want to agree with the thesis of Romanenko that the logic of the next events will be dictated by the war. Moreover, this war has been going on in the hot (power) phase for more than a year, and before that it had been long diplomatically, economically and informationally.

But I do not agree with the interpretation of the causes of this war. The thesis that there are too many people on earth and the ecosystem cannot feed them, does not hold water. The current level of technology (according to FAO reports) allows feeding 24 a billion people, not 7 living, and not 1,5, without damage to the ecosystem - as reported by the Roman Club.

Moreover, even cash food is enough to completely eliminate hunger. Also, as well as the available resources, it is quite enough to completely eliminate poverty (I can justify this, like everything else, with multipage calculations, but almost no one will read them, so let's make a statement of facts).

The problem is not the availability of resources, but in their distribution. The same goes for social engineer Jean Fresco. Resources cannot be effectively distributed within the existing neoliberal monetarist system. But instead of changing the system, the existing transnational elites prefer to plunge the world into a new general war, just to preserve their wealth and influence.

Instead of developing highly efficient technologies, they are deliberately braked to justify the “golden billion” theory. Funds are invested in obviously inefficient types of energy such as solar and wind, and nuclear, geothermal and thermonuclear energy are curtailed (because, as one smart person said, free energy is communism).

A crisis in the economy is deliberately called an overproduction crisis, but in reality it is an insolvency crisis of demand. As Henry Ford said, “If I had a choice: not to pay dividends or reduce salaries, I would not pay dividends. Because, by cutting wages, we are cutting demand. ” Which inevitably leads to stagnation.

And neoliberal economists worldwide reduce incomes of the population, which is not only anti-human, but also suicidal.

This is a brief, without going into the arguments about the vicious nature of the Fed, loan interest and financial speculation. However, the return of the Glass-Stigol Act and the general debt amnesty (as recommended by Lyndon LaRouche), although it will allow the system to be restarted for a while, but will not solve the problem as a whole (and it will happen again over time).

So, we all witness the classic hegemonic shift. The United States is rapidly losing ground to China (if it were not for the demagogue Gorbachev and his gang of communal mutants, then the modernized USSR could have been in China’s place), which, while not giving America a clear challenge, gradually takes the lead, as in industrial potential, and in other directions.

The United States is trying in every way to prevent this, both by economic and diplomatic measures, and by military operations in the periphery countries. For this, they even sacrifice their old and proven allies (below we consider the logic of their actions in more detail).

We can state with confidence that the unfolding war is not really dictated by lack of resources, concern for the environment or the mythical desire for "democratization" (absolutely stupid citizens still believe in this nonsense), and based on it only the imperial ambitions of a number of Anglo Saxon elites (the United States and Great Britain, above all). They do not want to put up with elusive dominance, and therefore they are in a terrible hurry.

The reasons for this haste are not obvious to many because of the narrow specialization of most experts. Some analyze economic trends, other political developments, and the third have military potential, and therefore see the situation only in one slice, missing the picture as a whole.

I was also very lucky, because I was able to bring a number of analytical reports from different fields into a single picture. In addition, I worked a lot with English-language analytics, which no one had translated into Russian before me (and it was not available to most of my colleagues).

So, there are several reasons. First, and most obviously, the United States is falling further and further into debt and recession. And in the near future, default, growth of separatism, ethnic conflicts, mass riots and even civil war (something to choose from or all together) can wait for them.

Russian and Ukrainian liberal media or pro-Western "experts" like Karasev and Yermolaev will never tell you about the almost 46 of millions of Americans living on food stamps. Or about the strongest separatist sentiments in a number of states. Or about the local defaults of a number of municipalities and the deplorable state of the budgets of the rest. Or about exorbitant unemployment (officially in the 10% area, unofficially - over 16%). Or about the tens of millions of migrants who arrived in the United States over the past few years (most of whom barely speak English). Or about the highest percentage of prisoners in the world (the notorious GULAG even in the peak years contained far fewer people).

When I post articles and videos made by the Americans themselves and describing the real state of affairs in the United States, some resent and accuse me of "manipulation." It’s like I’ve got a whole Hollywood here, and I’m taking it all off and writing (this is so different from the picture shown by our media). But usually I don’t give a hundredth part of all the material, because I am afraid that they will not accept it because of excessive contrast ...

Secondly, the state of the American military machine is far from ideal. The nuclear potential has not been updated for twenty years (the last test dates back to 1992-th year) and is largely outdated or has completely failed for a long time (many missiles and charges over 50-years).

Famous stealth technologies are seen by almost all modern detection systems. According to the US Naval College, only a third fleet It is in a fairly combat-ready state (and the fleet itself has shrunk to a record low of 258 pennants).

There are also significant problems in a number of other areas. For example, according to some sources, the recent drop in the latest drone An RQ-170 in Iran was caused by Iranian hackers taking control of it. Some calculations also suggest that in the event of the outbreak of hostilities, Chinese “cyber troops” are capable of not only bringing down the entire Internet in the United States, but also seizing control of drones and even the American satellite system.

Moreover, due to problems with the budget, the US Navy abandoned the production of corvettes of a new generation, the Air Force strongly reduced the planned number of purchased drones and traditional combat aircraft, and the personnel of the armed forces are planned this year to reduce more than a hundred thousand people. As we can see, the US military power, although it continues to be superior, is still rapidly declining.

Third, the window of opportunity for the United States to weaken China without direct military confrontation will close quickly enough. It will gradually shift to new markets, including generating strong domestic demand for manufactured goods. And this will weaken China’s dependence on the US economy, and in the long term will allow them to completely abandon the use of the dollar as a unit of account.

In addition, if in the past year, China’s dependence on imported energy was about 30%, over the next few years it will gradually decline. Huge deposits of shale gas and oil (sufficient for 300 years at the current consumption level) have been discovered in China, and the Chinese are quickly mastering the technologies of their extraction. And this means that soon (by about 2018, if not faster), China will no longer depend on hydrocarbon imports, and it will be much more difficult to control, since it cannot be cut off from the supply of these resources (as the Americans plan to do with the attack on Iran ).

Again, the first Chinese aircraft carrier was recently launched (bought once unfinished from Ukraine), by 2015, China plans to launch three more, and by 2018 - three more. Thus, the carrier fleet of China will be comparable to the US, which now has 11 carrier strike groups (some of which are already morally obsolete).

This is another one of the reasons for the US to hurry, often making mistakes.

There are two ways how to keep hegemony - it is to develop ahead of oneself, or not to let the rest (or even cause artificial degradation) develop.

The first path, obviously, is closed for the USA, and for several reasons at once. First, there was a strong de-industrialization in the country, connected with the transfer of production to the third world countries, where the taxes and wages of workers are lower.

Secondly, in the USA there is no infrastructure and industrial base necessary for new industrialization. As one recent study has shown, even the lion's share of electronics for American weapons systems is produced in Asia.

The general degradation of US industrial production is also perfectly illustrated by the fact cited by Paul Krugman (with reference to Steve Jobs) that in the US it is technically impossible to start production of the iPad, therefore almost all Apple’s facilities are located in China.

Thirdly, the United States, in its desire to create a society of ideal consumers, virtually destroyed its educational system. And today they simply do not have the number of technical specialists necessary for new industrialization (but there are tens of thousands of specialists in African ethnography, as well as hundreds of thousands of other similar “valuable” university graduates - a product of education liberalization). The fact that Americans are stupid is recognized not only by the humorist Zadornov, but also by the apologist for US domination Zbigniew Brzezinski.

To date, the vast majority of intellectuals and technicians in the United States are first-generation emigrants from the former USSR, India, and China. And mostly very specifically "sharpened", which makes them hardly applicable for the needs of industrialization.

Therefore, the United States is playing on lowering the level of all others, general debilization and chaotic processes in the world. This game itself (apart from the possibility of a global war) threatens humanity to roll into a new Middle Ages.

1. The introduction of deluded systems of "education" that do not provide full knowledge, do not form critical thinking and universal knowledge about the world.

2. The mass formation of mindless consumer thinking.

3. Destruction of productive thinking, its replacement with speculative and parasitic. Including the creation of such conditions, when the manufacturer receives less profit than the seller / intermediary (I have repeatedly encountered this personally, being a manufacturer of various products).

4. The statement of a non-working neoliberal economic theory as the only true one (although it does not contain a single formula that would be applicable in practice or confirmed by facts).

5. The imposition of a highly specialized, dependent, colonial type of production (monocultural, low-tech).

6. Support for ultra-right, reactionary, dictatorial regimes (Arab sheikhs, monarchies, frankly fascist movements and Islamic fundamentalism).

7. The struggle to protect patents and “ownership” hinders the development of technology and limits access to information.

8. Propaganda of individualism and egocentrism, which leads to the atomization of society and the universal reduction of the birth rate.

9. Protection of the rights of gay, pedophiles and other perverts, which goes beyond all reasonable limits.

Separately, I would like to dwell on such an aspect of liberal ideology as deregulation. It was the immense and thoughtless deregulation carried out by the fanatical followers of Ayn Rand and Milton Friedman that led to today's deplorable state of both the United States and the European Union countries.

A simple fact: the countries with strong state regulation reached the greatest industrial development - Japan after the Second World War, the USSR in the period of industrialization, the USA from the times of Roosevelt, Germany with its “social market economy”, Sweden, Norway, Finland and many others.

China, in full compliance with this trend, began to catch up with the United States due to its strongest state capitalism, and the United States began to get crisis after crisis due to the increased use of deregulation (like Japan for the 1975 year).

But, in fact, this strategy was unfolded by the US establishment for a long time, and recent events forced them to move to a fundamentally tougher phase of regressive policy.

The first direction was the “rating war” directed against individual countries in the eurozone and the European Union as a whole. The main goal of this war was to destabilize the “euro” so that capital would not seek to “withdraw from the dollar” into other currencies.

In addition, the task was to weaken European integration, because too strong Europe (and, above all, Germany) can become a competitor of the United States in the struggle for world hegemony. And a weak Europe remains manageable and obedient. Therefore, the United States actively "wet" their old NATO allies.

The second direction is the restriction of China’s access to African resources (deposits of ores, oil, diamonds, etc.). For this, the Arab Spring was organized (yes, there were prerequisites for disturbances, but without external initiation, the situation could fester for a long time, as it happens in Ukraine), which resulted in several regime changes, a couple of small wars and even new state - South Sudan. But the Chinese do not give up and in some places continue to replay the Americans and their allies, financing alternative forces and buying up local leaders.

The third direction is an attempt to surround China with countries hostile to it, as well as to stimulate internal unrest and separatism. That is why Obama and Clinton flew almost all the Asian countries for almost half a year, trying their best to destroy their relations with China. However, almost without success, since in many of these countries, China has already implemented its counterpart of the Marshall Plan, making their economies closely connected with the Chinese, and also successfully developing local infrastructure.

The fourth direction is the establishment of control over world oil production, primarily in the Persian Gulf region and on the Arabian Peninsula. Thus, three hares are killed at once: China’s access to hydrocarbons is blocked, American control over energy supplies to Europe is established, and (in the event of a war with Iran) oil prices are rapidly increasing, causing an additional blow to Europe and making the American economy more competitive (since it is much less dependent on shipments from the Gulf).

In the light of such a global alignment, Libya was just a rehearsal (besides, Gaddafi was too independent, built underground rivers, tried to introduce a gold dinar and unite African countries against imperialism). And the real goal is Iran.

But Syria is on the way to Iran, where plans for a quick change of government have failed due to the high support of Assad by the population and the military. In the "Syrian Free Army" there is simply almost no one to fight, except for the few and non-initiative defectors and foreign mercenaries.

The failure of the “Arab Spring” technology in Syria forces the United States to move to direct military aggression (which I have already written about in detail). But they did not receive the sanction of the UN Security Council, which was supposed to justify the next “introduction of a no-fly zone”, because China and Russia used the right of veto. And the resolution passed through the General Assembly is only of a recommendatory nature.

However, the US State Department is less worried about saving face. At some point, they may simply stop bothering to maintain the appearance of legality (repeated violations of the UN Charter on their part in the past is a clear confirmation of this).

The most incomprehensible thing for me in this situation is why European leaders do not understand that destabilization (and possible war) in Syria and Iran will strike, first of all, in their countries? And why do they not understand that the United States is waging an aggressive economic war against them? And if they understand, why not react adequately, while continuing to support American initiatives against the Arab world (and, accordingly, against Europe)?

I have only two versions. The first is that many European leaders (by the way, the leaders of the Arab League countries as well) are only controlled puppets. No wonder, for example, Nicolas Sarkozy is called the "American boy." The second is that they are part of a supranational "elite" and they are not interested in the interests of their own countries (corporate interests of the banking and financial elite are more important for them). There is no significant difference between the two versions.

Of course, the Western elites who do not want to abandon the neoliberal doctrine will be forced to continue the war for control over resources. What makes the three wars almost inevitable: the war against Syria and Iran, the war against Russia and the war against China.

What I partly disagree with Romanenko is that Ukraine can avoid participation in future conflicts in some possible scenario. She is already involved, is already losing.

First, we lose markets. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iran - we have already lost several billion dollars in trade, and we will lose even more.

Secondly, we lose the opportunity to gain access to Iranian oil (and in the future - to the Middle East in general).

Third, by freezing operations with Iranian banks, as the NBU recently led by Arbuzov, we are in fact taking one of the parties to the coming conflict, which can have unpredictable consequences. And then let Mr. Arbuzov and other high officials tell the jihadists that “we did not mean that,” if they have time.

And finally, in the fourth, regardless of which side Russia will take now, the subsequent war against Russia will still be inevitable. The logic of cannibals does not know the concept of "ally", which can be seen in the example of how the US drowns the EU countries - its NATO allies. And judging by the recent actions of the Russian leadership, there they are also beginning to understand.

And if there is a war with Russia, then at first they will destabilize countries along its borders - the Baltic States, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and, of course, Ukraine.

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  1. mda
    31 January 2013 18: 51
    Interesting article
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 31 January 2013 19: 23
      In addition to being interesting, it is also informative. It turns out that inside the situation there are people who very clearly fold and subtract the facts.
  2. predator.3
    predator.3 31 January 2013 19: 00
    The thesis that there are too many people on the earth and the ecosystem cannot feed them does not stand up to criticism. The current level of technology (according to FAO reports) allows to feed 24 billion people without damage to the ecosystem, not 7 living, and not 1,5 - as reported by the Club of Rome.

    All the same, the birth rate in some countries (India, China, and Africa) must be taken under control, poverty can be achieved, but in other countries, on the contrary, it can be supported, for example, in Russia.
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 31 January 2013 19: 24
      Support bro :)
    2. yak69
      yak69 31 January 2013 20: 39
      It is obvious that it is impossible to come to an agreement with the cannibals represented by the world behind the scenes - the supranational "elites". The fact that they are not people and they do not care about everyone except themselves is also understandable. It is clear that things are steadily moving towards a world war, and this war is the only possible way out for these cannibals. I do not understand the policy of the "party and government". If our "leaders" are for the people and for the people, then put the Serdyukovs-Vasilievs-Chubais-Fursenkovs in prison
      1. yak69
        yak69 31 January 2013 21: 14
        It is obvious that it is impossible to reach an agreement with the cannibals represented by the world behind the scenes - the supranational "elites". The fact that they are not people and they do not care about everyone except themselves is also understandable. It is clear that things are steadily moving towards a world war, and this war is the only possible way out for these cannibals. I do not understand the policy of the "party and government". If our "top" for the people and for the people, then plant Serdyukov-Vasilyev-Chubais-Fursenkovs and others like them, cleanse (the authorities) of the goons, return the nation's wealth to the people from the oligarchs, raise the living, scientific and cultural level of our citizens. In a word, build, open, create.
        In fact, I see - sluggish investigations, half-hearted decisions, transplanting the same odious "figures" to different "chairs", the introduction of juvenile justice, the destruction of agriculture under the pretext of observing WTO norms, the destruction of cattle and poultry in villages under far-fetched different flu, you can continue the list yourself.
        What's happening?! Who is our power with ?!
        Just don’t talk about ships and submarines under construction. First, work with the statistics and understand that what is being done is negligible compared to WHAT AND HOW MUCH SHOULD BE CREATED ALREADY YESTERDAY!
        I urge everyone to reflect on these issues and remember one thing. The authorities, like us, also make their choice. Forums like ours are 100% monitored by special services (ours and foreign). And if the government sees that its actions are being approved (considering which ones), and what their eyes are closing, or if citizens take the pose of an ostrich and a nonsense, then the government also continues its robbery-busting. Remember: WE give you the power of this power and WE with you and deprive it of this power!
        Therefore, think and take responsibility for the right (very often difficult and promising difficulty) choice.
  3. anchonsha
    anchonsha 31 January 2013 19: 03
    Yes, it has long been seen that the Americans, and even Old Europe, have their brains turned on their heels - liberal values ​​lead to a dullness and gradual extinction of their population, but they impose these liberal values ​​on other countries, trying to cast world civilization into the Middle Ages. So it’s easier to control the world and live off others, like in science fiction American films. But as for the large-scale war, the author went through all the same. Nobody wants to die from a nuclear war, and, God forbid, Russia has something to meet and reward the enemy.
  4. Ascetic
    Ascetic 31 January 2013 19: 09
    The fourth area is the establishment of control over world oil production, primarily in the Persian Gulf and on the Arabian Peninsula. Thus, three birds with one stone are killed: China’s access to hydrocarbons is blocked, American control over energy supplies to Europe is established, and (in the event of a war with Iran) oil prices are skyrocketing, causing an additional blow to Europe and making the US economy more competitive (since it is much less dependent on supplies from the Gulf).

    Oil is the main thing. Who controls it is the master of the world. And the one who prints money for which they are forced to buy this oil is the world's main deceivers and terrorists

    1. Frigate
      Frigate 31 January 2013 19: 15
      Quote: Ascetic
      Oil is the main thing. Who controls it is the master of the world. And the one who prints money for which they are forced to buy this oil is the world's main deceivers and terrorists

      The United States, in general, can potentially not depend on any country or on anyone's oil. They have very rich resources, the same shale gas is worth it, although everything is sold not so well with them.
  5. Geisenberg
    Geisenberg 31 January 2013 19: 24
    Thanks to the author - very informative.
    1. mda
      31 January 2013 20: 18
      Quote: Geisenberg

      Thanks to the author - very informative.

      Which author? Who wrote or published this article?
  6. NKVD
    NKVD 31 January 2013 19: 53
    All the same, the Bolsheviks were right when they talked about the decay of the West. The question only rested on time ...
  7. shurup
    shurup 31 January 2013 19: 54
    Consumers, speculators, feminists, gay people, etc. (see points in the article) - are the "fifth column" and are subject to deportation to the USA and London. The death penalty should be applied to drug traffickers without exception.
    You need to start with the capitals, where the highest concentration of the above.
    At the same time, the transport and housing problems are being addressed, and demographics are improving.
    And maximize the status of the Army!
  8. smoliackow
    smoliackow 31 January 2013 20: 03
    For a long time there have not appeared good ones, soberly assessing the world situation in our time, continue to inform us further, and at the expense of the war in the future, this is inevitable with us, in fact it is already on, and in moral terms, humanity has already come to the abyss, universal godlessness, the Holy Scriptures say that at the end of time two-thirds of the earth will be cast into fire, and one part will remain, and it looks like the fire may turn out to be nuclear ..
  9. djon3volta
    djon3volta 31 January 2013 20: 21
    without damage to the ecosystem to feed 24 billion people, not 7 living, and not 1,5 - as reported by the Club of Rome.

    what is the conversation about? people are dying of hunger in Africa because there is nothing to eat, and in Europe millions of tons of food a year are dumped in garbage dumps. The world media just don't like to write about it.
  10. Castor oil
    Castor oil 31 January 2013 20: 32
    It’s quite logical, although probably not everything is so purposeful and consistent, in the context of the actions and intentions of the political and financial elites - there is certainly an impulsiveness, thoughtlessness, a desire to get immediate benefits (when your world flies into tartarars not to global carefully verified projects).
    Time will tell...
  11. Kibl
    Kibl 31 January 2013 20: 40
    The whole Western Geyeuropa is a licky fat Amer’s ass! Everyone licks and licks, estimates, grunts and sentencing oh how sweet !!! fellow
  12. Leibniz
    Leibniz 31 January 2013 20: 48
    The economist of me is still the same. But try to analyze. The machine prints bucks for the domestic needs of the United States and the inflationary wave scattering concerns for some reason everyone. And the platinum trillion? Provided that it has generally accepted (normal) sizes for coins, is it arrogance or stupidity? Only a complete nerd will buy this coin. Well, maybe just print more bucks for their redemption and pay off debts. Cool turns out. Bardak I will tell you and complete lawlessness. The dollar is the enemy of the economy. Are there really no international laws or resolutions to control this, at least for a start. It seems to me that the real external debt of the United States is three times as much as officially recognized. For this you can and a candelabrum for ... ..
  13. dmn2
    dmn2 31 January 2013 21: 18
    Excellent article!
    In my opinion, there is only 1 controversial point, namely, the reorientation of the Chinese economy to the domestic market.

    In order to create a domestic market, you need a solvent population. And why should he be solvent if China pays pennies to hard workers (that is why its goods are out of competition at cost and are in demand) ?! If you seriously increase the salaries of hard workers, then the competitiveness of Chinese goods will drop significantly, because their price will increase significantly. The question is how do the Chinese want to resolve this contradiction?
  14. ruton
    ruton 31 January 2013 22: 10
    Well what can we say, we already traditionally participate in world wars at the beginning of the century and then in the middle. History repeats itself, if only Suvorov, Kutuzov, Zhukov would be found at the time ..
    1. Castor oil
      Castor oil 31 January 2013 22: 36
      Quote: ruton
      if only Suvorov, Kutuzov, Zhukov were found at the time ..

      That's for sure !!! good
  15. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan 1 February 2013 00: 07
    Not a bad article. You can safely plus. As they say wait and see.
  16. suharev-52
    suharev-52 1 February 2013 01: 05
    The article is good. Our elite, as well as some of the puppeteers, have long been ranked among the supranational elite by their actions. Although most of them will not get there, but for the promise to consider them as candidates, they harm the country by all possible means. Some of those who can be attributed to the supranational elite: Chubais, Kudrin, Miller, Gref and many more. Medvedev was also promised to be admitted to the "mafia". Either he sagged so hard during the rule of Russia. Putin? I do not know. He is an employee of the special services, and creating "legends" with a double or even triple bottom is his strong point. So, in the absence of complete information and impenetrable information fog, I don’t know. Sincerely.
  17. albert
    albert 1 February 2013 06: 14
    The USA is a crazy country of Chaos. Everything that they do over time will turn against them. Perhaps the time will come when the Americans will be killed only because
    they are Americans, if they do not come to their senses.