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Who brought Hitler to power

Who brought Hitler to power

80 years ago, Adolf Hitler took over as German chancellor. 30 January 1933, the German President Hindenburg appointed Hitler head of government instead of Kurt von Schleicher. At this time, Hitler was the leader of the most popular party in Germany - the National Socialist German Workers Party (German Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; short NSDAP, NSDAP German). November 6 The 1932 of the year in the special elections to the Reichstag NSDAP received 33,1% of votes.

This appointment became fatal in stories Germany and the world. A year later, after the death of President Hindenburg, Hitler received the authority of the head of state and the Supreme Commander of the armed forces. From this moment on, his power over Germany becomes complete and the country's preparation for revenge for the lost World War I begins. Just a few years, the policy of "appeasing the aggressor" led to the fact that the world was on the verge of a new global battle.

Unfortunately, in the official history course telling about the preparation for the unleashing of a world war, practically nothing is reported about the financing of Hitler, the NSDAP. About how Hitler actually "led" to the highest office in Germany. Although to understand the true causes of the outbreak of World War II and aggression against the Soviet Union, you need to know who was behind the German Nazis and was the true customer and the culprit of the global massacre that claimed and crippled tens of millions of lives. Otherwise, the lack of information leads to the fact that people begin to believe the fables that the "bloody villain" Stalin and the totalitarian USSR were the instigators of the Second World War. The most arrogant "researchers" agreed to the fact that the USSR and Stalin personally helped Hitler come to power so that he would crush the countries of "Western democracy."

In recent years, serious studies have begun to appear that suggest that the key structures that determined the long-term development strategy of the West, after the end of the First World War, were the main financial institutions of England and the USA - the Bank of England and the US Federal Reserve System (FRS). They were followed by certain financial and industrial organizations, clans and families, which are called the "Golden Elite", "Financial International", "the world behind the scenes", etc. These structures solved the problem of establishing absolute control over the world, the establishment of the New World Order.

One of the private, but important tasks of these structures was the establishment of full control over the German financial system in order to control the political processes in Central Europe and influence the neighboring regions. At the first stage, the financial and economic dependence of the countries of Europe and Germany was built on the problem of war debts and German reparations to the victor countries in the First World War. The United States during the First World War could become the debtor country, the largest creditor. Only after the United States entered the war did the Americans provide the Allies for Entente, England and France, with 8,8 billion dollars. After the war, the British and French tried to solve their financial and economic problems at the expense of Germany (during the war, even the slogan came up with the appropriate - "The Germans will pay for everything!"). The huge amount of reparations and the harsh conditions of payment, led to the flight of German capital abroad and the refusal to pay taxes. The state budget deficit could be covered only by mass production of unsecured stamps. The result of this situation was the "great inflation" of 1923 of the year, which was a record 578512%, when for one dollar 4,2 had to give trillion. marks! In fact, it was the collapse of the German currency. Therefore, the German industrialists began to sabotage all measures to pay reparations. This led to the Franco-Belgian occupation of the main industrial area of ​​Germany - the Ruhr, the so-called. "Ruhr crisis". The Anglo-American financial community made good use of this impasse, when Germany could not pay the bills, and France could not solve this problem not by military means.

As a result, Europe has "matured" for the American proposals. The London conference 1924 of the year adopted a new procedure for reparation payments in Germany, the so-called. "Dawes Plan". Thanks to this plan, German payments were halved - to 1 billion gold marks, only by 1928, the amount of Germany’s payments should rise to 2,5 billion marks. In addition, there was a stabilization of the German mark, which provided favorable conditions for American investment. According to the plan worked out in the depths of JP Morgan, Germany was given a loan of $ 200 million (half of which was in the Morgan banking house). By August 1924, a monetary reform was carried out - the old German mark was replaced by a new one. So, Germany was prepared for US financial aid. Prior to 1929, mainly from the United States to Germany received loans in the amount of 21 billion marks.

There was a very original and cunning system, the so-called. "Absurd Weimar circle". Gold, which the Germans gave to the victorious countries, went primarily to cover the amount of US debt. Then the money was already in the form of "help" returned to Germany, and Berlin gave them to secure the reparation amounts of Great Britain and France. The British and French paid them their military debts to the United States. The Americans again sent these amounts to Germany, already in the form of loans at significant interest rates. As a result, Germany "hooked" on the hook loans. This time in the Weimar Republic called the "golden twenties." The country and its industry lived in debt and without Washington would have suffered a complete bankruptcy.

It should also be noted that these loans were used to restore the military-industrial potential of Germany. As a result, already in 1929, German industry ranked second in the world. However, the Germans paid for the loans with shares of industrial enterprises, so the Anglo-American capital began to actively penetrate into Germany and occupied a significant sector in the German economy. In particular, the well-known German chemical concern IG Farbenindustry was controlled by the American Standard Oil (i.e., the Rockefeller houses); depending on General Electric (Morgan) were Siemens and AEG; American ITT Corporation owned up to 40% of German telephone networks. German metallurgy largely depended on Rockefeller, Opel was under the control of General Motors. The Anglo-Saxons and the banking sector, and railways, in general, all more or less valuable German assets, did not forget.

At the same time, there was a process of "cultivating" the political force that was supposed to play the main role in the "play" called the Second World War. The Anglo-Saxons were engaged in financing the Nazis and Hitler personally. According to the German Chancellor Heinrich Bruening (he served as Chancellor in 1930-1932), already since 1923, Adolf Hitler received significant sums from abroad through the banks of Switzerland and Sweden. Already in 1922, Hitler's "bride" passed away - a meeting of the Führer with the American military attaché in Germany, Captain Truman Smith, took place in Munich. The American intelligence officer made a very flattering report about Hitler to the Military Intelligence Agency. It was Smith who introduced Ernst Ganfshtengl (Hanfstengl) to Hitler's entourage, nicknamed "Putsi". Ernst was born a mixed US-German family, graduated from Harvard University in 1909 year. This expressive man - almost a two-meter giant, with a huge head, protruding jaw and thick hair that stood out in any crowd, a gifted pianist, played an important role in shaping Hitler as a politician. He introduced the future leader of Germany to Munich's artistic and cultural circles, provided him with contacts and contacts with high-ranking officials abroad, and supported him financially. After the failure of the Beer putsch, 1923 of the year granted him temporary shelter in his villa in the Bavarian Alps. Helped Hitler to restore the situation after his release from prison. In March, 1937 Ganfshtengl left Germany, because Hitler was already under his influence. It is very interesting that during the Second World War, Ganfshtengl served in the United States at the White House as an expert on the affairs of the Nazi Party.

After the fall of 1929, when the American bankers behind the Fed provoked the collapse of the American stock exchange, the “financial international” began a new phase in German politics. In the world and in Germany, a crisis was provoked, which led to an increase in social tension and radicalization of the political field. The Federal Reserve and the house of Morgan decide to stop lending to the Weimar Republic, inspiring a banking crisis and economic depression in the country. In September 1931, the Bank of England abandoned the gold standard, which was the deliberate destruction of the international payment system. “Financial oxygen” was completely blocked by the Weimar Republic. Naturally, the financial and economic problems led to an increase in social tension in Germany and an automatic increase in the popularity of radical political forces, the Nazi Party. The Nazis received good funding, and joining the ranks of attack aircraft ensured the stability of their members and families. The press, as if on cue, begins praising Hitler, his party and program.

The influx of funds from abroad allowed Hitler, who in 1920-ies was the leader of the dwarf party and the "writer", to lead a very wasteful lifestyle, having a villa in the Alps, a car with a personal chauffeur and other very cheap pleasures of life. By the beginning of the 1930s, Hitler had already had a significant retinue from secretaries, bodyguards, all sorts of hangers-on. In August, the 1929 of the year in Nuremberg to the congress of the party its members were taken in specially ordered trains - about 200 thousand people (!). Where does the money come from? This is the moment when Germany was still in crisis.

A real miracle happens with the NSDAP. During the 1928 elections, the party received only 2,3% of votes in the parliamentary elections. But in September 1930, the party received as a result of large-scale financial injections 18,3% of votes, taking second place in the Reichstag. At the same time generous donations from abroad begin. 4 January 1932 was the meeting of Hitler and the future Reich Chancellor Franz von Papen with the Governor of the Bank of England Montague Norman. The meeting was also attended by brothers John and Allen Dulles, the future Secretary of State and the head of the CIA. At this meeting, a secret agreement was reached on the financing of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. In January, 1933, another important meeting took place - Hitler had a conversation with von Papen, banker Kurt von Schroeder and industrialist Wilhelm Kepler. They provided support to the Führer from the German financial-industrial groups. As a result of this meeting, the way the Nazis to power was finally cleared. January 30 Hitler became head of government.

It must be said that initially the attitude of Western politicians and the press to the new German government was completely benevolent. Although Hitler and his supporters more than once, in writing and verbally, voiced their plans for communism, communists, Jews, racially alien elements, etc. Even when Berlin refused to pay reparations, which questioned the payment of US military debts from Britain and France , Paris and London did not make any claims to Hitler. Moreover, after visiting the United States in May 1933, the new head of the Reichsbank, Jalmar Schacht, and meeting with US President Franklin Roosevelt and the largest Wall Street financiers, the Americans gave Germany new loans worth up to 1 billion. In June, 1933, Schacht visits the UK and achieves new success. After meeting with Norman, the governor of the Bank of England, England provides Germany with a loan of $ 2 billion and reduces and then cancels payments on old loans.

In 1934, Standard Oil will build gasoline plants in the Reich, and Pratt-Whitney and Douglas will hand over a number of patents to German aircraft manufacturers. In general, the level of annual US investment in Germany increases to 500 million dollars a year. It is the generous Western investment that will become the basis of the “German miracle”, turning Germany into the economic leader of Europe.

Interestingly, the financing of the regime of Hitler by the United States continued even during the Second World War. So, in the summer of 1942, the New York Herald Tribune made a scandal when it came out with the headline "Hitler's Angels - Three Million Dollars in a US Bank." The “Hitler's Angels” meant the top leaders of the Reich Goebbels, Goering, and others. They were contributors to the New York bank Union Banking Corporation (UBC), which, according to journalists, became “the main organization for laundering Nazi money.” The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was forced to conduct an investigation, which revealed that American investment allowed the German Steel Trust to produce half of the pig iron produced in the Third Reich, more than a third of the steel sheet, explosives and other materials necessary for the war.

It is clear that this assistance was provided not for the beautiful eyes of the Fuhrer. The owners of London and Washington were well able to count every dollar. Hitler and the NSDAP were considered as a long-term project that was supposed to crush Soviet Russia, which was not controlled by “financial international”. Moscow dared to present to the world an alternative project of a world order, which could not but bother the masters of the Western democracies. The Soviet Union had to be instructive to punish, and take control of Russian resources. The project of the Third Reich showed the future of all mankind: a global slave-owning, essentially parasitic pyramid, where at the very top is a handful of financial and industrial magnates, and the rest are slaves. For this, it was not a pity to destroy even hundreds of thousands of Jews who had already assimilated into the countries of Europe and the USSR. By the hands of Hitler and others like him, the "financial international" was ready to destroy entire nations. The West has been preparing Hitler for a long time and purposefully (including his ideological, mental preparation, “pumping”), for “expanding living space” in the East.

This explains all the “dark spots” of prehistory and history of the Second World War. It was the “golden rain” on the part of England and the USA, the transfer of advanced technologies, political and “moral” support that allowed Germany to become the leader of Europe. Hitler and the Wehrmacht were allowed to take Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia without a fight. They closed their eyes to the abolition of the provisions of the Versailles Agreement, which concerned the armed forces, military construction in Germany. Thus was created a first-class German army. The “strange war” on the western front becomes understandable when the Wehrmacht trashed Poland, the victorious march across France and the strange “escape” to the UK of Rudolf Hess, his equally strange death many years later. This can also explain the miraculous "salvation" of the British troops under Dunkirk, as well as Berlin's strange choice of strategy - an attack on the USSR, instead of finishing off England, capturing Gibraltar, Suez, through the Middle East to Persia and India.

It is clear that at a certain stage, Adolf Hitler, feeling the power of the system he led, decided to change the rules and participate in the Big Game as a full partner, which was not part of the plans of its creators. However, this does not change the fact that it was originally a “project” of the masters of Western civilization.
Movie from the series "History Of Russia ". The Genesis of World War II. Who brought Hitler to power.

Authors: Mikhail Shiryaev, Nikolay Smirnov.

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  1. Armavir
    Armavir 30 January 2013 08: 46 New
    I hope that soon the moment will come for reckoning to the "masters of Western civilization", and not a single sane person will come to their aid ...
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. crazyrom
        crazyrom 31 January 2013 06: 10 New
        It has long been proven and proven that the Anglo-Saxons brought Hitler to power and set us against us. Who has doubts, read N. Starikov, everything is chewed there for details.
    2. aviator46
      aviator46 1 February 2013 01: 07 New
      Learn the materiel before writing ...

      From Goebels' diary
      - "The organization itself (the Berlin organization of the NSDAP - A.K.) with its units is in deep depression" (September 10, 1932).
      - "... party cash desks are empty. Past election campaigns swallowed all available means" (September 16, 1932).
      “The lack of money in this campaign has become a chronic disease” (November 2, 1932).
      - "I received a report on the financial situation of the Berlin organization. It is completely desperate. Lack of money, debts and obligations, and also the complete impossibility of getting a significant amount of money after this defeat" (November 11, 1932).
      - "On the financial situation. It (sad, hopeless, desperate, sad, deplorable)" (December 11, 1932).

      - Hitler (on the night of December 8-9, 1932): "If the party breaks up, then in three minutes I’ll put an end to the gun."

      That's how the West "financed" Hitler
      1. Skavron
        Skavron 1 February 2013 18: 16 New
        Aviator, it's useless to tell. There is a club of fans of Starikov.
  2. Frigate
    Frigate 30 January 2013 09: 06 New
    Already got links to the interpretation of the history of this Starikov
    1. Strezhevchanin
      Strezhevchanin 30 January 2013 09: 51 New
      Quote: Frigate
      Already got links to the interpretation of the history of this Starikov

      Are you more comfortable with the version that Stalin muddied this whole blood bath ??? Starikov tells a story backed up by facts, and as you have noticed, the interpretation looks pretty believable, so there is a place to live. Not entirely but support hi
      1. Evgan
        Evgan 30 January 2013 10: 11 New
        I don’t understand one thing. If you do not believe that Britain and the United States purposefully raised Hitler and Co. in order to destroy the USSR, then you definitely think that "Stalin muddied the whole blood bath?"

        I’m closer to the point of view that Hitler would not have existed without British and American money, but the fact that they purposefully raised him against Russia is not obvious to me. But I also do not believe in the "blood bath" from Stalin.
        1. Strezhevchanin
          Strezhevchanin 30 January 2013 10: 41 New
          To our great regret, we can only know this now! Even with the fact that the NKVD-KGB archives are gradually becoming public, some of the nuances will remain in the archive. V.A. Efimov somehow mentioned that Starikov was admitted to this secret information and we see the result, you can’t agree ........ try to refute hi
          1. Evgan
            Evgan 30 January 2013 11: 18 New
            On the basis of what is stated in the article, I can neither refute nor confirm this. It really provides evidence of the participation of Western capital in the formation of German industry, which is difficult to object to. However, the conclusion that this was originally done precisely against the USSR is not supported by anything.
            I generally do not believe in a focused policy of the Western powers. If we recall the pre-war events, the actions of Chamberlain and Churchill were almost completely opposite.
            In my opinion, it was more likely that there was a desire to make money on Germany, and everything else was secondary. Well, then they "earned" ... Do not forget also that in the 30s the very same US invested in the Soviet economy, not so extensively, of course.
            1. Skavron
              Skavron 30 January 2013 13: 34 New
              Quote: EvgAn
              in the 30s, the same US invested in the Soviet economy,

              Well, actually, it was rather the USSR that was pulling the US economy by placing large orders at American plants, hiring American specialists for a lot of money.
              1. Evgan
                Evgan 30 January 2013 14: 45 New
                Let's just say it was a win-win cooperation :)
                1. Skavron
                  Skavron 30 January 2013 15: 53 New
                  By the way, the Kokhov family of multi-billionaires, it was in the USSR that they earned start-up capital for their business. Rather, dad earned them.
                  1. Zynaps
                    Zynaps 31 January 2013 03: 22 New
                    Yes, that’s all nonsense. there were several figures with whom the USSR did business in foreign markets. these figures could be counted on the fingers of one hand. the richest and most influential was Armand Hammer. this bowl continued to operate even in Brezhnev’s times and was marked by the construction of the World Trade Center in Moscow. and in the 20s and 30s, Hammer was engaged in charity work in the USSR, organizing the ARA society. and, in principle, did not help much. for this, Hammer was allowed to buy various trinkets in the USSR, such as the notorious Faberge eggs and push artists. if not for Hammer, no one in the world would have paid attention to M. Shagal's pictures. this is the maximum that overseas merchants could afford in the Union. capital from the USSR usually flowed out illegally under the NEP through the Baltic limitrophs. well-known, in general, business. and dealt with these leaks OGPU.
                    1. Skavron
                      Skavron 1 February 2013 18: 19 New
                      Yes, just a few figures ... ah ah ah
              2. Zynaps
                Zynaps 31 January 2013 03: 09 New
                we should not forget that American specialists went to work in the USSR, fleeing the Great Depression. and not for that much money. their contribution was critical in the construction and commissioning of the Gorky Automobile Plant and in gold mining in Siberia. Hungry German engineers also went to work in the USSR. both Belgians and French with Italians. the Belgians, for example, worked in the Donbass in large numbers, launched blast furnaces. Before the war, a lot of French people worked in Kharkov.
            2. Zynaps
              Zynaps 31 January 2013 03: 14 New
              Yes, a hammer, he said everything correctly. the main fault in Hitler’s coming to power lies with the rip-off and national humiliation of the Germans in the form of the Versailles Peace Treaty, and politically - with the Social Democrats. who did not support the German Communists with their attempt to organize an all-German political strike and generally unite to resist the stormtroopers. but there in the social movement of Germany at that time such ghouls sat that they differed little from Hitler's entourage. and under Gorbachev they began to lie that it was the German Communists, they say, disdained to unite with the Social Democrats.
        2. Frigate
          Frigate 30 January 2013 21: 08 New
          Quote: EvgAn

          I don’t understand one thing. If you do not believe that Britain and the United States purposefully raised Hitler and Co. in order to destroy the USSR, then you definitely think that "Stalin muddied the whole blood bath?"

          I’m closer to the point of view that Hitler would not have existed without British and American money, but the fact that they purposefully raised him against Russia is not obvious to me. But I also do not believe in the "blood bath" from Stalin.

          I support you. to understand something, STARIKOV’s books are not needed, mind and rusum and ingenuity are needed. And so, looking for a black cat in a black room, you can come to the conclusion that there is no cat there. it will take a long time for the OLD READERS too
    PROXOR 30 January 2013 09: 28 New
    Well, it’s no longer a secret that it was the nonhumans from North America and England who initiated the Second World War. Hitler was given everything so that the term Russia no longer appears on world maps.
    In this regard, the return move in the form of the transfer to the Colombian drug lords of old-style diesel submarines, or rather their sale. It will be more beneficial for us than simply disposing of them. It is necessary to drown the Anglo-Saxons in weapons and drugs. Do not let them rest !!!! That the WAR would begin at their place. For Afghanistan was NATO for a reason. They are trying to drown us in heroine.
  4. Floock
    Floock 30 January 2013 09: 46 New
    In addition to the topic, I advise you to watch (preferably in a row) three films:

    "Conspiracy" - as at a two-hour meeting, the Reich bonuses made the final decision to cut out 20 million Jews. The usual corporate meeting.
    "Amen" - how, actually, these cuts took place. And how they tried to convey to the pope the news of the mass killings of Jews and what came of it.
    "Bunker" - The last hours of Hitler and his approach. Like all this scum merlot.

    And to understand that such a thing must not be allowed again!
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 30 January 2013 14: 30 New
      Who is the director of these films and on what material are they based? Obviously on guesses and assumptions. And it’s just interesting where the Reich bonuses would look for these 20 million Jews, in Europe there were no more than 7 million of them? They wanted to convey a lot of things to the Pope, but the behavior of the Church of Rome is a separate issue. In fact, Hitler did not care about the opinion of the Pope.
  5. bistrov.
    bistrov. 30 January 2013 09: 48 New
    By the way, now in Ukraine there is a surprisingly similar situation when the pro-fascist “freedom” party was shoved into the Ukrainian parliament, and it is also financed through Western banks, from special funds of the USA, Canada, and Great Britain. I do not want to say that Ukraine will become the second Germany, and will go raking up the surrounding territories for itself, for this Tyagnibok is too small, and the times are not the same, but you must agree that the nationalists coming to power in Ukraine, if it happens, can cut Ukraine off for a long time Russia and create a center of Russophobia here, like the Baltic countries. Typically, the current Ukrainian government does not pose any obstacles to the spread of the ideas of nationalism, and even creates the most favored nation treatment for them.
    1. 116rus
      116rus 30 January 2013 12: 52 New
      bistrov.,agree with you. My brother lives in Ukraine. Here in this group of zombie schoolchildren is From comments to each post and laugh and cry willingly
  6. Slevinst
    Slevinst 30 January 2013 09: 54 New
    Thanks, it was interesting to read
  7. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 30 January 2013 10: 03 New
    I would like to supplement this material, for those citizens who say, "it is a pity that Hitler lost" fool
  8. Prometey
    Prometey 30 January 2013 10: 08 New
    Something has recently become a good form to exaggerate the role of the world Anglo-Saxon backstage in all events of world history. Of course, there were those who were interested in their man in Europe. But it all comes down to nurturing a machine that will crush uncontrolled Soviet Russia, as it is not very serious. What is the USSR in the 30s - a poor country, with a weak industrial base, with a weak commodity market and a very scarce gold reserve. Stalin was already ready to buy technology and equipment in the West, what was the use of taking what flowed into his own hands?
    1. djon3volta
      djon3volta 30 January 2013 10: 41 New
      Quote: Prometey
      what was the point of taking by force that which flowed into the hands of itself?

      and the thing is that the Anglo-Saxons even then calculated, if the USSR is developing at such a pace, it will overtake all Western countries in terms of GDP, economics, and much more. It’s as if it’s not clear that Russia has all the huge reserves of hydrocarbons, raw materials and territories overtake the standard of living? not immediately in 2-3 years, but in several decades. what kind of eccentric will give it all to the West for free? do you want to buy. and the West wanted to be free. But do you want to pay for goods in the store? I didn’t want to pay, we thought of defeating the USSR and taking the land and everything in it for free.
      1. Prometey
        Prometey 30 January 2013 12: 38 New
        Quote: djon3volta
        and the thing is that the Anglo-Saxons even then calculated, if the USSR is developing at such a pace, it will overtake all Western countries in terms of GDP, economics and much more. It seems as if it is not clear that having huge reserves of hydrocarbons, raw materials, and Russia overtake in terms of living?

        They did not calculate anything. Well, overtake and overtake, what's next? In general, there is no logic in your reasoning — the USSR was tearing the veins to buy technology, the West had nothing to buy from us — the topic of hydrocarbons was raised only in the 60s. The United States has the entire periodic table on its territory, and oil production in Texas is several times cheaper than in Eastern Siberia. Analyze and contrast the facts, and do not bother with pseudoscientific articles.
        I don’t understand at all those who are now trying to shift everything from a sick head to a healthy one. All these materials about the intrigues of the Zhidomassons are essentially a rewriting of history. And it all boils down to the following - Hitler, the poor, miserable turned out to be a puppet in the hands of the world oligarchs, who made him a monster. But for me, both for Soviet and Russian people, an indisputable fact remains - Germany treacherously attacked the USSR and Nazi Nazis destroyed our people, not the ephemeral west. I do not whitewash the United States and the Britons, but one thing is clear to me - the Americans did not block our cities, did not burn the population of villages alive. And there are no facts, roll it all away.
        1. Alexander 1958
          Alexander 1958 30 January 2013 13: 11 New
          For prometey
          Good afternoon!
          Quote: Prometey
          They did not calculate anything. Well, overtake and overtake, what's next?

          Participation in the USA in industrialization implied two goals - to earn on contracts in a crisis and, most importantly, to grow up to counterbalance Hitler if he got out of control, Stalin coped with this task so well that the USSR became the second superpower, along the way, the USA decided to weaken Britain .
          Alexander 1958
          1. ISO
            ISO 31 January 2013 18: 35 New
            Your reasoning is based on the erroneous assumption that governments in their actions are guided by the interests of ordinary citizens, not the elite. The last peep of the fuss of the English Rothschilds against Amerov’s Rockefellers is the promotion of the golden yuan instead of the raining euro, so that the loot is above all and not national interests ...
        2. vyatom
          vyatom 30 January 2013 13: 38 New
          Quote: Prometey
          I do not whitewash the United States and the Britons, but one thing is clear to me - the Americans did not block our cities, did not burn the population of villages alive. And there are no facts, roll it all away.

          Thousands of ordinary Americans and British died in the war, helping us in principle. The Germans, who were destroyed in Western Europe and North Africa, did not end up in Russia, which is already good. Now it’s fashionable to explain different events, saying that some forces are to blame for everything, etc. And we, too, helped Germany, hoping that they would still hit England. Did not work out. Nevertheless, Hitler actively bombed London.
          1. ISO
            ISO 31 January 2013 18: 41 New
            Your reasoning is based on the erroneous assumption that governments in their actions are guided by the interests of ordinary citizens, not the elite. The last rush of the English Rothschilds against Amerov’s Rockefellers is the promotion of the RMB instead of the pouring euro, so that the loot is above all and not national interests ... By the way, the Luftwaffe bomb detonators brought to mind the American colonel in his office during working hours at the height of the war, that although the amers were allies to the Angles, but if there is an opportunity for the Rockefellers to give a shit about the Rothschilds, then as you see it did not rust wink
        3. Evgan
          Evgan 30 January 2013 14: 47 New
          Quote: Prometey
          there wasn’t much to buy from the west

          Your untruth. Forest was purchased very actively.
        4. SIT
          SIT 30 January 2013 17: 15 New
          Quote: Prometey
          But for me, as for Soviet and Russian people, an indisputable fact remains - Germany treacherously attacked the USSR and Nazi Nazis destroyed our people, and not the ephemeral west. I do not whitewash the United States and the Britons, but one thing is clear to me - the Americans did not block our cities, did not burn the population of villages alive. And there are no facts, roll it all away.

          Then they fed the Fuhrer and the 3rd Reich, now they feed the bearded fanatics, who also came to Chechnya and Dagestan to "slaughter Russian pigs" (C). If now the US will deal with Syria and Iran, then these bearded people will come, only in larger numbers. You, as a Russian, will hate these bearded ones. Bearded as Germans at 45m, they will find the following, etc. etc. How to chop with dolls, isn’t it easier to solve the problem with the puppeteer? He may have many dolls, but he is one and the same. And throwing it with vigorous bombs is not an option. It will be much more efficient to knock out the foundation of the world financial system from his hands, but this requires a breakthrough in the development of the real sector of the economy or a number of states, or a country like Russia, which can become an alternative. Naturally, all this should be accompanied by the modernization of the armed forces, which will not allow to stop the country's growth by military means.
      2. cdrt
        cdrt 30 January 2013 18: 17 New
        It has long been known to everyone that ZOG is to blame for everything!
        Actually Vysotsky already sang, if there is no water in the tap, then we know why ...
        1. ISO
          ISO 31 January 2013 18: 45 New
          If you do not confuse the Jews with the Jews, then why not?
    2. Frigate
      Frigate 30 January 2013 21: 11 New
      Quote: Prometey

      Something has recently become a good form to exaggerate the role of the world Anglo-Saxon backstage in all events of world history. Of course, there were those who were interested in their man in Europe. But it all comes down to nurturing a machine that will crush uncontrolled Soviet Russia, as it is not very serious. What is the USSR in the 30s - a poor country, with a weak industrial base, with a weak commodity market and a very scarce gold reserve. Stalin was already ready to buy technology and equipment in the West, what was the use of taking what flowed into his own hands?

      A SIMPLE EXAMPLE ALBERT KAN. This is me so that the patriots do not think that they went to the Lada, and not to FIAT
    3. ISO
      ISO 31 January 2013 18: 23 New
      Starikov opened this topic well enough, so if you are interested then read it, but it doesn’t make sense to arrange demonstrations of scraps of quotes, it’s painfully wide
  9. Alexfu
    Alexfu 30 January 2013 10: 38 New
    England and America have one way to neutralize the enemy, and this method is very old and unreliable - to rake the heat with the wrong hands. The only drawback of this method is that hands that rake in the heat begin to reach for the throat of the owner, and this method proves that the owner has something wrong with his head. Because these two countries do not think about either their people or the consequences of their introduced method. They were lucky that the Soviet Union would become a winner in World War II, if it were otherwise, they would be a colony of Germany.
  10. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 30 January 2013 10: 47 New
    laughing Imagine for a moment: a blitzkrieg of the 3rd Reich Moscow-Vladivostok in winter wassat
  11. 3dmaxsev
    3dmaxsev 30 January 2013 11: 00 New
    I recommend reading N. Starikov "Who made Hitler attack Stalin."
    Written in detail and interesting. So to speak, read the original. The version very much has the right to life, all arguments are given logically. And for me this version is the most believable
    1. willi
      willi 30 January 2013 13: 44 New
      By the way, it’s not uninteresting to get acquainted with Yu. Mukhin’s “Onslaught to the East.” There’s not everything is clear, and the style is somewhat .... aggressive, but the logic is present.
  12. 8 company
    8 company 30 January 2013 11: 41 New
    The facts are correct, but the conclusion is idiotic. American companies actively participated in the industrialization of the USSR, built and equipped many factories, so, to conclude that they supported the power of Stalin?
    1. Prometey
      Prometey 30 January 2013 12: 50 New
      8 company
      All right. There is politics, but there is business and finance. For the most part, capitalists did not care about ideology when there was a profit. For the Western capitalists, the USSR in the 1930s was a Klondike, and the version that the world oligarchs were only sleeping and saw how to saw the USSR through is paranoia.
      After the outbreak of war, England, of course, was advantageous to Germany’s attack on the USSR, because from their point of view, seeing Guderian’s tank columns march across the Russian plains was “more pleasant” than the German landing across the English Channel. But this is purely selfish interest - the struggle for survival. And perhaps the Britons made a lot of efforts to push Hitler precisely to attack the USSR. But if such documents are ever to be found, this does not change the essence of the issue - the culprit of the war is Hitler.
    2. ISO
      ISO 31 January 2013 18: 57 New
      I would venture to suggest that amers SELLING GOLD for machines and equipment, thereby putting a pig to small-shaving saliva to the fact that the cunning Georgian turned the Rothschilds from lure concessions such as, for example, the notorious Lena gold mines. At that time, the USSR did not fall into the sphere of interests of amers, they ground a tooth on a colony of a decrepit British Empire, and therefore they earned money on trade with us without prejudice to their strategic interests ...
  13. Hleb
    Hleb 30 January 2013 12: 00 New
    such t-shirts in Europe are selling ...
    1. family
      family tree 30 January 2013 12: 48 New
      In which country? Or countries?
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 30 January 2013 13: 56 New
        you don’t have to guess here. One of them is UK
    2. Skavron
      Skavron 30 January 2013 13: 37 New
      Su .... and .... for such t-shirts it’s necessary to put 10 years
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 30 January 2013 17: 16 New
        just get that shirt to gobble up, and repeatedly.
        1. Egoza
          Egoza 30 January 2013 19: 27 New
          Quote: cumastra1
          just get that shirt to gobble up, and repeatedly.

          We still do not have a law banning fascist symbols! Western Ukraine immediately raises the question of the prohibition of communist symbolism. Moreover, Freedom sued that the Communist Party faction should not exist in parliament, as they have no majority! Well, in addition ...
          Read two passages! I bring with abbreviations, who are interested, follow the links.
          VO Liberty called on Ukrainians to prepare for an armed uprising.

          The widely announced March of Freedom took place in Kiev, dedicated to the day of the Battle of Kruty. “At seven in the evening on Maidan Nezalezhnosti about 500 supporters of VO“ Freedom ”gathered. Flags of Ukraine, UPA and Liberty flutter above them.
          The people are in an unorganized crowd, piled in piles. Some have masks on their faces. Several adult men sing along to the guitar, dancing:
          "Teven a little river Tisa, in the third Moscow shelter,
          If we beat, let us beat the dreams.
          There pіd Lviv castle a birch cross,
          And on that one is the Trident of the Golden. "

          The speakers spoke more not about the battle of Kruty, but that Freedom was the best political force that would protect the national interests of every Ukrainian. What will happen to other nations is not specified. but the speakers who spoke favored the commander of the Heroes of Krut Averky Goncharenko, who, according to many historians, had a drink while those heroes were dying, and fled the battlefield when he saw a threat to his life. Later, during the Second World War, he fought on the side of Hitler in the ranks of the SS "Galicia" ...
          Most of the attention was paid to the future power seizure of power, which, according to the Svobodovites, will happen in the foggy "cold":

          And here is other information

          Anti-fascists burned a red-black flag while the “Svobodovites” shouted slogans
          In Odessa, anti-fascists burned a black and red flag near the building of the National University. Mechnikov. This was reported by the polemic correspondent.

          This is now the most serious problem of Ukraine, although "some" point blank it does not want to see !!!!
          1. Skavron
            Skavron 30 January 2013 22: 13 New
            Fidget, nationalism - this is not the worst problem. The worst problem is that the authorities do not want to notice this, caring only about “here and now”.
    3. DmitriRazumov
      DmitriRazumov 31 January 2013 13: 21 New
      I knew that an online store. The server is most likely somewhere in eastern Europe or the Baltic states. In Germany, they give a term.
      1. Hleb
        Hleb 31 January 2013 18: 59 New
        call. you know 0118 941 0719
  14. michael17111971
    michael17111971 30 January 2013 12: 45 New
    A very correct fact-finding article
  15. SIT
    SIT 30 January 2013 12: 57 New
    The article correctly sets out the facts confirming that the entire 3rd Reich and Hitler in particular is a financial project of the people behind the Fed and the Bank of England. But the conclusions are strange and illogical. What is the point for the Fed and the Bank of England in creating another German empire, and even such a huge one? Hitler never concealed his claims to India and the Middle East, and this is the patrimony of the British Empire. And Britain itself on its island would not be very comfortable next to such a monster. It would be impossible to control Hitler with any financial mechanisms with his military machine. It is obvious. So what was the purpose of the 2nd world? This will become clear if we study the question of how the USSR, which is in ruins after the Civil War, was able to create such a military-industrial potential, which made it possible to crush the Nazis. So let's see where the money for industrialization came from and how much did it actually cost?
    Until 1934, banks and firms of the USA of the USSR provided 515 million. dollars of loans. Since 1934, 2/3 of all purchases of the USSR in the USA were credited by the American state Export-Import Bank.
    In 1925, Germany granted the USSR a short-term loan of 100 million marks, in April 1926, Germany opened a credit line for the USSR in the amount of 300 million marks for a period of 4 years. In 1931, Germany granted the USSR another loan (tied credit) in the amount of 300 million marks for a period of 21 months. In 1935, a consortium of German banks granted a Soviet credit to the Soviet trade mission in Berlin in the amount of 200 million marks. Thus, officially for 9 years the USSR received loans from Germany for 900 million marks, which is about 300-320 million US dollars. The annual percentage of these loans was 6% (for a 1935 loan - 5%). The last loan in the amount of 150 million marks has not been repaid.
    In addition to the USA and Germany, loans to the USSR were provided by:
    Great Britain (annually lending in the late 20s and the first half of the 30s) Soviet purchases in the amount of up to £ 20-25 million In 1936, England granted the USSR a loan of 10 million pounds.
    Czechoslovakia provided the USSR in 1935 with a loan of 250 million kroons (6% per annum).
    Italy - a loan of 200 million lire for Soviet purchases in 1930 and 350 million lire in 1931.
    Sweden in 1940 granted the USSR a loan of 100 million kroons.

    Thus, we see that in parallel with fascist Germany huge funds were poured into the development of the USSR economy, without which there would simply be no industrialization. Just a dead end! Why did bigwigs and sharks of world capital invest in their sworn enemy, carrying an ideology into the world that denies the bigwigs and sharks themselves !? What's the point!? In fact, everything ingenious is simple. The main goal of World War II was achieved on July 2, 22. That day the Bretton Woods Conference ended and the dollar became a world currency. Only he was provided with gold, and the value of other currencies was expressed in terms of the dollar. Why? Yes, because as a result of the mortal battle between Germany and the USSR, the main economic competitors of Europe and Russia were removed. They lay in ruins and huge funds and efforts were required to restore them. But these funds were not, because during the war, 1944% of the world's gold reserves migrated to Fort Knox, and in fact only a dollar could be provided with gold. The American economy, which gained momentum due to this gold, was simply out of competition. This is what the Jesuit plan of the actual owners of the Fed was to destroy tens of millions of people, ruin the floor of the world, and all this for the right to print money for the whole world at its discretion. This is the real world domination they aspired to, and not the 70rd Reich with its squalid racial theory. And we feel the result of all this until now because we are still hunching over these fucking green pieces of paper poured with the blood of 3 million dead in World War II, of which more than half are ours
    1. Lexo
      Lexo 30 January 2013 14: 16 New
      100% agree with SIT .. anyone who has studied economic history will come to this conclusion !!!
    2. Evgan
      Evgan 30 January 2013 14: 51 New
      One inconsistency - why did the British participate in this? They still hold on to their pound ...
      1. SIT
        SIT 30 January 2013 16: 02 New
        Quote: EvgAn
        One inconsistency - why did the British participate in this?

        After World War II, only 2 banking centers remained that were closely interconnected, as shown by investigations of fraud with German gold in 2. This is the Fed and the Bank of England. The Bank of England was nationalized in 1968. If we dig up its shareholders before that, then we will come to the same last names as in the Fed.
      2. Lexo
        Lexo 30 January 2013 16: 21 New
        Yes, there are no inconsistencies = everything is really so !!! everything is very logical and concise
        USA dollar won World War II ...
        And if the USSR had not been betrayed after the death of the Leader, Her would be as it was now ...
    3. homosum20
      homosum20 30 January 2013 19: 44 New
      The point is that since the 17th century the British adhered to a policy of counterweights in Europe. There was no counterbalance to the huge Russia - that is what England created it. The states had a slightly different goal. She, in general, was less interested in the balance of interests, but ideology was more. An opponent was created of ideologically dangerous Russia.
    4. Alexander 1958
      Alexander 1958 30 January 2013 19: 59 New
      For sit
      Good afternoon ! You have a very informative post, but there are inaccuracies.
      Quote: SIT
      As a result of the mortal battle between Germany and the USSR, the main economic competitors of Europe and Russia were removed. They lay in ruins

      Not Russia, but the USSR, and you somehow missed the fact that the USSR regained its potential in 5 years, and in 10 years became the second economy in the world

      Quote: SIT
      . What is the point for the Fed and the Bank of England in creating another German empire, and even such a huge one? Hitler never concealed his claims to India and the Middle East, and this is the patrimony of the British Empire. And Britain itself on its island would not be very comfortable next to such a monster

      The point is to set Germany against the USSR, and with the hands of Germany the United States weakened the British empire. When Hitler was "created", he didn’t even know where this India was and what he needed to conquer .. Alexander 1958
  16. Alex65
    Alex65 30 January 2013 12: 57 New
    In 1938, the United States recognized Adolf Hitler as the person of the year "For the spread of democracy around the world." And in 1939, Hitler was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize ... The Nuremberg racial laws were adopted back in 1935, not yet time, everyone was silent about them
  17. Sars
    Sars 30 January 2013 13: 17 New
    "Anglo-Saxons", "financial internationalism" - how much you can fool your head! Call at least one Anglo-Saxon in the Fed !.
    Fascism in Germany is a Jewish project.
  18. Rubik
    Rubik 30 January 2013 13: 40 New
    Strange conclusions. And how many West built factories in the USSR? It turns out that they raised Stalinism?
    1. knn54
      knn54 30 January 2013 15: 24 New
      They built the USA. The USSR took loans from the West and bought equipment for them, again from the West. In this way, the Yankees crawled out of the crisis.
      The Americans did not succeed in becoming a world hegemon after the First World War — the Soviet Union prevented them. Therefore, they began to intensively supply weapons to all opposing, in the long term, parties; again, new jobs.
      As for the NEP ... Lenin did everything brilliantly, the West was delighted that capitalism was returning to the USSR and began to help willingly, And figures "were highlighted" in various areas of economic and military activity, who took everything at face value and got their way.
      But Zionists brought Hitler to power. Like fascism is the ideology of one nation. Hitler simply squeezed out Jews in Europe, and again, to the joy of the Zionists, a flood of refugees poured into Palestine. In reality, Hitler destroyed only Jewish Communists in his country and in the Soviet Union. How many ghettos survived until 1944 on the territory of the USSR. There was simply no one to raise an uprising (as in Warsaw) ...
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 30 January 2013 18: 56 New
      Quote: Rubik
      And how many West built factories in the USSR?

      The West did not build for beautiful eyes! And for VERY good money and FOOD!
    3. DmitriRazumov
      DmitriRazumov 31 January 2013 13: 11 New
      Quote: Rubik
      Strange conclusions. And how many West built factories in the USSR? It turns out that they raised Stalinism?

      The West did not build factories in the USSR. Under contracts, mainly provided by the USSR with grain, timber, precious metals, equipment was delivered to some facilities. Sometimes experts were recruited privately. Those. for free and on credit our country received nothing ...
      There was no government policy on the part of the United States and European countries to boost the economy of the USSR. The Bolshevik government did not receive any political engagement. Consequently, large-scale industrial and financial intervention of the West in the USSR is out of the question.
  19. Simple
    Simple 30 January 2013 13: 54 New
    Helen Bechstein - Image Consultant
    Ellen Bechstein Capito was the wife of Pianofortefabrik Berlin Mitbesitzers, Edwin Bechstein, son of the founder of Carl Bechstein. They held in their Charlo-tenburger Villa and in Munich at the Bayerischer Hof the welcome receptions for the conservative elite of Germany. At the end of June 1921, Corporal Hitler was in her salon: a reserved-looking man in a coat, with a narrow, pale, almost painful face. "I wish he was my son," said Helene von Bechstein
    initially tried to introduce him as her adopted son and wanted to introduce her daughter Lotte closer. Hitler, however, gave her a basket: "I was already married, my wife is Germany." The millionaire looked after him like an adoptive mother. She introduced herself formally as the patron of Hitler when he was in Landsberg prison. In gratitude, he bequeathed to her the original manuscript "Mein Kampf" (about 22 pages). Helene Bechstein was actually convinced that they had found a “German young messiah” in Hitler and saw their mission as patrons to make it socially acceptable. She took him with uncritical enthusiasm under her wing and taught him secular manners and behavior. In her salon, he was honored as an honorary guest for his conservative establishment. She largely acted on this ordinary son of a home gathering policy, the required style, adjusted his wardrobe to introduce his secular lifestyle and equipped him with appropriate fashion accessories to present him in the best circles. Hitler learned the manners, polite phrases, gestures and chivalrous manners with which he would have won the favor of the Uhermanian elite. With a natural wannabe, Hitler quickly mastered these evasions. At Bechstein, he also met Richard Wagner, son of Siegfried, and his wife, Winifred, who was originally from England. Entering Wagner’s close circle of friends meant a kind of guarantee of social growth. With financial support, Bechstein acquired Hitler's Wachenfeld house on Obersalzberg on the border with Austria above Berchtesgaden, which he rebuilt at public expense in his Third Alpine residence, which became known as the Berghof.

    To be continued
  20. Simple
    Simple 30 January 2013 14: 10 New
    Helen Hanfstaengl
    Helen Hanfstaengl was a German-American woman and the wife of Ernst Hanfstaengl who was Hitler's foreign press chief. After the failed coup in the Feldherrnhalle, Hitler found protection and understanding with her. She was a kind of "soulmate" and a guardian angel for him. In her villa, she gave him shelter after a failed coup. When Hitler was tracked down by the arrest team there, he wanted to shoot himself a bullet in his head: It was “Elena Troyanskaya”, which, with the help of Zhui-jitsu, snatched a revolver from him. She supported Hitler during his depression, when he was on a hunger strike at Landsberg Fortress and wanted to die a martyrdom. Thanks to her and the intercession of her husband, Hitler managed to penetrate into the most secret circles of high society in Munich.

    To be continued.
  21. Simple
    Simple 30 January 2013 14: 41 New
    Unity Valkyrie Mitford
    Unity Valkyrie Mitford was the daughter of an English lord and the first Politgroupie of her time. As a “lady of easy-walking version,” as one of her biographers said, she followed the leader (Hitler) throughout her MG convertible. The long-legged, blond glamor with a swastika on her chest, she entered Hitler’s most personal circle as PR-Agentin and had great propaganda significance for him. She was surprisingly often and well informed about him. She knew that "my friend Hitler" thought, and had influence on him. He used her as his "lady" in political chess with England. But Hitler’s German counterintelligence could not believe the "beautiful woman." It was believed: She was an agent of Churchill, her uncle. 3 September 1939 of the year when fascist Germany declared war on England, the Lady put a bullet in her head. Hitler declared this case as "geheimen Reichssache". Was she just a pawn in a powerful game? Who was her patron? Winston Churchill with whom she was associated? Or Hitler?

    To be continued

    Winifred Wagner - Campaign Election
    Winifred Wagner Williams, the adopted daughter of Richard Wagner, met Adolf Hitler at 1923. During his first pilgrimage to the grave of the revered master of his hot pub prophet, Hitler still wore leather pants. She called him “wolf,” he said simply “Vinnie.” When her hero, after a failed coup attempt in November, he lands Landsberg, she is said to have inspired him to write "Mein Kampf". In fact, she sent him writing paper, and she fought for a campaign for Hitler. She also went to Henry Ford in America, collecting Donations for Hitler - After the seizure of power by Hitler, Bayreuth became the "Hitler's Court Theater." The leader listened to W Wagner's music before he bombed Polish cities. Since the 1942 of the year, he organized in Bayreuth "tough war games" in the "Death of the Gods" at zero cost for the wounded, disabled and awarded the Knight's Cross.

    To be continued
    1. Simple
      Simple 31 January 2013 02: 13 New
      Elsa Bruckmann - Kreditbeschafferin
      The publisher’s wife Elsa Bruckmann was held as Hitler’s “first hour of career advancement” and opened the portals and wallets of the wealthy for him. In his feudal mansion Hitler
      with her help, he made many important contacts: artists, professors, and the military. Elsa Cantacuzena was a princess of Romanian descent. She married at Starnberg the Munich publisher and merchant Hugo Bruckmann, whose art books were in demand everywhere in Germany. In the famous salon of his superb villa on Karolinenplatz 5
      gathered the social and economic elite of Bavaria. Once upon a time there were prints by Nietzsche, Rilke and Sprengler. The extravagant Gant Bruckmanns loved the performances. Like Hele Bechstein, Elsa Bruckmann also initially tried to give private lessons in chic, ethics and social life. They gave him reading material and on their letterhead, he designed the emblem of the party, a thin eagle carrying a swastika in its claws. Finally, she invited her protege (Hitler) regularly to dinners organized for him and introduced him to all those who were in a rank, had a name and influence.

      Victoria von Dirksen - PR- agentin
      In the person of Victoria von Dirksen, Hitler found in Berlin a notable "PR agent", the widow of von Dirksen and the wife of the future ambassador in London. They belonged to that small circle of exclusive aristocrats who were supportive of both monarchists and Nazis. And she regularly organized political evenings in her magnificent home for many prominent figures in diplomacy, politics and economics. Victoria von Dirksen allocated "a lot of money" to him and his retinue from Bavaria to make it "socially acceptable" in the society of Berlin. She gave him the opportunity in 1922 to give a lecture at the Berliner National Club, while he received important contacts with national communities in northern Germany.
      1. avreli
        avreli 31 January 2013 03: 35 New
        Samsonov outlined a popular version, but entertaining (that Alexander was a wonderful popularizer repeatedly). But reality is not limited to this “vulgar Marxism”.
        And here's your selection, Simple, the public, it seems, did not pay attention. But in vain.
        It is a good illustration that without the German Hellenic aristocracy there would have been no ascension and foreign support.
        Very valuable additions to complete the picture.
        A plus.
  22. Rubik
    Rubik 30 January 2013 15: 37 New
    During the 17 months between the signing of the Soviet-German pact and the attack on the USSR, the German war machine received from the Soviet Union 865 thousand tons of oil, 140 thousand tons of manganese ore, 14 thousand tons of copper, 3 thousand tons of nickel, 101 thousand tons of raw cotton, more than 1 million tons of timber, 11 thousand tons of flax, 26 thousand tons of chrome ore, 15 thousand tons of asbestos, 184 thousand tons of phosphate, 2736 kg of platinum and 1 million 463 thousand tons of grain
  23. DmitriRazumov
    DmitriRazumov 30 January 2013 16: 43 New
    The fate of one of the leaders of Nazi Germany, Hess, remains a mystery behind seven seals. According to the British version, he allegedly flew to the island on Messerschmidt of his own free will (this is at the peak of his career, being Hitler's deputy and almost heir), betrayed the interests of the Reich. The protocols of the "interrogation" (and most likely negotiations) of Hess are still classified. After Gorbachev agreed with Kohl on the release of Hess from Spandau, where he was guarded by the English military, he mysteriously died allegedly as a result of suicide ...
    The intrigues of Churchill, who earnestly sought to push Germany eastward, and the true political double-dealing of the British have yet to be studied by future generations of historians.
    1. Black
      Black 30 January 2013 19: 16 New
      Churchill was intriguing, and members of the Royal Family kissed Hitler openly!
  24. Filing
    Filing 30 January 2013 16: 43 New
    bistrov. Today, 09:48
    "By the way, now in Ukraine there is a surprisingly similar situation when the pro-fascist" freedom "party was pushed into the Ukrainian parliament
    ... "
    I completely agree “Back in the 1928 elections, the party received only 2,3% of the vote in parliamentary elections. But already in September 1930, the party received 18,3% of the vote as a result of large financial injections, taking second place in the Reichstag.” In Ukraine "Freedom" in the parliamentary elections in 2007 received 1% of the vote, while in 2012 it already looks like 10%. But the agitation of Vaults and its aggressive actions is very widely covered in the Ukrainian media.
    Extraordinary elections are needed and they will gain 33% as Hitler. I had a shock in the Poltava region, a representative of the Freedom party passed in the majority vote
    1. shurup
      shurup 30 January 2013 19: 31 New
      "Freedom" will be brought to power. Ukraine in the EU and NATO will not take because of poverty. The "non-Ukrainian" Ukrainians will be blamed for poverty and will smash them. Western-made weapons will be purchased for loans. After provocations, Russia will be drawn into a small war against fascism. The Westerners will reconnect at the last moment and will also have time to occupy half of Ukraine. Russia will receive what it already owns, plus the cost of raising the economy of half of Ukraine minus the cost of war, and as a result it will not increase further. The US will write off the public debt, and the Rothschildofellers will earn a lot of money.
      Odessa will win, which will finally become a free city, like Singapore.
  25. MG42
    MG42 30 January 2013 17: 11 New
    << Black Golden Eagle >> as the ending of a sensational story = who says skinheads who patriots do not calm down disputes, judging by the responses.
  26. cumastra1
    cumastra1 30 January 2013 17: 32 New
    Strange as it may seem, German fascism saved the US economy, to whom is mother happy with the war? who caught oily fish amid world carnage? That war was beneficial to them, and they kindled it. It is hoped that financial movers and shakers did not specifically kindle such a fire. Just at a certain stage, the events got out of control. As a result, we got what we got. Millions of people died for the profit of a few people, and to our horror - for many of those people, surnames ended in ... mans, or names like Israel Leibovich. money bags of America and Britain are the main culprits of the world massacre.
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 30 January 2013 23: 50 New
      You have eurephobia, run to the doctor.
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 31 January 2013 19: 53 New
        You are mistaken, read carefully, and not through a word, and then think a little over what you read. It’s not difficult, you just got used to it.
  27. gtc5ydgs
    gtc5ydgs 30 January 2013 17: 50 New
    Have you heard the news? The Russian authorities are already insolent in the end. They made this database
    zipurl. ws / sngbaza where you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. I was really very surprised that there were a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug it up. In general, there are also good sides - this information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
  28. Karpv
    Karpv 30 January 2013 18: 33 New
    Today I already gave a link to warfiles, about modern Nazism in the West. Thank you for the article, plus.
  29. Castor oil
    Castor oil 30 January 2013 19: 33 New
    [Watch the video (painted home chronicles from Eva Braun), in the context of what it looks like ordinary people, just darling, you can’t tell what the creatures have done and what they are capable of (almost everyone there lit up “Hitler and Co.”)

    I myself didn’t look - hands behind the weapon of the tyunutstsa, I’m afraid to shoot the beech ...
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 30 January 2013 23: 52 New
      Well, why then laid out? Is Hitler so bad?
      1. Castor oil
        Castor oil 31 January 2013 00: 21 New
        Quote: Andrey77
        Well, why then laid out?

  30. Budilnik
    Budilnik 30 January 2013 22: 42 New
    And in Soviet times they spoke. that German fascism is the vanguard of imperialism. it’s a pity that now there are no political ideologists to correctly name America, bearing in mind its actions on the world stage as an enemy of all mankind, all life on earth
    1. Andrey77
      Andrey77 30 January 2013 23: 47 New
      What is America bothering you with?
  31. dmn2
    dmn2 30 January 2013 23: 54 New
    Quote: Andrey77
    What is America bothering you with?

    She bothers everyone. More precisely, the whole world is working, and America is consuming. And many begin to get bored of this situation.
  32. Bambino
    Bambino 31 January 2013 12: 37 New
    Article to the point! All wars stir up because of attendants !!!