Signal "Balance". Dedicated to 35 anniversary of the entry of Soviet troops in Angola

This story is written from the words of a man who was in Angola and survived all this. So say the look of a fighter from the trench. He told it in 2005, 30 years later.

The alarm, the "Balancer" signal, sounded at 5 am. Hearing this prearranged signal, my heart skipped a beat, is it really a war! "Balancer" sounded only in response to a combat alarm. This meant that in an hour and a half we were to board the planes. The task of their special purpose unit, in the event of a war, is to disable the field headquarters of NATO troops. Six tank of the armies of the Soviet Group of Forces in Germany, crushing everything in their path, were supposed to jerk and two days later to reach the English Channel. And they had to smash the headquarters for the first time. It was located in the area of ​​the French - Belgian border, in old quarries, where stone was mined for hundreds of years, on top of the adits were covered with a multi-meter cap of reinforced concrete. The USSR General Staff believed that even an atomic bomb would not disable it. To their reconnaissance and sabotage group, where Petrov served, were assigned "lasers", warrant officers who were trained in one of the closed cities near Moscow. They had portable lasers, slightly larger than a saxophone case. With this laser, it was necessary to burn holes in the armored doors that closed the entrances to the adits, then explosives were used. At the shooting range, lasers burned through the armor of "Tigers" and "Panthers", which were preserved from the war, and which they shot from RPGs.

1976 year. Angola In the southern course of the river Kuneno

Having received an alarming backpack in the capter, and in a small arms, AKMS and ammunition, Petrov rushed out into the street. Trucks were approaching the barracks to load and deliver personnel to the airfield. Some fighters who lived on the second floor, jumped right through the windows, there was a flea market on the stairs.

At the airport when landing, the commander could not find out the details of what and how, and where to fly. We plunged and took off. After an hour of flight, Petrov fell asleep. I woke up when landing, landed in Libya! We were met by our military, the pilots who were there. They took it away from the silt, issued suhpay, water, and received additional ammunition. In the evening fed hot and instructed. It turned out to be thrown into Angola. There was a war, Angola was attacked by Zaire from the north and South Africa - from the south, who did not recognize the people's revolutionary party of the MPLA, and introduced regular troops. Warned that we must be extremely careful, because On the side of South Africa and Zaire, in addition to regular troops, mercenaries from Europe (France, Belgium), the USA (Afro-Amerikvntsy) take part, there are even mercenaries from Tunisia. In addition, English commandos from MI-6 are seen. They are also supported by rebels from FNLA and UNITA. On the side of the MPLA, the GDR and our advisers are fighting. They warned that the Mediterranean squadron would come up from the sea and the marines would land, the fleet would support it with fire. Cuban troops will also be landed. The fighting was already going on in the suburbs of the capital of Angola, Luanda. Our task is to recapture the airfield, which ZAIR members have already controlled. If things go really badly, then we must ensure the evacuation of our advisers and the government of the MPLA party, led by Agostinho Netto.

They took warm gears when they flew out of the GDR in alarm, it was + 4 Celsius. Here, under 30 degrees of heat, and in Angola, summer has begun now. We handed over our documents to the political officer and everyone got a tablet, with a map of the area, moved the clock according to local time. At night, they plunged into planes, the “lazershchik” were taken somewhere in the afternoon, they took off.

Each of the fighters went into himself, no one slept, each was thinking about his own. On the right side, from Petrov, sat his friend, a machine-gunner, Valentin B. ... A handsome man, about ninety-two meters tall, slanting sazhen in the shoulders, from Kuban Cossacks, always calm and not indignant. On the left side, an Armenian, Rustam M .., from Artik. As tall as Valentin, only of thin build, but at the same time possessing simply superhuman strength, he was nicknamed “The Iron Tin Man”. He was swarthy, with a long hooked nose like all Armenians and the same - explosive. He and Petrov were with one call, Valentine, six months older. The detachment was served by children of different nationalities, mainly from Russia (Siberians, Udmurts, Adygei, from the central regions), Ukraine, Belarus, there were several from Armenia and Georgia, one from Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. Relations were very good, there was no manifestation of hazing at all. The service was literally according to the charter. Chased, "Mama Do not Cry." Each time at the check, the detachment was visited by one of the generals of the General Staff. This summer, 1975, their part was visited by the Minister of Defense of the USSR Grechko and General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU L. Brezhnev. All that appeared in new weapons, was tested in their special purpose unit, it is clear that they did not test tanks and missiles.

1975 year. GDR Wünsdorf

Under the hum of the engines, Petrov recalled the phrase said by Captain M., another officer, that it was not our task to capture airfields, just someone in the General Staff wanted to test us in a combat situation so that we would fight. These thoughts in his head did not cause any doubt. In combat, it means - in combat!

International debt means, we will fulfill - international debt! About what he said zampolit.

We landed in 11.00 local time. Petrov jumped fourth in the stream, throwing 700 meters from a height. He will never forget the first minutes of the landing. The blinding sun, at its zenith, is bright green, unfamiliar vegetation and a large-caliber machine gun that beat from the flank. It seemed that all the bullets in you. Pulling aside, to a small shelter, Petrov looked around and began to more deliberately fire on the figures that ran across. Starley team followed: "Go!" Attack! ”, Petrov, shouting“ Hurray! ”Rushed to the nearest figures. They began to run away, it turned out that it was not easy to catch up with them, although Petrov, before the army, was running and had a sports category. Shooting on the move, he approached one of the fleeing ones, who seemed to limp. Dodging a pistol shot, he kicked off and stunned with a butt strike when he tried to get up. The airfield beat off easily. Among ours there were only 8 wounded, dead, none at all.

Negroes, put a lot, took 7 people prisoners, among them were white. Petrov recognized the officer whom he had stunned with his butt, that his jaw had been torn apart, he was whining softly. Praised Valentine, look, they say, as I him. Received an order to dig in, take defense. By evening, the Cubans began to approach. And here, Petrov received a second, light shock. He first saw a woman in camouflage, with a gun in his hands. Her thin waist was tied with a belt, a rather lush chest, intercepted by a belt. She was a beautiful metiska, but the most amazing thing was that she commanded a company and her orders were carried out at a run. Before that, Petrov saw women in the army only in the medical unit, nurses or doctors.

The night passed quietly, in the afternoon completely surrendered the airfield to the Cubans. The battalion was taken to rest in the city, stayed in a luxury hotel. There was a pool, but more amazed the huge beds, which fit the whole department. Three days they beat baklushi. Then there was a redeployment in the area of ​​the city Ndalamando. There, more than two months, they were engaged in the preparation of special forces for the MPLA army.

The conditions were not very. Most of all there were problems from bad water. Many suffered from stomachs, various insects were bored, there were several cases of tsetse bite bites, as well as many children, especially from Siberia, had a difficult time tolerating the climate. From heat and humidity, arms and legs became swollen, various skin diseases appeared. But by the end of the month they were mostly drawn.

Once after lunch, the platoon commander, Ensign H ..., nicknamed "Khokhol", was summoned to the battalion headquarters. Returning, he built a platoon and announced the task to be completed. The branch where Petrov served was thrown southward, to the border with Namibia. This territory was under the control of South African troops. Somewhere there, on the river Kuneno, in one of the villages, there was a wounded Cuban intelligence officer. Our task is to transport it across the front line, however, there was no solid line there. They were given a day's training, with a detachment of guides from local and two Cuban scouts. Initially, they were transferred to Lobito, where Cubans and a conductor joined. Cubans spoke good Russian, one of them was a doctor. The next day, in the evening, two MI-8 helicopters, with Cuban crews, abandoned the group and equipment to the point in the Angolan bush.

Our and the Cubans were loaded “all the way”, the guide, he was from the Herero people, he walked light, with one machine gun.

For two and a half hours we walked about fifteen kilometers, went to the river. A hundred meters from the river, they cleared a place in the undergrowth and set up guards, spent the night. We got up before dawn. The platoon commander, ensign "Khokhol" who took command of the squad, Petrova and Valentin sent in reconnaissance to the other shore. The water in the river was on the chest, but twice fell into the pits and plunged headlong. Having crossed over and having made reconnaissance, they gave the go-ahead to the crossing of the whole group. Already beginning to dawn. When the group was in the middle of the river, Petrov noticed an old man with a girl, about ten years old. The old man was heading straight for the place where they were with Valentin. Disguised, one and a half meters from the path, they waited for unexpected guests to approach. The old man, not reaching Valentine, felt something. He stopped and began sniffing, turning his head. The girl went ahead. Valentine made a shot and knocked down the old man, Petrov also jumped. The girl reacted instantly, she abruptly sat down, turned around and ran back. Petrov did not meet anyone during the flight, the whole mass of kerf in the bushes and scratched his hands and face. Well, that Valentine had to give her a footstep, she fell. Petrov jumped up and took her in three jumps. When he brought the girl, clamping her mouth with a glove to the place where Valentine was, the old man was already bound to the gag. He gawked wildly, translating them from one to the other. Vidocq of course they still had one. Intelligence coveralls that they had, the colors do not match the color of the landscape in Angola. Red soil prevailed there and there was bright green vegetation. The guys wore pieces of fishing nets on their chests, shoulders, sleeves and amphibious headsets. In the cells of the nets they inserted branches, grass, and also tied ribbons smeared in clay, iodine was painted over with light green oak leaves on the combos. The faces were smeared with soot from the fire, they were hung weapons. No wonder that the old man was frightened, an unfamiliar form, the appearance of such, it seems he has not yet seen.

The group crossed over, the conductor began to interrogate the old man. The old man did not speak Portuguese, nor did he speak the language of the guide. Fortunately, they found a dialect that both understood. They clarified where the village we are located is located. During the interrogation, the girl squatted and gnawed on the biscuit Petrov had given her. Just in case, he held her for his left hand. After the interrogation, the question arose of what to do with the detainees. The commander consulted with the Cubans and gave the order, the old man two were taken to the bushes. They returned minutes after 7-8. The girl decided not to kill, but to take with her. Such a law of intelligence, written in blood, if you do not destroy those who discovered you, they will tell you that they have seen the group. And sooner or later they will find the group and destroy it.

Petrov took a piece of parachute strap from his satchel and tied the girl by the neck, the other end to the belt. Two people were pushed into the head patrol, at a distance of 150 meters and walked without stopping for three hours. They made a halt, a snack. The girl walked all the way, silently just looking around. Another two hours moved over the hills, observing all precautions.

One of the sentrymen appeared and warned, behind the ridge of the hill - the village.

Petrov with Valentin remained to protect the girl and equipment. The rest are in pairs, began to monitor the village.

Somewhere in three hours Rustam came running and said that ours are entering the village, everything seems to be clean. And he takes the machine gunner. She and Valentin will cover from the side of the road. Petrov was left alone to wait for the search results and guard the equipment and the girl.

The villages in Angola are mostly circular. In the center there is a room where people gather to solve any issues or for a holiday. Residential buildings are built around, and behind the outbuildings. Houses are made of branches and covered with clay, the roof is covered with straw or grass. As they later told, the wounded man was in one of the houses in the center. The whole village came running.

Forty minutes later, the fighters appeared, they carried a Cuban scout on homemade stretchers, his head was bandaged and his shoulder was bandaged.

The radio operator on the orders of the commander tried to contact the headquarters, but he did not succeed. The radio did not take here. Petrov put another knapsack on himself to unload those who carried the wounded man. The girl was released, ordered to go to the village. The halts were made every half hour, they tried to get in touch, but there was no connection. Before that, full radio silence was observed. Petrov noted that the commander did not lead the group along the old route, but far to the west. We went until the evening.

We spent the night. In the morning, we heard the rumble of a helicopter engine and saw the American Chinook, he disappeared behind the hills. It became clear that they are already looking for. The commander ordered increased vigilance. By three o'clock in the afternoon they came out to the mining village, they watched for about thirty minutes. Everything was quiet, the village was abandoned. The commander decided to enter the village, take refuge in one of the houses, bring the radio operator to the roof of the tall building and try to contact the headquarters, as interfered with the hills and mountains that were visible for 5-7 kilometers north. Petrov and Valentin were sent to the reconnaissance, and the second pair went to the Tinman with the Dragonling. So nicknamed Sanya from Bryansk. When he called, he weighed 106 kg., Was the KMS in judo, he was large, dense. For the first three months I lost weight on 25 kg., We drove very strongly. In the morning, an hour of charging, in the afternoon, two hours of fizuzha or rukapashka, many marched throws on 20-25 km. Once on the exercises, even 56 kilometers. Only one large head remains, hence the Dragon. They were taught from the very beginning to walk in pairs, the partner was chosen at will.

The task was to scout the nearest structure of the mine. Cuddling against stone-covered fences and covering each other, they walked through a small street of 16-20 stone huts. We went to the mine yard and began to approach the 4-storey building. It stood without windows and doors. The iron woodcutter went inside, and the Whelp remained on the street. Petrov and Valentin began to walk around the building, and at that time Petrov saw the top of the head, in camouflage caps, like baseball caps, around 8 pieces behind a stone fence. He pointed out Valentine, who was closer to the fence, showed that he also sees. He took out a grenade, took out the check and threw it behind the fence. Petrov quickly, before the explosion, turned the corner of the building and confronted the blue-eyed blond at close range. Both were taken aback, Petrov pulled the trigger, the machine was silent. Later, when analyzing, Petrov remembered that at the last halt he put the automatic on the fuse and forgot to remove it. The blue-eyed man hit his fist to the right, while Peter hit a meter on 3-4 from a blow, turning over in the air, there was an explosion of grenades. Lying on his back, Petrov again pressed the trigger and, with a burst, literally cut in half, the blond rushed at him. As and when he took off the fuse and jerked the bolt, tumbling on the ground, Petrov could not remember even after 30 years. The blond fell a meter from him. I jumped up, there was a strong rumble in my head, my left eye immediately swam. Valentine lay in the gate aisle and hit a machine gun in short bursts along the street. "Dragon" climbed on a pile of rubble, shot over the fence. There were dull thuds, moans, shouts from the building, in German and in Armenian. Petrov hurried there, He jumped on the window sill and jumped into the room. Overcoming two rooms, ran into the lobby. There he saw Rustam, spattered with blood in torn overalls. On the floor were four corpses, one still twitching in death-dodging convulsions, there was a smell of blood. Seeing Petrov, Rustam relaxed and lowered his famous “macheto” and began to wipe the blood-stained blade and hand on the pants of one of the dead. His knife had a 35 centimeter blade. He traded it from a local 10 can of condensed milk and chocolate, which was included in the suhpay. Also gave him his scout knife.

For a month and a half that Petrov spent in Angola, he had seen a lot, but now he was not comfortable with what he saw. Drakonchik appeared, looked around and began to search the dead. I took the documents and put it in my bosom. Petrov removed a small machine gun from the nearest corpse, as it turned out, it was the Israeli Uzi. Valentine appeared in the doorway, his entire face was scratched, blood was oozing, he wiped it with the back of his hand. The bullets hit the stonework of the fence, where he lay and the flying stones cut his whole face to him. "Quickly! Get out! ”He commanded. Jumping out the windows, they ran to the fence, overcame it and began to retreat through the bushes. There was shooting and explosions of grenades behind. Going to the place where the group remained, they found only one fighter who was left to wait for them. It was a sniper Kohl named "Chukchi". He was a thoroughbred hare, Siberian, hunter. Starting from the seventh grade, together with his father for three months in winter, he went into the taiga to beat the sable, squirrel, ermine. For the season, he earned 7-9 thousand rubles. At that time it was a lot of money, “Zhiguli” cost 5 thousands. When he came to the company after the training, talking about his civil life, he said: “Do you know how the Khanty beat the squirrel in the eye?”. Who the Khanty people were, the people did not know. Then he explained that the Khanty - like the Chukchi. Who are the Chukchi knew everything. “So I, like a Chukchi, beat a squirrel in the eye,” Kohl explained ingenuously. And since then, he became the Chukchi. He also knew how to navigate at any time of the day, without resorting to a map and a compass. Ran and minutes through 40 caught up with the group. The commander announced a halt. Studied the documents that took the dragon and the machine that brought Petrov. According to the documents, two were from Germany, the other from Spain, another one - the Portuguese. Age from 24 to 32 years. The blue-eyed, who was filled up by Petrov, was also under thirty. It can be seen on the search for their group threw mercenaries, professionals. The commander led the group to the south-west, judging that they were already waiting in the northern direction where the front was passing. We went all day, halts reduced to 5 minutes, instead of 15, as it was yesterday. Only once did 40 have to sunbathe for minutes, as the plane appeared and barged in the air, obviously looking out for the group. All these days, the air temperature was in 40 degrees. Fatigue had already started to show up, the conductor was first to pass, the machine gun had to be taken from him and transferred to “Basha”. Blokhin was from Moscow. Before the army, he was engaged in modern pentathlon. But as his comrade in the couple, Vasya, nicknamed "The Wardrobe", said, he had a very big disadvantage - kindness. He, Blokhin, was very kind, hence the affectionate nickname Byash. Vasya "Wardrobe" was from Rostov on Don. With a sweat height of two meters, before the army, he professionally played handball in a team of masters, finished sports boarding school. He was an orphan. Wide shoulders, huge hands, he had a fist more than two Petrov fists combined. From here and closet. This spring, he should be a dumbing man and dreamed of staying on an emergency.

In the evening they came to the river Kuneno, it was wide, more than 100 meters. They began to prepare rafts for the wounded and for equipment. Just before sunset, Chukchi reported to the commander that he noticed a flare from the optics. Taken defense. Decided to start the ferry before dawn. The nights are dark, even if you take out your eyes, nothing is visible. We didn’t sleep at night, tensely listening to the unfamiliar sounds of African nightlife .. We were the first to start the crossing, the conductor, the Cubans with the wounded and two fighters, Vanya “Chisel” and Sasha “Superman”. Before the army, living on the island of Kunashir (the Kuril Islands), after watching Japanese films about ninjas, Vanya practiced karate underground. He could hit a brick wall with his fist. Petrov himself with a chisel after a year of service, stole to the household. backyard oak barrel, which they hid in the technicals, closing the sheets of roofing material. (The battalion was given a company of service and a company of guards. They did not go to the guard and to the kitchen). They argued with warrant officers and officers on 50 marks that Vanya would pierce the barrel with his index finger. A barrel was placed on the table in the smoking-room, water was poured in buckets, and Vanya stretched his arms, punched the oak wall with his finger and beat a stream of water. Then they went to the tea room and walked with lemonade, cakes and everyone's favorite, peanuts in chocolate.

“Superman” Sasha was nicknamed because other nicknames did not take root. He could pull up on one hand 5 times, and on the left 3 times, moreover, with a grip from the top. In his youth he was engaged in gymnastics, but because of the growth of 180, he had to leave. Further engaged himself. He had huge biceps and triceps, hands like an orangutan, long. Petrov saw such muscles only at the end of 90-s among professional bodybuilders who sat on chemistry, but none of them could even pull themselves up on one arm. But nicknames like "Orangutan" or "Gorilla" did not take root. Although very closely consistent with the image, because Sasha quickly “washed” the one who said the neck. The only person with whom he was afraid to mess with Superman is the Iron Tin Man.

When the first group crossed over, shots rang out, it was the Chukchi who flunked two of the advanced soldiers who were heading for the river. These were negros, they lay down and began a shootout. It is clear that they were waiting for reinforcements. The commander decided to leave the machine gunner for cover, and the rest urgently shipped. Petrov unpleasantly ached under the solar plexus, when he gave Valentine 5 a grenade, and left one for himself.

Grandfather Petrova, was originally from Belarus, he died in 1943 year. The whole family in the autumn of 1941, went to the partisans. My father did not go to the first class, but went to a partisan. Before the start of the Battle of Kursk, the “Rail War” was launched, the grandfather was a machine-gunner and the commander of the group that covered two demolition men. The order was to keep the demolition men as the apple of an eye. They successfully went to the railroad bed, laid a mine and derailed the train with the Germans and equipment. They began to pursue, an hour later there were already two dead and one wounded. My grandfather apparently understood that they would not go far with the wounded, and it was still about two hours before dark. He ordered to leave, and he, having collected all the grenades, remained to cover. They retreated along a forest road, between two marshes, the Germans could not get around it and were forced to attack in the forehead. A departing group of 5 people, heard the sounds of battle for an hour. The next day, when the scouts came from the squad, they did not find a grandfather, only a bloody mess in the sand. The Germans cut him into pieces, the bones were crushed, there was nothing to bury. On the side from which the Germans attacked, the scouts counted almost 60 of bloody spots, it became clear why such brutal Germans were. Grandfather sold his life very dearly. This is all he heard when he graduated from the 5 class, went with his father to his homeland, Belarus. The partisans who knew the grandfather were still alive.

And now leaving Valentina the captured Uzi machine gun, he was struck by the fact that his grandfather and Valik were machine gunners. After patting him on the shoulder, Petrov once again reminded him that as soon as they reach the other bank, he would leave, They would cover him from the other side with fire. As long as they were ferried, shooting was in full swing. There was no aimed fire on the river, only crazy bullets splashed on the water. The roller did not allow the enemy to raise his head. Having crossed over, Hilarion, nicknamed "The Nightingale the Robber", so called for his robber whistle, from which he had to plug his ears, whistled, giving a signal to Valentine. Hilarion was from Odessa, he joined the army in 20 years. He graduated from the College of Physical Education and managed to work as a SAMBO wrestling coach. He was married and his daughter grew up. After a few moments, Valentine appeared on the coast, he was without a machine gun, only with the Uzi. He didn’t have time to go into the water and knee-deep, as in front of him, in front of the meters, 10 hit a mine. He bent over in half and holding his stomach, swaying, walked along the shore. We started shouting: “Into the water! Swim! " Seen wounded and stunned, he did not understand what he was doing. From a slope into the water, a man 12 of blacks, who surrounded Valentine, ran in. We did not shoot, we were afraid to touch Valik. Suddenly they parted and joyfully began to shout, jumping up and down. One of the rifle muzzles had a cut off Valentine's head stuck. The first to come to his senses was the Chukchi. With a SVD (Dragunov sniper rifle), a clip of 10 cartridges was shot, probably, in less than three seconds, ten corpses. There were only two left on the other side, but they could not get away, the guys dared an avalanche of lead. On the other side, the mortar began to beat, taking them into the fork, I had to retreat. Petrov fled, tearing through the bushes and brushed away tears. He recalled how they dreamed at night, their beds were next to each other, how they would study in Moscow, in the intelligence school. How will get acquainted with beautiful Muscovites. Valentin wrote the application and filed the documents, he was already called by the special person and said that a request had come to him. After a couple of months, he should have a demob and study. Petrov should write a statement later and join Valentine in six months. We jumped on the trail. Began to depart on it. The commander ordered the sapper "Bandera" to put a mine on the trail. So called Steppe. He was from Ukraine, from the Ternopil region. When he came young and was asked where this Ternopil was located, he replied that this was Western Ukraine. So you, what - with Bandera? To this he joked that every morning he waters the beds in the garden with machine oil. To the question, why, he answered: “Shob zbroya was not rusty.” Petrov covered, and Shakhtar helped Bandera dig a hole. Yura was called a miner because he managed to work in the mine before the army. He was from Red Ray, Ukraine. Bender put the mine, and the miner began to gently cover it with earth, he himself went two meters into the bushes to break the branches and cover his tracks. Suddenly he screamed, swore obscenities and ran out onto the path. To Petrov’s surprised look, he showed his right hand. On the wrist where the pulse is usually measured, two small holes were visible. He was bitten by a snake. Petrov threw off his satchel and frantically began to search for the first-aid kit, the antidote from snake bites was included in the kit. Less than five seconds later, as Stepan turned gray, the skin on his cheekbones stretched, capillaries began to burst in his eyes. He began to fall, but he was caught by Yura - Shakhtar. Petrov took out a syringe tube with a serum and made an injection, but it looked like it was already useless. He convulsed, bloody foam went out of his mouth. A minute later he fell silent. Yura was paralyzed on his knees and continued to support his head. He did not pay attention to the words of Petrov, he did not hear them. Petrov had to turn him around and cut two strong slaps in the left and right to bring him to his senses. He helped take Jura, Steppe on the shoulder, and he carried three machine guns. Somewhere, a kilometer away, the group was waiting for them at the turn of the path. Seeing the deceased, Commander Crest, groaned as if in pain. Within half an hour, two dead. Petrov noticed that one of the Cubans had a bandaged head, it turned out that a stray bullet had pierced his ear. Very lucky, half a centimeter to the side and would break through the head. The dead wore a wardrobe. An hour later, we went deeper into the decay between the two mountains, and ten minutes later we came to a stream. The water was clean, drunk and filled up in flasks. There was a small waterfall where, in a crevice between two stone blocks, they buried Stepa, laying stones. With him, an automatic machine was placed in an improvised grave, hung on his neck. The guys said goodbye, brushing away a tear, the Cubans watched from the side, when the last fighter said goodbye, they approached and saluted, taking the peak. They walked all day, going deep into the mountains, taking turns carrying a stretcher. Cubans worked with everyone on an equal footing. The conductor, while they were burying Stepa, ran away, taking advantage of the fact that he was not paid attention to. By evening, the wounded Cuban came to his senses. Cubans began to explain something to him.

He took out the suhpayka so-called "Mackerel" from the kit. It was egg powder mixed with black chocolate and ground peanuts and seasoned with linseed oil. Modern "Mars" and "Snickers" are somewhat reminiscent of his taste. This mixture was packed in jars, one by one as canned fish "Mackerel". The jar contained 3000 calories in itself, after eating it in 15 minutes, I felt like it was eating up. Heated the mixture on a dry alcohol, Byasha handed it to the Cubans. They took a flask of rum from a backpack and gave it to the wounded man, then fed him. For the night we stopped in the gorge between the fallen trees. In the morning they climbed the mountain and there for the first time the radio operator Hilarion caught the wave on which the headquarters worked. Communication was unstable. We only managed to report that "my mother is fine." Then the interference went, it seems, the Yuarians were scoring a wave. An hour after the communication session, dogs heard the barking of dogs, it became clear that they were allowed to follow the trail.

The commander left Chukchu, Superman and Chisel, and additionally, as a couple without Petrov. He set the task to eliminate dogs by any means. Petrov would prefer to stay with the Iron Tinman and the Whelpling, they were thinking, and he was friendly with them. Chisel at first beat, and then he thought it was worth it to beat. Superman was too arrogant and too self-confident. But Chukchi life wisdom enough for three. For the ambush, they chose a clearing in which there were no vegetation on the 30-35 meters. When the dog breeder appeared, he was missed until the middle and the sniper shot the dog and his two shots. Petrov fired a grenade from a grenade launcher, following the group that followed the dog breeder. Fighting off in short bursts, saving ammunition, they began to depart. Hiding behind the trees, Petrov shot single. They were taught to hit the first shot at the target. If the “Westerners” were trained to shoot with a queue, lifting the machine gun from the bottom up and driving the path of bullets to the target, then they were shot with one shot. Side-view Petrov noticed some movement on the right. He turned and saw a group of 15 people walking around them. He shouted Chisel, which was closer and they moved the fire. They were already in 40-50 meters. And then he saw two dogs, black, with thin legs, which he had not seen in the Soviet Union, lowered them. Later in the 90 years, he saw them again in American action movies and found out that the breed is called Doberman. He shot the nearest dog, but did not hit. In the army they were taught how to fight with dogs, he just did not know that this breed is very jumpy and can move much faster than the sheep dogs that they trained on. Before he could get ready, like a dog, sprawling in a jump, aimed at his throat. He managed to expose the left forearm, in which the dog clung. The feeling of pain was such that they hit the arm with reinforcement. The right hand automatically snatched the knife and he hit the dog in the belly with the clinging dog, directing the blow from below - upwards. There was a chilling screech from which all the nerves stretched inside. The dog opened his jaws and collapsed, rolling on the grass.

The second dog, Chisel met with a direct kick to the head. The dog with the same speed with which it rushed, flew off, hit its back against the tree and did not utterly calmed down. Petrov's left hand was listening happily, he could move it. The blacks were already in 5-6 meters. He fired at the nearest one and he fell. He beat off the rifle barrel with a bayonet and threw over his hip, the one that hit him on the right. Suddenly there was a rumble in my head, as if a jet plane was taking off somewhere and the time for Petrov had stopped. He began to see everything in slow motion. He saw as the Negro again trying to poke him with a bayonet in his face, but he did it all very slowly. Petrov without problems sat down and with all the dope, hit the barrel of the machine from the bottom up. The muzzle brake of the trunk, along with the AKMS front sight, entered under the lower jaw, and came out in the area of ​​the nose bridge. The skull cracked like a walnut. Then he noticed Chisel, who fought with three, two were already lying nearby. Dodging one, Ivan threw out his hand with lightning speed, he beat with a straight, hard palm, like a lance. The palm entered the negro's stomach on the very wrist, he pulled her back clenched into a fist, pulling her guts out. Seeing this, the two others ran. Taking a pistol from one of the dead, Petrov hurried to the aid of Superman and the Chukche. Superman was dying, a knife was sticking out of his back, the 4 of the corpse was lying next to it, the fifth was lying apart. It is evident that he drove Sasha a knife in the back while he fought with the others. But Superman justified his nickname, he managed, having received a knife strike, with a reversal, with an edge of his palm to break the attacker from behind - his neck. His head was thrown like a rag doll. Superman has almost completely abandoned his strength, he could no longer move his arms and only quietly asked Vanya to shoot him. It was evident that he was very painful. Vanya began to get painkillers from his backpack. Petrov left friends and hurried to the Chukchi. Chukchi fought immediately with four, four more lay on the ground. He had a very peculiar technique, which he called "on soft hands." He was taught by his friends, in the village, who were distant descendants of the Cossacks, who were exiled to Siberia in the eighteenth century, for some kind of queen, before the king. The bottom line is that no blocks, hard kicks. Any blow was met with soft hands, hung off along the way, helping, and at the end point was sent to the side under 90 degrees. The effect of Koli-Chukchi was amazing. Petrov took over several tricks from him. Petrov took out the captured pistol and began shooting, as in the dash with 5 meters, forwards. When the third fell, the survivor ran. He was not allowed to go far, Chukcha shot him down. Raising the dying Sasha, they carried him. Minutes through 10, he gave a deep sigh, loudly asked: "Do not write to my mother" and died. Having found a tree rooted out of the forest, they buried Sasha - Superman in a hole under the roots. Until the end of the day, the Chukchi led them, relying on their instincts. Before sunset, cleaned up the remnants of suhpaya. Slept in turns. In the morning, about four hours later, the Chukchi brought them to the group. The miner guiltily hid his eyes from the commander. He was on guard and missed the approach of the guys. The Cubans laughed, listening to the statements of the commander in the address of the Miner. They told what happened. The guys honored Sasha with a minute of silence. The task remained the same, to go to the zone of stable communication, find a suitable site and evacuate the wounded and the group. The immediate task is to get the products, they are completely gone and replenish the ammunition. Now moving to the Northwest. Two hours later, went to the road. It was decided to disguise the wounded, he seemed to have passed the crisis and he went on the mend, the Cuban - the doctor, the radio operator and Petrov. Since his bitten hand was inflamed. The doctor has already given him an injection of an antibiotic. The rest went to search. We disguised themselves in 300 meters from the road and began to take turns on duty. The group returned in the evening.

As told, they met a truck on the road. That toli broke, toli it was a post. There were 13 soldiers. One was in the cab, the rest in the shade under the truck. We decided to take no noise in the knives. The bushes could be approached on 4-5 meters. The sniper insured, if anything, should be removed from the fact that in the cockpit. It turned out quickly and silently. The Tin Woodman distinguished himself, he removed three, including the one in the cabin. When everyone had already lowered the knives, from under the tent of the body, an automatic burst rang out there turned out to be another - 14. Chukcha could not take it off I did not see it, it was on the other side and it was covered by a canvas awning. The miner and Byash, who were near, behind the car, died immediately. The cabinet threw a knife, he stuck into the guner's eye socket, he was already dead, rolling over the side, reflexively pulling the trigger. The bullet accidentally hit the commander, who ran out from the side of the car. There was no chance for the ensign, the bullet was with a displaced center and hit him in the left side. He died without regaining consciousness.

After they had eaten, a Cuban, he was an officer, his name was Alberto, he gathered everyone to a meeting. He was a military intelligence officer, explained what and how they decided that he would be in command. The next day moved further towards the front. They walked without incident, the terrain was different. Small forests, shrubs, open areas, overgrown with tall grass, with rarely standing trees. And in such an open area they were intercepted by a helicopter. It was a small helicopter armed with one machine gun. He jumped at a low altitude, gave a turn and left with a climb in turn. The guys fell, turned over, as they taught on the back, weapons at the ready. Dragon pulled a grenade and charged an RPG (hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher), got on one knee, took aim, waited and fired when the helicopter went straight. There was an explosion and the helicopter fell apart in the air, Petrov saw two figures flying around, tumbling. There was a second explosion at the impact of debris on the ground. Alberto ordered the search for the bodies of the pilots, to find the maps. One of the dead was found. They began to leave, and there they noticed that there was no Nightingale robber. Found him in a minute.

Hilarion lay face down. A large-caliber bullet pierced the radio on the back and hit the radio operator. They took him with them. Carried him for almost three hours, going away. Found a suitable place, put Hilarion and the walkie-talkie there, she was completely ruined. Digging the ground with knives, they buried him in a hole and laid a stone on top. Our new commander, something in Spanish ordered a doctor. He pulled out a flask and poured rum for each of them. They remembered all the victims. There were only 15 left from the group in 8 people who went on the mission (not counting the conductor and the wounded man). Now our task has become more complicated. It was not necessary to hope for evacuation by air, it was necessary to cross the front line independently. The commander led the group into the thicket and ordered him to rest until the morning. The wounded Cuban was already strong and could lift himself up. Tomorrow, as soon as they began to move, they ran into Negroes with spears. Neither was it possible to catch or shoot them down; they promptly disappeared into the bushes, there were four of them in all. They were stunted. Angolan men are mostly tall and well-developed. Petrov felt well, his hand acted a little, but the inflammation had passed, the injections worked, what the doctor was doing. Chukchi, who went first, raised his hand, attention! Everyone froze. He listened for a long time, and then whispered that someone was crying. By order of the commander, Petrov went with the Chukchi. They carefully made their way through the bushes, in front of them seemed a group of trees. Now Petrov heard a child crying. Under the trees, they found a dead woman of years 17, and a girl of about three was sitting and crying next to her. Judging by the swollen left leg and cramped body, she was bitten by a snake. It happened no more than two hours ago. It is possible that they were looked for by the natives met not far from here. Petrov gave the girl some water and gave the trophy candy, she calmed down. Came to ours. They decided to take the child with them, otherwise the jackals, or other beasts, would have bitten them up. Petrov wrapped her in a spare vest, she was naked and put in a satchel, leaving only her head. Carefully moved, alternately following each other - in the stretcher. Petrov from the hand, was released. Alberto often checked the map and the compass. They went to the village, which was burned. Dragon with the Tin Woodman went to scout and search for water. When they returned they reported that the well was littered with corpses, it can be seen here that the South African soldiers were in charge. An hour later, went to the mine, the entrance to the mine was guarded. In the side found an inclined ventilation drift. This mine was marked on the map of the deceased pilot. The commander decided to check that there may be. In reconnaissance, light, having unloaded too much, they went all but the wounded, the doctor and Petrov. Somewhere in an hour, the Wardrobe and Chisel appeared. They took the magnetic mines with a clockwork from the 4 satchels and went back. It turned out in the mine a large ammunition depot. The stroke that led from the ventilation drift was mined. But the Cabinet, he was the second miner in the squad, removed the mines. Soon everything appeared, packed up and started to leave. After 45 minutes, after the start of the motion, a distant rumble was heard and the earth started. The next morning, the commander announced that we were already close to the front line, we must be especially careful. The girl behaved well, not crying. Petrov fed her, she trustingly hugged him by the neck. All the guys as they could spoiled her, played with her on the halts. Iron Woodman taught her to Petrova to talk PA-PA. In the evening, Chukchi, with the permission of the commander, shot down the antelope, with small, centimeters 30 horns. They dug a hollow in the hollow and when it started to get dark they lit a fire. Roasted meat and boiled water. The wounded Cuban could already sit and move around with the help of him. He also ate meat, the doctor gave him pills. It was good that there was salt, and the meat did not go without bread. The taste was like a kebab with beef. In the morning they all got strong and well rested. We decided to carry the wounded, for greater mobility of the group, to take turns on the back. For this, the Tin Woodman, the Whelpling, the Wardrobe, the Chisel and the commander stood out. The commander in general was a strong guy, about ninety meters. Somewhere in the age of 30. The doctor was small, puny, he had a clear admixture of Negro blood. Send "Indian snake" or as we called "caterpillar." The first was Chukchi, his sector of responsibility was right in front of him, at an angle of 120 degrees, behind him, at the back of the head, at a distance of 2-3 meters, the next one who watched from the left, at an angle of 90 degrees, the third one watched .d Closing Petrov was responsible for the rear. They went like this, replacing each other, to carry the wounded man for five hours. Halt. Some moved away, to relieve need. Soon all gathered except Drakonchik. He appeared twenty minutes later and not one, but with two white men in military uniform. As it turned out, having eliminated the need, he noticed that not far off, a small herd of antelopes swiftly left the place and ran. He wondered what had frightened them. A couple of minutes later he noticed three armed men. Two white and one black. It turned out to be the signalmen, they pulled the cable. The negro carried coils, one of the whites was laying the wire, and the second, apparently, was the commander of this group. Dragon decided to take whites.

pants and sat down under a bush. After removing the Negro with a knife, he took the officer with his pants down, and the second as soon as he saw the directional machine gun, he immediately raised his hands. The officer came, supporting his pants with his hands. Cuban doctor, knew English and interrogated prisoners. It turned out they were pulling the wire from the KP regiment, to a battery of self-propelled howitzers. To the front line was about four kilometers. Prisoners willingly answered all questions. The officer showed on the map where the front and the battery. I was just surprised that they have a South African military map. The officer decided to take with him. Bypassed the location of the battery. It was located near the road, which went beyond the other front line. Considering that the main forces are concentrated near the road, they decided to go in the direction of kilometers on 10 and move parallel to the road. The officer took off his trouser belt, cut off the buttons on his pants, tied his hands in front. He was forced to go and keep his pants. Over the shoulders hung a satchel heavier. After an hour and a half on the first halt, he was very surprised when he saw the children watering water and giving biscuits to Angolka. So they called the girl. Name Angolka she invented Vasya - Wardrobe. He said that the kittens are called by the name, and this is a man! "Why are you bothering with this Cobra pig", the doctor turned to us the word prisoner. There was an oppressive silence. Tin Woodman, who was guarding him, took a step toward him, and his hand went to him in the face. That nose has shifted to the right. The doctor had to stop the bleeding, stick cotton swabs in the nostrils. All the guys happily breathed out: “So he needs a bitch!” The prisoner's eyes were surprised - surprised. Smaller, but also all three Cubans looked surprised at our reaction. Moved to dark. At dawn, the Wardrobe raised everyone. He was a sentinel and reported that he had heard voices from the north. In the exploration went Wardrobe, Chukchi, Dragon and Petrov. Carefully heading in the direction from which the voices heard the Cabinet, they are meters through 70, they found a group of 6 people through binoculars, in a camouflage. They moved to the South, taking precautions. Dragon sent to report to the commander. And they themselves continued to follow the group. Soon all arrived, except the doctor, the wounded and the prisoner. The commander watched through binoculars for a long time without making a decision. At the edge of the bush, strangers made a halt, opened the bags, got canned. The commander made a decision, we will take, by surprise. Sneaking up so that the bush does not budge. In general, this week they lived with nature, they became its organic part, and the training in disguise and survival taught a lot. The commander waved his hand, Petrov crossed the 7 meters in two jumps, to the nearest of those sitting and put an automatic gun to his head. Fear choked and went into a choking cough. Chisel knocked out the feet of two, the rest saw the directional machines - froze. Petrov from excitement repeated "Hyundai hoh! Hyundai hoh! ”The commander showed his hands, they raised. Tied up, took the weapon. Petrov noted that all were armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles. He took a tin can from one of the satchels, it read Buckwheat Porridge with Meat in Russian. Showed the commander. He turned to the prisoners in Spanish, they looked at each other incredulously. He pulled from an inside pocket a document wrapped in a waterproof celluloid and shows. Those in turn have long studied, we asked some questions, and looked at each other in disbelief. They did not have any documents. They sent for the doctor, the wounded and the prisoners. When the doctor and the wounded Cuban came to communicate with them, the captured six began to look at each other in surprise. Then, something commander began to speak pointing at us. One of the prisoners asked in Russian: "Who are you?". We looked at Alberto, he waved his head.

“Is this you Russian?” Wondered the questioner.

Rustam for a week overgrown with black curly beard. His bristles grew instantly. In the first month of service, he had several times received the clothes out of the lineup, because not shaving. Although Petrov himself saw how he had chipped to the blue in the morning. And only after the “old men” stood up for him in front of the foreman, and he personally arranged the check for the Tinman, only then did he leave him alone. On the head of the same shiny black hair, with the ebb raven, swarthy face. Rather, it could be taken for an Arab or a Jew, but not for Russian.

“We are Soviet” - corrected Rustam: “And I am an Armenian!”

Each of us confirmed in Russian that we are Soviet, Soviet army.

Then they told me that they were Cubans, regimental intelligence went on a mission behind enemy lines. They untied their hands, but did not give up their weapons, and they took us to theirs.

Two hours later, they were at the location of the regiment. On the radio, the commander contacted the higher headquarters. In the morning, they said, a helicopter will arrive. For the first time in all days, they washed their hands and face with a soap and shaved them. In the evening, they said they organize a shower. Angolka very surprised that Petrov turned white, she looked touched his cheek. Alberto came and said Petrov, it is necessary to include the girl in the infirmary and left there, he agreed. Rustam and Sasha came up with him - Dragon. The medical unit was located in a long, barrack-type building in the settlement. The regimental headquarters were located two kilometers from the outskirts of the village. Their appearance caused a slight stir in the medical unit. Ran all female medical staff. They were all dressed in slim, translucent, nylon robe, mid-thigh length, the last button on the robe was over centimeters on 15. White robe and panties shone through the robe. In general, almost all Cubans are pompous, but at the same time skaters and well-knit. Two were pale chocolate, the head physician - white, the other - Latinos, with different variations. Seeing this flower garden, Drakonchik immediately arched his broad chest with a wheel. Rustam was all tense and began to mow his Armenian hot eye. Kubinka laughed at their kind, pulled them over ribbons sewn onto rompers, and looked at each other coquettishly. Petrov, watching this from the side, laughed heartily. Two tall handsome men, dressed in strange rags, surrounded by pretty women, looked like stallions who dug the ground with their hoof, feeling that now they would rush in a quick leap! Angolka, the chief physician, the captain (in her office, Petrov saw the uniform) burst into tears from all this noise, said in Russian, with an accent: "Come on" and go. He went after her. She asked the name of the girl, where she came from. Then she asked the name of Petrov. So recorded in the magazine, Angolka Petrova. When he came out of the office, he saw that the Dragon was already patting two at once, and the Tinman was circling carefully, putting two of the cutest in his arms. medical service captain ordered, and one of the nurses took the girl. Angolka began to cry, stretch her arms to Petrov and repeat, PA-PA, PA-PA. Petrov felt that a piece of ice appeared under his heart, he quickly went out and went to look for Alberto to report.

In the evening, Cuban scouts arranged a dinner for them, putting out two bottles of Cuban rum and a bottle of Stolichnaya. The question from where "Stolichnaya", said that the trophy. Tomorrow, the helicopter took them in 11 hours. The crew was again Cuban. They were met by their chief of intelligence and an unknown general. As it turned out from the Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. Then write a report about the past, refined, if something did not match three days.

They moved to Luanda and gave a week of rest. And on February 23 they were loaded onto the landing ship Voronezhsky Komsomolets and landed in Bulgaria in the port of Burgas in 10 days. From there, the aircraft transferred to the GDR. Since then, Petrov celebrates the day of the Soviet Army alone. He remembers the dead friends, the girl Angolka Petrova, listens to military songs, or about Afghanistan (there are no songs about Angola), drinks vodka and quietly cries. Only once a year he allows himself to get drunk.

9 May 1976 of the year on the ceremonial building, Drakonchik and the Iron Tinman were awarded the Order of the Red Star, the Chukchi medal "For Bravery". Petrov, the Cabinet, Chisel, and seven others received a personalized watch. On the monogram it is written: “To Private Petrov personally from the Commander-in-Chief of the GSVG”.


Petrov did not write an application for admission to the intelligence school.

Rustam, a month later was taken to Moscow. A colonel arrived, Rustam was summoned to headquarters, and about four hours he was persuaded. Then he was given five minutes to pack, the colonel personally escorted him to the barracks and to the Berlin-Moscow train. Rustam just managed to whisper to his friend Sasha, the Dragon, that he was being taken for some very important special task. No one else heard about him.

Dragon two years after demobilization drowned, swimming in the gums. Taking a shashlik with vodka well on the chest, Sasha dived into the water from the bridge support. The temperature difference caused a spasm of cerebral vessels. Found him two days downstream.

A request came to the Chukchu, they took him to the Alpha group with a sniper, the KGB chairman Andropov began to form it when preparing for the Olympics in Moscow in 1980. In 1996, Petrov accidentally met him in the subway in Kiev, at the Arsenalnaya station. More precisely, it was Chukcha who spotted him in the crowd, and stepping imperceptibly from behind, he jabbed his side with something firm and said: “Hyundai hoh!”. They went to the hotel "Salute" near the Dnieper. They sat on the terrace and talked until the morning, in the morning he flew to Moscow. Chukchi was a colonel, was responsible for training snipers. Currently traveling from Budapest, by train, in Kiev transfer to the plane. He also knew nothing about the Tin Woodman.

The cabinet remained for long service, graduated from the warrant officers. Petrov corresponded with him for a long time, until 1982, when Vasya was transferred to Afgan and the connection with him was cut off. At the meeting, Chukcha said that he had heard that Vasily and his entire group of 5 people were missing in the Quetta, Pakistan, area while carrying out the assignment.

Vanya - Chisel, after the demobilization he entered the Institute of Soviet Trade in Vladivostok. At the beginning of perestroika, he engaged in the supply of used cars from Japan. In 1990, he organized a brigade. He quickly went uphill, several former Pacific and counterintelligence officers worked for him. Fleet, the rest are mostly former marines. Mercedes, yachts, houses, diamonds, long-legged models, a typical set of new Russian 90s. In 94, married at 38, Petrov flew to the wedding. Never in his life did Petrov get so drunk, neither before nor after. Five months after the wedding, Ivan had twins. In 97, the redistribution of spheres of influence began in Vladivostok. They shot and blew everyone. Vanya could fill anyone’s face, but kill and blow up, so he couldn’t do that. He dismissed the brigade and saving his family, went to Manila. Six months later, walking through the city in the evening, he stood up for a Russian prostitute who was beaten and humiliated by a Filipino pimp. Having received a neck, he called for help. Six people came running with knives. When the police arrived, Vanya was covered in blood, his hands were cut, four corpses were lying around, the rest fled. The police just shot him. Then they said that he tried to attack them with a knife.

In the autumn Petrov demobelled. For about four months he went for a walk after 10 hours of the evening, he was looking for "thrill" sensations. Then he went in for sports and switched. In the month of May, when the air temperature rose above 20 degrees, Petrova began to burst and slam the skin on her hands, to blood. He went to the doctors. For five years he was smeared with various ointments and solutions, shoved with pills and injections. Nothing helped. Some kind of rare eczema, the doctors concluded. But when the sun disappeared, at least on Petrov's 4-5 days everything passed. In 1981, he met an old acquaintance in sports. Which was older than him on 3 of the year. After school, he entered the Military Medical Academy in Leningrad. At the end he was sent to Ethiopia and for two years he worked there as a surgeon. There was a war with Somalia, and ours helped Ethiopia. Now he has come on vacation to visit his mother. Petrov told him about the disease and where he had been, despite the fact that he had signed an obligation before the demobilization in a special department

“On non-disclosure”. After listening to Petrov, he said that his illness was due to a nervous problem. Let Petrov, on the contrary, not try to forget what he saw there, but remember everything, reconsider, as if relive. And so it happened after Petrov, in detail, day after day, remembered everything that happened in Angola, eczema was gone forever. In addition, he said that a closed decree of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Petrov, as a participant in hostilities, was issued, privileges were laid. A week later, Petrov gathered his courage and went to the military enlistment office. The military commissar ordered his personal business to be brought in, turned over for a long time, and then said that the benefits were granted only to those who fought in Afghanistan .. Petrov was taken aback and got up and left. Coming out of the military enlistment office, he unpleasantly ached under the solar plexus and he thought what kind of rotten power this was after all. She won't last that long. Well, he is alive and healthy, the dead, too, benefits and pensions are not needed. But after all, someone from Angola left without a leg, stepped on a mine, someone lost an eye from a fragment of a grenade. Someone's hand dried out after it was bitten by a snake, survived but the hand dried out. Someone remained semi-paralyzed, after the scorpion's poison. After Angola, almost 40 people were commissioned from their squad. They didn’t ask for it, they followed the order of the CPSU as the leading and leading party of the USSR. And this party, for its fighters, defenders, regretted the unfortunate 50 rubles. After the military registration and enlistment office, he went to the district doctor and, for 25 rubles, “designed” himself for a sick leave. All this week he drank, listening at full volume, Vysotsky's songs about the war. Periodically, the district policeman came in and asked him to muffle the music. He sat down, drank three 50 grams with him, ate and recalled his service, as he guarded the cons. Petrov he respected, because It was enough for Petrov to tell any punks in the area that they say calm down and she would become silk. After the policeman left, Petrov cut in the sound and wept bitterly, listening to the words:

On mass graves do not put crosses
and the widow does not weep for them
someone brings them bouquets of flowers
and the eternal flame kindles.

And in the eternal flame
a flash tank is visible
burning Russian huts
burning Smolensk
and burning reystag
the burning heart of a soldier!
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    18 May 2014
    The question is, why did they fight and die in faraway Africa? For the Communist Party?
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      November 18, 2017
      Liberote does not understand.
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    April 21 2017
    Awesome story, very interesting!
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    November 18, 2017
    It recalls cheap disposable Russian fighters, which in the 90s were littered with book trays.

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