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Shipbuilding Center as a first step

A few days ago, the United Shipbuilding Corporation announced the completion of the formation of a new structural unit. To work with the Black Sea fleet and the Caspian Flotilla of the Russian Navy created the Southern Center for Shipbuilding and Ship Repair. The center included five shipbuilding and repair plants. These are Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Kriushinsky shipbuilding and ship repair plants, as well as Astrakhan enterprises “Shipyards named after Karl Marx "and" Lotus ". The main task of the South Center is the construction and repair support of the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. Moreover, it seems that work with the Black Sea sailors will have a higher priority. The official ceremony of establishing the center will take place on February 4.

The establishment of the Southern Shipbuilding Center and ship repair became known several months ago when the USC leadership announced its intentions to make another center, in addition to the North, West and Far East. Thus, all the operational-strategic associations of the Russian Navy received their own shipbuilding and repair centers. The experience of previous years has shown the benefit of such a decision, which ultimately led to the creation of the last center.

It is noteworthy that the creation of the Southern Center, primarily intended for work with the Black Sea Fleet, in the current situation has a special priority. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, a considerable part of the infrastructure of the Black Sea Fleet, as well as part of the ships, went to an independent Ukraine. Due to a number of controversial issues, some of which have not been resolved so far, the Russian Black Sea Fleet has experienced a number of serious problems concerning the construction and repair of ships. In past years, the Black Sea Fleet received equipment, in most cases, produced at nearby enterprises. Now, for obvious reasons, it is very often necessary to overtake ready-made ships and submarines from the Baltic or northern shipyards. It is not difficult to guess how, in this case, logistic and repair procedures become more complicated.

First of all, based on such considerations, in their time, the leadership of the fleet and industry began to create regional centers of shipbuilding and ship repair. However, it is not entirely clear why the center on the Black Sea and Caspian "directions" appeared last. At present, in the light of events in the Middle East and North Africa, the development of the Black Sea Fleet has the highest priority, because it is this compound that is based closest to areas of tension and can react to the threats that have appeared most quickly. Nevertheless, the leadership of the Navy and USC for some reason decided to build the centers in exactly this sequence. Perhaps it was decided to work out the creation and mechanisms of the work of the shipbuilding centers on the basis of the already existing developed infrastructures of the Northern and Pacific Fleets and only then make a similar structure in the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. Anyway, now, despite the difference in the time of creation, all the units of the Russian Navy will have their own shipbuilding and ship repair centers.

Judging by the available information, during the first years the main task of the Southern Center will be the maintenance of the existing fleet equipment, including those built at other enterprises. At the same time, USC will modernize production facilities, thanks to which it is later possible to resume the construction of ships in the Black Sea shipyards. After the start of construction of new ships, the Black Sea Fleet and its supporting infrastructure can be called fully independent. Among other things, the resumption of construction of new technology will be useful in view of the geographical position of the Black Sea Fleet. Under certain circumstances, during an armed conflict, the Black Sea Fleet ships may be locked in the sea. In this case, all repairs will have to be carried out with the help of our own enterprises, since there will be no opportunity to overtake this or that ship to the factory where it was built. In addition, we are talking about restoring former prestige. In Soviet times, a large number of the largest and most complex ships were built on the Black Sea shipyards. Now the palm in this respect has passed to the plants of other regions.

And yet it is impossible not to admit that the creation of the Southern Shipbuilding Center and ship repair is not even half the battle. In addition to structural changes, you need to bring to mind many other things. Due to controversial political issues, the Black Sea Fleet is now experiencing not the best of times and, as a result, is losing a significant part of its combat potential. The organization of the Southern Center actually solves only the issue of maintenance and repair. Other important problems are the creation and modernization of supply points, bases, etc. - is just to be decided. The issue of building new facilities has been repeatedly raised at various levels and it seems that now it is moving from the stage of talks to the stage of real affairs. However, there is every reason to assume certain problems. Items based, supplies, etc. should be located on the coast, and the shores of the Black Sea have long been a resort area. In addition, the location of a military facility implies certain requirements for transport routes and parameters of the coastline. Because of this, the construction of new facilities in the most convenient places may be contrary to the interests of third parties, for example, merchants engaged in the tourism business. Their reaction to the plans of the military may be very different.

It should be noted that private interests should not be a reason for a serious change in plans concerning the security of the country. Of course, most likely, some reconciliation mechanism of the parties will have to be worked out, but the priority in this case should be the modernization of the naval infrastructure. Recent developments in the Mediterranean region require early action to improve the condition of the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, the complexity of the whole situation with it increases due to disputes over the lease of objects in Ukraine. So, because of all the problems, tasks and difficulties, the current work on the creation of the Southern Shipbuilding Center and ship repair actually turn out to be only the first step of a long and long journey.

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  1. altman
    altman 30 January 2013 08: 49
    a belated decision .. has long been asking for it already !!
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 30 January 2013 14: 50
      As soon as a couple of corvettes and a frigate with a destroyer are laid down at the new shipyards, then we will start to rejoice, and strongly. For we will build the fleet at a really good pace. In the meantime, frigates for the Black Sea Fleet are being built in Kaliningrad, and the corvette is being built at Severnaya Verf. The good news is that the corvette will go to the Black Sea Fleet 20385, with the Polyment-Redoubt, albeit cut off.
      1. Moritz
        Moritz 31 January 2013 17: 06
        Quote: Botanologist
        As soon as a couple of corvettes and a frigate with a destroyer are laid at new shipyards, then we will begin to rejoice, and very much

        +, but for now
        Quote: Botanologist
        United Shipbuilding Corporation announced the completion of the formation of a new structural unit
        budget development continues
  2. omsbon
    omsbon 30 January 2013 10: 25
    Without its repair and construction bases, the fleet cannot exist. This is clear as God's day! therefore better late than never !
  3. Ah1ll
    Ah1ll 30 January 2013 10: 43
    The sooner they prepare the ground, the faster the implementation of plans begins!
    New production, new potentials and increased power))) It will be very good! A very beneficial effect on the development of defense and the economy! And of course, the political status of the country will rise by an order)))
  4. knn54
    knn54 30 January 2013 14: 08
    All ships have a lifespan of 30 years. In the Black Sea Fleet, the youngest ship - the cruiser "Moscow" ("Glory" - launched on July 27, 1979). In World War II, the naval aviation proved to be the most effective of the fleet forces, while torpedo bombers were considered the most effective in the Red Army Air Force. The first bombing raids on Berlin were carried out by the crews of the 1st Mine and Torpedo Regiment of the KBF Air Force. Each fleet had a naval carrier division. Now?
    The Black Sea Fleet should be ready to carry out combat missions in the Mediterranean as well. But after the collapse of the USSR, not a single ship of the ocean zone / first rank was built. Even the modernization of Admiral Gorshkov. it takes almost 10 years (according to Soviet plans for an aircraft carrier-3 years), for all 315 years of the history of the Russian and Soviet fleets, even in the most difficult times, and this was not close, almost 22 years of inaction. Even if you collect ships from all fleets - and they are not able to carry out a full-scale operation of one fleet.
    Factories are needed. But there should be a clear shipbuilding program. Tight control over the means and timing.
    1. SSR
      SSR 30 January 2013 16: 49
      In addition, the complexity of the whole situation with him is increasing due to disputes over the rental of facilities in Ukraine.

      Hmm ... Khrushche contagion ... now how to warm up, dissipate.
      Quote: knn54
      Even the modernization of Admiral Gorshkov. goes almost 10 years

      I have already written and will give you an "excerpt" so to speak ...

      Eh. I was sprinkling saliva here in the fall .... what kind of modernization of the nuclear submarine that extends the service life by three years? and then I read something .. (I don't remember literally, but in general terms) that such a "modernization" allows (I really sat down) shipyard teams to learn how to work / practice / remember skills and, being "savvy", start building new nuclear submarines.

      IMHA. As regards shipbuilding and aircraft building, we experienced the greatest failure, first of all, personnel, factories were specialists leaving, now there are no orders ...
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 30 January 2013 19: 53
        Quote: SSR
        there are no orders

        There are still specialists from the Soviet school, although not many. But it was worth a few more years to mop up a mitten - and the cranes would be ...
      2. ruton
        ruton 30 January 2013 19: 59
        In 1921, compared with 1917, only 5,5% of battleships, 10% of destroyers, 5,8% of submarines, 2,7% of mine and network loaders, 4,9% of gunboats remained in the fleet’s combat structure. , 7,2% of messengers and patrol ships. The losses of mine ships and boats were the least sensitive, and the heaviest in the class of cruisers.

        General degradation affected other types of fleet forces. Thus, the number of coastal artillery batteries in the Baltic Sea fell by three times, in the Black Sea by half, and in the Russian North the coastal defense system ceased to exist at all. The air units of the RKKF were liquidated in 1920, and only a few air units remained in operational control of naval commanders, which by the beginning of 1921 had only 36 outdated aircraft with a high degree of physical deterioration.
        So it happened and worse .. Maybe, God forbid, too, recover ..
      3. wax
        wax 30 January 2013 21: 34
        Nikita must be given to Ukraine for reburial.
    2. barbell
      barbell 30 January 2013 19: 13
      my Russians are doing the right thing (the word is Russian, let the late president leave in his memory) Russian, me guys.
    3. barbell
      barbell 30 January 2013 19: 43
      but only in our country you have neither ships, nor navy, nor aviation, there is not a damn thing here, one supremely happy, and a poor population. do not believe me, go to Nikolaev, or to Kherson. chat with shipbuilders.
    4. Andrey57
      Andrey57 30 January 2013 20: 48
      They spent the same time off the coast of Syria, the entire 6th amerovsky fleet, to a single ship, was blown out of Mediterranean, except for the command ship, so God bless Russia and its nuclear weapons, there is a small amount of time for building a fleet !!! And we'll get to the ocean zone !!! As for the service life of the ships, it would be worthwhile for science and designers to take a closer look at the oldest ship of the Black Sea Fleet, it was built at the Putilovsky plant, and in the wardroom there is still a grand piano donated by Emperor Nicholas II, for over 100 years, the thickness of the skin metal has decreased from 16mm to 15-14mm, the manufacturing technology was lost, but smart heads in Russia have not died out, because if you want, you can restore any technology, only "sovereigns" should do it, and not those who like to cut the loot, even in science. hi
  5. gtc5ydgs
    gtc5ydgs 30 January 2013 17: 50
    Have you heard the news? The Russian authorities are already insolent in the end. They made this database
    zipurl. ws / sngbaza where you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. I was really very surprised that there were a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug it up. In general, there are also good sides - this information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
  6. barbell
    barbell 30 January 2013 19: 21
    the saddest thing is that all shipyards, formerly Soviet, and now independent, independent, have died and rotted, or are breathing and rotting.
  7. Misantrop
    Misantrop 30 January 2013 19: 58
    It is strange that the South ship repair center does not include the 13th ship repair plant in Sevastopol. He is of Russian subordination and almost the only living one from the factories of the city. If it weren’t for him, few of the Black Sea Fleet’s ships would have remained afloat now, not just in service. And at the base points in the same Crimea, in addition to Sevastopol, there is also Theodosius (which is also in the contract, so there is no need to sign anything new). There, the Russian military unit is located close to the port territory, precisely for this purpose.
    1. Andrey57
      Andrey57 30 January 2013 22: 14
      That there are sticks in wheels to the fullest - Kiev spankers forbid anything to modernize and build a new one. these plants do not appear in the plans for the Black Sea Fleet.
  8. Antibrim
    Antibrim 30 January 2013 21: 25
    and the Kriushinsky factory is completely collapsed. They made barges for Holland a couple of years ago and, to put it mildly, they fell into a hole. soon the factory will fall apart without state order
  9. wax
    wax 30 January 2013 23: 34
    April 19 (8) 230 years from the date of publication
    M A N I F E S T A
    The Great Empress Catherine II
    (1783, April 8)
    (The manifesto is written by Potemkin)
    It should be noted this glorious date.
  10. Misantrop
    Misantrop 31 January 2013 00: 28
    Quote: Wax
    It should be noted this glorious date.

    If only "svidomye" did not start again to spoil the monument to Catherine in Sevastopol. Tried several times right after installation. The guys from SevInfo were even forced to organize a constant watch there. Including with video surveillance. A couple of people living nearby aimed their webcams at the monument and constantly drove the picture, while the people took turns on duty at the monitors. And in case of suspicious movement, a group of "clarifiers" immediately left nearby lol
  11. EmiGRANT
    EmiGRANT 3 February 2013 11: 44
    altmanThe decision is not belated but timely. And let's not forget that all the same, the country has economic difficulties.
    There is no doubt that decisions of this kind are primarily political, but if they are not financially supported then it is not possible to realize them.