The Hamas Politburo said it would not agree to a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas Politburo said it would not agree to a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

The Palestinian Hamas movement will not agree to the Israeli authorities' proposal for a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. According to Osama Hamdan, a member of the Palestinian movement's Politburo, the refusal is due to Tel Aviv's reluctance to reach mutual understanding on a number of key issues.

In a comment to Sky News Arabia, Hamdan stressed that Hamas will not agree to such agreements due to the fact that the Israeli side is evading acceptable terms of mutual agreements. The member of the Palestinian movement's Politburo also added that any agreement with Israel must be backed by international and regional guarantees.

Earlier it was reported that the Hamas leadership, through intermediaries, announced its readiness to discuss a long pause in hostilities in exchange for the release of Israeli civilian women and children held in the Palestinian enclave. At the same time, one of the prerequisites for starting negotiations is the conclusion of a comprehensive agreement, the purpose of which is the final cessation of hostilities.

The Israeli authorities proposed to Hamas to enter into agreements that would include a two-month pause in active hostilities in the Gaza Strip for the release of all persons held by both sides, which include Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli prisons. In addition, one of Israel's conditions was the obligation of senior Hamas leaders to leave the Palestinian enclave.
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    24 January 2024 16: 12
    That's right, don't step on our rake, don't trust the enemy, fight stubbornly and decisively!
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    24 January 2024 16: 22
    Israel, having failed to secure the release of the hostages by military means in four months, offered a two-month truce in exchange for the hostages. What will happen if Hamas agrees?
    Israel will detain a number of Palestinians proportional to the number of those released from its prisons - a practice that has already taken place. Israel will continue to carry out sporadic strikes, justifying this with the “right of self-defense.” Israel will accumulate missiles and bombs - the Americans will come along and continue the bombing without entering into fire contact with Hamas. Now the IDF has to move forward - the public is demanding the release of the hostages. To do this, it is necessary to create at least the appearance of ground operations. But all the videos from the Palestinian front show that the army was carried out by amateurs. They don’t know how to fight in the city and are unlikely to learn - this is usury and deception. As soon as Hamas gives up the hostages, there will be a systematic and methodical erasure of all Palestinian cities from the face of the earth. And sea water will also go into the tunnels. The Zionists' task is to create an Exclusion Zone where even olives will not grow. I hope Hamas understands this and will not stand on ceremony as we do, planning to eat fish and not get our hands dirty
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      24 January 2024 16: 40
      You present it exactly as written. It feels like this is first-hand information, from IDF headquarters. Who are you there: beginning. headquarters or a clerk?
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      24 January 2024 18: 18
      The IDF knows how to fight. Since the creation of Israel, they have been fighting without interruption. You will learn by force. Lime 2 lyama Palestinians, they will not be allowed. Hamas will be cleaned out, then there will be a dead end. Benya’s adventure has no solution.
      1. +2
        25 January 2024 09: 32
        They know how to remotely bomb surrounding countries from airplanes without air defense, they know how to carry out terrorist attacks, sabotage, and kill people in foreign countries. But there is no fighting face to face. Cowardly jackals, worthless warriors, Jews who have come from all over the world, at the first serious danger they will go back to their countries. You can fight when you have the most modern weapons, received for free from the Americans, with unarmed civilians. But when the opponent even just has small arms and grenade launchers, their guts are shaking. Several thousand fascist pianists from the occupying army received severe psychological trauma! This isn’t about playing around on Tik Tok and pounding each other in the hollows, as they love. Here you can grab something! The Pales don’t feel sorry for their homeland and their lives!
        1. 0
          25 January 2024 10: 13
          Sooner or later, the Israelis will get the worst of it. And they will answer for their crimes. When a real force is found that can bend them. Laws and tribunals, as we know, are created by the victors. But in your posts, the anti-Sudaism is simply off the charts. Have you heard anything about the GSS - Jews? My grandfather, a Jewish political instructor, saved his life in 42 by sacrificing his own.
          Only radical Muslims are terrorists. They are not fighting for their land. For a fatty piece, not affordable to ordinary Palestinians. And they substitute the peaceful people without hesitation. There are bandits there, not noble partisans.
          1. 0
            25 January 2024 10: 16
            It’s you who imagines Judeophobia everywhere! And I promote anti-Zionism! I was born and raised in the Soviet Union, and I was raised on the ideas of opposing Jewish fascism! and I will continue to do so!
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              25 January 2024 10: 18
              Jews, normal non-Zionists, oppose the Zionist regime! They themselves are being oppressed by the Zionists.
            2. 0
              25 January 2024 10: 24
              So I was born and raised there. I don’t remember the term “Jewish fascism”. Zionism, in a negative aspect, was always mentioned. And this is only because Israel began to gravitate towards the main competitor of the Union - the United States. Ours had to rely on the Arabs. Which ended in big problems. They are worthless, there are no victories with them. Politics and balance of interests.
              And it’s the anti-Judofbia that comes out of you. And who authorized you to be a propagandist? lol
              1. 0
                25 January 2024 23: 01
                It seems to me that you yourself are related to them. Zionism is Jewish fascism, since you need such detailed explanations. If you supposedly grew up in the union, then you will probably remember that they were compared to the fascists.
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                  26 January 2024 01: 14
                  Who compared? Judeophobes? They made fun of Jews at the everyday level, they didn’t like them very much, but I didn’t hear official propaganda calling them fascists request Zionists and the Israeli military.
                  I have no relation to Jews. Russian-Belarusian roots, on both branches.
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                    26 January 2024 03: 13
                    You are so dismissive of the Jews and at the same time you are drowning for them... Okay, I won’t continue the argument, it’s useless! And there is no need to equate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, which the Zionists like to promote and is already accepted in many Western countries. I repeat once again Zionism is Jewish fascism, only its higher stage! And period!
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                      26 January 2024 10: 00
                      Fascism is only Italy and nothing else. The fact that the leader rejected the abbreviation NSDAP, not allowing the word socialism, which was sacred for the Bolshevik, to be discredited, does not mean the identity of the movement
                      1. 0
                        26 January 2024 10: 11
                        Movements. Italian fascists, in comparison with the Nazis, are white and fluffy. The crimes of the Zionists are the crimes of the Zionists. We must call things by their proper names.
                        I don’t support Israel, but I respect their tenacity in the struggle for the survival of the nation. Russians don't have enough of this.
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    24 January 2024 20: 33
    But the deputy chairman of the Hamas Politburo, Moussa Abu Marzouk, said that Hamas does not intend to comply with Russia’s request to release all Russian citizens who are currently being held captive in Gaza.

    We did not capture people because they were Russian or French. We captured them because they kill Palestinians and are Israeli soldiers.
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      25 January 2024 09: 35
      They did it right! And these fascists, you see, remembered that they also had Russian passports lying around.