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The rebirth of "Belgorod"

In Severodvinsk, in the slipway of the Production Association Northern Machine-Building Enterprise OJSC 20 last December, a solemn ceremony of laying the 09852 research submarine of the 1059 research submarine took place. Admiral V.V. shipbuilding corporation ", Budnichenko MA, general director of the NSR, Burilichev A.V. and Zaborsky M.V., commanders of military units, Vilnit I.V., general director of OJSC TsBB MT Rubin, and D.N. Maxurov, head of the XNUMX-th Military Representation of the Ministry of Defense.

The rebirth of "Belgorod"

In the workshop, in a solemn ceremony, they launched the construction of a new vessel. This submarine is created to solve difficult problems: conducting research in various areas of the oceans, participation in search and rescue operations. Also, by means of this nuclear submarine, the installation and inspection of scuba equipment, monitoring of submarine highways, and testing of new scientific research equipment will be carried out. The submarine will be the carrier of deep-sea rescue and uninhabited autonomous underwater vehicles.

The 09852 project was developed at the TsKB MT Rubin OJSC (St. Petersburg). The design of the 949A missile submarine of the 20 project was taken as the basis. In fact, the 09852 December ceremonies were repackaged by the K-329 Belgorod created the modified project 949A. The construction of Belgorod began at the SMP in 1990. This boat was formally laid down on 24 on July 1992, becoming the first vessel of the modified project 949.In 2006, the construction of Belgorod was discontinued. is ready st was about 76% now "Belgorod" will complete the project 09852 as a great nuclear submarine carrier uninhabited and manned submersibles Customer -.. General Directorate of the Russian Defense Ministry deepwater research (head of department - Vice Admiral Burilichev AV)

The right to establish a mortgage board was presented to the General Director of Sevmash and the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy. Victor Chirkov noted the contribution of the enterprise to the development of the domestic nuclear fleet and wished the shipbuilders success in creating the Russian nuclear shield. In turn, Mikhail Budnichenko emphasized that the enterprise would make every effort to ensure that the submarine served on the continuation of many meth, had high reliability and ensured the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to it.

About 949A

The nuclear submarine project with anti-ship cruise missiles was developed by LMPB Rubin. The management was carried out by the chief designer Pustyntsev P.P. After his death in August 1977, the chief designer was appointed I.L. Baranova. The 949A project - the development of the 949 project with an updated layout and an additional compartment of a robust case. Originally planned to build a large series of 20 SSGNs.

In the Navy, the boats of the project received the unofficial name "Baton" - because of the hull shape and impressive size.

Two-part design. AK-33 steel (developed by the Prometheus Central Research Institute) with millimeter 45-68 thickness was used to manufacture a robust case. The robust hull was divided from 10 compartments, having a cylindrical shape of variable diameter in the middle and fore parts of the submarine. The end bulkheads of the robust hull were made by casting, and had the following radii: bow - 8 m, feed - 6,5 m. Missile launchers are located at an angle 45 degrees to the horizon outside the solid hull. The design of the submarine is specially equipped for use in the Arctic regions - there are special reinforcements for cutting and light hull.

The durable submarine hull is divided into 10 compartments:
Nasal torpedo;
The second for the placement of batteries and the central control compartment;
The third is the radio room and combat posts;
Fourth - living quarters;
Fifth (additional compartment) - auxiliary mechanisms and electrical equipment;
The sixth is auxiliary mechanisms;
Seventh - reactor;
Eighth and ninth - turbine, GTZA;
Tenth - rowing motors.

The length of the fence retractable devices is 29 meters. It is a rescue pop-up camera capable of accommodating the entire crew of the submarine. Also in the fence are placed two VIPS devices serving for firing hydroacoustic countermeasures, as well as containers with anti-aircraft guided missiles for Igla-1 MANPADS. A degaussing device is located along the light housing. The lightweight body is covered with an anti-acrylic coating.

The length of the strong hull of submarines of the project 949А on 10 meters is longer than the length of the strong hull of submarines of the 949-th project. The rudder dimensions are also larger than the 949 project.

The propulsion system of the submarines of the 949 project is unified with the installation of the 941 project and is completely identical to the 949 project. The unit has a block design with two-stage damping.

The propulsion system consisted of:
Two water-cooled nuclear reactors OK-650.01 and OK-650.02 with a power of 190 mW;
Two steam generating installations;
Two "Azurit" block steam-turbine units with GTSA OK-9DM (power of each 49000-50000 hp);
Two backup electric motor PG-106, power of each 306 hp (according to other data 225 hp);
Two-shaft propulsion, 6 bladed twin screws fixed pitch;
Two thrusters.

Power System:
Two turbogenerators, power of each 3200 kW;
Two backup diesel generator DG-190 / ASDG-800, power of each 800 kW;
Lead-acid rechargeable battery - two groups of 152 pcs.

Options hypothetical use of the boat carrier "Belgorod":
According to the official version, the carrier boat will carry several or one manned deep-sea rescue vehicle and several uninhabited autonomous vehicles. Probably, the latter will be located on the site of the rocket launchers project 949A. The second hypothetical version is that the submarine will carry a deep-sea nuclear power plant of the 10831 project type or the type of the proposed 18510М project. It is possible that in this variant a door will be installed in the case, in the niche of which the means of servicing and docking of the portable AGS will be installed.

Tactical characteristics of the submarine "Belgorod" (according to the project 949AM):
Displacement overhead - 14700 t;
Underwater displacement - 23860 t;
Maximum length - 154 m;
Maximum body width - 18,2 m;
Average draft - 9,2 m;
The power plant - 2 nuclear reactor OK-650В, power of each 190 MW;
Surface speed - 15 nodes;
Submerged speed - 33 node;
Working depth - 420 m;
Maximum immersion depth - 500 m;
The autonomy of swimming - 120 days;

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  1. Greyfox
    Greyfox 28 January 2013 10: 02
    After the Kursk disaster, the fleet abandoned the Belgorod. Now, thank God, they found an acceptable solution, otherwise they were already talking about scrapping it. At least something is not through ... they did.
    1. alexng
      alexng 29 January 2013 04: 26
      And I am doubly happy, because I live near Belgorod. Well done, that resumed work. How many dirty tricks for our country did the liberals in the dashing nineties.
  2. avt
    avt 28 January 2013 10: 11
    In short, they make a boat out of Belgorod GRU. That's nice! good Why good disappear! laughing
    1. Mikado
      Mikado 28 January 2013 11: 42
      it is too big for a pear and noisy, they have their own, much more adapted for "their business" are. And so, as rescue and research will do.
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 28 January 2013 15: 09
        Quote: Mikado
        they have there their own, much more adapted for "their business" are

        In my time, this division used the first generation nuclear submarine as the uterus boat. And who the hell did she hear when interesting in the sea? They lured me to an operator for it, but as I learned about autonomies for 1 months, for some reason I got sick ... wink
      2. katran666
        katran666 28 January 2013 17: 11
        but not if it is converted into a special-purpose boat, that is, relevant projects (more expensive of course) that reduce noise to projects at least 971U
      3. avt
        avt 28 January 2013 18: 51
        Quote: Mikado
        it is too big for a pear and noisy, they have their own, much more adapted for "their business" are. And so, as rescue and research will do.

        Right ! There is ! So for them the carrier does! Count up, what are the people in "losharik" for example in an autonomous system ?? sad It’s not good. Well, and if there’s still some kind of automatic machine "a thousand by 11 deep immersion in addition to the" loaf "but not one !! good
    2. vyatom
      vyatom 28 January 2013 14: 57
      Quote: avt
      In short, they make a boat out of Belgorod GRU. That's nice! Why good disappear

      Especially considering the recent events around the Arctic shelf.
      1. Civil
        Civil 28 January 2013 17: 09
        straight unexpectedly not dismantled for metal and color)
  3. gispanec
    gispanec 28 January 2013 10: 30
    such and on the Pacific Fleet it would be necessary ...... is there on conservation loafs there?
  4. altman
    altman 28 January 2013 11: 42
    well .. you give the fleet many new ships, good and different, for there will be enough work and various tasks for everyone !! wink
  5. borisst64
    borisst64 28 January 2013 13: 28
    And last year the submarine "Stary Oskol" was laid down.
    Stary Oskol, the district center of the BELGOROD region.
    The trend however!
  6. wolland
    wolland 28 January 2013 15: 08
    Great news, the fleet must grow stronger against the evil of enemies, such a machine will be used, that would be finished, would now swim off the coast of Syria, for example, would conduct "scientific research".
  7. Diesel
    Diesel 28 January 2013 19: 42
    Apparently, as a carrier for another losharik build
    1. 101
      101 29 January 2013 00: 08
      Everything is old. Departed. We do our new medium. Only earlier it was necessary to start, but we have a good time, since 00
    CARBON 30 January 2013 20: 17
    It would be better equipped with missiles of the RK 55 "Granat" or "Caliber" type
    as the answer is "euro pro".
  9. Alf
    Alf 30 January 2013 22: 17
    "installation and inspection of subsea equipment will be carried out,"
    For example, an analogue of the SOSUS system.
    "monitoring of transport routes,"
    For example, submarine communication cables.
    "testing new research equipment."
    For example, intelligence stations.
    "The submarine will be the carrier of deep-sea rescue and unmanned autonomous underwater vehicles."
    For example, underwater installations of nuclear missiles.
    But, in general, it resembles Soviet peaceful research and hydrographic vessels, the crews of which, for the most part, wore shoulder straps.
  10. Veteran
    Veteran 1 February 2013 20: 33
    The BS-136 nuclear submarine, the carrier of special purpose vehicles and Losharik Ave. 10831, has developed its resource and is being withdrawn from the fleet; in 2013, it will be disposed of. And until 2014, the planned commissioning of Belgorod, Losharik was left without a carrier, but this is the only AGS capable of diving to a depth of 6000 m. It was recently used for deep-sea exploration of the Arctic regions in order to gather evidence of the vastness of the Russian Arctic.
    True, they plan to build another Losharik, in a smaller version. But in any case, the media is extremely necessary.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 1 February 2013 20: 57
      Quote: Veteran
      It was she who was recently used for deep-sea exploration of the Arctic regions in order to collect evidence of the ownership of a huge Arctic region of Russia.
      True, they plan to build another Losharik, in a smaller version. But in any case, the media is extremely necessary.
      They made the Losharik in Malachite, there they assured that they were working on a device with an immersion depth of 11000 m ---------------------------------- - A memorable certificate of immersion on the AC-12 during the expedition in September 2012 (published in the public domain)
      1. Alex 241
        Alex 241 1 February 2013 21: 09
        Hello Lesh. The deep-water nuclear power plant of project 10830 “Wicket”, which received the nickname “Losharik” for its unusual design, took part in the framework of the Arctic 2012 expedition in underwater drilling operations on the Mendeleev’s shelf in the Arctic Ocean.

        According to the Ministry of Defense, the boat helped to correct the drilling operations carried out from the Kapitan Dranitsyn and Dikson diesel-electric icebreakers to determine the outer boundary of the Russian continental shelf. Work was carried out at a depth of 2,5 km to 3 km for 20 days . Due to the nuclear reactor and the unique titanium hull, the boat can be under water much longer than the civilian bathyscaphes on batteries.
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 1 February 2013 21: 50
          Hello Sasha! In the past few years, Russia has begun to pay more attention to the development of the Arctic zone. In particular, it is planned to deploy a group of MiG-31 supersonic fighter-interceptors on Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean, which will be part of the missile defense system being created in Russia. In addition, subcritical nuclear tests were resumed at the Novaya Zemlya nuclear test site.
          Finally, Russia intends to create along the Northern Sea Route (the shortest route between East Asia and Europe) several military facilities for basing the ships of the Navy and the Border Guard. Strengthening the military presence in the Arctic is part of the policy that Russia adheres to in international disputes regarding the ownership of the Arctic territories.