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2566 plant for the repair of air defense systems

I completely forgot something about my LiveJournal :) I am engaged in airplanes, I also ordered a quadrocopter :) Another factory that we visited in Belarus, engaged in military equipment. 2566 factory for the repair of electronic weapons. The company was founded in the late forties of the last century. Until the end of the 50s, this is the base for storing and repairing unremarkable anti-aircraft guns from the time of the war. Today, all Soviet air defense systems from C-75 to C-300 are being repaired.



Wasp on kapitalku

The factory makes a complete repair, including cables

cables for 200

Here is more difficult work



Do exactly overhaul

with repairing boards

sticker - quality guarantee

Test boards

Ready to ship items

Turbine after repair

Missile complex C-75. I thought they were only used as targets, but no.

just like YABCH in movies about spies :)))


radomes of Bukowski rockets

This ZIL is for sale :)

all original


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  1. borisst64
    borisst64 29 January 2013 10: 30
    Zil 157 is cool !! Terrain is excellent, but it’s difficult to get out of track, steering without an amplifier.
  2. Dikremnij
    Dikremnij 29 January 2013 13: 23
    It’s hard to believe that the good old "Zakhar" is still used somewhere, I haven’t met such people for a long time.
    1. biglow
      biglow 29 January 2013 14: 05
      in the Urals and in Karelia it’s quite used
      1. Papakiko
        Papakiko 29 January 2013 23: 00
        Quote: biglow
        in the Urals and in Karelia it’s quite used

        My dear heart, what have we done to you that you sent us almost in the Stone Age? belay
  3. gtc5ydgs
    gtc5ydgs 30 January 2013 17: 58
    Have you heard the news? The Russian authorities are already insolent in the end. They made this database
    zipurl. ws / sngbaza where you can find information about any resident of Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries. I was really very surprised that there were a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos of a different nature) - I wonder where they dug it up. In general, there are also good sides - this information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
  4. GEO
    GEO 15 February 2013 21: 25
    IMHO, not S-125, but S-75