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America’s School - Dictator Training Center


In 1946, the Americans created the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as the Institute) to train personnel in the fight against drug traffickers. Over the 57 years of operation, this training center has trained more than 60 thousands of people, most of whom were sent to work in Latin America.

The following fact is interesting: graduates of this Institute invariably became dictators or their closest assistants in pro-American regimes. The order in these countries was maintained on the basis of a brutal and quick reprisal of all dissidents and a complete disregard for human rights.

For example, the Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega, a sadist and a criminal, created his own personal special forces, who instantly repressed any dissatisfaction with the authorities.

Argentine dictators Leopoldo Galtier and Roberto Viola came to power through the blood and the murder of their own people.

But those who did not become a dictator, also very well "got attached to the case": they guarded the oil pipelines and oil refineries, as well as American facilities in regions where partisan detachments operate. That's just none of the graduates of the Institute was in no hurry to fight drug traffickers. Destruction of plantations engaged in US special forces.

For a long time, the Institute had a hall of fame, where portraits of the most outstanding students, who had become leaders of the American colonies, were adorned on the walls.

Although the training program is secret information - yet some information has become known: the Institute’s “pets” are professionals in the torture case. The media even published a manual on torture, methods of execution, dispersal of demonstrations and conducting subversive work in the territory of the enemy. This educational institution can rightly be considered a school of terrorists and criminals.

Under pressure from human rights defenders, the Institute was closed, but not for long. On the basis of the former Institute, the School of America was soon opened.

It was from this training center in 2005 that 553 professional killers were sent to Iraq. The French news agency France-press reported that shortly before this, 165 people from Honduras and 105 Chilean recruits had taken a course at the School of America. They were trained to perform the role of personal guards, as well as representatives of the ministries exercising control over Iraqi oil facilities.

According to information from Honduras - these people are professional assassins who will not stop even before the destruction of children. Groups of these criminals, or rather terrorists, are called “death battalions”.

The effect of a bombshell was the release of John Perkins’s book The Confession of an Economic Killer. In it, he spoke about the methods and methods of international financial structures to keep developing countries in their hands. In the arsenal of these financiers and blackmail, and contract killings, and war.

As a result of the work of “economic saboteurs”, a situation arose when the political leaders of developing countries had the choice to either submit to the American empire, acting to the detriment of their people, or to be overthrown. The global economy has become hostage to a handful of criminals.

The Perkins book outlines an algorithm for the economic colonization of developing countries. One of the methods is the militarized defense of countries where American business has a great interest.

Perkins singled out three periods to capture any country:
- The first: economic, which includes the work of American advisers, the purchase of the president or prime minister of the country, the signing of contracts for the admission of American companies to the market of the state;
- the second: the period of “jackals”, when the opposition joins the work on regime change;
- the third: war.

To overthrow the legal regime requires military force that can change power and put a new national representative. This is where professional murderers from the death battalions become indispensable. These military-police groups, specially trained and well-armed people, are created, as a rule, from the national cadres of this country. Most of the participants in these battle groups have been studying for two years at the School of America.

They study the following disciplines: methods of provocations of the local population, conducting operations to eliminate leaders, learn how to hide criminal acts, learn methods of unexpected arrests and extermination without a trace of prisoners, training under the program of torture and conducting interrogations.

“Death battalions” destabilize the situation in the country, support the state of fear among the population with their actions. American instructors of the School of America believe that the terror of the population is best carried out by the hands of compatriots.

The “death battalions” face the task: to help the business that steals the country's economic resources to remain formally “clean” while carrying out the “dirtiest” cases with the hands of national criminals.

The UN Commission on Human Rights has never discussed the accusations against the “death squadrons”. According to the Commission, human rights are violated only when an independent country nationalizes its natural resources, blocking access to American business. But in order to maintain the appearance of objectivity when making a decision, the Commission adds the names of the gangsters who committed murders more than 15 years ago to the lists of "criminals". For example, the publication of information about the crimes of Pinochet was made only shortly before his death in old age.

Perhaps due to the fact that crimes are covered at the highest level - the UN, for a hundred-year period, the United States initiated 40 aggressive wars, which resulted in a "regime change" and an economic seizure of the defeated countries. And these successes ensured the Americans, organized by them the national "death squadrons." As a rule, the “death squadrons” engaged in combat at a stage when the “democratic revolution” did not bring the desired results to the United States.

But there is a force in the world that surpasses the CIA of the United States in waging “dirty wars”: in provocations, espionage and torture, according to some media, they have no equal. This is the Israeli Mossad. It was this organization that acted as an instructor in the training of specialists for the CIA formed in the USA in 50. The Mossad has always considered the United States a talentless force that does not know how to conduct work both at the diplomatic level and in the area of ​​secret military operations. And therefore, the Mossad has always skillfully used the Americans in its interests, directing their efforts to the right direction for the Israelis.

Mossad, realizing that if the Americans lost the Iraq war, Israel would suffer irreparable damage, took upon itself the introduction of "death battalions" into Iraqi territory.

The recognized talent of the Mossad led to the following results: no one could understand the reasons and point out the killers of "holy Shiites", the intimidated Iraqi population stood in fear of reprisals for sympathizing with the patriots, the Sunnis were declared enemies of the Shiites, the label of Iraqi traitors was attached to the Kurds.

While the Mossad embodied its intentions in Iraq, the Americans, without wasting time, were setting up their oil business on the ruined Iraqi ruins.

US Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld spoke enthusiastically about the work of the Mossad in Iraq. He noted that the "death battalions", having successfully worked in Nicaragua and El Salvador, and in Iraq, will also confirm their reputation as a structure that solves any questions from a position of strength. Even the operation to form the Iraqi "death battalions" Mossad called "Plan El Salvador", thereby confirming its participation in operations conducted by the CIA in Latin America.

Recall that the hands of "death battalions", trained in the School of the Americas, 75 thousands of civilians in El Salvador were destroyed by the hands of their compatriots.

Death battalions currently exist in 30 countries of the world.

According to observers, a situation has now created in Ukraine that allows the US-Israeli program to form the Ukrainian "death battalions" to take effect. It is possible that the School of the Americas have already begun training Ukrainian nationalists.

Whether the same fate awaits Russia is unknown. But American leaders have repeatedly stated that there is “no democracy in Russia” and the allocation of funds to support the Russian opposition.

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  1. demon ada
    demon ada 23 January 2013 08: 53
    The "face" of American democracy,
    or rather his "ass"
    1. Skiff
      Skiff 23 January 2013 09: 04
      Rather, the bestial grin, they are crazy, the United States must be isolated from the whole world, quarantined, stop contacts with them.
      1. polly
        polly 23 January 2013 23: 55
        here is the face ...
    2. polly
      polly 23 January 2013 23: 53
      That face ...
  2. Leisure
    Leisure 23 January 2013 09: 41
    Counteract this disgrace should the special services of the state. Spend a moment, and that’s it, write is gone.
  3. wolland
    wolland 23 January 2013 09: 52
    The United States, no matter how regrettable it is to try to control humanity, with all its Anglo-Saxons and Illuminati, creates in many states its "pupils", whom they feed and clothe, on the taxes of their own taxpayers, and with a wave of their hand it can also be easily liquidated, an exit is needed to look from the history of the USSR, the iron curtain, the very thing that we have long needed with their Magnitsky and Venniks, and for information and other means of notification, there is already a lot of Internet, mail, webcams.
    1. ISO
      ISO 25 January 2013 19: 42
      Even tough guys from the KGB warned us: "Today he listens to jazz, and tomorrow he will sell his homeland!" If in Soviet times it was perceived as joke, now, when the radio airtime is 75 percent full and the television air is 50 percent full of English-language music, it’s not funny. The core of any nation is its culture, and the vehicle of culture is its language. In an information war, they try to knock him out of the head first. It seems like Bismarck said: "The Russians cannot be defeated in an open battle, but you can instill in them false values ​​and they will wear themselves out" ...
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 23 January 2013 10: 24
    How much scum crawls out from under the banner of democracy.
  5. Petergut
    Petergut 23 January 2013 10: 40
    For some reason, I'm not a bit surprised by the presence of this gangster incubator in the United States.
  6. Varies
    Varies 23 January 2013 11: 01
    "So don't get it to anyone else," and a nuclear war aimed at the complete destruction of the Western contagion, and themselves to Siberia and the Urals.
  7. tolan777
    tolan777 23 January 2013 11: 06
    But in the world there is a force that surpasses the US CIA in the ability to conduct "dirty wars": in provocations, espionage and torture, they, according to some media reports, have no equal. It's about the Israeli Mossad.
    -to the top ten.
    there was a case in Ukraine when Mossad abducted a Palestinian in our country - pinned down as he was at home, carried out a special operation and took him out, in flagrant violation of Ukrainian laws - we are talking about the abduction of Palestinian engineer Dirar Abu Sisi from Ukraine in February 2011. I really hope that they will be treated in the same way as they treat others!
  8. homosum20
    homosum20 23 January 2013 12: 40
    Steel is reflected with steel, fire with fire and force with force. We want to be clean - die out. The cultural layer 6 meters deep consists of the remains of those who wanted to be clean and their families. We want to survive, we must create a weapon against this. A professional killer can only be stopped by another professional killer.
    1. ISO
      ISO 25 January 2013 20: 04
      Nicholas II, the kindest man of the soul is now canonized, he didn’t shoot revolutionaries and sent in exile, pidoras yusupov did not touch the graduate of Cambridge for the murder of Rasputin, he patiently listened to the filth from the State Duma deputies, well, they don’t, now there is no Russian empire ...
  9. toguns
    toguns 23 January 2013 12: 54
    wassat America is the main hotbed of global terrorism ???
    For some reason, you know, I’m not surprised by these facts.
  10. wax
    wax 24 January 2013 00: 28
    Babylon, that is, a bloody hegemon, must be destroyed.
  11. Kubanets
    Kubanets 24 January 2013 01: 26
    Well, nothing new. A nation of convicts and gallows is trying to show at sunset what they are.
  12. ko88
    ko88 9 February 2013 22: 04
    it shakes that they climb into all holes.