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How the US dollar turned into a big financial mystification

Knowing well the price of the money earned by their work, not every one of us is aware of how subjective the very concept of “money” is. We all realize that money is a kind of expression of the utilitarian capabilities of both individuals and social groups, including entire states. However, the money supply, designed to have certain functions, has for some time ceased to play the role of an objective economic means, and is increasingly turning into a tool of manipulation or even hoaxes on a planetary scale.

In order to deal with the fact that monetary mystification has reached phenomenal volumes over the past few decades, it is necessary to pay attention to one of the materials, which for a sufficiently long period of time was considered a direct equivalent of money, but over time lost its original position. This material is gold. At least, that gold has lost its priority positions in the economy, giving way to such "substitutes" of monetary expression as human labor, the pace and volume of production, energy, etc., states a certain circle of people representing the interests of the so-called American-British economic elite.

So, the gold equivalent at different times seemed to be one or another state (national) currency, which was used in the most financially progressive country in the world (according to the version of, say, an elite club of countries that consider and consider their economic systems to be the most progressive).

Since one of the main functions of money is a measure of the value of goods, then we will use data from stories economy in order to compare the world gold prices at different times of human civilization. As the unit of mass of the precious metal, the so-called troy ounce is usually used, which is equal to the value in 31,1034768 gram. We will not deviate from generally accepted norms, and we will also use a troy ounce as a base unit for comparing the value of gold and the financial weight of a particular currency.

According to historical sources, the price of the "solar" metal, changed at a very strange pace. If we talk about the time when gold is compared with the value of the base world currencies, the second decade of the 19 century is distinguished. In 1812, the troy ounce (TU) cost about £ 10 pounds. It makes no sense to try to transfer this amount to the current Russian rubles or to US dollars, because this, based on the data that will be presented a little lower, is simply meaningless. The British pound as the base (“reserve”) world currency was used until the end of the Second World War. At the same time, at the start of 5,48, the gold troy ounce cost around 1946 pounds. In other words, in more than 8,4 years, gold has risen in price only 130 times. Why "just"? Because the data of the next time period in terms of changes in world gold prices seem simply stunning in comparison with those already announced.

By the way, when the price component of a product changes upwards, we say “the product becomes more expensive”. In fact, for the current system, when goods and money can be easily converted, instead of the phrase “product (goods) becomes more expensive”, you can quite reasonably use the phrase “currency is getting cheaper”. This phrase will be completely devoid of meaning. And all the more not deprived, if we are talking about such a product as gold, which by its characteristics for a long time and expressed the value of the money itself. It turns out that we can talk about the cheapening of the British pound sterling over 130 in about 1,5 times, if we take the price of gold as the starting economic point.

Since the end of the forties of the 20 century in the world there is an obvious change of economic leaders, and since then the British pound has given way to the main world currency, the US dollar. And if another currency took the place, then the value of gold was also measured in it. So, in 1950, the cost of one troy ounce of this precious metal was $ 34,71. The price for almost 20 years, if it has changed, is extremely insignificant. But then something happened that just the same can be called a big financial hoax. The world economic center, which represented the United States of America, suddenly decided that it was time to use gold not only as a type of expression of the value of world currencies, but also as a tool for a big financial game. This financial game manifested itself vividly in the middle of the 70s, when gold suddenly, quite unexpectedly, in three years went up almost 4 times. The cost of a troy ounce in 1970 was estimated as $ 35,94, and in 1974, this value reached its historical maximum at that time and was already 160 dollars.

When economists from Europe tried to figure out, and on the basis of what objective changes such an impressive increase in gold prices occurred, the most incredible assumptions came from the United States as an explanation. They say that the price of gold went up from a mixture of political and economic reasons: from the end of the Vietnam War to changes in the hydrocarbon market, industrial changes in certain regions of the world, and so on. However, the industrial shifts along with the wars the world experienced before, but for more than a half century, the price of gold has changed at a much less impressive pace.

It turns out that all the proposed reasons for the increase in the price of gold are a great transatlantic fiction. In fact, in the United States, a system was launched that continues to operate to this day. This system is associated with a hidden devaluation of the main reserve currency. Why do we need this hidden devaluation? Yes, at least for the same, for which modern China is persistently undervaluing the yuan - to increase the competitiveness of their products on the world market. Only if China plays relatively openly, then the United States continues to play Vanka, arguing that the rise in gold prices is an objective global trend that manifests itself without artificial mechanisms. In fact, the mechanisms were and still are.

The fivefold rise in gold prices around 40 years ago (and actually fivefold artificial depreciation of the dollar) led to the fact that the American manufacturing industry, after the enormous costs of the Vietnam War, not only didn’t crumble, but on the contrary turned out to be ahead of the entire planet. . From this point on, the entire world economy is firmly bogged down in a dollar swamp, which has grown and expanded thanks to the unique technology of manipulating the price of gold. In fact, at a certain stage, the United States was able to turn any kind of foreign currency or gold as such at any convenient time.

At the same time, a paradox was born: on the one hand, the United States told the whole world that gold was becoming a very expensive monetary equivalent, but on the other hand, they said that gold was giving way to economic influence to other, let's say, substances: the very productivity and efficiency of its use . This paradox underlies the fact that so far the world has not reached the generally accepted gold standard, at least in the form of a framework agreement between the basic economies. It is obvious that the adoption of the gold standard as the basis for dancing from the economic stove is unprofitable for the American side. The fact is that the availability of a standard will no longer allow one to deal with the price of gold as with a balloon, then puffing up to a critical volume, then unexpectedly releasing the economic “air” and forcing the world economy to ride a roller coaster. Financial stability will appear. Well, does this stability need major world players? .. Of course not. They need serious fluctuations in prices and rates so that there is a possibility of enrichment without any major investments.

We stopped in the mid-seventies, when the cost of an ounce of gold was $ 160. Already after 5 years (by 1980) gold “jumped” to the mark in 620 dollars for TU. And the biggest increase during this period occurred in 1979-1980, when the price increased 2 times. Further, for almost 25 years, the price kept within 290-450 dollars per troy ounce. It is surprising that even the collapse of the USSR, which can be called a grand political and economic cataclysm of the second half of the 20 century, practically did not affect the price of the gold unit. This once again proves that the mechanisms of price change do not lie in the area of ​​objective prerequisites, but represent the work of the artificial levers of the Western economy.

A new breakthrough in the price of gold manifested itself in the years of the economic crisis and continues to be revealed today. If in 2004, the troy ounce cost about 410 dollars, in 2010, it passed for the first time for 1000 "green". Yes, as passed! I jumped right up to 1225 dollars. Today, the cost of the same troy ounce of gold is already almost 1690 US dollars.

In other words, the Western economic model with its own hands did not raise the price of gold to transcendental boundaries, but took part in the hidden large-scale depreciation of the main world currency, to which all other currencies of the world are tied to one degree or another. If we compare the price of gold at the end of 40's and today, it turns out that the dollar sank (or its artificially “sunk”) as many times as 48! It turns out that in reality, the US economy, which is based on the dollar, is ten times weaker than they are trying to present it to us. However, a paradox also manifests itself here: at the expense of artificial mechanisms, the American economy “pumps” its dollars into the economies of other countries, thereby, in reality, “infecting” the world economy with unsupported gray-green paper. The big modern hoax lies in this, when due to the spread of the dollar, which 40 has actually no longer been able to really express the value of world money, the bubble of the American financial system is being blown up.

In this regard, economist Sergei Glazyev, who sent a note to the Kremlin, is right in saying that the emission of major world currencies may lead to the absorption of Russian assets by foreign capital. For this, in one far from perfect moment for Russia, the same United States will be quite deft enough to drop the price of gold or, for example, oil. And although the world is called economically multipolar, but by and large one pole is still too prevalent, playing with their marked cards.

It is obvious that the great game of Americans has long been noticed in different countries of the world. But it is extremely difficult for many states (including, unfortunately, including) to get out of this game. So far, our top officials in the economy have to pretend that the dollar is a powerful world currency, which has a real base. It is necessary to pretend, since even our gold and foreign exchange reserves do not allow us to express ourselves in a more substantive way. In 2012, the US dollar accounts for, no less than, 46,5% of the total domestic reserve. About another 40,5% is stored in euros, which is in harness with the US currency. In other words, Russia continues to keep money as those eggs are actually in one basket, and even such a basket, which unexpectedly for the Russian Central Bank either adds to the volume, then squeezes heavily, crushing the accumulation mercilessly. For obvious reasons, Moscow cannot openly declare this at a political level, for some reason believing that the US dollar is a panacea for our financial system. China, for example, was disappointed in the dollar as a panacea long ago ...

In general, the change in the price of gold (and in fact the change in the price of the dollar) ideally reveals the maps of the modern economic model. Can a model based solely on bluffing hold on for a long time? - The question is obviously rhetorical ...
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  1. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 22 January 2013 08: 42
    However, the money supply, called to have certain functions, has for some time ceased to play the role of an objective economic means, and is increasingly turning into an instrument of manipulation or even hoaxes of a planetary scale. DOLLAR HERE A MAJOR MYTH IN WHICH ALL THE WORLD BELIEVES! BUT NOT WHAT IS NOT ETERNAL!
    1. Papakiko
      Papakiko 22 January 2013 14: 23
      Films have been filmed on a given theme "many-great":
      "American Big Hole", "Endgame Project", "The Last Republic", "Zeitgeist 1", "Zeitgeist-2", etc.
      And the text creations of darkness and count-not-count.
  2. fenix57
    fenix57 22 January 2013 08: 52
    "The story of September 11, 2001. Independent investigations into the so-called terrorist attacks show that there was indeed gold in the ITC basements, that it really disappeared after the destruction of skyscrapers. However, the amount of it was measured in rather modest quantities. According to Times Online, before the attack in the underground storage facilities of the World the mall contained $ 960 million worth of gold and silver bars. Rescue operations in November 2001 found only $ 230 million worth of precious metals. " -as there in America .... steal ....see

    .html WORLD SCAM. yes
  3. Atlon
    Atlon 22 January 2013 09: 04
    The author wrote everything correctly, except for the last phrases. And China was not "disappointed" in the dollar, and the Russian leadership understands everything. By the way, the assessment of the currency basket is not entirely correct. The author writes about the set of currencies as a percentage, but does not write what percentage of the gold reserves the currency itself has. And then from the article it turns out that the gold reserves of Russia are exclusively cut paper (with negligible exceptions). And in general, the author, by and large, did not tell anything new, and the whole article as BE brings us to the main conclusion: “In other words, Russia continues to keep money like those eggs in one basket, and even such a basket, which unexpectedly for the Russian Central Bank either adds in volume or shrinks strongly, pressing down on savings mercilessly. Moscow should state this openly at the political level, understandably reasons cannot, for some reason believing that the US dollar is a panacea for our financial system. "that is not reality, in fact.
    1. bazilio
      bazilio 22 January 2013 09: 13
      Athlone - I agree with you. The topic is already familiar. Over the past month, this is the third article about the love between the dollar and gold. But for some, the content of this article may be news. For those to whom this topic is unfamiliar or unfamiliar, it would be nice to supplement the article not only with examples but also with a brief glossary.
    2. Curculum
      Curculum 22 January 2013 14: 18
      Quote: Atlon
      The author wrote everything correctly, except for the last phrases.

      + moreover, the phrase "and in fact the change in the price of the dollar" looks silly in relation to the phrase at the beginning "one of the main functions of money is a measure of the value of the goods."
      In fact, what is the price of an equivalent product? Then it is necessary to characterize the term "price" and, as a result, it turns out nonsense.
      Also, the author, characterizing the reasons for the rise in prices in dollars for gold, missed one important detail: the emergence and strengthening of the term "oil-dollar" in the early-mid 70s, which, in fact, was the reason for the strengthening of the dollar as the main international settlement currency ... What did such a measure lead to? To the dependence of other currencies on the dollar, which, in turn, allowed the SGA to do whatever they wanted (and not only economically).
  4. borisst64
    borisst64 22 January 2013 09: 11
    The bad news is that money has become the sole goal of most of our people. Even when a disaster occurs, first of all, our media discuss how much money the victims will get.
    1. Aventurinka
      Aventurinka 22 January 2013 10: 32
      Quote: borisst64
      The bad news is that money has become the only goal of most of our people

      That's just it ... I have long been tormented by one question. I will quote it now as a science fiction writer
      I wonder what it is like - a life in which the financial component is not something that is not of primary importance, but in general it does not have?
      S.S. Tarmashev
  5. predator.3
    predator.3 22 January 2013 09: 15
    They remembered the dollar again, probably again it was time to raise the bar of the US public debt! How many trillions are there now? sixteen ?
    1. Atrix
      Atrix 22 January 2013 18: 12
      Do you know who the main creditor of the USA is? Or do you believe in fairy tales that the main creditors of the USA are China and Russia?) The USA owes to itself more than 70% of 16 trillion and only somewhere around 30% comes from debt to other countries.
  6. Begemot
    Begemot 22 January 2013 10: 44
    Some kind of paradox! Gold reserves are stored in Western currencies, read, they are in the accounts of Western banks, invested in securities of Western issuers and a little in gold. At the same time, the country walks with an outstretched hand for investment in the domestic economy, is engaged in improving the investment climate, is flexing itself in every way with the accession to the WTO, and is happy with every dollar invested from abroad. Putin headed for the strengthening of the role of the state in the economy, at least proclaimed, but is not going to invest in his economy? And investments from abroad are mainly repatriated capital from offshore companies, previously withdrawn there from Russia. Those, as always: Russia feeds the well-fed, and starves itself. And global crises are a process managed by the Fed owners and others like them, designed to ensure price fluctuations in the markets. As a rule, all major players synchronously put all assets in the cache before the crisis and stop buying anything, at the same time all toxic assets are reduced to some sort of sentenced bank or fund, the loss of which will not be critical. After a while, a gradual decline in quotations begins, turning into a dive, at the moment when the estimated profit from the previous sale and subsequent purchase of assets is satisfactory, the purchase of cheaper assets begins. It was interesting to watch when the exchange capitalization of companies was lower than their cash balances in bank accounts. Small shareholders and producers are doomed, money yearns for money, and for this we need both a printing press and the world myth of an omnipotent and reliable world currency.
  7. djon3volta
    djon3volta 22 January 2013 11: 09
    For example, I’m 100% sure that in the United States and Europe they are artificially restraining inflation and draw 1-2% per year for themselves, especially in the United States. How can I print empty money and keep inflation low?
    or, here, many of us are used to talking like in the West or in the USA, people get big salaries .. but why then, having big salaries, they can’t buy housing and a car without a loan ??? and I will answer, because after receiving the salary, and after deducting all taxes and paying for utilities, there are mere pennies on hand that cannot be postponed, because there will be nothing to eat! Here you have to live on credit, since a few thousand euros or dollars a month, this is the same as a few thousand rubles we have.
    1. Atrix
      Atrix 22 January 2013 18: 21
      And why should people debug money there for 3-5 years on cars? Or 10 years at home? They don’t have crazy rates on loans like we have in the CIS in Ukraine, the mortgage starts at about 12% per annum and if the hryvnia drops you can reconsider the loan and you will pay even more. They do not have a devaluation of the exchange rate in Ukraine and Russia, and when they wake up, the dollar costs the same as yesterday, and you need to pay the loan as yesterday, for example, 10% of the payment, and not like Ukraine (Russia) paid 10 in one month % and not the next one it will cost 50% of the patch.
      Therefore, they take loans without fear that they will be thrown.
      And will their prices be lower than ours or do you want to say that in Russia or Ukraine the average salary is 40-50 thousand a year?
      Although I love Russia, we are very far from the standard of living of the same USA or Europe ((((((((
      1. Des troy
        Des troy 23 January 2013 07: 18
        Where have you read this? In the states with housing problems. It’s easier to live in a rental. And salaries are mainly from paycheck to paycheck. And the fact that they take a house on credit, yes, they take it, only how many of them will be able to drag out these loans is a big question. In general, again, we can state that Ukrainians believe the states and Europe to be the promised land.
  8. anchonsha
    anchonsha 22 January 2013 11: 09
    Humanity could not exist if it were not for deceiving each other. There will be a dollar rush, the Rockefellers and others like them will come up with a new way to wean money from people.
  9. fenix57
    fenix57 22 January 2013 11: 12
    Quote: borisst64
    our media discuss how much money will go to the victims

    Yes, not just the media. Aman Tuleyev announced that the families of the dead miners would receive not one, but two million rubles each + all the costs of the funeral. hi
  10. tolan777
    tolan777 22 January 2013 11: 14
    The dollar is an unsecured green candy wrapper!
    1. MG42
      MG42 22 January 2013 19: 26
      Yeah. The dollar is provided only by faith in it, but not by any means a gold reserve. The dollar, of course, is not a pyramid, but a pyramid = US debt obligations.
      1. s1н7т
        s1н7т 23 January 2013 00: 13
        Quote: MG42
        Yeah. The dollar is secured only by faith in it

        As well as "Tomahawks" and aircraft carriers. One real "bummer", and fuck the dollar, I guess.
        1. MG42
          MG42 23 January 2013 00: 24
          Quote: c1n7
          As well as "Tomahawks" and aircraft carriers.

          Are you already in awe of Uncle Sam? lol
          1. s1н7т
            s1н7т 23 January 2013 11: 58
            Quote: MG42
            Are you already in awe of Uncle Sam? lol

            Not at all. I just wanted to say that they protect the influence of the dollar, incl. and with the help of military force - let's remember Iran, Iraq, Libya, where they wanted to give up the "bucks" when paying for oil, for example.
            Where did you find about my "thrill" here? laughing
            1. MG42
              MG42 23 January 2013 19: 25
              Quote: c1n7
              Where did you find about my "thrill" here?

              Yes, so between the lines you read the worship of everything American.
  11. Atlon
    Atlon 22 January 2013 11: 45
    Interesting news ...

    In several districts of London, the so-called "Sharia patrols" have appeared. Scotland Yard police have already launched an investigation against radical Islamists who are fighting to uphold Sharia law, as they call it "on Muslim soil."

    Hiding their faces behind hoods, and posing as an "Islamic patrol", young zealous Muslims approach passers-by who, in their opinion, behave inappropriately and explain how to behave in accordance with Sharia law in force in these areas. Not in the most polite manner, it should be noted.

    So, the guardians of the Islamic order, men pull out bottles of alcohol from their hands, spilling the contents, and claiming that alcohol is prohibited in the "Muslim regions". Women and girls are approached with insults, demanding to cover their heads and not wear short skirts. The "vigilantes of Allah" are filming their actions and posting them on YouTube. One of the latest videos posted on the Internet, titled "True Saturday Night", received over 42000 views. However, subsequently, the video was removed from YouTube, because its content is contrary to the rules of the site.

    "We are fighting women who walk the streets like naked animals with no self-respect, with drunks drinking alcohol right on the streets," says one of the videos filmed by the "vigilantes of Islam." In addition, they declare that they do not care that someone might not like this kind of activity, because they "fulfill the precepts of Islam, fight evil and are not obliged to respect those who do not obey the will of Allah."

    It is also worth noting that, according to Scotland Yard, only white people are attacked.

    Well, tolerasts are bad, you like it? It's only the beginning! wink
    1. Aventurinka
      Aventurinka 22 January 2013 13: 18
      And there was such information German Minister for Family Affairs Christine Schroeder spoke on state television the other day with a warning that many children from families of "ethnic" Germans are being humiliated and discriminated against by children of immigrants. She had to admit that "German children are humiliated because they are Germans." Writes about this

      "Anti-German protests are a form of xenophobia and racism," the minister stressed. And she considered it necessary to clarify: "This is discrimination for belonging to a certain ethnic group."

      Schroeder added that this phenomenon is common in schools and in public transport.

      The head of the government of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, was not satisfied with the statement of the sad fact of discrimination against the indigenous population, and added, speaking on the same day, that Germany should close its doors to Muslim and Arab immigrants.

      What caused such frank and harsh statements by German politicians?

      At the end of last week, the German newspaper BILD and the Das Erste TV channel published scandalous materials about the bullying and beating of German children in some schools in Germany, in which "ethnic" Germans were in the minority.

      In Essen schools, for example, where about 70% of students are children of immigrants, there is a real "Germanophobia". German children are mocked, often even beaten. In the classroom, no one talks to them, they are crammed, constantly alert and rarely express their opinion, in short, they are not integrated in the class.

      “Immigrant children behave in a peculiar way,” says the headmaster of a school in Essen. “Our teachers have to work with children who tell their peers about them:“ Don't talk to her, she’s just a German whore. ”

      "During Ramadan, the school is in a state of emergency," says one of the school teachers. "In this Ramadan, it got to the point that they spat on fellow practitioners' food. It is generally believed that they discriminate against foreigners, but in our country it is just the opposite."

      In response, German children either fight or try to adapt to the situation.

      Berlin is no better. Teachers from a Berlin school wrote a lecture to the teachers 'union, complaining about students' anti-German behavior. Schoolchildren are bullied, threatened, and if it comes to a fight, their relatives and friends come to the aid of immigrants.

      Maybe a little off topic. But also interesting.
      1. Begemot
        Begemot 22 January 2013 14: 37
        Therefore, Breivik was punished not to the maximum, the beginning reached that they played with Asian, Caucasian and Middle Eastern guests.
        1. Heinrich ruppert
          Heinrich ruppert 22 January 2013 17: 57
          I just want to add personal experience. And as in otvetku in the face you move, immediately the fascist that you forgot .......... And they run to the police, and there they talk to you like a villain. You hit a man, you hurt him .......
    2. knn54
      knn54 22 January 2013 18: 23
      French tolerants will soon receive ... "Notre Dame Mosque".
      1. mark021105
        mark021105 22 January 2013 22: 46
        And they need X ... They claim same-sex marriage ...
  12. to water
    to water 22 January 2013 12: 11
    The dollar was "inflated" to mythical proportions with the help of stock exchanges and similar institutions, when it was accepted as a convertible currency throughout the world (a kind of equivalent). And this will happen with any alternative currency as long as such institutions exist. Interestingly, in the United States in the internal circulation of the country, banknotes differ significantly from those that are common throughout the world. What is it for? There is a suspicion that they are technically ready to devalue their currency around the world without a big collapse within their state (like we forgive everyone we owe). And another interesting point in the United States, one dollar can buy more of a similar product than in other developed countries.
  13. Leisure
    Leisure 22 January 2013 12: 30
    The price of gold is a purely speculative factor. Gold is considered simply as a commodity.
  14. Ascetic
    Ascetic 22 January 2013 12: 36
    % Since 2010 The Central Bank of the Russian Federation increases the share of gold in the country's foreign exchange reserves. According to the World Gold Council, the largest holders of official gold reserves in the world as of at the beginning of 2011 The years are the USA, Germany (3401 tons) and Italy (2451,8 tons). Russia in this list takes only eighth place (788.6). US gold reserves are 10 times greater than the gold reserves of the Russian Federation. And according to October 2012 the Central Bank of Russia has already been stored 936.7 tons of gold. As you can see, the trend is obvious. Accordingly, the share of gold in gold reserves increased from 7% to 9%.

    Geographic distribution foreign exchange assets As of March 31, 2012, the situation was as follows: the United States accounted for 33,4% of assets, France - 29%, Germany - 19%, the United Kingdom - 9%, and the rest countries - 9,6%.
    As for the structure of foreign currency assets by type of instrument, at the end of March they were invested in the following classes of instruments: government securities of foreign issuers and Russian Eurobonds - 86%, non-government securities of foreign issuers - 0,4%, deposits and balances correspondent accounts - 12,4%, repurchase transactions - 0,2%, position in the IMF - 0,9%.
    The distribution of Central Bank assets by currencies is as follows: 45,5% falls on the US dollar, 41,7% on the euro, 9,2% on the pound, 1,4% on the Canadian dollar, 1,3% on the Japanese yen, 0,9% - on SDR.
    1. SSR
      SSR 22 January 2013 12: 41
      Quote: Ascetic
      Since 2010 The Central Bank of the Russian Federation increases the share of gold in the country's foreign exchange reserves

      It is even surprising that the CBR is increasing rather than decreasing.
      1. Lord of the Sith
        Lord of the Sith 22 January 2013 15: 27
        Why is it amazing? Accustomed to bad and do not believe in good news?
    2. Begemot
      Begemot 22 January 2013 14: 46
      Something I have never seen reports of the Central Bank or the Ministry of Finance on income from investments of the Russian Federation in foreign currency, I know from experience that 3-4% per annum should be spent on this money, and bankers in the west can easily roll back up to 0,5 for such deposits %
      even with $ 1 billion, it’s 5 million, and with $ 500 billion ??.
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 22 January 2013 15: 26
      At first - nor the fact that the Americans have 8133,5 tons of gold. Obama wanted to check stocks, since 1989 have not been checked, so Congress vetoed.
      Secondly - there were some cases when the countries that stored gold in the USA upon receipt received either fake ingots or partially hollow, inside which there was another metal approximately suitable in weight. This was the case with Chinese gold bars and gold coins of Canada.
      Thirdly - I already threw off information about German gold:
      Representatives of the Bundesbank confirmed plans to return the country's gold reserves from vaults in a number of world central banks back to Germany and published details of how German gold will be repatriated.

      According to the official statement of the Bundesbank, the process of returning the country's gold reserves will begin this year. Repatriation will be partial and gradual. By the end of 2020, financial authorities plan to return 674 tons of gold. German central bank intends to repatriate everything 374 tons of gold stored in the Bank of France in Paris - 11% of its reserves. The amount of gold deposited in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is planned reduce by 300 tons, 1236 tons will remain in storage in the USA.
  15. fenix57
    fenix57 22 January 2013 12: 38
    Quote: Atlon
    In several districts of London, the so-called "Sharia patrols" have appeared. Scotland Yard police have already launched an investigation against radical Islamists who are fighting to uphold Sharia law, as they call it "on Muslim soil."

    Our lawmakers should definitely think about a radical, immediate change in the law!
  16. OlegYugan
    OlegYugan 22 January 2013 14: 24
    Hilinka article. Nothing new, feel free to put an article minus.
    Regarding inflation of the North American dollar - Well, but the projects of the State Department, such as Libya or Syria or Mali. Bomb and lend at interest!
    Sorry request but minus!
    PS Ascetic question about gold removed! wink
  17. fenix57
    fenix57 22 January 2013 14: 28
    "Republican leaders in the US House of Representatives are scheduled to vote on a temporary increase in the national debt ceiling on Wednesday, although the amount of borrowing has not been announced." REFERENCE
    The US debt ceiling was introduced in 1939 and has regularly become a stumbling block in the debate between Republicans and Democrats. The last time it rose at the end of January last year to $ 16,394 trillion. The US federal government reached the legislative ceiling of the national debt on December 31, 2012, however, due to emergency measures, the Treasury Department released about $ 200 billion to meet current needs. The funds at the disposal of the Ministry of Finance, which allow restraining the growth of the national debt, will be exhausted between mid-February and early March, said US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. See One can save America from a "fiscal cliff" coin. More precisely, one very large trillion dollar coin. It is this idea that has recently begun to excite the minds of all financiers in the world.

    АUS Treasury proposed to mint a $ 1 trillion platinum coin.
    According to the Monetary Act, as early as 1792, the US Treasury Department has the right to mint platinum coins of any denomination and in any quantity.
  18. Forest
    Forest 22 January 2013 15: 27
    “The world's most expensive product is not gas, not oil - this is the US budget deficit. The whole world needs the economic development of this country, it is necessary that the American economy remains strong, and we pay for it. Pay high price", - said First Deputy Prime Minister of the Medvedev government Arkash Dvorkovich at the international forum" Yalta European Strategy. " In short, we all pay for stability in America - not even be afraid to speak with ... interethnic.
  19. ivankun
    ivankun 22 January 2013 16: 18
    It is high time to leave such a "reserve currency" as the dollar. Other currencies are no worse, many are even better, as they are backed by real goods.
    1. knn54
      knn54 22 January 2013 18: 40
      1952-Stalin plans to introduce a gold ruble. He is supported by socialist countries (including China) and non-aligned (the so-called countries of the 3rd world) state-va. After a few months, Stalin dies.
      In 1974, General De Gaulle, with a scandal, exported gold from the United States. In exchange for $. Soon a wave of protests swept across France and de Gaulle was forced to resign as President. And he was dying suddenly ... The USA is canceling the golden equivalent of a buck!
      Gaddafi wanted to introduce instead of $ gold dinar ...
  20. bandabas
    bandabas 22 January 2013 18: 44
    What debate, gentlemen, comrades. It is enough to see who, when created the Fed (surnames, surnames !!!), how the creation was made, etc. Only. who rushed - De Gaulle, after the demand of which the dollar is not provided with gold reserves.
    1. Ivanushra
      Ivanushra 23 January 2013 02: 24
      It was the same with the crisis of 2008. As soon as the Euro began to depreciate the dollar, the Americans came up with a global crisis, from which Europe is still shaking. That's about why Germany wants to withdraw its gold reserves from the United States (IMHO).
  21. Stamp
    Stamp 23 January 2013 02: 19
    The era of dollar hegemony is drawing to a close, it is also clear that the United States is losing weight and the world is again multipolar. We need to look for alternatives and not invest in the US economy. The picture of the growth of their public debt is simply amazing.