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Large-caliber sniper rifle OTs-44

Large-caliber sniper rifle OTs-44
The rifle is made in the configuration of bullpup according to the scheme L.V. Bondarev on the basis of TsKIB SOO (branch of KBP). In the manufacture of the rifle, the experience of developing the VCA was taken into account and a number of its structural solutions were used. The main original feature of the OTs-44 is the forward displacement of the trunk for reloading (a similar reloading scheme was used in the Czech PTR 1940 of the year). Reloading the rifle is done manually.

The rifle is equipped with optical and night sights, conventional bipod and adjustable support-bipod, located in the lower part of the butt. Recoil is weakened by a spring-loaded butt with a damped butt pad.

A rather powerful, large-sized silencer is installed on the rifle, which, like the SCC, is “strongly” pulled over the barrel and hardly increases the length of the barrel. The silencer consists of a cylindrical chamber divided by transverse partitions. However, due to the specificity of the cartridges with a supersonic initial velocity of the bullet, the sound is not completely muffled, but attenuated before the sound of a shot from the SVD. According to the 1997 application, the developers of this rifle: they are working on a similar design for a more powerful 14,5 mm cartridge.
According to some reports, in addition to the standard 12,7 * 108 mm sniper cartridge, a reduced-power cartridge is also produced, which makes it possible to better mask the sound of a shot, although this greatly affects the range of the bullet.

From personal observations: this rifle is very similar to the KSVK, so, I would not be surprised if it is the same weapon, only slightly modified for low noise shooting.

Caliber, mm 12.7х108
Length, mm 1070
Weight unloaded, kg 14.0
Initial bullet speed, m / s 800
Store capacity
count 8 cartridges
Effective range
firing, m 2000
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  1. dred
    dred 1 December 2011 14: 22
    Only a Russian designer could make such a masterpiece.
  2. sniper123
    sniper123 4 June 2012 13: 58
    goof it a meter long and hits 2 km