Self-propelled laser complex 1K17 "Compression"

In the late 70s - early 80s of the XX century, the entire world "democratic" community dreamed under the euphoria of Hollywood Star Wars. At the same time, behind the Iron Curtain, under the cover of the strictest secrecy, the Soviet “evil empire” was slowly and quietly turning Hollywood dreams into reality. Soviet cosmonauts flew into space armed with laser “blaster” pistols, battle stations and space fighters were designed, and Soviet “laser” crawled across Mother Earth Tanks».

One of the organizations involved in the development of combat laser systems, was the NGO Astrophysics. The general director of Astrophysics was Igor Viktorovich Ptitsyn, and the General Designer was Nikolai Dmitrievich Ustinov, the son of that all-powerful member of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the CPSU and, concurrently, the Minister of Defense Dmitry Fedorovich Ustinov. Having such a powerful patron, Astrophysics practically did not experience any problems with resources: financial, material, human. This did not slow down - already in the 1982 year, almost four years after the reorganization of the Central Design Bureau into an NGO and the appointment of N. D. Ustinov, the general designer (before that, he had directed the laser location in the CDB)
SLT 1K11 Stiletto.

The task of the laser complex was to provide countermeasures to optical-electronic observation and control systems. weapons battlefields in harsh climatic and operational conditions imposed on armored vehicles. The design bureau Uraltransmash from Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg), the leading developer of almost all (with rare exceptions) Soviet self-propelled artillery, acted as a co-performer on the chassis theme.

So imagined in the west of the Soviet laser complex. Picture from the magazine “Soviet Military Power”

Under the leadership of Yuri Vasilievich Tomashov, General Designer of Uraltransmash (Gennady Andreyevich Studenok was the factory director then), the laser system was mounted on a well-tested GMZ chassis — the 118 product, which carries its “pedigree” from the chassis of the 123 product (Krug) and the product 105 (SAU SU-100P). On the "Uraltransmash" was made two somewhat different machines. The differences were due to the fact that in the order of experience and experimentation, laser systems were not the same. The combat characteristics of the complex were outstanding at that time, and they currently meet the requirements for conducting military-tactical operations. For the creation of the complex developers were awarded the Lenin and State Prizes.

As mentioned above, the Stiletto complex was put into service, but for a number of reasons it was not mass-produced. Two experimental machines remained in single copies. However, their appearance even in the face of eerie, total Soviet secrecy did not go unnoticed by American intelligence. In the series of drawings depicting the latest models of the Soviet Army, submitted to Congress for "knocking out" additional funds to the US Department of Defense was very recognizable "Stiletto".

Formally, this complex is in service to this day. However, the fate of experimental machines for a long time was not known. At the end of the tests, they turned out to be virtually useless. The vortex of the collapse of the USSR scattered them in the post-Soviet space and brought to the state of scrap metal. So, one of the cars at the end of the 1990-x - the beginning of the 2000-s was identified by amateur historians of BTT for disposal in the sump of the 61-BTRZ near St. Petersburg. A second, a decade later, also connoisseurs stories BTTs were discovered at a tank repair plant in Kharkov (see In both cases, the laser systems from the machines were long ago dismantled. The "St. Petersburg" machine remained only the body, the "Kharkov" "cart" is in the best condition. At present, with the consent of the plant management, the efforts of enthusiasts are attempting to preserve it for the purpose of subsequent “museumification”. Unfortunately, the "St. Petersburg" machine, apparently, has been utilized to date: "What we have, we do not store, but having lost weeping ...".

The best share fell to another, no doubt unique apparatus, the joint production of Astrophysics and Uraltrasmash. As the development of the Stilett's ideas, the new 1K17 “Compression” was designed and built. It was a new generation complex with automatic search and pointing a multichannel laser radiation (a solid-state laser based on aluminum oxide Al2O3) on a glare object in which a small part of aluminum atoms was replaced by trivalent chromium ions, or simply a ruby ​​crystal. To create an inverse population, optical pumping is used, that is, the illumination of a ruby ​​crystal with a powerful flash of light. The ruby ​​is shaped into a cylindrical rod, the ends of which are carefully polished, silver-plated, and serve as mirrors for the laser. To illuminate a ruby ​​rod, pulsed xenon gas-discharge flash lamps are used through which high-voltage capacitor batteries are discharged. The flash lamp has the shape of a spiral tube wrapped around a ruby ​​rod. Under the action of a powerful light pulse, an inverse population is created in the ruby ​​rod and, due to the presence of mirrors, lasing is excited, the duration of which is slightly less than the duration of the flash of the pumping lamp. Especially for the "Compression" was grown an artificial crystal weighing about 30 kg - "laser gun" in this sense flew "a pretty penny." New installation required and a lot of energy. Powering generators powered by an autonomous auxiliary power unit (APU) were used to power it.

As a base for the complex we used the chassis of the newest at that time self-propelled 2C19 “Msta-S” (product 316). To accommodate a large number of power and electro-optical equipment, the “Msty” cabin was significantly increased in length. In its stern part was placed the APU. In front, instead of the barrel was placed an optical unit that includes 15 lenses. The system of precise lenses and mirrors in marching conditions was closed with protective armor covers. This unit had the ability to hover vertically. In the middle part of the logging were placed the workplaces of operators. For self-defense on the roof was installed anti-aircraft machine gun with 12,7-mm machine gun NSVT.

The car body was assembled at Uraltransmash in December 1990. In 1991, the complex that received the military index 1K17 came to the test and the next year, 1992 was adopted for service. As before, the work on the creation of the “Compression” complex was highly appreciated by the Government of the country: a group of Astrophysics employees and co-contractors were awarded the State Prize. In the field of lasers, we were ahead of the whole world for at least 10 years.

However, this “star” Nikolai Dmitrievich Ustinov rolled. The collapse of the USSR and the fall of the CPSU overthrew former authorities. In a collapsed economy, many defense programs have undergone a major review. The fate of this and “Compression” did not pass - the extreme cost of the complex, despite advanced breakthrough technologies and good results, made the leadership of the Ministry of Defense doubt its effectiveness. The top secret "laser gun" remained unclaimed. The only copy had been hiding behind high fences for a long time, until unexpectedly for everyone in 2010, it turned out to be truly in some miraculous way in the exposition of the Military Technical Museum, which is located in the Moscow village of Ivanovo. We must pay tribute and thank the people who managed to pull out this most valuable exhibit from the neck of perfect secrecy and made this unique machine public — a good example of advanced Soviet science and engineering, to witness our forgotten victories.
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  1. vladsolo56
    9 February 2013 08: 37
    The collapse of the USSR buried more than a dozen of the most advanced developments, and not only in the military field, someone else dares to say that in the USSR everything was terribly bad and lagging behind.
    1. patline
      9 February 2013 09: 34
      Soviet military developments were 10 years ahead of the American ones, but at the household level everything was more complicated. The quality of life of ordinary citizens left much to be desired and lagged behind the American one, and they took advantage of this - they publicized the stupid American dream and the citizens themselves buried the Great Country of the USSR.
      1. 0
        18 July 2017 11: 37
        For this "special thanks" to the Politburo of the Central Committee. All the same, our party members didn’t have any reason to evaluate and compare the historical fact - the Indians died because they exchanged gold too much for glass beads ....
    2. patline
      9 February 2013 09: 37
      Soviet military developments were 10 years ahead of the American ones, but at the household level everything was more complicated. The quality of life of ordinary citizens left much to be desired and lagged behind the American one, and they took advantage of this - they divided the stupid American dream and the citizens themselves buried the Great Country of the USSR, of course, with the filing of a corrupt leadership, in the person of Gorbi, Yakovlev, and ambitious Yeltsin.
      1. +4
        9 February 2013 15: 01
        Quote: patline

        Soviet military developments ahead of American by 10 years

        Too bold statement, somewhere we were ahead of them, somewhere they were us. Aircraft of 4 generations, for example, they appeared much earlier, here we were catching up. A similar situation with nuclear submarines of 3 generations. On the part of electronics, we also lagged behind.
        1. -2
          9 February 2013 18: 27
          You gawarish like a ..... s! am am
          1. 0
            9 February 2013 21: 35
            Like who?..............
        2. 0
          10 February 2013 00: 45
          they got a 4th generation plane because they had to do something with our MiG-21, and we got the MiG-23 as a single-seat analogue of the universal "phantom 2. Naturally the F-15 took off earlier than the Su-27, we rested on our laurels for some time is all.
          1. +4
            10 February 2013 10: 58
            I don’t understand what kind of ridiculous excuses you want to say that the United States had the 4th generation 10 years earlier, not because they were superior to us in this area at that time, but because, on the contrary, they were lagging behind? to ascertain the lagging behind, they say, "their science is weak, and the technology is worse than ours, so we had to switch to a new generation of technology, which, by the way, we do not have."
          2. +1
            10 February 2013 16: 46
            Your explanation is drawn to the elementary school level! "A loser-truant mumbles something in front of the teacher!"
      2. +21
        9 February 2013 16: 54
        Quote: patline
        The quality of life of ordinary citizens left much to be desired and lagged behind the American one, and they took advantage of this - they split up the stupid American dream

        I ask you not to forget the fact that the United States has risen to today's rating thanks to the 1st and 2nd World Wars, that really is for whom the stepmother’s war, and to whom the mother is dear. So many human and material losses, like the USSR, have not been suffered by any country participating in these wars. After such a war, losses and devastation, with the dirty tricks of the West, we were able to get on our feet and achieve such results. In order not to be destroyed.
        1. 0
          9 February 2013 18: 29
          Thank you for crumbling words! soldier
        2. -2
          10 February 2013 16: 49
          All of Europe was destroyed if you did not know! Nevertheless, it must be admitted that the quality of the rise of European countries, especially the cap of countries, surpassed the USSR-ovsky in quality.
      3. -3
        10 February 2013 16: 44
        And what do you reproach the citizens of a great country for striving to live as their sworn enemy?
        What could such a great country not be able to feed, clothe, put on shoes (I’m not talking about other modern goodies), give housing to its citizens who injected (well, or pretended to be injected into) its military power?
        1. Oleg Rosskiyy
          10 February 2013 20: 24
          The greatness of a country lies not only in its well-being, but also in its ability not to interfere with others' lives, but insults are seen in your words, but these are your personal problems, and they must be decided by the person himself, but if you are not able to do this, then cover your mouth, and do not hell with the whole country to pour mud. Well-being, developed by you cap. countries, this is a myth that is now being dispelled. You need to be stupid, deaf and blind in order not to see this, or at least pretend to be such.
        2. +4
          11 February 2013 19: 32
          Wake up, look around, what's going on, is this a bright future for Russia? no, people of the USSR do not dream of this.
          Yes, you can’t ignore the facts, we basically sold for sneakers, but not all.
          And by the way, listen to what people say about life in the West!
          Believe me, it’s not so happy as they say, but if you compare it, it’s not known what is harmful to a person is 3 grades of beer or 200, 5 types of bread or 200, now this is all there, but what's the point that we began to live better? I don’t know, and yes and no, but I think that we have lost more!,
    3. +1
      9 February 2013 17: 39
      Anglo-Saxon pastoral!
    4. 0
      10 February 2013 16: 40
      Not all, not all!
    5. Oleg Rosskiyy
      10 February 2013 20: 10
      Quote: vladsolo56
      The collapse of the USSR buried more than a dozen of the most advanced developments,

      Rather, they changed their place - position, from one continent to another.
  2. Maj.
    9 February 2013 08: 52
    Such a car !!! And the state does not need .... request
    1. +2
      9 February 2013 10: 40
      Nizya ... The Convention prohibits.
      1. +4
        9 February 2013 12: 23
        Quote: Major
        Such a car !!! And the state does not need ..

        Quote: Spade
        Nizya ... The Convention prohibits.
        It's not about convention. When the complex was invented and made at UralTransmash, no one knew how to use it. Well, there was a decision that he would not have enough reliability on the front lines. So the project was closed. Although at the 4th site of Tranmash there is one in the alley. and it is kept in a combat readiness state.
        1. +5
          9 February 2013 13: 00
          Come on ... Why did you remove the platoon of sight? Their equipment is still being offered as anti-snare devices. By the way, their counterpart appeared in the French. After our devices were removed from the troops
        2. -2
          9 February 2013 18: 31
          if govarish the truth is good!
          1. GHG
            9 February 2013 21: 57
            Koryavyenko you write ... you or a beardless Russian or ... ??? laughing
        3. 0
          10 February 2013 14: 00
          a new round in the arms race ...
  3. avt
    9 February 2013 10: 26
    Quote: Major
    Such a car !!! And the state does not need it.

    So there are no people of Ustinov caliber. Lasers were one of his defense priorities. Many more wonderful discoveries will be prepared for us by the Soviet Time.
    1. F-15
      9 February 2013 17: 25
      Lasers are a dead end. Even in the USA they understood this. They are not suitable for almost anything, if only because they cannot act beyond the horizon. It looks beautiful and expensive, but in reality there is no problem for them. The future belongs to the classics.
      1. voxpopuli
        9 February 2013 18: 22
        Is not a fact. It is necessary to develop all areas. Even from a seemingly dead-end direction, a breakthrough can be made over time. Literally 15 years ago they said that processors with a frequency of more than 100 MHz are not science fiction .. but now?
        1. F-15
          9 February 2013 18: 37
          fact. It makes no sense to develop dead end expensive branches. Judge for yourself - for shooting and the front it is insanely expensive and complicated, you don’t need to read it. It won’t go to ships because of over-horizon, it’s also expensive and difficult for an air platform with dubious effectiveness, the USA has already refused. Specifically, Squeezing is a no-brainer toy.
          1. +6
            9 February 2013 19: 38
            You have not read the article carefully. And they did not understand the purpose of "Compression".

            He does not need to burn through the armor. The device destroys optoelectronic devices. And the eyes of those who observe the ordinary optics.

            Imagine the units of the Great American Army, the Most Perfect in the world, without optics. At all. After all, even looking at a simple sniper scope can end in blindness.
  4. +10
    9 February 2013 12: 50
    Amazing car! To grow 30-kg ruby ​​single crystal is not a good thing. good In the USSR, by the end of the 80, such a scientific and technological elite had been formed that the country could handle any of the most ambitious and complex tasks.
    It’s a pity that they ordered her so mediocre.
  5. +5
    9 February 2013 15: 00
    The laser needs to be developed not as a weapon of destruction (it depends too much on the weather), but as the best active armor. A tank whose laser knocks down on the approach all the shells and missiles does not need 50 tons of armor. It would be nice if our developers went in this direction. At the same time, we will bring tank building out of the impasse.
    1. +1
      11 February 2013 19: 36
      You are an optimist, I wonder how you will manage to destroy Shilka’s fire with a laser, and not to carry a power station with you !!
      if I’m not mistaken, it is 4800 goals per minute, weighing 50 grams, I would like to look at hundreds of kilograms of metal evaporated on the fly.
      Moreover, such lasers in acceptable mass-dimensional characteristics have not yet been made.
  6. 0
    9 February 2013 15: 02
    And what is the use of this machine?
    1. djon3volta
      9 February 2013 15: 59
      to burn and melt the enemy’s equipment with a laser beam? what
      1. +2
        9 February 2013 16: 10
        Well this is unlikely. The power of a conventional solid-state laser for melting and burning armored vehicles is not enough.
        I think the problem is illumination, the failure of electronics.
        Who knows for sure?
        1. F-15
          9 February 2013 17: 26
          Yes. It is the glare of optics.
        2. AlexW
          9 February 2013 21: 38
          Black, Electronics ... and optics. I generally keep quiet about the eyes. From a "short-term bunny" of 5-6 hours, to complete burnout of the retina.
      2. -1
        9 February 2013 21: 35
        Okay, which one?
        1. AlexW
          9 February 2013 22: 21
          patsantre, Photos, video matrices, night vision devices, in a word, everything that somehow works and is connected with optics. The same laser rangefinders are designed for a weak reflected signal and suddenly receive a powerful impulse into the eyepieces. Kirdyk is instant. And the whole super-duper technique is blind as a mole. Ideally, even simple triplexes become cloudy.
          1. 0
            10 February 2013 11: 00
            Clear, thanks. Just some people think that this laser is needed to burn tanks and bring down planes)
        2. AlexW
          10 February 2013 00: 00
          A non-volatile weapon, very effective against a large mass of attacking people. Especially at night (pupils in-oh). All look here! Now a bird will fly out. Blitz! And the entire attacking horde instantly lost the desire and ability to fight. Perhaps forever. Who among us at that time, the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s, was among the most "sworn friends"? Oh, no wonder this "wunderwaffe" was created .....
      3. +1
        10 February 2013 16: 58
        Quote: djon3volta
        to burn and melt the enemy’s equipment with a laser beam?

        "Engineer Garin's Hyperboloid Been Reading"?
    2. avt
      10 February 2013 10: 15
      Quote: patsantre
      And what is the use of this machine?

      Cases of bygone days have already been voiced openly. laughing Oh how! Almost poems! laughing Search and find out how, by order of Ustinov, at 60% of the power from a stationary "rangefinder" in the shuttle, astronauts were almost roasted like chickens. That would not frighten Lenya Brezhny with flights in low orbit. laughing
  7. 495
    9 February 2013 17: 02
    if this "crazy idea" could be done, then only because the developers have never sober up for the entire time of work.
    alcohol for wiping the optical axis does not need to be given out at the first request of the lasers. it takes time for them to sober up.
  8. Lucky
    9 February 2013 17: 10
    the plane is blinded, as the laser pointer of the hooligans are blinded, only this is a large laser immediately on the squadron))))
  9. Kir
    9 February 2013 18: 07
    Special thanks to the author !, but what you want to do with me, but I give 100% that before the "St. Petersburg" sample was "disposed of" it was clearly worked well and the traces clearly go in a certain direction.
    Regarding, let's just say, not a politely delusional idea, if only Metlik's banter about using laser systems as active protection, it's like a bullet against a bullet, and what kind of generator should be (at least at the current level technologies), so that the tank smoothly turns .......... into an armored train! If we fantasize so on the basis of plasma formations, then, as they say, absorption of waves, and sniper accuracy is not required, and in general it is closer to active armor or an anti-aircraft missile, which is precisely the striking elements! and not one! - "cloud".
    1. +1
      9 February 2013 23: 01
      this nonsense is quite feasible at the current level of technology.
    2. 0
      13 July 2023 02: 08
      So there were not St. Petersburg and not samples, but actually in service! I have no right to say where! But I touched and climbed this miracle with my own hands! For which then I had to sign a non-disclosure for 30 years !!!
  10. voxpopuli
    9 February 2013 18: 20
    Explain to a non-specialist why it was intended to use this Vanderflavus?

    Already read the answer in the comments above
    1. F-15
      9 February 2013 18: 39
      Nobody knows and did not represent. Such is the concept for disabling matrices and optics.
    2. +1
      10 February 2013 00: 53
      as an option to disable the optics of the "Abrams" Challengers "Apaches" in the future, you can disorient the "tomahawks" in space.
  11. Andrey58
    9 February 2013 18: 53
    Weapons for action on a flat surface. He has few prospects on earth, but using it as an element of an air defense system or anti-satellite defense is a completely different matter. The cockpit of all modern aircraft translucent.
    1. Polesye_wolf
      10 February 2013 15: 54
      Maybe such a thing can "extinguish" the equipment of unmanned aerial vehicles?

      That would be happy to cool amerskoe operators of the BLP - sits, drives a joystick, looking for another "enemy of democracy" on the ground ...

      Suddenly - on you - such a flare! - sho already in the eyes of little devils ran!

      Yes, and the BLP video equipment, it seems, after the "laser therapy session", except to carry it to the museum ...
  12. lucidlook
    9 February 2013 19: 28
    Interestingly, how is it in terms of accessibility and stability? The impulse is short.
    1. +2
      9 February 2013 20: 01
      He does not knock down. It detects and disables optics.
  13. AlexMH
    9 February 2013 21: 48
    I talked with the developers of this complex (they made some auxiliary systems for them), they told the following: initially it was assumed that the system would exactly hit the enemy's equipment. It makes no sense to use such a colossus as an "anti-sniper" and "anti-sensor" weapon. But on tests (then not a mobile system, but a laser part) it turned out that 1. Burning through the armor is extremely difficult by the vapor of the evaporating armor scattering the laser beam. In fact, the beam only penetrated the armor by a couple of centimeters. 2. The mutual movement of the target and the emitter, even with a short pulse duration, does not allow focusing energy at one point. Weather conditions (fog, rain) can greatly reduce the effectiveness of the weapon. In fact, the entire setup was an interesting, expensive experiment, partly a success. But to disable the sensors of enemy tanks, another vehicle was planned, outwardly indistinguishable from ordinary tanks. But funding was discontinued at the end of the 3s.
    1. +4
      9 February 2013 22: 03
      It was a new generation complex with automatic search and hover on a glare object multichannel laser radiation

      No "armor burn"
    2. Andrey58
      9 February 2013 23: 40
      Quote: AlexMH
      in tests (then not of the mobile system, but of the laser part), it turned out that 1. Burning of the armor is extremely difficult by the pairs of evaporating armor scattering the laser beam.

      That is, they have already established at the ROC stage that there will be no "laser gun"? Why then would such a laser be installed on a tracked platform?
  14. 0
    9 February 2013 22: 26
    Initially, high hopes were assigned to the combat laser.
    Apparently promising is the use only in space and in the upper atmosphere.
    1. 0
      10 February 2013 00: 51
      the main principle to master, and then I think the idea would be developed
  15. Nechai
    9 February 2013 23: 57
    Quote: Spade
    By the way, their counterpart appeared in the French. After our devices were removed from the troops

    And the PLA ...
    Quote: Spade
    And the eyes of those who observe the ordinary optics.

    When a certain wavelength is selected, the eyeball simply explodes. And on the "straight-looking", not through an optical device, but damage to the retina of the eyes, to one degree or another. Do you think it was only from the parcels of humanism that Western media sluts raised a howl when BMP-40 equipped with KTD-2 began to arrive in the 2th Army ?! The presence of such opportunities in a shuravi sharply reduced the effectiveness of spirits. It caused FEAR to just look at the military column and armored vehicles. And the Gorbachev couple, naturally, once again handed over their soldiers, ordering to dismantle these rangefinders. Ebn, in turn, ordered the removal of KTD-2 in the Groups of Troops, and the industry switch to the production of rangefinders that are safe for the foe. What is eh ?!
    Modern work in this area continues gradually. No one is going to burn, saw objects of the enemy. This let the amers have fun. The laser beam, as in the laser communication channels, is the carrier of what we need ... And the results are quite decent. It was thanks to them that the opinion went off as a premature rejection of optical passive surveillance systems and range determination.
    At the NPO Astrophysics, Velikhov was mainly involved in solving general issues and naturally received all the buns due, and he did not hesitate to knock out the supplements for himself. And now, decades later, in one of his interviews, he says that they say I never believed in the possibility of realizing my plans, because it contradicts science itself! Like this ... As he ran to the cashier, he was the first, tore out titles and lauria with his teeth. And then just casually renounced everything ...
  16. Denis_volgograd
    10 February 2013 00: 03
    The smart name "Compression" :)) It was not for nothing that they called it that, when the enemy sees this, everything is probably compressed :))
  17. +4
    10 February 2013 00: 50
    I believe, if it were not for the dream of a citizen of the USSR in the mid-80s, a video-polaroid-pepsikola, the film "Odyssey 2001" could well have become embodied in life by the hands of Soviet science and society.
  18. 0
    10 February 2013 00: 58
    The idea of ​​using lasers in military affairs is very promising ... As far as I know, practically ALL major powers are NOW engaged in the development of a whole range of such weapons - from anti-sniper systems to anti-missile systems. Of particular popularity are the autonomous anti-sniper or anti-watch blind systems. In my opinion, they can soon reach the level of anti-tank ... the driver, commander, gunner in the tank - everyone looks into the optics and their eyes are the most vulnerable spot in the tank ...
  19. +1
    10 February 2013 03: 22
    There is a film "The Lords of the Ray" from the "Secrets of Forgotten Victories" series. It tells about the development of combat lasers in the USSR. Powerful movie! You can download it from the net, google it. I don't remember where I downloaded it from a couple of years ago, it weighs 300 megabytes. It covers everything, including the Stiletto and Compression.
  20. +1
    10 February 2013 08: 37
    In space, pouring it there to all the spies immediately krdyk will
  21. e-froloff
    10 February 2013 11: 46
    Such a wunderwafel is forgotten by the sea! With modern technologies it would be possible to translate them into metal.
    1. +1
      11 February 2013 19: 23
      Such a wunderwafel is forgotten by the sea! With modern technologies it would be possible to translate them into metal.
      If money is the ocean - embody.
  22. saf34tewsdg
    10 February 2013 12: 18
    Imagine, it turns out that our authorities have complete information about each of us. And now she has appeared on the Internet Very surprised and scared,
    my correspondence, addresses, phone numbers, even found my nude photo, I can’t even imagine from where. The good news is that the data can be deleted from the site, of course, I used it and I advise everyone not to hesitate
  23. 0
    10 February 2013 14: 02
    recently saw on the Internet a Mitsubishi beauty laser machine !!
    easily burns through 80 mm of steel without noise and dust smile
    1. Kir
      10 February 2013 17: 55
      That's just back in the 80s of the past, plasma cut many times faster, and I myself saw 80 and 100 mm plates, although they were more similar to cheese heads due to melting, only with dust, but with regards to the laser and the cleanliness of the 12th class!, But be it the time spent healthy, ask those who do the so-called laser engraving how long it will take them to burn to the standard depth of the medal relief 0.2-0.5mm AND ONE ANOTHER WHY ON SITES WITH L.A.Z.E.R., and on Is there a warning sign on the machine itself? By the way, about the noise, it may not be there, but there is sound, and besides, it is necessary to support the beam, but plasmoids can exist for a long time, and they do not need a direct channel, I say again and again, well, look you at least fluently what the SM-ball lightning is doing, and most likely you will understand that it has not only as a weapon and in many other things more perspective. Take a look at least the same I. Imyatinov and D. Tikhiy "Beyond the Boundary of the Laws of Science", or the more advanced classics of I.P. Stakhanov "On the physical nature of BALL LIGHTNING", of course, 30 years have already passed since the release of the latter, but still good for general.
    2. 0
      12 February 2013 01: 12
      It’s a bit wrong. For a long time we burn, without dust. But not that. For a kilometer it won’t work.
    3. M. Peter
      14 February 2013 07: 15
      In industry, such things have long been used.
  24. 0
    10 February 2013 16: 43
    Guys, tell the teapot what these settings are for?
    1. Kir
      10 February 2013 17: 56
      Everything there is in the text, more carefully re-read.
  25. 0
    10 February 2013 18: 44
    I always liked the names of our systems. I wonder who wrote them? To amerovskie moronic "M hell knows how", and Russians. "Tavolga, Yatagan, Gurzuf, Onyx, Love
    1. Kir
      10 February 2013 18: 51
      If I’m not mistaken, there was an unwritten rule, at least in relation to art systems, to give “Floral” names like Chrysanthemum, Peony, Acacia, and then most likely something similar.
    2. +1
      10 February 2013 20: 21
      In fact, each weapon has an index, incl. and our "Fuck knows how and so on" and something like a name. They usually have scary names, we have a lot of funny ones. So in your desire to crap amers, try not to make a fool of yourself.
      1. 0
        12 February 2013 01: 07
        That's what it’s about. One complex "Buratino" is worth something. And they slapped me a minus here. It's a shame. It's good. There is a system "Wasp". Or, for example, a system "
        Perimeter "Think ...
  26. 0
    10 February 2013 20: 00
    Very interesting article
  27. 689valera
    11 February 2013 20: 24
    purpose; self-propelled laser system to counter the enemy's optoelectronic devices.
  28. +1
    11 February 2013 23: 45
    From the article: "The AFU is located in its stern section."

    In fact, a gas turbine APU was initially installed on the 2S19 in the rear of the tower, so no one placed it. And so the article "+".
    1. 0
      12 February 2013 18: 13
      Well, the expression -located- defines primarily the installation location, and not just that there was nothing there before !!
  29. +1
    12 February 2013 00: 20
    By the way, for artillery reconnaissance in my time (in the mid-90s) they used an artillery quantum rangefinder 1D11. And, as far as I remember, there was a sign on it: "Do not direct people or animals" or something like that. It was believed that a person can go blind. In this case, the principle of influence is probably the same, only 1000 times more ...
    1. +2
      12 February 2013 00: 30
      DAK-2? There was such a sign. There were legends that they could blind a bird. At the school in the classroom on AR "killed" the battery, trying to do it
    2. 0
      13 July 2023 01: 56
      So this is KPR-2 (1D11M) We used LPR-1 Koralon-M (1D13), also do not direct at people and animals!
  30. 0
    13 February 2013 11: 27
    Can anyone describe the tactics of using this product in more detail? And how did the weather affect him? And as I understand it, the object should be in line of sight?
  31. 0
    4 November 2022 09: 45
    History is great! And what could they, these "Stilettos" and "Compressions" do?
    1. 0
      13 July 2023 01: 48
      A laser beam of such power, passing through glass, destroys it, like video matrices, the retina of the eye, even through optics and filters, is destroyed!