The head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry wants to propose to the European Union a ban on entry for Israeli settlers convicted of crimes against Palestinians

The head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry wants to propose to the European Union a ban on entry for Israeli settlers convicted of crimes against Palestinians

Belgium is preparing to call on EU countries to ban entry into the Schengen area for Israelis suspected of committing crimes against the Palestinian population. This was stated by Belgian Foreign Minister Aja Labib.

As the head of the Belgian diplomatic department noted, Brussels is concerned about the situation developing in the West Bank. Here Israeli settlers use weapon against Palestinians, commit crimes against civilians.

In this regard, the Belgian authorities are preparing to ban the entry into the country of Israeli settlers who may be involved in such actions. But the effectiveness of the announced measure will increase significantly if all other EU countries follow Brussels’ example.

In addition, Lyabib expressed concern about the events in the Gaza Strip. According to her, Belgium insists on an immediate ceasefire in order to carry out the necessary humanitarian actions and then begin peace negotiations. It is clear that the Israeli authorities, supported by the United States, will not respond to such calls.

But the authorities of European countries act more out of a desire to “calm down” the large Muslim population, the bulk of which are immigrants from the Arab countries of the Middle East and North Africa. In the same Belgium there live a huge number of Algerians, Moroccans, Syrians and other Arabs who are clearly dissatisfied with the actions of Israel and demand an appropriate response from European governments. The Belgian Foreign Minister Aja Labib herself was born into a family of immigrants from Algeria.
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    1. +5
      11 December 2023 14: 36
      Anyone who has a passport from Filthy Israel is a CRIMINAL! angry

      He must work off his sins in the Gulag!
      If a Zionist terrorist killed even one goy, he should be hanged! negative
      1. +4
        11 December 2023 14: 46
        I wonder how the Belgians are going to prove the crimes of a particular Israeli against the Palestinians...??? Well, with us Russians everything is clear - every holder of a Russian passport is a priori a criminal... So to speak - “Highly likely”... And the Jews will drag you through international courts for this... Does Belgium have enough money for this...? ??
        1. +2
          11 December 2023 16: 45
          yes, this is a great win-win option, on the one hand, adopt a populist law that is pleasant for internal Arabs, and on the other, do nothing to enforce this law, because if such a criminal became known to the general public, then he is sitting in an Israeli prison and will not go to any Europe won’t go, but the Belgians have no other sources of information, and they won’t let anyone in, that’s what they said
          1. 0
            11 December 2023 19: 20
            In fact, Jews mainly go as tourists to India and North America.
            Even before this war we went to Egypt, but now, probably, we won’t go there for the next ten years.
            Tourists usually come to them from Europe
            1. 0
              12 December 2023 09: 25
              Jews travel everywhere around the world, and Europe, of course, is the main direction (just closer), Israeli tourism to Sinai will resume in a matter of weeks after the end of hostilities, poppies have always been there, but with Jordan, it will really take several years, maybe not, maybe will pass faster, but tourism in the UAE has not stopped even now
    2. +6
      11 December 2023 14: 42
      A very bold statement for the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, the center of the European Union. A brave woman. good
    3. +3
      11 December 2023 14: 50
      Belgians, where have you gone, now all of you will end up among the anti-Semites. God's chosen ones will curse you.)))
      1. +3
        11 December 2023 14: 55
        But I haven’t seen a single anti-Semite here yet. The majority are very sorry for the peaceful Arabs, and they are the most complete SEMITES. But there are many ANTI-ZIONISTS here, and I am one of them, of which I am immensely PROUD! soldier
    4. +3
      11 December 2023 15: 02
      oops, the democrats, they started to suspect something, they don’t want to love Jews again, and then apparently they might start burning them. this has already happened somewhere. democracy is like that
    5. +3
      11 December 2023 15: 14
      ban entry into the country of Israeli settlers who may be involved in such activities

      Why is that possible?
      When a bunch of emigrants from Africa and Asia poured into Europe, everyone was accepted, but here there was some kind of persecution, and against whom - the Jews. Apparently they sensed competition for places in the flowering garden or they ate rabies.
    6. +1
      11 December 2023 15: 30
      It’s as if they didn’t force her to apologize, although the words were correct.
    7. +3
      11 December 2023 15: 40
      This has never happened before and here it is again? Schengen - a new Pale of Settlement for Jews drawn by Muslims?
    8. +3
      11 December 2023 15: 47
      In 1492, Spain expelled all Jews. But in 2015, she “came to her senses” and promised to return citizenship to the descendants of those expelled. It took the Jews only 523 years to prove that those “suckers” Jews are like cockroaches - they cannot be completely removed. So nothing will work out for this Algerian-Belgian woman.
      ps Actress Anna Ardova is a direct descendant of those Spanish Jews, like Alexei Batalov’s stepfather.
      The world is small
      1. 0
        11 December 2023 22: 23
        I don’t understand current politics at all.
        Jews are like cockroaches - it is impossible to remove them completely.

        It seems that we organized an entire SVO because some people shouted “Moskalyak to Gilyak.” And here, literally, is the formula of dehumanization performed by “Radio of a Thousand Hills”, with which the extermination of one and a half million Tutsis began (they were literally called “cockroaches”) - and everything is okay, not even a single minus.
    9. +1
      11 December 2023 16: 04
      Admin, correct the minister's last name, the correct spelling is Khaja Lahbib (Hadja Lahbib). Only Francophones have a unique pronunciation and pronounce the letter “x” in rare cases. In the alphabet this is the letter "ash", but in words it either drops out (as in this case) or becomes an aspirated "ha".

      But no matter how much you explain to them, they will, like the parrot Popka, say their own thing.

      Interesting facts about the minister:

      Born in 1970 into a family of Algerian immigrants, she graduated from a Catholic school and at the age of 18 broke off cultural ties with the Arab community.

      In the early 1990s, she graduated from the Free University of Brussels with a degree in journalism.

      Since 1997, she has worked for RTBF, covering events in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India as a journalist.

      In 2021, she visited annexed Crimea as a journalist, receiving a Russian visa for this., which caused protests from the Ukrainian authorities, who considered the trip illegal.

      On July 15, 2022, she received the portfolio of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Cultural Institutions in the government of Alexander De Cros.

      On August 31, 2022, at a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Council of the European Union in Prague, she opposed the proposal of a group of Central European countries to cancel all visas for Russian citizens.

      On August 24, 2023, President Ilham Aliyev did not receive Khaja Lahbib, who arrived on a visit to Azerbaijan, because she had previously visited Armenia and expressed concern about the blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh.

      On July 15, 2022, the head of the Mouvement Reform (MR) party, Georges-Louis Boucher, chose Hadja Lahbib to replace Sophie Wilmès as Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium.

      Georges-Louis Boucher, president of the party, emphasizing that it was his “first and only choice” of this kind, and emphasizing that one could “be born far from the center (the commune of Boussus in the Francophone part of Belgium) and become minister of foreign affairs” .

      It turns out that she became a politician as if completely by accident, from journalism and straight to the post of the country's Minister of Foreign Affairs. So the girl is rushing around without a specialized education.

      But should we be surprised by this, because we had our own case with one journalist at the head of Roscosmos (with the rank of minister), whom D. Medvedev transferred from the post of Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO back in 2011 to the post of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government. Well, this is true, just for comparison.
    10. -3
      11 December 2023 16: 41
      Aja Lyabib.
      He supports his fellow believers, that’s all. No one will turn her wishes into reality.
      1. 0
        11 December 2023 16: 46
        And even if they pretended to be, where to get the information from?
    11. 0
      11 December 2023 18: 08
      And the Jews are coming to you? - It’s funny - and who will allow you to offend the Jews?
    12. +1
      11 December 2023 18: 34
      So, caught or suspected? VO editors, do you even read your own texts?
      1. 0
        11 December 2023 18: 37
        those caught cannot travel around the world, they are in prison
    13. -1
      11 December 2023 18: 53
      I wonder how she is going to distinguish settlers from, say, diamantaires from Antwerp?;)
      In short, another attempt to curry favor with Belgian Muslims, who are now a very significant electorate.

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