The New York Times: For years, the Netanyahu government has supported the flow of money from Qatar to Gaza

The New York Times: For years, the Netanyahu government has supported the flow of money from Qatar to Gaza

For years, the Qatari government sent millions of dollars a month to the Gaza Strip, money that helped prop up the Hamas government there, among others. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only tolerated these payments, but also encouraged them, notes the American newspaper The New York Times.

According to the publication, back in September of this year, Mossad head David Barnea visited Doha and the Netanyahu government continued to welcome Qatari cash injections into Gaza.

Authorizing billions of dollars in payments over about a decade was a gamble by Prime Minister Netanyahu, who believed that a steady flow of money would maintain peace in Gaza and allow Hamas to focus on administrative matters rather than the military sphere, the paper said.

Israel's explanation for not interfering with Qatar's financing of Gaza is also that it held a fundamentally flawed assessment that Hamas was not interested in and incapable of carrying out a large-scale attack.

Despite the fact that the Israeli military received battle plans for the Hamas invasion, and intelligence knew about large-scale militant training just outside the Gaza Strip, payments (from Qatar) continued

- says The New York Times.

The American newspaper notes that for years, Israeli intelligence officers even accompanied a Qatari official to Gaza, where he handed out money from suitcases filled with millions of dollars.

The money from Qatar was for humanitarian purposes, such as paying government salaries in the Gaza Strip and buying fuel to keep the power plant running. But Israeli intelligence officials now believe the money played a role in the success of the Oct. 7 attack, if only because it allowed Hamas to devote part of its own budget to military operations. In addition, Israeli intelligence has long established that Qatar uses other channels to covertly finance Hamas's military wing, a charge the Qatari government has denied.

Many Israeli governments have allowed money to flow into Gaza for humanitarian reasons rather than to strengthen Hamas

- Prime Minister Netanyahu's office said, adding that Netanyahu has always acted with the goal of significantly weakening Hamas.

He (Netanyahu) led three powerful military operations against Hamas, which resulted in the killing of thousands of terrorists and senior Hamas commanders

- noted the office of the Israeli Prime Minister.

The New York Times recalled that back in December 2012, Netanyahu told the famous Israeli journalist Dan Margalit that it was important to maintain the strength of Hamas as a counterweight to the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank. According to Margalit, Netanyahu believed that having two strong rivals would reduce the pressure on him to negotiate a Palestinian state.

The Israeli Prime Minister's Office said Netanyahu never made such a statement.
  • Wikipedia/Avi Ohayon
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  1. +6
    11 December 2023 20: 49
    The New York Times: For many years, the Netanyahu government has supported the flow of money from Qatar to Gaza
    Who would poke Netanyahu's nose...
    Should they remember how much money the Bin Laden family invested in the Bush family's oil business, which never managed to become profitable? Or let's think together with America where the Taliban came from? Or maybe we can talk about ISIS with the New York Times?
    And I still haven’t remembered about Hitler...

    We would sit and sniffle quietly into a handkerchief. The Jews will deal with their Netanyaha themselves.
    1. +2
      11 December 2023 21: 44
      Only Lenin-Stalin can be blamed. And they themselves do everything right.
      Israel has no chance except reconciliation and compromise on conditions.
      For 70 years, the Finnish influence of the Arvbs has been growing.
      Alternative finance based on wind, solar, etc. does not work.
      Life goes on, the end of history is canceled.
  2. +3
    11 December 2023 20: 52
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only tolerated these payments, but encouraged them

    No wonder, this money was still spent on goods produced in Israel. Israel's budget was replenished with Qatari money.
    1. +3
      11 December 2023 22: 36
      Quote: AlexGa
      No wonder, this money was still spent on goods produced in Israel. Israel's budget was replenished with Qatari money.

      Biden Jr. also spent money received in the form of bribes in Ukraine on prostitutes and drugs in America. Even unpaid taxes went to drag parties and cars in America.
      The US budget was replenished with bribes from the Biden family. And what did they get to Hunter? lol
  3. +1
    11 December 2023 20: 57
    Netanyahu must be judged, but not by the Jews.
    And all these years he sat on these cash flows, which he himself regulated at his own discretion (mood) - opened/closed when he liked or didn’t like it. More often the second.
  4. 0
    11 December 2023 20: 57
    Benya is already walking under the article, and then the Americans are throwing firewood into the fire between the lines with a subtle hint of heavy circumstances

  5. +2
    11 December 2023 21: 58
    Now it has become clear who is behind the attack on Israel.
    1. +1
      12 December 2023 07: 39
      And who? Please enlighten us with better arguments if you can.
  6. +2
    11 December 2023 23: 24
    In general, rumors about the wisdom of the Jews are greatly exaggerated. It is one thing to be a “smart Jew under the governor” and quite another to be a governor. In the meantime, Israeli Jews are paving the way to a new Holocaust with a tenacity worthy of better use.
    1. 0
      12 December 2023 11: 35
      That's for sure. We had many Jews living in Crimea, now there are fewer, and I saw quite a few of them below my level, and there are frankly stupid Jews. There are some smart ones, no doubt about it, one Jewish doctor helped me a lot, but he’s not the majority.
  7. +1
    12 December 2023 00: 32
    If they don’t kill this bastard, they will still imprison him. Of all those who could be interested in the current grandiose racket between Jews and barmalei, Netanyahu is number one! If it were not for the current situation, Bibi would now be in court on four counts!
  8. +1
    12 December 2023 00: 36
    As one smart enemy said, “A peacemaker is the one who feeds the crocodile, hoping that the crocodile will eat him last.”
    1. +1
      12 December 2023 10: 49
      Good saying... be careful when feeding your Chechen crocodile. wink
      1. 0
        12 December 2023 11: 36
        What's the problem? They tried it twice and didn't like it. After the first Chechen war, the militants went to Russia as gasters, let it be known. This is more of a problem with migrants.
        1. 0
          12 December 2023 14: 32
          God loves trinity.
          Its own mini-army with its own flag, government not subordinate to the center, life according to the laws of light Sharia (for now).
          It would be worth considering.
          Prigogine has already shown once how to quickly advance to Moscow.
  9. 0
    12 December 2023 02: 44
    Then there is nothing surprising in the fact that the IDF is leveling Gaza and other Palestinian settlements with the level of sand in the desert. The Arab world as a whole took an active part in ensuring that the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis never ends in order to extract material benefits, especially by thus regulating oil prices and not only without the “help” of the British and Americans. I wonder if the women of Qatar, Oman and Yemen, not to mention Egypt and the rest of the “readers” of the Koran, are crying because of the deaths of Palestinian children... request
  10. 0
    12 December 2023 12: 39
    Bibi hoped - That money awakened good feelings, but it turned out that Hamas leaders are not familiar with the works of Pushkin and beautiful souls impulses are alien to them.

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