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Ukrainian politics newsAfter summing up the economic and political results in Ukraine, it turned out that the situation here remains, if not difficult, then rather tense. On the one hand, the political stability seems to be taking shape, but on the other hand political news of Ukraine indicate that such stability is very shaky. Any serious crisis can inflate a new fire in Ukraine and lead to tangible negative consequences.
The economic reporting of Ukrainian specialists over the past year shows that energy achievements have manifested themselves in Ukraine. For 2012, the country managed to increase exports of electricity by almost half. But at the same time, Ukraine lost its status as a successful transit country for Russian raw materials to Europe. The transit of Russian gas to Europe was reduced by almost 20%. Obviously, Russia's use of the Nord Stream gas pipeline was the reason for the decline in transit volumes. The construction of the gas pipeline under the Baltic and North Seas began due to the fact that Ukraine had used its position for a sufficiently long period of time in order to put pressure on the interests of raw material suppliers in Russia in a certain respect. The pressure was expressed in that gas could simply be taken out of the pipe and redirected to local storage facilities.
As a result, Moscow and Kiev had to conclude an agreement that the price of gas for Ukrainian consumers would be close to the European level, which caused a storm of indignation in Ukraine. It was the gas scandal (namely, the scandal called such agreements in Kiev) that caused the arrest and conviction of the ex-prime minister of Ukraine, Ms. Tymoshenko. Recall that it was she who entered into agreements on the supply of Russian gas to Ukraine at an inflated price, as they say today. For these "frauds" (or not for these) Yulia Tymoshenko was sentenced to a real term, which she is serving in the colony near Kharkov.
Today, Ukraine feeds hopes that Russia will lower the price of gas. The Russian authorities declare that they will be happy to do this, but only if Ukraine enters the Customs Union, which already includes Belarus and Kazakhstan in addition to the Russian Federation itself.
While Viktor Yanukovych does not respond directly, neither yes nor no. This indecision generally distinguishes Yanukovych from many other politicians, and does not give a clear understanding of his position on the integration of Ukraine into the Customs Union.