Marshall Fund expert: Ukraine has ceased to be viewed by NATO and the entire West as a cornerstone of security

Marshall Fund expert: Ukraine has ceased to be viewed by NATO and the entire West as a cornerstone of security

In the West, the topic of problems with financial support for Ukraine has become topical. Moreover, there is talk on both sides of the Atlantic that the allocation of funds for Kyiv is becoming a problem.

Thus, the German Marshall Fund has made, perhaps, the most accurate “diagnosis” for Ukraine. Foundation expert Jacob Kirkegaard said that Ukraine “is no longer something special and is not seen as a cornerstone of Western security.”

A German expert in an interview with British journalists says that Ukraine has ceased to be associated with security both in the West in general and NATO and the EU in particular. And even more so, Ukraine is not considered an integral part of US security.

Jacob Kirkegaard:

This is a devaluation of Ukraine's military efforts. And, I believe, there is no other assessment. If you were Vladimir Putin, you would now say: my expectation of holding out in Ukraine longer than the West is justified.

It is noted that next year the Kyiv regime will need at least $41 billion, of which it has so far received a little more than two. But even these funds, in the absence of further tranches, can be quickly spent, which means Kyiv will have to turn on the printing press. But this will accelerate inflation.

German expert:

The next week may actually turn out to be decisive for the future of Ukraine. Moreover, the IMF is going to publish a report on its financial situation.
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    1. +7
      9 December 2023 22: 42
      "They screwed me up and abandoned me"
      "Waste material (for example a condom)"
      "Nothing personal just business"
      Typical Anglo-Saxon mentality.
      1. +3
        9 December 2023 23: 03
        Quote: Irokez
        "They screwed me up and abandoned me"
        "Waste material (for example a condom)"

        In Ukraine, contraceptives are washed and used a second time, but in Europe and the USA they are used only once, and then sent to the toilet.
        1. +2
          10 December 2023 00: 08
          Ukraine has ceased to be viewed by NATO and the entire West as a cornerstone of security

          I don’t understand how a poor colony can be the cornerstone of security... If all of NATO’s security rests on this stone, then it’s not worth a penny... Sooner or later (the sooner the better...) this stone is all the same will fall into the abyss, and NATO will fly there after it, taking with it the rest of the world... NATO, I beg you - replace the stone and lean on something else... laughing
          1. 0
            10 December 2023 07: 15
            NATO, I beg you - replace the stone and lean on something else...

            They don’t need to change it, let them lean on it, they’ll quickly fly into the abyss...
        2. 0
          10 December 2023 02: 20
          Quote: carpenter
          In Ukraine, contraceptives are washed and used a second time

          Life hack from Petrosyan... 89. "If you have any cellophane casing left over from a sausage...don't throw it can be mended and used!" good laughing
      2. 0
        10 December 2023 06: 26
        Quote: Irokez
        "Waste material (for example a condom)"

        Nationalist, to be precise! Yes
    2. 0
      9 December 2023 22: 55
      Kyiv will have to turn on the printing press.

      Well, they turn on the machine, so what? Everything that was possible (from toilets to trees) was repainted in zhovto-blakit, all that was left was to cover everything with hryvnias to the heap
    3. ANB
      9 December 2023 22: 58
      What a miser. Ukraine to them this, Ukraine to them that. Zelensky is ready to drive the entire population into trenches (graves). And they feel sorry for the unfortunate 60 billion. And poor Ukraine needs 5 per month just for the budget deficit. You also need ammunition and weapons.
      That's how they would give 10 trillion dollars at once, so Ukraine would immediately defeat Russia (well, or they would steal everything, no matter how much you give, everything will go into action). And here. We spent 200 billion and that’s it. They started counting. The US still has 33.5 trillion in debt. Well, it would be 43.5. Nobody would have died. :)
    4. +3
      9 December 2023 23: 18
      Zakharova needs to demand that the West forgive all debts to Ukraine, empty out its pockets and let Germany pay reparations to all the countries of the former USSR. Let them fight there from such attacks
    5. +5
      9 December 2023 23: 24
      To me, all this time she was the cornerstone of hemorrhoids!!!
    6. +7
      9 December 2023 23: 42
      You should not count on the enemy getting tired of this war. Journalists and all kinds of analysts will whine, but no one will leave us alone.
      Ukraine provides a wonderful training ground for preparing for a real modern war, and it is foolish to think that only we are using it. Both the Americans, the Germans, and the British are refining their weapons and studying the experience of using them, why on earth should they stop doing this?
      At the same time, all the disadvantages go exclusively to Russia and Ukraine, while the Westerners are rearming their armies and modernizing production for quite modest money, and they hope to return them if our “leadership” is tempted by negotiations and does not complete what they started.
    7. +2
      10 December 2023 00: 18
      Foundations, journalistic dumps, gatherings like for a green world... The world is already green, the owners of the green want it to remain that way for as long as possible, but they are calculating reptiles. The calculation shows one thing - if there is no way to fight the changes, you need to lead them. Frontal attacks will subside, the main thing is not war, the main thing is maneuvers. The creatures are very skilled at this.
    8. +1
      10 December 2023 01: 10
      Everything that has been said is true, but most importantly, with our Victory there will come a long-awaited respite for the country...
    9. +1
      10 December 2023 01: 25
      “Ukraine is no longer seen as Foundation stone Western security" -

      — Now Ukraine is like kidney stone ...
    10. 0
      10 December 2023 11: 57
      These are the poor ones! Yes, I will explain to them in a moment that there is a “cornerstone of security” for them! Don’t stretch the paws of your rakes and don’t meddle with your “values” to others and you will be safe.
    11. 0
      10 December 2023 17: 59
      And before, the Outskirts, therefore, was the “cornerstone of security”? tongue
    12. 0
      10 December 2023 20: 59
      The latest press is so relishing the problem of financing that it becomes like a show. The problem is raised to an absolute level, and then a solution is suddenly offered (in this case, funding).

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