Russian mortars covered Ukrainian nationalists as they disembarked from an armored personnel carrier

Russian mortars covered Ukrainian nationalists as they disembarked from an armored personnel carrier

One of the goals of the special military operation is the denazification of Ukraine, mired in complete neo-Nazism. It should be noted that our soldiers cope with this task very effectively on the front line, using all the means at their disposal to defeat the enemy.

Moreover, video evidence of the successful denazification of Ukrainian militants is quite often posted online by national militants who survived attacks by the Russian Armed Forces. This behavior cannot be explained except as a manifestation of extreme masochism. However, it would be a big mistake to expect that people who cover their bodies with tattoos of Nazi symbols will have normal mental health.

This time, Ukrainian nationalists filmed in detail the moment of their landing from an armored personnel carrier somewhere close to the front line. You cannot publish videos on VO due to the presence of profanity.

In the footage, a group of Ukrainian militants from the Azov nationalist formation (terrorist organization), banned in the Russian Federation and not yet completely destroyed, although perforated, hastily disembark from an armored vehicle. Apparently, our aerial reconnaissance tracked the enemy armored personnel carrier in advance and clearly tracked the coordinates of the landing site. As soon as all the Nazis got out of the car, they were immediately hit by Russian mortars.

The militants rushed in panic among the remains of tree trunks, trying to hide from the shelling in the craters. At least one Natsik was injured in the first seconds after the landing. Following the first mine, others followed. The cameraman who was filming was also caught. One of the militants apparently got it very badly. The Ukrainian militant who dragged him into the crater began shouting, in Russian:

Don’t you dare blow yourself up, got it!

Moreover, the Nazis didn’t even try to get back to the armored personnel carrier. Apparently, the car was either damaged, or it was impossible to crawl or reach it due to the fire being too dense.

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    1. -9
      9 December 2023 17: 25
      What, were you hit by some kind of high-precision mine?
      1. +10
        9 December 2023 17: 37
        As Putin said, we will “wash in the toilet”...?!! I suggest not waiting until they go to the toilet and wet them everywhere... Both day and night... And if they go to the toilet, then in the toilet!!! laughing
        1. +6
          9 December 2023 19: 12
          Quote: Lev_Russia
          As Putin said, we will “wash in the toilet”...

          Aha Yes in a modern manner: “if we catch him in an armored personnel carrier, we will kill him in the armored personnel carrier!” soldier
    2. +6
      9 December 2023 17: 31
      The professionalism of our army is growing, but the Nazis have a problem with this, Bandera invites VSUshnikov to take a steam bath in a cauldron of tar in hell, with a consistency that requires adjustments in a greater direction.. The question is, who are the stokers - the stokers of these boilers. I know one thing 100%, he’s making noise like a Stakhanovite with a poker.
      1. -3
        9 December 2023 17: 34
        The professionalism of our army is growing, but the literacy of many commentators on HE is falling.
        1. -5
          9 December 2023 17: 50
          Kot Alexandrovich, I can tell you why I loved the teacher of Russian Language and Literature; by the way, she was the wife of a military pilot transferred from Kazakhstan to Murmansk. She never poked her nose at who this “hero” was, but everyone fell in love with her dictations, as far as I remember 40 mistakes, future gold medalist from 8 to 12, and these are not just punctuation marks. Why do I know, I sometimes helped her on tests in physics, and how can I get her to 4 in geography???
          1. +3
            9 December 2023 19: 01
            You, maybe and love your Russian language teacher, but the Russian language itself does not.
            1. 0
              9 December 2023 20: 27
              Maybe I don’t understand something, of course, but in Russian the word “denazification” means “a set of measures aimed at cleansing society, culture, the press, the economy, education, law and politics from the influence of Nazi ideology.” And in fact, denazification during the Northern Military District occurred only in the liberated territories. “Denazification” and “Liquidation of the Nazis” are not the same thing. Maybe then we should talk about the literacy of authors in VO?
        2. -8
          9 December 2023 17: 52
          And you, I see, are literate, maybe you should use another more literary resource
    3. +2
      9 December 2023 17: 35
      Where is the video itself?
      The text of your comment is too short and in the opinion of the site administration does not carry useful information
      1. +4
        9 December 2023 17: 44
        In the video, the Nazis are swearing. This is very bad! laughing
        1. 0
          9 December 2023 17: 51
          Otherwise the children will hear, ah yay yay, a video with good obscenities...
        2. +1
          9 December 2023 18: 01
          Yes, push him not to the left. It’s no different at work without it, and even more so in war)) But seriously, they could at least leave a link to the video.
      2. +2
        9 December 2023 17: 52
        VO website fights profanity drinks . Soon he will start to fight smoking.
      3. -2
        9 December 2023 17: 58
        Yes indeed. Having trouble inserting a video? I had to look. Found it on YouTube. By the way, I subscribed to them. Sometimes the videos come out earlier than on the cart.

        1. +1
          9 December 2023 19: 16
          Quote: potterz

          Is not downloading. Are there any other links? hi
      4. 0
        9 December 2023 19: 40
        There is cassad in the cart (Boris Rozhin)
    4. +11
      9 December 2023 17: 50
      Full video from the Nazis from "Azav"
      1. 0
        9 December 2023 17: 59
        Thanks a lot. But I already got it myself)
      2. +1
        9 December 2023 18: 02
        But he manages to take a selfie...
      3. +1
        9 December 2023 18: 11
        The machine gun at the dung is an MG-42, or is it just me?
        1. 0
          9 December 2023 23: 27
          This is MG3 - practically unchanged since World War II, only the caliber has been changed to NATO, 7.62x51mm. And it is produced in Germany, Greece, Italy, Pakistan and the USA.
      4. +1
        9 December 2023 18: 18
        Thank you, this video says more than our propaganda, they will fight to the last for their ideals. They behave heroically and without panic, professionals.
      5. +3
        9 December 2023 18: 18
        The same video but without sound with a duration of 5,50 was in the article: “Artillery strikes of the Russian Armed Forces on the positions of Azov militants near Artemovsk were captured on December 4
        At around 3,38 they just run out into distribution.

        [media = https: //]
        [media = https: //]
    5. +3
      9 December 2023 17: 58
      It’s a pity that they didn’t kill these nonentities and didn’t burn the armored personnel carriers with drones.
      1. +1
        9 December 2023 18: 02
        Yes, it’s not known what happened to them and it became a disaster
    6. +4
      9 December 2023 17: 59
      These are small fry, the main ideologists “playing chess.”
      1. +2
        9 December 2023 18: 30
        It doesn’t matter, everyone involved should die.
    7. 0
      9 December 2023 20: 02
      Kot Alexandrovich is right. You still need to improve your grammar and punctuation a little))) Read books, newspapers, and not just comments on websites.
    8. 0
      10 December 2023 08: 59
      Eh.... I wish it was like this every time! )

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