American newspaper: Biden himself provoked Congress to block financial assistance to Ukraine

American newspaper: Biden himself provoked Congress to block financial assistance to Ukraine

The elderly US President Joe Biden will probably enter history as one of the weakest and most incompetent heads of state, who managed to quarrel with many former allies outside the country, and in the States itself, achieved a split in the Democratic Party that supported him. The refusal of the lower house of the US Congress, where the Republicans have a majority, to approve the financial assistance package proposed by the White House for Ukraine and Israel was quite predictable. But a similar decision by the Democratic-controlled Senate became something of a sensation.

The author of an article in the American newspaper New York Times (NYT) believes that US President Joe Biden himself made a mistake, as a result of which he provoked Republicans into more stringent demands on Ukraine, caused a split in the ranks of Democrats, which led to the blocking of financial assistance. Trying to gain support for the allocation of funds to Kyiv by Republican congressmen, the head of the White House included in the request for funding for Ukraine the costs of strengthening the southern border with Mexico.

However, this attempt to “sweeten” the package allocation of funds led to the opposite result. A number of Democratic congressmen sided with the Republicans, who traditionally defend the principles of strict immigration policies in the country. By raising the topic of strengthening the southern border, Biden, unwittingly, made this issue top of the agenda in Congress, which his conservative opponents did not fail to take advantage of.

By bringing the issue to the table, he provoked demands from the right (Republicans) for sweeping changes in border policy. It has left his own party divided over what many Democrats see as a political vulnerability ahead of 2024.

- noted the author of the material.

Biden's next steps showed that he found himself in a dead end, from which it would be very difficult to get out. Last Wednesday, the head of the White House said that he was ready to make it somewhat more difficult for migrants to obtain asylum in the United States. However, Republicans considered these measures insufficient, demanding tougher decisions.

Everyone behind me will vote to help Ukraine if we can get the border in order.

— said Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, by the way, one of the most ardent Russophobes among congressmen and a supporter of the “victory” of Ukraine over Russia.

Meanwhile, the White House has less and less time to reach a compromise with Congress, whose members will go on vacation next week. On Wednesday, the president literally begged Congress to put aside “petty, partisan, evil politics” and pass the $111 billion bill. He said that failure to do so could allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to “restore the dynamics of the war” in his favor, the NYT columnist recalled.

However, so far the Republicans are not falling for these persuasion. Earlier, a group of Republican congressmen warned Speaker of the House Mike Johnson that any attempt to allocate aid to Ukraine before the United States resolves issues with the financing of migration policy on its southern border will force them to use all levers to block the allocation of funds to Kyiv.
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    1. +1
      9 December 2023 14: 46
      Usually the president comes with his team, but with self-propelled Joe it turned out a little differently. The old man is just a talking head.
      1. +3
        9 December 2023 15: 01
        He is not just a talking head, but a head that more and more often goes off the rails and starts spouting outright nonsense
        1. 0
          9 December 2023 19: 40
          Quote: blackcat
          He is not just a talking head, but a head that more and more often goes off the rails and starts spouting outright nonsense

          Well, what do you want from grandpa?
          Everyone will someday become old and not quite sane... laughing
    2. 0
      9 December 2023 14: 54
      Knowing the Yankees, I can assume that assistance to Ukraine and the “Biden line” will be done in “one package.” But ALL expenses (once again) will be borne by Ukraine.
    3. 0
      9 December 2023 14: 58
      I tell you the truth: in 3 months the earth will fly onto the celestial axis and the United States will disintegrate into 10 states. Each person will receive 1 piece of aug. The outskirts, the load will go to Arizona.
      If you return from the zone, buy Arizona.
      The scribbler makes a lot of money, and we are seriously discussing him.
      If necessary, everything will be decided and the funds will flow. While they are trading for % of their own
      1. +2
        9 December 2023 16: 01
        Quote: antivirus
        Each person will receive 1 piece of aug.

        Give two! laughing
    4. 0
      9 December 2023 15: 01
      The greed of the fraer will destroy

      The “kickback” that the Biden family and the Democrats’ “gray election funds” are receiving from Ukraine is probably so great that it prevents them from sensibly assessing the realities.
      The Republicans can promote such a “Huntergate” that the Democrats can become the third party after some “Greens” or “Libertalians”
    5. -1
      9 December 2023 15: 06
      There the Japs give 4 billion to the bitches, and there the Yankees will again restore funding, albeit not on such a scale, but they will restore it..
    6. 0
      9 December 2023 15: 07
      Why didn’t the Democrats put up another candidate for the presidential race, no one asked this question?
    7. +1
      9 December 2023 15: 26
      Biden is a secret agent of Kremlin influence... laughing
    8. +2
      9 December 2023 15: 59
      American newspaper: Biden himself provoked Congress to block financial assistance to Ukraine

      Shouldn’t a public politician constantly “stir public opinion like coals with a poker”?
      Zelensky created for himself the image of a great sniffer.
      Biden is the image of an old man who will soon forget where he is....
      In rhyme, so as not to get banned from VO.
      BORIS Jones He is the image of a disheveled and slob.
      Our Vladimir Vladimirovich creates the image of an ordinary citizen, whom Western scammers deceive, Western partners deceive, and sometimes even those who are for him with all their souls, but hide their wallet from the budget.
      But give an example of a head of state who wishes bad things for himself. They write and write about Biden... And the more they write, the less often they remember Trump, not to mention other possible puppets of American capital.
      And in England, in France, everywhere, the more they write about the hands-down leader, the higher his chances of becoming the leader again next time.
    9. ASM
      9 December 2023 16: 49
      And why are they pointing their horns there? Everything has been said a long time ago - donkeys allocate funds to strengthen the border with Mexico and fight illegal migration, elephants do not block money from the outskirts. Everything is simple to the point of impossibility! No, the donkeys, with their characteristic tenacity, come up with all sorts of tricks involving combining aid for the liquid in one package with the pan-heads. But a donkey cannot move an elephant. We should have agreed a long time ago - if there is not enough money, cut both sturgeons and launch both programs.
    10. +1
      9 December 2023 18: 07
      Blame it all on Bidon, who lives on primary reflexes alone
    11. 0
      9 December 2023 21: 10
      Why bother harping on this topic? For the sake of “talking”? They'll give you money, don't go to grandma. Only the “experts” dirty the paper. I would be glad to be wrong, but this is not the case - Russians kill Russians for candy wrappers...
      When will WE muddy the waters ON THEIR FIELD?! Here's the question. At least through NGOs, it’s essentially pennies
      1. 0
        11 December 2023 03: 33
        Russians only kill Ukrainians who liked the Russian language, don’t confuse anything, you’re probably Ukrainian yourself)
    12. 0
      10 December 2023 01: 44
      The scandal shows that the remnants of democracy have been preserved in the states; we no longer approve of everything...
    13. 0
      10 December 2023 08: 51
      It’s just that the Republicans, seeing how the Democrats were fattening on kickbacks, asked to share. Hence all the fuss they have with Congress and the allocation of money. That some and others are excellent at laundering money, just in different areas

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