China's "Forced" Power

For a long time, no one has any doubt that China is going to become another superpower. Official Beijing has not yet made such statements, but from all its actions of one character or another, certain conclusions can be drawn. In addition to economic success, China also demonstrates its achievements in the military-industrial sphere. Only in the past 2012 year was published information about several new projects that are no longer direct copying of foreign technology. These new models of military equipment in the most direct way expose the Chinese superpower ambitions.

Last year stayed in stories China, the year the aircraft carrier Liaoning was commissioned, the first flight of the fifth-generation fighter Shenyang J-31 and the start of supply of Z-10 helicopters (also known as WZ-10). In addition, in 2012, a number of other things were no less pleasant and useful for the country in the defense sectors of China. All the achievements of the Chinese defense industry, demonstrated last year, confirm a long-circulating opinion about the capabilities of China. Everyone was able to make sure that the Chinese defense industry, at a minimum, is reaching the stage of development at which it is able to create and produce weapons and military equipment only on its own, with minimal outside help. Moreover, a number of industries, for example aviation engine building, still remains at an insufficiently high level, although it is developing.

Shenyang J-31


Of course, Beijing's special attention to the development of its own armed forces is fertile ground for all kinds of analytics. For example, questions are regularly raised about the causes of development fleet. Moreover, the topic of a hypothetical landing on the island of Taiwan with its further conquest often pops up in discussions of this issue. In addition, several disputed islands, which China is trying to share with Japan and Vietnam, are often considered as theaters of war with the participation of new Chinese ships, aircraft and armored vehicles. Thus, even if China is not going to attack anyone, it still has certain forces that are also constantly growing. More than an excellent occasion for accusations of militarizing the country, evil intentions and attempts to unleash a new cold war.

Contrary opinions, according to which China does not pose a particular threat to foreign countries, are also expectedly appearing. Not so long ago, one of the Chinese government experts on defense, Chen Hu, published a rather interesting article in which the background and possible consequences of the current Chinese renewal of the armed forces are described in a rather concise manner. For example, considering a large number of new types of Chinese technology, Chen Hu appeals to foreign experience. According to him, in the United States now there are only two newest fighter - F-22 and F-35. Nevertheless, at the early stages of the relevant programs, there were twice as many projects, but the YF-23 and YF-32 aircraft remained at the prototype stage. The same, according to Chen Hu, may eventually happen with Chinese aircraft or helicopters. This is nothing special or surprising - this is a normal global practice.

At the same time, the Chinese analyst does not argue with the view that the pace of development and construction of new weapons and military equipment is constantly increasing. But here too, Comrade Chen sees objective prerequisites. In his opinion, the creation of new types of weapons is necessary because of a number of recent geopolitical trends. Thus, most military projects are in fact a symmetrical response to potential external threats. As for very large projects, such as aircraft carriers, because of their complexity and time-consuming they can, as they say, not keep up with political trends. In other words, the current large ships are a response to the threats that appeared 10-15 years ago. Finally, Chen Hu admits that the level of development of the Chinese defense industry still does not allow for a level of competition with leading world powers. Therefore, China is forced to pay special attention to the development of its defense industry, which entails the emergence of new types of equipment and weapons, as well as their subsequent manufacture in appropriate quantities.

The third "justification" of building up the military power of China, according to the expert, is as follows. A considerable part of modern Chinese military developments corresponds to the foreign level of development of the nineties or even eighties of the last century. Thus, China is currently not so much building up strength, as trying to catch up with leading countries in the quality of military products. At first glance, such an argument seems logical and understandable. However, statements about the creation of fifth-generation fighter jets and a number of other facts of “boasting” raise certain doubts about the veracity of such excuses for increasing military power. Recently, China has presented several projects of various techniques, each of which was accompanied by theses on world-class characteristics, and even on superiority over foreign competitors. This does not quite fit into the catch-up picture that Chen Hu is talking about.

It is noteworthy that the current statements of the Chinese expert in the field of defense very much resemble the official words of Beijing in previous years. The Chinese leadership quite often resorts to the tactic of justifying its actions in the military-technical field by the threat from abroad and the need to maintain the proper military potential. At the same time, a gradual, but systematic strengthening of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army can cause certain frictions in the region. As already mentioned, Beijing has differences, including very serious ones, with Taiwan, Japan and Vietnam. Moreover, for many years now there has been a stretch of diplomatic enmity with the United States, which regard Southeast Asia as one of the most important regions of the planet and have their own interests there.

And there are more and more new ideas on the topic "with whom will China fight first?" Of course, there have not yet been any serious actions on the part of Beijing directly hinting at the coming wars, but this fact is not a guarantee of future changes in the geopolitical situation in Asia. So now it’s worth to see in China a serious competitor who in the coming years will gain maximum military power. At the same time, the Chinese possibilities should not be overestimated. Not so long ago, the designers and military of the PRC boasted that their newest carrier-based fighter Shenyang J-15 surpasses the Russian Su-33 in most indicators. Given the difference in the age of these machines, it is not difficult to draw conclusions regarding the reasons for such success. The Chinese simply managed to catch up with the Soviet Union of the sample of the middle and late eighties.

Shenyang J-15

Nevertheless, such successes of the Chinese defense industry are forcing the states around China to listen to Chen’s second argument about maintaining parity. If China is really going to become a superpower - and this is almost no one in doubt - then it will first of all increase the combat potential of its armed forces and ensure their autonomy from foreign suppliers. As a result, many countries, including Russia, will have to pay no less attention to their armies and defense enterprises. Even if Beijing is not going to unleash a new arms race or even a new cold war, the development of its defense industry and army will clearly not be to the detriment. In addition, while China is forced to "play catch-up," it is to some extent limited in its ability to unleash wars, which, at least slightly, increases security in Southeast Asia.

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  1. +7
    17 January 2013 09: 17
    Good analytic with the correct conclusion. Of course, the Chinese will not recognize that their level today is the maximum of the 80s of the last century, they boldly shout about successes. The facts, however, are stubborn, and an ambitious statement is nothing more than PR and self-promotion.
    Although the pace of progress in the Chinese military-industrial complex is not even bad, and if it is maintained, they may well reach the level of the United States, Russia and other leaders in the production of weapons in 10 years.
    1. +5
      17 January 2013 10: 31
      If the dollar collapses, then the celestial economy will immediately land. ihmo.
      1. +6
        17 January 2013 11: 18
        Quote: omsbon
        If the dollar collapses, then the celestial economy will immediately land. ihmo

        Therefore, the Chinese do not drop the states, despite the fact that they could.
      2. +6
        17 January 2013 15: 07

        Quote: omsbon
        If the dollar collapses, then the celestial economy will immediately land. ihmo.

        If the dollar collapses, then the entire global economy will immediately land.
        Take my word for it, personally for you and me it will bounce so hard that the Arctic fox.
        And the arctic fox, with * a scribe, what a dangerous one. And cunning.
        1. +1
          17 January 2013 19: 32
          Quote: Karlsonn
          Take my word for it, personally for you and me it will bounce so hard that the Arctic fox.

          Dear Karlsonn!
          We used to get out of the hole, but there is no amer. The oligarchs will be covered, and to hell with them, it will be easier to nationalize.
          1. +2
            17 January 2013 20: 25
            Dear omsbon!

            Quote: omsbon
            We are used to crawling out of the pit, but there is no amer.

            this is certainly true and I will be happy to dance a jig on the ruins of the Pentagon, but the collapse of the US economy will affect everyone.

            Quote: omsbon
            The oligarchs will be covered, and to hell with them

            no no no wait stop we have accumulated questions for them, so simply they won’t get off!
        2. Vazya
          17 January 2013 21: 16
          Karlsonn, we are so often thrown that we are constantly on the rise. Russia, unlike China, has fewer reasons for concern in the economic sphere.
  2. +7
    17 January 2013 09: 25
    Quote: "The Chinese have simply managed to catch up with the Soviet Union of the mid and late eighties." More precisely, "overtake" ... On the whole, we are now surpassing the technological level of the USSR in the 80s. However, keep in mind that we "forgot / lost" some technologies. And the dynamics of development in our country is much lower than in China. Hence the conclusion: China has already caught up with us, and in some places overtook us.
  3. fenix57
    17 January 2013 09: 36
    Quote: Sakhalininets
    they boldly shout about success.

    It would not hurt, and Russia in full "voice" to start talking about their achievements [ hi
    1. +3
      17 January 2013 11: 21
      Quote: fenix57
      Quote: Sakhalininets
      they boldly shout about success.
      It would not hurt for Russia to start talking about its achievements in full "voice"

      As in a joke:
      - Doctor, I’m 80 years old, I can only once with a woman per night, and my neighbor, he’s 90 years old, says he can three times a night.
      “Well, you say so.”
    2. +4
      17 January 2013 11: 47
      Quote: fenix57
      It would not hurt for Russia to start talking about its achievements in full "voice"

      And why are you not in full voice the commissioning of the Yura Dolgoruky and the testing of the Monomakh and the further construction and development of the Boreyevs, the launch of the SU-35 and SU-34 into production ... the adoption of new ballistic missiles ... this is more than serious indicators of the technical level.
      With the collapse of the USSR, we unfortunately lost the potential for building an aircraft carrier fleet, but now, after the modernization of the Gorshkov, we have received personnel in Russia capable of working in this area ... The main thing is that our defense industry is developing, and the fact that it is being belittled is already usual .....
  4. Vito
    17 January 2013 09: 49
    CHINA has caught up with the economy of the SOVIET UNION, then it will catch up with the economy of RUSSIA and smoothly get ahead of the US economy!
    This state has the will and resources!
    But what is most annoying is that this rapidly developing "subject" is our neighbor!
    1. -1
      17 January 2013 13: 40
      Everything is lost!! They will overtake everyone and fuck !! Ahhh ..
      Well hang yourself! If everything is so bad, or go to Great China.
      Frightening at the worst.
      1. Vito
        17 January 2013 14: 43
        Quote: Mairos
        Well hang yourself! If everything is so bad, or go to Great China.

        So hang yourself or leave? You yourself will decide.
        There is no panic, as you say, there is simply a statement of recent events!
        CHINA is really developing rapidly and not noticing is just plain stupid!
        1. Beck
          17 January 2013 22: 01
          I spoke and will speak. The main economic rival of Russia and the future Eurasian Economic Union is not in the European Union and the United States. It’s not so with them, you can talk like that. And emerging in the world leader CHINA. And the main economic rival automatically becomes a potential main enemy. Ten years later, when China economically takes the lead and builds its military muscles to champion, he will speak in a completely different voice. Now he is cunning Asian, and will become demandingly swaggering according to the traditions of his bogdykhanov and mandarin oranges.

          Then you’ll have to bite your elbows, that by selling limited shipments of Su and MiG, tanks, S-300 systems, and preventing China from acquiring an aircraft carrier, Russia has put China’s modern combat aircraft, tank building, air defense systems, and aircraft carrier shipbuilding on modern rails. And they were selling it not because of strategic interests, but scanty profits for. The West then sees further. He categorically vetoed the sale of modern weapons and military technology to China. When there was a crisis in Europe, China offered money in exchange for lifting the veto, but even then Europe didn’t do that. So the Chinese of the Russian officials of insanity, surrounded his fingers.

          In about ten years, the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, and the South China Sea may well be China’s declared inland waters. And it is not known which will present land claims. Furnishing it with the will of heaven and the historical data of the Bogdykhan.
    2. Gemar
      17 January 2013 15: 28
      Quote: Vito
      then catch up with the economy of RUSSIA

      Yes, he has long surpassed the economies of Japan and Germany, not to mention ours!
      But in general, I can not stand the PRC, and therefore lived there for 8 years (turned blood down for huazhenam)! laughing
  5. +2
    17 January 2013 10: 13
    China has never in its history waged a large-scale war with Russia ....... an ancient, balanced nation, I think they have enough intelligence and caution not to get into a fight with the Russians ............. .. now in the world such a tendency has been outlined (starting from the 50s) that the powers play shooting games with each other (in order to maintain the tone of the army and the political weight in negotiations winked ) in the territories of small lands far from the mother country ...... so take care of your nerves and emotions
    1. Vito
      17 January 2013 11: 02
      strannik595 I welcome you dear hi
      Quote: strannik595
      I think they have enough mind

      They have enough intelligence if they rise so quickly (under the strict guidance of the party), but this does not prevent them from periodically voicing their territorial claims against their neighbors, including us!
      They color the Far East in the color of their state, and they also have their own names of settlements!
      It's just that sooner or later everything is changing, today we are friends, and tomorrow?
      You cannot underestimate such a neighbor!
      1. +4
        17 January 2013 11: 27
        and you hello ..... it seems to me that our government is for a good jackpot and will give our taiga to the development to the Chinese, Putin has already spoken about this (even suggested the same to the Japanese) ......... only they are not very in a hurry to invest in the development of industry and transport infrastructure in our territory ...... but so far we have no other allies except the dragon country, alas, the Christian brothers are acting against us in the international arena what there will be no military capture, for to concentrate huge masses of military units near our borders, under specious pretexts, unnoticeably not work, as the Germans once did (we’ll immediately change the designators on the missile sites)
    2. donchepano
      17 January 2013 12: 18
      Quote: strannik595
      China has never in its history waged a large-scale war with Russia ....... an ancient, balanced nation, I think they have enough intelligence and caution not to get into a fight with the Russians .............

      She (Him) China, nowhere to sleep, not enough space to walk
      Do you want, do not want to stare at empty lands
  6. +5
    17 January 2013 13: 13
    The Chinese have enough problematic hotbeds of tension along the entire perimeter of the borders, all of them are "declared", only there are no complaints about the northern territories, which cannot but be annoying. Only the risks are there? .But on Demography there is something to think about ..... No iron will save. As the great Lenin said: Give birth, give birth and give birth !!!
  7. +4
    17 January 2013 13: 56
    China is gradually showing another eerie problem - the catastrophically rapid aging of the nation. Relatively soon, the tax burden will fall on the working minority. So, you need to hurry with the modernization of your military-industrial complex. To do this, they have all the technological prerequisites, and in the number of China's supercomputers - along with the US leader. I think that the purpose of these capacities does not need to be explained to anyone. wink
  8. - = ALEX = -
    17 January 2013 15: 00
    I hope they will not go beyond the Urals, Siberia and the Far East should be enough for them ..
    1. Krasnoyarsk
      17 January 2013 16: 16
      Chineses and about DV teeth break off.
  9. Guun
    17 January 2013 16: 14
    Why should China attack the country whose nuclear weapons are the best? It’s easier for them to absorb and digest the South-Western and Southern neighbors (the PLA’s army will cope with them without much effort) except India and Pakistan, of course.
    1. - = ALEX = -
      17 January 2013 16: 51
      Chinese textbooks view Siberia as "temporarily lost territory"

      Somewhat unexpected, at least for the inhabitants of the European part of Russia, the statement was made on June 9 by Professor of the Altai State Agrarian University, Doctor of Philosophy Andrei Ivanov. A teacher participating in international student conferences in the Altai Republic, which attracts students from Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, said that in Chinese history textbooks Western Siberia up to the Tomsk region is considered as the "lost lands" of China, Regnum reports ...
      International student meetings are regularly held under the auspices of the regional organization "Our Common Home Altai". According to Ivanov, such events are very useful for all participants - during the discussions, it is possible to discuss many acute problems, while students are much more tolerant and more open to dialogue than most current government officials.
      At one of these meetings, according to Andrei Ivanov, a Russian student shared her concerns about the possible expansion of the Chinese into Russia, in particular, into Siberia.
      In response, a Chinese student said that this perspective needs to be taken calmly: "We are a growing nation, and we really will come here sooner or later." “Later it turned out,” Ivanov said, “that the Chinese history textbooks say that Western Siberia, including the Tomsk Region, is temporarily lost Chinese territories.”

      Quote: Guun
      Why should China attack the country whose nuclear weapons are the best? It’s easier for them to absorb and digest the South-Western and Southern neighbors (the PLA’s army will cope with them without much effort) except India and Pakistan, of course.

      Yes, I think they will start with the neighbors of Russia, for example, from Kazakhstan.
  10. Akim
    17 January 2013 20: 53
    Chinese THREAD
    PS For some reason, the icons do not work. I will post a photo later.
    1. Akim
      18 January 2013 12: 08
      We continue the conversation:

  11. +1
    18 January 2013 01: 39
    to be honest, the constant topic of China on the site is fed up, while we along the way (but keep an eye on it), China will not be able to attack a strong Russia, and if it attacks it, it will be taken for granted not to be indulged (we give the whole story to the brazen invaders) IMHO