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Doomed flight

Doomed flightIn 1981, Ronald Reagan, the former actor, governor and senator, took over as US President. Already from his first steps as head of state, he made it clear to compatriots and the world that he was going to arrange something similar to the second Caribbean crisis.

However, with all the Hollywood charisma and aggressive rhetoric of the fortieth White House owner, it was difficult to call it an independent political figure. He only realized the plans of the American military-industrial complex, a protege of which was. Those who brought the former actor to power, sought to deploy an unprecedented scale arms race - above all in space.

A sly plan

As part of the “Crusade against Communism” proclaimed by Reagan, the White House launched a large-scale military and financial assistance to all partisan, gangster and other formations that fought with the socialist and USSR-oriented regimes. There is no need to go far for examples: it suffices to recall the Nicaraguan Contras and the Afghan Mujahideen, on whose account the blood of thousands of innocent civilians, including children.

However, the key objective of the US administration was to deploy the latest Pershing-2 medium-range ballistic missiles and ground-based cruise missiles in Western Europe: the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Italy and Belgium.

This gave the White House the opportunity to conduct a tighter dialogue with the Kremlin, because the Pershers needed just 8 – 10 minutes to reach the European part of the USSR, which retaliated against NATO countries, if not leaving the United States behind the nuclear conflict, then giving im a gain in time.

But it was here that bad luck arose: the public opinion of Western countries did not want to be a bargaining chip in the crazy game with the fire of American strategists and came out categorically against the appearance of Pershing on its territory.

Reagan and his team needed to somehow reverse such a negative attitude of the population of the allied countries to the plans of the United States, and most importantly, to convince the Europeans not only of admissibility, but also of extreme necessity for their own security of deploying these missiles.

It was possible to do this by provocation, the consequence of which would be to create an unprecedentedly negative image of the Soviet Union on the world stage. And the reason was found - how effective in consequences, so monstrous in execution ...

A little background: from the beginning of the 80s, American military aircraft regularly violated the airspace of the USSR in the Kamchatka and Sakhalin regions, flying 20-30 kilometers deep into Soviet territory, where the Pacific submarine bases were located fleet with nuclear missiles on board.

In the immediate vicinity of Kamchatka, electronic reconnaissance aircraft RS-135 constantly cruised. Military exercises were periodically held near the Soviet borders with the participation of US Navy aircraft carrier groups, in particular in the Aleutian Islands area, during which American planes invaded the airspace of the Soviet Union and conducted conditional bombing of our territory.

In this situation, an operation was developed, with the help of which it was planned to kill two birds with one stone: reveal the Far Eastern air defense system of the USSR, as well as create a negative and inhuman image of the Soviet Union in the world. Ultimately, this would allow the US military-industrial complex to achieve additional allocations for military spending, and the White House to convince the West of the need to deploy Pershing in Europe, because you can expect anything from the Russians.

The plan was devised truly devilish. For its implementation, the choice fell on the Boeing-747 civilian airliner of Korean AirLines, a Korean airline (KAL007 flight), carrying 246 passengers and ... Here we have to give the number of crew members, but more on that below.

So, 31 August 1983, the "Boeing" left New York and headed for Anchorage, where, after refueling, had to fly in the direction of Seoul. However, KAL007 took a changed course, following deep into the territory of the USSR, and that part of it, over which foreign aircraft were forbidden to fly.

Before us the error of the pilot and navigation equipment? The Americans and the whole “free world” still insist on this version. But they insist, without giving a really convincing argument. And they could not be, because on board the Boeing there was the most advanced navigation equipment at that time, which allowed an error in deviation from the course no more than 200 meters and consisted of three inertial navigation systems (INS).

They had to lead the plane on a pre-planned route. In order to avoid a system crash, all three computers worked autonomously, receiving information independently of each other. And what, all three computers failed? Unlikely.

Pilot error? Oh, this is excluded even more than a malfunction of the navigation system. In general, the crew of the South Korean aircraft - a separate issue.

The commander of the ill-fated "Boeing" was Chong Bin Ying - the best pilot of KAL and once the personal pilot of the South Korean dictator. He has 10 627 flight hours, of which 747 hours are on Boeing 6618. On the Pacific highway, Jong Ben Ying flew over five years and a year before the events described he received an award for trouble-free work. The co-pilot was Sag Dan Wang, an Air Force lieutenant colonel and also a very experienced pilot.

And both of these pilots made a mistake by confusing the water surface of the Pacific Ocean with the land of Kamchatka? Note that until their death, the crew did not lose contact with ground tracking stations located along the route. In this whole situation, it’s not that difficult - it’s simply impossible to imagine that such experienced pilots didn’t deign to check the course followed by the autopilot-driven aircraft.

Now about the crew size: by state - 18 people, but in the tragic stories there were more pilots aboard the Boeing - 23 man. Also an accident?

And here's another detail: with all his experience and excellent knowledge of the route, Jong Ben Ying did not want to go on a flight, which was his last. Let us turn to the testimony of the widow of the commander of "Boeing": "My husband did not hide the fear of this flight and directly said that he really does not want to fly - this is very dangerous."

It makes no sense to comment on such a confession and talk about the reasons for fear, which declared, of course, a brave military pilot, as well as absurdly dispute the reconnaissance tasks that Chon Ben Ying deviated from the course and condemned his own life, the lives of colleagues and passengers to death.

Solid accidents

Now for some details of the flight. When the KAL007 flight departed from Anchorage, not far from the airspace of the USSR, in the region of Kamchatka, the RS-135 reconnaissance cruiser — apparently similar to Boeing, was already cruising. When the South Korean plane approached the Soviet border, the American intelligence officer began to converge with him and at some point on our radar both aircraft merged into one point.

It is not surprising that the Soviet border guards had a reasonable assumption that the PC-135 had taken the Boeing course, flying right over the secret military facilities of the USSR.

The MiG-23 fighters were raised into the air. Why did they not identify the South Korean plane as a civilian? The answer is simple: on the tail of the Boeing there should have been an illumination of the aircraft’s number, but, alas, it was missing. Also an accident? ..

In this regard, another question arises: did the American air traffic controllers - did they really not notice the deviation of the South Korean plane from the course? We noticed, because for five hours they were driving KAL007 on their locators, knowing that the plane would inevitably be above the closed territory of the USSR. But the Americans were silent. Why? The question is more than rhetorical.

Passing Kamchatka, Boeing left the airspace of the USSR, continuing the flight over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and our fighters returned to base. It seemed that the unpleasant incident was settled. But alas, it turned out to be wrong: four hours after takeoff, the plane again deviated from the course and went over the territory of Sakhalin. And here another “coincidental coincidence” occurred: the course taken by Boeing coincided with the turns of the American radio intelligence reconnaissance satellite Ferret-D.

Over Sakhalin, the deviation from the route was already 500 kilometers. Above, we argued that the mistake of the experienced and perhaps the best South Korean pilot, as well as the reliability of the most up-to-date navigation equipment at that time, in fact excluded the course deviation, especially at such a distance.

It could be accomplished only consciously and podgadano so as to coincide with the passage of the American reconnaissance satellite over Sakhalin.

Perfect plan, isn't it? Probably, in the time of M. S. Gorbachev or B. N. Yeltsin, he would have succeeded, but then the head of the Soviet Union was Yu. V. Andropov, a strong-willed man, tough and far from the paradigms of "new thinking." He saw in the USA an unconditional enemy, with whom it was necessary to conduct a dialogue, but one could not demonstrate weakness, especially with regard to the security of the borders of the USSR

The answer is adequate

Against this background, the reaction of Soviet border guards to such a brazen intrusion of foreign aircraft into the country's airspace is not surprising. It turned out to be completely adequate and the only possible under those conditions.

To intercept the offender was raised Su-15, led by Lieutenant Colonel Gennady Osipovich. Being in the zone of visibility of the South Korean plane, the Soviet pilot made several warning shots from the air cannon - there was no reaction. There is an opinion that Jong Ben Ying did not see the shots - there was no tracer bullets in Su's arsenal. Why? According to the order of the Minister of Defense in order not to unmask the plane. Actually, the Americans say: they did not see the pilots of the shots.

But this could not be, because, according to the commander of the 40th fighter aviation division in the Far East in 1983, “the exhaust of the flame from the four trunks is always visible perfectly, and even in the afternoon. The highest rate of fire - five thousand rounds per minute. The flame was large, as when turning on the afterburner, it was simply impossible not to notice the flashes. ” And again, no reaction.

But the reaction was: after the shots fired by Osipovich, the South Korean plane lowered the speed to 400 kilometers per hour, its further fall would have led to the stall of the fighter in the corkscrew. Military pilot Jong Ben Ying could not have been unaware of this.

In addition, after a few minutes KAL007 had to leave the airspace of the USSR. Under these conditions, the commander of the fighter air division gave the order to destroy the violator. Osipovich fired two P-98 missiles on the plane.

Consequently, it was the missiles from the Soviet interceptor that led to the death of a huge airliner. Our pilot does not think so - two of these missiles could not destroy such a powerful aircraft. Recall that in the year 1978 there was a similar incident with another South Korean "Boeing", "accidentally lost" and found themselves in the airspace of the USSR. Then two Su-15 damaged, but did not shoot down the plane - the pilot (also military) managed to land him in the Karelian taiga.

The rocket released by Osipovich hit the keel part of the Boeing, which began to decline at a non-limiting speed, while its sharp decline began with 5000 meters. And it was caused, quite likely, by the impact of an American missile fired from the ground. This version exists and it has a basis.

Why did the Americans need to finish off a wounded plane? The answer is simple: if the crew managed to land a Boeing, then its real mission would be revealed and made public, which for Reagan would be tantamount to political death.

There is another version

So, the intruder was shot down, but is it possible, with an absolute guarantee, to assert that it was South Korean Boeing that Osipovich was hit. Not. Arguments? They abound, we will focus only on some.

Even the worst air crashes in the sky leave behind the corpses of people. Just one example from a very recent past: AirFrance’s A1-2009 330, June 300, heading for Charles de Gaulle Airport from Rio de Jeanneux, crashed over the Atlantic Ocean, dropping from 11 600 meters. 228 people died. Raised managed 127 tel.

The Soviet sailors who arrived at the place of the alleged crash of the South Korean plane found a pile of debris at the bottom (about their identification just below) and ... a bunch of passports - a strange find, isn't it? Not a single corpse from more than two hundred people was ever found. Can this be called a mystery "Boeing"? It is unlikely, because the solution is simple: there were no passengers on board the plane shot down by Osipovich.

Before that, in describing the Boeing flight in general terms, we followed the version according to which a South Korean aircraft with reconnaissance targets entered Soviet airspace. It really is. But did only one aircraft cross the air borders of the Soviet Union on that ill-fated night?

There is an assumption that another reconnaissance aircraft RS-135 was flying over Sakhalin. He was shot down by Osipovich. Arguments? The most significant of them were presented by the French researcher Michel Brun, who has spent more than a decade studying the events described by us.

Brune draws attention to the detection among the wreckage of two rescue rafts, not provided for on the Boeing. Further: the pieces of the fuselage brought down by Osipovich were found at the site; the pieces of the fuselage were painted in white, blue and gold colors (colors of the American Navy) and a pylon for the underwing weapons. This data with reference to Brun is cited by the famous journalist and writer M. Kalashnikov, in particular, noting: “Michel Brun, after analyzing the data of the records of Japanese radar, caught the Americans in frauds. Calculations said that the South Korean flight, according to the American incident cards, flew faster than these Boeing-747s usually fly.

It was Brune who not only insists on the destruction of Osipovich PC-135, but also claims that there were several foreign aircraft. Let's look at some of his arguments. On the morning of September 1, Washington and Tokyo announced the destruction of the South Korean aircraft. However, both sides called the different times of the tragedy. The Japanese claimed that the plane was shot down in 3 hours 29 minutes, Americans - in 3 hours 38 minutes. According to representatives of the Self-Defense Forces of Japan, the airliner was pursuing the MiG-23 fighter, while the Pentagon called the Su-15.

Tokyo claims that the wounded aircraft, after being hit by missiles, was still in touch with the Japanese controllers of the order of 40 minutes.

Having understood all this confusion and thoroughly studied the information available to him, Brune concluded: a real air battle took place in the skies over Sakhalin, one can say mini-third world war, the victim of which was the South Korean Boeing, but shot down not by Osipovich, but by the Americans.

However, our task does not include a detailed analysis of the details related to the incident: plenty has been written on this topic for the thinking reader. We would like to say something else.

There is no doubt: if Osipovich had not shot down the plane that had invaded our airspace, the provocations would continue and, perhaps, would have been more arrogant, and the Americans would conduct a dialogue with us solely from a position of strength - as they always talk to the weak. This is clearly demonstrated by the relationship between Russia and the United States in the first half of the 90's.

The decisive actions of the Soviet border guards in the history we reviewed forced Washington to refrain from such unceremonious actions on the borders of the USSR in the future.

But, unfortunately, in 1983, the White House managed to win a round of ideological struggle, convincing the whole world that the Russians had shot down a passenger plane. It was after this tragedy that the Western countries, including their public, agreed to deploy Pershing-2 missiles on their territory.

Reagan bluntly stated that the destruction of the Boeing gave impetus to congressional approval of the rearmament program. The Kremlin did not start a new round of the arms race, but it was ready to respond quite adequately to the IDF program and to the deployment of Pershing-2 missiles in Western Europe.

However, with the death of Andropov, the situation has changed. The new leadership of the USSR had neither the will nor the desire to defend the national interests of the country, we emphasize - not ideological, but national. But that's another story.

In conclusion, we note that five years after the events we described, those who did not spare epithets for exposing the inhuman "essence of Russians" committed a real crime: Iranian civilian Airbus A-300 was shot down by a missile launched from the Gulf Vincennes cruiser. 298 passengers and crew members died, including 66 children.

Regret on the part of the White House administration? It was expressed in awarding the Order of the Legion of Honor to the captain of the cruiser Rogers. Apologies? The then vice president of the United States, George W. Bush, said: “I will never apologize for the United States of America. It doesn't matter what the facts were. ” Comments are unnecessary ...

As for Gennady Osipovich, then, without a doubt, he is a hero who has fulfilled his duty to the Motherland. No matter how pathetic it sounds. And on his uniform there is no blood of the passengers of the flight KAL007.

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  1. Sarus
    Sarus 23 January 2013 09: 01
    They did everything right ...
    Maybe I'm not too democratic .. But I think so ..
    If it were my will, I would have brought down that German who landed on Red Square ...
    We need to make everyone understand who is to us without greeting that racket in the side ..
    1. Gans2
      Gans2 23 January 2013 14: 05
      I understand a lot of things in this story ... the Frenchman Brune, quite convincingly stated his version, why Osipovich refuses to confirm it. The second point, if I'm not mistaken, Osipovich was awarded for the downed plane ... it turns out that he received the order for civilian casualties ??? Nonsense!!! I made inquiries, by that time all the "dryers" had been replaced by MIGi-31, but Osipovich continues to talk about the fact that he flew and left this Korean on the "SU". And the last ... we are trying to make a documentary film on this topic, but we are strictly forbidden to do it ..
      1. neri73-r
        neri73-r 23 January 2013 15: 36
        Everything has long been known, there is a documentary film, a reconnaissance plane disguised as a civilian liner was shot down. At this moment, the liner, which was allegedly shot down, was at the US base for several days, the passengers were not released, after which they took a subscription. These days, "independent" media showed how relatives cry, who did not know where their loved ones were (I myself remember these shots on our TV, shown already in the Gorbachev era). In reality, only the crew of the reconnaissance aircraft died. That's all, a provocation in the style of the Anglo-Saxons and Jews.

        ps not anti-Semite, this is for the sick.
        1. El13
          El13 23 January 2013 17: 01
          At one time, my father, as a person who was in the subject, told me that they didn’t find bodies under water, only clothes, he said this almost immediately after the incident, when ours got there in search, i.e. this cannot be attributed to the inventions of our time ... but I'm afraid that the subscription from those people was taken differently ...
          1. Reindeer herder
            Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 17: 28
            Quote: El13
            At one time, my father, as a person who was in the subject, told me that they didn’t find bodies under water, only clothes, he said this almost immediately after the incident, when ours got there in search, i.e. this cannot be attributed to the inventions of our time ... but I'm afraid that the subscription from those people was taken differently ...
            That's right, he said. But there were still fragments of bodies, the plane couldn’t fly without a crew, and besides that, he continuously conducted radio communications.
      2. speedy
        speedy 23 January 2013 17: 04
        Quote: Gans2

        the fact is that the MiG-31 during those events was an extremely secret machine and that mess over Sakhalin was prepared by our General Staff as well as a response to numerous provocations of American reconnaissance aircraft and carrier-based attack aircraft. Akhromeev transferred there two of the newest then A-50s and a group of MiG-31s, but the bases with a civilian liner were not expected. ... ... And the chopstick that night was really serious, not only 2 - 3 135's, but also several F-111 (in the modification of electronic warfare aircraft) and it looks like an ESR-71, in any case, pieces of its titanium plating from the sea were then fished out. About the Su-15, so it was the official version of the Soviet Union, I remember a press conference on this topic ... and Osipovich is a military man, he followed orders, including giving interviews. And yet, Osipovich shot down the 135th, and 747 were shot down by the frightened Japanese already abeam Seoul. Brune collected the wreckage of the 747 in bags on the Japanese coast, including a fragment with a fragment of an American-made air-to-air missile. And a film about those events is needed - God help you, just be careful, it's not always a safe thing. Good luck.
        1. Reindeer herder
          Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 17: 41
          Quote: short-term
          the fact is that the MiG-31 during those events was an extremely secret machine and that mess over Sakhalin was prepared by our General Staff as well as a response to numerous provocations of American reconnaissance aircraft and carrier-based attack aircraft. Akhromeev transferred there two of the newest then A-50s and a group of MiG-31s, but the bases with a civilian liner were not expected. ... ... And the chopstick that night was really serious, not only 2 - 3 135's, but also several F-111 (in the modification of electronic warfare aircraft) and it looks like an ESR-71, in any case, pieces of its titanium plating from the sea were then fished out. About the Su-15, so it was the official version of the Soviet Union, I remember a press conference on this topic ... and Osipovich is a military man, he followed orders, including giving interviews. And yet, Osipovich shot down the 135th, and 747 were shot down by the frightened Japanese already abeam Seoul. Brune collected the wreckage of the 747 in bags on the Japanese coast, including a fragment with a fragment of an American-made air-to-air missile. And a film about those events is needed - God help you, just be careful, it's not always a safe thing. Good luck.
          Such a heap of lies as in Bryun must still be sought. Amer and Yapi F111 were not in the Far East. RS135, SR71, Orion, Hockey were. Mig 31 appeared in the Falcon AFTER 83 years. Why does the Frenchman not talk about the revolt of Koreans, not citizens of the USSR, who were very quickly deported to their historical homeland, that the pilot was immediately removed from the island because there was a real threat to his life.
          I understand that it’s nice to read how American planes shot down in the sky over Sakhalin, alone and in droves, but this is unscientific fiction. Violations of the state border by carrier-based aircraft were in the area of ​​the South Kuril Islands, but not in Sakhalin. All eyewitnesses of those events unanimously said that they were waiting for the escalation of the conflict-WAR, but is it not bony that it is the destruction of so many planes?
        2. Gans2
          Gans2 24 January 2013 01: 55
          thank you! and we’ll make a film ... only, I absolutely do not understand what state secrets may be after so many years ... especially when that country does not exist ... I envy you in black! for propaganda is at their level ...
        3. mamba
          mamba 25 January 2013 09: 25
          Quote: short-term
          But Rubilovo that night was really serious, not only 2 - 3 of the 135s, but also several F-111s (in the modification of EW aircraft) and it looks like Eser-71, in any case, pieces of its titanium sheathing were then caught from the sea.

          If it were really, then the USSR would have a trump ace in this dirty game of the fool. Then the States would be silent in a rag about this incident and the world would not hear about the "Evil Empire". And the death of people and Boeing, even if there was one, would be attributed to a technical malfunction of the aircraft. And the world would not know anything else. This is not the first time an aircraft has died over the ocean.
      3. albert
        albert 23 January 2013 18: 20
        That's right, I myself read Brun.
      4. Karlsonn
        Karlsonn 23 January 2013 20: 30

        Quote: Gans2
        I understand a lot of things in this story ... the Frenchman Bryun, quite convincingly presented his version of why Osipovich refuses to confirm it.

        there are confidentiality tolerances, quite by chance my classmates found out that our teacher on "Flight Safety ..." was in the state commission investigating this case, naturally, at the next lecture he was bombarded with questions, to which he answered us:
        - All I can say guys, there were no passengers on that board.

        that's it.
    2. mamba
      mamba 23 January 2013 14: 07
      Quote: Sarus
      If it were my will, I would have brought down that German who landed on Red Square ...

      It was not necessary to shoot him down. Enough of the gun line at the rate. He would have immediately set his hands and sat right in the field, closer to the blades. laughing
      1. mamba
        mamba 23 January 2013 22: 26
        SarusGermans on the site! laughing Minusut, bastards! request They are completely devoid of a sense of humor, but they have a herd sense! yes
  2. Prometey
    Prometey 23 January 2013 09: 13
    The new leadership of the USSR had neither the will nor the desire to defend the national interests of the country
    That is the whole point. It is not the West and the Reagans that are to blame for the collapse of the USSR, but the rotten Soviet elite at all; however, it is a sin to conceal Soviet society itself, which no longer needed the struggle.
    And about the downed Boeing, it is a noteworthy version, which, unfortunately, will probably remain that way.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 23 January 2013 14: 17
      Quote: Prometey
      It is not the West and the Reagans that are to blame for the collapse of the USSR, but the rotten Soviet elite at all; however, it is a sin to conceal Soviet society itself, which no longer needed the struggle.

      I agree! Why did the top rot? Why has society lost its original ideals and become a society of consumers, in the manner of the West? Finding out the reasons is much more interesting and useful, in order to draw conclusions and not to be left with nothing again, I have a spiritual crisis of the post-Soviet man, the destruction of the economy, the loss of territories .....
  3. borisst64
    borisst64 23 January 2013 09: 55
    Did the pilots of the downed plane understand that death awaits them? Why flew and did not deviate from the course, because it was clear that they were found? A lot of unanswered questions.
  4. Dr. Pilyulkin
    Dr. Pilyulkin 23 January 2013 10: 00
    Airline KAL? Did I read it right? smile
    1. Delta
      Delta 23 January 2013 15: 46
      This is the flight number. Korean Air Lines
  5. kontrol
    kontrol 23 January 2013 10: 00
    a good article, the author of + provocation needs to be toughly suppressed so that he doesn’t have the desire to test our strength
  6. Professor
    Professor 23 January 2013 10: 02
    And they cannot be, because on board the Boeing was the most advanced navigation equipment of the time, which allowed an error in deviation from the course of not more than 200 meters and consisting of three inertial navigation systems (ANN).

    I remember the most modern Soviet strategic bomber TU-160 got lost after flying thousands of kilometers (in particular over Iran) and the crew did not suspect this for a long time. But could this not be with Boeing?
    Where did Korean citizens go if they weren’t in the forest?
    1. Avenich
      Avenich 23 January 2013 10: 35
      Probably the same place where the passengers from those evil "Boeing" that destroyed the twin towers went.
    2. Reindeer herder
      Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 10: 48
      Can you catch the difference in the monotonous mountainous terrain and sea surface with "nowhere appeared land areas and lights of settlements"?

      Although I think there are many inaccuracies and conspiracy theories in the article. I served in this division and even talked with the people who were flying this plane, in addition, the analysis of the "flights" of this incident was scheduled minute by minute, who did what. The command for the destruction was given by Kornukov - ONLY, while the former division commander, Khabarovsk and, accordingly, Moscow were SILENT. So the role of senior management is greatly exaggerated. This fact is confirmed by the fact that the plane was discovered on the approach to Sakhalin (the operator-sergeant was later given a combat medal) and shot down over Moneron Island. The Boeing went through Sakhalin and the missilemen were forbidden to shoot it down. From the radar post near Pravda, they saw how the plane was falling, by the way, during the negotiations, the pilot clearly reported about the hits - two launches were made, both missiles hit the engines, so the article was tweaked again.

      PS A TU 160 just got lost? Or is this the official version of the type I'm not me and the horse is not mine. :)
      1. mamba
        mamba 23 January 2013 14: 04
        Quote: Reindeer Herder
        The Boeing passed through Sakhalin, rockets forbade him to shoot down.

        And this is why? The presence of the Su-15 in the zone is not an argument. The anti-aircraft missile was supposed to distinguish signals from the "friend or foe" aircraft. And Osipovich was just on the way.
        1. Reindeer herder
          Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 14: 38
          mamba, I don’t know, I don’t want to build versions, but the Boeing was in the zone of defeat of our two divisions. CHP were included and accompanied the target; power was supplied to the missiles.
      2. Uncle
        Uncle 23 January 2013 14: 20
        Quote: Reindeer Herder
        Kornukov gave the command for the destruction SINGLE, while the former commander, Khabarovsk and Moscow, respectively, were SILENT.

        And Rust was allowed to fly, wasn’t there a second Kornukov? A shame! (In the sense that Rust flew)
        1. Reindeer herder
          Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 14: 45
          Quote: Uncle
          And Rust was allowed to fly, wasn’t there a second Kornukov? A shame! (In the sense that Rust flew)
          He could have been shot down many times, too muddy a story. And do not forget the time, the height of the Gorbachev region. The people are in civilian life and in the army were disoriented. Do you think Rust was alone? A little later, in the Arkhangelsk region, the same Cessna violated our airspace and, at the same time, from (neutral) English cruiser followed it. Then you want to, if you want to, you will believe in a carefully planned operation to discredit the army, you’ve chopped heads a lot.
          1. berimor
            berimor 31 January 2013 21: 00
            About Rust. Tsesna airplane had a speed of just over 120 km / h. When he crossed the state border, he was raised to intercept the Su-15, the minimum evaluative speed (min. The speed of evolution, which could cause the plane to fall into a tailspin) is 400 km / h. Therefore, while the Su-15 in the first approach identified the target, then made a U-turn with a large radius due to the high speed for repeated approach to the target, the Rust plane (incidentally flew at an extremely low altitude) disappeared from the radar screens of the border guard radars on duty. And then there is no continuous radar field at such altitudes, all the more so since in peacetime all radars are not on duty. In the depths of the territory, marks appeared on the screens of other duty stations, but these were marks from our An-2 type aircraft and helicopters that flew outside the field of constant radar control below local air lines. This is the first.
            The second, why Rust was not immediately attacked. In the then instructions on the combat use of IA anti-aircraft defense it was said so that civilian aircraft were not destroyed, but forced to land (the destruction of the North Korean Boeing was still fresh in memory, and the pressure of the agent of influence of the shit-humped Brokeback must be taken into account). Actually, this is why portfolio-holding generals experienced constipation of thought and atrophy of the will. Fear of giving the appropriate command was what really happened. By the way, the fear of independence in such situations is inherent in our many higher military since 1937.
        2. Nik26
          Nik26 23 January 2013 23: 07
          That day I was on duty at the checkpoint. We saw the passage of Rust, but could not get it. Although later, we were interrogated by "people in black" for some time ... And even if they could get it, then the operational duty regiment had no right to give permission to fire at that time. And in 1981 and after the flight of Rust, we went into the city only in "civilian". It was very embarrassing in front of people. But what to do? We obeyed orders from above.
      3. Gans2
        Gans2 23 January 2013 14: 31
        But what about Bryun and his investigations, or did he take it all from the bulldozer ?????
      4. Professor
        Professor 23 January 2013 15: 37
        PS A TU 160 just got lost? Or is this the official version of the type I'm not me and the horse is not mine. :)

        He was definitely lost; he hardly managed to find any Soviet airfield. If I’m not mistaken, some civilian air traffic controller in Central Asia was landing him.
        1. Reindeer herder
          Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 17: 48
          Quote: Professor
          He was definitely lost; he hardly managed to find any Soviet airfield. If I’m not mistaken, some civilian air traffic controller in Central Asia was landing him
          They can include a fool in the army, and therefore they could motivate under a mess. I just watched TU 22 get lost over Japan, MIG 25 and MI8. With the last Yapi lazhanulsya large :)
          1. Professor
            Professor 23 January 2013 18: 11
            At least this is how the incident in the Air Force is described, despite the fact that none of the other countries made claims in general.
    3. Prometey
      Prometey 23 January 2013 11: 46
      Quote: Professor
      Where did Korean citizens go if they weren’t in the forest?

      1. If they were on board, then the evil commies quickly caught them and quickly disposed of them. laughing
      2. If they were not there, then this is a question for the "kind" Americans - probably the passengers were promised a lot of goodies if they did not fly this flight, and later they were sent to explore the vast expanses of Alaska.
    4. lotus04
      lotus04 23 January 2013 13: 51
      Quote: Professor
      I remember the most modern Soviet strategic bomber TU-160 got lost after flying thousands of kilometers

      You forgot the word LOSTput in quotation marks.
    5. Nik26
      Nik26 23 January 2013 23: 01
      With the Tu-160 this has not happened yet. But with the Tu-22 without the letter M-yes!
      1. berimor
        berimor 31 January 2013 21: 13
        Yes, with the Tu-22. The flight computer was entered into the flight along the control points of the route, but in a "mirror" reflection. The plane was supposed to fly to the northwest from the Ozernoye airdrome, and flew to the southeast.
    6. Ruslan67
      Ruslan67 24 January 2013 03: 35
      Quote: Professor
      Where did Korean citizens go if they weren’t in the forest?

      Where are your failed compatriots who disappeared in gas chambers just not designed for such an amount? I’m far from denying the Holocaust BUT the information war has been going on for as many years as humanity exists And the case of the Korean Boeing is not an exception but a confirmation of the rule By the way: What do you think if there is no Meta, you and no one stick a fly in your mouth? wassat
      1. Professor
        Professor 24 January 2013 09: 16
        Flood? Oh well. wassat
        Did the crew’s bodies also evaporate, or was it a UAV?
  7. xoma58
    xoma58 23 January 2013 10: 04
    Everything was done correctly and Osipovich fulfilled his duty, for which he honor and glory. And those who ruined the USSR now again with a new party at the helm, As everyone knows, a certain substance does not sink.
  8. Dr. Pilyulkin
    Dr. Pilyulkin 23 January 2013 10: 04
    July 27, 1953 - 55 years ago - Americans over the territory of China shot down the Soviet passenger plane Il-12, flying from Port Arthur to Vladivostok. Twenty-one people died. The victims were buried in a mass grave in the Zharikovsky Square in Vladivostok. Somehow, few people remember this story. Why?
    1. redwolf_13
      redwolf_13 23 January 2013 15: 53
      I will say more amers wanted to bring down the Navy Commander-in-Chief, who was supposed to fly that day, but the flight was postponed and military doctors and civilian personnel flew. And the amers wanted to repeat the trick as with the death of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. And there was another shooting at the airfield near Vladivostok. Yes, there were many things and everyone forgave them
  9. dzvero
    dzvero 23 January 2013 10: 09
    article plus. we’ll probably find out the truth in about ten years, when and if the archives are opened.
    in the 90s he read a book by a French journalist conducting his own investigation of the incident. emnip based on a rather meager testimony, he suggested a different picture:
    a real aerial battle took place over the Sea of ​​Okhotsk and at least seven aircraft were shot down.
    no bodies of passengers were found at the site of the alleged fall of the Boeing, but only a bunch of junk in the literal sense of the word - old clothes and other rubbish.
    on the shores of the Japanese islands, the sea carried fragments identified as belonging to the same Boeing model - panels with a honeycomb structure, which in no way could be carried so far south and against the current.
    he also argued that Osipenko could not bring down a passenger Boeing and that the Americans shot down a Boeing.
    PMSM then there was a well-planned provocation that took by surprise the top leadership of the USSR, which failed to defend its position.
    1. Reindeer herder
      Reindeer herder 23 January 2013 10: 53
      I do not believe in seven downed planes, information would have come, at least in the form of gossip. It was just that at that time an ova aircraft carrier was hanging around the Kuril Islands and 12 violations of the state border by deck aviation were recorded.
      1. mamba
        mamba 23 January 2013 14: 24
        I remember the press conference given by our management following the investigation of this incident. Our marshal showed on a large map the alignment of forces of the Americans during this provocation. An American missile cruiser was on duty off the southern coast of Sakhalin, which could well have shot down this aircraft with its anti-aircraft missile, as the cruiser Vincennes did later in the Persian Gulf, shooting down an Iranian civilian airbus A-300, which killed 298 passengers and crew members, including 66 children. For some reason, on this fact, "all progressive humanity" preferred to keep silent. And we were even stigmatized by the Vietnamese.
    2. Vodrak
      Vodrak 23 January 2013 21: 22
      Who knows? Maybe thanks to GorboElytsy (the antipodes of MedvePutov), ​​all documents have already been destroyed.
  10. Begemot
    Begemot 23 January 2013 10: 38
    This story played a role in my life, then the flight time of the aircraft in combat readiness was something like 25 minutes, after that the liquid nitrogen ended in the rockets, which cooled the thermal head of the guidance and this time began on the ground. After that, the missiles were blind and only the gun remained. To increase the time of combat readiness of missiles, a brilliant thing was developed - a spray refrigerator based on an alloy with a shape memory. The alloy itself was unusual, cold as fragile as glass, slightly heated - like sour cream, and it was necessary to make microscopic precision parts from it. Then I worked for the first year in a defense research institute, and our professors, having received the assignment and studying the material, decided that the case was unpromising, but just in case, they instructed the young one, let him try, he won’t be able to dismiss him, but it will work out - we will share the awards. Allocated 50 thousand then rubles, 6 months to the term and forward. When I got the first real samples after 7 months, the order to reprimand and dismiss me already lay in the office.
    He was quickly recalled, they wrote out a bonus of 1500 rubles, with a salary of 115, and then another ministerial award to the entire institute, though I got crumbs, because when the Minister of the Industrial Industry came to us and first of all ran with the whole Caudla to see how everyone was doing it, our director with a weight of 170 kg, he ran in front and on the go excitedly told how it was difficult to do, how they did not sleep at night. I was shocked, only three people had access to the materials, and he was aware of all the subtleties. I well remember all this story, then we did not have the Internet, the news was either official or from the "Voice of America", Ours then obviously lost in the information war, and now too. There were already immeasurable rumors, one more improbable than the other, but ours only gave out the news and few people trusted the official version, although everyone understood that the Union was framed, but the attempt to shut up always gave rise to distrust. I remembered this because such incidents always gave an impetus for development, because there were opportunities and the will to confront the United States, and most importantly - the confidence that we can resist. Today, everything has become blurred, overgrown, locked up, capitalized and screwed up by the results of the life of the State Duma, although I am sure that there are still young people who are capable and hard-working, there are experienced people who are ready to share their skills.
    there is much that is necessary for successful development. There is no idea, no goal, no young, talented guy will give all his best so that the next oligarch appropriates both his work and the income from the use of know-how, his ideas, etc., etc.
    1. mamba
      mamba 23 January 2013 13: 53
      Quote: Begemot
      The alloy itself was unusual, cold as fragile as glass, slightly heated - like sour cream, and it was necessary to make microscopic precision parts from it.

      Was the alloy based on gallium, bismuth and mercury?
  11. Shkodnik65
    Shkodnik65 23 January 2013 10: 56
    Then US Vice President George W. Bush said: “I will never apologize for the United States of America. It doesn't matter what the facts were. ”

    As it is said, eh ?! This is exactly the position that Russia must have in relation to all other countries of the world. The position "if I did it, then I did it right" should be the banner of our foreign policy. Do not need to apologizes. This is the lot of the weak.
    As for the Boeing incident, everything was definitely done right. The flaw, or rather the failure, was the information war. This is where the unplowed field is. By the way, little has changed so far. We will never know the whole truth. But our sworn "friends" - amers, must be sure that if they come to us, the answer will be adequate. This brotherhood understands ONLY power. Glory to the Russian Army!angry
    1. vyatom
      vyatom 23 January 2013 13: 18
      You can answer for such a position. September 11 - just from this path
      1. El13
        El13 23 January 2013 17: 17
        I will support and add - this is not our way.
      2. Shkodnik65
        Shkodnik65 24 January 2013 09: 41
        Please be clearer. To whom to answer ??? Before the "Court of History"? Before the Americans? Or before the court in Strasbourg? Did NATO members answer a lot for the same Serbia when they destroyed its cities, or did Serbia answer? And Iraq, and Libya. The Poles destroyed tens of thousands of Russian prisoners, and Russia is responsible for Katyn, and for Smolensk in addition. And the tragedy over Lake Baden? Have you forgotten what Mr. Miliband said on July 17, 2007? In a free interpretation, it sounds something like this: if the Constitution does not allow Russia to extradite its citizen to the UK, but this Constitution needs to be changed. You can think whatever you want, but the more we make excuses, the less dreams will be considered. The law of the jungle in politics has not been canceled.
        And the last: I do not think that on September 11, the twin towers organized an attack on al-Qaeda. Moreover, I am sure that this is the work of the United States itself, in the person of special services. And the funny thing is, they openly talk about this in America.
  12. scarva
    scarva 23 January 2013 11: 15
    Interceptor crews do a lot before shooting to kill. So it was without a doubt a provocation. So the Boeing flew to die - and he died.
  13. SIT
    SIT 23 January 2013 11: 52
    The beginning of September is of course the velvet season in the Far East, but nevertheless the cloudiness over Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands is almost constant, as in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. We went to the Shantar Islands 4 times in September October, but I have never seen them - it’s fog all the time. Pilots could not see that under the clouds - land or sea. Why did they only intercept 1 plane? There is always a couple on the database. If a couple of fighters, ahead of the Boeing, stood right on course, it would have been difficult not to notice the pilots. Two planes right on the course is clearly not an accident. Yes, and one could do it. There simply was no time - Boeing was already leaving the airspace of the USSR, and Moscow was silent. Although, after the flight by the Boeing of Kamchatka, it was time to develop a plan for interception and forcing landing. Everyone pissed off to take responsibility, so the divisor had to make a decision himself at the last moment. But there is no demand from Osipovich. He carried out a combat order to destroy the airspace intruder. If the pilot of the interceptor should decide whether to shoot or not to shoot, then to hell then crowds of generals at headquarters of all levels surrendered?
  14. Asgard
    Asgard 23 January 2013 12: 16
    The first plane landed near the village of Louhi, where I live (in the north of Karelia), on Lake Prosechnoye. The lake is about a kilometer long, the pilot landed without releasing the chassis at about 22.00 p.m. One person died from a heart attack. In the morning, buses arrived and took people to Kandalaksha and Kem. The plane was subsequently cut and transported by transport helicopters to a barge in the White Sea ...
    My childhood was interesting ...
    1. albert
      albert 23 January 2013 18: 31
      By the way, it was a plane of the same Korean airline, which belonged to
      sting shot down over Sakhalin Boeing.
      1. AlexW
        AlexW 23 January 2013 21: 17
        and in both cases the pilots were former military pilots
  15. revnagan
    revnagan 23 January 2013 12: 33
    I wonder how the amers themselves explain the absence of the bodies of those killed from the Boeing? What is their version? All were eaten by sharks, so what? It's a shame that all the meanness easily gets away with amers.
    1. Eraser
      Eraser 23 January 2013 12: 50
      This is not entirely true
      "Eight days after the shootdown, human remains appeared on the north shore of Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido is about 30 miles (48 km) below the southern tip of Sakhalin across the Soya Strait (the southern tip of Sakhalin is 35 miles (56 km) ) from Moneron Island which lies to the west of Sakhalin). "

      These human remains, including body parts, tissues, and two partial torsos, totaled 13. All were unidentifiable, but one partial torso was that of a Caucasian woman as indicated by auburn hair on a partial skull, and one partial body was of an Asian child (with glass embedded).
      13 parts of bodies nailed to the island of Hokaydo. Well, there were personal belongings of the dead, identified by relatives.
      1. albert
        albert 23 January 2013 18: 25
        Pay attention - fragments of bodies are written everywhere, not bodies.
        1. Asgard
          Asgard 23 January 2013 19: 04
          when hitting the water, the plane is destroyed, it is quite possible that some of the bodies were cut into pieces by the fragments of the hull and the structures of the hull ..., however, the pieces of meat do not have positive buoyancy, they sink and if the current is treated a little and is eaten by "living creatures" , only a body with cavities inside which are bursting with cadaveric gases of decomposition and fermentation is able to swim a considerable distance .......

          so it’s a lie ....
  16. silver_roman
    silver_roman 23 January 2013 12: 43
    interesting story...
    all the same amers are extremely impudent. in fact, they really take extremely "evil" measures to achieve their goals. if the whole truth came to light, then I think in Europe there would be poplars. but not persinga, etc.
    as they say: "There are no rules in love and in war !!!"
    the boys unleashed 2 world wars and raised so much dough on it that it was enough to build a superpower. it cost hundreds of millions of lives.
    The most interesting thing is that they are good guys, and we are bad and it will always be so, as long as we will only defend and take a blow. you yourself need to cunningly and extremely despicably, with a knife in the back, to inflict "Faberge", whatever you like, only to reduce your losses to a minimum with maximum achievements.
    1. El13
      El13 23 January 2013 17: 26
      Quote: silver_roman
      need yourself cunningly and extremely meanly, with a knife in the back,

      well, and who will we be after that, will we respect ourselves? what will unite us then?
      1. silver_roman
        silver_roman 23 January 2013 18: 05
        I agree. this is not beautiful. but as we see from history, this practice has been working against us for the second century and I must say that it works extremely successfully !!!
        and here is not a question of morality or honor, but a question of survival. it’s a war that is just as cold, just more veiled, and if someone else thinks that we have partnerships, then this is simply the embodiment of naivety.

        the question is for you personally: would you really feel remorse or something else if you could, by any means, break up the United States into separate fully independent states or say you could provoke a war between Mexico, Canada and the states in order to destabilize the US economy and promote our interests ???
        They would come up with some kind of project like Lendliz and sponsor all parties to the conflict so that their opponents would not be wet until each other died out.
        sounds scary. but this is exactly what amers did with the whole world. no one seems to have any doubts about it. so that the "helm" of the state should be strong-willed people capable of taking such measures and organizing them competently. I really do not want to offend you, but it seems to me that you personally would not have coped))
        1. El13
          El13 23 January 2013 20: 18
          Quote: silver_roman
          I really do not want to offend you, but it seems to me that you personally could not cope))

          You are absolutely right, I wouldn’t have done it, because I don’t have enough will to decide the fate of people and I would have to figure my way out, but I’m not at all offended, different people have different talents and this talent is not mine, but it doesn’t stop me from evaluating the actions of such people from the outside, to get into the situation, to understand why they are doing this and that, and not that way. And taking as a basis my life and relationships with people around me, I can see that the interaction of states is very similar to the interaction of individuals. And therefore, if your neighbor is a bastard and a scoundrel and terrorizes the whole staircase, this does not mean that he needs to be likened.
          Yes, you’re right, it works and works against us, but I’m against doing the same, but I’m ... but, apparently, everyone who was at the head of the state also thought, because in general, Russia behaved like that is always. IMHO.
          1. silver_roman
            silver_roman 24 January 2013 00: 23
            there is logic in your words, but here it is difficult to compare the attitude of states with the attitude of people.
            sometimes in order to save the fate of the state it is necessary to sacrifice thousands of people. if our grandfathers and fathers would not be heroes, I think for US ALL, everything would have ended in 42-43 years. but no, we are alive! Because in fact, we are an empire, just like China, like Japan, etc.
            The USA is a temporary phenomenon, it has a meager history, it does not have bloody pages like ours. it cannot be forever "at the helm" of the whole planet.
            I understand that they destroyed the USSR, etc., but what they are happy with in Syria, Libya - it just does not fit into any framework. when I read the next news that the "long-suffering opposition of Syria" destroyed a cultural figure, or a scientist, or destroyed a hospital with a school, I understand who is behind this and the whole world understands. and when the army of the same Assad destroys a group of terrorist mercenaries (Myrikos pawns), then the dastardly media immediately howl that they boldly and brutally killed 100500 innocent people in Syria. and this is indulged by the whole of Western Europe. so I (if I had the courage, brains, etc.) would not talk with them, but would press with the most perverted methods, just to wipe them off the face of the earth or at least stop the bloodshed carried out with their submission around the world ...
            1. El13
              El13 24 January 2013 00: 42
              Plin, well, I’ve written about that and that you are outraged by the methods used to operate these and say right away that you need to act in the same way ... no, no, and again no ... exactly that this is how the image of the country is created, because Despite the fact that all the media broadcast, they don’t like Americans anywhere ... Well, the fact that sometimes I have to sacrifice a lot of people for the sake of my homeland, here I don’t argue, I fully support it, I only ask myself with fear , and what would I do if I were in a situation where you need to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the country ... and I don’t have that one.
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 24 January 2013 04: 05
                Quote: El13
                Well, the fact that sometimes you have to sacrifice a lot of people for the sake of your homeland, here I’m not only not arguing, but fully supporting

                Aren't you cold in the attack? Despite the fact that they themselves did not decide anything request Maybe it’s better to sacrifice strangers and not your own? Similar is treated like similar and nothing else And what you will do is clear from your post - you will sacrifice a lot of people and then you will crying and think: did you do the right thing request
                1. El13
                  El13 24 January 2013 12: 19
                  No, dear, you completely misinterpreted my words ...
                  Firstly, I started with the fact that I could not accept the decision to dispose of other people's lives (even “just” fates), therefore I don’t get into active politics, but only “spread demagoguery” on the site.
                  Secondly, I talked about the fact that sometimes history makes the country make numerous sacrifices and at the same time they are inevitable (for example, the Second World War, you don’t have to go far), and not that it must be done and not try to avoid it, just There are situations when you can’t do without it, if not cool, or the state will cease to exist.
                  And thirdly, the fact that I opened up and said that at the moment, in a peaceful life, in a measured calm, sluggish reality, I don’t know what I’ll do when the time comes to decide to sacrifice myself (my life) for this or that, Sorry, can you unequivocally answer this question? Or at least do not be afraid to ask yourself such a question (do not need out loud)? And I’ll tell you more, a person who is confident in his answer can do exactly the opposite of what he says to himself when he gets to the point, so don’t judge me, and you won’t have to get into a situation when you remember these words of mine.
              2. silver_roman
                silver_roman 24 January 2013 13: 08
                Of course I condemn their actions. I strongly condemn them.
                but do not confuse the reason for such actions. what exactly was Syria guilty ??? is that their ideology and state structure is different from the western ???? Syria does not deserve this. but if this does not happen to the states, then it will be simply unfair.
                the aggressor must be fought tough with his own measures, so that he understands what should not be done in the future.
                if there was a former Russia (as Gaddafi said), then this would never have happened. but because of our weakness, you have to go your own way (the path that you support), i.e. dialogue. you only need to understand that there is no conflict of interest now, because of which wars tend to happen. there is simply the extermination of statehood. just a plan: 2011-Libya. 2012- Syria. 2013-Iran, 2014 -.... but here everything can be .......
                based on your words, thieves and pedophiles you need to be judged by one law - law number 1 - violation of the law, punishable by imprisonment .... etc.
                In any case, I understood your idea, I think you also understood mine and suggest closing the topic !!!
                1. El13
                  El13 24 January 2013 14: 19
                  No, I don’t understand ... I repeat, I support the first part of the sentence:
                  Quote: silver_roman
                  the aggressor must be fought hard

                  and do not support the second part:
                  Quote: silver_roman
                  ... by his own measures

                  In Russian: beaten face, do not stick a knife in the back.
                  And about thieves and pedophiles at all in a subject.
  17. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 23 January 2013 13: 01
    Good article to draw several conclusions. The US shitcrats, who are everywhere trending about human rights and universal values, freely manipulate the main human value - the right to life. They do not hesitate to sacrifice human lives to achieve their goals. Moreover, they believe that the more casualties, the greater the effect of the planned operation, which was confirmed by the operation with the downed South Korean Boeing. In light of this, the "terrorist attack" on the towers of a shopping center in New York in 2001 with numerous casualties looks (and this is confirmed) as another implemented special operation of the US ruling circles and they will continue to plan such operations.
    The most powerful Western, supposedly "independent" media and the media of their ideological confederates are used by the ruling circles of the West to impose the world community through the strongest pressure of the "correct" views on certain events and the voices of other truly independent media, incl. from other countries simply drown in these coordinated screams of shit-makers and are like voices crying in the desert.
    Russia, then the USSR, now Russia again was, remains and will be for the enlightened West and its allies that wild country, an "empire of evil", an eternal enemy that will always be a priori GUILTY FOR EVERYTHING, on whom it is always possible to blame, to blame all the failures, failures , crises in both domestic and foreign policy. And it is time for Russia to get used to this, calmly fight back and go forward, increasing its power. The stronger we are, the fewer will be willing to consider us their enemy!
  18. Region65
    Region65 23 January 2013 14: 33
    maybe someone does not know, but the fact is that in those years, Korean Boeing (such as a passenger) was not just shot down over Sakhalin ... the fact is that this Boeing was accompanied by the US Air Force and that night a real airborne flight took place in the sky over Sakhalin the fight. Why, according to official versions, they just say about the destruction of the Boeing for violating the airspace and are silent about the destroyed American flying cans I don’t understand. When conducting searches at the bottom of the sea of ​​a Korean Boeing, fragments from the American F111 and McDonel Douglass were found ..... the fragments from the RC-135 reconnaissance plane were also raised .... in general, fragments from NINE different aircraft, MILITARY aircraft were found consisting of the U.S. Air Force :) so the Americans raked that night, oh how they did :))) In the future, dozens of wreckage of different sizes, consisting of exactly the same cellular material from which the Boeing’s fuselages are made, were discovered by Brun on the coast Japan, near the city of Niigata. Much south (about 600 km) of the place where, after the incident, they were looking for the liner. Given that there have been no other disasters here over the years, and having carefully studied the map of the sea currents that the debris could have washed ashore, the researcher concludes that flight 007 crashed not over Sakhalin, but off the coast of Japan. they saw six intruders flying at them literally at the same time. At 5.05, the first intruder entered the airspace of Sakhalin. At 5.07 - the second offender. Four minutes later, at 5.11, a third intruder was spotted ... At the same time, a fourth intruder was detected by radar. All at the same time, there was a fifth intruder crossing the Kuril Islands. And at 5.12, Japanese radars recorded the sixth intruder. Under such circumstances, it is not difficult to see why the Soviet commanders decided to shoot down the violators without following the lengthy warning procedures. Most likely, they simply followed the current orders.
    1. El13
      El13 23 January 2013 17: 31
      Where are those witnesses who stuffed a bunch of thuja planes?
      1. Region65
        Region65 24 January 2013 05: 26
        was that a joke, right? we read our sources and foreign, the debris raised a heap. what witnesses? the Soviet Union was then. Where are the witnesses that the Kursk was sunk by amers? or witnesses to the opposite where? dolphins and sharks ??
        1. El13
          El13 24 January 2013 12: 34
          A simple question, is it possible to keep secret information that more than 10 people have access to? Definitely I won’t say miracles happen in this world, but there is a high probability that no. For this reason, I do not believe in the happy fate of those people who supposedly had to fly in a passenger liner over Sakhalin, but who were not there ...
          By the way, it seems to me that if ours hadn’t shot down that scout then the passenger board would have reached the airport ...
          1. Region65
            Region65 24 January 2013 14: 40
            Quote: El13
            Is it possible to keep secret information that more than 10 people have access to

            well, as they say, "There were two of us, someone passed us")))
            1. El13
              El13 24 January 2013 16: 45
              And in Kursk, I would not argue unambiguously, everything is very confusing, not the fact that the Americans drowned him, at least, of the people I know who were knowledgeable in this matter, no one had heard that this was the case.
  19. Lee
    Lee 23 January 2013 17: 44
    I looked in the 90s dock. a film (not ours) about this incident, so there the absence of corpses was explained by the fact that the blow, they say, was so strong that the bodies literally turned into jelly!
  20. albert
    albert 23 January 2013 18: 29
    There was an investigation film on Sakhalin TV, just according to M. Bryun. Who wants to
    look on the net. In addition, there is a chronicle film made in England, and the British
    they also acknowledge that the flight is very unclean.
  21. Black
    Black 23 January 2013 18: 32
    Hard to believe about the massacre in the sky over Sakhalin. Ears from the bag would come out a long time ago.
    And the fact that amers conducted a cynical, beyond humanity, operation to build the image of an "evil empire" is a fact. Spent skillfully, very on time. The Soviet system, weakened economically and politically, was hit by a colossal, destructive force.
    1. Region65
      Region65 24 January 2013 05: 27
      I doubt the ears, because until now every day the airspace of Russia over Sakhalin is violated several times. And this is not a joke, I know personally.
  22. ayyildiz
    ayyildiz 23 January 2013 18: 36
    In the sky above the Afghan capital, a dangerous approach of the Russian passenger liner and military aircraft took place. As a source in aviation circles told Interfax, the aircraft were at a distance of about thirty meters from each other. The Russian pilot could not recognize the belonging of a military aircraft and its type.
  23. Nechai
    Nechai 23 January 2013 19: 11
    Quote: short-term
    MiG -31 during those events was a highly classified car

    MiG-31BM fighter. There was infa that the bodies of passengers on this side were picked up on the Japanese coast, but not Hokkaido, but many, many SOUTHERN ...
    Quote: Professor
    I remember the most modern Soviet strategic bomber TU-160 got lost after flying thousands of kilometers (in particular over Iran)

    "professor" You are a little beguiled. Not Tu-160, but Tu-22M3. He "got lost" for a simple reason - the navigator put a BATTLE flight card. In flight to their destination, they had to pass over Bryansk (?), The hometown of the ship's commander. They flew in, night, the car performs the task that is in it. Aha! When Bryansk was supposed to pass in time, the co-pilot - to the commander: "Look, here are the lights of your hometown!" Looking closely, the commander issued a conclusion - "Nope! This is not Bryansk ..." They were heard by the RTV ON KUSHKE station! Coordinated and went home. As they later established, they passed unnoticed not only the airspace of Iran, but also Turkey. Yes, and our RTVs in the Transcaucasus missed them.
    From the same category and jumping out to the Swedish coast of our Displ. Only there is pure betrayal. The chief navigator of the Submarine Division, who was on board the submarine, quite deliberately switched the orientation system to another "track". After the collapse of the Union, he rushed to Norway.
    So your irony is inappropriate. Igor Khodakov missed that the time spent by 007 both over Kamchatka and over Sakhalin was agreed not only with reconnaissance satellites, but also the shuttle flights. At the conference, Ogarkov spoke directly about this and was reflected in the diagram.
    1. He is
      He is 23 January 2013 23: 30
      I would like to add my version of the Tu-22M3 (as far as I remember, maybe Something is a bit wrong), the case is certainly unique! Although during the existence of aviation there was nothing else. There, of course, no one was lost, everything was serious, strictly according to plan. the story was as follows. - one Belarusian regiment carried out a flight flight with a flight to another airfield. And this airdrome was Mozdok (there they conducted LTUs annually) and everyone knew everything and prepared in advance, during the times of the Soviet Union it was practiced stably (LTU from another airfield, at another training ground). And so they take off from the Mozdok airport, it seems at night, one at a time, with an interval heading for the Caspian Sea, then they bomb the left turn and head home to their native Belarus. And before the take-off of the extreme aircraft, the direction of the wind changes, respectively, and the RP changes the take-off course by 180 g. But on a plane, the automatic system that bombes and leads the plane (data entered by the navigator in advance) did not make any changes! The crew quietly took off, bombing the roofing felts in the Black, roofing felts in the Sea of ​​Azov and turned to the left (all in automatic mode)! ZAKVO fly by, the air defenders get agitated, started to call it, but the LTU is in the radio silence mode! The crew is calm! All according to plan! Our Vaziani raised a couple of MiGs, but did not have time the Tu-22M3 flew over the border. In general, they experienced excitement after seeing a yellow landscape beneath a big city (Tehran) at dawn, instead of green and going to intercept Phantoms, but the equipment did not fail, the Iranians could not catch them, and when ours crossed into Afghan territory they stopped them pursue. And only here they begin to think what to do and decided to fly north. Somewhere around the southern border of the USSR, the fuel balance became critical, here they violated the radio silence mode but no one answered them. And one of the crew members (who sits in the tail, it seems they have one), saw an airfield underneath. It’s good that there are a lot of them there Mary 1 and 2, Termez and others. I don’t know for sure, but they sat on one of them. There was enough fuel to land! Like this, as far as I know. Agree the case is rare.
      1. El13
        El13 23 January 2013 23: 43
        + for a beautiful story, even if it’s not true, it’s still beautiful
  24. RoTTor
    RoTTor 23 January 2013 20: 19
    1. Correctly done that shot down. It was under Yu.V. Andropov, who correctly reacted to any threats of the USSR.
    2. Osipovich was at that time captain, flew the same on the Su-15TM. Then he was transferred from sin away to Maykop, where he lives now.
    3. This "Boeing" tried to repeat the Karelian trick of 1978, when the board was sailing from Paris to Seoul along the transpolar route and really roamed due to the fact that the data was entered into the inertial navigation system. Then the Air Defense, or rather the 10th Separate Air Defense Army, went wrong and disgraced. This is a separate topic. Then to the stop - even after a night landing on the lake and until the morning, until we were convinced with our own eyes that the board was civilian, we were sure: it was a CANADIAN reconnaissance aircraft. I know all this not from the article and TV. Many papas then flew to the country's air defense ...
    4. The language of the article is so naphthalene that it seems like the stupor of stagnation ...
    1. AlexW
      AlexW 23 January 2013 21: 30
      communicated with the pilot who forced the Korean in 1978. take a frozen lake. According to him, the Korean knew where he was and repeatedly made attempts to evade landing and leave for Finland. Using the speed difference, the Korean stubbornly, at low altitude, tried to get away. Until they really threatened him with a weapon. After boarding, frightened passengers unanimously refused medical care. But when they were informed that medical care in the USSR was free, the crowd rushed to show their bruises and bumps. Freebie... fellow
  25. tomket
    tomket 23 January 2013 20: 34
    If you think a little about the South Korean: Korelian and Sakhalin Boeings, the question arises: in South Korea, all dumb people work in aviation? If your plane is shot down once over the USSR, then it seems to me that the rest of the pilots will sleep and think as if to our airspace not to fly in, and here Boeing with manic stubbornness plows our space, is it alarming? They did not try to compare the A-14 with the An-300, and note their conscience did not particularly torment them. About the several shot down airplanes of the United States over Sakhalin, this is a question for the pilots, the radio exchange had to go with the ground, well, look at the composition of the aircraft lost by the United States about that the same period in the so-called "flight accidents" are there SR-2 and RF-71
  26. urich
    urich 23 January 2013 21: 10

    There is an opinion that in the cartoon "In the Blue Sea, in White Foam" (I have cited a fragment. At 55-58 seconds, sunken ships appear. One with the number 007, the other 747) mention of the downed liner. If so, the author is 5+ creativity)))
  27. Fitter65
    Fitter65 24 January 2013 02: 21
    Here’s a very useful article, though I couldn’t read it to the end, my stomach ached with laughter. It all started with a drawing, I agree that it wasn’t the author who painted, but who picks it up? Do you really think that the Boeing was flying over the very Su-15 airfield? due to the fact that it flies to the Boeing with the landing gear released, here one or the Boeing went maximizing in the area of ​​the short-range drive, the Su-15 has at least a failure of the landing gear system. The first is not real, in the second case the faulty board lands. So the Boeing is on a long flight escorted the reconnaissance aircraft is known. The truth is that it was the first time the RS-135 learned. The letter R-in the US Air Force is designated as reconnaissance aircraft, the letter P-patrol aircraft, C-transport aircraft. The RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft was created on the basis of the S-135 transport aircraft (military transport option cargo Boeing-707). On this platform in the US Air Force there were a lot of modifications, only there was no patrol. I also found out that the registration numbers of the aircraft are backlit. Is that how? Something like Zhiguli? Or additional lights are put on. And what numbers should they light on, which are on the wing or keel? Just after 27 years of service at the airport I have never seen such a thing. Any plane has on-board aeronautical fires, so they were turned off. Well, here I really liked so as not to unmask the plane in the B / C, there were no tracer bullets, although the line above says that there was a turn from the gun. And the gun had shells, not bullets. Again, the Su-15TM was equipped with 2 cannon containers UPK-23 -250 with a GSh-23L gun and an ammunition load of 250 shells per st ol, if my memory serves me, then every 3 rounds in the B / C had a tracer. And judging by the article by D.F.Ustinov, who at that time was the USSR Ministry of Defense, there was nothing more to do than monitor the invisibility of aircraft using a complete set B / C of individual planes. No, I laughed heartily, thank you very much. And to be honest, you can’t meaningfully rewrite what was written before you do not handle. OR TEACH the materiel so that there are no such mistakes.
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 24 January 2013 04: 56
      The essence of this article is not in the drawing for the article, and not in your nose picking. But the bottom line is that it was a 100% provocation of the United States, and there was no loss of aircraft passengers from the actions of our pilot. There is such a saying in relation to your comment. The fool will not see, but the clever will not say. So who are you then ?????????????
  28. Sirocco
    Sirocco 24 January 2013 04: 50
    Who would doubt the meanness of the United States, the United States masters of bluffing and provocation. What is it worth September 11, 2001.
  29. Fitter65
    Fitter65 24 January 2013 06: 33
    Not a little has been written about the fact that this was a provocation. And still trying to hang blame for this provocation on us because the leadership was unable to timely and correctly respond to the media.
    And if you write about what it was and let it be written like that, but don’t need to go into details about which you don’t know or don’t understand well, that makes good ideas just ridiculous, and sometimes you need to dig deeper into your nose or breathe it will be hard.
    I can tell you that strangely enough, even in modern times they are not kept in aviation !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  30. Fitter65
    Fitter65 24 January 2013 06: 45
    About what it was, and how it was, has already been written many times. If you want to express your point of view on these events, for God's sake. But why climb into those jungles in which you do not understand? From this a good idea turned into not clear what. As in Chernomyrdin: “we wanted it to be the best it was, as always.” And sometimes you can pick it up in your nose, it becomes easier to breathe.
    I can not make a fool of myself, I’m not fooling even in these times in aviation.
  31. Fitter65
    Fitter65 25 January 2013 14: 50
    And on the other hand, the clever would not write such bullshit, and the fool would not notice her absence.