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The path from the victim to the hunter

The path from the victim to the hunterIn Western countries, primarily in the United States, an effective information warfare system has been established at the state level. The total nature of the means and time of application of this doctrine allows the ruling elite of the West to solve the key problems of geopolitics without the use of armed forces or with their limited use. In the rest of the world such a system has not been created.

Information warfare is a set of processes of mutual influence of the opposing states, aimed at destroying the information environment of the enemy and preserving the integrity of their information environment from the influence of the enemy.

In contrast to the usual means of confrontation, such as traditional weapons systems or economic warfare mechanisms, information media as a result of their impact, as a rule, do not lead to a direct material effect - causing material damage to the enemy or vice versa - preventing material damage to their country .

The result of the information impact is mainly manifested indirectly, through a decrease in the effectiveness of the actions of the opposing side, or even with the transfer of part of its forces and means to actions that directly damage its state.

An important aspect of the information war is the dependence of its effectiveness on the accuracy of matching a large number of relatively weak in terms of impacts. This defines, as a key task, the coordination of a large number of diverse forces and facilities operating in completely different ways. Therefore, the role of planning and organization in the information war is significantly higher than in the traditional armed confrontation.

A distinctive feature of the information war is the complexity of the impact, when a multitude of sometimes formally loosely coupled methods of influencing the enemy are used to solve one task.

An important aspect of the information war is the fact that, along with the adversary state, its object also becomes its object. The forces of the information war solve the problem of preserving its stability against the informational impact of the enemy. At the same time, the resource of forces allocated for influence in one's own state, in certain cases (in particular, during the conduct of a defensive information war) can significantly exceed the resource allocated for impact on the enemy.

Performance conditions

The effectiveness of the information war depends to a decisive extent on the diversity of the forces and means employed for its conduct.

Therefore, all the main state structures and non-state entities should be involved in its management:

1. Official diplomatic bodies of the state, which in the framework of information warfare solve their inherent tasks of political, legal and diplomatic support of its conduct.

2. International non-governmental organizations, the main purpose of which in the framework of information warfare is the formation of a favorable international moral and psychological background for the activities of the state, as well as the implementation of certain information campaigns.

3. State and non-state bodies and the media as the main tool of psychological impact on the population and the leadership of other states, ensuring stability within the country.

4. Political parties and movements, Christian churches and Islamic religious structures, state and non-state organizations and cultural institutions, which are the main consolidating force of the people within the country and the most important factor of external ideological, religious and cultural expansion.

5. Scientific state and non-state institutions, organizations and societies that remain the most important component of maintaining a favorable information environment within the country and a major factor in external scientific, technological and cultural expansion.

6. State infrastructure (energy, transport and communications), fuel and energy and raw materials complex of the country, industry as the main levers of the implementation of information shares by economic methods.

7. State bodies and structures that ensure the military, political, and internal security of the state, such as various special services, the Armed Forces, and non-state militias, which remain the main force instrument for conducting information wars.

Non-universality of methods

Information warfare involves the use of a wide range of impacts. In fact, any impact of a material or informational nature should be considered as a method of changing the state of the information environment of an adversary or his system.

The possibility of applying these or other methods is determined by the conditions of the situation. Thus, actions in the ideological, religious, informational, scientific, cultural, and diplomatic fields can be carried out continuously, regardless of the state of relations with other states.

Methods of economic pressure, as a rule, can be used when diplomatic and informational methods have shown their inefficiency. Their application is carried out with sufficient information, psychological and diplomatic support.

The actions of state security structures, both within its borders and beyond, within the framework of special actions, can be carried out continuously and in close coordination with actions in ideological, religious, informational, and diplomatic spheres. Mainly against the geopolitical opponents of the state.

The Armed Forces are used in waging information wars, mainly to solve the problems of "demonstrating force."

The activities of these structures vary significantly in impact mechanisms and results obtained. At the same time, informational results (the effectiveness of participation in informational confrontation) strongly depend on each other. This determines the need to closely link the actions of such diverse structures with a single plan and plan.

Since it is necessary to involve practically all significant state and non-state structures and organizations for waging information warfare, the information warfare authorities must have national status and appropriate powers.

At the same time, the forces and means involved in waging an information war in their absolute majority should not be aware of the fact of their participation. This places extremely high secrecy requirements on the planning and organization of information warfare.

On the front line

Today, an information war is being waged against Russia. This is recognized by almost everyone. It was thanks to the effective use of information warfare methods that the collapse of the USSR and the restoration of capitalism in our country became possible.

As the global crisis worsens, external pressure on Russia will increase, especially from the West, primarily from the United States. The main tool of such pressure will be the methods of information warfare. Their effective application can lead to a decrease or even loss of national sovereignty by our Homeland, and possibly to its disintegration into several quasi-independent states.

Under these conditions, effective counteraction against informational aggression is a key condition for Russia to maintain its statehood.

Unfortunately, analysis of the information sphere in Russia shows that for the time being we cannot effectively neutralize information pressure. This, apparently, is determined by our lack of effective state tools for conducting informational confrontation. If they are, their activity is obviously ineffective.

To effectively counter informational aggression, we at least need to have:

1. Capable information warfare system.

2. An effective concept of information warfare.

3. Information warfare strategy for solving specific strategic tasks.

These are the main components of the military information potential of the state. Their formation should be based on a detailed theory of information warfare.

It is advisable to build the work on the formation of military information potential in Russia in three main stages.

In the first, the fundamentals of the theory of information warfare should be developed, on the basis of which the concept of information warfare should be developed and adopted as a fundamental state document. Based on this concept as applied to current conditions, it is necessary to work out an information warfare strategy for a specific period in the interests of solving specific tasks. During this stage, it is also necessary to substantiate the composition and structure of the information war system.

At the second stage, it is necessary to form the basic elements of the information warfare system, first of all its control system, and also to select and train personnel. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the creation and development of a central governing body.

At the third stage, practical testing of the functioning of the entire system should be carried out.

After that, practical actions can be initiated to solve specific strategic tasks. The implementation of these measures will significantly increase the stability of Russia, its protection from informational aggression.
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  1. Apollo
    Apollo 18 January 2013 15: 21
    Information wars are sometimes worse than traditional wars. Recall the collapse of the Union! IMHO
    1. NEMO
      NEMO 18 January 2013 15: 51
      Quote: Apollon
      Information wars are sometimes worse than traditional wars.

      All media are weapons in the information war, and if one could formulate the purpose of the media, then (by analogy with the Armed Forces) I would say this: The country's media are designed to repel aggression and inflict defeat on the aggressor, as well as to perform tasks in compliance with international obligations of the Russian Federation.
      1. Apollo
        Apollo 18 January 2013 16: 00
        Quote: NEMO
        The country's media are designed to repel aggression

        Greetings! hi Sometimes, unfortunately, the domestic media pour water on the mill of not well-wishers of Russia!
        1. NEMO
          NEMO 18 January 2013 16: 09
          Quote: Apollon
          Sometimes, unfortunately, the domestic media pour water on the mill of not well-wishers of Russia!

          These media are called "domestic" only at the place of "registration", and if in terms of funding, they are a weapon of information war of our "partners" hi
          1. Ascetic
            Ascetic 18 January 2013 19: 44
            Quote: NEMO
            These media are called "domestic" only at the place of "registration", and if in terms of funding, it is a weapon of information war of our "partners

            You sometimes look at SVONIdze’s opuses going by the way on the state channel Russia and you are amazed .. undisguised Russophobia and liberal chernukha .. If, in general terms, it is wrong to discredit our history, on the one hand, what’s important, it’s important that Russian should feel guilty for their past, for tyrants of rulers, close ancestors, brats and thieves able to exist only under civilized foreign control, and for this praises everywhere and everywhere everything western and american according to the laws of public relations PR. as the only correct way of life and rational existence of the individual. And then I looked at the human history program of Wonidze and then Discovery about American cool technologies and that's it ... Korotich's "Spark" is resting ..

            1. Sandov
              Sandov 19 January 2013 21: 32
              Allen Dulles’s plan is already in effect, all the events from the collapse of the USSR, and then the organization of terrorism, the swamps and the white painters, the destruction of industry, and everything that was planned by these servants of the devil. We must realize this and contrast this with all our determination to restore the country.
    2. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 18 January 2013 16: 19
      Lying always beats a boomerang, lying in response is not worth it, you just need to try not to allow the propaganda of negativity in society ...
      1. Botanologist
        Botanologist 18 January 2013 16: 45
        Article from the series "Usepropalopro-lipolymers".

        Firstly, information wars are being fought, and we are not spectators in them, but participants. The whole world speaks of both our fleet off the coast of Syria and Depardieu, who decided to obtain citizenship. Although this causes a smile (Depardieu), but it is a strong blow to the conceit of the western man in the street.

        Secondly, the author’s task "In the course of the first, the foundations of the theory of information warfare should be developed ..." - It’s the same as developing the basics of the theory of aeronautics. Everything has long been developed and tested in practice. And already in use.

        Third, in an information war, one cannot change consciousness in a week or one year. These technologies work with myths and stereotypes, and they are tenacious, especially in national archetypes and cultures. This is a long process, for 20 years we have been working on "rebuilding-shitcrats", and it cannot be returned so easily.

        Fourth, the military information war is the work of intelligence and counterintelligence, and work at the level of society is still a priority of the political structure of the state.

        In general, I have many comments, and with the postulates that we sleep while we are being pressed, I do not agree. Recently, the UN even adopted a resolution on the inadmissibility of the glorification of fascism (hello to the Baltic states), and this is also the result of an information war. It’s just special, without fronts, and very specific in implementation. And if information troops are not created in our country, this is no reason to say that it is not being conducted. It’s even being conducted, only the direct fighters know about it, and we can only speculate.
        1. sergo0000
          sergo0000 18 January 2013 21: 21
          He spoke and I say. The media should be controlled by special services. soldier
        2. aksakal
          aksakal 19 January 2013 02: 01
          Quote: Botanologist
          Article from the series "Usepropalopro-lipolymers".
          - nerd, good comment. The same opinion.
          I want to add - here, Russian scientists were the first to discover this effect of forced synchronization - when 10-15% of all elements begin to make certain oscillatory movements according to the rhythm, possibly set from the outside, then very soon the remaining 85-90% will make exactly such oscillatory movements . This was deduced by Mandelstamm, the author of the theory of oscillations (not to be confused with another Mandelstamm, a mediocre poet). This is the basis for achieving victory in the information war.
          Here - how Russian scientists are trying to apply forced synchronization methods to works on artificial intelligence. But somehow they did not think of using synchronization methods in an information war against the enemy. Human society is an information society, all communications are informational in nature. What connects me with my son is only the realization (information) that he is my son, there are essentially no material connections, some sort of cord cord or something else. To wage an information war means to hit just not by the elements, but by the connections between the elements. To achieve that, as a result of this, you will have those very 10-15% of the elements, after which you automatically achieve your goals.
          And the amers first dopped up to this, although the basic theory was not developed by them. The amers have in general - whatever theory you come up with, they will be able to attach it to further enslave you. Something seems to me that science needs to be taken away from them, perhaps even by force, while it is even possible to kick.
    3. nokki
      nokki 18 January 2013 21: 07
      In essence, the thesis plan of the information war against Russia.

      Allen Dulles is the father of the Harvard project.

      (Allen Dulles (1893-1969 gg.) Worked in the US CIA since its inception in 1947 year. In 1942-1945 he led political intelligence in Europe. Director of the CIA in 1953-1961 years. The ideologist of the Cold War, one of the organizers intelligence activities against the USSR and other socialist countries).

      "The war will end, everything will be settled and settled. And we will abandon everything that we have: all the gold, all the material power and the fooling and fooling of people!

      The human brain, the consciousness of people are capable of change. Having sowed chaos there, we quietly replace their values ​​with false ones and make them believe in these false values. How? We will find our like-minded people, our allies in Russia itself.

      Episode by episode will be played out with a grandiose scale tragedy of the death of the most rebellious people on earth, the final and irreversible fading of their self-consciousness. For example, from art and literature we will gradually erase its social essence; wean artists and writers - we will discourage them from engaging in the depiction and study of those processes that occur in the depths of the masses. Literature, theaters, cinema - everything will depict and glorify the most base human feelings.

      We will do our best to support and raise the so-called artists who will instill and hammer into the human mind the cult of sex, violence, sadism, betrayal - in a word, all immorality. In government, we will create chaos and confusion.

      We will quietly, but actively and constantly promote tyranny of officials, the prosperity of bribe takers and unscrupulousness. Bureaucracy and red tape will be elevated to virtue. Honesty and decency will be ridiculed and will not be needed by anyone, will turn into a relic of the past. Rudeness and arrogance, lies and deceit, drunkenness and drug addiction, animal fear of each other and shamelessness, betrayal, nationalism and enmity of peoples - first of all, enmity and hatred of the Russian people - we will cultivate all this adroitly and inconspicuously, it will bloom terry color.

      And only a few, very few will guess or even understand what is happening. But we will put such people in a helpless position, turn into a laughingstock, we will find a way to slander them and declare them a scum of society. We will wrest spiritual roots, vulgarize and destroy the foundations of people's morality.

      We will shatter thus, generation after generation. We will take on people from childhood and youth, and we will always make the main bet ON YOUTH - we will decompose, corrupt and corrupt it. We will make cynics, vulgarities and cosmopolitans of it.

      This is how we do it! "
      1. nokki
        nokki 18 January 2013 21: 16
        Dulles Plan, Harvard and Houston enslavement projects for Russia.

        The Dulles Plan, Harvard and Houston projects are documents that were stolen by Soviet intelligence and recently their text was reported to the public. Let's consider them in order:

        1) Dulles Plan presumably was formulated in the final version by the head of the CIA Alain Dales on a period of time from 1953 to 1961 of the year. The plan includes a description of the systematic destruction of the Soviet Union by imposing total immorality on the population of the USSR. If the Dulles plan exists, then it certainly worked and the USSR disappeared from the world map and the world became unipolar.

        2) Harvard Project presumably consists of three parts and sets as its task the final destruction of the USSR and social. camps in general. a) first stage: it refers to the restructuring of the Soviets from 1985 to 1990 in the country. b) the second stage: the reformation of the 1990 - 1995 years, as a result of these reforms, the entire Soviet Union should be destroyed and the population should hate their past; c) the third stage: the final stage of the 1996 - 2000 years, it is supposed to liquidate all institutions (their collapse) and set the country on capitalist rails.

        3) Houston Project developed by the "shadow government" and involves the division of Russia into 52 independent segments, which in turn should become parts of other states.
  2. loki565
    loki565 18 January 2013 15: 31
    Whom the United States cannot defeat externally they undermine from within.
  3. alexng
    alexng 18 January 2013 15: 31
    Only two things are sold in the world: information and labor. And that’s it. And whoever pays, he dances the girl.
  4. Lavrik
    Lavrik 18 January 2013 15: 46
    The need to conduct an information war during the 08.08.08 war was especially pronounced. In fact, in the view of the entire population of the earth, everything was turned upside down. And we couldn't do anything. I agree - it is necessary "to develop the foundations of the theory of information warfare", "to form the basic elements of the information warfare system." But while scientists are working on all these theoretical problems, maybe it's time to start doing something practical. Although, it had to start not even on 09.08.08/90/XNUMX, but in the XNUMXs.
  5. MG42
    MG42 18 January 2013 15: 52
    A good example is now in Syria = "ducks" are periodically thrown in = disinformation to destabilize the situation even more and tune world public opinion to the right wave of justifying aggression, the technology has already been tested in the "Arab spring". In the United States, probably a separate line of the budget is financing of such garbage.
    1. Sandov
      Sandov 19 January 2013 21: 41
      Yesterday, Rasmuss talked about this topic, showed on our corrupt TV.
  6. Urrry
    Urrry 18 January 2013 16: 06
    In the days of the USSR, this was also understood, calling it "ideological war". But the means of conducting it by the Soviet leadership were ineffective: the stake was placed on the consciousness of people, i.e. on the intellect - but they missed the non-intellectual component of a person, his instincts for a prosperous and beautiful life. Chewing gum, jeans, video clips with militants and cars were scornfully considered something small in this "struggle of ideologies" - but for the population this component turned out to be closer than all the wise thoughts set forth in the Plenums of the Central Committee. "Beautiful life" attracted, dissatisfaction with the system and leadership grew, which did not allow living according to "Western" standards ... and all sorts of "human rights and freedoms" are motives only for a narrow group of dissenters, as practice has shown, the bulk of them are not particularly needed (if the mass is "reached" and so will take to the streets without checking whether it has a constitutional right to do this or not) :)
    Those. for a real "information" or "ideological" struggle, one must also soberly understand what is really interesting and necessary for a person - and not speculative, but real, with all its weaknesses and minuses of imperfection ... stupid and primitive propaganda in the form of a film about "light and good "paratroopers or policemen, or a boring lecturer muttering about the" international situation "will only cause rejection and sarcasm - but a picture of a half-naked girl with elements of military uniform can do a lot more to popularize the army :)
  7. aviamed90
    aviamed90 18 January 2013 16: 12
    I didn’t learn anything new. all these things were known back in the 80 of the last century from the course of the Higher Military School. But why no conclusions have been made from the strona of Russia - this is a big question! Well yes! After all, our media are busy with the war against their own people ... For them it is too difficult, and they don’t pay for it because they are for stupid TV shows and cheating in the news!
  8. Atlon
    Atlon 18 January 2013 16: 36
    Introduce censorship, and all is short!
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 18 January 2013 18: 28
      Once you enter censorship, there will be no criminal cases like Taburetkin at all. They’ll plunder the whole country. Humpbacked began his work in full censorship - did it end well?
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 18 January 2013 18: 35
        Quote: Botanologist
        Humpbacked began his work in full censorship - did it end well?

        I beg you, censorship when tagged? Remember the "Ogonyok" of that time - there is so much shit on several pages about your country and now you don't often see it. And the famous "Perestroika Searchlight"? The one who among themselves more often called "About the victims of perestroika" laughing If there was censorship then, it was anti-Russian - they carefully monitored so that nothing good about the country fell into the front pages

        By the way, about the censorship of that time. The documentary "Hell" by Nevzorov hit the screens only ONCE, instead of another program. After that, it was seized and destroyed, not only in the archive of the television center, but also in the personal archive of Nevzorov. It was considered lost within 8 years. And I would have remained lost forever, if I hadn’t mentioned in one of the forums that I have it. The cassette on duty was in the video recorder, when his splash screen went, he pressed the record button. A provincial forum, not one of the promoted ones. After 3 years, I receive a letter from someone who is absolutely unfamiliar to me asking if I really have this record. You can imagine the thoroughness of digging through the Internet in search of what the guys even got to find. They asked to share, they even offered money. I considered it unethical for myself, I posted it for free. A bunch of letters of thanks came. This is how Hell returned to the network ...
        1. Botanologist
          Botanologist 18 January 2013 21: 21
          I beg, censorship when labeled?

          I wrote - "started". What day was announced about the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, do not remind?

          If then there was censorship, then anti-Russian

          I completely agree with this.
          1. Misantrop
            Misantrop 18 January 2013 23: 48
            Quote: Botanologist
            On what day the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was announced, can I recall?

            Given that the truth about the Fukushima accident and the radiation doses around it have not been announced so far (soon two years after the accident) ... lol
        2. Sandov
          Sandov 19 January 2013 21: 45
          I respect real patriots. +++
  9. Vespasian
    Vespasian 18 January 2013 16: 46
    There are moments of sacrifice, to be sure, but over the last ... fifteen years we have learned a thing or two. And the Paris branch of the "Institute for Democracy and Freedom" headed by N. Narochnitskaya. and the RT channel (Russia Today) in some places is very even ....................., in terms of money content, of course, we may lose, but in terms of quality we sometimes win and this is still the beginning ...
  10. anchonsha
    anchonsha 18 January 2013 17: 02
    Worst of all, we have a 5th column in our country, and also with corrupt media that are fighting their people, their government. There are no such media in any Western country; there, democracy is not allowed in the media.
    1. Misantrop
      Misantrop 18 January 2013 18: 50
      Quote: anchonsha
      Worst of all, we have a 5th column in our country
      And even worse is that we have these columns - a whole forest, horseradish squeeze
  11. washi
    washi 18 January 2013 17: 54
    we have NO media supporting the state. Even "state" channels advertise liberals
  12. homosum20
    homosum20 18 January 2013 18: 02
    "The implementation of these measures will significantly increase the stability of Russia, its protection from information aggression."
    I drop everything, take an ax and go to realize it.
  13. dmn2
    dmn2 18 January 2013 19: 01
    Quote: aviamed90
    Yes, and do not pay for it because for stupid TV shows and cheating in the news!

    correctly said. If the media do not show what they are showing now (read - they will not nightmare and fool the people), then the rating will drop immediately, and with it the financing. And the ratings are painted in New York ...

    So they found who would benefit from such a position - the Americans, tk. such work of the media lowers Russia - the main geopolitical rival of the United States and "our" media, since they make money on it. Just business - nothing personal ...
  14. Corsair5912
    Corsair5912 18 January 2013 19: 36
    The USSR lost the information war due to the stupidity of the elderly PB of the Central Committee of the CPSU.
    The pseudo-communists, the official ideologists of the USSR, carefully ignored the changes taking place in the world and talked about the class struggle in Western countries, when there was no class struggle there, but there was an increase in consumption.
    The people saw all the lies of propaganda and did not believe even when the official media spoke the truth.
    Everyone who works from the screens at any negative events in the Russian Federation works for the enemy - This is only possible with us, who are lying, that the collapse of Russia is inevitable, who exaggerate the role of Jews in the history of Russia and the USSR, who consider a bunch of Caucasian terrorists to be a serious threat to Russia.
    These people are zombified so much that they are unable to really assess the situation and the balance of power.
    An information war is the creation of phantoms of a threat, in the minds of people far more terrible than a real threat.
    1. воронов
      воронов 18 January 2013 19: 49
      I completely agree in you
  15. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 18 January 2013 20: 15
    Let's summarize. What is the article about, or rather - why? It says something like the following - there are advertisers! For some time they called themselves a political strategist, and for this they were paid a lot of money. But then, looking at the "efficiency" of the work, many were given a shovel in the face and kicked out, and even the money was taken away !! And you want money! I would like contracts for a thousand years ahead! Oh well...
    What is an information war? War is capture and retention, destruction and relegation. Yes, it has been and is being done. That is how many years are against us, and the last twenty are directly the information Kursk Bulge. And what? People who use a vile lie, deceit and frenzied psychoactivity as a sword (they think so. Actually, as a sharpener), calling all these things beautiful terms wiser, lose sight of one thing. Yes, they called their fraud a war. But people who are soiled, deceived, crippled spiritually, still remain to live!
    Result? He who relies on a lie will drown in a filthy swamp, because a lie is not a support. Take a look at this site though. Haven't people freed themselves from the hassle? Is it possible to fool them with the same ease, deceive, manage to twirl them? And what feelings do people have for the puppeteers, who played as they wanted yesterday? The USSR was so fond of "propaganda of ideas." How did it end for him, as soon as ideas drowned in propaganda techniques? The information war is already going backwards. Already people in the states and in the world are watching "Russia Today", which does not indulge in propaganda, disdains political technologies, but simply tells it as it is.
    And only that would be good ... "if you live among the tar, you will inevitably get dirty." Filthy psychotechnicians mow not only the processed. The audience, in general, develops immunity to them. Alas, a hard rollback hits the manipulators with all the dope. You portray-portray a liberal angel and then slap - and inadvertently strangled his wife ...
    We have a strategy in such a war. She's a tactic, she's all clever tricks ... You need to patiently do the job and tell the truth. They expect from us, they hope for us, they even hope for this! There is a definite overabundance of vile manipulators on the planet. And we still exist simply because the world needs truth. And about us there is a not unfounded glory that the Russians are fighting for her, for the truth. And for the "information war" - they cannot. And if we get involved ... we won't be here tomorrow. This will be the final betrayal of oneself, the final death.
    1. Botanologist
      Botanologist 18 January 2013 21: 33
      For a while they called themselves a political strategist

      You confuse concepts. To compare an advertiser with a political strategist is like comparing a marine with a captain of an aircraft carrier. It seems both serve at sea.

      You need to patiently do business and tell the truth.

      There are no objections. Just the truth - she's so ... unsteady. And the use of the skills of information wars, or, if you like, PR technologies, will not spoil your thought, but it can strengthen it many times. And in order to fight in such a war, you need to know the skills and techniques of PR. Otherwise, how do you defeat the enemy without knowing his weapons and techniques?
      1. Mikhail3
        Mikhail3 19 January 2013 10: 47
        The truth is shaky ... you are correct. Physics taught? Everything in the world is shaky ... until you have your own coordinates in the system. As long as your "fulcrum" is floating - everything around randomly shifts. The question is not the truth, the question is in the moral basis of the person himself. If a person has a set of basic values, he has truth. Moreover, it is human values ​​- Mother, Motherland, Friendship ... Nothing can replace this.
        As soon as a set of values ​​is corroded by a person (it is by the person himself, no matter how flowery temptations and circumstances are "insurmountable", everything is in the hands of the person himself and no one else) everything in his eyes begins to float and spin. From that moment on, there is no truth with him, which means there is no strength either. The Russians are an object of fearful admiration of the whole world precisely because we are able to maintain psycho-unity in the face of threats. Threats of death, threats of a terrible life, which is worse than death ... Our victories, our conquests, our friends, our everything has always given us EXACTLY THIS.
        Yes, I understand that political strategists poop presidential seats and write with deputy powers. It’s just that your post first of all testifies that they really own by fooling the head of a potential client, in order to present an epoch-making twist from nothing. Keep your psyche defense in order, you have some problems with this ...
  16. Rus2012
    Rus2012 18 January 2013 21: 06
    Quote: Apollon
    Sometimes, unfortunately, the domestic media pour water on the mill of not well-wishers of Russia!

    Quote: NEMO
    These media are called "domestic" only at the place of "registration", and if in terms of funding, they are a weapon of information war of our "partners"

    I agree 100%!

    Defining them is easy too -
    if they write "rebels in Syria" - they are!

    Of our worthy media - in our opinion - Rashatudey, Ria Novosti ...
  17. valokordin
    valokordin 18 January 2013 21: 27
    I want to congratulate Mikhail on his philosophical attitude to the text of the article; at the same time I want to supplement what our enemies have achieved
    1) Disbelief in the legislature
    2. Disbelief in the executive branch
    3) Unbelief of the judiciary
    4) Disbelief in law enforcement agencies and prosecutors
    5) Disbelief in the media.
    Are there honest honest people in these structures? Of course there are, of course there are more, but they are covered by an information cap. But there are facts from which there is no escape. These facts give reason to doubt honesty and justice. I will not discuss all the strange court decisions, but when they give 40 years of probation to the Minister of Justice for a bribe of 8 thousand dollars, and then a new law is introduced under this article, when the Minister of Defense actually acts to the detriment of the country's defense, he is left free, since he’s not 37 .. when they publish the bill for the billions of dollars of theft do not arrest, When the media and well-known politicians in the government shit at the USSR, and besides, the media begin to talk about the unfortunate general wlasove. All this gives reason to doubt the sincerity of the assurances of those in power. And I want to believe and support people who are actually doing positive things, but there are doubts about Pharisaism.
  18. bdolah
    bdolah 18 January 2013 21: 55
    Quote: Apollon
    Greetings! hi Sometimes, unfortunately, the domestic media pour water on the mill of not well-wishers of Russia!

    Yes, unfortunately, it’s not just sometimes, for my personal taste it’s even too common.
  19. suharev-52
    suharev-52 18 January 2013 22: 13
    Until we establish control over the media and TV, we will continue to be thrown in the mud with the help of the so-called Russian state media. I would like to repeat the question that Miller was asked and to which he did not answer: "How long will the state mass media existing on the money of taxpayers and the state throw mud at this state and its people?" When these comrades will answer all the questions asked, then we will not lose information wars. Sincerely.
  20. bp220
    bp220 19 January 2013 02: 25
    the first Chechen was blown due to the fact that they could not establish control over television. then they established and won the second. but here's the problem - now no one watches a zombie box. the Internet is from the enemy. and in general the best tactic of information war is true if all the time you call black white believe all the same they will not and will not even listen. Very often the Kremlin uses the phrase "blatant lie" - a sure sign that everything was so
  21. taseka
    taseka 19 January 2013 05: 22
    To destroy "Dom-2" and "Comedy Club" "Echo of Moscow" - it is strictly forbidden to disgrace military uniforms in the cinema and on stage, to put a phrase on a central channel like "Federals" - and now 50% of victory over the insidious enemy of Russia !!!
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 19 January 2013 05: 31
      Quote: taseka

      Destroy Dom-2
      Yes, house-2 is a harmful show, has an educational value with a big "-"