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Headsets Serdyukov surfaced at the "Northern Shipyard"


Severnaya Verf entered into a contract with a little-known MKS LLC for 40 million rubles. The company must perform work on the under construction corvette "thundering". This document launched the execution of the will of ex-Minister of Defense Serdyukov, who a year ago signed a decision delegating to the St. Petersburg dummy company the exclusive right to equip all ships of the Navy with the furniture of the British firm Strongbox. During this time, the British managed to go bankrupt, and the "ISS" - to change one prescriptive chair for another, but the dubious decision of the Ministry of Defense stood up and began to materialize.

Shipbuilding factory "Severnaya Verf" has concluded a contract with St. Petersburg LLC "MKS" for complex arrangement on the corvette of the project 20380 / 20385. This was reported to Fontanka by the United Shipbuilding Corporation, noting that the contract was signed in November 2012. According to the document, the company Marine Complex Systems will have to perform a number of works on the arrangement of corvette premises, including pouring floors, sewing bulkheads, installing equipment and furniture in 43 residential and office spaceships. Furniture manufacturer, according to the terms of the contract, will become the British company Strongbox.

In total, approximately 20 percent of the interior of the corvette should be “delivered on a turn-key basis” within the framework of this agreement, and the MKS is also instructed to mount the galley and medical blocks. The contract amount is about 40 million rubles. The USC did not specify the name of the ship, however, most likely, it is a question of the thundering corvette laid at the beginning of the year. He is listed in the minutes of the meeting of the competition committee, dated October 2011 of the year.

Competition, which was not

The Fontanka has at its disposal two documents which, in a very interesting way, entrust the comfort and coziness of the entire Navy fleet one company. The first one, dated October 4.10.2011, 20385, is the “Protocol of the meeting of the commission to conduct a competition for the selection of an interior supplier for project 2012”, according to which the company Marine Complex Systems was named the winner. This company will have to equip the premises of the Gremyashchy corvette, which was laid down at the Severnaya Verf shipyard in February XNUMX.

The second document was signed by Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov on November 9 of 2011. it Decision No.235 / 1 / 1 / 5899 prescribes now and forever with the complex refurbishment of residential and office premises of all the ships of the Navy (both existing and designed) use only the furniture of the British company Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD, and the only supplier to determine it is Marine Complex Systems LLC, which is supposedly the exclusive representative of the British in Russia and the CIS countries.

According to these two documents, LLC MKS, although it does not have its own furniture production site in Russia, but its staff has more than 600 people, and the metal furniture that the company offers to purchase from the British has foreign certificates. The decision on complex re-equipment from “Marine complex systems” was signed by Managing Director L. Belous. By the way, the fourth paragraph of the document prescribes the company to organize the production and service of Strongbox metal furniture in Russia by December 2014.

Horns and hooves

According to the register, sea complex systems Ltd. was established in 2007 year. At that time, the only participant, and therefore - the full owner, was Svetlana Reinhardt. The company's activity in the information and analytical system is designated as wholesale trade in construction, plumbing and heating materials. In 2008, the company has a general director, Yana Koptelova, who in April, 2010, suddenly shifts Reinhardt from the position of founder, but in August she returns to the position of general director.

Svetlana Reinhardt's mobile phone number was published in the public domain on the Internet twice. The first time in the announcement of the search for a job of a maid in hotels on the Black Sea coast, the second - in connection with the sale of an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg. Correspondents "Fontanka" came to the owner of the company, which the Minister entrusted the comfort of the Russian fleet, under the guise of potential buyers who are ready to lay out 77 million rubles for 11-meter.

Although the apartment on Tavricheskaya Street made a pleasant impression, it didn’t correspond to the level of the multi-million dollar (even if in perspective) business. Svetlana explained her desire to sell real estate with the imminent upcoming departure for permanent residence in Germany. About business - not a word. About me: "I, in general, do the design." The journalists were about to leave when Mrs. Reinhardt mentioned the name of her ex-husband, who at one time held a high position in Otradnoe. Alexey Belous. Until recently, he headed the municipal council of the city of Otradnoe, Kirovsky district of the Leningrad region, and since the autumn of 2011, he has been a member of the United Russia faction of the Regional Legislative Assembly. But the signature on the decision of the Ministry of Defense is not a deputy, but his daughter Lyubov, to whom we will return a little later.

Having clarified the nominal role of Svetlana Reinhardt in the fate of the “ISS”, we went to a meeting with the General Director of LLC - Yana Koptelova. The head of a large furniture company met us at her workplace - in the treatment room of the Apollo Medical Clinic on Soviet 9. The head nurse confidently stated that for the first time she hears about the Marine Integrated Systems LLC, as well as the names Reinhardt and Belous. The only thing that embarrassed was the woman’s self-control: she showed neither surprise, nor indignation, nor even distrust.

Yana Anatolyevna promised to personally verify the information in the Unified State Register and call back. The call did not wait. But two weeks after the visit, according to the data of the referral system, Koptelova resigned as general director, but at the same time became a member of the LLC. A new leader now became a certain Alexander Volkov. We found him in Pskov, where he, in fact, was born, studied, continues to live and work. We also found the newly appeared head of the ISS at home. Called by phone. Congratulated on the appointment.

- What about? You do not confuse?
- This is not we confuse, it is written in the state registrar.
- Goodbye! - ended the conversation companion.

Write a request

The charter to chase the directors of the ISS, Fontanka took up the question of the legitimacy of the procedure of giving the dubious company the authority of a monopolist in the supply of ship furniture for the needs of the Russian Navy. According to the current legislation, the decision of the Minister of Defense can be executed in two ways. Either through a tender or subcontracting agreements between the shipyard and the furniture company. In search of traces of the contest, Fontanka journalists searched through all the available electronic platforms. Unsuccessfully.
The protocols of the competition commission and the decision on complex re-equipment mentioned initially include the signatures of representatives of OAO TsMKB Almaz, LLC Severnaya Verf, 1 of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, as well as the strokes of the feathers of the commander-in-chief of the Navy then Vladimir Vysotsky, First Deputy Minister of Defense Alexander Sukhorukov and Anatoly Serdyukov himself, now also the former head of the military department. Interestingly, all attempts to talk about the furniture theme ran across a blank wall: “Write a request.” Information letters have been sent. When it came time to demand answers, the design bureau rather illogically stated that it was useless to wait for paper from them - initially it was necessary to apply to the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Severnaya Verf said that the questions asked by Fontanka contain elements of state secrets and should be addressed to the Ministry of Defense.

The conversation with the director of the 1-th Central Research Institute, Andrei Arkhipov, was especially memorable.

- And what do you want from us? he asked the Fontanka correspondent.
- Our query has four questions.
- And ... so you want us to answer your questions?
- Of course yes.
- Well, it's good that you want, but we will not answer.

Such frankness and the laughter that followed her were somewhat discouraged. However, Arkhipov explained that he was not a bully for the sake of, but a subordination for: communication in the press is allegedly under the jurisdiction of a purely Military Training and Research Center "Naval Academy. Kuznetsova. At the same time, the head of the Central Research Institute, whose signature was on one of those documents, himself offered to talk on the phone.

Mr. Arkhipov began his speech with memories of his own years of service in the fleet, when metal furniture was used on ships, and then suddenly they decided to switch to pressed sawdust. “And now we looked at foreign exhibitions, which, it turns out, the world makes metal furniture, of high-quality, on a different level. Let us and we will do the same. That's the whole point on the merits. The MKS firm took up this, it promotes this question, it has a desire, a desire, ”the source demonstrated his skill not to answer the question in detail.

The correspondent of "Fontanka" assured Arkhipov that he fully supports the idea of ​​the comfort of the conditions of service of the sailors of Russia. Only the legitimacy of the procedure confuses. "There was no competition, - the head of the Central Research Institute agreed. - While "MKS" has no rights to anything, and when an order is placed for a specific ship, then a contest for the contractor will be placed within this. And the “MKS” is still acting as a locomotive, driven by this topic, but in fact it still has not a single order, the furniture does not deliver anywhere ”.

- That is, in fact, the competition has not yet been announced, and the winner is already ready by the decision of the Minister of Defense on November 2011?
- The essence of this decision is that since 2013, this furniture should be made on our territory by our manufacturers. This is the main idea. That is, not to buy and take over the ocean some kind of iron boxes, but to do everything with us. This is the most important thing.
- Why did the MKS company have such high confidence?
- This is a well-known organization. They have a complex there, they do the detuning of the whole room, self-leveling floors, insulation, insulation, they just do not do a damn stupa. And they are not only with the military, they are also on the civil line ...
- According to our data, this company is simply fiction.
- Yes?
- Yes.
- Well, maybe. Anyway…
- They have a founder and CEO there who do not even know that they are the founder and CEO.
- Seriously?
“You mean you didn't know that?”
- No, in that case I answer like this: these are issues of our special forces that are called military counterintelligence. Therefore, if these people come to me and say that this is all a linden, then we will not do anything. Actually, we have not done anything yet. This is only paper. And since there are no contracts, nothing can be discussed for a long time.

To the question of the state secret

This conversation took place in April 2012. By that time, more than a month had passed since our request was sent to the Ministry of Defense. In June, when we were already a bit tired of reminding ourselves to the military department, a conversation finally took place with the representative of the press service of the Ministry of Defense. The essence of the conversation gave deja vu, so the officer's heartfelt speech about the benefits of English-made metal furniture had to be interrupted by the same hint of legislation. But if we were ready to forgive Mr. Arkhipov a naive statement about the admissibility of choosing the winner of the competition before it began, then it seemed at least strange to hear something similar from the mouth of an official of the Ministry of Defense.

- Do you at least understand that what you say even sounds illegal?
- Now the tender documentation is under preparation. We liked this furniture, but the Decision didn’t specify what exactly “MKS” would deliver it, it says that we need furniture like Strongbox.
- Nothing like this. In the decision of the Minister of Defense there is no word “type”, there is a clear indication: only Strongbox furniture, and it will be delivered specifically to “MKS”.

It was obvious that for the interlocutor of Fontanka such information came as a surprise, and he asked for a time out to clarify this point, advising, in the meantime, to ask for comments on the first deputy of Minister Sukhorukov, whose signature also stands on the Decision. The request for the name of the right hand of Anatoly Serdyukov we sent 18 June. A week later, Colonel Vitaly Gapon, adviser to the Department of Defense, called. The officer was stern. Due to our ministerial Decision, we were threatened by employees of the 8 department. Apparently, those who are engaged in the protection of state secrets.

Pk Gapon demanded to send the request on a different form and for a more serious signature than the senior editor. We fulfilled Gapon's wishes on the same day, June 27 2012. As of 14 in January of 2013, Fontanka did not receive a response to any of the five requests sent to the Ministry of Defense.

Here the Russian spirit smells

Fontanka repeatedly attempted to talk with the management of Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD. Calls to London became a habit, as well as communication with secretary Julia Leaver, who invariably answered: "Mr. Edmunds went out, call back later," "Mr. Edmunds is having lunch," "Mr. Edmunds has already left, has not yet come." The feeling that the English business is not very different from the Russian one, was once reinforced by the fact that the Fontanka correspondent heard his native speech in the background. After a couple of months it became clear that it did not seem, and in the London office of Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD they really speak Russian.

The British company, which has so attracted Minister Serdyukov, was formed on December 14 2007. That is, two weeks after the registration of the legal entity MKS LLC. The sole shareholder and director of Strongbox Marine Furniture LTD is Stephen Edmunds. Until August 2008, the company was inactive until it acquired the business and assets of Strongbox Technologies Limited, which was in bankruptcy. Since then, the company began to manufacture and install furniture for offshore platforms, civilian ships and warships. Contracts were concluded for the supply of ship furniture for two aircraft carriers of the United Kingdom Navy. At its peak of commercial activity, the company's staff consisted of 26 full-time employees.

These data "Fontanka" became known from the report of the bankruptcy trustee, which with 14 February, 2012 has begun bankruptcy proceedings with Strongbox Marine Furniture... As follows from the document, in 2009 the company decided to expand its sales market abroad. An internet site has been created. With the aim of attracting foreign customers, the company began vigorous marketing activities. In early 2011, Strongbox Marine Furniture entered into the main contract for the production of furniture for the British Navy ships, but due to production delays, it was unable to produce the necessary amount of products to raise money to pay for the installment plan machines and equipment.

Congratulations. You are bankrupt

In 2011, the state of the company's money supply deteriorated so much that By early January, 2012, the company was unable to pay its employees and creditors, as a result, it was decided to seek the advice of specialists. At this point, the assets of the company were valued at 29,5 thousands of pounds, while initially its value was more than 400 thousands of pounds. Liquidation of the company and the sale of property could not cover the debts to creditors. Very helpful with Strongbox Marine Furniture was offered by Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltdwhich as a result transferred thousands of pounds for the assets of 250.

The director of this new company with a vaguely familiar name was at first Julia Leaver, with whom Fontanka had already had contact when she was Stephen Edmunds' secretary. However, as the latter said to our colleagues from the Central Naval Portal, the transfer of its assets from one company to another, as well as the appointment of the bankruptcy administration, are just "reorganization" and "modernization" in connection "with an increase in the need for the shipbuilding industry" for firms' services Stephen Edmunds. The letter received from foggy Albion also lists the projects that Strongbox and Co. intend to work on in 2012-2013: placing furniture on the aircraft carriers Queen Elizabeth, Prince of Wales, and six frigates of the Canadian Navy.

Headsets Serdyukov surfaced at the "Northern Shipyard"
Metal furniture Strongbox Marine Furniture (photo from the company).

Stephen Edmunds did not give information about the upcoming deliveries of furniture for the needs of the Russian Navy, as well as not a word is said about this on the official website of the company, by the way, after the change of names, it remained the same. In addition, MKS LLC is not listed among the Strongbox distributors, contrary to the confidence of the Ministry of Defense. The British have no representatives at all in Russia and the CIS countries. However, Edmunds’s company has one obvious connection with the cradle of the Russian fleet. Immediately after bankruptcy and subsequent modernization, one of the directors of the company was a St. Petersburg-born Eduard Ivanov, and this circumstance leads us to tell about the true owners and managers of the Marine Complex Systems LLC.

And life, and business, and Klebanov

Belous Lyubov Alekseevna was born in Leningrad 30 years ago. Despite her relatively young age, she has been the owner of a 100-meter apartment on Morskoy Prospekt for two years, she prefers to travel on Mercedes and BMW and is holding the position of General Director of Morneftegazengineering CJSC, founded in 2005 by the founder of Warm Home LLC . Both of these organizations, in contrast to the registered on mother Belous "MKS", are quite well-known in professional circles.

Warm Home specializes in thermal insulation. And Morneftegazinzhiniring has a certain reputation, if only because companies were entrusted work on the modernized "Sevmash" for India aircraft carrier "Vikramaditya" (the former "Admiral Gorshkov." - Approx. Ed.). True, they supplied in April 2012, not furniture, as the company specializes in security systems, mainly fire. By the way, last fall airborne cruiser failed sea trials, because seven of eight steam boilers are out of order.

Analysis of the data of the state registrar gives an idea that four people stood at the origins of the first “Warm House”, and then “Morneftegazengineering”: Ruben Metzatunyants, Pavel Zubkov, Vladimir Reznikov and Lyubov Belous. Among the employees is also the same Edward Ivanov, who became a member of the leaders of Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltd.

The lives of all five are quite saturated. Their schedule includes frequent trips to Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Krasnoyarsk and, of course, Moscow. It is worth noting that we did not notice any gender discrimination: Love Belous, on the contrary, often flies around the country on business trips. Among her fellow travelers, we noticed a curious last name - business woman went to white stone in the company of Ilya Klebanov several times. And both when he was the presidential envoy for the North-West Federal District (June-July, 2011), and after being dismissed (from January, 2012).

And now Motsak

Such a close acquaintance of Lyubov Belous with a highly experienced politician who has a wide influence in the military-industrial complex and the shipbuilding industry can explain a lot. That's why when in June of this year, the right hand of Klebanov at the time of his plenipotentiary Mikhail Motsak became the director of ICS LLC, correspondents of "Fontanka" were not surprised. It did not seem strange to us that, in a telephone conversation, the retired Vice-Admiral referred to employment and asked to call back tomorrow. For the next week, assistant Daria answered his mobile and asked to call back later, since the boss was at the meeting. We were persistent and eventually rewarded: Mikhail Vasilyevich answered the phone personally.

However, the conversation with the naval officer - Hero of Russia did not work out. The newly-born director of the MKS told the correspondent that he would not give any comments, because he had already given a thorough interview to one large and respected publication. Fontanka was not lazy and waited for the publication of this publication in the Arkhangelsk regional newspaper Pravda Severa. The material is quite voluminous, therefore we present only the most interesting, in our opinion, fragments.

“The ISS offers a new lightweight and comfortable metal furniture (by the way, it looks due to painting as comfortable as wood), wall panels made of modern non-toxic materials. Cabins, I think, should be equipped with normal household appliances, televisions and computers. ”

“- But they say that an English company - a partner of MSK - went bankrupt ...
- That's nonsense! The British company participates in military shipbuilding for the English, Dutch, Canadian fleets, and also sponsors the polar expedition of the Prince of Wales. Someone just confuses concepts or intentionally confuses people. (...) Or do you think that the fleet of Her Majesty the Queen of England would put herself at risk? .. By the way, for 20 years of operation the company received only one claim from the British navy. And in our company, at the stage of delivery, 20 percent of furniture turns into junk. ”

“- Where and when can production be created?
 - The task is to reach a full cycle in 2014. Now there is a site selection. It is necessary to calculate the logistics, the availability of personnel ... I do not exclude that MSK will cooperate with any of the existing shipbuilding enterprises and will open production at their facilities. ”

“- There is an opinion that foreign technologies are very expensive ...
- Interestingly, how would Marine Integrated Systems win the Almaz competition, where the first criterion was quality, technology level, and the second was its price? They just offered a lower price. ”

After studying this interview, we understood why Mikhail Motsak did not want to talk to Fontanka, we had very different questions. For example, Why does he think that the competition for the selection of furniture for a single 20385 project held by Almaz automatically legalizes the ungrounded decision of the Minister of Defense on the complex re-equipment of the entire fleet? Or why did the competition commission refuse Ares LLC, which has a serious “experience in integrated building of ships and ships”, which has its own production in the Leningrad Region, and made a choice in favor of a company that did not equip a single ship and did not have its own capacities? Given that the "MKS" offered the total amount of 300 thousand rubles less.

Not my question

But Michael Motsak did not want to answer these and other questions. We called the new head of Strongbox Accommodation Furniture Ltd Eduard Ivanov on a mobile phone, he pretended that for the first time he hears not just the “MKS” and furniture, but the UK in principle. Even when we caught him on the phone in the St. Petersburg office of Morneftegazinzhiniring, where, by the way, the Warm Home and the MKS are also located, the conversation still failed.

In May, 2012 was replaced by the commander-in-chief of the Navy. The correspondent of "Fontanka" met at the Palace Square, where he was present at the graduation of the cadets, by the new commander-in-chief, Viktor Chirkov. To the direct question of a journalist the admiral replied that the construction of ships for the Navy is not in his competence. Directly affected by the decision of Serdyukov - ship furniture makers - refused to speak openly about their claims, only in silence complaining about the loss of profits and the dubious reputation of competitors. Even the leadership of the United Shipbuilding Corporation did not find the strength to make an official statement, limiting itself at that time only to the comment "Fontanka" that “USC follows the government’s proclaimed policy on the development in the field of public procurement of the most transparent competition mechanisms, primarily on a competitive basis.”

Worth the candle

To understand the desire of the "MKS" to be on the market of ship furniture, it is enough to realize what amounts are involved. It is clear that the calculations of "Fontanka" can only be approximate. We take as a basis the cost of an already concluded contract. Recall that 40 million rubles - this is 20 percent of the ship. Thus, it can be assumed that the arrangement of the entire corvette will cost 200 millions. It should be noted that the “Thunderer” is a modification of the 20380 project (“Savvy” and “Watchful” already in the Baltic Fleet, three more - in different stages of readiness). According to the modified 20385 project, in addition to Thundering for the Russian Navy, it is planned to create 9 upgraded corvettes, and, according to the Northern Shipyard, the Russian fleet's need for such ships is 20 units.


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        And without hints it is clear who dragged this type to the ministerial chair, who closed their eyes to the collapse of the armed forces, the military education system, to the theft of state money, to whom Serdyukov rushed to excuse himself in the first place, jumping off Vasilyeva's bed, who even before the investigation and trial stated that "the investigation has no complaints against Serdyukov" ...
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  8. zol1
    zol1 16 January 2013 07: 51
    Serdyukov did thieves' affairs not on his own, but under the roof of high patrons who would not let this "Gordian" knot be completely cut.
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 16 January 2013 09: 30
      Quote: zol1
      while under the roof of high patrons

      You are very right. I don’t even love Trotsky, but one of his thoughts is worthy of attention; every 10 years, the top of power must be changed. otherwise, power will be overgrown by nomenclature created from those who hold power
      1. Misantrop
        Misantrop 16 January 2013 11: 00
        Quote: andrei332809
        every 10 years the top of power needs to be changed
        Is that Serdyuk 2 more years to let frolic? Did you take it early? Imagine that he still had time to trick ... winked Or maybe it would be more efficient and cheaper to control what this elite does and does not change in terms of time, but in terms of the effectiveness of the results?

        And on the theme of the design of the cabins, around and so is one worn-out iron, is the furniture the same? Neither lie down, nor sit down, or lean against? Hrenovenko, especially in the winter. Is there really not enough tree in the country to sculpt this orphanhood? No rest, no comfort ... And as for the fire hazard, I can reassure. There are special impregnations and varnishes against burning. And in a serious fire, even steel burns in the conditions of the ship, I saw it myself. And a tree, at the same time, gives honest carbon dioxide, and not a bunch of terrible chemistry, from which the lungs fall out without a satellite
        1. vadimN
          vadimN 16 January 2013 12: 44
          Quote: Misantrop
          And on the theme of the design of the cabins, around and so is one worn-out iron, is the furniture the same?

          Yes, Serdyukov and others like him do not care about everything related to people's lives ... I would go to sea at least once, even for a week, (not to mention a full-fledged autonomous system), I would already think about the quality of life. On surface ships you can still frolic in the fresh air, and on a boat at the end of the first month, the "roof" starts to go ...
          ... I looked at the photo of this same iron furniture and kindly mentioned the cabins of the senior officers of the ships of the post-war construction, the same 68 bis. It seems like people were thinking more about people then ...
          1. vadimN
            vadimN 17 January 2013 19: 01

            The officer's cabin on the BOD "Admiral Kulakov"
            1. vadimN
              vadimN 17 January 2013 19: 03
              The wardroom on the cruiser of the 68-bis project
              1. vadimN
                vadimN 17 January 2013 19: 05
                An example of the situation in an officer cabin on a diesel boat of the 641B project
        2. andrei332809
          andrei332809 16 January 2013 13: 41
          Quote: Misantrop
          What is it, Serdyuk still 2 year to give frolic? Did you take it early?

          Quote: Misantrop
          What is it, Serdyuk still 2 year to give frolic? Did you take it early?

          but what does it have to do with an amoeba. the whole question is that he wasn’t removed until he castrated the army with reforms. and now they say something new, correct it. reminds tudoy-syudy. fix is ​​unlikely to give.
  9. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 16 January 2013 08: 02
    Effective managers, their mother.
  10. belroni
    belroni 16 January 2013 08: 21
    I hope Taburetkin will do his favorite thing - making stools, somewhere behind barbed wire.
  11. Byordovvv1
    Byordovvv1 16 January 2013 08: 35
    Made "thin" Tolik from the RF Ministry of Defense LLC "Vasilisa and K". Definitely for a period of time pulls with full confiscation and compensation for losses of the MO.
    1. folds
      folds 16 January 2013 11: 23
      In his position, such deeds are treason to the Motherland. And in order to compensate for the losses of the MO, it is necessary to take away the money from everyone with whom he shared. How is it possible to let such "respected" people around the world?
  12. 123dv
    123dv 16 January 2013 08: 40
    And what is it like to appoint a firm of a state of a very probable enemy as a contractor for the arrangement of our ships, eh?
    What, we have long battleships against the wall did not explode? ....
    This, by the way, concerns the Mistral ...
  13. fenix57
    fenix57 16 January 2013 08: 56
    Quote: SSI
    Yes, we are not the 37th year (according to the statement of our guarantor). IT'S A PITY! By God, Sorry!

    Yes, in the 37th he was the Big Three and into the pit. And her to the heap:
    1. andrei332809
      andrei332809 16 January 2013 09: 56
      Quote: fenix57
      Yes, in the 37, he’s the Big Three and into the pit

      Oh, where is my childhood in the USSR:
      Marshal takes the parade:
      -Hello, fellow tankmen!
      -Hello! We wish! Comrade! Marshal!
      -Hello, comrade artillery men!
      -Hello! We wish! Comrade! Marshal!
      -Hello, comrades security officers!
      -Hello hello citizen marshal ...
    2. armorboy1
      armorboy1 16 January 2013 15: 20
      if she sits, then only on yuh serdyukova lol
  14. nickname 1 and 2
    nickname 1 and 2 16 January 2013 09: 29
    How much is needed so much and they will dig and spin everything connected with the Stool, but how else? And the sold buildings are cheaper than they should be sold. AND WHO AND WHEN WOULD I BUY THEM AT THIS PRICE? HOW MUCH ESTIMATED THEM! MARKET?
    The stool dispersed some thieves but those whom he left (it was necessary to at least leave someone) were also thieves and more skilled! So what?
    I slept with a woman who said that she was renting this apartment (and that it was necessary to arrange an inspection) or to the Minister of Defense and he should be engaged in sex in the trailer in the wagon?
    Not so simple!
    Let's see how his lawyer Padlo excuse me. Padva will unscrew the stools from all this shit.
    No! not everything is so simple there. And if the "team" sits and looks into your eyes, is ready to go to bed with you at the first hint, and you believe that "women" are not like these "fathers commanders" with whom you manage to talk.
    His mistake is not a mistake, but his misfortune is that he HAD the great GENERALS got to decrease.
    Now Shoigu on the cleared field can organize the device of new military relations or the ARMY LEADERSHIP!
    Do not forget the nightmare that happened (before Serdyukov) in the top leadership of the Army!
    This is my guess.
  15. fenix57
    fenix57 16 January 2013 09: 33
    Quote: belroni
    I hope Taburetkin will do his favorite thing - making stools, somewhere behind barbed wire.

    No time - to return the mortal canyon, execution and "basta karapuziki, - the dancing is over!"
  16. Apollo
    Apollo 16 January 2013 09: 38
    It seems the first landings have begun, I hope not the last! IMHO

    In the "Oboronservis case" the first official of the Ministry of Defense was arrested - the head of the Economic Department

    In the “Oboronservis case” arrested the first official of the Ministry of Defense, the new person involved was the head of the Economic Department (HOUSE) of the military department Nikolay Ryabykh, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

    According to the publication, the official was detained on Monday after interrogation, to which he was summoned in the case of Slavyanka OJSC, which is part of the Oboronservis holding. As a result of the investigation, in 2010, Slavyanka entered into a contract with the Khozu for the maintenance of one of the buildings of the Ministry of Defense in Moscow’s Kolymazhny Lane. Despite the fact that the building was undergoing major repairs and all of its engineering communications were dismantled, Ryabykh in 2010 — 2011 paid more than 50 million rubles for the work and services for maintaining the premises only on paper to the subcontractor Slavyanka - Security and Communications CJSC "(BIS).
    During the interrogation, the official, unlike ex-Minister of Defense Anatoly Serdyukov, did not refuse to testify, but did not plead guilty.

    By a decision of the Khamovnichesky court, which granted the request of the investigation, the head of the Khozu was arrested on Tuesday for two months.

    more details
    1. FID
      FID 16 January 2013 11: 39
      Good afternoon Apollo! Well, this is not landing, detention. Now, if there are courts, and the terms are not "toy" - then, yes! And so, toys, little things grabbed, "scapegoats" are looking for!
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 16 January 2013 11: 54
        Hi all!
        Quote: SSI
        Now, if the courts will be,

        The investigation will take years, then the court itself will go on for the same amount. Padva knows how to "work"
  17. Edge_kmv
    Edge_kmv 16 January 2013 10: 02
    They don’t put him in a fuck !!! HOW IT IS NOT REASURABLE !!! Our government does not need a precedent. The power of his landing admits its failure and inaction (For so many years he has stolen billions and not a single soul has noticed this).
    1. armorboy1
      armorboy1 16 January 2013 10: 51
      If Serdyukov is planted, it will be a great event in Russia - if they Plant Minister of Defense, this will mean that any Edrosovskiy mongrel from the State Duma or the government or from other criminal structures can easily go to the bunk.
      But I doubt that Utya-Putya will be able to plant his colleague. recourse
      1. military
        military 16 January 2013 14: 29
        Quote: broneboy1
        If Serdyukov is imprisoned, this will be a great event in Russia - if the Minister of Defense is imprisoned, this will mean that any Edrosovskiy mongrel from the State Duma or the government or from other criminal structures can easily go to the bunk.

        we will not have any "great events" ...
        Quote: broneboy1
        But I doubt that Utya-Putya will be able to plant his colleague.

        and you do not hesitate ... will not plant ... precisely because they are "colleagues" ...
  18. s1н7т
    s1н7т 16 January 2013 10: 32
    M-yeah. And this is only one ship, and how many more such contracts throughout the fleet, across all the aircraft ?! Yes, actually, throughout the country. Well this is how rich our country is - they’ve been robbing with billions for 20 years, and there’s more! Probably, not one plant could be built, not one aircraft carrier, not one house. Shopipets!
  19. armorboy1
    armorboy1 16 January 2013 10: 49
    Uncle Putya said that now is not the 37th year. ..... And Serdyukov is unnecessary to shoot ...

    And this thing about furniture is still the tip of the iceberg, but how many such frauds have been completed that they don’t know about?
    If military budgets are robbed by scammers, then where will the money come from for new uniforms for soldiers ....
    scary guys very scary what is happening .... all this looting of the highest ranks weakens both the country and the army and navy. This is not mythical America, these are their moral gods who are destroying Russia.
  20. Goldmitro
    Goldmitro 16 January 2013 10: 56
    Yes, we really are not 37th year! The impression is that our society, thanks to the shock implementation of the West's forestry-gamemocratic market philosophy, has at once turned into a society of universal harmony, the highest culture and morality, which has also outlived all human vices and conquered base instincts. This is probably why our Criminal Code does not contain an article on WARMING, which was in the Soviet Criminal Code. How convenient it has become for our officials: appropriate, grab, sell state secrets, destroy the entrusted economy by collusion or bewilderment, take bribes, steal - I don't want to! Not life, but "nirvana". In the worst case, especially those who go too far, are threatened with dismissal from work "for exceeding their authority", or even simply being transferred to another place without loss of salary and privileges, while everything "acquired by back-breaking labor" (stolen) will be saved. Is it any wonder that in our country corruption, theft, irresponsibility, slovenliness have blossomed and bloom lush and will bloom until an article about sabotage with real terms and confiscation appears in the Criminal Code, because all these bureaucratic "acts" in terms of consequences for the state should be considered nothing more than HARMFUL !!!
  21. rennim
    rennim 16 January 2013 11: 16
    Probably they won’t put Tolik ... But it’s a pity. I would be the first swallow on a walk for senior officials ..
  22. IRBIS
    IRBIS 16 January 2013 11: 23
    Based on the materials of this article, five or six people should already be steaming on bunks, but this is not the case. And so far this is no use from any kind of "fight" against corruption will not be. Think about it - no one is afraid of anyone here! They just steal in a brazen way, on a grand scale. They don't even make a foolish cover anymore. What for? Hand washes hand! There are no words to express my personal attitude to what is happening, some interjections and expressions that entail a ban on the site !!!
  23. armorboy1
    armorboy1 16 January 2013 11: 36
    Russia’s banditry has become so widespread that the United States passes the Magnitsky Act to limit the influence and spread of international criminal and corruption structures, which could subsequently threaten US interests.
  24. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 16 January 2013 12: 37
    Yes Serdyukov is to do with it? Who made him minister? For what feats? So many years turned up and Putin-Medvedev did not know? Bugaga.
  25. Fornit
    Fornit 16 January 2013 13: 05
    ... because all these bureaucratic "acts" from the point of view of the consequences for the state should be considered nothing other than HARMFUL !!!

    What are you talking about? This is a betrayal of the motherland! There can be no sabotage at such posts!
    As the GBists of the USSR ... fell asleep, everything else the same way ... For nothing, is there a double pension given ... Forces, you need to strangle your conscience.

    Quote: andrei332809
    -Hello comrades artillery men!

    ... and also the army general! On my forum, even the auto-car lights up ... Isn’t it a shame? Ugh ...
    You can’t take such a disregard for your own language ... And then we blame others, they say - they can do anything. Shame on you, comrade!
  26. ruslan7608
    ruslan7608 16 January 2013 13: 05
    20 years of the colony, with confiscation of property. And so that not only he was taken from him, but also from all his relatives.
  27. Fornit
    Fornit 16 January 2013 13: 18

    Somewhere like that ...
  28. Arthurian
    Arthurian 16 January 2013 13: 32
    I came up with a humane punishment for this gondomes ... burn it at the stake! am
  29. Fornit
    Fornit 16 January 2013 13: 45
    Quote: Arturyan
    .. burn him at the stake!

    in-of ... from defective stools ...
  30. Wolkin
    Wolkin 16 January 2013 16: 25
    ..If Serdyukov will be imprisoned ....

    He shouted at the top of his mouth: “For what ?!” The whole top steals, but should I be blown away alone? Not fair! ...
    Therefore, he is calm.
  31. SEM
    SEM 16 January 2013 18: 07
    It's all in God's hands!!! he didn’t agree with him.
  32. vedruss
    vedruss 17 January 2013 10: 37
    Any result of this story will be an indicator of our power and sovereignty of the country.
    Who the power serves, with whom it is, with us or with them.
    And can we punish our traitors.
    1. armorboy1
      armorboy1 17 January 2013 10: 42
      he and his grandfather hasan, went to the wake
  33. Grigory Ardov
    Grigory Ardov 12 October 2013 21: 40
    To eradicate corruption in Russia, you need to do the following with non-people like Serdyukov - with embezzlement officials:
    1. Immediately arrest and execute, preferably in public.
    2. Make a complete confiscation of property and not only from Serdyuk, but also from his immediate family.
    3. Such relatives themselves - a wife and children, in whose name he stole billions to be imprisoned for 10-15 years.
    This will be true justice! Serdyukov - scum, burn him in hell !!! How will he continue to live with such karma? ...