Russian drones rip open the skin of Leopards

Russian drones rip open the skin of Leopards

Every day, glancing over the headlines of articles in various German publications and encountering a topic related to the events taking place in Ukraine, I am already accustomed to reading yet another copy of the information “gems” of the Ukrainian propaganda machine. Therefore, there is often no particular desire to delve deeply into the meaning of what has been stated. Basically it all comes down to “Putin’s war, Putin’s atrocities on the territory of unfortunate Ukraine, Putin’s untrained and half-drunk army,” etc.

In general, Vladimir Vladimirovich, according to the authors of numerous articles, and even political figures in Germany, has kept up everywhere and has done a lot, as if personally, starting with “Putin’s vaccine against Covid.”

And today, I can’t believe my eyes, published an article by Felix Busjaeger entitled “Easy prey: Putin’s pilots drones hack Tanks "Leopards".

Personally, for the first time during the SVO, I am faced with the fact that the Germans are writing something that runs counter to the theory of the superiority of Western technology over Russian technology, which is about to lead Ukraine to an early victory. It is only necessary to increase military and financial assistance slightly, twice as much.

True, the article begins with the words that

"armed with supplies weapons from the West, President Vladimir Zelensky’s troops have repeatedly pushed back Putin’s army with large-scale counter-offensives.”

But then the author notes that

“At the moment, the front seems to have reached a dead end: Kyiv and Moscow are relying on the use of artillery, but tanks still play an important role on both sides.”

Next, here it is!

“The Leopard-2 tank was perceived as a shock to the Russian troops, since it clearly surpassed its enemy in terms of powerful armor and weapons. But now they say that Putin's army has found a way to defeat armored vehicles: the targeted use of drones has proven to be very successful».

Where is the “peremoga”?

Here-here, don't worry German readers:

“The war in Ukraine has proven extremely costly for Russia in recent months. After heavy fighting, the Kremlin leadership is struggling to find a way to supply troops without resorting to further mobilization.”

And this is also noteworthy, because just recently in Germany they talked about how men in Russia were driven en masse against their will to the front, moreover, untrained and poorly armed.

And of course, Russia is suffering losses, it’s impossible not to talk about this, because it’s not for nothing that Germany supports Ukraine, the defender of European values:

“According to British military experts, in the last three weeks alone, Russia has lost about 200 armored vehicles in the battles for Avdievka.”

Why did the author suddenly remember the British?

The Ukrainians generally wrote that in three days they knocked out 140 Russian armored personnel carriers and tanks...

But let's return to the stated topic of the article.


“Given Russia's heavy losses in the war in Ukraine, the Russian military is likely looking for effective ways to repel the Ukrainian army. The Leopard 2 tank has an effective weapon system that can be used against multiple targets."

Ukraine's hopes before the deliveries were enormous, and within a few days after the use of German tanks they were dispelled, since they (the tanks) were not invulnerable, and the Russian military inflicted losses on the Ukrainians during the counter-offensive in the Ukrainian war.”

And the following is also very interesting: in Germany it was stated that there are no German tanks in Ukraine, there are Ukrainian tanks of German production. Felix Busieger repeats more than once: “German tanks.”

And the phrase about a counter-offensive without specifying from whose side...

Further, the author, surprisingly, notes:

«Vladimir Putin's troops have succeeded in using a new method of targeted tank destruction. Although Russia has already used artillery effectively against the Leopard 2, the new tactics rely on the use of drones.

Stern reports that Russian drone pilots can now target the weak points of Western tanks. Thanks to optimized target impact angles, high success rates are achieved.

In addition to ordinary drones (kamikazes), small quadcopters also pose a danger. As a result of grenades being dropped, tanks become easy prey for them.

Now the Russian attacks drones destroy the myth about the Leopard-2 tanks. It is very likely that Ukraine’s dream of a miracle weapon will fade even more in this regard.”

What is the conclusion from the above?

Gradually, the tone and content of the German information network begins to change. In Germany, the direction of work of the propaganda machine is very strictly defined and controlled. And if we are allowed to notice these changes, then it’s for a reason.

Perhaps in this way they are preparing the German population for the fact that Russia is not losing the war at all?
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  1. +8
    17 November 2023 04: 59
    that Russia is not losing the war at all?
    Do not read German, English or other newspapers at night! No.
    1. -5
      18 November 2023 09: 54
      Has Staver really become anonymous? However, this is an article like his.
  2. +9
    17 November 2023 05: 28
    Perhaps in this way they are preparing the German population for
    Russian tanks on the streets of Berlin...
    1. +1
      17 November 2023 10: 28
      Come on, we still need to restore the paving stones after the tanks in Kuyev soon lol
      1. 0
        18 November 2023 12: 46
        Hey, my friend, a good tank doesn’t spoil the paving stones. Slides along it into a skid. A young driver can ruin the air in the car when he hits the wall.
  3. +3
    17 November 2023 06: 26
    Let's start reading what the Germans write
    President Vladimir Zelensky's troops have repeatedly pushed back Putin's army... The Leopard-2 tank was perceived as a shock to the Russian troops, since it clearly surpassed its enemy in terms of powerful armor and weapons...
    This alone is enough to understand the meaning of the article - Ukrainian propaganda through the mouths of the Germans on the promise of the power of Western weapons, although diluted by the reality that the Armed Forces of Ukraine still did not achieve the results that the West was counting on. The tone of publications is indeed changing and not in favor of Kyiv, but this has not yet affected military assistance and the desire for “victory on the battlefield.”
  4. +4
    17 November 2023 08: 23
    And I want to thank you for the article, because someone really tried and translated what they actually write in the West about their own (and not what is published daily as a translation of Western publications “about fatigue, the desire to stop and the many thousands of losses of the region’s residents”)
    1. +8
      17 November 2023 12: 03
      Dear “Vladimir80”, thank you for your positive assessment of my small work.
      I can’t explain why the article was published without a signature...
      Best regards hi
      1. +3
        17 November 2023 12: 36
        Eugene , hi What kind of patience is needed to sort out such an article and separate the wheat from the chaff. Thanks for the analysis. I don’t go to the German media - they demand money right away. The most notorious scumbags of the media are the Norwegian media. Bleeding from the eyes, I’m waiting for them to change their shoes. It happens to them There are notes of reason in relation to Russia, but so far these notes of reason have not touched the North Military District. good
  5. BAI
    17 November 2023 10: 30
    Perhaps in this way they are preparing the German population for the fact that Russia is not losing the war at all?

    Sooner or later they will face this fact.
  6. +2
    17 November 2023 11: 07
    Question to the editors of "VO". Who is the author of this opus? Missing at the end of the article.
    1. +12
      17 November 2023 11: 45
      Dear "bandabas".
      This opus was written for "" by Felix Busjaeger, and translated for MO, with some comments, by Eugen Renk (Fachmann).
      Best regards hi
      1. +1
        17 November 2023 18: 26
        translated for MO, with some comments, by Eugen Renk (Fachmann).
        For MO?
        1. +3
          17 November 2023 18: 33
          Haha, exactly! It turned out to be a mistake. VO (Military Review).
          Thanks for the tip. hi
  7. +2
    17 November 2023 16: 34
    Indestructible Panzerwaffe, Tiger and Panther tanks, Bolshevik hordes... In my opinion, one to one.
  8. +1
    18 November 2023 08: 07
    Pan is a diagnosis, not only for Ukrainians. But the West is in the subcortex and remembers a lot. Every hundred years remembers
  9. +1
    18 November 2023 10: 11
    Well, everyone understood even before that the Leopard-2 is a tank, of course not bad even in some ways and advanced, but not invulnerable, but those who thought otherwise are certainly surprised, and all these tales about prodigies like javelins and bayraktars just don’t for enlightened people who understand nothing.
  10. +1
    19 November 2023 15: 27
    Bitte glauben Sie mir, die deutsche Regierung spricht nicht für das gesamte deutsche Volk und nicht jeder Deutsche liest diese Zeitungen und schaut deutsches TV. Es gibt noch viele unter uns die klar denken können. wink
    1. 0
      20 November 2023 15: 13
      Vielen Dank für Ihr Kommentar.
      Leider befindet sich die Regierung, Zeitungen und TV in eigener unrealistischen Welt.
  11. -1
    29 November 2023 08: 21
    I'm already tired of all Ukraine loses reported here all the time but no single happening was written that Russian troops suffered loses, too.
    1. 0
      29 November 2023 14: 11
      Unlike you, the losses of the Ukrainian side give us new strength, not fatigue.
      The fact that the Russian army is suffering certain losses is clear to everyone. This is war. And the article you are “commenting” on is not specifically about mutual losses, but about what the German press writes.

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