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Hot southern heads in the USA prepare for civil war

I. Canadian Warrior on the American Battlefield

Mr J.D. Longstreet (Canada Free Press; source of translation - quite seriously talks about the war between America and America:

“You see, America at this very moment is in full swing preparing to start a war with itself a second time. This is not unusual ... We already had two revolutions. You can recall the American Revolution against Britain and the second - the War of Independence of the South, which is often mistakenly called the Civil War in the United States or the War of the Northern and Southern States. "

The author notes the growing tensions throughout the country. Citizens are buying up weapon and ammunition. At arms factories, he writes, "piles of unfulfilled orders have grown." Americans "are preparing for the day when words no longer remain ..."

“The weapon that is in the hands of the civilian population is known to be enough to equip every woman and child in today's America — well over three hundred million.”

And if this is a lot, then in 2013 it will be much more. Manufacturers of "trunks" do not keep up with demand ...

"The very first exchange of fire between government agents and American citizens will be the flashpoint of the devouring whirlwind, which will cover the nation and nullify any possibility that America will be able to restore its former appearance."

What will be the cause of the protracted sharp conflict between the citizens of America, especially with respect to law-abiding and respectable? Perhaps, the southerners still do not like the black president who sat down on the throne for the next four years? Or both Southerners and Northerners agree with Mr. Senator McCain and believe that the past greatness of the United States, with the shame of carrying away the legs from the Middle East, does not remain and a trace - and the fault of that is Obama’s wrong policy, and he must be swept away from the White House, in full according to the Declaration of Independence? Or is someone trying to go contrary to the Constitution, and the citizens do not like it?

The cause of the coming civil war, as J. D. Longstreet thinks (he really wants to think so), can be a dispute between defenders and opponents of selling so-called “assault weapons”, but rather a dispute over the Second Amendment. The author himself is a supporter of America’s internal armaments, and believes that others like him are “determined to defend the constitution against all its enemies, internal and external.” Thus, civilian enemies are appointed — opponents of the private arms trade.

“For those of you,” the author scares the readers, “who allegedly serves society in their positions in Congress: remember, we are closely following your maneuvers aimed at depriving us of our constitutional rights, and we will work tirelessly to ensure the end your career when you next go to the polls. We promise. "

Workers of the media this American calls "idiots" who do not understand that

“... freedom of the press, freedom of speech can be ensured only when the right to possess and bear arms is guaranteed by the Second Amendment. The activities of the press is inextricably linked with armed citizens. There will be no armed Americans, nor will there be an independent, non-state-controlled press. ”

Hot Mr. Longstreet should read Mark Twain's “Journalism in Tennessee”:

“Both pistols struck simultaneously. The editor lost a tuft of hair, and the colonel’s bullet lodged in the fleshy part of my thigh. Colonel scratched his left shoulder. They fired again. At this time, neither one nor the other of the opponents was hurt, but something came to my share — a bullet in the shoulder. In the third shot, both gentlemen were slightly injured, and my wrist was crushed. Then I said that I would probably go for a walk, as this is their own business, and I consider it indelicate to interfere in it. However, both gentlemen convincingly asked me to stay and assured me that I didn’t bother them at all.

Then, reloading the pistols, they talked about the elections and the types of harvest, and I began to dress my wounds. But they, without delay, again opened a lively exchange of fire, and not a single shot was not in vain. Five of the six went to my share ... "

Here it is, an independent, non-state-controlled press (southern), described with a slight sense of humor. The activity of this press is undoubtedly "connected with armed citizens." Such a press in the literal sense of the word creates a "free speech", defining the Second Amendment as the main argument of the negotiations. The one with the adoption of which a whole century has passed since the time of Mark Twain.

“And because of such idiocy, people can cling to each other's throats.

And here we are again ready to arrange internecine strife, brother to brother, because of a question that was resolved two and a half centuries ago, ”wrote the wild Mr. Longstreet.

The question is who will be the first to grapple with whom, the author does not ask himself or his readers. Firstly, it is clear to him who will start. Secondly, readers can guess about this. Who has a weapon, they will start shooting first. Those with hot heads will start. Those who have more ammunition. They always start. Someone always attacks, and someone defends. Everything is simple and scary.

It is unlikely that opponents of the arms trade from somewhere in New York will trample under white flags against Texans or Louisiana residents. But the opposite for some reason seems quite probable. Without white flags, of course.

The author throws in the face of those who “think to disarm” such as he, that, they say, in today's America there has been too much pent up anger. If the weapon dispute goes "beyond the stage of talk", then the violence in the country will reach an unprecedented scale.

Do you know what Mr. J. D. Longstreet makes his article? He is threatened.

Yes, he threatens those who will continue to oppose the "disarmament" of citizens, against the "assault weapons", from which adults and children are shot in terrible regularity in the USA.

At the same time, he is scaring the public that the US arms dispute will quickly turn into a dispute about “will the country continue to exist as a single entity from the 50 states or will it fall into separate states?”

For some reason, he believes that the Americans do not understand this. Probably because he thinks so that many of them are really against weapons.

Especially for these imbeciles, J. D. Longstreet reports that "as soon as a serious struggle begins, there will be no turning back, as there will be no way, and when it ends."

At the end of the article, he says that he does not want war in his homeland. But in his words hard to believe. Rather, this Mr. anticipates the war, gladly writes about it, intimidates his potential adversaries. He waits can not wait for the day when you can start to kill. And when his native southern state finally gained independence from the black president.

One can only ask: hey, boy, and why do you broadcast from Canada?

Ii. On patriotism and constitutionality

The main mouthpiece of the American opposition (or rather, the alarmist-minded opposition, which acts equally against Democrats and Republicans and advocates for the freedom of America and its return to certain values ​​of the founding fathers) - site On the issue of “disarming” US citizens, he adheres exclusively to the Second Amendment of 1791 of the year, allowing everyone to arm. There is such an amendment, therefore, we will all go around with shotguns, pistols, rifles and store at home in the closets of the Glokov and Zig Sauers collections - about the same as Adam Lanza’s mother, a resident of Newtown.

Such logic, in many respects similar to the thinking of aggressive types from the National Rifle Association of the USA (motto: “It is not gun shots, man shoots”), is followed on the above-mentioned website.

After the tragedy of December 14 in Connecticut and after the statement of Democratic Senator Dian Feinstein about the need for prohibitive measures against "assault weapons" on Infowars, many articles of various authors appeared (including those copied from other sources) protesting against the infringement of the constitutional right of Americans on the weapon.

For example, 13 January on the resource was made public article one of the ardent opponents of the "disarmament" of Kurt Nimmo. Obama's preliminary actions (very mild, by the way, formal, and hardly promising almost complete disarmament, which was held in Australia's 1996 year), undertaken in response to public and senate initiatives, including the proposal to disarm those Americans The government qualified as terrorism, a journalist calls "measures aimed at rolling back the Second Amendment."

That is, obviously, even terrorists in the United States should be armed: for this allows them the Second Amendment. Such a wide margin in America is probably the ideal of the authors Here, they deny any reform of Obama, any proposal of Congress. These journalists must be the basis of all the basics of 1791 year. Well, well, guys: why don't you go out on the streets with muskets? Dianne Feinstein does not object to museum exhibits.

In addition to the Democratic Senator Feinstein, who is extremely unpleasant to the author of the article by the mere fact that she “led the newest efforts against the Second Amendment,” and in addition she commands the Senate Intelligence Committee (which also seems to be a sin), Kurt Nimmo is outraged by the fact that US weapons “continue to exploit the Sandy Hook school, along with other armed violence incidents. Moreover, in the opinion of a heated journalistic head, now the opponents of weapons will begin to compile all kinds of lists of enemies “for observation”, thereby achieving certain political goals.

The so-called firearm control, according to alarmist Nimmo, is not at all aimed primarily at protecting children. It is, he angrily remarks, about the removal from office of political opponents. And who sees the Democratic Party as enemies? Who has she actually cornered and designated as disruptive? The author answers his own question: groups of patriots and constitutionalists who "understand the importance of the Second Amendment and its real purpose - armed defense against tyranny."

As in the previous article discussed above, here is a transparent hint of the coming confrontation. Only under threatening constructions this time is laid down a clear theoretical base, whose strong foundation is “patriotism” and “constitutionality”. Comrade Obama is on the other side of the barricades.

Iii. Thirteen sentences

Actually, neither Obama nor the Democratic Party plan to ban weapons. Alarmists sound the alarm only because they are alarmists. They need any reason to show that everything is bad, they were right in their gloomy predictions.

Today we are talking only about the bureaucratic complication of procedures for the acquisition of weapons. It is likely that new strict restrictions on the total number of 13 related to the arms trade will be introduced at the federal level in the United States, and supervision of the circulation of arms and ammunition will also be strengthened. Philip Rucker writes about this in a newspaper. Washington Post, and you can't call it a mouthpiece of alarmism.

The Center for American Progress (CAP) recommends thirteen new proposals for the arms trade to the White House. All these proposals take into account the wishes of the progressive American community.

CAP offers include: the requirement of universal identity checks, a ban on selling military-grade assault weapons and high-capacity stores, upgrading weapons sales tracking systems, and enforcing existing laws. All these proposals will certainly face a tough confrontation between the National Rifle Association and its many congressional allies.

Nevertheless, Obama and Vice President Biden have already expressed support for many of these measures. However, it is still not clear what kind of weapon policy the Congress will ultimately propose.

The CAP recommendations are extensive and present an 11-page report, specifically conveyed last week by The Washington Post. In fact, they represent the policy orientation of Obama and his team, set by the demands of those people who urge him to take some decisive step after the slaughter in elementary school in Newtown.

Nira Tanden, President of CAP, said:

“There (in the document. - O. Ch.) There is nothing that violates the right of people to have a weapon for self-defense. But every day our weapons fall into the wrong hands, and that’s why we consider it important that the president approves this act. ”

The main recommendation of CAP is to require verification of personal data for all sales of weapons. It represents the closure of loopholes that today allow you to buy a face weapon without any questions. This is about 40 percent of all arms sales in America.

The organization would also like to create special lists that would include people previously convicted, persons suspected of terrorism, as well as those who are already prohibited from acquiring firearms.

CAP also calls on the Obama administration to accept Senator Dianne Feinstein’s proposal to ban sales of “assault weapons”. Here we are talking not only about trade. Proposals include a ban on sales, transfer, import and manufacture of military-style military weapons and stores designed for more than 10 cartridges.

Fighters for "disarmament" also believe that firearm dealers must submit to the federal government a list of individuals who have acquired several semi-automatic rifles within five days.

CAP also wants the presidential administration, with the help of health research institutions, including the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, to study injuries and deaths caused by armed violence. Over the years, legislators committed to lobbyists from the National Shooting Association of the United States have blocked spending on bills that restrict these and other institutions from conducting similar research.

* * *

For alarmists as well as southern supporters of independence, it doesn’t matter what Barack Obama says or does, Mr. Biden or Senator Dianne Feinstein. Any initiative of theirs - whether it is a reform of health insurance, complication of procedures for the sale of weapons or a "reset" with Russia - will be met by those who believe that any step of the presidential administration or democratic senators is an anti-constitutional inclination. It is difficult to judge how these protesters behaved, be elected to the presidency of Mitt Romney. Although it is known that the Misters from spoke against Romney in the same way as they did against Obama. They talked about these competitors like this: one is worse than the other.

But if, gentlemen alarmists, America in the difficult days of the crisis cannot put forward a real leader, would you like to think about whether you have a leader at all? If these two nominees - Romney and Obama - are disgusting to you, what can you say about the genius of the war, recognized by a psychiatrist as not quite normal, who ruled the White House before Obama for two consecutive terms? About the man who was not at all against the weapon and who, while still a governor, enjoyed the death penalty, personally attending many? Maybe it is for you a sample of courage, freedom and independence?

Take it easy. The American Civil War does not shine. For a civil war to start in the United States, there must be a civil society divided into two camps. And what is not - that is not. If alarmists are in favor of “muskets” and against the proposals of the CAP and Senator Feinstein, some southerners (from the strength of them will be two thousand two hundred - two hundred fifty), starting with Texans rich in oil, have long been talking about separation from the United States. Will they unite on this controversial basis with alarmists who stand in solidarity with them on the issue of weapons, but are in favor of united America? It's funny and thinking. Rather, the Department of Homeland Security, with the participation of the FBI, the army, and the police, will either send those in small quantities to plastic coffins or to a freshly built GULAG. This is at the worst alarmist scenario.

In America, there is no civil society, but there are only power-separated individuals who are worried about giving Texas too much to America, getting too little in return, and who will not be able to buy a new AR-15 rifle. Third individuals, sucking from a jar of coca-cola, are concentrating on Jennifer Lopez or Tom Cruise.

For example, such a diverse collection of private interests is considered a civil society. Suppose that the US Constitution, pasted over from head to toe, should be maintained forever like the tablets with which the biblical comrade Moses dealt with. After all, this is what other members of the “civil society” who are nostalgic for 1791 want. But is it then necessary to be surprised that the ridiculous example of American democracy, no matter how Washington imposes it, does not take root anywhere? Nowhere, even in the USSR, when under Gorbachev the striped flag pants were in fashion; nowhere, even in America itself, about which the clever psychologist Frankl (a former prisoner of a fascist concentration camp) wrote forty years ago that young people there end up with the loss of the meaning of life.

Observed and translated by Oleg Chuvakin
- especially for
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  1. JonnyT
    JonnyT 15 January 2013 08: 51
    Waiting, hoping and believing! Let the bastards shoot each other! And normal US citizens, brought up and educated, are waiting for a visit!
    1. Reddragon
      Reddragon 15 January 2013 09: 11
      Quote: JonnyT
      And normal US citizens, brought up and educated, are waiting for a visit!

      It seems to me that scientists will go to China, and the bulk to Europe.
      1. Ragnarek
        Ragnarek 15 January 2013 09: 36
        in Europe now is not a cake. take at least French and German caliphates
        1. alex-defensor
          alex-defensor 15 January 2013 18: 22
          Quote: JonnyT
          Let the bastards shoot each other!

          Strongly disagree with the approach. Do not call all Americans scum. Our enemies are the financial and political elite, and not ordinary US citizens.
          1. AndreyAB
            AndreyAB 16 January 2013 10: 57
            But ordinary citizens agree and not only fully support their elite and work for it.
      2. Mairos
        Mairos 15 January 2013 13: 59
        And to us is an international of all colors .. As if your problem contingent is not enough, you know, any nationalities from yourself, you know, some regions
    2. YARY
      YARY 15 January 2013 09: 37
      We are waiting for normal US citizens, well-educated and educated!

      ..... and we’ll get them wet and bury them !!! wassat
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 15 January 2013 10: 18
        Quote: Ardent

        ..... and we’ll get them wet and bury them !!!

        Hi, why is the poster not translated into English? Translate urgently !!!
        1. AndreyAB
          AndreyAB 16 January 2013 10: 59
          Why is it just for Russia.
      2. AndreyAB
        AndreyAB 16 January 2013 10: 58
        So in Russia it is forbidden, but it is allowed in the states, sedition write my friend.
    3. GSH-18
      GSH-18 15 January 2013 11: 13
      It is highly doubtful that a civil war will break out in the states in the near future. The author apparently really wants to take wishful thinking. Everyone has long known that SAMI revolutions do not happen — always someone is actively helping because of the hill (money is information weapons), in this case no one is interested (with a few exceptions) in the American revolution.
      On the face of the internal conflict in the upper echelons, caused by the crisis, great debts and the desire to continue to live without refusing anything. Articles will continue to appear in the press about the imminent and inevitable collapse of the United States. This will not happen for two important reasons: Lenders will not allow you to so easily get away from debt. China will not be allowed to change the United States as a global gigimon.
      1. rolik
        rolik 15 January 2013 11: 31
        There is no civil society in America, and there are only individuals disunited by the authorities who are worried about the fact that Texas gives America too much, receiving too little in return
        It is precisely these individuals who will become the match that will light this bonfire. The American dream is slipping out of the hands, this is already obvious to the inhabitants of this country. This is very unnerving, because there is no hope for the future. Hope for the future is also ruined by the screen on Wall Street, where the US government debt figures are changing. This is the most eloquent evidence of a complete and general bummer in this country.
      2. Mart
        15 January 2013 11: 36
        Take it easy. The American Civil War does not shine. For a civil war to start in the United States, there must be a civil society divided into two camps. And what is not - that is not. If alarmists are in favor of “muskets” and against the proposals of the CAP and Senator Feinstein, some southerners (from the strength of them will be two thousand two hundred - two hundred fifty), starting with Texans rich in oil, have long been talking about separation from the United States. Will they unite on this controversial basis with alarmists who stand in solidarity with them on the issue of weapons, but are in favor of united America? It's funny and thinking. Rather, the Department of Homeland Security, with the participation of the FBI, the army, and the police, will either send those in small quantities to plastic coffins or to a freshly built GULAG. This is at the worst alarmist scenario.

        This excerpt from my article.

        Quote: GSH-18
        It is very doubtful that civil war will soon break out in the states. The author apparently wants very much to wishful thinking.

        And this is from your comment.

        Try to compare one with the other.
        1. GSH-18
          GSH-18 15 January 2013 11: 42
          Quote: Mart
          And this is from your comment.
          Try to match one to the other

          We have similar views on this topic.
          Means Mr. J. D. Longstreet

          What do you want to say?
          1. Mart
            15 January 2013 11: 48
            It seemed to me that the phrase "The author apparently really wants to take wishful thinking" is addressed to me.
            1. GSH-18
              GSH-18 15 January 2013 11: 52
              Quote: Mart
              It seemed to me that the phrase "The author apparently really wants to take wishful thinking" is addressed to me

              I apologize. Not specified immediately.
              1. Mart
                15 January 2013 11: 53
                Everything is good. Thanks for the answer.
                1. 755962
                  755962 15 January 2013 23: 41
                  US Army sets suicidal record
                  The U.S. Army faced a record number of suicides among military personnel in 2012. The number of those who committed suicide was 349 - that is, almost one soldier per day, reports AP, citing data from the Pentagon.

                  This is the highest figure since 2001, when the US Department of Defense began to conduct such statistics. Even in the fighting in Afghanistan last year, fewer soldiers died - 295.

                  1. Botanologist
                    Botanologist 16 January 2013 00: 10
                    US Army faces record suicide among military personnel

                    The USA is a truly ruthless society. We often represent them on the site as ruminants, drinking Coca-Cola, or ignoramuses that hate the whole world - but this is too simplistic a view. The sweatshop system still works there, there many people are stuck in loans, like flies on a web. And there, if you went to service, all the veins will be pulled out. Interested in your stamina, your place in the ranks. And then - at least die, at least to a monastery, just do not bother politicians to continue to fool the people. And all this under constant conversations about democracy, the greatness of America, concern for the whole world ...
                    In this respect, our authorities are much more honest with citizens - at least they do not force themselves to love. We scold everyone, both the authorities and our neighbors, but at least we know that we will defend our home, our country - whatever it is. And there people get lost in street gangs, but the propaganda is so foolish that they are ready to take pride in "defending American values" from the garbage. That's what's crooked and sad. And it causes a bad feeling of some kind of contempt, or something.

                    But the revolution will not be there, it is a fact. Everything will be very different, which we will see soon.
  2. Lantau
    Lantau 15 January 2013 09: 03
    I want to feel sorry for them, but it doesn’t work.!
    1. rolik
      rolik 15 January 2013 11: 33
      Quote: Lantau
      I want to feel sorry for them, but it doesn’t work.!

      Precisely, the pity for some reason doesn’t turn on. Although our people always had an elevated tone of sympathy.
      1. savarineko
        savarineko 15 January 2013 20: 01
        Apparently they spoiled us for so long that our sympathy expired ...
      2. phantom359
        phantom359 16 January 2013 01: 54
        rolikThey will not regret you. Iraq showed it and they don’t even hide it. Therefore, the pity does not turn on, especially after watching their films, where they show us, all respect for them disappears.
  3. подводник
    подводник 15 January 2013 09: 08
    Although, of course, I want to throw a little pepper under the Americans' tail
    , but I consider this option for the development of the current situation in the country of Amerkans as sci-fi nonsense.
  4. Reddragon
    Reddragon 15 January 2013 09: 16
    Who is first? Texas with its oil reserves and tax-strangled and 5 Native American states.
    The question is how they will share public debt.
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 15 January 2013 11: 20
      Quote: RedDragoN
      The question is how they will share public debt.

      No way. Abandon the succession and adios Amigo! laughing That's why they want to dump, so that they do not pay debts. And you say a freebie, a Russian national invention!
  5. Yves762
    Yves762 15 January 2013 09: 26
    I would like to, but not worth it ahead of time "for peace" to raise stop ... Perhaps everything is much simpler: the gun lobby decided to seize the moment and showed the hamsters a "shortage" yes ...
  6. Ragnarek
    Ragnarek 15 January 2013 09: 37
    Freedom Texas !!! urgent need to provide a no-fly zone over Texas
    1. Illuminati
      Illuminati 15 January 2013 09: 44
      Quote: Ragnarek

      Freedom Texas !!! urgent need to provide a no-fly zone over Texas

      I think the United States should not break up
    2. Onotollah
      Onotollah 15 January 2013 09: 55
      Quote: Ragnarek
      Freedom Texas !!! urgent need to provide a no-fly zone over Texas

      First, residents of the United States need to properly arm themselves, including with assault weapons, then start a civil war and slightly (by 50 percent) reduce their numbers. After that, you can give Texas freedom and introduce a no-fly zone. lol
    3. Karlsonn
      Karlsonn 15 January 2013 12: 40
      Ragnarek hi

      Quote: Ragnarek
      Freedom Texas !!! urgent need to provide a no-fly zone over Texas

      urgently need to arrange stuffing cartridges trinitrotoluene, for their further distribution among US citizens!
      1. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 15 January 2013 14: 28
        Quote: Karlsonn
        urgently need to arrange stuffing cartridges trinitrotoluene,

        Self-taught saboteur laughing hi
        1. Karlsonn
          Karlsonn 15 January 2013 14: 48
          Ruslan67 hi

          but no stop professors taught me! bully
          although I have an anarchist cookbook of course wink
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 15 January 2013 14: 58
            Quote: Karlsonn
            professors taught me

            Tydy Oh wassat I feel zvezdets America am laughing
            1. Karlsonn
              Karlsonn 15 January 2013 15: 17

              stepping on the throat of your own song on this

              Quote: Ruslan67
              I feel zvezdets America

              I will say:
              - it’s better not to, it will ricochet so much that it won’t seem enough.
              1. Ruslan67
                Ruslan67 15 January 2013 15: 22
                Quote: Karlsonn
                - it’s better not to, it will ricochet so much that it won’t seem enough.

                Perhaps, but to whom it is easy now request Do not save them because of this negative better to prepare and not miss the moment soldier
                1. Karlsonn
                  Karlsonn 15 January 2013 16: 42
                  Quote: Ruslan67
                  better to prepare and not miss the moment

                  I'm always ready! soldier
                  tinned meat and iron are buried near a neighbor in the garden, the garden is periodically watered with fuel oil, in order to avoid and for prevention bully
          2. Nuar
            Nuar 17 January 2013 16: 22
            Quote: Karlsonn
            although I have an anarchist cookbook of course
            dunce, you do not wipe this phrase!

            Guys, be careful, you have something - keep yourself quiet. There is no need to give extra reasons to "law enforcement" bodies.
  7. vladds
    vladds 15 January 2013 09: 41
    I think so!
    Right now they’re buying tons, then another series of firing at schools and families will take place, and then they will take away weapons! then chaos and permissions
    and on wearing permission from the new president and again buying up arms
    Business however! :)
  8. Petrovich-2
    Petrovich-2 15 January 2013 09: 47
    In America there is no civil society, but there are only individuals separated by power

    Author, said very accurately! America is a network structure, such as Amway, Herbalife ... and has created a global network business.
  9. Bambino
    Bambino 15 January 2013 09: 56
    Amer will not take his ass from the couch and the zombie to drive out the ZOG that has settled in the Capitol so that further the government will have them as it wants bully
  10. Clueless
    Clueless 15 January 2013 10: 11
    as if it’s difficult to make one out of 2 x 10 and charging stores with one for 18-20 rounds, especially considering that even for our Saiga and Boar there are imported stores for 10 rounds, but you remove a couple of limiters and get 20 :)

    Yes, and then change shops is a matter of seconds

    purely populism in the United States suffers politicians
  11. densar
    densar 15 January 2013 10: 27
    It’s difficult to judge such an article, sometimes the author himself is ironic ... A lot of screaming, a lot of noise, and things are still there ... There were weapons, there were demonstrations - what America 70s - 80s cost, but it didn’t fall apart .... So, what! And the fact that the bulk is better to eat popcorn and drink Coca-Cola, so this is everywhere ... But in general it is, America is a country of bandits, murderers and thieves. This can be seen from American history, and democracy is a convenient word and nothing more ... Therefore, the article is ambiguous.
  12. bdolah
    bdolah 15 January 2013 10: 35
    Yes, there will be nothing there, since the system of suppressing any discontent they have worked out clearly, the truth is veiled under all sorts of harmless initiatives, but nonetheless .... But I would like, for my personal taste (I do not impose anyone on anyone) in the world it would be much cleaner and easier to breathe.
    1. Guun
      Guun 15 January 2013 10: 48
      If they suppress it, they won’t show it on the media, they’ll say what the film is saying on the Internet. Forget about the flu, it cuts down the number of citizens of the high school closed because of the mass flow of people, they treat only those who have time, the vaccine they have hmm ... ended .And immediately 50 states, smacks of the elimination of the disadvantaged and the poor.
  13. volcano
    volcano 15 January 2013 10: 55
    I’m interested
    If a civil war starts in the United States (which of course is unlikely, but still) and chaos, then what about their nuclear arsenal?
    I think it will be urgent to send troops to take them under control, so that they do not fall into the hands of "terrorists" wink
  14. Cavas
    Cavas 15 January 2013 11: 10
    Take it easy. America’s civil war is not shining. In order for a civil war to begin in the USA, there must be a civil society divided into two camps. And what is not - that is not.

    Large American cities, which the world is used to watching with envy, are now turning into gangsters infested with gangs with an overwhelming crime rate. Cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Camden, East St. Louis, New Orleans, and Auckland were once boiling with economic activity, however, when the industry disappeared, the poverty of these communities grew rapidly, as did crime. Meanwhile, financial problems have caused all these cities to significantly reduce their police forces. Unfortunately, the same picture is repeated in hundreds of communities across the country.

    In recent years, due to financial difficulties, large-scale police budget cuts have taken place in Chicago. At the same time, gang activity has noticeably increased in the city.

    As a result, Chicago became well-known for murders and violence. In 2012, the level of homicides in Chicago increased by almost 2011% compared with 17, and now Chicago is considered "the deadliest city on the planet."
    It is hard to believe, but the number of murders in Chicago in 2012 almost equaled the number of murders in 2012 in an entire country, such as Japan.

  15. Asgard
    Asgard 15 January 2013 11: 18
    If there is a weapon, then It will shoot (folk wisdom)) Russian People cannot do anything here, Americans will shoot each other for food, and besides, TV and the media are brainwashed that this is how conflicts with the government and "bad" neighbors should be resolved. ...
    Peace be upon America ...
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 16 January 2013 15: 07
      If there is a weapon, then it will shoot (folk wisdom)) Russian people here can not do anything,

      But in Russia it is not? Count the number of rifled and smooth-bore hunting weapons in the population ...
  16. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 15 January 2013 11: 40
    By the way, it was the American people who could not believe for a long time that the USSR had collapsed !!! If you remember, everything collapsed so quietly that we didn’t feel almost human losses, but the United States will be left in the blood! ....... Of course, they will not show this to us on the Air Force, but multiply by 3 hi
    1. Ribwort
      Ribwort 15 January 2013 12: 03
      Quote: Strezhevchanin
      With us, if you remember, everything collapsed so quietly that almost human losses were not felt.

      But in the full sense over the next twenty years ...
  17. sergeybulkin
    sergeybulkin 15 January 2013 11: 43
    Such a quantity of weapons will ultimately lead to anarchy and general slaughter! Unhappy poor Americans do not understand that they have already dug their graves! sad
    1. GSH-18
      GSH-18 15 January 2013 12: 10
      Quote: sergeybulkin
      Such a quantity of weapons will ultimately lead to anarchy and general slaughter! Unhappy poor Americans do not understand that they have already dug their graves! sad

      Do not bury them ahead of time. A country that has come up with how to throw the whole world to loot is capable of much. It is better to be a realist rather than a conjuncturist.
        SASCHAmIXEEW 15 January 2013 15: 35
        It was not the country that came up with it, but the liquid-liquid leadership, Jewish bankers, they are throwing their own country, where does such an external debt come from? And you think, who will benefit from the collapse of the country, if not the Jews, the country will survive! These bugs will turn out!
    2. PSih2097
      PSih2097 16 January 2013 15: 10
      Unhappy poor Americans do not realize that they have already dug their graves

      I don’t know about the graves, but there were plenty of coffins ...
  18. gladiatorakz
    gladiatorakz 15 January 2013 12: 08
    "This American calls the media workers" idiots "who do not understand that" I was abused! Are the journalist workers already media workers? So you can say: office plowmen or hard working days of glamor!
    For some reason, the word hard worker is associated with agriculture, miners, builders, fishermen, workers of the north.
    And so the meaning of the article could fit in 2-3 sentences.
  19. densar
    densar 15 January 2013 12: 43
    This has already happened in America more than once, but it still stands, and so far all these statements look at the level of "Shouting into an empty tunnel." Here in Detroit, an exhibition of cars took place! ;) And what a devastation let's say two years ago. I don’t think that it’s better now, but the exhibition of cars has passed and not some kind of ... And this is pure finances and injections, so for now, only more screaming and hopes that they will be worse.
    1. Cavas
      Cavas 15 January 2013 15: 00
      The middle class in the United States has been systematically destroyed, and no one is doing much of nothing to stop it. Our incomes are shrinking, our income share of the pie is at an all-time low, our jobs will be sent overseas, the burden of debt has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights and millions of former middle class Americans have fallen into poverty. America was once the largest and most vibrant middle class the world has ever seen, but now it is rapidly shredded. Unfortunately, this is especially true for young Americans. Today, families who have a head of household who, at the age of 30, have a poverty rate of 37 percent. This is amazing. The truth is, there aren't enough decent jobs for the horde of young people who enter the market each year. Once upon a time, college education was only about a guaranteed ticket to the middle class, but in 2011 more than half of all college graduates under the age of 25 were either unemployed or part-time. Unfortunately, statistics tell us that the younger you are, the less likely you are to be able to live the "American Dream." Almost half of the country already lives with a family that receives direct financial assistance from the federal government, and this percentage is growing every day. We are rapidly transforming from a country of middle class citizens to a country of poor families by government. Unless drastic changes are made, America's middle class will continue to decline every year. What would our society look like if the middle class disappeared at some point?

      Below are 60 facts that prove that the middle class in America is being destroyed ...

      No. 1 According to the US Census Bureau, the middle class takes home a smaller share of the total revenue pie than has ever been recorded.

      # 2 As the middle class shrinks, more Americans than ever were forced to become dependent on the federal government. Federal budget spending on social programs reached nearly a trillion dollars a year, and did not even count on social security or Medicare. Social security spending is currently 16 times more than the “war on poverty” began.

      The # 3 average US household income fell for four consecutive years. Altogether, declined by more than $ 4000 over this period of time.

      The No. 4 US economy continues to bargain good jobs for low-paying jobs. 60 percent of jobs lost during the last recession are in the middle of wage jobs, but 58 percent of jobs created since then have been low wage jobs.

      # 5 The number of Americans living in poverty has increased by more than 15 million since the turn of the century.

      The No. 6 number of American food stamps has grown from 17 million in 2000 to more than 47 million today.

      # 7 Back in the 1970s, about one in every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today, approximately one out of every 6,5 Americans is on food stamps.

      Original: http: //

      1. densar
        densar 16 January 2013 04: 00
        In America there are statistics on which he - the people of the United States, has long been over. Statistics for the poor class, for the middle class. for the rich. While these are not arguments! These are stories ... I sit reading statistics, but the meaning. The point is not once again that it’s better there, but that there’s nothing good here either, for a bigger chance. And sitting and hoping according to statistics that it will become bad there - is it meaningful? Let America deal with this by itself. I don’t live in this country and I don’t see the point of "fortune telling on the coffee grounds". If, in addition to statistics, you cannot give specific dates, then the semantic load, as I said, is a cry in an empty tunnel, your post does not carry! By specific dates, I mean, let's say February 1, 2013 in America Kerdyk. :)
  20. Bubo
    Bubo 15 January 2013 13: 38
    Perhaps not in the subject, but I recommend following the link to the site from the article If anyone knows English, it is easy to understand the meaning of the article "Report says Assad residing on Russian warship", just a plague, and this is presented to the citizens of the southern states, and the rest of the states. Just fucking wassat
    For those who find it difficult to translate, the meaning is that Assad takes refuge on one of our warships, and flew by helicopter to a recent rally in Syria where he spoke to the people. Plague!

    And nevertheless, judging by the comments, either adequate people gather on the forum, or amers who are not so stupid people, the overwhelming majority approve of the presence of our ships and are negatively disposed towards the "opposition" and call it nothing other than those associated with al-Qaeda "rebels" - rebels, bandits.

    I am surprised what
    1. ksandr45
      ksandr45 16 January 2013 09: 20
      Rather adequate, as on this site. But if you go to say in the news on then there are so many liberals that there is no patience to communicate with them. There are even those who already broadcast from America itself, well, as they say, they tell how wonderful they are there, nor any problems.
  21. merkel1961
    merkel1961 15 January 2013 13: 40
    Personally, it’s exactly violet to me how the States will reach kirdyk, the main thing is to take their nuclear weapons under our control through the UN in a timely manner.
  22. vladek64
    vladek64 15 January 2013 14: 14
    America’s civil war is not shining. In order for a civil war to begin in the USA, there must be a civil society divided into two camps.

    And if you help? wink
    They help us ...
  23. Egen
    Egen 15 January 2013 15: 26
    IMHO somewhat not quite so. Recently there was an article here, I already wrote in the comments, well, let me repeat it.
    I lived in America - in Arizona, this is the most cowboy state, whatever they think about Texas. Texas is the most independent :) So in Arizona, the people - except in large cities such as Phoenix, where the townspeople are understandably somewhat obese :) - is full of weapons. In the outback, they simply walk openly with revolvers such as a show-off. But there, and crime is the lowest in the states. That is, the possession of weapons disciplines the person himself and is a deterrent to bandits. This time.
    I watched the series "Children of Anarchy" about rockers - arms dealers. It is clear, the movie, but I think not far from the realities, given the articles about the gang. The bandits have a lot of weapons underneath the floor and everything. And the adopted laws are aimed at arms trade, i.e. legal turnover, i.e. - against the possibilities of protecting their own citizens from bandits. They say that they are against idiots with weapons - but in a country where there is a huge illegal circulation of weapons, it is simply stupid to say that someone cannot get it if he wants to. Therefore, IMHO, all these statements about caring for the people are just populist chatter for earning points.
  24. Kibl
    Kibl 15 January 2013 15: 50
    And it crossed my mind thinking that the shootings in Amer’s schools, campuses, supermarkets are not accidental and they aren’t frostbite. These are targeted actions of the authorities, firstly to justify the existence of a large repressive state apparatus, all kinds of special workers and others. Secondly, it is beneficial for manufacturers and their lobbyists who sit in the Senate and Congress, there is a circle and closed, started with the authorities and ended. And in conclusion Well, there are a lot of people in the USA, there is a systematic shooting, the strongest will survive, and the easiest way is to shoot children in schools and kindergartens they cannot arrange a circular defense. And no one would ever think of taking Langley, the headquarters of the FBI or a military base with an attack! And then the children, EASY!
  25. SAVA555.IVANOV
    SAVA555.IVANOV 15 January 2013 16: 48
    Quote: KIBL
    And it crossed my mind thinking that the shootings in Amer’s schools, campuses, supermarkets are not accidental and they aren’t frostbite. These are targeted actions by the authorities, firstly to justify the existence of a large repressive state apparatus, all kinds of special forces and others

    Our guardians are pursuing the same goal for selling weapons to the population, in a word, provocateurs.
    GOLUBENKO 15 January 2013 17: 00
    Hmm, in any other country that the Americans consider "undemocratic" would hold a popular referendum on the issue of banning the free sale and carrying of firearms.
    But, for SyShyA, this is unacceptable for them, after all, the most shitty democratic shit in the world. And so nothing has changed. And we Russian people knowing the quote of our classic that the gun hanging on the scene will certainly shoot, you just have to wait. When the unemployed youth of SyShyA get tired of playing shooters on computers, they will really see the streets wet, which is happening now in isolated cases, but regularly.
  27. homosum20
    homosum20 15 January 2013 18: 49
    It’s nice to read a comment on an article you haven’t read. They do not annoy juggling - I didn’t read the original. Quotations consisting of one sentence are not angry at all (this is called taken out of context), and, in principle, already from the third line you understand that the commentator does not like the position of the author, the author himself, who advocates the free sale of weapons, does not like. the pacifist commentator doesn’t like it so much that he would have shot the author himself. And it’s completely clear what point of view they want to impose on me.
    It’s probably nice to write such articles. The commentator kicks the author as he wants, but he cannot answer, and a feeling of the commentator’s rightness and strength is created. But I note - only at the commentator himself.
    Honestly, I’m tired of the persistence of a group of people convincing me that I don’t need weapons.
    Moreover, they have it. They even have a whole army of armed people who are unable to defend the country (for now, they say), well, they will certainly be protected from me. And the more successful, the less armed I am.
    The less there will be violence in the country. Apparently, they believe that only they know the definition of "State is an apparatus of violence."
  28. Alexej.Taran
    Alexej.Taran 15 January 2013 19: 09
    “People in various provinces are strictly forbidden to wield swords, short swords, bows, spears, firearms and other weapons. Such possession of weapons complicates the collection of taxes and duties and contributes to the emergence of uprisings ”- Toyotomi Hideoshi, shogun (1588 p.)
  29. SA23WSGFG
    SA23WSGFG 15 January 2013 19: 19
    Have you heard the news? The Russian authorities are already insolent in the end. They made this database
    where you can find information about any resident of the Baltic countries.
    really was very surprised
    there are a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos are different
    character) - I wonder where they dug up this. In general, there are good sides - this
    Information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...
  30. Mikhail3
    Mikhail3 15 January 2013 22: 41
    A very strange article. "The war will start ... because the weapons will be taken away." How does the first part of the message relate to the second? Logically - nothing. The fact is that in America there are a lot of weapons that people buy. They are eagerly, impatiently buying. Another fact is that the war is knocking on their doors, everything is saturated with the expectation of war. And the author's conclusion - the war will be because they will try to take away the weapon!
    I'm sorry ... People are waiting, they are afraid of war ... and they call her. That is why everything was so tense there. What does this mean, proceeding from logic and not from the result previously accepted by the author? This suggests that the Americans do not hope to solve their problems without weapons, and they do not rely on the authorities. Are they going to fight the authorities? What is called "assault weapons" in the article and in their media, the military generally calls light small arms.
    And a long time ago we conducted research (with pleasure using different countries that were not lucky to get their attention as training grounds), which say that citizens with a light rifle mark pose no threat to the army. That is, what do we have?
    A huge social tension has accumulated in the country, which primarily indicates that its social model is currently deeply vicious. And citizens are going to defend themselves (in large numbers), or to attack, because they do not see a solution outside the fray, i.e. the methods of solving problems worked out in the state are fundamentally inoperative.
    So there will be no revolution in America. But the lawyers will be killed, for sure. And there are many more, from those who so jealously defend the American state model. All this was prepared by decades of lies, robbery of other countries, psychoprocessing of its population, a terrible model of "American success" ... BAM, of course, there will be. The main thing is not to get too splashed.
  31. Glenn witcher
    Glenn witcher 16 January 2013 11: 00
    Just put a picture with Senator Feinstein. Let lie down, okay? wink

    From here: