Bloomberg: The United States deployed the nuclear submarine USS Florida SSGN-728 in the waters of the Persian Gulf to “contain” Iran

Bloomberg: The United States deployed the nuclear submarine USS Florida SSGN-728 in the waters of the Persian Gulf to “contain” Iran

The US Navy has deployed the Ohio-class nuclear submarine USS Florida SSGN-728 to the Middle East; the submarine will be stationed in the Persian Gulf to deter Iran. Bloomberg reports this.

According to the American agency, citing sources in the Pentagon, the nuclear submarine arriving in the region will be in the waters of the Persian Gulf to “contain” Iran. The United States hopes that the presence of a nuclear submarine with a large number of cruise missiles on board next to Iran will convince Tehran not to get involved in the conflict. By the way, you can determine which missiles a US Navy strategic nuclear submarine is carrying by its number and abbreviation. For example, the same submarine Florida has the number SSGN-728, where SSGN indicates that it is a carrier of cruise missiles. If the abbreviation SSBN is present, then the submarine carries ballistic missiles.

As previously reported, the USS Florida SSGN-728 submarine is one of four Ohio-class submarines specially converted from strategic nuclear missile submarines with 24 Trident intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads to carry Tomahawk cruise missiles. The submarine is equipped with 22 launch silos (cups) for 7 missiles each. In total, the submarine could carry up to 154 cruise missiles, but most likely there are no more than 98, since the eight launch silos are usually used as compartments for storing weapons and special equipment for special operations forces (SEALs).

This submarine is strategic and has two crews, Blue and Gold, who replace each other. The submarine is a frequent visitor to the Middle East; in April 2018, this nuclear submarine was discovered in the Mediterranean Sea by a Black Sea frigate fleet "Admiral Essen", part of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy, then continuously accompanied her for two hours, holding her at gunpoint.

The arrival of this submarine in the Middle East was announced by the US Central Command on November 5. It was assumed that the submarine would join one of the two US Navy aircraft carrier groups located in the region.
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    1. +1
      7 November 2023 14: 30
      I wonder how long it takes to launch all 154 rockets?
      2 compartments out of 24 are actually used by SEAL special forces.
      1. +1
        7 November 2023 18: 24
        Americans do not practice mass rocket launches. I won’t say anything about missile defense, but ballistics for sure. We launched 16 ballistic missiles in one gulp, one after another, from the SSBN Project 667 BDRM. The operation was called “Behemoth” and that was on the second attempt, and they fired up to 4 missiles with Maces. The Americans have a maximum of 3 missiles, and they have 24 missiles on board, try to keep the boat at a given depth, with a massive reduction in displacement.
    2. 0
      7 November 2023 14: 30
      Bloomberg: The United States deployed the nuclear submarine USS Florida SSGN-728 in the waters of the Persian Gulf to “contain” Iran

      It is necessary to send Iran a couple of “Physicists-2” (“Case”) through the Caspian Sea so that American nuclear submarines do not feel safe in the Persian Gulf...
    3. +4
      7 November 2023 14: 31
      Not the best idea from the point of view of secrecy: in the event of a clash, there is a high chance of her death.
      1. +1
        7 November 2023 16: 32
        Quote: Ezekiel 25-17
        Not the best idea in terms of stealth

        Placing a submarine in the Persian Gulf, right under Iran's nose, is like climbing into the mouth of a tiger. Probably they are simply confident that Iran will not enter into conflict. Although I wouldn’t relax so much if I were in the USA.
        1. +1
          7 November 2023 18: 22
          Who said it would be in the Persian Gulf? Most likely it will be somewhere in the Arabian Sea; the range of the “tomahawks” will be quite enough.
    4. +2
      7 November 2023 14: 32
      the submarine will be in the Persian Gulf to contain Iran
      Will American cruise missiles convince Iran not to get involved? Iran itself is not yet getting involved without American “horror stories,” and if it suddenly makes such a decision, it is unlikely that the American nuclear submarine will frighten it. But her presence can make her angry, and even with direct threats. The United States still believes that it is enough to bring the AUG and nuclear submarines to the hot region and everyone will tremble with fear and run to bow. Not those times anymore. The North Korean leader has proven this in practice.
    5. +2
      7 November 2023 14: 37
      It’s better to float on the surface in the Persian Gulf, otherwise underwater it will collide with those coral pillars that Jacques Cousteau discovered a long time ago - and the Third World War is not far away. But don’t feed Americans bread, especially under water.
    6. +1
      7 November 2023 15: 49
      They would also be placed in the Sea of ​​Azov to contain Russia.
      And with some efforts from the Persians, the Persian Gulf may not even emerge. With a high probability.
    7. +1
      7 November 2023 17: 22
      I felt sorry for our submariners who came across this note. Laughter to the point of colic can turn into a need for outside help. It’s good that they don’t hire idiots as submariners. And it’s easy to become a journalist.
    8. +1
      7 November 2023 18: 18
      It has now been confirmed that the nuclear submarine Florida was sent to this area, which is one of four boats converted to carry cruise missiles, and not a carrier of ballistic missiles.
    9. +2
      7 November 2023 21: 29
      This submarine is a strategic...
      There is no such classification. This is a nuclear submarine with cruise missiles on board. Ships (submarines) with ICBMs/SLBMs become “strategists” if they carry missiles with a launch range of more than 5000 km.
      Thus, the OHIO class SSBN is armed with 24 x TridentII SLBMs, the D-5 complex with a flight range of more than 8000 km. According to our concepts, this is a strategist.
      SSGN "Florida" carries 154xTamohok with a firing range of 1600 miles. CRBD Tamohok is an OTRK, although it carries an SBP. SSBNs, located in any area of ​​the Ocean, reach with their weapons a country on any continent. But Florida is not. Only for 2800 km. A launch range of 5000 km or more is defined as “intercontinental” in the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty. This is true both for sea, air and land.
      Therefore, sailors are grading carriers according to power plant and main weapons, and not according to their “capabilities” in maintaining a database.
    10. 0
      8 November 2023 00: 04
      it will be a sitting duck, litterally if it IS in the gulf
      max depth 90m ave 50 m
      sub is about 20-24 m so it will be very near surface most of the time, unless its going to be in deep water, which, the Irainians will already know, and where to look, they can spot it from the air, or from space.

      all this talk of a submarine going to the gulf, is in reality total rubbish, as its well known that every carrier group has 1 sub all the time, some times 2.
      so my bet is they already there, but in the med

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