Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: In the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to 220 military personnel, two armored fighting vehicles and three vehicles

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: In the Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost up to 220 military personnel, two armored fighting vehicles and three vehicles

The Russian army continues to maintain an active defense, while simultaneously increasing offensive operations in certain sectors of the front, mainly in the direction of Kupyansk. At the same time, the enemy does not abandon attempts to counterattack, despite significant losses, mainly among the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Judging by official reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense, the Ukrainian command diligently protects heavy armored vehicles, sending infantry in lightly armored vehicles, including those converted from civilian vehicles, into “meat assaults.”

In the latest operational report from the head of the press center of the “South” group of the Russian Armed Forces, Vadim Astafiev, it is reported that in the Donetsk direction, Ukrainian losses amounted to up to 220 military personnel, two armored combat vehicles (AFVs) and three vehicles, apparently pickups, were destroyed. In total, our fighters in this area, in cooperation with aviation and artillery successfully repelled two attacks by assault groups of the 77th airmobile brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Units of the Russian Armed Forces also carried out artillery fire and airstrikes on enemy positions in the areas of the settlements of Kurdyumovka, Andreevka and Kleshcheevka south of Artemovsk. Thus, the plans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to regroup and conduct new offensive operations were thwarted. According to military correspondents, in recent days the Ukrainian military south of Artemovsk has significantly reduced activity.

During the counter-battery fight, our artillerymen suppressed a Ukrainian 120-mm mortar in the area of ​​the Belogorovka village in the LPR near Serebryansky forestry. Seven UAVs were hit by countermeasures in the areas of the settlements of Kurdyumovka, Vasilyevka, Kamenka of the Donetsk People's Republic.

The offensive actions of the Russian Armed Forces in this sector of the front are not officially reported. However, even the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) writes that the Russian military continues its offensive in the Artemovsk direction and has achieved success by moving north along the road near Vasyukovka. In addition, ISW analysts confirm the successes of our units to the west and southwest of Donetsk, where the Russian Armed Forces have advanced south of Novomikhailovka.

At the same time, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cheerfully reports on “repulsed” attacks in the direction of Kupyansk, about twenty of which occurred. It is alleged that in the area of ​​Avdeevka, which was almost encircled, and the settlements of Marinka and Bakhmut (Artemovsk), the Ukrainians also did not change their positions. In total, according to the Ukrainian command, 78 military clashes occurred per day, all without exception were carried out during attacks by the Russian army, most of all (25) in the areas of Marinka and Krasnogorovka in the Donetsk direction.

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    1. -8
      7 November 2023 13: 28
      Again and again unparalleled...
      In a similar situation we are almost, through everything, forever.
      Further everywhere.
      I hope that the leadership of Moscow and the country is not so much fighting on the outskirts as drawing conclusions and preparing for a military conflict against “negotiable partners.” And it’s not money that counts, as it was before, but people’s lives.
    2. +2
      7 November 2023 13: 33
      Russian strategy of a thousand cuts
      The Ukrainian Armed Forces are choking on their own blood
      Large front-line report on November 1-6, 2023 from journalist Marat Khairullin (text version)

      The most important thing you need to know about what is happening at the front these days is that Russian active defense (designated as a phenomenon by the Supreme Commander) has begun to bear fruit everywhere. The initiative in 4 of the five main areas has firmly passed to our army. I remind you of the names of these directions from North to South: Kupyanskoe, Krasnolimanskoe, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Khersonskoe.
      This week it was already announced as a fait accompli: in the Zaporozhye direction the enemy stopped attempting an offensive and sat on the defensive. On the contrary, our troops began to gradually go on the offensive. Actually, this is the meaning of the phenomenon designated as “active defense” - a widespread, total seizure of the initiative along the entire front line.
      And today we will analyze what this could mean for the enemy in the current autumn-winter period.
      At the front, a stable term has already been formed to denote the current stage of hostilities - the strategy of a thousand cuts. And today, at the end of the second month of the battle for the initiative, we can state that the enemy is choking on his own blood. Both figuratively and in reality, his losses on average almost doubled. And in some areas it is multiple - for example, the loss of aircraft (glory to the Russian air defense, the deadliest in the world - the Ukrainian fighters are kaput).
      And the desperate situation in which the dill find themselves is best demonstrated by the suicidal actions they are trying to take in the Kherson direction.

      Kherson is a direction where ours have not yet switched to active defense. And it’s clear why - Dnieper. And it is here that the dill are trying to demonstrate activity, simply because ours still allow them to do this. But look how they do it. Stupidly, under fire, they are trying to seize a bridgehead on our bank of the Dnieper, regardless of losses. According to statistics from our Ministry of Defense, dill lays about 150 corpses a day to hold their bridgehead near Kherson in the Podstepovoye area. Already the week-long battles here had cost them almost a thousand men.
      For what? For what? Do the dill really hope that they will be able to expand the bridgehead here so much that they will be able to drag a strike force here and go further into the breakthrough. Where? It’s going nowhere, because Armyansk (the gateway to Crimea) is more than a hundred kilometers away.
      And the dill have still not been able to travel 30 kilometers from Zaporozhye to Tokmak with an armored group of 160 thousand people.
      And to Armyansk, 100 kilometers, without armored vehicles, accumulated on a small bridgehead - this, of course, is strong.
      And most importantly (this is just the cry of the Nazi soul): the Ukrop strike force, hey, answer me, where are you? And in response there is silence - sleeping in eternal sleep in the steppes of Zaporozhye. Miraculously, the surviving remnants are now being successfully killed near Avdeevka, Bakhmut, Seversk, and so on.
      At the same time, maybe not everyone knows, our Kherson group numbers more than one hundred thousand bayonets. For example, it includes several powerful missile and artillery brigades, air assault brigades, as well as GRU special forces brigades.
      I'm not even talking about magical gliding bombs, which can simply be used to destroy ukrov, along with their bridgehead, from the depths of our territory.
      In other words, the next idiotic action of ukrov does not make any sense from the point of view of banal logic. It makes sense only from the point of view of the sick psyche of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. They are trying to show that they have the initiative on at least one sector of the front. Can you imagine how bad things are for them if they are already taking such suicidal actions - 1000 corpses of their soldiers a week for the sake of pathetic PR in the eyes of their Western masters.
      The Gaza Strip is resting. At the same time, one cannot help but note the delightful cynicism of our command, which can liquidate the Ukrop bridgehead at any moment, but is in no hurry to do so. Let more Nazis die in another suicidal action.
      Go ahead. As I already noted, the de facto main event of the week was the statement of the fact that the initiative had completely transferred to us in the Zaporozhye direction. This coincided with the awarding of the title of Hero of Russia to the commander of the 70th Guards Regiment, Ivan Kleshcherev. Congratulations with all our hearts! I would like to remind you that the main blow of the dill counterattack fell precisely on the 70th and 1430th regiments.
      In practice in Zaporozhye, the tactic of a thousand cuts looks like this (see Map 1).
      Near Rabotino, our troops entrenched themselves along the Orekhov-Novoprokopovka highway running along the southern outskirts of the village and from this line they regularly conduct deep raids, preventing the enemy from gaining a foothold both in the village and at the Rabotino-Verbovoye line.
      In general, our tactics here are already standard for this campaign - ours, under pressure from the ukrov, retreat slightly, creating a situation of a half-cauldron. And then they methodically exterminate the enemy troops, which he regularly drives into this trap.
      However, this week there was an interesting continuation - our troops cut the Orekhov-Rabotino highway in the area of ​​the southern headquarters. And they began to methodically clear out the enemy’s strongholds to the right and left of the headquarters (this is conditionally the southwestern outskirts of the village). That is, the neck of the bag at the Rabotino-Verbovoe line begins to slowly tighten.
      The same thing is happening on the northern flank near Verbovoe - ours began to methodically clear out the enemy’s strongholds along the dirt road connecting Verbovoe to Rabotino. This was the only more or less working transport artery along which the dill somehow tried to move to Verbovoye. And so four enemy support forces were occupied by us here this week. And almost seven on the opposite flank at Rabotino.
      Enemy losses here average up to one hundred people a day for a week. Let's fix this cut and move on.
      1. +2
        7 November 2023 13: 42
        The next line: the village of Mirnoye - Marfopol - 4 enemy strongholds were taken (see Map 2). Further along the line is the village of Malinovka-Priyutnoye-Staromayorskoye (Vremevsky ledge) - 5 enemy support forces, three units of armored vehicles.
        Next is the Staromayorskoye-Urozhaynoe line. During these hours, ours must cut the most important highway Staromayorskoye - Ravnopol (see Map 3).
        In general, exactly the same processes are observed here as near Rabotnino. The foolish dills drove about 6 thousand dill here to the Staromayorskoye - Urozhaynoe line, a little over 3 kilometers wide. This is just the first line. Having created about 50 support workers.
        And now our people are methodically exterminating them from both sides - this line is another classic dill-style sack.
        “A sack of dill” is already such a corporate designation, like a chicken Kiev - it differs from an ordinary cauldron in that the dill create it for themselves, and then stubbornly die there.
        We move further along the front line. We must pay attention to the Ugledar direction - our marines and special forces began to slowly move forward here (see Map 4). So far, only two enemy defenders have been taken, but they are very valuable. Our people are now storming a complex of farms at the Pavlovka line with the goal of advancing to the southern tip of Ugledar in order to occupy the most important intersection of the road connecting Ugledar with Marinka. And the regional road leading to the village of Bogoyavlenskoye.
        Despite the seemingly slow development, there are a lot of events at the front, and let’s talk in detail about the situation in the other three directions (Donetsk, Krasnolimansky and Kupyansky) separately during the week. There are a lot of delicious things happening here for us, and we really don’t want to gallop across Europe.
        Let's record once again - ours seized the initiative in 4 main directions of the front out of five. At the moment, we have moved on to the next stage of the autumn-winter campaign: we are gnawing through the enemy’s main line of defense, which is a dense network of oporniks (small winding trenches), densely interspersed with machine-gun pillboxes.
        The width of this defense line is up to 10 kilometers. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the pressure on this line of defense goes along the entire front - that is, the enemy is not allowed to manipulate reserves, there are simply not enough of them.
        Another important fact is that starting from August, on average, every three to four weeks one of the directions “wakes up” and joins the general total war. First, from the Kuzeevsky breakthrough, the Kupyansky direction started working, then the Krasnolimansky direction, then the Donetsk direction, and now Zaporozhye is included. Following this logic, we probably need to wait for events in the Kherson direction. God willing.
        Another important fact is the depletion of artillery. It's not even enough shells anymore, it's just gun barrels. Previously, the enemy, by moving mobile wheeled self-propelled guns from area to area, created a serious concentration of artillery in individual areas. Now they can no longer afford it. For example, at the Rabotino-Verbovoye border, which is very dangerous for dill, about 10 km wide, only one battery is working. Moreover, it is towed. This means that, for example, if ours strike simultaneously from several directions in this area, the Ukrainians will simply not have time to retarget.
        But this is a separate topic - I will try to illustrate it from the experience of the military operations of my native Slavyanka, which I am now observing directly.
        The same is true for almost all other nomenclature, for example, tanks. The fools spent so much of their armored vehicles, carried away by the counterattack, that they did not have complete mechanized brigades left to strengthen the most dangerous areas for breakthroughs.
        Here, again, a detailed analysis of tactics is needed using the example of the battles near Bakhmut, so that the reader can clearly understand what kind of ass the dill have driven themselves into in this area as well. And so on.

        PS In principle, this is amazing: the Russian Military Industrial Complex has increased production SEVERAL TENS OF TIMES across the entire range, we now have much more weapons than before the SVO, the Supreme Commander also confirmed that the Russian Military Industrial Complex produces more air defense missiles per year than the rest of the 7,8 billion humanity and combat missiles of all classes as many as the rest of the planet, new tanks, according to Western estimates, we produce 65-70% of world production, while 80-85% of NATO's ground military potential has already been destroyed, 404 have been depopulated from 25-30 million to 10-15 million, >1 million ukrovoyaks were killed and half a million ukrovoyaks were crippled (the second figure was confirmed by the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine O. Zholnovich), and all this with our losses of 1:35-1:45 to the enemy, even more NATO mercenaries + advisers were killed than our soldiers, while the West is experiencing total deindustrialization and we have growth in the manufacturing industry >7% and growth in mechanical engineering over 9 months +22,5% - the highest among 234 countries of the world in the 1,5st century for any period, according to the Guardian Russia for 600 years SVO became richer by $10,5 billion and the USA lost $10 trillion and the EU lost $6 trillion (all online), great, we are more powerful without losses and richer, and even with new XNUMX million Russians, we have grown in water areas and lands, and our opponents are helpless and weakened .
        DEPRIVATION (denazification) of “Ukraine” and DEMILITARIZATION of the West have been carried out (100% of shells and other NATO reserves have been completely wasted).
        Everything is logical.
        1. +1
          7 November 2023 14: 14
          Well, the United States is constantly becoming “poorer”. There is no dispute here. The national debt is constantly growing. Soon you will have to pay up to a million in interest alone. As long as they manage to spark wars on the planet, they don’t give a damn. But our losses are clearly underestimated. 1 in 7-15 on average I’m willing to believe. No less than 100 dead in our country
    3. +1
      7 November 2023 13: 52
      In total, according to the Ukrainian command, 78 military clashes occurred per day, all without exception were carried out during attacks by the Russian army, most of all (25) in the areas of Marinka and Krasnogorovka in the Donetsk direction.
      It would be nice to accompany the text with visual videos from the scene.
    4. +2
      7 November 2023 13: 56
      Novomikhailovka is potentially the next Avdeevka.

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