Zelensky: I believe that holding elections in the country is impossible, and all talk about them is in the interests of Russia

Zelensky: I believe that holding elections in the country is impossible, and all talk about them is in the interests of Russia

The new statement by the head of the Kyiv regime on the election issue is criticized by a number of Western experts and political observers. In his address, Zelensky stated that holding elections in Ukraine in the current situation is impossible.

According to the Ukrainian president, “elections in Ukraine are now beneficial only to Russia.”


We need to decide: now is the time for defense and battle, on which the fate of the nation and state depends, or the time for stuffing that is in the interests of Russia. I think now is not the time for elections. If you need to put an end to a political dispute, we have structures that can put an end to it and which are capable of giving society all the answers.

Ukrainian experts believe that Zelensky was referring to the Ukrainian special services.

As a number of Western sources have written, it turns out that Zelensky has usurped power and, while declaring the defense of European democracy, is not even going to hold elections. If earlier he asked the West for $5 billion to hold them, now he declares that he has no intention of holding elections in Ukraine at all.

According to Zelensky, “all the stuffing concerning the need to hold elections is someone else’s game against Ukraine.”

Thus, Zelensky creates a precedent: the head of state can remain in power as long as he wants, violating the constitution, without holding elections, if he himself does everything to ensure that the armed conflict does not end.

Comments from European users:

Then it is clear why he is not going to go to peace negotiations. The longer the war, the longer he is president.

Is this exactly the “democracy” we need to support?
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    1. +5
      7 November 2023 06: 33
      The longer the war in Ukraine, the more Zee’s account in the Swiss “bank” and at the same time for visitors to Kiev swells. Zee’s account in all banks in the West is beyond any checks. Probably all sorts of Borellis and backgrounds with Bidenites have access to these accounts. And you can’t get to the bottom of it .
      1. +8
        7 November 2023 06: 50
        Yes, Russia doesn’t need any of your Ukrainian elections... A drug addict and a buffoon, who imagines himself to be a dictator and emperor and has made a bunch of enemies for himself in a country hostile to us, what could be better for our victory... In my opinion, he is no longer getting out of depression.. Looks like Adolf in the bunker before committing suicide...
      2. +2
        7 November 2023 09: 30
        The longer the war, the longer he lives.
    2. +8
      7 November 2023 06: 40
      “elections in Ukraine are now beneficial only to Russia”
      Russia is completely at ease with the elections in Ukraine, because... one Natsik of Jewish origin will be replaced by another of the same kind or even stoned. Ordinary European users are finally starting to realize something
      Is this exactly the “democracy” we need to support?
      Judging by the statements of Ursula and Borrell, it is precisely the one that Europeans should support by sacrificing their well-being.
      1. +5
        7 November 2023 06: 50
        rotmistr60 hi, European PEOPLE can at least guess))) before the pig squeal at their opinion, the Euro-leadership (censorship) from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Burbock and Macron are examples of this. But Ursula declared her readiness to accept Ukraine into the E.S.
      2. +4
        7 November 2023 06: 56
        Quote: rotmistr60
        Russia is completely at ease with the elections in Ukraine

        It is the Americans who like to install their puppet through “democratic” elections. But we didn’t start all this in Ukraine last year, to rack our brains with the question “Will Zelensky be elected in the elections or not?”
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. +2
      7 November 2023 06: 42
      And it’s scary, because it knows that the product and it will immediately be their own and will be hanged after dispossession, and the friends of Ukraine will not give protection. And so, you can live to see the government in exile, in general it’s a freebie for life and it’s safe.
    5. The comment was deleted.
    6. fiv
      7 November 2023 06: 53
      Here it is! It turns out that democracy in Ukraine is in Russia’s interests! I hope every European mongrel heard and understood what he heard.
    7. +4
      7 November 2023 07: 22
      Is this exactly the “democracy” we need to support?

      Exactly, exactly. Soon it will be the same for you at this rate wink
    8. +4
      7 November 2023 07: 26
      How tightly he clung to the chair like a tick. He understands that he is alive while he is in the chair, and then no one will give a penny for him, even if he continues his career as a genital pianist.
      1. +1
        7 November 2023 08: 39
        even if he continues his career as a genital dicker.
    9. +4
      7 November 2023 07: 31
      Almost all young people in Ukraine support Zelensky. Almost. Many are aged, but mostly women. There are practically no middle-aged males. They are either working or in the trenches. But those who “make public opinion” (sit on social networks) are all completely stoned. It is almost impossible to communicate with them. They communicate exclusively in obscene words. They are not taught to read and write at all. It seems like history was not taught at all. It felt like it was taught to each other by word of mouth, embellished with various “facts.” I hung around with them for three days. I thought they would drive me crazy. There really is no point in elections. They won't help them.
      1. +3
        7 November 2023 08: 00
        Quote: igorbrsv
        There really is no point in elections. They won't help them.

        Elections are more likely to be needed by mattresses than by anyone, since Zelensky is becoming a toxic asset for Europe and the United States needs a new figure who will “invigorate” their interest. And for them themselves, against the background of the expansion of the conflict in the B. East, it is now much more profitable to put the Ukrainian issue “on pause,” which Zelepuka is actively preventing.
      2. -1
        7 November 2023 09: 38
        Do you think that only lobotomy is applicable here? It's all very sad.
    10. -1
      7 November 2023 08: 03
      it’s true that elections in Ukraine are impossible - what the hell are elections during a war?
      It’s also true that the elections in Ukraine are beneficial for us - the more discord they have, the better off we are
      but elections are not beneficial for Zele because he is afraid of losing, I don’t know to whom, but there is a high probability of a change in the drug clown
    11. +2
      7 November 2023 08: 21
      Zeliba himself tries to put his head in the noose. Now, without the legitimate status of president, he will be to blame for everything. For failures at the front, in economic and social policy. He needs elections like air, and he takes responsibility without authority, an impostor!
    12. -1
      7 November 2023 08: 41
      Colleagues, happy November 7th to everyone!
      Regarding Zelensky. I’m shocked: he dared to disobey his curators, but the bosses “love” it when they don’t listen to him.
      You yourself know this well
    13. -1
      7 November 2023 08: 56
      There is no point in discussing the topic of elections in Ukraine. In any case, they will imprison another talking head.
      We need to take Kyiv and imprison our own governor-general.
    14. -1
      7 November 2023 09: 53
      Well, others, I have to say,
      whether they will or not - RF any answer is not important, since
      goals and objectives of the SVO have been set and must be achieved
      under any conditions; we all understand, puppeteers of the fusion terrain
      Potomac Rivers are in charge of this VNA 404 and negotiations for surrender
      and a multipolar world will be fought with mattress covers, however,
      for the entire period of existence of the Yankees as an independent state,
      The Russian Federation should have absolutely no confidence in agreements with them.
      Guarantors of compliance with the agreement between the Russian Federation and the Yankees after the surrender of VNA 404,
      The PRC, the DPRK and the UN should speak.
    15. -1
      7 November 2023 11: 14
      He calculates... as the owner says, as he pulls the rope around his neck, the macaque will jump. Or don't jump.
      1. -1
        7 November 2023 11: 16
        And Russia doesn’t care at all about these elections. Russia is categorically not interested in the electoral process of a country that replaces a Russophobe-alcoholic with a Russophobe-drug addict.
    16. -2
      7 November 2023 15: 27
      Adolf Hitler, Zelensky’s idol, also came to power as a result of democratic elections in 1932, and left in 1945 without elections.
    17. The comment was deleted.

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