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League of distinguished gentlemen


In 1912, London brought together members of the Eugenics Society at a meeting of the elite 500 club. It was the First International Eugenic Congress chaired by the son of Charles Darwin. Some eugenic doctrines were adopted at the Congress, in particular, it was stated that socialists, proclaiming the idea of ​​equality, will have success in life, but socialism itself, in fact, is contrary to the laws of nature, because “rivalry is a struggle for existence, thanks to which nations. " Prominent figures of world renown publicly ridiculed idealistic humanism and called on the world community to practical humanism. The modern mass form of war, in their opinion, leads to the fact that it dies the most active and, in the eugenic understanding, the most qualitatively valuable elite of society, which is unacceptable, and therefore propaganda of militarism was branded as a harmful dysgenic ideology. But the doctrine of war without military operations was born, as the Vice-President of the Eugenics Congress, First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill noted: “Future empires will be empires of consciousness”. Thus, it emerged as a doctrine of what it was unconditionally used before. At the same time, the participants of the Eugenic International identified two distinctive features of such a war: it would have to become anti-socialist and be non-military actions, and twenty years later the Britain's Psychological Warfare Bureau appeared. After another quarter of a century, in the small American town of Fulton, Winston Churchill, after consulting with his American colleagues, gave his program speech, which triggered the antagonism with the former ally of the USSR. And a year later, during the debate in Congress, through the mouth of the adviser to the President of the United States, Bernard Baruch, this antagonism acquired the term "cold war."

Part I. “Tabula Rasa”

Modern historians have paid attention to the fundamental difference in the perception of the so-called "cold war": in the USSR it was perceived as a competition, and in the US it was not a competition, but a war of actual destruction, which is partly confirmed by the establishment of a military award by the US Congress Cold War Service Medal. A notable detail of the element of this war was the 402 th law, adopted by the US Congress in 1948, obliging US citizens "to have a systematic and systematic impact on the public opinion of other nations." This step even preceded the creation of the North Atlantic Alliance and was made long before the instructions to domestic tourists to be able to explain to foreigners the internal and especially the foreign policy of the USSR.

But if the US citizens in such a war were assigned the role of privates, then the Tavistock Institute, similar organizations, the Frankfurt School of Theodor Adorno played the role of headquarters, developing both its “large-scale offensive” and its “sabotage operations”, performed by brain attack aircraft and brain fighter aircraft. Being anti-socialist in nature, the nature of the “cold war” always wore a class character, since the Soviet state was perceived not as a territory, but primarily as another social system contrary to social Darwinism, necessary for the “growth of nations”.

Transformations of protest sentiments of the 60's generation into the harmless movement of the “flower children” with the escape from the “rotten world” into the “world of dreams” and sexual permissiveness. The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and the Stanford Research Center created an artificial subculture that supplanted the natural cultural core: the beatniks had their own style of dress, ideology, music; they composed the original youth slang. No matter how incredible it may seem, the roots stories Designed languages, as an element of control over a certain social group, also lie in Tavistock, where at the beginning of World War II a secret linguistic project of a simplified version of the English language BASIC appeared, retaining basic words of 850 and a simplified scheme of constructing sentences. 6 September 1943, Winston Churchill urged those gathered at Harvard University to reject English and switch to Basic. The “outstanding gentleman” assured the audience that those gathered were on the core of a powerful cultural process leading to a world change, to a healing effect through language control and, accordingly, people without violence and destruction. Then the project was not supported by Roosevelt, and returned in the face of the “beatnik” youth slang, an example of which demonstrates the social orientation of the “cold war”, for which there is nothing impossible to choose sophisticated methods that are not limited to any conventions by personality.
The main distinguishing characteristic of the Eugenic International war is that it is anti-socialist in nature, and the main goal is to preserve and maintain the Darwinian social system. That is why the ideological pressure on the population with the fall of the USSR did not stop, but only intensified, and the list of novojazy started by BASIC continued with the Internet language of the “bastards” directing the degradation of consciousness through speech degradation.

In this case, the carriers of the cultural core are precisely in the role of class and society, as shown by the last “swamp revolutions”, where the dividing line of confrontation lies not in the line of ownership of the means of production, but between different groups acting as carriers of ideas about a certain social order based on their worldview and culture.

The treatment of a class as a sociocultural phenomenon does not contradict, but more accurately reflects the ideas of K. Marx and F. Engels, from whom it originally stemmed from the definition of “reactionary” and “revolutionary” peoples, that is, it was of an ethnic, and therefore cultural nature. . “Modern man” is, by definition, E. Hellier’s professor of social anthropology at the University of Cambridge: “... is primarily a subject of his culture.” These cultures may have completely different ideas about basic concepts. If, for example, the Protestant ethic justifies property inequality as fair through God's chosen people, it is one of the cultural differences caused by the serious intellectual work of the ideologists of the reformation epoch that has passed our country without leaving a proper imprint. Moreover, the ideas of justice and equality were precisely expressed by the ideologist of Russian anarchism, Prince P. A. Kropotkin, who "without equality has no justice, without justice has no morality," which goes against the social-Darwinist theory of "distinguished gentlemen."

And here it is important to note that state hegemony in the understanding of the founder of the Italian Communist Party, Antonio Gramsci, also relies on the “cultural core” of society, united by general ideas about the order of the world order, and collapse along with the destruction of the commonality of such ideas. Already in the 30-ies, political parties have moved from the struggle for ideological hegemony on individual issues to the struggle for hegemony in the public consciousness in general. And the main striking force in the change of power was not class organizations like K. Marx, but “historical blocs” - temporary alliances of internal and external forces united by a specific short-term goal. In addition, he drew attention to the fact that "Young" are constantly in a state of rebellion caused by continuously acting deep causes, essentially representing the natural vanguard of any protest action, now skillfully channeled into its goals by experts of the "cold wars".

According to the Levada Center, the main age group of protesters in December 2011 is just a little over twenty. It is their ideas about the order of the world order that are under the gun, they are explained to them that they are an “adult creative class” capable of taking responsibility for the fate of the country. Western sociologists have deduced the second permanent group of social protest - it is the intelligentsia, the “white-collar workers”, who realized that they can advance (or have already done so) on the career ladder from manager to senior manager. But this is where their personal “end of history” and total dissatisfaction come along with the realization that no “democracy” will make them participants in history. Here again, you can look back at the history of the USSR, to which graves-makers were joined by the growing intelligentsia, despite the fact that their standard of living was higher and more comfortable than the previous post-war generation. The realization that no "thaw" will not let them into power, forced to look for ways to destroy the "totalitarian state." But defeat in the “cold war” has other ideological aspects.

The USSR Cold War as a state system lost long before 1989. An interesting observation was told by one of the participants in the construction of AvtoVAZ as part of student groups. For some students, it was considered a particular chic to pick up an empty cigarette pack abandoned by Italian construction participants, fill it with domestic cigarettes and proudly carry in a shirt pocket. It happened at the end of 60, when these students grew up, they ran away from the state as teenagers from an elderly and “not understanding” parent to freedom - their ideas about the world order turned out to be too different. At that time, the ideological institutes of the USSR preferred to hide behind the iron curtain, relying on its impenetrability. But how iron was it? From 1945 to 1985, the year in the USSR 7000 works of American authors were published. In the same years, 500 works by Russian and Soviet writers were released in the United States, which is the difference in 14 times, for movies this ratio will be 20 times. At the same time, the “frozen” Soviet ideology was unable to respond to ideological challenges, to develop methods of walking, without stepping into the “swamp”. The elite of the Soviet communists, brought up on the precepts of superiority of enlightenment and progress, confirmed by victory in the Second World War, could not suggest the depth of consciousness manipulation by the elite of the capitalist camp, which equally mastered the tools of regress and stupefying.

In principle, the ancient Egyptian priests were able to manage the desires of the controlled population, for example, using the auto-synchronization mode. This is expressed in the fact that if 5 – 10% of individuals of a certain community begin to do something at the same time, then the whole community is automatically transferred to this mode, which was successfully demonstrated by S. Freud's nephew, Edward Bernays, a former employee of the British psychological warfare unit and propaganda in Wellington House, where I come from such a thing as "brainwashing" ("brainwashing"). E. Bernays during the year broke a taboo on smoking among women in the United States, a demonstration of smoking women at a parade in New York. But it is more interesting to pay attention to the president of the American, Canadian and World Psychiatric Association Even Cameron. In 1945, he was one of three American psychiatrists who were invited to examine Rudolf Hess on mental health at the Nuremberg Trials. But Even Cameron himself considered his subsequent work as a contribution to the battles on the Cold War fronts. He maintained contact with the CIA, where his projects were consistently codenamed Chatter, Project Bluebird, then Project Artichoke, and from 1953 of the year MKUtra. Their essence was to disrupt the brain, using electroshock and psychotropic substances, returning the psyche to the infant state, when, according to Aristotle, it was a “writing tablet on which nothing is written yet”, tabula rasa, after which people literally were taught to walk and talk again, creating it with newly defined parameters.

No doubt, subsequently the results of these studies were projected from the individual onto the society, in which its components are gradually being destroyed. The dismantling of the state and the family using the technology of manipulation of consciousness was begun by the Frankfurt school of psychoanalysis Theodor Adorno on the basis of debunking the Third Reich and publicizing its crimes. As part of the denazification program, “neo-Freudians” built a construction in which an explanation of the emergence of fascism stemmed from the presence of the father’s authority in the family, which suppressed the freedom of their child. According to this scheme, the grown-up young man splashed depression and hatred on "small nations." A similar pattern of reasoning was projected onto the image of a strong state as a source of fascism. The founder of the League on Birth Control, Margaret Zanger, who considered marriage to be a “degenerative institution,” continued the practice of denigrating the family. Her ideological inspirer, Elias Havelock, who also inspired the sexual revolution ideologically, at one time occupied an honorable place in the position of assessor at the International Eugenic Congress. Another blow to the family was dealt when in 70 – 80 the Freudian theory of the sexual attraction of children and parents to each other was revived. In the television shows, new and new “victims” appeared who, after a course of treatment, “recalled” that they had been subjected to seduction by their parents, which resulted in an urgent need to protect children from their fathers, strengthening state control, because “family is a place of violence”. It was precisely under this slogan that the introduction of juvenile practices began in Russia not so long ago. In this light, the frankly media figure of Pavel Astakhov, as a fighter against the pedophile lobby, looks more like an element of a multi-way design for the further destruction of the family, especially since the practices he introduces are tracing paper of foreign juvenile services supervised by various Paramason structures. Conrad Lorenz, the founder of the science of animal behavior, noted in his time: “A radical rejection of paternal culture - even if it is fully justified - may entail a disastrous consequence, making the youth farewell to the victim of the most dishonorable charlatans.” In this phrase, the Austrian scientist accurately noticed the main reason for the destruction of the institution of the family as a means of preserving and transmitting the cultural core to the next generation. At the same time, parents are often simply unable to resist the professionals of the “cold wars” on their own, without possessing either sufficient knowledge or resources.

In order to understand how the destruction of social patterns and the intrinsic measure of things occur, it is necessary to pay attention to some peculiarities of a person’s life in a hyperinformational society, for which Al Gore had so advocated, calling himself "the father of the Internet." And here it is important to pay attention to whom the Internet itself has become the “father”.

In contrast to the archaic society, where the understanding of the world order and knowledge of social norms of behavior are orally transmitted from generation to generation, modern man forms himself through a virtual media field. The time is gone when role-playing behavioral patterns, ideas about the structure of society were passed down from generation to generation through oral tradition by the grandmother through fairy tales. The process of transition from the oral tradition to the hyperinformational person occurred gradually, and books assumed the role of mediator on the edge of the archaic society. Christ likened the word to a fallen seed, and John Milton, a politician of the bourgeois revolution in England, compared books with the teeth of “dragon, Greek mythology”, which “when sown, germinate in the form of a crowd of armed people rising from the ground”. In the information society, “the most important art” was added to the books - cinema, and later - television and the Internet. With the development of the media field, its role in shaping social norms and even the person’s worldview of himself grew, and the media firmly established the concept of “Fourth Estate” (fourth power), finally displacing the generation of generation through oral tradition. Now it is no longer parents or their parents, not even school teachers who form behavioral norms, moral norms or personal outlook, in the hyper-informational society of a person forms a media space. And this media space has one feature.

The reality under the influence of progress changes so quickly that a person does not have time to keep the concept of the norm and pass it on to the next generation, and the existing media space not only does not help to keep the norm, but rapidly modernizes it, unfortunately, not for the better, offering complete “diminution”, i.e. any absence of a norm as such. So, removing the taboo on the exposure, promoted on the Internet - is not only an element of the "sexual revolution", it is an element of removing the taboo in human consciousness. The fashion for youth clothing, as an element of constant transformation, changes every year, gradually eroding sex differences in clothing, school programs, presenting the concept of gender as “dynamic”. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger noted his resignation from the signing of a law according to which the division of state toilets by gender is considered to be gender discrimination.

In the end, without having a “handy” pattern, a person is unable to compare, disoriented in terms of the choice of behavioral or other roles, and the individual’s consciousness becomes pliable plasticine. He is unable to assess the proposed new behavioral stereotypes, by virtue of which he must reject or accept them, and in one degree or another accept any innovation, any imposed behaviors. A striking example of the "loss of the norm" is the prosecution of Bhagavad Gita as extremist against women - a sure sign of the final loss of society of "anchors" in the mind and readiness for psychological treatment.

In preparing the public consciousness there are two important points: the first is the destruction of the ability to self-identification. This moment is important, because on the basis of self-identification groups capable of group strategy can be formed. The cultural core, including the national one, as a natural factor of self-identification, is under attack primarily to prevent the ability to group strategy.

In this regard, the exploitation of the theme of “national idea” and “nationalism” is noteworthy. Replacing real cultural norms with simulacra, rather the indigenous signs of culture, glocalization wears down actual cultural norms, and only accelerates the process of globalization. True nationalism implies patriotism, while patriotism implies an object of the fatherland (and not a nation, unlike nationalism), which in our country is multinationally historically. The multinationality of its way of life is a cultural core capable of natural expansion on a common ideological basis. “Glocalization”, hiding under the guise of “nationalism”, turning culture into a set of cultural symbols, closes cultural potential that is much broader and more complex than just national symbolism, not allowing the tradition to be projected and incapable of expansion. Nationalism is rather the destruction of the cultural core than its preservation.

Preservation of the cultural core is advisable only in the form in which it was created - multinational. The loss of the cultural core will lead to the loss of territories. The territorial integrity of the modern political map of the world is drawn by the states united by a common ideological culture. The first Belgian king, Leopold, believed that the country had no political future, precisely because there was no single “Belgian” nation, no single language and world outlook. I happened to observe a delegation from the French Savoy preparing a referendum for secession from France, precisely on the basis of the fact that Savoy is a different cultural tradition.

After the abrasion of the “cultural tradition” with its meanings, norms and axioms, the absence of truth as such is proclaimed. The absence of truth and norms does not allow “tabula rasa” to formulate goals. Further, the process of creating a “genetically modified” consciousness involves the replacement of the cultural nucleus in the “cell of consciousness” from the outside using subtle settings.

Part II

League of distinguished gentlemen
The “work” of the Italian sculptor Piero Manzoni, whose most famous work was his own shit rolled into tin cans. Currently, the price of one can of shit exceeds 120 thousand euros, which is about 100 times more expensive than gold by weight ...

Ancient Eastern wisdom says - "if you want to defeat the enemy, bring up his children." And in this context, it is noteworthy that J. Soros and, subsequently, B. Khodorkovsky, first of all, grabbed at the sponsorship of education. Another "distinguished English gentleman," which combined such contradictions as support for a nuclear strike on the USSR and calls for the complete disarmament of all countries, Bertrand Russell, by the way, a Nobel Prize winner in literature, wrote about the achievement of such a quantitative difference in knowledge between the "elite" and " plebs ", which will turn into qualitative and become hereditary, after which" the innate differences between the ruling class and ordinary people will grow until the cardinal differences in childbirth are reached. The revolt of the plebeians will be as incredible as the organization of the revolt of sheep against the manufacturer of lamb ... ". I dare to suggest that this was the real purpose of eugenics.

All this could not be better superimposed on the criticism of the USE system, but the USE, like a magician's suitcase, has a second bottom. He not only teaches the child to come to the answer by thinking and relying on knowledge, but also, most importantly, he does not allow the teacher to pass on his worldview to the student, now he is assigned the role of observer rather than order. Possessing a set of tools that shape consciousness through the information field, it is not difficult to grow a qualitatively different person in two or three generations. The process will be faster if the connection between the generations is minimal, if not absent. In schools, with the help of the USE, teachers were eliminated from this process. But the teacher not only fills the student with a set of knowledge, he forms the personality. In this regard, the introduction of the USE is the destruction of the transmission channels of traditional ideological norms. But, in fact, in the hands of the teacher are the keys to shaping the image of the future. In the words of DI Mendeleev, who studied the education system in England, the local schools sought to educate primarily “Anglicans” and “Englishmen”, and only then educated specialists in their field.

And here it is necessary to take a special place of history as a discipline, for good reason it was completely removed from the school curriculum after the October Revolution, and again the first history textbook for the 4 class appeared only in the 1934 year, i.e., a generation entered life without a historical connection with previous generation. Manipulation of history - the question is so ancient, as an example, you can recall the adjustment of various religious texts, and you can work the London journalist John Robert Sealy, published in 1883 year: "The Expansion of England." In his opinion, the development of England was facilitated by two main activities, through which the British imposed their morals and value system on the whole world: war and commerce. The author emphasized that the fundamental invention of the ideologists of Foggy Albion in the form of mass manipulation of history in the public consciousness played a significant role in the success. Where embellishing, and where frankly falsifying history by fitting facts or interpreting them, the British were the first in Modern times to learn to impose on political opponents the desired image of reality. John Seeley noted that the path to the future lies through the control of the past - this is the main motto of the English hegemony.

The owners of the sources as a factor of history, thus, in terms of strength and power, became comparable with army commanders and owners of bank accounts. The final result of this process was summed up by the Dutch philosopher Johan Heizing, saying that in the twentieth century, history became “an instrument of lies at the level of state policy”. England, by the way, John Seeley believed to be at the zenith of political power, after which a recession will follow and Russia, with sufficient cultural potential, will take over the baton. It is cultural potential that represents a natural “class” or, according to A. Gramsci, a “historical bloc” capable of confrontation and expansion. And it is precisely the cultural potential that will be under the gun in the “cold war”.

Not so long ago, MSU historians analyzed 187 school history books in the 12 countries of the former Soviet Union. A quote from the Kazakh textbook: "the struggle of the Kazakh people against Russian colonialism lasted long, covering the second half of the 18th century to the 90 of the 20th century", "the leadership of a Soviet country, like the tsarist government, considered Kazakhstan as a source of raw materials." The authors of the study are forced to state - with the exception of Belarus and Armenia, in all other countries, the younger generation is given an interpretation of history, in which Russia is assigned the role of a colonizer. Writing a single textbook written jointly by the historians of the participating countries in the framework of joint projects of the EurAsEC community at least would have removed the issue of "colonialists" from future generations. It is very important who and how forms the information field of the cultural core, for example, academic historians of the Russian Academy of Sciences still fully exposed the inconsistency of the theory of “new chronology” A.T. Fomenko and G.V. Nosovsky, but 2000 was published more than 2011 books with a total circulation of 100 copies devoted to the “new chronology”. The founders of the “new chronology” themselves may not even guess what the “order” of their project is, in terms of history manipulation. For example, the “new chronology” destroys as a non-existent precisely the Christian period of history, and it is the natural-historical basis of the cultural core. One way or another, but modern historical science does not need a new chronology, but a presentation of history, which makes it possible to create a continuity of historical periods. History of integration, not allowing to inflate the conflict between the receivers of historical groups and periods.

Education has another side: “in the countries of the victorious democracy” of the USA and Great Britain, where the state “has become as small as possible” tests are being prepared by a private organization - the Educational Testing Service, which has the status of a non-profit and an annual budget of 1,1 billion dollars. And in this training, which is given into private hands, there is a portion of the education of “Anglicans” and “Englishmen”, especially in the examination question of the senior classes of Scottish schools, based on the circumstances of Litvinenko’s death in London in 2006. The students had to calculate and explain why the risk of radioactive contamination with polonium-210 contained in his body was “insignificant” to those around him. The Royal Society of Chemistry stated that the Litvinenko case was “a great way to illustrate science.”

There are other "excellent ways to illustrate science": in December 2011, the social movement "Regional Alternative of Siberia" - OSA - held a seminar with 5 students of the course of the Siberian-American faculty of the Irkutsk State University on the topic "Modeling the economy of the State of Siberia" as part of the training course " regional economy". Future SAF graduates evaluated the pros and cons of the future Siberian state, the risks of its creation and existence. What is this, if not the education of "Anglicans" and "British"?

It would not be superfluous to pay attention to such an element of “partisan marketing” as creativity in general and its individual components, starting right from childhood. Last year, a study by Angelina Lillard and Jennifer Peteson showed that surrealistic cartoons with hyperactive characters reduce the ability of children to learn. In addition, no one has ever tried to revise what is “taught”, for example, computer games, what ideals instill textbooks in schools, who writes them, whether the country has its own historical and economic school in universities. Having laid the foundations of the worldview, the information field will be taken care of by the consciousness of the ordinary citizen in life.

Even before the start of World War II, the Tavistock Institute, in collaboration with the Frankfurt School, completed a development called the Radio Research Project. The project team led by P. Lazersfeld included F. Stanton, the future president of Rand Corporation. Theoretical comprehension of the project was carried out by V. Benjamin and T. Adorno, who proved that the media can be used to guide mental regressive states. What an example would be the depressive effect of the dominance of the bad Newsable to "bring to suicide" or to any neurosis any state. Subsequently, having decomposed the field into components, the share of their impact was revealed and control over such components was organized.

First of all, these are books; the Senate commission could not get the list of books published with its support from the CIA. The so-called “Werther syndrome”, which was discovered in 1974 — 1975 by the American sociologist David Phillips of the University of California, who investigated the wave of imitating suicides that swept across Europe in the late 18th century and provoked by the spread of the novel Goethe's "The Sufferings of the Young Werther".

Along the way, you can pay attention to such an innocent moment at first sight as thematic dominance, which imposes not what you should think, but what you should think about. So close attention of the media to the problems of pedophilia, with discussion of details and facts, was rumored to trigger the induction of deviations. And an indirect example of such an induction can be the unwinding of the mega-bestseller of modernity - “Girls with the dragon tattoo”, the author of which, by the way, the editor of the Fourth International magazine, makes the sexual anomaly the main background for the development of his story.

Secondly, the theater. On the role of theater in the destruction of the cultural core of the socialist countries in the United States made a dissertation. For example, the work of Heiner Muller, well-known in the GDR, was considered, who in his plays aimed at “undermining history from below”. This is a typical example of a phenomenon called “anti-institutional theater,” that is, a theater that gnaws public institutions. And this is not an innovation of the CIA; historian A. Harendt mentions the role of the theater in the 30s: “In Austria, the theater itself became the focus of national life, became an institution, the social significance of which obviously exceeded the social significance of parliament.” As well as in education, the “invisible hand of the market” and “independent private institutions” set the tone for theatrical activity, the London Royal Theater regularly holds a competition among young Russian playwrights, plays should be written on given topics: “Global warming”, “Overpopulation of the planet ". Visualization of behavioral models on the stage “teaches” behavioral models in life.

In the third movie. At the XV Congress of VKPb, Stalin addressed the congress with the words: “I think that it would be possible to begin the gradual curtailment of vodka production, introducing such sources of income as radio and cinema instead of vodka. Indeed, why not take up these most important means and not put on this business shock people from real Bolsheviks who could successfully expand the case and finally give the opportunity to curtail the issue of vodka? ” It’s good to repeat, because cinema is a separate topic altogether, starting with the metaphysical foundations of the last Oscar winner of the Black Swan, where the main character achieves success only after the dark beginning wins over it and ending with the fact that the behavioral attitudes in the cinema people in life repeat right and literally: after the film "Wall Street" all of Los Angeles began to comb hair back and wear braces. Before the “fight against tyrants” is taken to the streets, she plays many times in hundreds of Hollywood films, and before sowing chaos in the streets, they sow it in their heads.

All this has long been known to filmmakers, back in 1936, they were forced to agree on a group strategy in choosing what can and cannot be shown on stage, introducing the so-called Hayes Code in 1930. And it was no coincidence that the reorganization of Soviet cinemas took place on condition that the dominant share of Hollywood cinema was shown. Here it is appropriate to recall another statement by I. Stalin, uttered by him at a meeting with the intelligentsia in 1946 year: “There is no art for the sake of art, there is not and cannot be any kind of“ free ”artists independent of society , writers, poets, playwrights, directors, journalists. They just do not need anyone. " This statement is confirmed by letters from CIA officer Luigi Lurashi to Paramount bosses, who worked with the CIA Council on Psychological Strategy, discovered by British academician John Eldridge in the Library named after President Eisenhower. They show how deeply the directors and their industry became needed by the CIA. For example, Lurashi reported that he had secured the consent of several casting directors to gradually introduce “well-dressed Negroes” to the film, including “to represent the Negro-butlers adequately”. In the film Arrowhead (1953), the CIA insisted on removing the key scene, where the question of America’s attitude to the Apache Indians, including the scene when they were forcibly sent to the US Army, was raised. In 1950, the CIA, along with other intelligence agencies like the Policy Coordination Office, bought the rights, and also invested in George Orwell’s Animal Farm cartoon, which included anti-Soviet rhetoric to satisfy hidden investors, decades before the rumors about the CIA’s participation in “ Farm Animals "have been documented. There is a separate talk about hidden investors, as well as private sponsors of the Educational Testing Service, and here it will be necessary to return to the “classiness” of the Cold War. In addition, the production of the film "1984", controlled by the American Committee for Freedom of Culture, which in turn was controlled by the CIA. The key moments of the film were changed to demonize the Soviet Union.

The relationship of Hollywood with the national security agencies was and remains close, the former CIA agent Bob Baer noted that "there is a symbiosis between the CIA and Hollywood." Not only with Hollywood symbiosis with the CIA, at a time when US Secretary of State Alexander Haig welcomed the appearance on the screens of the film Red Dawn, he served as a member of the administrative council of the manufacturer of the film Metro Goldwyn Meyer. In addition, Gerald Ford was a member of the XX Century Fox Board of Directors, and more interestingly, Henry Kissinger. One of the few Hollywood films relating to Russian history “The Enemy at the Gates” was included in the most illustrative dialogue, where one German sniper explains to another that the Russians do not spare the signalmen, deliberately sending them to the slaughter, because “the signalmen consist of Ukrainians”. The Pentagon also has a special service for working with Hollywood, currently working on 13 television shows, 48 documentaries and 11 feature films, and in addition to providing advice on completely fiction films, such as the adventures of Lara Croft. Computer games and virtual social networks - in the fourth, an American student from the Santa Fe institute, Virgil Griffith (Virgil Griffith) developed the WikiScanner program, which allows identifying participants of the pages in the Wikipedia Internet Encyclopedia. The guy was surprised to find among the most active proofreaders of the CIA.

The tviternoy online community in support of Putin was closed right away. Dozens of paid bloggers work in the popular site in Russia today; if necessary, they tweak ratings; they control the general directive of the LJ discourse, which has long been playing the role of alternative media, which are the “fifth element” in the list of “molecular” aggression, which a person will encounter whenever he wants to contact the “outside world”. Speaking about the media, it would not be superfluous to mention the operation “Mockingbird”, which consisted in the hidden penetration into the journalistic environment, hence questions may arise about who forms the global news environment. Simultaneously with the founding of the CIA, a department was created at the agency that could influence more than 800 newspapers, magazines and public information organizations. The agents joked that it looked like a Wurlitzer jukebox when the CIA pressed a button — it was played all over the world. Hence the fake victims, demanding more to introduce an “unmanned zone” - the term is an example of another newspeak designed to serve informational support of military operations in Vietnam, the so-called Vietnamese (Vietlish, Vietnam English). In accordance with this sublingual, hostilities in Vietnam began to be called in the press as a “pacification program.” Then all the words causing negative associations were excluded from the official language: instead of them neutral were introduced: “conflict”, “operation”, “device”. Dead zones, in which vegetation was destroyed by dioxins, were called “sanitary cordons”, napalm - “soft charge”, the most common concentration camps - “strategic villages”, etc.

Using the newspeak tool of the media, which include Internet sites, create an imitation of the "conventional wisdom." German political scientist Elizabeth Noel-Neumann introduced the concept of “spiral of silence”, the essence of which boils down to the statement that a person is less likely to express his opinion on a particular topic if he feels that he is in the minority. This fear serves as the beginning of the spiral and then everything increases, while the certainty of the “facts” is ensured by their “well-knownness”, which is completely artificial. The “jukebox” tuners of the media themselves determine the facts that should become well known. For example, everyone knows the fate of journalist A. Politkovskaya, in whose honor the play “Putin has a birthday” was staged in Germany. Moreover, in Germany itself, not everyone knows the fate of the German judge Kirsten Heisig, who did not want to put up with custom-made courts and law manipulations in Germany. She wrote a book about the state of German crime and law and order, she was persecuted by the press, and, finally, the corpse of the judge was found in a forest near Berlin last July, and no plays about her fate.

And if we talk about journalists, then we cannot but pay attention to the very biased coverage in the press and on individual television channels of rallies "for fair elections." This show, like in a magician's box, has a second bottom. It is obvious that the organizers are not interested in either the integrity of the elections, nor the manifestation of corruption in the authorities. The saturation of such conversations and events of the information field pursues another, more far-reaching goal. This is a discredit of the state system, which must be a priori dishonest and the image of the state man, which must be associatively tied to the image of the embezzler and the corrupt official. “We were aiming at communism - we got into Russia”, and with the image of a civil servant it will also be: “if we were aiming at an official, we got into the state”. Simply, “the state should be as small as possible,” as Dvorkovich noted, and this will be done in all sorts of ways, even in ways that may seem to be non-trivial.

The state is a social institution, and socialism should be as small as possible, because it interferes with conducting a great eugenic experiment.

In the book “The Essence and the Categorical Apparatus of the Modern Concept of National Security”, the author Mitrokhin V.I. wrote that “it is necessary to develop a general register of hazards with their detailed characteristics, including methods, intensity, impact on a person, these or other (...) system ", namely" taking into account long-term effects. " What effect is biased criticism directed at, the desacralization of power as such, and ridiculing the existing power, the formation of an “enemy image” in it. How dangerous are games with imagination Carl Gustav Jung noticed: “If someone imagines that I am his mortal enemy and will kill me, then I will become a victim of simple imagination. Images created by the imagination exist, they can be just as real - and equally as harmful and dangerous. ” State systems can also fall victim to simple imagination. Manipulation of consciousness allows individual governments to create the appearance of democracy and economic revival in the complete absence of such, and our media with impressive development of the country in the context of the global crisis managed to draw complete ruin in the heads of citizens, after which it is not surprising that many absolutely sincerely rush to “save the Motherland” at rallies . It is criminal to confuse "freedom of speech" and the manipulation of consciousness. At one time, the famous French playwright Andre Gide said: “To be able to think freely, one must have a guarantee that what is written will have no consequences,” and the phrase that J. Stalin said in an interview with Lyon Feuchtwanger could serve as an answer: “ distinguish between business criticism and criticism, with the aim of conducting propaganda ... ".

In addition to open propaganda, it is impossible not to pay attention to such manipulation as the focus of the viewer's attention in the broad sense of the word is not a question, or any other question, which Hollywood producers agreed upon, composing the “Hayes code”. For example, when the media fights with "manifestations of national intolerance." In order for them to overcome such manifestations, they must first be discovered and identified in all the diversity of human relations. He who seeks will always find, and the more he finds them, the more will he unwittingly fill with examples of such manifestations the general information field. The more the atmosphere will be intensified through discussions, generating new tension. There used to be the notion of “friendship of nations”: taking interest in friendship of nations, they naturally found and saturated the information field with manifestations of friendship of nations. The fight against intolerance should be focused on providing information on examples of tolerance, illuminated through game forms of presenting information to the cinema, etc.

No less interesting is the sixth component of the cultural core - art. In the history of modern art, a remarkable fact is that the first "engine" of abstract art was one of the Rockefellers who built the Museum of Modern Art. William Paley, President of CBS Broadcasting and the founding father of the CIA, was a member of the Museum’s International Program. The co-chairman of the museum was John Hay Whitney, who served during the war in the CIA predecessor agency OSS. The executive secretary of the museum was Tom Braden, the first head of the division of international organizations of the CIA. When, in 1947, the State Department organized and paid for a tour of the international exhibition called “Advancing American Art” in support of the new American art, Truman responded about it as politically incorrect than Khrushchev. In the CIA, the project of introducing abstract art was submitted as an element of the “cold war” against the USSR, without explaining why the first victims of the destruction of consciousness with the help of art should become their own citizens. Even the high Freemason degree of dedication Truman could not enlighten him about the true goals of expressionism, saying that the Cold War is a class confrontation, where the carrier of the class is the cultural core in the consciousness of man and society. All actions of the “art group”, which is absolutely unequivocally called “War”, fall into the outline of the long-playing effects in the de-sacralization of power. This is not only and not so much hooligan spit in the face of power, after which it must either respond or remain silent and lose in both cases.

The outcome of the reasoning about the tools of the “cold war” should be the recognition that these are military-specific tools, in the direct, rather than figurative sense, as evidenced by the presence of the “strategic communications unit”, structurally included in the US Department of Defense, in 2009 year had a budget of about five billion. No missile defense system does not close the "information bombs", there is no tactical or strategic capacity to respond at least in the territory of their own country. There is no ideological basis: neither the mass faith, like the Orthodox of Russia, nor the mass idea like the “Soviet project”, there is no training system capable of working with ideology and developing a technical task for informational worldview products, the system of delivering information products to consciousness has not been worked out. And having so much more prepared enemy it is impossible to rely only on defensive, i.e. prohibitive strategies.

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  1. lechatormosis
    lechatormosis 14 January 2013 07: 06
    On this subject, glory to GOD that the law of DIMA YAKOVLEV was adopted.
    We must understand that giving our children to Americans we deprived them not only
    of their original homeland but also of OUR CULTURE and TRADITIONS OF OUR COUNTRY.
    Growing up in the USA, they become citizens of a stranger to us IN THE SPIRIT OF A COUNTRY WHERE THE RIGHTS OF PEDERASTS - ZOOPHILES ARE LAWYED.
  2. washi
    washi 14 January 2013 07: 17
    It is always useful to know the enemy and his methods of struggle
  3. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 14 January 2013 07: 21
    The article is basically correct, except for only one point, namely the history of Russia - Rus. Why is the author sure that studying the history of pre-Christian Russia harms our people and is one of the sectors of the Cold War. Can the study of the history of the people be anti-patriotic, anti-cultural? who said that the whole culture of Russia originated only with the advent of Christianity?
    1. aksakal
      aksakal 14 January 2013 10: 13
      Quote: vladsolo56
      The article is basically correct, except for only one point, namely the history of Russia - Russia

      - Not just right - very informative. You won’t master and understand everything at once, you need to read it a couple more times, find examples in your life experience that correlate (more precisely, refute or confirm the statements in this article) with this article and draw conclusions. In short, work on the article. Now I’m not ready to say anything specific about this article, I just note its intensity and cognition. To the author plus.
      According to Astakhov, I don't quite agree. Astakhov sharply opposes juvenile life in Finland and has well substantiated the correctness of the introduction of Dima Yakovlev's law by figures. Without his figures, the stupid statement of the liberals "to spite my grandmother, I will frostbite my ears," supposedly fool Russia, takes revenge on itself, trying to take revenge on Amera, depriving children of such a great blessing as adoption by American parents, would become PREVIOUS! I would also be confused, but it was Astakhov's figures and his examples of how Russian parents find it extremely difficult to adopt Russian children, and amers' parents simplify it as much as possible, that made it possible to draw the correct conclusions. All sane members of the forum came to the same conclusions. The only complaint against the authorities is that the "adopting" component of Dima Yakovlev's Law is tied to political realities, which, of course, jars. So I don't think the attack on Astakhov is correct here. But mostly - article plus
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 14 January 2013 11: 29
        For some reason, no one in the USA screams how many American children need adoption. Let them adopt their own. A article +! Everything is written correctly, especially the role of cartoons and games. In games, children learn not to value life - they killed a hero, killed you, restarted the game and all over again. And the same attitude is transferred to real life. Is it any wonder that they have so many scumbags shooting at schools ?!
    2. Khokhol-MSC
      Khokhol-MSC 14 January 2013 11: 37
      Just as an assumption, maybe:
      1. due to the fact that then there were a large number of tribes, each with its own customs, and they did not have a special desire to unite into one structure. And accordingly, the study (and reminder) of the fragmentation of the territory today, with a certain presentation of Western polemics, is not desirable. Well, according to the principle: "the Drevlyans lived separately, why can't there be a separate Siberia?"
      2. If we recall Perun, Rod and others. Pagan gods, for the majority, especially young people, their concept of justice "eye for an eye" is much more acceptable than Christian forgiveness and compassion. Maybe also, in order to reduce possible tensions?

      PS Well, it's all at the level of assumptions and hypotheses.
      1. Oleg1986
        Oleg1986 14 January 2013 13: 29
        A very robust and practical hypothesis, by the way.
    3. Ross
      Ross 14 January 2013 23: 03
      The article is very deep and interesting, but not complete. Regarding pre-Christian history, you are absolutely right. The violent change of the native faith destroyed the continuity, which is well described by the author. That is, this is a change in the traditional worldview of the Rusich with the corresponding consequences, which means the same element of the psychological information war.
  4. fenix57
    fenix57 14 January 2013 07: 26
    ".... confirmation of which is the presence of a" strategic communications unit ", structurally part of the US Department of Defense ..."-children, culture, industry, politics. WHO on all this can INFLUENCE.? _ the answer is obvious-DG RF! [/ All who in any way can influence all this-LIE DETECTOR
  5. Onotollah
    Onotollah 14 January 2013 08: 01
    It's funny, but in fact the whole destructive power of capitalist shit-ideology fell just in the west. A tolerant, homosexual and very enlightened west. And here we, as savages, continue to love our Motherland and are ready to defend it, value our family and children, build some kind of industry, army and navy. We help our neighbors.
    Maybe the West needs a little help, bringing them a little fresh view of the world on the armor of tanks?
    Well, a couple of millions of Chinese comrades - as carriers of a progressive, advanced ideology?
    Everything is purely IMHO, I understand that same-sex families from the Netherlands have their own enlightened opinion on this issue, but for now I will remain with my own, so archaic.
    GOLUBENKO 14 January 2013 08: 03
    Somehow in the article everything is piled up in a heap. Some moments are far-fetched.
    And some are generally a figment of the author’s imagination.
  7. sergo0000
    sergo0000 14 January 2013 08: 29
    I wonder who is minus. And what in this article is not really wanted to ask!
    The enemy is around us. The information war can be worse than the real one.
    It is not in vain that Zionist fascist imperialism allocates such a lot of money for it! A Jew simply will not give money like that. Personally, I always control and wonder what my child is taught.
    1. shipbuilder
      shipbuilder 14 January 2013 09: 45
      I did not minus, but about the refutation of the works of Fomenko and Nosovsky, the author is not right. In addition, their work is not aimed at the destruction of the "Russian code" and Christianity, rather the opposite. The article is very interesting. +
  8. Stat1k
    Stat1k 14 January 2013 08: 30
    After such an article, paranoia appears to all that is happening :)
  9. smel
    smel 14 January 2013 08: 41
    It resembles a research work, or part of a Ph.D. thesis. The colors are thickened, but this is done in research. But in general, the right questions were considered. Honor to the one who read the whole article. Glory to the one who learned and understood
  10. Leisure
    Leisure 14 January 2013 08: 44
    Pseudoscience eugenics. The brainwashing of some people by others.
    GOLUBENKO 14 January 2013 08: 52
    Quote: sergo0000
    I wonder who is minus. And what in this article is not really wanted to ask!
    The enemy is around us. The information war can be worse than the real one.

    Oh yes around us MATRIX bully
    But seriously, then most likely the minus is for the type of it.
    The Stanford Research Center created an artificial subculture that supplanted the natural cultural core: “beatniks” had their own clothing style, ideology, and music; they composed the original youth slang.

    There are many fans of VIA "Beatles" in the world and even more so in the former USSR. And when such nonsense is composed that has no historical truth. Then the hand itself reaches for the minus meter.
    For with the same success, you can write something like:
    "In the bowels of the USSR KGB Research Institute, an ultra-modern psychotropic weapon called Lyudmila Zykina was developed, which should turn all capitalists into communists."
    Well, or a modern option:
    "A special group of agents of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation called" Buranovskie grandmothers "was sent to the Eurovision Song Contest to break the brains of gay Europeans with songs and dances."
    Something like that.
    1. Onotollah
      Onotollah 14 January 2013 09: 18
      Quote: GOLUBENKO
      There are many fans of VIA "Beatles" in the world and even more so in the former USSR.

      Let me tell you, canon beatniks are not fans of the Beatles. This is a whole cultural trend in the United States that appeared before the Beatles.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 14 January 2013 11: 33
      Quote: GOLUBENKO
      "In the bowels of the USSR KGB Research Institute, an ultra-modern psychotropic weapon called Lyudmila Zykina was developed, which should turn all capitalists into communists."

      No need to juggle! But the ballet "Spartacus" by A. Khachaturian in France and England was banned from showing during the Bolshoi Theater tour, because they saw in it a "call to revolution"
    3. Khokhol-MSC
      Khokhol-MSC 14 January 2013 11: 44
      But "Buranovskie grandmothers" broke the European brain. And, indeed, we can assume that a certain ideological patronage was present in their promotion to Eurovision. That is, with some assumptions, perhaps you are close to the truth)))
  12. AKOL
    AKOL 14 January 2013 09: 01
    Quote: GOLUBENKO
    Some moments are far-fetched.
    And some of the author’s imagination

    For more details, please, for example, I completely did not notice something like this. The article is excellent. I recommend giving it to read, including your own children, which he himself did))

    Quote: GOLUBENKO
    Fans of VIA "Beatles"

    And what does the Beatles' fans in the USSR have to say about the other, but about hippie culture, as I understand it.
    GOLUBENKO 14 January 2013 09: 12
    Quote: AKOL

    For more details, please, for example, I completely did not notice something like this. The article is excellent. I recommend giving it to read, including your own children, which he himself did))

    In order not to stuff children with such articles, you just need a normal family. Everything that is inherent in a person from childhood by a father, mother, grandfather and grandmother will grow up with you, either me or my neighbor.
    And then I did not say that the whole article is bad. There is much that the author cited has a place to be. But in some moments, he clearly oversalt and rewrote.
    Quote: AKOL

    And what does the Beatles' fans in the USSR have to say about the other, but about hippie culture, as I understand it.

    You definitely read the article? It is doubtful. Do you understand?
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 14 January 2013 09: 35
      I like the Beatles myself. But where are they and hippies !?
      Look at least how these neat English boys dressed.
      And how opposed to them are American, long-haired, unwashed hippie drug addicts!
    2. Khokhol-MSC
      Khokhol-MSC 14 January 2013 11: 48
      "normal family" as a basic filter of incoming information yes.
      But taking into account the development of communication means, and the expansion and availability of various sources of information, the "family filter" often does not have time to give the correct setting absolutely on all informational reasons for the younger generation.

      Based on this, we obtain that such articles are needed to introduce certain guidelines in understanding what is happening.
  14. engineer74
    engineer74 14 January 2013 09: 16
    The article is interesting, although again it smelled of Masonic conspiracies, etc. But I got the impression that their flywheel of moral aggression has spun to an uncontrollable state. We suffered a purely military defeat: loss of territory, loss of population, destruction of the economy, loss of industrial potential. The ideological offensive has failed, we have entrenched ourselves on the "defensive" lines and are gathering forces. This is confirmed by the number of participants in swamp actions, which is significantly less than the percentage of "all dissatisfied" in Moscow. But in the West, everything is much more interesting, they came under the full influence of the long-term damaging factors of the Cold War and risk losing everything, from moral, religious and family values ​​to material culture. At the moment, our business is to strengthen the defense, in order to prevent direct aggression and anticipation. IMHO.
    1. sergo0000
      sergo0000 14 January 2013 09: 38
      ... and upbringing and self-development!
  15. Fox
    Fox 14 January 2013 09: 20
    interesting comments ... read all ONE text, but understood in different ways ... article +. echoes the book "manipulation of consciousness".
    GOLUBENKO 14 January 2013 10: 30
    Quote: sergo0000
    I like the Beatles myself. But where are they and hippies !?
    Look at least how these neat English boys dressed.
    And how opposed to them are American, long-haired, unwashed hippie drug addicts!

    So the point is that Comrade Aftor mixed the Beatles and hippies in one pile.
    Quote: Onotolle
    Let me tell you, canon beatniks are not fans of the Beatles. This is a whole cultural trend in the United States that appeared before the Beatles.

    Oh well. But it is read and perceived exactly as I say. In such cases, the author does not write with crooked hands in parentheses for the ignorant orphans and the poor "(not the way with the Beatles and the Beatles)".
    1. Onotollah
      Onotollah 14 January 2013 13: 55
      Quote: GOLUBENKO
      mixed the Beatles and hippies in one pile.

      The hippie subculture has borrowed a lot from the Hindu culture.
      And the same "Beatles" lived for some time in one of the ashrams of India. If I am not mistaken in the ashram of Osho (?).
      George Harrison adopted Hinduism in the 60s and adhered to it until his death.
      Here is one of his songs on this topic:
      But this is so, in terms of information, not for the sake of argument.
  17. Pacifist
    Pacifist 14 January 2013 11: 00
    The author and the article are a definite plus. A very accurate presentation of the situation with the manipulation of consciousness and the destruction of the culture of society. Thank.
  18. Magadan
    Magadan 14 January 2013 11: 22
    The German political scientist Elizabeth Noel-Neumann introduced the concept of the spiral of silence, the essence of which boils down to the assertion that a person is less likely to express his opinion on a particular topic if he feels that he is in the minority

    Well, here again, a pure example of the backwardness of current psychologists and sociologists.
    In Orthodoxy, this phenomenon is called "man-pleasing" and is a passion (that is to say, a sin). This phenomenon of the human soul was "discovered" long ago. This need to please others at all costs, and makes the proud soul to be silent. What is sin.
    According to your comments and separate paragraphs I understood what the article was about. It was not necessary for the author to smear this work into a million printed characters. On deep psychological works occupy a maximum of half a page and have a much greater depth in understanding a person and what is happening around.
    Conclusion - it is good to read philosophical dregs and all kinds of "psychologists". You may not believe me, but all this has long been open in Orthodoxy and is in the public domain.
  19. Egoza
    Egoza 14 January 2013 11: 39
    And I think that the author is right, citing the example of I.V. Stalin. What did the leader say wrong about culture? If his installation was carried out, we would not have the "vision" of various "geniuses" who are so applauded by the West, on the stage of drama theaters and in the cinema there would be no obscenity. But cinema and theater can really play an important role in fostering patriotism and general culture.
  20. Petergut
    Petergut 14 January 2013 13: 49
    I also recommend everyone who liked the article to familiarize themselves with the work of S. Kara-Murza "Manipulation of consciousness".
  21. Nikolay-
    Nikolay- 14 January 2013 16: 25
    “The founders of the“ new chronology ”themselves may not even guess what the“ order ”of their project consists of, in terms of manipulating history. For example, the“ new chronology ”destroys the Christian period of history as a non-existent, but it is the natural-historical basis of the cultural core. or otherwise, but modern historical science does not need a new chronology, but a presentation of history, which makes it possible to create a continuity of historical periods. An integration history that does not allow inflating a conflict between the successors of historical groups and periods. "----------- -----

    Modern "historical science" needs truth. Only in this way will it become a science and it will look convincing. The attempts of modern "academicians from historical science" to resist the New Chronology look pitiful and pathetic, because they are based on the lies of Western political strategists, laid down during the seizure of power by the Romanovs.
  22. homosum20
    homosum20 14 January 2013 19: 25
    item 1. If it seems to you that everything is fine around - you simply didn’t notice something.
    item 2. CRYSIS2: "This is our future, son, this is war."
  23. wax
    wax 15 January 2013 00: 30
    Bravo, Dmitry. But, of course, it is difficult for an unprepared reader to get into reasoning. However, it is pleasant that among the regulars of this site there are a lot of literate people with fundamental self-awareness. Narrow Darwinian eugenics and the theory of selection of the strongest in individual struggle were opposed at the end of the 19th century by Pyotr Kropotkin, mentioned in the article, whom many perceive as an anarchist (with the slogan of anarchists during the Civil War "anarchy is the mother of order") The smartest highly educated person, one might say a preacher. Already, on the basis of natural data, he argued that it is the mutual assistance within the population that allows it to win in the competition of species. Moreover, species also do not compete by exterminating a competitor. Animals have their own ethics in relationships. Man has moved away from natural destiny and inevitably destroys his home - the planet Earth, making it unsuitable for the life of thousands of living species and, ultimately, of man himself. No wonder the name of Kropotkin has not yet been defiled in the history of the USSR and Rossit.
    1. Onotollah
      Onotollah 15 January 2013 10: 07
      May I have a closer look at Kropotkin? Share the info please.
      Or did you mean Vernadsky with his doctrine of the noosphere?
  24. Kadet_KRAK
    Kadet_KRAK 16 January 2013 15: 02
    I believe that the author has achieved the main goal - to bring the scale and algorithm of the actions of the "gentlemen of the eugenics". The task of every conscious parent who has read it is not to give up completely presenting the impossibility of the struggle, but to oppose it at their own level. The effect of auto-synchronization will not be long in coming, when 5-10% of the population of our country will take their backs off the couch and start acting decisively. But for now, you still have to work a lot, and above all on your psyche, in order to become human, and not turn into non-human.
  25. vedruss
    vedruss 16 January 2013 16: 28
    Just for the sake of this article - registered now.

    my conclusion from this article is that our enemies attack and fight precisely with our culture and naturally with its carriers - by us.
    not with the Caucasus, Central Asia, namely with us.
    therefore, I think on this principle it is possible to create a system - ours - alien.
    to recognize vrazhin.
    He came to Moscow and you think that Moscow was created by Allah for high - that means you are an enemy.
    and when it is clear who and where is already easier.
    and it’s culture that needs to be stored and restored.
    good article, it's a pity I still can't "plyus".