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In a popular Russian film in the fantasy genre, one of the wizards claimed: “everything that is created by our imagination must exist in the Universe”. In 1927, in his fantasy novel “The Hyperboloid of Engineer Garin” A.N. Tolstoy described history creating a device that emits "death rays". Perhaps the author came up with the idea of ​​the existence of such a device after reading the works of the English inventor Grindell Matthews published abroad in 1924. Or the thought of a miracleweapons at A.N. Tolstoy appeared after reading Herbert Wells' novel “War of the Worlds” (1897). In this work, the young Briton described in detail the effect of "thermal rays": after the beam fell on any object, it instantly ignited, reaching a white-hot flame, while emitting dazzling light.

Although A.N. Tolstoy said that two circumstances inspired him to write the novel: a fascinating view of the Shukhov Tower, with sections going up rapidly in the form of hyperboloids, as well as the story of an old friend A.N. Tolstoy - Venison about the Siberian inventor, who designed a double hyperboloid, but died under mysterious circumstances.

Humanity has always tried, first of all, to use new inventions for military purposes, and only then to solve civilian problems. Perhaps this is because the military departments of any of the countries easily financed the development of weapons of the future and this fact was cleverly used by scammers. Such as Grindell Matthews, who received 25 thousand pounds from the British military, demonstrated to the military the operation of a simple photocell instead of the expected "death rays". The Italian Ulivi also deceived the British - when demonstrating the detonation of a mine with the help of the device he designed, he used an “assistant” - a mini torpedo. Ulivi, after an urgent escape from the shores of Misty Albion, was able to convince Italian industrialists and Admiral Fornani of the reality of the existence of an apparatus that emits rays that are deadly to all living and nonliving things. But after the exposure, he disappeared without a trace.

It must be said that one of the most important tasks being solved by American and European scientists in the 19 century is the possibility of transmitting energy over a distance without using wires. This technology had a multilateral purpose. First, wireless power transmission would save on the construction of power lines. Secondly, it became possible to transfer energy from the base source to transport infrastructure facilities: ships, airplanes, cars, etc. Thirdly, by generating and transmitting a huge amount of energy to one particular point in the enemy’s territory, a strong explosion could have been triggered. This technology would be the basis for creating a grandiose weapon that would change the whole tactics of warfare.

Everyone knows that the first who applied the action of the sun's rays for military purposes was the Greek Archimedes. With the help of specially designed devices, which were based on mirrors, Archimedes managed to focus the sun's rays at a specific point and thus set fire to Roman ships.

The fact that this was not a legend was able to prove to the Greek scientist Yoanis Sakas in 1973 year. With the help of seventy mirrors, he sent a ray of sunshine on a wooden ship, and in three minutes the ship flashed.

In Russia, the father of the theory and practice of creating "deadly rays" became Ph.D. MM. Filippov. His theory of the long-distance transmission of an explosion wave (for example, the explosion in St. Petersburg itself, and its consequences in Constantinople) seemed to be sheer insanity, but the concept author himself believed that in this way he would stop all wars on Earth. After his mysterious and tragic death, it became known that just before his death, Fillipov told his friend Professor Trachevsky that he had conducted a series of successful experiments. With enthusiasm, he argued that: “It’s so easy, moreover, cheap! It's amazing how they still haven't thought of it. ” And although no information on the invention of Filippov was preserved, modern scientists have suggested that Filippov could build a nitrogen chloride laser.

In 1908, the world was shaken by the sensational reports that Nikola Tesla created a high-frequency apparatus, which stopped the operation of a power station in Colorado, which was located at a considerable distance from the scientist's laboratory.

After such news, the world immediately believed in 1923 that European newspapers reported that Germany had radiation weapons capable of stopping aircraft engines at a distance, tanks and cars. It was at this time that the engines stopped at eight planes over the same place in Bavaria, flying along the Paris-Bucharest highway.

The brilliant Russian physicist Abram Fedorovich Ioffe approached the real model of the device that generates the "death rays". In December 1932, after reviewing the project of the emitter by the competent commission, it was decided to continue work on the basis of the Physico-Technical Institute. The scientists had a task: the radius of the rays must be at least 400 meters. The work was carried out under the supervision of Yagoda and Ordzhonikidze. The result was a field installation, which required a powerful electric generator. The project was not finally implemented due to the impossibility of concentrating the enormous energy capacity and high financial value of the plan.

In 30-ies many interesting projects of radiation weapons were proposed. For example, a certain Smirnov proposed a project of an emitter of ultrashort waves, whose action is safe for people, but the rays, creating resonant currents in the engine ignition system, disabled it. The disadvantage of this project was the too short distance at which the radiation installation operated - about 20-30 meters.

The first quantum generator, whose action was reminiscent of the Death Rays apparatus described by science fiction writers, was created by Theodore Meiman in the 1960 year. He was called a laser.

This device has become an indispensable assistant to humanity. It is used in various fields: from microsurgery and home appliances to astronautics. And, of course, in the military field, as a powerful weapon. The main use of lasers in the military field is the destruction of shells, missiles and enemy aircraft on the approach to their territory.

More than twenty years and $ 3 billion has been spent by American scientists and designers from the Los Alamos laboratory and the Mission Research company to develop luchemets. The exact parameters of the ray gun are kept secret. But senior US military officer Harry Moore mentioned that the rifle is a chemical laser that shoots short pulses. Under the action of this laser beam, the object begins to literally evaporate before our eyes. Tests have shown that mannequins in body armor, located at a distance of three kilometers, were easily destroyed. A physicist from the University of Dortmund asserts that when a laser pulse hits a person’s nose or mouth, a person’s lungs rupture. When it gets into the eye, it turns into plasma and bursts. And if you increase the power of the pulse twice, then it will become fatal regardless of the place of impact.

American scientists are developing a humane version of laser weapons, which stuns and has a paralyzing effect on enemy fighters and disables electronics and vehicles.

Another version of laser weapons is being created in the New Mexico military laboratory, called the “Active Branch System”. This microwave device, as it were, “drives away” enemies, heating up water molecules in the human body. The pain is so severe that people run away without sustaining it. A decision has already been made to place this system in combat jeeps of the American armed forces for the purpose of conducting tests.

Americans have always sought to protect themselves from the actions of enemy missiles. The program to create a missile defense (missile defense) involves the placement of lasers on satellites and aircraft. The competent commission proposed the military department to use the Boeing-747 for this purpose. In January, 2001, the first YAL-1A, equipped with a chemical iodine-oxygen laser, made its first flight from the Everett airfield. This laser was developed by TRV based on the latest technologies and modern materials (unique plastics, titanium alloys and composites). The laser is mounted on the main deck of the aircraft on two titanium panels. The laser beam passes through a special tube to the nose turret. The beam is focused by a 1.5 meter mirror, the viewing area is 120 °. Although because of the crisis, Americans have reduced funding for this project, the prototype is already functioning and is undergoing tests, close to the fighting ones.

But Russian experts did not lag behind their American counterparts. Back in Soviet times, the Troitsk Institute for Innovation and Thermonuclear Research created a mobile laser system, located on the trailers of the Chelyabinsk plant. The whole structure consists of a laser radiation generator with an optical resonator block and a gas discharge chamber, a beam forming and guidance system, a control cabin and an aircraft turbojet engine, a tank for liquefied carbon dioxide, a tank with aviation gasoline. The deployment time of this complex is two to three hours.

Currently, this complex is used to eliminate fires at gas infrastructure facilities, burn off oil films in water areas, crush rocky arrays, deactivate the surface of nuclear power plants, and destroy insects.

Americans have found other uses for mobile laser devices. The task of a tactical high-energy laser is the destruction of short-range missiles. This project is jointly implemented by experts from the USA and Israel. The interest in this of Israelis is understandable - they need protection from Iraq’s missiles and Hezbollah projectiles. The basis of a mobile laser weapon is an infrared chemical laser operating on a mixture of fluorine and deuterium gases. A feature of this mixture is that the rays generated by it are not absorbed by the atmosphere. During tests, the Katyusha (BM-13) and Grad (BM-21) rocket launchers were undermined by this installation, and the laser was not brought to full power. For transportation of the installation over long distances, standard military armored vehicles are used.

The Pentagon is planning to use Death Rays to deploy a global anti-missile defense network and to fight terrorism.

The Russian creator of missile weapons, Yuri Sizov, believes that it is possible to place laser installations on civilian aircraft that can shoot down Igr or Stinger-type missile systems - this will allow us to really counter the threats of terrorist acts. Another talented Russian inventor said that Russia possesses effective laser technologies for protecting aircraft from missiles.

China also joined the development of unearthly laser weapons. The Chinese have placed a laser turret on their ZTZ-99G tank, the task of which is to disable enemy optical systems and blind gunners.

Armed with the Russian army were laser systems "Aquilon" and the system "Compression". The “Compression” system was able to automatically search for glare objects and destroy them with an existing battery of lasers.

Given the fact that work on the creation of combat lasers continues in almost all countries, Russia should be ready to take retaliatory measures. Consequently, domestic developers must create not only laser attack systems, but also protection devices against the laser combat systems of the enemy.

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  1. Lich
    Lich 14 January 2013 08: 34
    Another version of laser weapons is being created in the New Mexico military laboratory, called the “Active Branch System”. This microwave device, as it were, “drives away” enemies, heating up water molecules in the human body. The pain is so severe that people run away without sustaining it. A decision has already been made to place this system in combat jeeps of the American armed forces for the purpose of conducting tests.
    Regarding this, I can say that really amers created a system based on microwaves and installed it on Hamers and released a number of such installations, but after using them for several months they were removed from service. Because of the drivers' injuries, their skin simply melted. There were also fatalities and those who survived became "freaks". An unenviable fate sad
    1. Lich
      Lich 14 January 2013 08: 44
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      20frameborder = "0"% 20allowfullscreen> ]
    2. ATATA
      ATATA 14 January 2013 08: 47
      These are not lasers; simply put, microwave ovens are directional.
      1. Basarev
        Basarev 18 January 2014 20: 59
        I wonder if it is possible to create a VHF radio wave laser?
    3. ShturmKGB
      ShturmKGB 14 January 2013 14: 14
      In serious conflict, many technologies will come to light, including combat lasers. Moreover, these will not be the most exotic, I suspect that many "surprises" are hidden in the sleeves of gentlemen from Moscow and Washington ...
      1. mazdie
        mazdie 14 January 2013 22: 09
        As there are NO current combat lasers, the most modern lasers are continuous chemical pumped lasers, which are very bulky and volatile. And the so-called combat lasers are basically devices of small power that can dazzle or disable electronics
    4. Lucky
      Lucky 15 January 2013 19: 37
      They showed them on TV, there in general heat all who did not shoot with this gun the whole crew melted (
  2. Lich
    Lich 14 January 2013 08: 45
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  3. Dimani
    Dimani 14 January 2013 08: 54
    And if you first launch a rocket with a smoke screen, and then the usual one with explosives. What will be the effectiveness of the laser?
    1. Psyjoker
      Psyjoker 14 January 2013 09: 38
      The laser is generally very moody. He needs a lot of energy, it depends heavily on the density of the atmosphere, air humidity and the reflective properties of those elements that are in the atmosphere and on purpose. Smoke is good, but dust from reflective materials is even better.
      1. Dinver
        Dinver 14 January 2013 10: 54
        Already all this passed 1K17 "Compression":

        You need something fundamentally new, in a different range independent of the atmosphere, or use will be limited
        1. Odessa16
          Odessa16 14 January 2013 15: 29
          Multi-band emitter. And the laser, and the microwave, and the radar at the same time. And the optics will light up, and the electronics will burn, and at the same time will direct the missiles. A microwave emitter, IMHO, is better - it doesn't care about interference - it will go through any gap and turn any technique into a useless colossus. Even if it is a "dumb" T-62 without supercomputers.
          P.S. I really don’t know if this is possible ...
          1. anomalocaris
            anomalocaris 14 January 2013 16: 26
            Yeah. And as a source of energy, a small fusion reactor ...
            1. Mikhail3
              Mikhail3 14 January 2013 19: 27
              And for the lens system - a philosophical stone.
    2. Mikhail3
      Mikhail3 14 January 2013 19: 24
      Nikakov. Moreover, if you see that the beam is, say, red, it is enough to put on a red shirt. And you can just walk under this "weapon". Squeeze is fun, but you have to hit the scope lens itself! The demonstration of this case is on a uniaxial machine ... Panama.
      The transfer of energy by a beam of visible light, even a laser beam, is fundamentally ineffective. Remember the joke about the watch? "This is the battery." It would be nice if the Americans threw billions more into this "weapon of the future" ...
  4. Professor
    Professor 14 January 2013 08: 56
    The Russian creator of missile weapons, Yuri Sizov, considers it possible to place laser systems on civilian aircraft capable of shooting down Igla or Stinger-type air defense missiles — this will really counter the threats of terrorist attacks.

    Already, civilian aircraft are equipped with laser systems capable of shooting down Igla or Stinger-type air defense missiles ...
    1. Dimani
      Dimani 14 January 2013 09: 19
      But how many terrorists shot down civilian aircraft from MANPADS?
      1. Professor
        Professor 14 January 2013 09: 38
        How much is this? Here is a brief summary of the dangers and chances to bring down.
        Russian serial numbers

        But these MANPADS tried to bring down the Boeing-757 Arkia Airlines in Kenya

        And this is in the appendage:
      2. PLO
        PLO 14 January 2013 10: 17
        Already, civilian aircraft are equipped with laser systems capable of shooting down Igla or Stinger-type air defense missiles ...

        knock down? which are interesting?
        can all the same IKGSN blind?
        1. Professor
          Professor 14 January 2013 10: 24
          can all the same IKGSN blind?

          Rather, take away from the plane, which is called soft-kill.
    2. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 14 January 2013 16: 27
      They cannot "knock down" them, they can lead to the side of the GOS
    3. postman
      postman 15 January 2013 18: 47
      Quote: Professor
      capable of shooting down missiles of the Igla or Stinger type ...

      Probably all the same we are talking about countermeasures, such as
      CLOUD Active Protection System a Laser 'Soft Kill' Layer

      Raytheon Company's Quick Kill ™ still has more sales prospects

      although APS Iron Fist from IMI:
  5. Dimani
    Dimani 14 January 2013 10: 11
    Well, as for Libya, they themselves created such a hemorrhoids, and it turns out the only time 10 years ago,
  6. Shabur
    Shabur 14 January 2013 10: 19
    Wireless power transmission now and we have it.
  7. rkka
    rkka 14 January 2013 12: 25
    Archimedes managed to focus the sun's rays at a specific point and in this way set fire to Roman ships.

    There was no such thing! When you see references to unverified events (sources) in articles, it immediately undermines the credibility of the entire article and the author in particular.
    1. Uncle
      Uncle 14 January 2013 18: 39
      Quote: rkka
      There was no such!

      How was it not? Archimedes took a lot of mirrors from powder boxes, toilet mirrors, rear-view mirrors, mirror glasses and fixed it on a huge parabolic frame made of reed. I caught the sun in it and sent it to someone there fleet. And the khan to the fleet, but you did not say.
  8. Syrdon
    Syrdon 14 January 2013 12: 44
    our scientists need to create a plasmagan and everyone will suck)))) but seriously, it is alarming that the amers already have pulse rifles, this is a big step forward.
    1. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 14 January 2013 16: 30
      What is it?
    2. Basarev
      Basarev 18 January 2014 21: 06
      Similar developments already exist. Artsimovich’s railgun can fire both ultra-light shells, accelerating them to monstrous speeds, and plasma at a speed of about 50 km / s
  9. Clueless
    Clueless 14 January 2013 13: 00
    Quote: rkka
    Archimedes managed to focus the sun's rays at a specific point and in this way set fire to Roman ships.

    There was no such thing! When you see references to unverified events (sources) in articles, it immediately undermines the credibility of the entire article and the author in particular.

    there was a program about dispelling myths, that’s how they didn’t succeed, or rather, but the boat with the sails should stand still, not move, and moreover, considerable time - in short, this is a fairy tale
    1. anomalocaris
      anomalocaris 14 January 2013 16: 31
      Yes. It was so.
  10. Tektor
    Tektor 14 January 2013 13: 16
    A powerful laser beam can burn a plasma channel in the atmosphere through which a couple of megavolts (a short pulse) can be transmitted, which will damage any electronics on a flying target. The problem of creating a highly efficient laser (with high efficiency, at least 50%) is solved.
    1. Locksmith
      Locksmith 14 January 2013 15: 04
      At the same time, the accumulated atmospheric electricity burns along this channel and the laser itself laughing - the laser needs a pulsed and terawatt one in power, and before that the non-reflecting body will "warm" with a 100 kilowatt one for several seconds smile
  11. IRBIS
    IRBIS 14 January 2013 16: 56
    Proposal to the moderators.
    Take this article, add artistically crafted comments to it, and publish a new book about the weapons of the future: beam rifles, vertical take-off microwaves, plasmogons and other bullshit.
    And yet, all this can be boiled down to the Americans. Moreover, all the calculations in the comments are already there. If it burns out, then I'm in share. For the idea ...
  12. unclevad
    unclevad 14 January 2013 17: 40
    My former colleague, in the past caperang, was engaged in these developments in the fleet in the 70-80s. He said that it was impossible to bring down a cruise missile on the fly during the tests (you yourself understand ours). However, when hit, the beam removes the control system and the missile is disoriented, which in itself is already good, since it will no longer hit the target.
    And the blade from a gas-dynamic laser in the 80s I personally held in my hands.
  13. Black
    Black 14 January 2013 19: 35
    article is definitely a minus. There was such a magazine "Tekhnika - Molodoi", this is a read just for its readers.
    1. Basarev
      Basarev 18 January 2014 21: 09
      A magazine named "Tekhnika - Molodyozhi" is a serious publication, he could not lie. In the Soviet Union, this was impossible.
  14. Bandera
    Bandera 14 January 2013 20: 05
    Israel’s interest in this is understandable - they need protection against missiles Iraq and Hezbollah shells

    No comments.
  15. homosum20
    homosum20 14 January 2013 20: 06
    The atmosphere scatters all the rays: from infrared to x-rays. This is the law of physics. Otherwise, there would be no life on the surface of the planet. Fantasies are good when it is possible to impose them on the enemy so that he spends grandmothers.
  16. Kir
    Kir 14 January 2013 21: 08
    Well, what can I say. About the article ......., and with regards to those tests during which it was concluded that there was an explosion of the lungs, then the physicist should be given a broom, but for the one and the same thing who vaporized the object, times by his intellect! As for the Archimedean experience, this is not proved that this was done by light. Now, with regards to efficiency, well, a little more effective than firing from traditional weapons, but in terms of price and dimensions, it will leave such a clear minus! If anything worthwhile is done on the basis of controlled plasma formations, well, something like ball lightning. in truth, the craftswoman of all trades, you need to move against the wind against the wind, you need to explode, explode, you need to penetrate the outlet, and here you are kind! And besides, what is the supply of energy and can serve for a good deed. Yes, and there seems to be no protection against it yet.
    By the way, returning to the laser, I have repeatedly pointed out that if only they have not stolen and got sick, measures have long been developed for effective protection against combat lasers, both by spraying "aerosols" with special optical properties and others.
    And with regards to the love of some for Russian-Soviet education and popular science magazines, what do you say do not say ....,
  17. SA23WSGFG
    SA23WSGFG 15 January 2013 19: 23
    Have you heard the news? The Russian authorities are already insolent in the end. They made this database
    where you can find information about any resident of the Baltic countries.
    really was very surprised
    there are a lot of interesting things about me (addresses, phone numbers, even my photos are different
    character) - I wonder where they dug up this. In general, there are good sides - this
    Information can be deleted from the site.
    I advise you to hurry, you never know how to fumble there ...