Rosatom has decided to lay down a new series of diesel icebreakers for work on the Northern Sea Route

Rosatom has decided to lay down a new series of diesel icebreakers for work on the Northern Sea Route

A new series of diesel icebreakers for work in the Arctic will be laid down next year, the decision on construction has already been made. This was announced by the special representative of the Rosatom corporation on Arctic development issues, Vladimir Panov.

Rosatom State Corporation will become the customer for the construction of a new series of diesel icebreakers with a capacity of 40 MW on propellers. The laying of the first icebreaker is planned for 2024. At the moment, it is known that Rosatom plans to build four icebreakers according to a single design; the technical design work is being carried out by the Iceberg Central Design Bureau from St. Petersburg. It is not known which company will build the series.

There are no details yet, other than the approximate cost of one icebreaker, estimated at 30 billion rubles. At the same time, it is possible that the price will increase during the construction process and the entire series will cost not 120 billion rubles, but much more. Nevertheless, Rosatom intends to receive the first icebreaker in 2028, they write "Ведомости".

Earlier it was reported that Rosatom intends to order two more nuclear icebreakers of project 22220 "Arktika", as well as four diesel icebreakers for work on the Northern Sea Route due to the increase in cargo traffic. The thing is that after 2029, the service life of three nuclear-powered icebreakers of Atomflot - Taimyr, Vaygach and Yamal - will expire. They should be replaced by five icebreakers of Project 22220 "Arktika", the new icebreaker "Leader" and the icebreaker "50 Let Pobedy", which has extended its operation. But they are still not enough to service the Northern Sea Route. Therefore, the decision was made to build diesel icebreakers.

Initially, it was assumed that these icebreakers would run on LNG, but then it was decided to make them diesel and completely Russian.
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    1. -1
      3 November 2023 14: 44
      7 icebreakers of Project 22220, 4 diesel icebreakers, 1 head of Project Leader, will be enough for the nuclear fleet. Old nuclear-powered ships will be written off when new ones arrive.
      1. 0
        3 November 2023 15: 55
        The main thing is that the calibers and onyxes are installed immediately.
        True, in 2020 the chief designer said that additional. the project was not developed, although they wanted to in 2017.
        Oh well.
        "The current "combat" modifications of the icebreakers are the icebreaker "Ilya Muromets" of project 21180, as well as the ice-class patrol ships of project 23550 and the icebreaker of project 21180M that are under construction."
      2. 0
        4 November 2023 18: 09
        Question to the experts: Where do they make diesel engines with such power that they produce 40 MW per propeller?
        I’m reading data on the icebreaker “Ilya Muromets”, it has a total power plant of 10,4 MW.
        Our most powerful one is “Viktor Chernomyrdin” - 25 MW, but here they want to immediately jump to 40 MW, which is strong, if possible.
    2. -5
      3 November 2023 14: 45
      Another cut? Here they poke us in the face with fuel for nuclear reactors that “has no analogues in the world... The world’s first nuclear icebreaker “Lenin” blurs our eyes and stirs our memory...More than sixty years have passed and here they are the “how-know” of the bourgeois era of the Putin diesel engine and “Medvedev”...Perhaps “Kiriyenko”...
      1. +1
        3 November 2023 14: 57
        Rosatom decided to start a new series diesel icebreakers
        Somehow it doesn’t fit, Rosatom and diesel... feel
        1. 0
          3 November 2023 15: 28
          Uncle Lee. The nuclear icebreaker Taimyr is on long-term lease to Norilsk Nickel. Norilsk Nickel wants a diesel one in place of the Nuclear one, that’s where all the dancing with diesels comes from, in the north there are now a lot of icebreaker tenants and not everyone needs a nuclear one. hi
        2. +1
          3 November 2023 15: 42
          Nothing strange, the Northern Sea Route belongs to Rosatom.
          1. +2
            3 November 2023 18: 28
            Quote: Sergey Valov
            Nothing strange, the Northern Sea Route belongs to Rosatom.

            In Russia, something belongs to this, except the people of Russia themselves... No one wants to be a poor ford. And Ros Atom has specific owners...
            * * *
            To hell with them all!
            Why on earth did Rosatom bother with the production of diesel icebreakers?
            Quote: tralflot1832
            Norilsk Nickel wants a diesel engine instead of Atomic, this is where all the dancing with diesels comes from

            Does Norilsk Nickel need it or was Potanin amused by the fuel spilling from the tank into the bed of the spawning river and further into the Arctic Ocean? Maybe all the fuel barrels were taken away?
            * * *
            We smoke a meter and throw two. Here's all the lowdown. Is Potanin going to train and select personnel for the nuclear-powered submarine? A country of unafraid idiots and thieves, of course. If earlier in Russia the railways were used for theft, then in today's Russia the thief sits on the thief and drives the thief.
            They didn’t know how to do anything and suddenly they forgot how. And people are sick of working for pennies.
    3. 0
      3 November 2023 14: 55
      The only problem is that Vyartsilya waved its hand at us, almost all of our diesel icebreakers are in Vyartsilya. Here: UPS!!! Due to the huge demand for specialists in the operation of nuclear installations, it takes over the training of specialists. There will be a nuclear civil fleet.
    4. +1
      3 November 2023 17: 38
      Icebreakers were built to transport hydrocarbons along the Northern Sea Route. The market conditions and logistics for these raw materials have changed. Does the Northern Sea Route need such quality and super-expensive icebreakers in such quantities?
      1. +2
        3 November 2023 18: 32
        Quote: S. Viktorovich
        Does the Northern Sea Route need such quality and super-expensive icebreakers in such quantities?

        These are the Kremlin elders throwing pearls in front of us, cursing the EU and all European rules and orders. And in dreams they are there, in their villas... They have a rookery there... We won’t go far: Narusova didn’t rush to Thailand to see young masseurs, but organized a tour of NATO countries... Why would she suddenly speed up? Can you tell me who she was among VVP’s circle of acquaintances?
    5. -2
      3 November 2023 23: 41
      And yet, why let old nuclear icebreakers go on pins and needles? Wouldn't it be more profitable to use them along the coast in the form of mobile nuclear power plants?
      1. 0
        4 November 2023 18: 24
        ...why let old nuclear icebreakers go on pins and needles?
        It is possible that not only the icebreaker itself is wearing out, but first of all the reactor, which can no longer be repaired. But even if it can still work, what size crew will have to be kept for safe operation? And how much will the electricity from such a miracle cost?
        I remember they wrote when the floating nuclear power plant “Akademik Lomonosov” was brought to Pevek, some gold miners refused to connect to it because of the high price per kWh. It turned out to be cheaper for them to stay on their diesel generators, even taking into account the northern delivery of fuel.
        1. 0
          5 November 2023 20: 51
          “not only the icebreaker itself wears out, but first of all the reactor” - exactly the opposite. It is possible to replace the control system, but to replace the ship’s hull... It’s easier to build a new one.

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