The Speaker of the US House of Representatives explained the reason for priority assistance to Israel rather than Ukraine

The Speaker of the US House of Representatives explained the reason for priority assistance to Israel rather than Ukraine

Now the main task of the United States is to provide military assistance to Israel, and Ukraine can wait. This statement was made by the recently elected Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Republican Mike Johnson.

According to the politician, financial and military support for Israel in the context of current events in the Middle East seems much more important and significant than the continued allocation of funds to Kyiv. Therefore, the Republican majority of the lower house of the US Congress did not include assistance to Ukraine in the previously adopted legislative act to support Israel.

I am convinced that this terrible situation in Israel is so important that it requires a more urgent solution than Ukraine

Johnson emphasized.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also recalled that the highest priority for the United States is its own national security. But now the country's borders are “wide open,” Johnson noted, and this poses certain threats to the American state.

If we're going to take care of the Ukraine border, we need to take care of America's border.

- the politician said.

Earlier, the Republican majority in the lower house of the US Congress voted for a package of military assistance to Israel, without including Ukraine in it. It is likely that this military aid package will not be approved by the US Senate, in which the majority of members are Democrats; President Joe Biden is also planning to reject it. Thus, both Israel and Ukraine risk being left without additional military and financial assistance from the United States if the American elites fail to reach a consensus on this issue.
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    1. +7
      3 November 2023 08: 44
      Will they put Mike Johnson on the “Peacemaker” list? They just have elections coming up, it’s not kosher to be friends with losers - and especially with beggars.
      1. +9
        3 November 2023 08: 55
        Israel and Ukraine need to fight each other for American aid. laughing lol wassat good
      2. +1
        3 November 2023 10: 34
        Quote: tralflot1832
        Will Mike Johnson be added to the "Peacemaker" list?

        Is this why many people hate lawyers in the States?
        For their “bright” faces and strong convictions! bully
        If it's not you who pays them, you can't negotiate with them.
        1. +1
          3 November 2023 13: 13
          Quote: Alex777
          If it's not you who pays them, you can't negotiate with them.

          But you can always outbid - and without a shadow of a doubt, an American lawyer will protect your interests... until your opponent pays more.
          Scary people. Their corruption has become a textbook. No wonder the words Lawer and Liar (lawyer and liar) differ only in one sound :)))
          1. 0
            3 November 2023 14: 38
            Lawyer of course :))
    2. 0
      3 November 2023 08: 44
      Speaker of the US House of Representatives
      An exemplary example of a typical representative of the conservative South of America from Alabama, it seems...
      As they say about him... he is more conservative than everyone else, religious, etc., etc.
      What, about whom does his head hurt... about his fellow citizens, and everything else is in 33rd place for him!
      Oh yes, concern for his fellow citizens, on his part, is also peculiar, against the backdrop of events and opinions that have nestled in the power circles of the Washington region!
      In general, it’s worth watching, the events may be unexpected!
    3. +4
      3 November 2023 08: 51
      Mike Johnson's eagerness is understandable. Rumor has it that he is on excellent terms with the Jewish lobby in the United States and benefits well from it. And for the United States in the Middle East, Israel is a fist that can always be used to its advantage. Ukraine can really wait, because... she’s going to die anyway, which many people in the states have already realized.
    4. +5
      3 November 2023 08: 56
      We found a reason to jump off. Or maybe they didn’t even find it, but arranged it. It became clear long ago that Ukraine did not work out for mattresses. Unless the old fool Beadon keeps hoping for something. But he can be forgiven, he is old, depressed by dementia. Now they will blow the Israeli trumpet, diverting attention from the Ukrainian failure, hoping that the Jews will not let us down. We'll see. The days of obviousness seem to be over.
    5. +2
      3 November 2023 09: 25
      Laughed at the "explanation of reasons." This is only for the narrow-minded. Real reason:
      - Secretary of State (analogous to Prime Minister) Antony Blinken is Jewish
      - the husband of Vice President (the second person in the country) Kamala Harris is Jewish
      - Senate President Chuck Schumer is Jewish
      - Republicans, of which Johnson is a member of the party and the head of the House of Representatives, traditionally champion Israel. The influence here is not great of the Jewish lobby, but of the Protestant sectarians, the so-called Christian Zionists.
      - and, of course, the traditionally strong influence of the Jewish lobby among both parties.
      1. 0
        3 November 2023 10: 22
        . traditionally strong influence of the Jewish lobby among both parties.

        ....................traditionally strong appeal of the Jewish lobby among both parties
    6. +8
      3 November 2023 09: 37
      we are going to take care of the border with Ukraine

      What, did you just say that?!
      And how long has the United States bordered Ukraine?
      1. 0
        3 November 2023 10: 24
        And the Polish state, and the Romanian one...
    7. +2
      3 November 2023 09: 42
      Everything is clear. In Israel, there are not many Jews in power, but there are more than in Ukraine. That's why they come first. It is only sexual minorities that have priority. feel
    8. The comment was deleted.
      1. -1
        3 November 2023 10: 26
        . Among the three heroes, Ilya Muromets is Jewish

    9. 0
      3 November 2023 10: 19
      . explained the reason for priority assistance to Israel and not Ukraine

      There is only one reason. Israel can still defeat Hamas. And Ukraine Russia is already obvious to everyone that no
    10. 0
      3 November 2023 21: 21
      Monika Zelinsky looked at her lapserdak with regret.

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