The developer has begun testing individual elements of the promising Legionnaire equipment

The developer has begun testing individual elements of the promising Legionnaire equipment

The Kalashnikov Concern has begun testing individual elements of the fourth generation Legionnaire equipment associated with integrated reconnaissance control systems drones. The head of the concern, Alan Lushnikov, spoke about this.

At the end of December last year, the main developer of the equipment of the soldier of the future, TsNIItochmash, announced that the Russian Ministry of Defense approved the tactical and technical assignment for the development of the Legionnaire equipment, which in the future will replace the Warrior and the Sotnik coming to replace it. At the same time, it became known that research work on the Legionnaire had begun, work should be completed by the end of 2023. And based on the results of the research work, the terms of reference for carrying out development work will already be formed, within the framework of which the equipment will be presented already "in hardware".

The Kalashnikov Concern is creating an integrated control system for reconnaissance drones for Legionnaire equipment; the work is still at the initial stage, but there is progress. Controls must be simple, accessible to fighters, and also resistant to electronic warfare. The result should be a system that allows a fighter to control various robotic systems and drones, data about which will be displayed on the helmet screen.

The Legionnaire equipment system includes a robotics system. This task has been set. That is, these are micro- and minidrones and everything that is connected with this - with autonomous vehicles and other means. (...) Accordingly, we are working to make them compact and easy to transport. And most importantly, they must be linked to management systems. (...) We have a certain groundwork there, it is now being tested, the first stage has already passed

Lushnikov said.

At present, the Russian military is using second-generation Ratnik equipment, which will soon be replaced by third-generation Sotnik equipment. The military will begin receiving the first elements of Sotnik in 2025.
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    1. +20
      2 November 2023 21: 44
      will replace “Ratnik” and the “Sotnik” that is replacing it.

      Do our soldiers have all these Warriors and Sotniks in the Northern Military District? at least one per platoon?
      1. +4
        2 November 2023 21: 58
        Quote: Borik
        Do our soldiers have all these Warriors and Sotniks in the Northern Military District? at least one per platoon?

        Like 2 years ago they said that they had deployed 50000 warriors, this number would only be enough for the MTR.
        1. +7
          2 November 2023 22: 28
          All the uniforms developed by the Kalashnikov concern turn out to be too expensive for the budget of the Ministry of Defense and quite difficult to use (I myself worked in the design bureau that develops military products), so all these latest model “Ratniks”, “Sotniki” and “Legionnaires” unless they wear any kind of special units participating in the North Military District, and at the parade they will wear it on anyone... For everyone else, the maximum is all-season field uniform VKPO 2.0 and 3.0... Moreover, in the concern’s stores it costs from 30 to 40 thousand. .. However, maybe I’m wrong... I would like...
      2. +3
        2 November 2023 22: 33
        Those who are not in the warrior may be mobilized (in some cases), former Army Corps of the DPR and LPR and volunteers.

        Almost all army men wear a warrior. Those who were interested in something easier like MTR, for example, are not in it.
      3. -5
        3 November 2023 00: 24
        Not so long ago I was talking, at work the guys bought drones with their own money, and attack aircraft. There is no faith in crap TV.
        1. +3
          3 November 2023 08: 16
          There are never too many drones. It’s better to buy a dozen with your own money and sit with the remote control than to storm the trenches. Since you have money, it’s easier not to regret it and buy it. You don’t think that every attack aircraft will be provided with a carriage and a small trolley of drones. Stormtroopers would then not be needed at all. Throw grenades at everything from the copters and walk at full height
      4. KCA
        3 November 2023 05: 07
        "Kalashnikov" is a private company, it carries out developments with its own money, and how much and what to buy from it is decided by the Moscow Region, all questions go there
      5. +1
        3 November 2023 18: 19
        There were many, but thanks to the system, the fighters were not trained at all in their correct use and they either went to the enemy or were lost as a result of chaotic military operations.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. +18
      2 November 2023 21: 50
      We started testing the fourth generation. Great. And where is the third one, which is the Centurion? Did anyone see him alive at the front? You can even test the fifth generation, but what is the practical use of this for the active army? Maybe it’s better to urgently bring to life the 3rd generation and set up its production quickly?
      1. -3
        3 November 2023 00: 32
        Quote: garik77
        And where is the third one, which is the Centurion?

        Maybe they sell it somewhere abroad.
      2. +1
        3 November 2023 08: 19
        A legionnaire will cost as much as a tank. It will not be used en masse like Warrior 3. There are simpler armor. The main thing here is that they are trying to integrate electronics
      3. 0
        3 November 2023 19: 39
        “We started testing the fourth generation. Excellent. And where is the third, Sotnik? Has anyone seen him alive at the front? You can even test the fifth generation, but what is the practical use of this for the active army?”
        Well, I strongly disagree here.
        It is always necessary to test and develop both the fifth and hundredth generations. This is R&D.
        Today there will be no return, and space does not give much return. For agricultural land of Russian collective and state farms, at first glance. And, on the second? hi
    4. +14
      2 November 2023 21: 50
      Now expect a million “Legionnaires” to disappear, similar to “Warriors”? Or was there no million “Warriors” at all???
      1. -2
        2 November 2023 22: 29
        There was a loss of a million VKBO sets, not Ratnikov. The culprits have been found and seem to have been convicted.
        1. +6
          2 November 2023 22: 36
          Quote: tatarin1972
          There was a loss of a million VKBO sets, not Ratnikov. The culprits have been found and seem to have been convicted.

          Was it the head of the logistics service who was convicted or what?
          Transferred to a higher position....
      2. +5
        3 November 2023 01: 22
        Like @Lev_Russia, you confuse uniform sets (VKPO) and equipment sets (for example, “Warrior”).
      3. 0
        3 November 2023 08: 23
        There will never be a million “legionnaires”. Like a million tanks or planes. A fighter needs protection from shrapnel on the front line and from bullets, not invulnerability. Protection must be cheap, reliable and widespread. And these warriors 3 and so on are not created for this
    5. +1
      2 November 2023 21: 55
      Everything as usual. Designers work day and night overtime without vacations, but the generals don’t order.(((Not going into production.
    6. +4
      2 November 2023 21: 56
      10 years ago they showed a warrior at an exhibition. Where do these super warriors fight? now a legionnaire could be a space marine and we don’t know anything?
      1. +3
        2 November 2023 22: 33
        Abandon these hopes, his price is such that the company commander will never be able to pay for all 120 sets of those killed on the first field trip by playful conscripts. So they will be in storage.
        1. +7
          3 November 2023 02: 03
          Warriors - for warriors
          Centurions - for centurions
          Legionnaire - for legionnaires (who are not in the RF Armed Forces, and if they are not, then there are no questions)
          Everything is clear as day!
          1. -1
            3 November 2023 08: 25
            Legionnaire - for guilty generals. So that you can walk around in it and be tormented by remorse
    7. -2
      2 November 2023 21: 56
      The Kalashnikov Concern is creating an integrated control system for Legionnaire equipment intelligence drones,

      What about kamikaze strikes? If each fighter were given a dozen IDP drones a day, then, in theory, there might not be a need to go on the attack.
      1. 0
        3 November 2023 08: 27
        But if this fighter is covered with a mine, then he will be buried in it
    8. +2
      2 November 2023 21: 59
      I hope they will take into account that the Americans are already switching to a more powerful rifle caliber, 5.56 does not take the warrior plate and Chinese armor on the Taliban. The materials already allow you to act in advance.
    9. ASM
      2 November 2023 22: 14
      I drank the dough in an ideal way. Not all troops are yet equipped with warriors, and we don’t even know how suitable such equipment is for various types of troops. And then some new kit is rushed in, without even disassembling the previous versions from the existing parts. Oh, I don’t believe these talkers, I don’t believe them at all.
      1. +2
        2 November 2023 22: 56
        Well, you are in vain, perhaps based on the results of the military operations it is already clear what needs to be changed.
        1. -2
          2 November 2023 23: 47
          It's been clear for a long time whom need to change... bully
    10. +9
      2 November 2023 22: 19

      .................................................. .................................................. ..........................
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. 0
          4 November 2023 10: 10
          Quote: Sergei N 58912062
          , who will win?

    11. +1
      2 November 2023 22: 27
      Subscribe to our Telegram channel, regularly additional
    12. +6
      2 November 2023 22: 37
      I wonder if the issue with digital communications has been resolved in order to use elements of robotics and control the UAV closed to electronic warfare? Or will there be control on Baofengs and raising the excitement on kites?
    13. +3
      2 November 2023 22: 37
      A picture of equipment completely copied from the old computer game Halo.
    14. +2
      2 November 2023 22: 53
      Will there be a system of a single information field?
    15. -6
      2 November 2023 23: 34
      It’s just a bummer, it would be better to at least organize mass production of good armored vehicles for the Northern Military District; our soldiers are currently being given all sorts of crap, including the monolith module. And I’m generally silent about walkie-talkies, sights and first-aid kits, there’s simply a shortage of everything, what do they think there, they should ask the soldiers or at least the volunteers about the needs of the army, it’s clear from the office staff that everything is wonderful and wonderful, but to find out how things are going on it's actually not that difficult.
    16. 0
      2 November 2023 23: 38
      Quote: tatarin1972
      Abandon these hopes, his price is such that the company commander will never be able to pay for all 120 sets of those killed on the first field trip by playful conscripts. So they will be in storage.

      Yeah, like one and a half million sets that disappeared to God knows where.
      "Was there a boy?" - it seems to me that these one and a half million sets initially existed only in invoices, virtually so to speak. It is impossible to find something that was not there in the first place. But there’s no hemorrhoids, and there’s no need to steal, write off, or sell outright. Just the entire amount without commissions and other costs for your pocket and beauty.
      And then you can also work as the inspector general of logistics with the pension of the ex-deputy minister of defense.
    17. -3
      3 November 2023 00: 04
      That is, our Warriors have already fallen out of use as obsolete, the troops are fully equipped with the Sotnik and now you can calmly deal with the Legmoner. Did I understand correctly?))
      1. +1
        3 November 2023 07: 33
        It's good to joke. I KNOW FOR DEFINITELY that all those who have been covered up on the discussed topic of supplying troops are now sweating a lot during interrogations. But no one will talk about this on TV. Because neh... There is a war going on. Danya Bodrov correctly said: “During war, there is no need...”
    18. +2
      3 November 2023 00: 46
      That is, in essence, the difference is the expanded ability to control “in the field” the efforts of any combat unit? A dubious topic in the current realities, because this equipment will definitely not be “for everyone”, it will be a highly specialized option, because our armed forces are infinitely far from equipping all fighters with microdrones and augmented reality in helmets. Not so long ago there were problems, as far as I remember, even with simple means of armor protection - I don’t think that these problems covered everything.
      The question is why is it necessary to create a separate generation where a mod for Sotnik could do the job - after all, as a “highly specialized option” there will obviously not be more than ten thousand users. For the sake of this, developing full-fledged generational production is a dubious topic..

      No, I definitely welcome such agility from Kalashnikov, but in this particular case, for some reason it reminds me of a plan that is not very reasonable in the conditions of a de facto major conflict. Now equipping infantry with microdrones and means of personal control of robotics is much less of a priority than, for example, the banal release of high-quality modular armor with reduced weight and increased armor in places most affected in the conditions (and nature) of the current conflict.
      The exoskeleton and active armor based on MRFs and non-Newtonian fluids will not wait for a full series, but for individual tests, where they belong at this technological level. Like microdrones, which, by the way, we already have? No, I read that it seems like “they came up with a better idea than the Americans,” but this, really, is already heard too often. Then it turns out that it is possible to invent a “death star” - and organize production and production. localizing components, and even stupidly getting the military interested, is a whole long and not always successful story..
    19. 0
      3 November 2023 00: 58
      I don't understand why this is a boast when military technologies are at a very early stage of development and are often inherently utopian because they are too expensive or impractical for mass deployment, or contain too many semi-finished products of the future, which entail incalculable development risks (cost, feasibility , deadlines, etc.). I think it's kind of a bluff, like, "Hey, look, we're on our way to the future," but does that work in the long run? This gives the enemy something to think about to push him towards his own developments, which he can complete faster because they can be more effective, and you can fool your own population and army several times, but at some point everyone will understand that this is wrong. Even if the designers and military leaders have good intentions, wouldn't it be better to develop it quietly, prepare it for mass production without making a fuss, then begin mass production and release it only when 80% of the armed forces are equipped with it? And it’s even better if the enemy understands this only at the front, according to the principle: “Damn, what kind of new Russian tank is firing at us?” These are just thoughts of the average person.
      1. KCA
        3 November 2023 10: 52
        There are private developers, they need advertising, what if ours don’t need it, but someone else will buy it, then Lockheed, Rayton and others post presentations of weapons every day that will never exist, or will happen in 20 years? And foreign contracts are not only valuable fur, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have the SU-30SM, Pantsir-S1, T-90, and even Uralvagonzavod itself, and much more
        1. 0
          4 November 2023 02: 04
          You are right, but this approach gives me mixed feelings.
    20. -1
      3 November 2023 07: 33
      Damn it! This is Master Chief Petty
    21. 0
      3 November 2023 18: 15
      Name with an eye on whom?
    22. 0
      3 November 2023 18: 43
      Quote: garik77
      We started testing the fourth generation. Great. And where is the third one, which is the Centurion?

      As I understand it, it is important that it is not only TESTED, but also mass-produced. Therefore, I would not close the production of warriors, but only as an addition to it.
      As for the 3rd generation, apparently the obstacle to everything: money. It's probably too expensive...
    23. 0
      3 November 2023 18: 44
      Quote: igorbrsv
      And these warriors 3 and so on are not created for this

      And what are they created for? Surely there is an order for a billion rubles. They will cut it, travel to exhibitions, make a dozen, and the program is completed. The all-round cost of one set will be many million rubles.
      This reminds me of the epic “Aurus”. They took 12 billion from the treasury. They collected from what they could, “copied” some of it. They said that a great future awaits. They made only a few. For the state (nobody counts money there). For tens of millions per unit. The program is completed. wink wink wink
    24. 0
      3 November 2023 18: 48
      Quote: Lt. air force reserve
      Like 2 years ago... 50000 warriors were deployed

      As of the end of 2020: 300 thousand, source:

      You are confused, these are annual supplies of 50 thousand, source:
    25. -1
      3 November 2023 19: 09
      If this is a real photo, the immediate question is: has anyone tried to work with closed glasses or shields? Precisely to work intensively for hours, and not to saw off a couple of reinforcement bars?
      Due to the nature of my work, I tried a bunch of miracle glasses and abandoned them as a class.
      Due to their endless fogging after two minutes of operation. Both in winter and in summer. This is extremely annoying and gets on your nerves.
      Here is a general “bag” drawn. Fogging will also speed up the evaporation of the head.
      And the head in such a design will sweat fiercely. Yes, and erysipelas too. It will flow in streams. This is what I see from here.
      How is forced-exhaust ventilation of the headset provided?
      I would like to understand.
    26. 0
      3 November 2023 21: 02
      All these drones are a necessary thing, but first of all I would like 80% of all losses in the North Military District to be protected from artillery (shrapnel).

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