As a result of the advance of Russian troops near Avdeevka, the vast “gray zone” from Stepovoye to the approaches to Novokalinovo disappeared

В результате продвижения российских войск под Авдеевкой исчезла обширная «серая зона» от Степового до подступов к Новокалиново

Russian troops today continued offensive operations northwest of Avdievka. The preliminary result of the offensive actions of the Russian Armed Forces during the day was the disappearance of a vast “gray zone” that stretched from the railway in the Stepovoy area to another railway line Ocheretino-Novobakhmutovka, which is northwest of Krasnogorovka.

Having taken control of Ukrainian positions on the approaches to Stepovoy, the Russian Armed Forces continue to put pressure on the enemy, trying to push them back from the Avdeevka-Ocheretino railway line.

At the same time, Russian units took up to 3 sq. km of territory north of the above-mentioned Ocheretino-Novobakhmutovka railway line. In this section of the front, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were forced to retreat in the direction of Novokalinovo, suffering losses in both manpower and equipment. In particular, the enemy lost one Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and two Soviet-style infantry fighting vehicles. Four enemy mortar crews were destroyed, trying to hold the approaches to the railroad track north of Krasnogorovka. At least five prisoners of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were taken, whose dugout was caught in the crossfire.

Marked in red is part of the territory of the former “gray zone”, which today has come under the control of the RF Armed Forces:

For fire support, our troops use cannon and rocket artillery. To protect against drones special metal visors and mesh screens are now installed on the BM-21 Grad MLRS. In particular, this can be seen in the first photo of the material.
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    1. +16
      2 November 2023 20: 04
      May God grant us good luck! Glory to Russia! Let this whole Zionist gang behind the conflict in Ukraine and Palestine. The one who has settled in Kyiv, Washington, Tel Aviv and all sorts of European capitals, who has disguised herself in leading banks, who has taken over enterprises, who has befuddled people, will get what she deserves! All these Chubais and Blinkins, Danilovs and Zelenskys, Netanyahus and Friedmans - they are all from the same team, a team of enemies of humanity. Demon teams, if you will. It's time to exorcise the demons!
      1. The comment was deleted.
    2. +22
      2 November 2023 20: 25
      We are waiting for news:

      "as a result of the Northeast Military District between Poland and Russia, the gray zone called Ukraine disappeared"
    3. +8
      2 November 2023 20: 45
      Crush the goats! I hope that this is the beginning of the end of ukroreich and soon they will sprinkle EVERYWHERE
      1. +6
        2 November 2023 22: 23
        May God grant our wars victory! If only effective managers don’t stir up the new Minsk.
    4. -12
      2 November 2023 21: 06
      Everything is clear with the losses of the long-haired army. But domestic propaganda avoids the topic of Avdeevka, because information is getting through about what price square kilometers are obtained. The situation is comparable to Artemovsk, and perhaps even more difficult, but it seems that there are no Wagner mercenaries from the former prisoners who were thrown into the embrasure without mercy there.
      1. +5
        2 November 2023 22: 01
        why not? They just appeared, the storm z is called, there the difference between occupants and non-inmates is insignificant, stormtroopers in one word))
    5. +3
      3 November 2023 05: 18
      As a result of the advance of Russian troops near Avdeevka, the vast “gray zone” from Stepovoye to the approaches to Novokalinovo disappeared

      Shall we wait:
      As a result of the advance of Russian troops, the vast “gray zone” called Ukraine disappeared...
    6. +1
      3 November 2023 05: 34
      In addition to high-quality supplies for our troops, a superiority in manpower is also necessary, and this is poorly felt on the LBS. Yes, and rotation needs to be done more often, and for this we also need fresh units.
      1. 0
        3 November 2023 07: 44
        Just like that, word for word, rehearse at the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. Let them think about it.
    7. +1
      3 November 2023 14: 58
      Health, good luck in battle... and good hunting to all of you guys who protect us old people from the Nazi Bandera evil spirits!

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