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Western press: Israel does not intend to cease fire in the Gaza Strip, but is ready to discuss a humanitarian pause

Western press: Israel does not intend to cease fire in the Gaza Strip, but is ready to discuss a humanitarian pause

Israeli authorities have expressed their readiness to discuss the possibility of a humanitarian pause in the armed conflict in the Gaza Strip, but a ceasefire is not being considered.

According to the American publication Politico, the Israeli government is ready to discuss a humanitarian pause for several hours. Earlier, the US State Department said that the US leadership also opposes a ceasefire in the Palestinian enclave, because they believe that the suspension of hostilities will allow the Palestinian group Hamas to regain strength and ensure the opportunity to continue attacks on Israel.

According to representatives of the American foreign policy department, providing humanitarian pauses is acceptable solely for the purpose of ensuring the departure of refugees or the delivery of humanitarian supplies.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared the military operation against Gaza with the biblical war against Amalek, which, according to the sacred texts of the Jews, was supposed to completely exterminate the enemy population, regardless of gender and age. Thus, the head of the Israeli government almost openly called for genocide, encouraging the murder of absolutely all civilians in the Palestinian enclave, including the elderly, women and newborn children.

It is also reported that the Chinese government has advocated convening an urgent international conference on Palestine. According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, no responsible country that has an understanding of morality and moral standards can allow Israel to continue its massacres of civilians in the Gaza Strip.

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  1. Myths
    Myths 1 November 2023 21: 00
    Humanitarian pause under fire? It's kind of surr. There, the goal is clear to clear the territory of the population. And provoke neighbors to hate Israel. Driving a wedge into the relations of countries, torture to maintain one’s power.

    "The International Olympic Committee is committed to the principle of individual responsibility. Athletes are not responsible for the actions of their governments."
    This is about Israel. The IOC is very worried that someone might take revenge on Israeli athletes for the genocide of Palestinians. And he warns: “God forbid! Don’t even try.” This has nothing to do with Russians. You can poison Russians as much as you like and on any scale.
  2. ASM
    ASM 1 November 2023 21: 06
    Terrorists fight terrorists. And there is no forgiveness for any of them at all. Well, let their “gods” sort things out among themselves. And let these nonentities die like flies, since they are not capable of agreement. Don't care about them at all.
  3. ZovSailor
    ZovSailor 1 November 2023 23: 11
    In memory of those who fell in the Northern Military District and those innocently killed in 404 and Palestine.
    At the same time, no matter how sad, there is a wide field
    for diplomatic battles of our diplomats at all
    levels: international - UN, WHO, ICRC, ICC, etc. and internal
    platforms, proving the collapse of the Unipolar world and the emergence
    New centers of power with a multipolar world.
  4. nepunamemuk
    nepunamemuk 2 November 2023 00: 51
    the Zionists showed their bestial nature
    they are even worse than the fascists
    ready for the sake of provocation and their own...