Motorized rifles of the Russian Armed Forces captured an important stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Ugledar sector of the front

Motorized rifles of the Russian Armed Forces captured an important stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Ugledar sector of the front

An important stronghold of the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the Ugledar sector of the front was taken under control by a Russian motorized rifle unit. This was reported by TASS with reference to the commander of a motorized rifle company of the Russian Armed Forces with the call sign “Czech”.

Russian motorized riflemen prepared for this operation for several days. Our fighters made their way behind enemy lines in two groups, crawling. Actions were coordinated with the help drones. One group of motorized riflemen of the Russian Armed Forces approached the enemy stronghold directly, and the other crawled up to it and directly cleared the stronghold.

At the time of the capture of the Ukrainian Armed Forces stronghold, there were ten people in it - an infantry squad. Three Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen were sleeping.

When they realized that ours had entered, a battle ensued. It literally lasted 20 minutes. As a result, we took four prisoners, one of them was the squad leader

- told TASS commander of a Russian motorized rifle company.

According to the officer, the Russian Armed Forces eventually managed to gain a foothold in this sector of the front. The success of the Russian troops is based, among other things, on the courage of our fighters, who, despite the mortal risk, operate behind enemy lines, capturing their strongholds.

Russian troops continue to actively operate in the South Donetsk direction. The Ugledarsky sector is one of the most important; the situation here is quite tense, but the Ukrainian formations are gradually weakened by high losses in both personnel and military equipment.
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    1. +12
      1 November 2023 08: 30
      The success of Russian troops is based, among other things, on the courage of our soldiers
      And in some cases, solely on the courage of the fighters. For that, we thank them very much and wish them minimal losses.
      1. 0
        5 November 2023 20: 15
        I would even say, solely on courage! No individual cases am
    2. +8
      1 November 2023 08: 35
      This is no longer a positional war... slow movement forward, it is necessary to overcome a strip of minefields, field and other fortifications, with minimal losses, and inflict maximum losses on the enemy.
      The logic of war, the science of war, plus the economics of war, it’s all here, one to the other!
    3. +1
      1 November 2023 09: 24
      I wonder if our mines were removed or if they weren’t there at all?
      1. 0
        2 November 2023 16: 59
        With mines, everything is not so clear. For example, at night dill mined a forest stand. In the morning, a reconnaissance group walked through a passage. At lunchtime, a reconnaissance group from a neighboring regiment passed by and installed tripwires in this passage. In the evening, a group of Ukrainian Armed Forces infantry tried to approach our support and ran into tripwires. Then this forest clearing was hit by Grad MLRS and D-30 howitzers. This is what I mean there are always mines, it is unknown in what order and by whom they were installed; during battles they are placed, removed, triggered or not. There was a case when an anti-tank vehicle was thrown into a trench by the explosion of a mortar shell. In liberated territories, for example in the DPR, sappers mark mines with sticks with a piece of signal tape. In the village of Elenovka near Donetsk, along the station and the railway, everything is strewn with these poles, at first I generally mistook them for flowers. Sappers work, often coming under attack from the enemy, and it will take years to clear the mines there. And on LBS and NATO, dill is given mines by cronyism, incl. remote installation. That is, it never happens that there are no mines. And every fighter must know at least the basic methods of detecting cost centers, types of mines and their fuses, and techniques for making passages.
    4. +1
      1 November 2023 10: 00
      Thanks to the fighters on the front lines of the Russian Federation and the DPR, but I just can’t accept that conducting a military action (can be read as a positional war) is an active action.
      This is confirmed by Israel's actions in the form of carpet bombing.
      When remembering the history of Russia, the year 1915 comes to mind.

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