An explosion occurred at an enterprise producing gunpowder and industrial chemicals in Solikamsk

An explosion occurred at an enterprise producing gunpowder and industrial chemicals in Solikamsk

An explosion occurred at the Ural plant in Solikamsk in the Perm region. This was reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the Perm Territory. Currently, the department claims, the enterprise continues to operate as normal.

During the day, residents’ reports appeared in local public pages about certain “soil tremors” and shaking of window glass. Later, the Ministry of Emergency Situations for the region reported the incident. According to the department's statement, the signal to the duty unit was received at 13.25 (11.25 Moscow time) on October 31. There was an explosion in the second building of the plant; according to its results, there was no ignition or combustion.

According to preliminary information, there were no casualties as a result of the incident. The incident also did not affect the normal operation of the enterprise, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.

It is known that the Ural plant specializes in the production of gunpowder, explosives, industrial and household chemicals. What caused the explosion is not yet known. Employees of the competent authorities are working at the scene of the incident. It is likely that the incident is the result of some kind of technical failure, however, in the current military-political situation, it is necessary to study any versions.

The Ukrainian regime periodically carries out sabotage on Russian territory, resorting to the help of traitors from among Russian citizens who, for ideological reasons or for material assistance, are ready to assist enemy intelligence services in carrying out various acts of sabotage. In this regard, Russian law enforcement agencies and intelligence services have to work on high alert, but it is not always possible to prevent the plans of attackers before they are implemented.
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    1. +6
      31 October 2023 13: 30
      The angle for the photo was chosen on purpose?
      Some kind of half-collapsed barn... is it really all there, if that’s what it is?
      1. +4
        31 October 2023 13: 35
        This VO editors once again attached an “illustrative photo”.
      2. +3
        31 October 2023 13: 47
        Is it really all there, if it’s like that?
        - well, Olympics, Championships and Forums are not held everywhere in our country...
      3. +2
        31 October 2023 14: 10
        Even on social networks there are no special photographs from the Solikamsk residents themselves...

      4. 0
        31 October 2023 16: 21
        There was an explosion in Solikamsk, or was it cotton, we need to clarify...
    2. 0
      31 October 2023 13: 35
      There was an explosion in the second building of the plant; according to its results, there was no ignition or combustion.
      Strange, but obviously fate turned out to be favorable. There are no longer any casualties.
      1. -1
        31 October 2023 14: 45
        This workshop operates in an authorized mode, there are practically no personnel there, and judging by the time of the incident, they were at lunch, most likely the windows and doors in the room were broken.
    3. +3
      31 October 2023 13: 38
      Well, it's just sabotage. Is violation of safety regulations and the production cycle not considered at all? We have enough Bukhariks and other hand-assers.
      1. +1
        31 October 2023 13: 55
        It may be considered as a minor version.
        And in the first place is a terrorist attack. There is a war going on. And when something like this happens, you need to think the worst!
        And with modern drones and other drones, doing something like this is like sending two files.
      2. 0
        31 October 2023 14: 25
        Here, about the booze-fuckers and hand-assers... It’s strict with booze in factories now, people are trying to hold on to their jobs. Yes, and with the hands-assers. They’re trying to get rid of them. Moreover, such an enterprise. A terrorist attack, or a violation in technology, TB.
        1. 0
          31 October 2023 18: 47
          If they make gunpowder there, then the booze there is simply immeasurable, according to the technology, also D.I. Mendeleev took a kiss, by the way.
      3. +1
        31 October 2023 18: 45
        During the production of gunpowder, an explosion can occur without violating safety regulations or sabotage. At a certain stage of production, the substances are somewhat unstable.
    4. ASM
      31 October 2023 17: 11
      I think that in the current realities, such production works in 3 shifts without stopping. Somewhere, something was overlooked, or perhaps overlooked, but the leadership set “Stakhanovite tasks.” Some old ventilation systems or something like that didn't work.

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