An FPV drone for chemical and radiation reconnaissance has been developed in Russia

An FPV drone for chemical and radiation reconnaissance has been developed in Russia

A special military operation pushed the development of unmanned aerial vehicles aviation, currently Drones actively participate in combat operations, performing various tasks. FPV-drones, controlled from the first person. They are mainly used as kamikaze drones to destroy enemy armored vehicles and manpower. At the same time, developers from the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions (CCBR) proposed using the drone as a chemical and radiation reconnaissance drone.

TsKRB has developed the Khrust reconnaissance complex based on an FPV drone. As stated, the main task of this drone is to identify sources of air pollution by chemical or radioactive substances. The drone can be used by both military and civilian specialists, for example, to detect leaks.

The Central Design Bureau is developing scenarios for the peaceful use of combat FPV technologies. One of the areas of work is the Khrust chemical reconnaissance complex for identifying air pollution from chemical and radioactive sources. The complex monitors an area of ​​several blocks within a matter of seconds and detects leaks with an accuracy of up to a meter

- leads TASS company message.

In design, the Khrust complex is no different from a combat FPV drone, only instead of a warhead, special sensors are installed that can detect dangerous chemicals and radioactive substances.

As explained in the Central Design Bureau, the company is developing a whole line of FPV drones that can be used for peaceful purposes. For example, for protecting the border in the mountains, monitoring various objects, etc. and so on. This can be done after the victory by highly qualified specialists who have left the army.

Already now it is necessary to convert combat FPV technologies into civilian use. Our victory is not far off. What then to do with the mountains of produced FPV drones, ground equipment and pilots with combat experience? We should not waste such specialists and leave their competencies idle; experience of working in difficult conditions of war can also be useful in peaceful life

- added to the company.
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    1. 0
      31 October 2023 08: 49
      Back to electronics again. Essentially, miniature sensors are attached to a regular drone. It was not necessary to buy training equipment from the USA, but to invest in industry
    2. +1
      31 October 2023 09: 01
      Well done. Various directions are put on stream and used for both military and civilian tasks!!!
    3. 0
      31 October 2023 09: 04
      Our victory is not far off. What then to do with the mountains of produced FPV drones, ground equipment and pilots with combat experience?

      Of course, there will be universal peace and prosperity. Why are these mountains needed...
    4. -1
      31 October 2023 09: 19
      We must assume that the project was developed on the basis of a domestic FPV drone. If not, it looks like an attempt to cut the budget. The development should include the ability to attach sensors to any drone, even if the supply of FPV drones stops.
    5. BAI
      31 October 2023 09: 20
      . What to do with the mountains of produced FPV drones and ground equipment?

      To the warehouse. Under guard. So as not to shout later - there is nothing when you need it.
      And I would not say that there is now an excess of drones on our side in the Northeast Military District zone

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