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Chinese general: Chinese army will not allow Taiwan to secede from China

Chinese general: Chinese army will not allow Taiwan to secede from China

The PRC Army will never allow Taiwan to secede from China. Issues concerning this island are key to the country's national interests.

This statement was made by the deputy head of the Central Military Council of the People's Republic of China, Colonel General Zhang Yuxia, during his speech at the XNUMXth Xiangshan Security Forum, which is currently taking place in Beijing.

No matter who tries to separate Taiwan from China in any form, the Chinese military will never allow this to happen

- said the Chinese general.

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the main problem for US-Chinese relations Washington's support for Taiwanese separatists.

The United States provides various types of assistance to Taipei, including military assistance. So, last month the US State Department announced the delivery of a batch of anti-ship missiles to the island’s administration.

The current authorities of Taiwan are categorically against its reunification with mainland China. But elections will be held on the island early next year. It is not yet known whether forces will come to power here that would not exclude the integration of the island into greater China.

Taking into account the fact that previously the integration of Hong Kong into the PRC was as smooth as possible, and local self-government there today enjoys significant independence, Taipei should probably move towards rapprochement with Beijing.

Otherwise, a military option should not be ruled out. It would be disadvantageous to both China and Taiwan.

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  1. Lev_Russia
    Lev_Russia 30 October 2023 11: 18
    The army should fight for the interests of the country, and not wait for the apple to ripen and fall right into your hands or for the corpse of your enemy to float down the river...
    How a second anti-Western front would help us... But the Chinese, as always, are persistently waiting for something... However, perhaps they will wait...
    1. Irokez
      Irokez 30 October 2023 11: 41
      China-Taiwan is a very tangled mess.
      On the one hand, it is scary for the United States and global capital that microelectronic technologies (and all the fuss is due to advanced chips) will go to China and under Chinese control there will be another factory influencing the entire global industry where China will dictate its terms. This is simply unacceptable for the collective West. And it turns out that they are intensively trying to build microelectronic factories while there is time, and then, when they leave, they can undermine or remove critical equipment.
      China, on the contrary, is trying to ensure that all factories come under their control unharmed, so they are careful that they do not break down over time. Of course, the backlog will remain, as will the specialists and they will catch up, but this is time and money.
    2. Rumata
      Rumata 30 October 2023 11: 51
      Quote: Lev_Russia
      The army must fight

      The decision on this is not made by the army, but by the wise Chinese political leadership.
      It will make a decision when “the apple ripens and falls right into your hands, or when the corpse of your enemy floats down the river...”
      For the Celestial Empire, with its many-thousand-year-old History, waiting 30....50 years is not a problem.
      1. Nickelium
        Nickelium 30 October 2023 16: 26
        That's exactly the problem. The situation can change dramatically. Friendly Russia can become hostile. And given that all of Asia is against China, China can only wait for its own corpse.
  2. Yrec
    Yrec 30 October 2023 11: 20
    Hmm, the Taiwanese case will arrive soon. It is unlikely that the Jews will solve the Palestinian problem by January 13th and the Hegemoshe will have to be dispersed between three hot spots. No matter who wins the elections in Taiwan, the Chinese will have to finally resolve the Taiwan issue before the Americans turn the island into a second Ukraine for them. It will no longer be possible to pull.
    1. Boa kaa
      Boa kaa 30 October 2023 17: 02
      Quote: Yrec
      The Chinese will have to resolve the Taiwan issue completely before the Americans make the island a second Ukraine for them. It will no longer be possible to pull.

      Yes, the Taiwan issue is paramount for the political leadership of the PRC. The States understand this. Therefore, apparently the US Congress is considering the possibility of waging a “big war” with two nuclear powers at once - the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China...
      China will try to resolve all issues peacefully: through elections and economic levers. He is more inclined to do just that. He works actively in both directions. Let's see what the Chinese leadership can do.
      The Yankees openly supply Taipei with weapons and their instructors, focusing on the island's missile defense/air defense and air defense systems. They will probably send a couple of their Aviks closer to the shores of Taiwan to put direct pressure on the PRC leadership. Is Comrade’s endurance enough? Under such conditions, will Xi remain a calm and balanced politician in a country of 1,5 billion?
      And it’s all right next to us! When we ourselves conduct the SVO...
      No, NOT ICE!!! am
      The matter smells of big complications. At the same time, we are being “set on fire from all sides... The world is clearly heading towards a BIG BADA BOOM!!! And this is sad...
  3. Msi
    Msi 30 October 2023 11: 21
    No matter who tries to separate Taiwan from China in any form, the Chinese military will never allow this to happen

    - said the Chinese general

    In my opinion, there may not be a better time to resolve the Taiwan issue... We need to act...
    1. Pilot
      Pilot 30 October 2023 11: 43
      Don't pay attention to this mantra. This is how the Chinese console themselves laughing
    2. dmi.pris1
      dmi.pris1 30 October 2023 12: 46
      You tell the Chinese chairman. But he won’t listen, there’s a game of his own. About elections? I don’t think that in Formosa there are (real) political forces capable of pushing through the Kuomintang.
  4. ZovSailor
    ZovSailor 30 October 2023 11: 29
    Let's wait for the elections in Taiwan, it is quite possible, as they write here,
    soft option with several successful matches for China
    with the elections, if not, I think we need to show more decisiveness
    in 2024, because Hong Kong was less political, besides
    The Yankees did not have much influence there, only the arrogant Saxons.
    And the Russian Federation and the DPRK will always support - we are for everything good, we are not for war.
    1. Vasyan1971
      Vasyan1971 30 October 2023 12: 00
      Quote: ZovSailor
      I think we need to be more decisive
      in 2024...

      ZovSailor for president! Well, or the Minister of Defense, at worst...
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 October 2023 11: 33
    A military option should not be ruled out.
    In our turbulent times, nothing can be ruled out. Today it seems to be somewhere quiet, but tomorrow it will burst into flames in such a way that the whole world will not be able to put it out.
  6. Volunteer Marek
    Volunteer Marek 30 October 2023 11: 35
    “ would be disadvantageous to neither China nor Taiwan...” - but it is very beneficial to the leader. And, this is the decisive factor!
  7. Dedok
    Dedok 30 October 2023 11: 39
    Chinese General: Army China will not allow Taiwan to secede from China

    Yes, I liked the wording - Pass!
  8. Sinner
    Sinner 30 October 2023 12: 01
    Now is the time to attack Taiwan.
  9. SPQR
    SPQR 30 October 2023 16: 06
    Taiwan - the way to the Motherland!
    It's high time to return to my native harbor))
  10. lukash66
    lukash66 31 October 2023 12: 09
    It is time for the Chinese comrades to move from words to deeds. Such a favorable moment is unlikely to present itself. The hegemon is on the ropes, he clearly won’t survive the third mess.